Anyone Got Some Painkillers?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Yannow… I know I fought like hell to get Addy back… still am, just a different battlefield, but after weekends like this? I ask “Do you really unnastand of what you are potentially getting yerself into Bro?”

Chasing the Midget Redhead for 2.56 daze? O.M.F.Gawd!
Worn out, used up, torn up from the floor up.
To think I’m capable of ‘runnin’ and gunnin’ like I used to in daze past?
Heh Heh
Sorry… sorry but oh Lord Jeebus that’s funny.
The idea, not the reality.

Not only that, but today we had a significant milestone

Dropped her first baby-toofus.
We were at the pool at G-Ma’s Crib across the street. She was, per usual going full bore. Now, didn’t hit her grill or anything… she just suddenly -stopped- in place, said “Gigi, my toof fweels funny.”
Next thing you know, she grabs it like a grenade pin and pops that fucker right out!
Thankfully Gretch was on the ball and got it before it disappeared in the pool… You can see it above in the bag where she was all oh-so-proud of her now gapped-grill. No blood either really… she’s on schedule, as she is 5 point 5 in years, and apparently Grills lose their toofuses starting as early as four point five.

Initially otherGran, Papa, when we called him incurred the ‘Wrath of Zeus’ on us, thinking we’d allowed the Red Headed Rocket to self-damage… which I can completely dig… After I told him to check the Goolag, and explained the ‘how’ of it, he was like “Damn!” I can understand the potential let-down of missing this sort of thing, but HE gets to play Toofus Fairy, which is a MUCH bigger deal.

So, tonight’s subject
See, there were several points in Iraq where we couldn’t get booze. So, it became a necessity to learn how to make my own booze. So, hence (and no mo-nays to me for this link) but I found and utilized the “Mister Distiller”: Link HERE
Pic Here:

It’s a water distiller that’s been ‘tweeked’ to allow booze to be brewed in it. Now, it made me a liter at a time 114 proof booze, once I lern’t what I was doing.

Now, the key is making the mash.
The mash can be as simple as sugar, water, and yeast only.
With mine, I had an old ‘shiner from back in the day who told me to add some either pure wheat baby food (Gerber) or a spoonful of oatmeal… not sure -what- it did but it took the flavor from ‘dogshit’ to smooth-as-a-prom-queens thighs.

So, you also need to have the other equipment
Buckets (for fermenting the mash). I used the 2 Gallon ones.

In this case, it comes with the bukkit, as well as a bung/air-gasket and a couple of other things, like the alcohol hydrometer (which allows you to ‘proof’ your booze’

All in all, figure $300 for this kit.
As I was in Iraq, it made sense to have an electric still, as I -did- nominally have power. There are other stills ont he site thast use fire/heat/other sources, but for me? This worked well, and considering I have a generator, as well as a solar rig, this’ll do just fine.

‘Cos booze is good medicinally, as well as trade goods
Things to keep in mind.
Jes’ Sayin’

So, TTYL… been a loooong weekend.
Big Country

Catching Up W/The Gran (#1)

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So we got Gran #1 this weekend. Today was a trip up to the ‘Rents (Gran#1 Great-Grans) as, TBH they’re getting along in years. At least Da is taking it well, as I’m flat out with him… ZERO safety on Ye Olde Gob but he laughs his ass off as he’s prior service Navy. Told him flat out I ain’t got no ‘bedside manner’

No shit he joined Pre-Korean War, got out right before and man, unlike OH so many of his Generation was a true patriot. We get along big time. In fact I’m closer with him than my own father, sad to say. Unfortunately his BFF, a fellow squid moved about 9-10 months ago… Artie is a hot-shit old guy… late 70s… bald and stooped like an egg, and a BIG ole tat on his ass of an anchor… when I told Gretchen about it, she was purely shocked to death as she grew up with “Ole Artie” from up the street, and never envisioned him as a drunk 18 year old in Cavite on shore leave…

Fucking almost pissed myself when she asked if he had a tat, and his answer was to drop trou…. Fucking Legend man.

It was a good day…

Poignant even

Mom and Gran #1 having Ice Cream Cones on the bench in the front yard…
Mom ain’t doing so well. Between the car accident where she took a concussion and then the effects of the Clot Shot? Yeah, her oars don’t go in the water like they used to. Believe it or not, that’s her natural hair color… she’s the stereotypical 1950’s Blonde Ditz (to a point) Problem is now the clotshot fucked her nugget up… her memory is shot the fuck thru.

Either way, we’ll be taking care of bidness for the duration.

So after the visit, we got home and K found the Paw Patrol Vidyagame I got for her on the Xbox. Now, she knew I had it, but she was too young when I got it initially for her. Since then, Papa has been teaching her Mario Brothers (Good on ya bro!) so she now ‘gets’ how to manipulate a side-scrolling vidyagame.

Mouth open while screaming in glee.
And yeah, the orifice is a wreck. Allll them boxes in the back are piled high and deep with food and supplies… that doesn’t even cover the 4th Bedroom which is also filled the fuck up. Been stocking hard and deep since 2011. Mountain House for the most part as it’s got a LONG shelf life.

So, per a couple of requests, I’ll be going over some ‘stuff’ of DotMil Tactical knowledge I got. That or put it on my substack? Yeah, Normal ‘Murican recommended I start one and maybe make a subscription side after I get established? Might. Could use the scrim, no doubt. So, gotta put the kid down.

Holler Atcha Later
Big Country

Whew… A Long Week and Asswhuppins

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Made it to the weekend. This week was a full on smokeshow I swear. People’s Glorious Tractor Factory had Heap Big Meeting with Head of Politburo. Specifically with –my– team. Thankfully, more of a constructive meeting than a full on Struggle Session. In fact, I’ve been chaired for Departmental Improvement, which means on top of my already-overloaded workload, I get to rewrite SOP and FAQs for new customers.


Seriously tho, Head of Politburo at least acknowledged that I’m slammed and overworked (and underpaid IMO) so hopefully things will improve. Seems like it can only get better.

So, back to some of the moar recent ‘things’ and ‘stuff’ going on.
Bahkmut, as expected finally collapsed. Since then not a lot of news out of the Kraine. Krainfeld is obviously throwing the jukes so to speak, as his short Hebrewness hasn’t been seen in the Kraine in Lord knows how long.

Word is a LOT of the locals are suddenly becoming aware of just how fucked they well and truly are, and odds are that Krainfeld knows it too, as he seems to be actively avoiding going home.
That and his demands are becoming oh so much moar obnoxious.
Who the fuck does that lil pissant think he is?
I mean between the AT-4s turning up on the Texas boarders?

I mean lissen Krainy… your bois been selling that shit to the wrong folks. It’s one thing for those anti-armor bunker busters to be showing up in Syria or Yemen, it’s a ‘nudder whoooole ball of wax when they show up in Mex-hee-co.

THATS the kind of shit that gets the “free guns and ammo” faucet set to the “off” position. ESPECIALLY IF one of /#ourguys gets clipped by one.

No way in hell… well then again, we ARE talking about the Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den, AKA Joey Stumblefuck. The current crop of fuckers in the Whore House (it sure ain’t the Whytte Haus no more, Jes Sayin’) don’t give two flying fucks about any one but themselves.

Now, IF /#ourguys were to be able to get ahold on one of them thar toys and nook a limo? Well then things -might- change.

I mean NOT fedpoasting however, It -would- be hilarious to see someone who thinks of themselves as completely untouchable by ‘normal standards’ to suddenly have 84mms of High Explosive Reality hit home or close to home as the case may be.

Hence my expression:

“These fuckers have –never– been meaningfully punched in the face and it shows.”

As barbaric as it may be to some, there’s something utterly animalistic that a good, solid hit, either being on the receiving end or the delivering end that gets the dander and blood up. Trust me, I’ve been on both ends. Worst asswhuppin’ I ever took was my own damned fault too… drunk as a Lord and mouthed off to a much smaller Joe… didn’t know that he’d been a Golden Gloves state champion… I was in Intensive Care in a Cherman Hospital for 5 days… when the Padre came down to check on me he damned near puked ‘cos my face was so beat in. Thankfully nothing permanently damaged, however

I lern’t a valuable lesson or three.
And these current crop of fucktards? Joe Versus Corn Pop? Never fucking happened, you know it, we know it, hell Stumblefuck knows it… it sounds good but IRL? Man, that fucker, hell his son? The dissolute one, not the good one (good in the respects he’s fucking dead and we haven’t got to put up with HIS grifting dead ass either…) OBVIOUSLY never had his head handed to him on a plate. Dada has always been there to keep his ass out of trouble.

That’s what the world needs
MOAR asswhuppins.
I’d purely love to see some our political “Elites” get the ever loving shit beat out of them… live… on prime time… Hell want to solve the National Debt? Make it Pay-Per-View Worldwide and have Vegas do the betting… Hell, I’d sell my house to have a chance in the ring… against -someone- and just whup the every loving steaming shit out of them literally… beat ’em so bad they shit their pants… I did it once years ago… hit a guy so hard he shat himself…

Hey… he started it
I Finished It.
Fucker never bullied anyone again I know that for a fact.
Which is why it’s so blisteringly obvious to anyone and everyone that not. one. of. these. “educated”. elites. have never ever been punched in the fucking face before.

You DO NOT act the way these war-worshipping pustules act if you’ve ever had to pay for what you say. Even that current bloated sack of shit Milley? That asshole? ZERO Purple Hearts. His highest achievement? 4 Bronze Stars

-I- have a fucking Bronze Star
And in Iraq, they handed them out to the paper-pushing REMFs like tic-tacs at a Prom. Fucking ALL the REMFs got them… REMF is a Rear Echelon Mother Fucker for you civvies out there… My Boys from 2/8 CAV?

Fuck… don’t think -any of them- got anything but a couple of ‘green hornets’ (that’s the Army Commendation Medal… you get it for PCSing for fucks sakes… and PCS: Permanent Change of Station, i.e. leaving a unit, they usually give you a ‘going away gift’ of an ARCOM IF you haven’t been too much of a troublemaker, hence why in 10 years, I only got one LMAO!) Oh, and BTW? Milley-Vanilli got 5 Tells you ALL you need to know there….

So yeah, Our Esteemed Whyyte Rage Chairman of the (smoking a) Joint Chief? Fucking worthless pencil pushing no-load fucktard who got ALL his ‘tickets punched’ via being a REMF. I.E. another fuckwit who’s never had his ass kicked.

Don’t even get me started on the new guy coming in
Blaq Rage Boi… Gen’rul Down Wid Da Brown who literally has made it his goal to rid the ranks of Whyttey.

Works for me.
Hell, if I was fully retired I’d go down to the local induction/recruitment Store and park myself outside, with pamphlets explaining why no one, especially good Whyttebois should sign up for Uncle Sugar’s DotMil.

Die for Israel and GloboHomoCorp? Become a member of the 69th Intersectional Non-Binary Dildo Brigade? Fuck that noise with bells on.

This from a guy who literally spent from the time he was 21 until he got ‘broken on the wheel’ at 48 serving, in one capacity or another the DotMil, DotGov and a bunch of -other- things to keep shit on the ‘straight and narrow’…
Waking up and realizing you ‘bought the con’ really really sucks

But, it tis what it tis… No regerts Aye? 😉

More Later
Big Country

A Bit Overwhelmed

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Bit overwhelmed lately, hence my extended AWOL status. Got moar bad news on the legal side… it’s not enough to have pulled our rights to -see- the lil ‘un, but now they want to curbstomp me a’la American History X for having the audacity to stand up and say “Hey, you’re a bunch of corrupt mouth breathing cousin fucking retards!!!” or thoughts and ideas to that extent.

Financially roon’t, and shit just keeps getting moar and moar fun. That big auto accident Dad-in-Law had ’bout two years ago? Long time reader’ll remember… Da was found At Fault (failure to yield) in a 3 car wreck, and now it seems two years later, one of the involved parties has decided that it’s time to collect on the “Whytte-Trash Lotto” as I call the personal injury bullshit and is suing the hell out of him. This guy actually was wrecked by his own actions mind you. He swerved to -avoid- the tee-bone wreck that Ma and Da were in, and lost control of his ride… it catapulted into a fish/rain/retaining pond mind you… from Corvette to Submarine, all in one easy “I can’t drive” fuck-up.

NOW two years+ later and “Ow Ow My Liver! My Liver!” or whatever the fuck the fucker is claiming. I’d like to visit him and show him what real pain is let me tell ya… got me a whole basket worth of hate and anger I need to spend, and I’m just looking for the right repository to drop it off at…
But… anywho….

Been trying to tell him not to sweat it
That’s what insurance is for

But trying to explain that to an 83 year old dude who’s now terrified that they’re coming for his house? Sheeeeee-it. Ain’t happening. Over their stacked-to-the-ceiling bled-out- corpses that ain’t happening.

…ain’t right to make an old man get all worried like that.

So, needless to say, I ain’t really been ‘with it’.
My a-polly-olly-geez about that. I mean hey, if anything we got Pride Month to have fun with amiright?

Stop the world, I wanna get off…
It’s like a bad carnival ride… like really… one of those cheap, shitty put together by Gipsonton’s Metheaded Finest… rusted, loose bolts, creaking, and speeding ’round and ’round at full tilt boogie like a motherfucker, with no fucking idea if’n it’ll stay together for the entirety of the ride. A rather appropo analogy if’n I do say so myself.

So, more later if’n I can get up to it…

Big Country

Fieldcraft for Sunday

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Today’s post started as a late-nite poastage probably won’t be published until the AM. It deals with some more sanguine and useful information that can be used in your upcoming novel/screenplay/what have you. Granted, far be it for me to encourage various scallywags, neer-do-wells- and layabouts and banditry to take it upon theyselves to actually do such iniquitous deeds… oh no… For if –anything– at all, we’re good, law abiding God fearing deplorables.

So, with that alibi set up, let’s get to the meat and taters of the ‘meal’… since we’ve found out that “Rent-a-Hitman” is actually a gag website, well… one finds one’s options very, shall we say limited.

“HIPPA Compliant”

This poast is to help in shorting out certain aspects of forensics. Granted, we know that IRL it’s no where as good as they show it on “CSI: Whatever, We Always Bag The Bad Guy” but still… there are certain aspects that make life easier these days for law enforcement to nail some shmo to the wall, especially if they’re not careful. Little known factoid: The producers for all the CSI shows were highly encouraged to show CSI as faaaar better than it actually is, in order to maybe curb folks ideas about thinking about offing other folks… make them afraid that CSI would catch them out… pure propaganda Aye? Anyways.

Now, since these days, anything and everything can and will be used against you, and it’s probably going to fry you either way. Using “identity protection” what being a big biddness and a
And in that, well, certain “preparations” need to be done. I mean I already use a wallet that’s RFID proof so no one can ‘scan my cards’. It makes sense to do the same for yourself at the range.

Now, in order to do a LOT of what I’m about to write about requires a few things. One is making sure that he/she has the ability to buy stuff on the D/L or QT as they used to say… Wally World ‘rechargeable’ VISA gift cards work pretty well. but in this case, well, we’re not going that deep. As y’all know, I’m a reloader. I Buy brass on the regular, all over the country.

Interesting fact: You can buy pure brass… meaning it’s been collected from -wherever- it was, sorted, bagged, tagged and resold… like this:

Arm or Ally gives you the option to “SEND IT DIRTY!” meaning it’s essentially untouched THIS comes into play, but NOT in the way you think… anyways. Having a spare Barreled Upper isn’t essential but nice. New Barrel. New Bolt. You might even have a buddy of yours buy it for you ‘cos “…if my wife finds out I’m buying/building a new AR there’s going to be Hell to pay!!!”

What brohiem wouldn’t help out in such a situation?
So, reloadable dirty brass. Check.
And in a ‘former life’ it practically required a bunch of ‘stuff’… to include brass catchers… main reason a lot of us had them was we couldn’t afford, in the absolutely rare-to-impossible moment it might happen, IF we had to fire up outside of a Blackhawk door, it was too risky to have our brass maybe get sucked into the engines…so we had brass-bags… as seen here:

Now, having established that you can -catch- said fired rounds from the new barreled upper, one needs to make sure you have ‘sterile’ rounds to utilize.

Sterile you say? What is this ‘sterile’ of which you speak?

What I mean is rounds untouched by folks. “Clean” as in no fingerprints

For those of you who get it, get it… if not? Meh…

To get said-untouched new brass… well there’s lots of ways but my preference for this I like to hit the ‘out of town’ gun shows, pay in cash, and leave. In this case, purely for academic purposes I have a box of Turkish ZSR M193. What I like about that particular stuff is it’s M193, but also, the box comes in 30 round (one mag worth) Boxes, and the box is tightly glued shut on either end, meaning no one (that I know of) has has their grubby lil mitts on the bee-bees.

Now, this, with a STANAG 30 Round basic throwaway NATO mag. Again, ubiquitous to the max. Next stage is
Loading the Mag… THIS is where the rubber gloves come into play…

Good heavy duty disposable gloves. Basic surgical gloves I do NOT recommend as they tend to tear too easily and STANAG mags got sharp corners on them.

Once the mag is loaded, then you need to wrap the mag. Now, the pics I had Sapper shoot, and one one was uncorrupted… even then, it lost the rest of it… dunno why. BUT

You can see the end result of the ‘wrap’ I did on the end of the mag. I used packing tape, over the feed and then doubled it over on both ends, keeping my grubby paws off the brass and off the rest of the top of the mag.

Now, lots of people are going to be all screeching about hairs, fibers hell… some folks you just can’t please. BUT that being said I’m just offering up a way of showing you how to load up a ‘clean’ mag and have it available…

Now… remember that ‘dirty brass’ we had available? With the same care and such, you need to count out anywhere from 25-30 pieces of matching caliber brass and bag it up. DO NOT TOUCH THE DIRTY BRASS WITH YOUR BARE HANDS. To do so removes any and all use for it. Point of this here fieldcraft is to ‘throw the scent’ of anyone who might try to tie you to the scene.

And yeah, yeah, NOT the same mag… You don’t think I have only one mag set up in this fashion didja? So…

I keep the lil baggie of spent with the ‘liveshot’ sterile mag. If I find myself is a possibly compromising position and I happen to have my brass catcher affixed when said-‘issue’ crops up, well, hey now… I just had all my brass “collected” for me being a reloader, OF course I catch all my brass…(unless it’s that steel cased shit or polymer).

So, then it’s just me, the corpse and it’s about to go public. That’s when you take out you handy-dandy ‘free of your prints’ brass out and scatter it (preferably in a to-the-front-right area of the angle of shooting as an AR is wont to do). If you want to fuck with CSI and have the time to do it, you can even modify the range by scattering it at another distance, or even walk it around, making it alll sorts of willy-nilly confused.

Best part is, that ‘dirty brass’? It comes from all over the nation so any and all fingerprints pulled are going to be literally a buckshot spray on a map nationally. They probably won’t even be able to zero in on which place it came from, as brass, if you’ve ever watched the shows on how it’s gathered, repacked and resold, maaaan literally it could come from –anywhere

And if they happen to winnow it down to you? So what? I reload. I bought brass from dozens of online companies over the years…Fuck you, Prove it.

Another fieldcraft trick I like is when travelling, especially over the last couple of months (le sigh) I had to get my head scraped and trimmed. Couple of trips to the Barber shop. A few times I went in, and instead of getting a trim, I just poked around and left… asking to use the mens room is also a good feint.

Once in the john, I took off my shoe and dusted the hairs I’d picked up off the sole into another small baggie. Quite a bit of absolutely random DNA there to be had.

Granted if used, it’s going to make life a bit odd and uncomfortable for some normie, but hey, war is war, and camo is camo. Double points if you get female hair… lil ole Lady Granny hair… heh… even ole Gil Grissom’d have a meltdown over that one.

I mean really… leaving the scene, dropping a spare unused balaclava (don’t we all keep a spare floating around in a bag? I know I do… at $6 a half dozen on Ebay, you should too) with Granny Blue Hair’s hair (from Georgia) in it, with brass from an AR with the fingerprints of 3 different folks from 3 different states AALL with zero connection to one another?

I mean hey, not like any of this is actually going to be used. As things are right now, we’re facing the “Usual Suspects” and a summer that’s going to be as hot as, if not hotter that 2020.

Got that deep down feeling that ‘something’ is out there, it’s hungry and looking our collective way.

And, to just -bury- the boomer topic: Every. Single. Generation has its faults… no fucking doubt. HOWEVER if YOU have an issue and feel the need to mindlessly take up the pitchfork/torches and mindlessly defend YOUR particular generational group, then the problem isn’t with whomever ‘harshed’ your group… in fact I’m GenX… very little redeeming value as a whole… individually, there’ve been good ‘uns, and bad ‘uns, but as a whole? I don’t care… not my circus, not my monkeys.

What makes you care so much?

The NPC Roleplaying that ALL the boomers seem to do when they’re “attacked”? What the fuck is up with that? Why do YOU care so much if your ‘cohort’ of fellow travelers in your generational group is hated? Not that I hate individual boomers, but as a collective group? They’re pretty damned unlikeable. And by ‘getting offended’? As I’ve stated frequently enough, there’s a lot more problems out there…

I find the fact that such ‘individualists’ here and who read and comment on the blog here are so vociferous in defending ‘their group’ to the point of someone saying I have mommie issues… actually nope, wrong parental unit… but that’s neither here nor there… I just find it loathsome that she’d literally go out of her way to say she’s insuring that her grand kids will get nothing from her, and in light of just how fucked up the world is, and how much more it’s going to become, it seems spiteful somehow.

I mean how many MORE cars/boats/fine art and shit can an individual have? How many MORE trips around the world can you do? How much is enough where you finally sit back, and say, “OK, I’m good.”?

I suppose when that question gets answered, then enlightenment will follow? Who knows?

So, on that note, I’m gonna hit the shower

Big Country

DiveMedic for The Win!!!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So DiveMedic caught a minor case of a Wokester deciding she was going after him. Truly…

All because as a Nurse, he stated that he wasn’t going to feed a patients delusions:

Apparently, the back and forth got worse, as knowing DM in meatspace, he brooks no shit, especially from inferiors and not that I blame him. It -devolved- but then, well, she went full potato… (something IMO and other have mentioned, that she bares a passing resemblance to:

As Heartiste has been known to say “The phyzz knows all, shows all” or as others on Gab have pointed out “The nose knows.”

Her full potato mode was to call out to her fellow flying monkeys and try and doxx my man, and his blogg… all the usual leftist Antifag shytte. Problem is DM got right in front of it hard and fast… something she’s not used to anything being hard nor fast in her bedroom, judging by how stronk the soy flows through her husband:

Tough call..
“Teh Gheyface”
“Resting Pedo-face”
“Soy-Up! It’s the Code Word!”
(nice mole BTW… Jes Sayin’)

They live at -his- parents place, and if by what we’re seeing is true, they shitcanned her as her last screed at DM was about her ‘former employer’…

Guess she was less critical to the operation than her over-blown ego lead her to believe.

Gawd it’s gonna be a -fun summer- in her olde Manse methinks…

God I love it when a plan comes together.

Now, in other-other news,
Belarus got nukes now, which IMO wasn’t completely unexpected. The whole Krain Thang is so stupid, fake and ghey at this point, I’m surprised all involved aren’t infected with AIDs. Why not give them nukes? The Krain used to have nukes… Hell Cuba had nukes at one point…

Let’s make it really interesting and have everyone load up.

Speaking of getting loaded:

File under “shit Boomers will eat up”
Combining the HD Logo and Bud? Yeeeeah. I mean HD at this point is damned near as converged as all the rest. I did loooong ago a few bleggs back, a write-up of the HD shitshow bike “LiveWire”… an all electric bike that just purely fucking sucked by all reports. So bad that a 1981 AMF Sportster is a more-sought after model… and that’s saying something…

30k for an all-electric Harley Badged bike with a 70-120 mile range? And BTW: The classic “Harley Rumble”? It was literally recorded and is ‘played’ through integrated speakers…
So yeah, Boomverged would be a good term. Seeing Boomers are almost –the– only demographic who’s ‘into’ Harleys than any other at this point, never mind who can afford the overpriced ‘toys’.
Gone are the days of hairy bad-assed bikers…dinosaurs at this point. One Percenters? Like -gone- compared to years gone by. I mean yeah, The HA are out there, other ‘gangs’ but realistically? “Outlaw Bikers” are a thing of the past IMO… The Majority of bikers you DO see rolling are all Boomers and their wives on big, pricey weekend toys..

So it’s a natural for them to pair up…
Reality Check? It’s not going to work. The only time a Boomer who rides a Harley on the weekends like that drinks a Bud is when they stop off at a roadside dive bar that caters to these kind of groups… the majority of the county roads here in Florida, especially down Myakka way have these ‘biker bars’ that back in the day were probably real rough and tumble places… Borepatch, the QotW and Sapper went to one after a range day, and it was, as expected a Boomer-Oriented hole in the wall… cool, but still… nowadays?

Yeah… this’s the Dying Days of Empire.
And it shows.
I’ll be over here, watching it all burn
Big Country

OK That was LOUD and Trash

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
How do we know e’re back in Florida? When the normal 13:00-14:00 Mid-afternoon Monsoon comes rippin’ through. This time with good ole Thunderboomers. LOTS of thunder. In fact I’ve been in some rocket attacks that were quieter… then again that’s ‘cos a lot of them Iranian made 107s either landed in the soft mud of the canals or went “psssssshft!” instead of the more fatal “Kaboomy-boom!” on impact.

Seriously tho, couple of them lightening booms were loud enough, and more disconcerting raised the hairs on all in the house from the discharge. Bob-the-Cat looked extra ‘poofy’ and the Sausage Princess let us know of her displeasure through a bark-fest. She’s normally the stronk-silent doggo. ONLY barks at the doorbell or if we got infiltrators, and it’s not a ‘barks her head off’ but a tactical bark… one woof to let us know –something– is ‘out there’ sneaking and/or creeping.

She’s such a good doggo.

She’s also a designated and trained ammo bearer. Her lil Tac Vest is covered in Molle, and I have 4-4 mag pouches (two sets of 2 doubles)… total of 16 mags that can be strapped on, and she gets allllll excited to rig up… the weight doesn’t bother her at all. Even got a water bottle/canteen for her with a collapsible dish that goes in the pouch pocket.

But yeah, power was out, then it was on, then it was out, now it’s on. Not sure how I feel about that. The UPS I have keeps the ‘net running as well as the PC. I had gotten a nice APC UPS out of the trash (good scrounge) from a neightbor who was moving, that was still new-ish, just the batteries were DOA. I checked the warranty on it, and Yay! T’was still under warranty, so I got an RMA, sent it back and they sent me a new one.

A $400 Uninterruptable Power Supply mind you… big ole battery pack that keeps the juice running for those of you who didn’t know of what I speak. It’s the second one I’ve either scrounged and refurbed the other. My first just wore out due to age. Replacing it would have been quite a bit, but I was able to get the batteries it needed and a bit of elbow grease, some soldering and hey! Again, Like new and I can keep running for an hour +/- if we lose the primary.

Now then

Lots of talk about the Kraine. Seems that the Krainfeld hasn’t shown his face back in country IRL now going on one? maybe two full months? Word is folks are starting to realize just how far they were taken in, what with the cemeteries filled to overflowing with ‘heros’ and whatnot, all the dead laid at the feet of NATOs grand plan of grinding Russia down, even if it means killing all the Krainians in the process.

And at the current rate I do mean all the Krainians.
I have no idea where they keep coming up with replacements TBH. 100k here, a quarter mil since the start, never mind that 18 million plus took to their collective heels and did the bugout boogy and left when shit started getting ultraviolent. Krainfeld himself is still grifting to the max… I mean man, if’n I were him, I’d be looking for a non-extraditable country to hide in as the locals? Ask that Romanian dude how it went for him when his people got sick of his particular brand of shit?

Not sure, don’t care, but of all things to be said, I’m tired.

So yeah, worn out on the politics.
Told Gretch this weekend, we ain’t doing shit which got her upset… told her that we’ve done too much for far too long and I need a fucking break man.

I still have to unpack some stuff… order a dumpster get the garage cleaned out… there’s enough ‘stuff’ to do around here just on the norm, than to have her decide she needs to be entertained over this weekend. Fucking unreal…

So, if I miss a poast, don’t freak.
It’s been one of them months or three.
Holler atcha after a while

An Inexpensive Alternative

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
YMMV on this one. I was just unpacking some more gear from the move when I happened across this bag:

One of the emptied out ‘junk drawers’ that was, even in that short a period of time (November to Last Week) managed to accumulate quite a bit of random ‘stuff’… wood screws, ‘spare’ screws, wall anchors… you know, all that shit that comes with ‘some assembly required’ and has ‘spares’.

Now, as a dude, I tend to get pack-rattish about that stuff. Not sure exactly why, but almost every. single. guy. (and quite a few of the handier girls) I know has either bag o’random-stuff OR if it graduates to it’s own bigger container like in one case here, it’s the big Folgers plastic coffee can.

Now whilst putting this away, I also had a secondary project running, which was loading some PMAGs up. One can -never- have too many loaded mags. And as I was doing it, well I got to thinking (a dangerous thing at best)… I like oh so many do enjoy me some gear and conveniences. Sometimes though, the gear that makes things a bit convenient can run a bit on the pricy side, with a for instance like this:

Cool, but as stated before, pricy
With shipping a 3-Pack’ll run you $30… $10 a plate. Granted it -is- a plate that matches up with the mag and yeah, probably more resilient than what I’m going to show you, but hey

Gretch got as 2-Pack of these for $1.25 at the Dollar Store. Basic 3M hooks. Started messing around and come to find out they’re a bit big to put on the bottom of a Mag Plate:

So, via a bit of trial and error, and a dremel cut here and there, and then a bit of paint, you get this:

You have to cut from the front, which leaves not-so-much material to work with, but like I said, YMMV and for a quick and cheap handle/hook/magazine pull, it works…
Good Enough for Government Specs as they say

Which then goes into the pouch quite nicely

Yeah, not crazy sturdy… I also had to add a dollop of superglue to keep the two pieces together (the hook and mounting plate) and to remove it, the 3M tape comes off using a small sharp knife… Otherwise? Pretty solid.

OK yeah, they can break and whatever… I just got a kick out of fucking around and finding out so to speak… boredom late before bed and quick side projects… just thought I’d share.

So your thoughts?
Big Country

ANOTHER 3-Named Nazi

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Interestingly, not a lot of play here stateside. It’s almost as if they want to downplay this. Again. Seems a rabid Whytte Sooperpreemicyst named Sai Varshith Kandula, aged 19 attempted to crash the gate at the White House…

First Cholowaffen
Now Brahminwaffen?
I mean theoretically the Hindus ostensibly did come up with the swastika first…
Jes’ Sayin’
But AGAIN we have a winner:

…or maybe “Gate Runner”?
Matt Bracken had a pretty good take:

Gotta say… That’d wrap up a whoooole lotta things.
My issue with everyone going off about the Ammonium Nitrate ANFO bomb scenario… look… I had to make an ANFO bomb in an Improvised Explosives Course when in the Army back in the day. Part of the reason I was IN the Army was to “shewt the cool gunz” and legally “blow shit the fuck up.”

Great Times….

In that course, we learned that you have to ‘sensitize’ the Ammonium Nitrate. Now Ammonium Nitrate on it’s own is fertilizer. Chemically made and ‘pure’ but nonetheless, it’s a big ole bag of chemically pure poop. Get it wet with water, and boy howdy it fucking stinks… my garage still has a passing, wafting odor from waaay back in the day when Spawn left a bag too close to the front of the garage, and the X’s fertilizer (AN) was leaking, and when it rained? UGH!

Now, there’s multiple ways to ‘sensitize’ the stuff, with one of the most common is to ‘wash’ the AN with diesel fuel. The AN (‘prills’ is what they’re called,) have a protective coating on them that comes off naturally and keeps it in it’s form before it goes in the ground. That’s what we did in the Army back when we made our own bomb. They gave us a 55 Pound bag of AN, and like 2 gallons of Diesel. Cut the corner of a heavy-assed bag of AN, a small hole. Insert Donkey Dick (fuel filler spout to you civvies) into the hole, pour in the Diesel.

THEN comes the motherfucker.
Close and restaple/tape the bag shut. Make sure it doesn’t leak.
Then, you have to pick up the 55 pound bag, and turn it over, and over, and over to evenly (as best as you can) distribute and ‘wash’ the prills with the Diesel. In shape or not, your ass starts dragging really quickly when one it tossing and turning 55+ pounds.

Oh, and mind you, you have a ‘window’ in which to use the now-sensitized ANFO. If you wait to long, it goes ‘bad’ and reverts to a big ole stinky bag of poop, ‘cept with Diesel in it. Can’t remember how long you got, but it ain’t that long hence why when they tell me a 24 Foot Ryder truck was filled (1350 sq ft) with home-made ANFO and blew the Murrah Building? Considering a bag of AN takes up what? Call it 15 inches by 48-50 inches by 5 inches deep? Not very big per bag, but heavy.

Ain’t no way in no how did 2-4 guys (‘cos that’s all they ever said “did” OK City) sensitize 1350 square feet of ANFO in the time it’d take before it all went rotten… ‘cos the timer starts ticking the second the first bag is done… Hell a Platoon of grunt’s’dve have had trouble getting that OpOrder done on time…

But that neither here nor there… just one last thing: An Air Force General who was like the head of alllllll Air Force explosives and whatnot came out and said “No way in hell did an ANFO bomb do that!” and that a bomb of that size and power’d have to have been faaar more conventional? He ended up dead of a suicide shortly after…
Jes’ Sayin’ again

But yep…
Brahminwaffen… the delicious meme potential… wish my photoshop skillz were better. Now, H/T to @Shillelagh_Pog over at GAB who pointed out that the 3 Named Brahminwaffen? He’s only 19.
had to have rented the UHaul… someone over 25 signed for it, since a 19 yr old can’t rent a U-Haul.

“Those whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad.”

Telling you, we haven’t even hit Memorial Day and it’s looking like this summer is going to be balls-deep in the Crazy already. So, I’ll leave it at that for now, ‘lest we get some other whackier stuff come up
Big Country

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