Winds of War

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Starting to look a bit -hazy- out there. Word is that overnight a BIG Krainian Klown Drone-Show came down on a Airport inside of Russia at a place called Pskov. Now, not for nothing, Pskov is quite a ways away from the Kraine:

Couple of things stand out to me leastways.
One of which is at it’s closest point, Pskov and the Kraine? 600 +/- Kilometers apart. That’s one hell of a long distance to get drones, especially at least 21 of them at last word to a point that far away.

Per ZeroHedge HERE that’s 400 miles. To my rather limited intel, the Kraine hasn’t got any drones capable of hitting that far away with any real accuracy. Which means they had help. Which, considering just how close Latvia and Estonia (both NATO buttcountries) are, and then you have the Greeks as well as the Turks saying:

With the Link HERE
Not a good thing…
Various sources and RUMINT have it as the Brits being the primary instigators in this. SAS and SBS specifically. Either way, Latvia, Estonia, who gives a shit? Both are 3rd World Wannabes who spend faaaar too much of their little GDP on Western Weapons (or did leastways, until they found out what utter shit they really are) so my best is there was an offer ‘too good to refuse’ in hosting these particular retarded festivities.

Adding on that our current crop of geniuses and leadershit?

Ah yes, the good ole Geriatric Ward Members…
Where have we seen this before? Ah yes:

I mean Jeeeeesus people!
When and What does it take for these fuckers to step the fuck down? When to “We the People” tell them they need to go the fuck home? And NOT via voting? I mean for fucks sakes, I mean they’re only leading us into a for real Hot War that we cannot under ANY circumstances win.

Any bets that none of our vaunted ‘nookular’ weapons work, have worked or even could work at this point? Hell, I don’t think even our fucking missiles would work, if the Patriot Pack 3 is any example…

Seriously folks
With fucking droolers, pantshitters, retards, pedophiles, grifters, and braindead zombies in charge, we are well and truly utterly fucked.

And my prediction:
RH/RN (Right Here/Right Now
Goblin Nuisance, The Hair Gel King of Kalifornication AKA Nancy Pelosi’s Nephew-by-Marriage is going to be the DemoncRats New Fair Haired and Coiffed Boy to replace “The Kidsniffer Rapist, Emperor Poopypants”. You heard it here first.

He’s got all that it takes
Progressive to the marrow of his hypocritical bones… “Do as I say, not as I do” Connected politically (see relationshit to Pelosi) Hollyweird (((backers))) out the wazoo… He’s demonic, and a through and through souless fucking scumbag.

What’s not to like vis-a-vis your basic Normie Pro-Pedo DemoncRatic Voater? OF Course they’re going to run him.

All the rumors of “Big Mike” getting the nod?

Word is that The Chef saw “Big Mikes” pee-pee, so they had to drown his ass, lest he let the cat, or in this case the Johnson out from under the tranny-dress. That and he/she’s a lazy fucker…

By it’s own public statements, s/he likes the trappings of power, but none of the effort that needs to go into it… and seeing that the current Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Rapey Joe has been on vacation since Day One of his residency, even the most diehard DemoncRatic voater needs to see a Chief Executive who’s doing –something– as opposed to being on vay-kay 24-7.

I mean so far it’s suited the Power(((s))) Behind the Throne to let Rapey go to the beach and generally stumblefuck around… thing is, that eventually needs to be changed into “MOAR Fundamental Changes” even if they don’t understand that that shit ain’t gonna fly.

They lack the intellect to understand, that so far, in their bubble? It hasn’t been pierced yet. Hasn’t been needed as of yet. People still got food, still get to go shooting, aren’t overwhelmingly being fucked with unnecessarily. Now, because of this, they, the managerial class… the people who make things happen… the ones who actively write and draft the laws and legislation that the Leadershit then put into effect?

NONE of them have been hit yet…
See… it’s one thing to rail on about Politicians and whatnot… but in reality? They’re just like on-air TV personalities.. they’re literally dummies. Performative Dummies. 90% of politicians are too stupid (Maxine Waters for example) to understand cause/effect and/or anything more complicated than 2+2 equals po-tay-toe. They’re fucking morons. It’s their Chief of Staff… their Legal Team. The Legal Secretaries and Staffers that get the job done and know that they’re actually pulling the puppet/dummies strings.

THESE are the folks that because of their lofty titles, decent paychecks and trickle down power that they stay in power behind the scenes… manipulating and empowering the Dummy.

They also don’t seem to get in a full on World That Has No Rule of Law that they’re easy meat. It’s that weakness that encourages me. ‘Cos You can bet when the shit gets spicy(er) that those inside the Beltway have no clear understanding that they’re the equivalent of Custer at Little Big Horn.

The Feral Knee-Grows will be playing the part of the Indians in that particular reenactment… eating them first and foremost.
All we have to do is sit back and watch and laugh.
I mean why not?
Better to watch it all burn at a distance than get hemmed up.
So More Later
Big Country

23 thoughts on “Winds of War”

  1. People are policy. The D.C. perfume princes can make all the pronouncements they want, but they mean nothing without someone local willing and able to enforce them on you.

    Those local people are a lot less protected than the big wigs making the pronouncements, just saying.

    1. Hence 4GW (4th Generation Warfare).
      You don’t go after the top leaders.
      You go after the “captains” and “lieutenants”, and their bodyguards, the ones that would implement the leader’s decisions, policies and procedures.

  2. I don’t get the impeach Biden thing? If he is not the legitimate pResident then he can’t be impeached. Impeachment legitimizes him. If you don’t fix the 2020 election swindle then the rest is just pretend.

    Whom can fix it?

    The States, if they had the balls to do it, but they won’t. They could investigate voting irregularities and recall electors and force a crisis. They could go to paper ballots going forward. They could override the 17th amendment and go back to State Legislators appointing Senators. Giving States great power over the feds, they could then immediately recall a Senator who is not looking out for their interests and replace him with another whom would.

    And the people could do a few things as well. Stop feeding blue cities. Stop deliveries. Stop policing, let it burn. Pull your kids from public school. At this point it is criminal and moral neglect to allow your child to be in the public schools. Period. If it bankrupts you to pull them out, do it anyhow, that is your only God given job as a parent, to protect your child with your very life if needed.

    The Dems WANT us to impeach Biden. It solves their problem for them and gives them another boogeyman to point to. And, as BCE states, then they can place the California nutcase in power. And he will be president for at least the next 8 years. For some of us, that is effectively the rest of our useful lifetime.
    I could take that as a challenge.
    Men with nothing to lose are dangerous.

    1. The ONE and only good thing I can see from these BS charges being levied against Trump is, he and his attorney’s now have the power to subpeona people and records. Its called ‘discovery’, and is a requirement of a free and fair trial in our legal system.

      Oh yes, of course they will do everything they can to prevent, disrupt, and block, but I think theres just too much evidence out there. They will find it, a lot of it, and present it in court (public record!), and you will see things start to crumble.
      THAT may very will force their hand at total tyranny, but we’re going to have to go through whatever the hell is next anyways, might as well get on with it, eh?

      1. > The ONE and only good thing I can see from these BS charges being levied against Trump is, he and his attorney’s now have the power to subpeona people and records. Its called ‘discovery’, and is a requirement of a free and fair trial in our legal system.

        Their bought and paid for judge will never allow them full discovery and never allow anything they find to used in the trial.

  3. Herr Wolf (Der Adolf) said that WAR is the engine of all human advancement.
    The senile dementia ward and mean faculty lounge HR department were not around back then.
    They think hashtags and drones are the way, RF is building a 125,000 strong drone operator force and just added Zircon missiles to the subs parked off the coasts.
    Tucker says they have to have WWIII to stay in power and the FEW wants it for the Great Reset Leap Forward.
    Bend over and kiss your ass goodbye isn’t fine at all but these things happen when you can’t even have a legitimate election.
    Gruesome Newsom could be too white male patriarchy for the replacements to be preezy of the steezy?
    Also read that the Vilnius Summit will make it harder for any future president (LOL) to exit the proxy war with Russia.
    And a coup in Gabon with Generalissimo in power…for now.
    This will be harmful to the interests of Fwance.

  4. Does anyone in the world even like Mitch McFreeze? Has anyone ever liked him? When McFreeze froze up a few weeks ago at the podium I wish they had just let him stand there in the awkward silence. Just the clock ticking-tick tick tick as he stared off into space. That brief moment in time where he froze up was the best thing he ever did for America. Why did some jackass have to throw him a lifeline?

    And now this freeze up. Just as bad was the woman saying “we’re gonna need a minute” piss off lady. The American people need a minute from the likes of her and Senator McFreeze.

    California Gavin must still be getting his adrenochrome fix as his shot induced Bells Palsy appears to be fixed. I bet Senator McFreeze wishes he could get his adrenochrome fix.

  5. yeah, you do sum it up rather well. I really don’t think we will have a election next year in 2024.
    and sooner or later, the Russians are going to stop holding back on this. what I see is they are the only grown ups in this mess. and they also realize it is only the assholes in DC that are pushing this shit.
    so, maybe they will only nuke them ? as for trump getting back in power , they would rather burn the country to the ground before letting him back there. and it looks like they are going to do just that.
    burn this country to the ground. take your pick of what happens, dollar crashes bigtime- Weimar republic style. or we get into a shooting war with Russia ( I think that is their first choice) somehow they think the country will rally behind them ? or we just break down from all of the illegals they letting in.
    or we start having food riots next year. or maybe all of the above.
    if we do end up in a war, everything will change. think crime is out of control now ? it is going to get a lot worse. as for gun control, forget it. everyone will be armed. they will have to be to stay alive in the new America. or maybe they thinking of arming the mass of illegals to do their dirty work ?
    either way, best stock up on things we will want and need in the future. never thought I would see this country in this shape. but life as we used to know it is over.

    1. An evil leader will burn down his own country to rule over the ashes.

      Sun Tzu

      It’s hard to figure out power mad crazies’ thoughts. I do notice they haven’t really done that much to disarm us, so I suspect the free for all shooting while they hide in secure bunkers is a feature not a bug.

      Protect your families and trusted friends.

  6. I stumbled upon a gem.
    Horst Seehofer, a bavarian politician said in 2010: Those that decide are not elected. And those that are elected have nothing to decide.

    So, it is all just a play for the proles.

  7. Nothing new here. They were beating the shit outta this on talk radio yesterday afternoon. Gavin is going to be da man. They are trying to keep poopy pants in line until it’s time to bow out. They can’t let the dick sucker vp take over cause that would be it for them. Gavin will be brought in when primary opens up for everyone.

    As for txtfiledump…. Maybe just maybe these few walking corpses said a lil too much to the wrong person and are now being dealt with???? Idk jus sayin. Crossed my mind. Or maybe if that rich guy was right about the other super rich guy spouting off about the coming vax news and how everyone was lied to, they would be used as public figures that were affected too. Idk just throwing some shit at the wall this morning. Let me know if any of it sticks.

    Keep your head above water big dude.

  8. Newsom is even more of a sock puppet than Obama. He only got the mayors job because Willie Brown knew that Newsom was such a non-entity that Brown could keep all his people running his scams and frauds in City Hall. Which he still does. Newsom got the governor job for the same reason. The Jerry Brown people still run the show. Newsom has zero actual power in Sacramento. He is just someone they roll out for media events.

    Here is a fun fact about Newsom. He is so severely dyslexic he is functionally illiterate. He cannot read clearly or quickly understand any document put in front of him to sign. Which is just what you need in a sock puppet.

    So California’s very own Governor Lepetomane. Except the Mel Brooks character was not a coke head.

    So yeah, the perfect Dem Party candidate for 2024.

  9. Someone says free and fair yada yada legal system. Wow. The utter filth of that statement must mean he’s a glownig. Currently there is NO RULE OF LAW, except what you can get away with. Personally I’m for Pompeo/Kirby 24&28 because aMERIKA must be that indispensable nation.

  10. The elephant in the room is $32T debt skyrocketing as interest rates have quickly risen.
    This will become an “emergency.”
    Good way to impose CBDCs (digital currency) to save us from the emergency.
    Problem is then they will control the ability to buy and sell. It’s all about power. BLM, Covid, climate emergencies got nuttin on CBDC.

    1. The “CBDC” thing is meaningless. The majority of the sheeple already make nearly all of their transactions “electronically” using Chipped Cards or by ‘sail fone app’. They receive their Pay by ‘direct deposit’ from their Employer to their (((bank account))). All Purchase Transactions are Coded by Type and Amount. Classes of Purchases (like gunz-n-ammo) can be Blocked or Limited.

      It is already possible (and has happened, see the canuckistan ‘trucker’s protest’) for the ‘government’ to order the (((banks))) to ‘seize the accounts’ of Badthinkers and Dissidents. Interestingly, that Stopped after just a few Days, as the (((banks))) saw a “Run”, and not just people demanding Cash – most were Spending, by ‘card’, Buying anything of Value. At that point, the ‘government’ had 2 Choices – Declare a “Bank Holiday” and Order them Closed, or quietly ‘give up’.

      “Closing the Banks” for some kind of ’emergency’ would Instantly result in both Cash becoming more Valuable (for a while) and the EBT Cards not working… Cue the Chimpouts, on a Biblical Scale.

      Anything that Disrupts the (((financial system))) like that will cause Chaos that (((they))) will Not be able to Control. Yes, I’ve been hearing forever that (((they))) want to ‘Burn it all Down’, but like the (((parasites))) these Doomtards fail to Understand that IF the just-in-time Logistics Fail, it won’t F’kkn Matter if Bill Gates hides on his Private Island, and the politicians and .Mil Hide in the Cold-War Bunkers… because when they try and Crawl Out and Declare themselves “In Charge”, what they will be greeted by will be “Humungus, Lord of the Wastelands”.

      1. You mean the Ayatollah of RocknRolla? I’m gonna burn one and watch that flick tonite!

      2. CBDCs meaningless?
        Sir, the difference of totalitarian power between credit cards and CBDCs is night and day.
        With credit cards, there’s always a cash option. When cash is gone, only CBDCs exist. Think of Dear Leader (and great General) Joe, or Kamala or Newsom having the power to control American’s ability to buy and sell and travel.
        Signs of the times.

  11. I think someone goofed badly. Look up “Alexandr Nevsky” and Pskov. Prokofiev even had a song in the movie Alexandr Nevsky (Eisenstein directed the movie for Stalin) titled “Arise Ye Russian People”. Take that for what its worth…

  12. Correct me if I’m wrong Aesop, but I suspect McConnell is having TIA’s. A transient ischemic attack (TIA) is a temporary period of symptoms similar to those of a stroke. A TIA usually lasts only a few minutes and doesn’t cause permanent damage. BBbbbuuuttttt; It is a pre-indicator of a major stroke coming. Anyone who freezes like that, can’t move or function=major arterial damage. I think he may end up as the Royal Kidsniffer, only with more damage.
    We have only ourselves to protect and save ourselves.

    1. You got it right. From the minimal info we have, likely not enough blood to the brain (atherosclerosis, clots,…).
      His doctors have known what’s wrong for a while now, just like the Dear Leader Great General Joe.
      Everyone knows but the voters.
      If it’s a lack of flow to the brain, then he’s likely on powerful blood thinners, which makes him vulnerable to trauma.

  13. We have turned a corner. All throughout the west, our leaders have turned on us and no longer represent us. At least half of us are so stupid, we think that’s a GOOD thing.

    I hope your Donald Trump has a plan. If he wins the next election, it will be Mutiny On The Bounty with BLM chimpouts, ANTIFA riots, tantrums from Hollywood, and insurrection in ever gay bath house and Starbucks.

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