You. Do. Not. HATE. Them. ENOUGH. Not By A LONG Fucking Shot.

Well, the Ministries of Propaganda and Lies are at it again. Seems that they’re doing their damnedest to downplay the single most significant for fucking real attempt on a Public Figures life since Reagan in 1980:


Is that what they’re calling ‘gunfire’ now?

Must have been those champagne corks…

At least with this fucking guy we have an identifiable target

Annnnnnnd if that particular pile of shit doesn’t make you want to storm the CNN Building and put them all to the sword, and then decorate the roadways with their now-dead impaled corpses, well, you need to harden the fuck up.

‘Cos plainly, it’s what they have planned for us.

Now, to cases
Looks like the Secret Service done fucked up and screwed the pooch. Reasoning for this is someone did an approximation of the rough area the rally was held, with the Known Distances +/-:

Pulling the distance measure around, it varies between 140 to 180 yards. Some are saying the stands are up in front of the buildings to the right, the white-roofed building at the bottom, in the middle of the pic. That’s where the counter-sniper fire team was stationed at supposedly.

Reason I say this’s bullshit?

The Secret Service usually have a cordon sanitaire of out to 500 yards, depending on terrain and whatnot. No one should have been able to get on that roof without authorization, nevber mind WHY wasn’t there a team up there to begin with doing overwatch?

And a LOT of buzz about some wild haired dude and his friends who say thay saw dude with the rifle climbing onto the roof, and when they told the Fuzz, the fuzz blew them off

Make of it what you will
It’ll all change in another 3-6 hours I figure.
Grab the popcorn is all I can say

More Later
Big Country

Well Shit Just Got Reely Reelz

Looks like Ole OrangeManBad has him a serious piece of good luck today when as you are all aware of –someone– started throwing rounds at him.

Now, he’s looking to the right (his right) and the rounds are coming from that direction. One of them gave him a nice glancing hit. Two inches more to his left, and he’d be “Bidenized”
Now, there’s a couple of things in the chaos of this
1) This is apparently a stiff on the top of a building across from the Rally:

Then 2) We have what appears to be a stiff and/or a wounded joker being dragged out of the stands by the cops:

Now, I’m not sure who the shooter is or if there were multiple shooters?

The thing of it is, from what I heard?
Sounds like 3 paced shots. Mid caliber.
Then a flurry of shots. Probably someone cancelling the shooter’s ticket. It all depends on who is calling it. The Brits are saying that this guy was picked up:

Too tough to call

I do know one thing
A couple of days ago the Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den called for them to put a ‘bullseye’ on OrangeManBad:

Not a good look Aye?
Now as we progress, seems the guy in the bleachers?
A civvie caught in the crossfire:

And now the local DA has stated the following:

My Goodness
You know this means we just got green lit.
That and

There’s no way in fuck that OrangeManBad can be stopped now. That’s like the opening shots of Civil War 2.0. The fucking tards probably are hoping that we’ll do something so we can get ground down by the DotMil

I mean lets face it…
This’s about as provocative as it can get.
I’m going to be curious to see exactly who the guy on the roof is/was and what he was shooting with. How far was the shot? How did the counter-sniper teams not spot him earlier? I mean the guy isn’t exactly wearing ‘blending camo’ or anything… That is if he’s the shooter.

I do feel bad for whomever the guy was who caught one in the squash. That purely sucks. Ashli Babbit’ed so to speak… killed by the Evil Leftist Machine.

Tell you what
IF they -did- catch 3 guys, be a damned shame if oh say their houses and all of their assets were to be burned to the ground wouldn’t it?

Now, per CNN:

“Several Hundred Yards”
Oooooh now I really want to know what he was using.

My guess is an AR w/a poorly sighted in scope.
And now the “Usual Suspects” namely the ones who’ve been calling for ALLLLL sorts of violence and shit for the past 7 years have this to say:

Sounds like some folks just realized that there’s a pretty good chance this could become a two way shooting gallery.

I hope it doesn’t

But seeing that those on the Left are functionally inoperative and have their collective thinking meat vapor-locked in the TDS ignorant position, I have a hunch a week from now it’ll all go back to ‘biddness as usual’

Have to see.
Me? I’m loading more mags.
I suggest you do the same
More Later

Big Country

Insider Information Maybe as Well as Some MORE Predictive Programming

Well, let’s just start off with this here:

Now, for the non-twatter folks this’s the whole quote:

I just hung up with my friend who works in D.C. The guy who has nailed everything and given me inside scoops for months that have led to viral tweets, correct predictions and he has not been wrong yet. Not sure if I should post this, but:

Jill Biden is running the country right now.
Joe Biden is sleeping up to 16 hrs. per day.
The Biden and Obama family rift has now blown fully open and any aides loyal to Obama are going to get canned.
Obama is going to try and force Joe out.
Obama is meeting privately with power players to get them to withdraw funding. Hollywood will begin to turn on Biden via Obama is telling them.

Democrats are making decertification plans in case of a Trump win. Deals are being attempted with some republicans right now to turn on Trump.

A full-blown civil war in the DNC and an attempt to make sure Trump does not get elected at any cost is now happening. Many in D.C. are already saying that the Biden family has completely obliterated the constitution with how they are running the country.

Obama has the CIA and NSA in his corner. Bad news for Biden. The Biden family has cut Joe Biden off to anyone other than a few close people.

The Hur tapes are completely different than the transcription. The desperation to keep them is because apparently Joe Biden had full blown Dementia during most of that interview and some are saying the transcripts are in fact, doctored. I was even warned that I probably should not post this, but the hell with it, I hate the DNC, I hate democrats. The quicker we get rid of the democratic party the better off we all will be. But that includes getting rid of the GOP. Both parties suck.

Anyway, last night press conference did nothing, there is a full court press to get rid of Joe Biden and it is intensifying, watch for leaks to the press about Joe Biden and things that are happening behind the scenes. If the Hur tapes come out, it will be the end of Biden for sure and will lead to prosecutions because of the doctoring of the transcriptions. Internal polling has been disastrous. Many saying Biden has no path to win and if he were to win, the country would go up in flames. Crazy times we live in.

Black Insurrectionist

Now granted, there’s a lot of ‘stuff’ flying around out there, but man… this kind of seems to be the playbook that’s happening right now.

Consider this:

Consider the sourcing of the current “Hollyweird” article written by George Clooney. You know… that midwit adult pretender (called an actor occasionally) who raised 28 million dollars for the Joetato’s re(s)election coffers what? Not even 6 weeks ago? He wrote an article that got front page billing in the New Yawk Slimes.

And as I put up above, who are the one running that particular Ministry of Propaganda and Lies?
The Fucked up Bureau of Retards.
Who was primarily politicized and corrupted by whom?
The Obamamessiah of course, and his Department of (in)Just-us Hatchetman Eric Holder.

So I’d call that a quick change-of-heart by Clooney.
My guess is they threatened to release the videos of him with an underage girl, or maybe even a boy ‘cos ole Joetato went under that bus mighty fast IMO.

Now for those not in the know, ODNI:

Now, theoretically ALL Intelligence Community ‘members’ so to speak are supposed to report to the ODNI. In reality?

No so much.

LOTS of moving parts.
Huge turf wars behind the scene(s).

Lots of potential jail time.
Hell… potential “Ha Ha. Please to stand against wall Comrade”
Last I knew, treason has a death penalty component to it.

And if this isn’t fucking treason then I don’t know what is.

Another thing I came across, which as long term readers know is that I have a firm belief in the Luciferian Rules that these fuckers play by. Specifically the one where they have to ‘forewarn us’ about their intentions, so when we fail to take protective and/or active defensive measures, by their rules their hands are clean so to speak. Predictive Programming is the term.

While she was surfing around TikTok, (the bane of my existence… I really hate that app) Gretchen is fully aware of my paranoia and suspicions ‘at large’ so to speak, and when she found this, she sent it to me:

September 23rd…

Now I -don’t- go in for the tail end part where he starts talking “Project Blue Beam” and whatever other weirdness he’s blathering about. I do however fully agree with the whole ‘predictive programming’ thing.

Lots of those movies are older.

Some might be tempted to say that they’re out of date, and yet, again I reference that card game that showed the Twin Towers as well as the Pentagon being blown up long before 9-11 actually happened:

Those came out in the 90’s

Then you have “The Lone Gunmen”, a spin-off from the X-Files that unfortunately crashed and burned. This might have been because of this maybe?

“But the pilot episode would end up being far too close to real events. In that episode, a terrorist hacker hijacks an airliner with plans to crash the plane into the World Trade Center.”

The X-Files’ Lone Gunmen Spin-Off Show May Have Predicted 9/11
Read More:

It aired six months and one day before the actual 9-11 Attack.

According to all involved, the show had already failed immediately after the pilot, and was cancelled. Of course those involved also say that “…this was all a strange and unfortunate coincidence.”

Suuuure it was.

I report, you decide.

I’ve already made my decision. Gonna be locked down tight that whole week. Tighter than a Gnat’s Ass if you will with me and mine. Better safe than sorry.

The other thing that’s bugging me is the whole way they keep talking about the Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den.

Do they just want him to ‘stand down’ from re(s)election?
Do they want ‘all the marbles’ and get Gropey offstage completely with a ‘retirement’ or the 25th?

They’re really being overly obtuse in this. Not a lot of clarity. I know I know… it’s intentional but the Pantshitting Rutabaga is so blatantly mentally compromised it’s now obvious that The Royal First Usurper, The Empress KinkyBoots and His HIGHness the First and Only Son of the Emperor Poopypants the First, Lord HIGH Destitute Debauched, Drug Crazed and Depraved, Hunter the Whoremaster are participating in some serious elder abuse.

Not that I care… I hope they hop him up on whatever Meth they’ve been feeding him so badly at his next presser and/or debate that some of those ‘fixed’ aneurysms he had back in 1988 blow clean the fuck out live on TV…

I mean he did get “demon eye” back on the Campaign trail in 2019:

…because that’s like, totally normal amiright?
The story (unscrubbed amazingly) is HERE

The funniest takeaway from that article is in the header:
Biden, 76, has already been facing questions over his age and health amid a string of verbal gaffes.”

Oh reeeeeeeeeeeally!?!
As I like to do >points to my face, no expression on it<
“This’s my surprised face.”

No shit Shylock.

Tell us something we’re not aware of now. Here we are, almost 5 years later from that particular demonic shitshow, and we still have a bunch of fucking morons, half-wits, fuck-wits, lack-wits, and generationally stupid retards who plan on voting for this decrepit decaying doesn’t know he’s already dead ZOMBIE


OrangeManBad Derangement is real folks.
Hunker in… as said in Apocalypse Now, and I take it as Gospel Advice for the next few months:
“Big Duke Six, inbound in 30 seconds. Get your people back and
heads down. This is gonna be a big one.”

Make of it what you will…

More Later
Big Country

Some Good Doggies to Start The Day

Lets start the morning off right with some “good boys and girls” (H/T WiscoDave):

I needed that after this week…
Not that the weekend is going to be any less hectic.
I’ll holler at you all tonight.
Got some intel ‘stuff’ I need to get out there
More Later
Big Country

Gropey Dopey Just Got Smokeyed

Looks like the Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den just finally cashed in his chips in the conference.

Between refering to “Vice President Trump” and saying he had to check “…with the Commander in Chief”… he also keeps pronouncing the Chinese leader’s name Xi as “She” instead of “Zhee”

Correct me if I’m wrong on that part.
If I’m right that’ll go over like a lead balloon w/Joe Chink

Well, it ain’t over… meaning the whole presser.
I’d say the Joetato is fully baked.

Which if you look at it, methinks that was the plan. I mean it’s pretty obvious at this point The Royal First Usurper, The Empress KinkyBoots and His HIGHness the First and Only Son of the Emperor Poopypants the First, Lord HIGH Destitute Debauched and Depraved, the Drug Crazed Hooker Hunter the Whoremaster have been the primary motivator for the Joetato to stay in the Oval Orifice.

I mean right now, as of late, the Repugnicunts have finally found their spine, and even their stupid asses can smell the blood in the water so to speak.

Considering this is what?
The first full on presser in what? 2 years or longer?
A full on ‘live questions being asked on live TV’ presser?
Yeah, he was set up for failure IMO.

The Powers Behind The Throne need him gone so as to allow ‘Big Mike’ or -anyone- else to come in and take the reigns of power. I mean you know it’s going to go that way.

Same as it ever was.
Meaning the Intel Community is going to install whomever the hell they want. To which I say:

Otherwise, it’s just been busy busy around here. I’ve barely been able to follow the news and it’s been havoc w/the pupper. She’s great, don’t get me wrong, but she is running full time until she isn’t. She gets about an hour, hour an a half, some water, lots of chewing then SPLAT!
Out cold.
Climbs right into her kennel when she’s tired. She’s really good at letting me know what she wants and needs. Only issue so far is getting her to understand that -outside- she needs to focus on pooing and peeing.

Too many distractions out in the BIG WIDE WORLD as of now. So I’ve ‘fenced off’ a section of the living room and I have the training pads down. My intent is to make that space smaller and smaller until such time as she then ‘gets it’ for the outside… it’s worked witha lot of the other dogs I’ve trained.

Problem here is she’s a wee bit too lil and I haven’t gotten her timing down yet. Her bladder is just too random so far to get a ‘feel’ for when she needs to go. As she gets a bit older, it’ll get better.

The Sausage Princess and her are getting along like I said:

As well as the Gran

So far, so good.
Also cancelled like ALL the subscriptions on the ‘Zon.
Went in and checked as I saw some auto-withdrawals.
and a couple of others
It turned out to be a LOT of subscriptions that Gretchen and I had no idea that were in there to the tune of like $75 a month that I just ‘reclaimed’ so to speak. I highly recommend that everyone do the same, as the Disney one? It used to be a LOT less and was like almost $20 a month for something we never use.

Same went with the other stuff… Gretchen tried out the ‘free trial’ without cancelling it or forgetting to, and it ended up costing us without even realizing. Only thing we kept that I can see is the Netflix… and even then I took that down to the most ‘basic’ variant I could.

So I’d call that a win.
I got to go tuck in the Gran, so more later
Big Country

A Pup Update and SQUEEEEE!!!

Sorry for missing yesterday… It’s now Day Four of “The Nuklear Powered Gran Versus The Puppers”

Telling you, if I could harness even one third of the energy these two have, I could power the Greater Tampa Area for the next five hunnerd years…

Maybe even moar.

Chili is fitting in rather well. In fact, I hate to curse myself like this, but so far she’s the most laid back and mellow puppy ever when she’s not wound up by the Redheaded Nook. Also went outside first thing and did her pee-pee thing outside for the first time… she’s only had 2x accidents ‘off the training pads’ and I’m now trying to figure out the timing for her lil butt so I can get her out before she dumps inside.

At least she hits the training pads there too. Clean up on Aisle Nine has been a breeze. The only issue is occasionally I’ve laid down the new clean training pad after she hits it, and if I don’t watch her, she’ll go over, tear it (the new one) off the floor (they have adhesive corners) and decide to play “Let’s SHRED this shit Big Daddy!”

At which point it becomes ‘hot pup-suit’ to paraphrase Roscoe P. Coletrane and chase her ass all over the house while she leaves a trail of destruction and pieces-parts of the pad and stuffing everywhere. Queue Yakkity Sax.

Send. Drugs/Monsters. NOW.

Seriously though, her and Stella have been getting along pretty well too:

…although the Sausage Princess in Dog Years is now about mid-fifties like be, and doesn’t put up with a lot of shit. She’s more being like an instructive Auntie, rather than a momma.

She also has been doing the pouncing thing like Chili is doing, and doing the play bark/growl thing, to which we’ve discovered that the Pup has a cute lil baby-bark and growl. She’s really quiet otherwise.

So today we went to the Villages for Gretchen’s Dad’s B-Day. He turned 87 this year. Still kicking it despite being all banged up. The man just needs a new carcass and I think he’d be good for another 80+ as he’s sharp as a tack.

We took the Nook AND the Pup, as well as for his lunch/supper, I also took all the fixin’s for “Breakfast for Supper” I made Eggs to order, two pounds of thick cut maple smoked bacon (the good stuff), Hash Browns, and pancakes that got topped with a Crown Maple Madagascar Vanilla Infused Organic Maple Syrup.

Hey, I’m from New Hampshire… we tend to be “Syrup Snobs” OK? This shit is THE BOMB!!! Link to it is HERE

And yeah, I get (pardon the pun) a ‘taste’ if you order some.

We then had the cake, which was a White Chocolate Raspberry “Nothin’BundtCake” with that awesome cream cheese frosting.

Gah… I’m still full from eating everything.

I had to bring my own cookware which disconcerted Mom, but hey, not to be mean, but her pans date back to when TV Dinners were the “latest and greatest” and I’m pretty sure that just looking at some of her non-stick pans from back then could cause cancer, never mind actually using them to cook.

I use All-Clad stuff for the most part. Damned shame that Willaims and Sonoma card had to go into the default mode…

Le Sigh

What? Y’all think I could normally afford the good stuff?

If it wasn’t for my used-to-be good credit from about 4 years ago, I’d be using WalMart Specials like I did when I first got divorced. Unfortunately, the Williams and Sonoma card was the last card that I had to kill off in this soon-to-be-done bankruptcy. I purely love to cook, and in many cases the tools do actually matter…

So to explain the “Squee!”

Gretchen has a Brother. Well two, but I’m not going into the whole family dynamic. This here is “GoodBro” that I’m referencing. Navy Vet. TOTAL nerd. D&D dude. BIG TIME gun guy like me. Very cool. He’s got a kid. Junior. This’s Gretchen’s nephew. He too, is a good kid, albeit a bit of a stoner and trying to figure out what he wants to do w/his life. He came down here 2? maybe 3 years ago and stayed with us for like 2 weeks.

Fucking kid practically ate me out of house and home.
Gretchen had strong words with GoodBro about the next time Junior came, that a healthy $$$ check for groceries needed to be sent with, or the kid would be stuck eating old MREs and Dollar Store Spaghetti Os.

Not that I think Junior would have noticed.
TL;DR, Junior came down for a visit with his squeeze. New G/F. Everyone is all like “OMFG!!! They’re such a cute couple!!!”

I’m like “The kid is 2 months away from turning 21… Miss Teen Queen? Unless that box is Platinum Lined and she’s a nympho, or her dad owns a Liquor Store? As they say, ‘this too, shall pass.”

And then every calls me an asshole…

Hey. Reality bites.
So they came to visit. They’re staying with her Grandma, who apparently got on the phone w/Mom and Dad… I think the Lass-in-Question’s Granma wanted to check to see where she’s be staying whilst Junior came by to visit the In Laws.

Seems they exchanged Boomerisms and whatnot, and somehow WW2 came up in conversation. Now Gretchen’s Great Grandad, Mom’s Pops, was in WW2 and was in Normandy at some point. I have no real intel and Mom is sort of really having a tough time mentally after Vax #2. I’ll see if I can get some intel and do a dive as I like doing that… if and when things slow down around this joint.

Point is, Grandma sent a gift via her Granddaughter as a ‘thank you’ for hosting her, to Dad for his birfday. Dad in turn, while really appreciating it, gave it to me, knowing it’s significance:

Holy. Fucking. Hells.

That frens, is a field-improvised neckerchief cut from a section of a 1943/1944 T-4 Camouflaged Parachute from the jump on Normandy France, the night of June 5th, 1944 from the 101st Airborne.

<Queue Angels Chorus and Shit, Beams of Light From Above>

Holy. Fucking. HELLS!!!!!
As Indy would say
“It belongs in a Museum!!!”

Whew… I am just sooooo blown away.

Tell you what, hell or high water, or I dunno how, sell plasma maybe, and get it framed. Like professionally. I did some research on it as soon as I got home… like right before I hit this. Seems the camo parachute was very rare and from what I’ve found, only used by pathfinder elements of the 101st on the late-night of the 5th, before the early morning dawn drops. I also found it’s a wee bit on the valuable side:

I can’t tell if it’s early nylon or silk. Either way

To an Airborne Guy like me?
Hell, any Wing Wearing Motherfucker?

This’s like getting a piece of the For-Fucking-Real “True Cross” or some such similar “Holy Relic.”

A piece of ‘The Big Jumpmaster in the Sky’ OG Chute so to speak.

Mind you, There’s a LOT of fakes out there.
eBay is positively covered in them.

However, according to what Dad was told, Grandma said Grandad (now deceased a few years back) landed in Normandy at Omaha in 44 on the 6th as a straight leg grunt. He ran into a couple of 101st Guys after a few days in-country who were selling sections of their chutes for $5 as neckerchiefs, of which Grandad bought one. That, by today’s standards was about 75, 80 bucks. That sounds like some guys I know, including myself… It also explains the triangular shape and ragged cut to it, as they probably had to use a knife/scalpel or bayonet.

How fucking cool is that!?!

Now this thing is a wee bit faded and stained, and I’m not sure how to get full Provenance on it, but TBH perfectly Honest, much like a lot of recovering Catholics, I’m taking this one on faith. Primarily there is zero fucking reason for an 80 year old something widow to be having a section of a fake Airborne Camo Canopy from 1943/44 laying around. Odds of this being legit?

Probably, like Ivory Soap, 99.44% Legit

So… the interesting shit that keeps coming my way Aye?
It’s not always a bad thing.
I blame MomUnit.
She cursed me long ago with the Chinese Curse of: “May you live in interesting times” I have no idea that I had pissed her off that badly at the time, but hey… sometimes it –is– fun to be me.

More Later
Big Country

Yeeeeah, Dat Me…
And, of course AIRBORNE ALL THE WAY!

The Red Hot Chili Pupper and Another Konvenient Krainian Kommandant Killing?

The Chili Pupper is Red Hot and running
Adding tot he mix is the Red Headed Gran who’s here for a few weeks and of course over the moon about the new pupper. The tow of them just. don’t. slow. down.

Any and All donations vis-a-vis Adderall, Methamphetamines, Crank and or Good Blow would be appreciated… I ordered a CASE of Monster today. Got me a hunch I’m going to be pounding them by the case over the next few.

I joke, I joke…

But anyways, all is good here at the Casa. The pup finally dropped a deuce which is a good thing as she hadn’t since we got her three meals and a lot of water ago. Of course it was as big as she was. I was getting a wee bit nervous as that’s a looong time for a pup to be backed up, but now that she finally cut loose? Everything is back to coolness.

To the Trenches:
News comes out of the Krain last Thursday:

Per the story HERE the Ivans dropped heavy on a base that resulted in 18 “Mercs” KIA’d and 30 WIA. The Krainians interestingly collected all cell phones from everybody in the A.O.

This story was confirmed by multiple sources. One stating (and has subsequently been ‘memory holed’ that it was a group of Brits with a ‘Command Element’ who were there to train up the Krainians there. One of them pretty much a mirror of the Sputnik article was SANA:

Happens frequently
The big deal?

I get a tip from one of you readers (H/T to DE, many thanks bro!) with this as the lead:

21 hours ago.
I then verified it HERE:

Per the article, his stiff was found Saturday

As I emailed D back: “ANY bets that stiff was cold… like as in frozen/defrosted cold?”


Board Stiff

As in Iced Down and set up.
My reason for saying this is buried waaay down in the article is this:

Notice it does not list him as “Acting as a Emeritus” or something like that
So which the fuck is it?
Was he ‘retired’ still serving or sheep dipped?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Especially in light of the Helo Crash in Australia which happened back in July of last year:

The interesting thing about this one was at first they reported that there was an Aussie One Star and his two-man staff on board. That they, and the crew were all KIA over the ocean.


No mention of the General ANYWHERE
At all.
The crew are showed to be smoked, but the Gen’rul and his staff? Not so much. The rerason that this is part of what I’m talking about is around at same exact time, in the US, another “Retired” US Army in this case, General died while piloting a single engine aircraft over Maryland:

Seems July 28th, 2023 was a bad fucking day to be an DotMil Aviator, and if the original news was correct, a really bad day to be a One Star in two different Militaries Aye?

Per the Asia Times however:

The story is dated July 30th 2023, but the strike happened on July 28th 2023… the very day of the tragic ‘accidents’ that smoked two general officers… the link is HERE

Per the article “…on the evening of July 28, Russia attacked a Ukrainian command post in Dnipro (Dnepropetrovsk) with “precision weapons” after Ukraine launched an attack on a Russian command post in Taganrog in Russia’s Rostov oblast (province).”

And the reason for such a quick notification as opposed to the usual ‘couple of days of obscuring and obfuscation’?
Well besides General Officers being high visibility folks there was a wee problem which is why I think they did what they did. Specifically: “…There are some videos circulating and photos that show some of the damage and it appears likely that the Russians hit the command post. The full extent of the casualties is not known. Reports say that some people are buried under the debris.”

Which is a way of saying that said-Generals carcasses are gonna take a while to dig out, IF they are even viable for recovery. Some of the bunkers that the Hypersonic Missiles have been hitting were, mind you WERE, rated for fucking almost direct hits from Nuclear Weapons (at least Hiroshima Sized) STILL and got blowed the fuck up.

Ten Thousand Tons of concrete and rebar crashing down on your nugget tends to leave a closed and sandbagged weighted casket as a result aimiright?

So, my call?

Ivan bagged them another US General.
No harm no foul IMO.
Mess with the bull, and you’ll always invariably get the horns. In fact my only problem is we haven’t had enough Perfumed Princes from Sodom-on-the-Potomac get smoked yet

So we can always hope
Jes’ Sayin’
More Later
Big Country

A -Slight- Miscalculation W/Cowboy and Why This’s Short…

Tired here.
First off, As the Brits are Wont to Say:
Happy Treason Day You Ungrateful Colonials!

Fuck Yeah!

We went to see Cowboy today, who’s still in the deepest of dumps. Like down-down. Told him I dig it, but he’s got to start hardening the fuck up…

Wallowing in a self-induced pity parade ain’t going to do anyone any damned good.

Sooooooooo on the way over to his house, we found a guy who was, which as shitty and horrible as it sounds, was selling puppies off 301. Now, before anyone climbs up my 4th Point Of Contact, we stopped per Gretchen’s request as I have issues (i.e. potential puppy mills and whatnot) with some shady shit like this. She had me turn around and go back…

That being said…
Turns out this dude is trying to do a ‘righteous thing’ to a point.
He’s got a farm a waaays down from Cowboy’s spread. His female doggo got knocked up by the next door doggo, and had a litter of 8 puppers. Complete Mix Breed… he had pictures… a Labradoodle (his) and Pit Mix of some kind…

He was selling them with the proper shot certs and 1st paperwork one would normally get when you get a dog taken care of the first time ’round at a vet… As he told me, he just wanted to recover the invested medical money, as they already had about 3 other farm dawgs already, and to drop them off at even a no-kill shelter these days here in Florida? Well… let’s just say ‘no-kill’ ain’t so much these days… they’re overcrowded and overrun… fucking shame is what it is.

The biggest selling point to me is as we discussed the various issues is that he refused to sell to any blaqs, as he feared they’d be used as bait-pups for Niggershines and fighting pits.

How’s that old phrasing go?

“SOLD ‘Murican!!!”

Fuck it… I did 6 hours of OT this past week… a Cee Note for a ‘good thing’ for a best fren who’s hurting ain’t going to bother me amiright? I mean hell, when you’re as close to bankruptcy as I am? What’s another $100?

“You care if it falls?”
“The Roman Empire?”
“Fuuuuck it!”

Which is another thing… that’s well within the cost of what a first visit is to the ‘free pup clinic’ we have here in Tampa and where the paperwork is from… it’s where ALL the animals here at the house (besides Sapper) have been taken for 1st Shots and Spay and Neutering…. so I knew dude was pretty much on the level.

I also checked her gums, her toofuses, all the ‘stuff’ the Ex taught me… ALL of the pups seemed to be in good shape and good to go. There were 3 boys left, and 1 girl. The girl kept snatching Gretchen’s skirt and playing tug-o’-war with it, which is what got our attention.

We got to Cowboy’s place, and then loaded him in the car with a “STFU and get in the car asshole!” and brought Cowboy down… my thought processes of trying to make this a sort of a “John Wick” thing… granted it’s only been about 3 weeks +/- but hey… I know he’s got a fuckton of work on the farm to do daily, however a puppy is a whole ‘nother level.

He initially loved the idea, cried his eyes out…

And seemed onboard…
Problem was, when we got home, he just. couldn’t. do. it. yet.

Stress the word yet…
This dynamic I was not quite expecting.

I figured sunshine, puppies, rainbows, new life and hope and happiness… that’s what I get for have a wee bit of a romantic soul I suppose.

Better to stick with my curmudgeonly side…
‘Cos now?
I got me a new puppers………….

Meet “Chili”

Who could turn away brown eyes like that Aye?

I decided on ‘Chili’ as is she’s waaay more chill that any other pup I’ve ever seen. And that’s a lot of pups… The Ex is was/a professional dog trainer, and we had, at any given time 4 doggos in the house full time, never mind BEFORE she went ‘career’ with the dogs… we had a TON of puppers over the years… Chili? She’s soooo mellow. Gretchen wanted to name her ‘Xanax’ after her favorite med, which ‘Zani’ would be the brevity call sign, but I called a big negatory on that…

Of course the Sausage Princess had minor concerns initially… more like “Who is that!?!” and all sorts of curiosity:

That was taken while I took the above pics of the FNG.

Once she realized she’s not getting demoted nor replaced, she’s already gone into “Big Sister Mode.” Their first walk together outside was fucking clown show… Sapper walking Stella, and Me walking Chili, who was ‘puppy-bouncing’ all over Stella, me, the Sapper and generally being a ball of fun…

Mind you we had a great visit with Cowboy, but I did not expect to be bringing home Chili.

It is what it is, and she’s sweeter than all get the hell out.
So hence my exhaustion.
I’ll have more later
Big Country

Back AGAIN, New Names for The Grifters in Chief, and a Prediction!

Greetings And (Almost) Happy Fourth of July!
This seems to always happen to me…
Telling y’all I’m going to start sticking to the “MRE ONLY” diet I swear
That’s for ‘packaged foods’ that is
If -I- don’t cook it, I ain’t eating it…
As I emailed to the Tactical Hermit

“Been down w/another stomach issue.  Bad food from the Wedding that Gretchen worked on this weekend.  About 12 guests bailed so the bride stopped by on Sunday and gave us a fuckton of leftover catered food.”

“Didn’t help me at all.  Gave me the pukes and shits for 2x days solid.  Stuck in bed, and/or on the shitter.  Weak as a kitten.  I’m sort of operational today, but still a bit weak physically.  Hungry AF too as I lost a lot of weight over those 2x days and dehydration was/is a bitch.”

As Aesop did a good ‘un recently: Link HERE
IMO something to read up on and think on.

No idea if it was ackchully the Lasagna or not, as now I’ve been getting reports of other frens who’ve been imitating AT-4 rocket launchers… that’s when you have a back-blast corresponding to you launching a projectile pukefest. Might be a stomach bug oot and aboot? I mean this’s the most socialized I’ve been in months as I work from home, and generally the only folks I interact with closely are the Sapper and Gretchen. I usually keep all others at ‘defensive/pistol range’ i.e. 10 meters plus.

Think I might have to start supplementing heavier to get the immune system back up to specs.

So otherwise, it sounds like the Joetato, read “The Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den” is planning on fighting and staying!!!

Or maybe what I should say is (and these are the newly assigned names) The Royal First Usurper, The Empress KinkyBoots and His HIGHness the First and Only Son of the Emperor Poopypants the First, Lord HIGH Destitute Debauched and Depraved, Hunter the Whoremaster are demanding that Dear Olde Soon-To-Be-DeadDad keep running so as to (more than likely) keep the Grift Running for as long as it takes.

Major “Weekend at Bernies” Vibes going with those two fucktards… I mean they definitely do NOT know how to ‘read a room’ as this article HERE oh so viciously points out…

The TL/DR is that again the Empress is on the cover of Vogue:

This’s cover #3 for that pruned up cunt.
While I can understand to a point why Anna Wintour, the editor of that rag kept Melania Trump off the cover… you know, and actually attractive IRL Model…. nope… Wintour, who I heard positively reeks of cheap red wine and cat piss, prefers to associate with those of her own kind… like Big Mike and his/her bulge got on the cover 3x him/herself!

Crazy Cat Lady material all over the place there.
Not that I actually care, I just think it’s hilarious that they have to be so fucking petty and then the second they catch heat for anything these dimwitted fucking fucktards start shrieking and “Reeeeeeee’ing” all over the place.

Personally, I’d love to hear the news that Wintour got carjacked/knifed/robbed/shanked or something… let her get a good taste of real NYfC IRL.

I’d laugh my fucking balls off.
So Yepper
IMO the Joetato is being full on Elder Abused by Empress KinkyBoots and the Dissolute One so as to keep their perks, as otherwise?

THEY get stuck changing Ole Joe’s Diaper

Which cannot be any fun.
I worked in a nursing home, I know of what I speak
That’s some nasty shit there, both literally and figuratively. Right now, the Empress gets to party on, and play Edith Wilson, while the Dissolute One does lines in the Presidential Library.

When Joe gets either “25th’d” or “The Night of the Pillow” Comes, allllllll that influence and $$$ goes the fuck away… and my own personal guess? Once they, the Bidens as a whole, are out, I’m calling it now:

Hunter Biden will be dead within 6 months of them leaving the White House.

My Reasoning?
He’s so fucking stupid and dissolute and depraved he either ODs or what I think will happen (more likely IMO) is he’s going to try to blackmailsomeone- faaaar more important than himself, thinking that Dear Old Dad will still have the ‘yank’ to keep him safe, and not realize that his worthless ass is now Dogmeat. Without Dear Old Soon-to-be-DeadDad covering and protecting him, he’s nothing more than a Trailer Trash Junkie who’s mojo value is waaaay over and done.

If he’s lucky, ‘they’ll’ make it happen by way of a plane crash and take the whole fucking grifting lot of them out… if the Depraved One pisses ‘them’ (for the values of ‘they’) off, (and the blackmail route will piss ‘them’ off I’m sure) he’ll be found very publically and embarrassingly dead in a $20 flophouse from an O.D. from fentanyl laced coke with a illegal Vietnamese or Panamanian $15 whore…

Who then sells her story for $$$ to whatever National Enquirer type gossip rag that’s still out there… dragging ALL the remaining Fam through the dirt… stories of threesomes with the Empress and Sister being the play maybe? The sicker and more twisted the better to shame their asses for all eternity…

Which is what they deserve.
Your Thoughts?
More Later
Big Country

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