Does Anyone Know This Guy?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So I got Simplicius’s new poast on the Krain. Link HERE
It’s a big write-up of the differences between Russian NCO systems and the US ‘way of doing things’. In it, he uses and makes MAD references to a guy named Ryan McBeth.

Now, normally, I’m a live-and-let live sorta guy.
THIS fukkin’ guy? Besides having “The World’s Most Punchable Face™”? Well this’s where we’re going “deep in the weeds.” My issue is that he claims to be a 20 year Heavy Anti-Armor Weapons Infantryman. AND that he was stationed in Germany, specifically his pictures and references was that he was stationed with the OPFOR in Germany.

MY MOS was 11H Heavy Anti-Armor Weapons Infantryman. I started in 1990. Ended in Late 1996 when I got reclassed to being a 19K M1A1 Tanker when they decided to ‘merge’ the 11H and 11M (Bradley kids) all into the 11B (Bodybag) MOS and get rid of the distinction, except 11C (Mortar Maggots).

I never HEARD of dis guy.
And, so far, neither has ANY of my former 11Hotels either
Sus as Fuck IMO.


He poasted THAT on Twitter calling out “props” to a kid, who to me and what I see is another wannabe faggot. Bear with me a minute. The kid ont he left, “Supposedly” wearing OPFOR Uniform, like Punchyface on the right?

Soooooo many issues.

First: Fake Kid on Left
1) Boots: Holy fucking shit… even -I- never had my ‘cruit boots look so shitty… we had to keep ’em polished in the field. Plus, The laces? You mean the ‘rappel ropes’? Ain’t never seen a real soldier leave his laces out looking like noodles like that EVER.
2) The top of the uniform? Some cheap assed fake-o-flage… buttons on the outside? No nametapes? No patches? Fake ‘dark ghettoflage?’
3) M16A1… ’nuff said there.
4) A frag in the left ammo pouch/grenade holder? No fucking way ever.
5) Smoke grenade taped with electricians tape to the strap? Nope me the fuck out there.

Second: Soyface The Punchable
1) Correct OPFOR uniform To a point. He’s missing ALL the proper patches:

THAT is how he should look.
2) ALSO M16A1… Only folks who ever carried them in ‘the box’ were maybe National Guard kids who did their two weeks.

3) He also claims to have been stationed in Germany in Hohenfels with the OPFOR as a TOW Gunner. That would be 1/4 INF CSC (Combat Support Company) where we had ONE TOW Platoon with between 28-35 of us Hotels in the Platoon.

Funny how I don’t remember him AT ALL

And I can name almost the entire platoon to this day…

And if -I- don’t know them, then someone I know had to have known him

But funny, he’s a Cypher on the TOW side of life…

It’s a EXCEEDINGLY SMALL Group that had a TRUE 11H MOS back in the day. My Facebook groups, all of them never heard of this guy. To the point I got a guy doing a check ‘cos I think this guy is a fantasist and liar. That and I CAN NOT find a single reference to ANY unit he served in… like HIGHLY Unusual for a 20 Year Man not to have -some sort- of Unit affiliation that they make mention of… him? Not a one.

And lastly, another “nail in his coffin”

Another small pic, this one taken off of YouTube. Problem here? I didn’t notice til I put it out on FB… the pic ‘enlarged’ and I noticed the pic has a timestamp in the upper right corner:

285% of original.
It’s blurry but the date?
Problem? He’s in what’s now commonly referred to as M81 Woodlands. Woodland BDUs were phased out in April of 2004. NO ONE was wearing them on Active Duty much past then AT ALL. I know the date is probably correct as he’s wearing Wiley X sunglasses, and those were the eyepro pre-the issue stuff (Revision) that they still use today.

BIG part of the reason this fuck gets under my skin is he made a “GI Joe Battle Card” of himself:

This soy-soaked no load looking fag couldn’t lead a bunch of horny Joes to a Bangkok Whorehouse if his life depended on it, much less being a Platoon Sergeant.

That and “M5 rifle”?
Which one? That Sig-Sour Turd that they decided to shitcan as the moneygrabbing boondoggle it was? Or did he typo it from M4? Plus his claims of completing ITC? There’s two or three courses in the DotMil he might have completed, but the most common one that’s known as ITC is the Marine ITC Individual Training Course, which means the basic skills demanded of an operator in SOCOM and MARSOC.

Call me kooky, but I don’t think that dough-faced fuckstick could possibly be talking about that. That’s FORCE RECON man… No fucking way did he do that ever. I’m guessing he means something else, but realistically? If he was a Nasty Guard 20 year TOW Guy?
But the fact that he’s posited himself as the preeminent expert on being the go-to Anti-Tank guy, both on YouTube but for folks like Simplicius? It kinda gets under my skin.

That and also how I cannot find a single. solitary. mention. of any units the guy has been in. Not a one. MOST 20 year guys have some sort of unit pride, unless he was a no load NG Choad… tell me I’m wrong. I mean when I pinged my old Section Sgt. from the Rakkasans, was like “I though he was some Russian/Krainian Intel guy? Never heard of the Anti-Armor thing!?!”

Sgt S’s pedigree is untouchable. Retired after 25, 173rd ABN, 187th Rakkasan, back to the 173rd, Retired as a E-7 as he refused to budge out of 11H. Literally this guy knows everybody and he said “Not a clue”

Have to see… not the first asshole I’ve smoked out. First one was with Bob Owens (RIP Bro) from ‘Confederate Yankee’ back in the day when The New Republic was on an anti-army tiraid. The asshole in question was Scott Beauchamp. Wiki has it HERE

Kind of pisses me off that Bob doesn’t get the credit due to him. He smelled a rat and I used to read his blog. Truth be told, -I- was the guy ‘on the ground’ who helped him pretty significantly with debunking that assholes stories. Doing PIO runs on base (in Kuwait), shit like that. In fact it was Bob who encouraged me to start writing my own blog. We never met, but talked frequently on the phone. I miss him.

So, that’s it for now. If anyone has any intel about this McBeth character, especially if I’m wrong, then let me know… either way.
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28 thoughts on “Does Anyone Know This Guy?”

  1. I had subscribed to this limpdick on YT until I got that ill feeling that I was in like a gay bar or something. He then went full-bore anti-Russian propaganda, lies and such so I unscribed. I’m thinking he’s on squad Vindman.

    1. Yeah I got the same boonie but it’s not in that pristine condition. So faded you can barely see the camo pattern anymore

  2. These “stolen valor” wannabe fags piss me off.

    The usual sign that they are full of shit is that they have lots of BS stories.
    REAL vets who have really seen some shit combat wise, NEVER talk about their experiences and if they do it is like at the VFW with other vets and the stories aren’t rah rah BS usually they are just horrible and these guys suffer with the memories.

    Go after this wannabe “anti-tank” expert, I’ll bet the SOB is a Nasty Guard guy who works in the motor pool.

  3. well, he does have a very punch able face. and yes . he also reminds me of the slack jaw Vindman
    asshole. and I think your right about him being nasty guard.
    just another want to be asshole. pay them no mind and your life will be a lot easier.
    BTW, CO. D 3/187 was across the parking lot from us A co. 1/503 boys
    mid 1970’s left in 77 so I don’t know what happen after that.

  4. I got my Team America Space Police patch at the PX as a lil’ shaver and then claimed to be Starman Jones online. (s/)
    Never should have sold that WWI Iron Cross and helmet, without the spike, that thing could probably stop rifle round or you could put another helmet inside of it.
    Only turds roll the stolen valor route and real vets don’t ever talk about it and get testy if you try to bring up something by saying heroics are for the people who were never there and won’t ever be going.
    I did find a Tiger Stripe button down shirt at the park and it was like finding the Golden Fleece for me, put it with Pappy’s last woodland camo BDU, still mad at the puke who stole his M65 field jacket out of the Ranchero.
    Engineer bud gave some good Iraq sandbox looking steel toe boots that are for inclement weather, had to put some insoles in there or it was like walking on nails.

  5. I think you’re being a tad unfair. I happen to know for a fact he served alongside SGT Hulka in the Green Berets, Special Unit Battalions, Commando Airborne Tactics, Specialist Tactics (Agent Orange, that was his name) before he became a Resistance soldier for the Tech-Com, serial number DN38418, flushing out Terminators, and then linking up with the Terran Federation Army on Klendathu to fight bugs. You must apologize.

  6. No shortage of wannabe’s…for a LOT of different endeavors. Eventually they get smoked out and revealed as the frauds they inevitably are.

  7. This guy. Sheesh.

    I was a corpsman stationed with USMC 1st Tanks at Camp Pendleton in the early 80s. We even had a TOW platoon with us (shoutout!) but they never went in the field with us as they always hung out with the grunts. Rat Patrol, we called ’em, the way they rode on the back of their jeeps.

    Just a moment in remembrance of USMC Tanks (no more). Sigh. I get the whole lighter, more mobile corps, but, damn… chalk that up to one of the worst decisions in the history of the corps.

    Besides the thick, heavy, hot woodland camo uniforms which I hated… the ‘A1 really brought back memories. Tankers never had much use for them but I sure remember them in Field Med School before I was assigned to Tanks. Cleaning them to the gunny’s specs actually is what I remember to this day… damn. No wonder they weren’t accurate. We cleaned them TO DEATH. Couldn’t even carry one anyway, Geneva Conventions being a corpsman and all. Loved my 1911, though.

  8. Hi Bubba!!!,
    He looks like the “Spitin’ image” of what the Late Fred Blassie described as a “Pencil neck Geek!!!!
    ‘I was USN… “Aircrew survival Equipmentman” 2nd Class when I got out… (E-5) but I have to say guys like him were “A Dime A Dozen” …………. well .. there were still quite a few… anyway that was …”way back… ” ’66-70′ …. Vietnam era…
    From then …before, and since!! also.. as an “OLD SCHOOL SKYDIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!” These geeks would show up on Saturday Morning and try to “Fake their Way” onto a HOT SKYDIVE!! ..Even “Faked Log Books!!!” At a few of the more “Loose” Dropzones they made their way …. sometimes to several “Jumps” … Either scared the S#!T outa’ them and they left or they “BOUNCED!!!!” ….. Meet me at the “BAR”…. I can go on….an on… ‘Got Foto’s and a beer case box full of VHS vids of DIVES ++++ ”
    USN PR-2 ’66-70’… Vietnam ’68 USS PRINCETON LPH-5
    USPA-356, B-4240, D-6009, Double Diamond Wings… “3,000 Jumps” -#451, SCR-2034, SCS-680

  9. E6 in BDUs looks exactly like a friend of mine. Army artillery on active duty, then in support roles in the guard until recently. Will try to confirm with him. I think I have even seen this photo before. Probably lifted from FB.

    1. My Arty friend agreed it looks a lot like him, but date was when he was on a two year hiatus from the Guard.

  10. I will never understand the Fakers, some of these mental cases actually have service to be proud of, yet for what ever reason, the Truth isn’t good enough for them.
    I had a young troop pull a super stupid move along these lines. Our unit had a bunch of enlistments from other branches, mainly Army guys.
    Young troop enlists and begins prepping for school date and lots of PT (cause school dates take 3-4 months to get). After the two months my Training NCO noticed the guy wearing a Sapper patch, which we would dearly Love to add that knowledge base. So training guy takes him aside and tells the guy to produce a grad cert so he can enter it into his records.
    Guy submits the cert…NCO calls Sapper school and sure enough that guy was Never in a class, and NCO actually found the web site that printed out the fake school cert.
    After I read him his rights I asked him WHY he did it, the guy copped to it and said he saw everyone else with cool guy patches and wanted to be one of the cool guys.
    Since he admitted to what he did we didn’t file the criminal charges and discharged him from the unit. We did make an agreement with him, if he applied to any other unit he had to tell them what he had done and have them call us. He applied at an Army Guard unit in Colorado and after they talked with us they gained him. I hope he learned and grew up.

    There is a web site that specializes in exposing these Morons, you might want tho go look and ask them to look at this Yahoo:

    MSG Grumpy

  11. Fakers are usually like a neon sign to those who aren’t. “Those who say, don’t know and those who know, don’t say”.

  12. My Arty friend agreed it looks a lot like him, but date was when he was on a two year hiatus from the Guard.

  13. The balls on his GI Joe “platoon SGT” claim.. I don’t know why that pissed me off more than the rest, but fuck that guy.

  14. The shit this guy’s shoveling about himself is the sort of stuff Legends in their own minds are made of.

    “This soy-soaked no load looking fag couldn’t lead a bunch of horny Joes to a Bangkok Whorehouse if his life depended on it…”

    If I remember right, that’s why they kept Snake Eyes on the team. 😀

    1. Couldn’t organize a circle-jerk in a TJ whorehouse. Always liked that one…

      Used to correspond with Bob Owens myself quite a bit back in the day, good people for sure. A fellow NC boy, even. RIP.

  15. Never been in the military.
    At the time I became of age to do so, the Army (my Dad’s and Brother’s chosen branch) was RIFing like a mofo. (‘75-77)
    I also was chasing as much pussy and beer as humanly possible at the time. (Gotta keep those priorities)

    I spent a few years working odd jobs and entered public safety as a career.
    NEVER in my life could I imagine a situation where I would pass myself off as having served in ANY capacity in the military!
    I mean WTF would I gain from this bullshit?
    My putting my ass on the line for burning *insured* property, let alone peoples lives is enough to satisfy me. If it isn’t enough for other people, who cares??
    These fuckups have severe mental issues.

    1. I’m like Vlad, never been in the Military, Graduated H.S. in ’77, .Mil was no valid Career Path at the Time. Went and got the FAA Airframe and Powerplant Cert (2 Years at a Community College, 5 days a Week) and started working on Jets. After 40+ Years, I’ve encountered plenty of the same kind of ‘Pretenders’ in Aviation- Pencil-Necks who ‘studied’ various (often esoteric) Aircraft, from Books that were usually written by the same, and they were “Subject Matter Eggsperts” even though few of them actually pretended to have ‘worked’ on them. It would take only about a Minute to realize they were Posers, and the only Time they had smelled Burning Jet Fuel was at the Airport when they were self-loading Baggage in the back of the Plane.

      From the beginning, when I told someone what I did, they would usually ask, “Were you in the Military?” and I would say F-No, and as a mater of fact (at the Time) it was near-impossible to get the A&P straight out of the Military, even the Air Force, because as a “big Airline”, the .Mil has mostly Specialized Repairman, and even if you did 20 years as a ‘technician’, you still wouldn’t be exposed to the extent of Knowledge to take the Tests. About 50%of the guys I was in School with were Vets who had been RIF’d after the War, some with 18 Years in, and while they were Good Mechanics, they had to Learn the FAA Regs and Esoteric Things like Wood, Dope and Fabric Aircraft Structure, and Radial Piston Engines.

      Yeah, these Posers need to be Outed and Put Down.

  16. That’s my buddy, Fattie! Did you know he runs marathons? I got 24 hours in OyTube jail when I accidentally noticed that he’s 5’3”, weighs 300 lbs., ran marathons, lied about the Russians that he hated with a heat of 1000 suns…and he’s a jew.

    I think that’s actually Aesop. They sound alike…and they both started popping off about “destroying Russian air bases with RC cardboard airplane bombs” at the same time…😂

    1. Glen, you’re smoking your own shit again.
      Stop crapping in your humidor when you’re drunk, dude.

      I have never said one fucking thing about “destroying Russian air bases with RC cardboard bombs”.
      You said that.
      You could look it up.
      I always dig your most impressively stupid shit out of spam and post it, for the record.
      So once again, that’s just the voices in your head rattling around the echo chamber.

      You should run for president down here, man.
      You’re as all-American as Obozo, and you’re almost as mentally capable as Emperor Poopypants.
      Register as a [D] (you’re Canuckistani, they’ll believe it once they remember Turdoo) and you’re a shoe-in.
      81M votes, minimum.

      You go, girl.

  17. If you’re going to play dress up, you and your equipment should at least look squared away. This guy looks like Helen Keller could hear him approaching from a mile away.

  18. Dude looks like a medic we had in Mainz. As someone who got “volunteered” to stay back to guard the motor pool after everyone else rotated back to Mainz for 10 days after a tour of Grafenwoer, then road marched to Hohenfels where they left the vehicles for me and the other “volunteers” to guard, Medic “Punchy Face” was assigned with us. My buddy was the NCOIC, and we thought we were going to have a good time on the gig with no adult supervision. The LT, who got to stay behind, ghosted and we never saw him until just before everyone came back.

    Only problem was, Punchy Face was a snitch. We knew he was a snitch. So, about 0300 when we were walking our post in the motor pool and he was talking shit, then tried to pull some kind of kungfujitsu on me and I body slammed him, knocking the wind out of him and sending him into some kind of seizure. I had to call it in to my NCOIC buddy on the radio, but my official report said he fell down. He recovered, but I thought he was a goner there for a moment.

    Medics – either they were cool as hell, or complete jackass faggots. One dude I knew, everyone thought he was queerer than a $3 bill, and gave him shit for it. He always took it, though. I never knew why. Then one evening he told me that since I was always nice to him, he was inviting me to go out to a party with him. I figured, why not? We went down to the Rhine river to a sort of yacht club, where they tied up. Then onto a yacht filled with what can only be described as super models. Damn, he had everyone fooled! That dude pulled more high-class quim than anyone I’d ever seen.

    But, getting back to Punchy Face. Dude always thought he was an 11B like us. He wasn’t even a very good medic. The shit-talking got him body slammed by more guys than just me.

  19. BDUs were still in use until 2008. You were authorized to “mix and match” the boots and the uniforms until the expiration date. I remember my 1SG having a fit about that. So that could be an accurate 2006 picture. But that’s about the only thing that has a hint of truth to it.

  20. As for your 20 year Heavy Anti-Armor Weapons Infantryman… in a memory-holed 2016 article that appeared on a now-deleted version of his home page (reposted on Truth about Guns) he refers to only National Guard:
    “I’m a liberal… My only exposure to guns before the National Guard was… he viewed riflery as a life skill – something even a Jewish kid from a liberal town should know… I had joined the National Guard as an infantryman after high school in order to pay for college… Four military deployments had taken a hefty toll on my marriage…”

    This all lists both Army National Guard and U.S. Army, not U.S. Army alone:


    Army side. 1SG was always my dream rank. Then I became an E-7 1SG because I was the senior platoon sergeant when our first sergeant got promoted. 0/10 do not recommend.
    Full auto (or burst) would be used during an ambush or for final protective fires. This is taught in basic training. I was an infantry instructor and I taught this personally. That being said in 20 years, I never once used full auto or burst, but I was also heavy weapons / anti-tank for most of my career so if I was using my rifle it meant four vehicles were on fire.

    Presumably Pentagon PR did a background check to make sure he’s not a Russkie, but an ex-National Guard kid would pass:
    Met up with Major Kuipers, the MEDEVAC unit commander of the
    @101stAASLTDIV. I’ll be returning to Ft. Campbell for another video just on MEDIVAC.
    Had dinner tonight with LTC @lisa_jaster, the third female Army Ranger and author of “Delete the Adjective.” Cool collaboration coming soon. You can get her book here:
    I spent 24 hours on the USS Eisenhower. This is just a preview. Cool stuff coming soon. Thank you ⁦@TheCVN69 for this amazing adventure. I can’t wait to tell your story.

  21. Git ’em, BCE.

    Wannabees gonna wannabee.
    Seeing them destroyed on the ‘net is pure entertainment.

    Probably a career E-3 with delusions of grandeur and a Big Chicken Dinner hangin’ on the wall, if he even made it out of AIT.

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