Work, Inflation and Oddities

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Another Monday, come and gone and man, can’t understand despite all the productivity at People’s Glorious Tractor Factory just how I do so much, yet felt like I didn’t do jack shit.

Probably because it was fucking Monday…

No wonder I hate the modren world and enjoyed the DotMil.
At least there I could actually see the results of a good mission being completed. And, despite the let-down feeling, as compared to “Dilbert’s World” from which I came from before?

OH man, let me die at Tractor Factory. Good job, great people, OK pay (I could always use a raise) and I get to pretty much work at my own pace as opposed to being overseen by some Midwit.

Dilbert’s World BTW refers to the Hellscape of the Cubes… you know… the world that essentially died during COVID? I’d like to see the real numbers on the reality, but the attempts to frame ‘work from home’ as a bad thing are belied by personal experience… One of the jobs I did BEFORE Glorious People’s Tractor Factory was a work from home call-center sort of thing.

The raw numbers were that productivity was actually up like a mo’fo’ year-to-year. Like 11% increased productivity, and like an astounding 70% increase in job satisfaction. Hell, I positively LOVED doing it… no commute? Awesome. No having to get ‘dressed up’ for work? Sheeeeeeeee-it. I was lucky if I hit the shower every day… the very fact I could get up 10 minutes before my shift started, grab a cuppa, login, and start going? And hell… showers usually came at first break… 15 minutes to do the ‘ass-and-trash’ thang and get back on?


Which tells me that GloboHomoCorp, by the latest stories is purely full of shit talking about trying to get people back into the orifice. Then again, when is GloboHomoCorp not full of shit? The main reason I think all the latest stories of ‘production down’ and ‘people need to be in the orifice’ is that they’re faced with utterly brutal rent issues and collapsing real estate… the call center I managed in years ago was a (not literally) but a burned out mall… one of those GIANT 1980’s malls that shit the bed in the 90’s collapse.

They took all that millions? of square footage and turned it into GIANT call centers. THEN when the ‘Vid hit, they sent everyone home with an IP phone, told ’em to rig up at “Fort Livingroom” and man….

Katy bar the door

You ain’t getting the serfs/wage slaves back on THAT particular plantation. I mean really… the savings in work from home? I used to have a 22 mile each way commute… call it gallon, gallon and a half use a day… That’s like call it… huh… about $8-10 a day savings. Then lunch? 90% of the time? I was newly single… I don’t ‘brown bag’ it, so lunch, pre-current psycho-inflation, was about $7 a day +/- for Mickey-Dees Quik-But-Nasty Goyslop.

Never mind meeting up on Fridays for beers with the guys…
Realistically… call it $50 in gas, $40 for Lunches… and I’ll just write off the Friday beer, ‘cos either out with the guys to the Winghouse or Hooters, or at the house, the $25 was getting spent no matter what.

So yeah… call it a Cee-Note weekly that I saved.
$400 a month
Never mind I no longer have to buy ‘work clothes’ for a dress code or anything… shit, I, even when I do report in person, shorts, flip-flops and a Hawaiian shit is passable. When I’m doing ‘home-work’?

Lets just say Gretchen is on me to get rid of my “…raggedy assed nasty t-shirts you live in!!!”


I’m a guy, what do you expect?
Couple of holes in that thar concert Tee?

So… other things.
Seems I’ve been getting practically bombarded with emails from some of the places that in the past couple of years that I bought silver coinage from. Back BEFORE silver went sorta-kinda-nuts… I paid about, with all included, about $25-27 per coin… and I’ve been getting blown up with requests to buy it back…

Which then makes me go “How much is it currently?”
Let’s see…

As of today? $24 an ounce is a bit steep
As you also have to pay the seigniorage for the coin itself…
And looking it up…
JM Bullion:

When you figure in shipping, call it $50 a coin. That’s nuts.

Yep… “Our economy has never been better or stronger”: So say
some delusional bunch of reeee-tards in the District of Criminals.

Gold is under $2k.
That’s normal per usual for now, as ‘they’ seem to artificially depress the cost on that, on the reg. What I do know is the Mickey Dees Inflationary Rate is off the charts.

Ain’t no mo “dolla menu”
And a Big Mac, Large Fry, Large Coke?
Try $12.89 with Tax
The local high(er) end Pizza Place is cheaper. It’s a nice sit-down 1940’s themed place, live piano on Friday Nights, unreal food, and a Martini Menu that’ll blow you away. My fave being the Espresso Vodka Martini… WITHOUT Booze, we can get a nice large woodfired Pie for about $25 with tip. The atmosphere is very “Godfather”-ish…

Two fucking combo meals from the Clown costs as much. And is a faaaar more inferior product.

So, to me, besides the MDIR going nuts, the fact that silver is waaaay higher than it should nominally be, and that they’re begging to buy it back?


Now, speaking on ‘DotMil stuff’
LOTS of vidyas surfacing. LOTS and LOTS of vidyas. 32 states so far showing massive movement nationwide of everything from M-109 SP 155mm Arty running on a highway in Idaho, to Strykers in New York, and columns of HMMWVs rolling through, no shit, Los Angeles?

Initially I was sort-of leaning in towards it being the summer. LOTS of folks seem to have forgotten that it’s normally time for the Army Reserve and National Guard to fire up the Summer Annual Training, something that over the past couple dozen years or so got forsworn as well, who does AT when yer headed to the sandbox(s)?

Then Milley Vanilli put out word that “This ain’t training”.
Rut Roh.

Now just why in the hell the Perfumed Princes of Sodom-on-the-Potomac would come out and I dunno, say something pretty fucking inflammatory? I mean to quote Bill Paxton: “Maybe you aren’t up on current events, but we just got our asses kicked, pal!” – Hudson 
Seriously, we just lost two wars, our guys are on the back foot, and by all rights, normal Annual Training -should- be starting

Just what is all this shit being moved around for?
The M-109s on the Idaho Highway is a bit extreme.
I mean in light of the fact that I don’t know where the footage was shot, nor the circumstances… I do know there’s like only 2-3 significant DotMil (both Reserve and NG) in Idaho…

Reason it’s exceptionally odd is that usually tracks like that are put on HUUUUUGE Trucks called “Prime Movers” to haul them around:

Let me tell you
The M1070? That be a TALL sumbitch… I used to purely hate having to climb up and into ’em to check the Dataplates. 28 wheels and power than makes a Mack Truck look like a Volkswagen Beetle. The pic above? It’s hauling a M-88 Tank Recovery vehicle, a track that, in its latest iteration, can haul not one but two broke assed M1-A2s which come in at 74 tons… each.

So I find it very odd to see Self Propelled Arty rolling around… generally the state, hell, the DotMil purely hates to let tracks on hardball roads, hence why, it looks like those tracks in the aforementioned vidya are juuuust off the road and in the breakdown lane/dirt. Tracks’ll rip the hell out of asphalt. BIG Reason Germany’s Autobahn was made of cast concrete was to facilitate NATO rolling around cray-cray in the event of WW3, as well as to provide alternate runways for NATO warplanes… During REFORGER it kept the cost down quite a bit.

Although a buddy of mine showed me a picture of a road in South Korea that got tore-up-from-the-floor-up when an Abrams ‘accidentally’ got on a asphalt road… man, chewed that shit up like a mo’fo’. And that was with rubber track pads… can’t even imagine what Russian-Style bare steel tracks would do… probably throw ‘rooster tails’ of shredded rock out behind it…

So, strange things are afoot at the Circle K.
Head on a swivel. I have no idea but in my head, the 23rd of this month keeps popping up in my nugget… both in dreams/nightmares. No idea but still…
More Later
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Meme Sunday

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes
TOTAL suckfest today. Ex-Spawn, (Eldest Son) besides kicking me to the curb, well I got no text, no email, no acknowledgement BUT he -did- thank his Uncle and dead Grandfather for being his father figures… that’s the Piece of Shit Ex-Brother-in-Law who went waaaaaaaaaaay above and beyond the call of assholery to fuck up my marriage.

A pox on all of them

So, nope. Not feeling anything today but the sads

So instead, here’re a few memes from this week that cracked me up.

Some More Shit Later
Big Country

Couple MOAR Requests… And the Band Marches On…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Great replies and man, the Substack is doing well… I got 140+/- who’ve signed up, which means I’m going to have to get moar productive. That and figure out What the FUCK is going on with Stripe. I keep getting an “idiot login loop” meaning I try to log in, and it tells me I use my phone, when I try to use my phone, it tells me I need to use my password

The it fucking tells me I don’t have a fucking password

And their tech support purely sucks goat dicks.

Tried to email them, doesn’t work. Tried to do a chat, I need to put in my password. All of which has me heated ‘cos some of the nice peepo have pledges and mo-nayz that they gave. Which at this point I need. (Fucking mortgage and whatnot… it’s been a bitch of a few weeks). Soooo I sent a complaint via the complain email that I did find, but they emailed back saying it could be as many as 10 biddness days before they respond.

So, I drive on. Blood Plasma sells right?

It being Saturday, I assisted Gretchen in cleaning out the 4th bedroom that Dumbcunt had inhabited. When I threw her skank-ass out, we sort of closed the door literally and figuratively. However, Sapper’s son and his grandson Atlas (great name Aye?) are coming to visit, and we need a bunk for them, hence time to sterilize and sanitize the A.O.

We haven’t b/c there’s a lot of Addy’s stuff back there… makes us sads.

OMFG. Nasty don’t cover it. I need a HAZMAT suit, no joke… dirty foul… not going there… too much grossness. She is a pig and just short of busting out the flammenwerfer, maaan… I had to trash a damned near brand new Caspar Queen mattress.

So, enough of that.
Now, couple of requests from y’all. One guy wants me to do a Carver Assesment of the Infantry Takedown. I can… not going to right now as that’s a serious in-depth breakdown. Believe me, I -can- and will do so, just not tonight or tomorrow as I need a break, hence why this A.M.’s blegg was a cut’n paste of the Substack.

Bitch of it was waking up at oh-dark early dammit.
Sleep is sort of been hard lately as I pulled a neck muscle sneezing of all things. I sneezed really fuggin’ hard, and something went ‘twang’ in my neck, and since then, swallowing hurts and my arm is numb, which is b/c I probably re-pinched either cervical 5, 6 or 7… damned brachial nerves…

Now, other bizness. Tyler from Sovereign Development sent me a neat gizmo to set up a NVG mount on a skateboard helmet. The idea being instead of a multi-bux retard-cost Bump Helmet, a lower cost alternative can be had. The Part in Question is HERE

The idea is that you can get one of them surplus NVG mount brackets, and mount it to a $50 Skater Helmet.

Not a bad idea…
Lord know I’ve never understood the fucking prices that OPSCOR and the rest of the beltway bandits get away with on the pricing issues… fucking thievery TBFH.

Once I scrounge a skater cover, I’ll do a review. Right now? Not a bad idea at all. I’m Alllll about trying to adapt some shit for real-time use.

Hell… back in the day before they had “Operator Cut” Helmets? I had a very large stash of Combat Vehicle Crewmember Kevlar covers… you know… the tanker helmets?

That’s the older model… they replaced the fiberglass exterior shell with a K-Pot level 3 shell. And me? Well, with a fren in supply, I got the new 4 point chinstrap, and a set of the pads for the new MICH. All it took then was putting the rough side patches of Velcro on the interior, mounting the chipstrap, and maybe a bit of fuzzy velcro on the outside, stuff in the pads, and hey! New Style Delta Force “Operator Cut” Helmet before there was such a thing:

The rails I got on Ebay for like $10, and the NVG mount in the front is a chineseum knockoff of the real deal. Either way, total cost/investment was about $50.

I sold them at $200 a throw.
Made good pocket brass that summer let me tell you.
The CVC shells were in a mountainous pile in Kuwait… eventually I think they hauled them away to be ground up, but not before BCE had grabbed about 25 of them. I still have one here at the crib for auld langsyne.

But yeah, adapt. improvise. overcome.
Make the best use of what ya got.
Think it was that Asshole Rumsfeld who said “You go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want or wish to have at a later time”

Hence “Confederate Uparmor”
Those motherfuckers LMAO. Early M988 HMMWVs that had, at first zero armor packages. Thin aluminum skin. No kevlar, no blast blankets. Enterprising Motor Sergeants started cutting and bolting on big ole honkin’ slabs of raw steel plating allllll over these things. BIG motherfucking bolts… made ’em look like old Ironclad Boats from the Civil War, hence the name.

In fact, if there’s one regret I have, I didn’t get pictures of some of those early innovations… some of them were cool AF and others retardedly outrageous… shit that’d cause a guy like “Whytte Rageboi” Milley to stroke the fuck out. There was one in particular too… I think it was an SF Ride as it said “ODA230” in memory serves, and was painted matte-fucking-black.

The thing that was cool about it was -someone- had named it “Merrimac” and had the roof painted up with a big ole St George’s Cross. Couldn’t see it from the ground, but when I climbed on top to check the s/n of the left in place Mark-64 Mount (for either a .50 or MK-19… they’re serial numbered), I found the roof was a big ole Johnny Reb Flag

Fucking awesome.
Unfortunately I didn’t always have my camera, and as this was 2005-06, digital cams were rare and phone cameras? What smartphone do you speak of? I had a Nokia 8210 itty-bitty, as back then, the smaller your phone, the cooler. Smart phones didn’t really come into vogue until a number of years later.

Fucking thing was indestructible.
I still have it

Thing that’s way cool about mine? The numbers are ‘normal’ but the letters are all in Arabic. Made it hard to text sometimes, but still, might cool IMO.

So, such is Saturday Night. I’m going to actually get a night off, as Gretchen is cooking… stuffed shells, one of the few digestable meals she makes really well. She’s not a bad cook per se… it’s just her cooking is awesome or it’s ugh.

Don’t tell her I said that tho…

More Later
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Per WRCA/CA’s Request and From Ye Olde Substack

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Per Concerned American over at WRSA, he suggested that I do up a s.s. (substack) on how to try to effectively deal with a Patrol of Infantry in the odd occurrence of having to deal with “troops in the open” so to speak. I dropped it there, but quite a few folks don’t “do” substack, so I’m dropping it here as well. (Re-reading it, personally, I think it’s one of my best in a while)

Now, not for nothing, it’s a tough row to hoe so to speak.

Using what -I- lern’t back as a Green Grunt, there’s a few things that need to be kept in mind, especially in light of what exactly we’re lern’in about in the Krain.

One thing that’s completely and utterly changed the nature of Infantry warfare is DRONES. I’ve never had my asshole -clench- up so much as watching the vidyas of a single small loitering drone dropping a small bomb on some unsuspecting grunt in a trench.

Shit just didn’t exist back in the day, Thank God.
Case in point: Drones Killing Grunts

As well as the “playtime” drone vidya with Brandon Herrera and Garand Thumb: This Made My Asshole PUCKER

To the point for fun, there’s a $40 mini-drone on the ‘Zon that Sapper and I bought that we started fucking around with, which will be a poast on the blegg (or here) in the near-future. $35 plus shipping. It’s teeny, but hey… might have some reviews later as man, fucking around with a drone has taught me a few new tricks… specifically that drones are the new wave of anti-infantry tactics in the future.

Mind you, this’s an itty-bitty toy


IF finances were available, (the drone in question is like $2k) then it’d be much more ‘potentially lethal’ in that it could possibly carry a lethal payload, which is something ‘reg’lar folks’ like us who may-or-may-not be up against “Regime Forces” in the future to keep in mind.

Lord knows they’ll sure AF be using their drones against us.

That being said, let’s break it down like Barney, shall we?

The “Modern Infantry Squad” is now ‘broken down’ into a 9 man sized element that can fit in a Mechanized vehicle, either in one or two, dependent on the makeup of the higher unit elements, i.e. IF the squad is part of a “pure Infantry” element, like part of the 10th Infantry (Mountain) Division, then they tend to lean in more towards a non-mechanized grouping.

As the world has gotten past the majority of “pure Infantry” (i.e. you walk and road-march and patrol EVERY via LPCs (leather personnel carriers, known as “boots” to regular folks) the reality is that even the Infantry has gone mechanized, either by Stryker Brigades, which utilize the M1126 Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle. It can carry a 9 Man Infantry squad internally, and is supported by either a 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher or Browning M2A1 .50 Cal machine gun mounted on the roof turret.

Now, IMO, the Stryker is a piece of overly-complicated piece of mechanical shit. I saw faaaaaar too many of them returned to Kuwait while working the GMASS contract coming back with blown trannies and engines, and electrical issues. NOT a popular vehicle with the grunts, never mind having rubber tires (easily shot out) and thin useless armor that burns…

Now, the Bradley does the same thing, meaning it’s a bit more mechanically reliable, BUT it suffers from the same under-armoring.

Both are made of a hybrid aluminum-magnesium armor, that once it catches fire, that’s all she wrote. Case in point:

Brads, when they start to burn tend to slag the fuck out.
The turret on that one? Melted right into the hull as you can see
Hell the hull itself is slagged onto the back deck…

So, in the case of this particular ‘mental wargame’, keep it in mind that IF you can hit them when they are still ‘buttoned up’ inside the track, then you’re two steps ahead of them, as man, those fuckers burn baby. Better IF you can, to hit them whilst ‘buttoned up’ (meaning troops still inside) and as they, the troops try to panic-dismount as the track/truck is burning the fuck up, you can far more easily pick them off by onesies-twosies.

Jes’ Sayin’

Now… say they DO manage to make it into the area of operations you’ve been sneaking and creeping in… Odds are, well, it’s NOT going to be A squad of dismounts. It’ll be much, much more, along with support in the ‘background, i.e. drones, AH-64 gunships and/or Fast Movers like the A-10 CAS (Close Air Support) or F-18s.

IF you hear jets, call it a day. Until such time as you’ve captured significant ADA (Air Defense Arty, AKA Stingers) you are purely fucked.

Now, an Infantry squad… the make-up of it looks like this:

Let’s say for THIS instance, you got ONE Infantry Squad who was close by.

You got the Squad Leader, Two Team Leaders, Two Grenadiers (now armed more than likely with the H&K M320 40mm launcher) Two pure Riflemen (privates more than likely, the new guys so to speak, more on that in a few) and Two Light Machine Gunners, running M249s, although I have seen the integration on an M240B in an new ergonomic squad… YMMV.

Now… let’s just say You as the OPFOR (Opposing Force). You got three guys. Two Bolt Action Deer rifles in 30-06, and One Bubba with a Converted AR-15, say 20in Barrel, with full-auto capability. You have 2 Molotov Cocktails available.

You, however, are on the home turf.
You hit a supply truck earlier. However, the QRF (Quick Reaction Force) managed to get ONE squad there, and you have them combing the woods for you, as they saw you and your bros via UNARMED drone and thermals. The drone couldn’t loiter, so the Squad has orders to search and destroy/capture if possible.

They’re in a standard file or staggered formation:

Or Staggered:

Now, the File is usually employed in a dense woodline, where they need to keep an eye on each other, lest someone get taken out. Standard Ranger File is a 5- to 10 meter spread, but that’s provided that they can keep visibility on each other.

The Staggered formation is usually on roads and hardball… one side of the line is on the left side of the road, and the other on right side, and depending on IF they get ambushed, then they maneuver as appropriately.

It also means that the team is not exposed in the centre of the danger area and can more easily reach cover and concealment on either side of the road.

Now… for OUR tactical sandbox exercise, lets say the ‘Regime Troops’ are following a wood trail… specifically one that YOU used, and that the drone spotted you on. It’s pretty dense, so 5-7 meters apart… They’ve broken into two elements, the first being in order of march:

Team Lead/Point Man
Grenadier/Radio Man
Machine Gunner

Then, the secondary part of the squad is on ‘trail’ (following behind)
Squad Leader (SSGt or higher) and his Radioman, who usually has a 40mm grenade launcher, as well as the Squad Radio.

This element is the two elements aforementioned elements, being made up of the Squad Leader and his Radioman, even though he (the Squad Leader) has (as well as the rest of the squad these days) his own short range communications via AN/PRC-152 Falcon 3 Handheld radios and headsets.

ID’d by a short whip antenna and usually chest mounted with either a handset or IF they’re hi-speed, a integrated headset.

Now, that being said, the Squad following outside of the Squad Leader and his Radioman, they’ll be in a rough approximation of the first part of the guys on the road march. Now… Yes, the Squad Leader is in command, and thereby dangerous.

The most dangerous motherfucker out there?
The Squad Leader’s Radioman

That Radioman? He has a more powerful radio set, possibly the AN/PRC 158 Multi-Channel Manpack.

Notice the two larger antenna?
Critical Party Info:

That Guy Needs to be a Priority Target
Shoot his ass FIRST

Why?” asks you?

Well, it’s because that fucking guy has the ability to multi-channel call for Artillery support, Aircraft support, and a LOT of other shit that can ‘bring the pain’ on you and your two buddies. When you hunker in, and get ready to “pull the trigger” THAT fucking guy needs one through his chest, and if it doesn’t fully go through him, you need to put another round through that fucking radio, otherwise you’re all fucking beans-on-toast. Not only that, but by dint of being the SL’s radioman, he knows how to call for fire on his own. The Squad Leader, yeah, he IS dangerous, but eliminate him from the ability to call for fire/support? He’s just another rifleman.

No Matter what, that dual-antenna guy, wherever he is in the formation?
You have got to kill him, and if not him, then the fucking radio.

So, In priority of targeting:
The Radioman with LOTS of Antennas
The Machine Gunners.
You need to make sure your merry men, all three of you have the ability to survive this encounter. If the Machine Gunners ‘get it on’ and start doing a massive suppressive fire thing, you just might be in trouble. My advice, as “rambo-ish” as it sounds is have the AR guy hit the radio man as an opener, and HOSE Him the fuck down, especially to make sure the radio is fucking wasted, and then, the two guys with 30-06 deer rifles hit the two machine gunners… in the machine guns themselves.

Dual Purpose.
Sounds stupid, but roll with me here.
Infantry Machine Gunners tend to carry the weapons low… below the body armor and at crotch level….(see where I’m going with this?)

IF you have two guys who’ve been hunting deer their entire lives, and they’re madly proficient in using their 30 aughts, then having them aim for and hit the M249s or M240s only makes good sense.

  1. It’s going to destroy and/or disable the weapons
  2. The round, being a .30 aught, is probably going to cut right on through the weapon, and totally disable/wound and/or possibly kill the gunner.
  3. The disabled gunners, who were carrying the now-kaput weapons, well… all that shrapnel and bullet pieces more than likely hit them in the balls and dick, which is going to ADD to the chaos… I know I’d be screaming like a bitch if my junk got blow’d da fuq up… Jes’ Sayin’….
  4. Win-Win IMO

So.. You’ve wasted the Radioman with contact with Higher-Higher

This’s a good thing

Then you’ve eliminated not only the machine guns, but the gunners, who’re probably screaming ‘cos that kind of wound is usually crotch high as where the M249/M240 tend to sit when you’re carrying them.

You now have a Squad Leader, two Grenadiers and two probably noob Riflemen left. The Noobs are more than likely (and I’ve seen it IRL) panic and start dumping mags like a motherfucker…. Not a bad thing, IF you stay low… it means they’re going to be out of ammo mucho pronto.

Next job, if possible is to shoot the Squad Leader. They tend to be the guys pointing, yelling and generally being obvious in a situation like this, trying to get control of an out-of-control clusterfuck, which is why generally, they have a short lifespan in combat.

”Follow Me! I am Infantry” will getcha kil’t every. single. time.

Best Bet at this point IF you get fortunate enough to either kill/wound the squad leader is drop the two Molotov Cocktails in the mix. Fire causes chaos… Light ‘em, throw them, and be prepared to have to shoot them as well, as IF they don’t hit a rock, they’re not going to break… either way, as soon as you get a chance, you need to do the “bug-out boogie” ‘cos unless yer deep in friendly territory, you can for certain that the Cavalry is on it’s way.

Run away to fight another day.

But hey… hopefully this gives you some insight as to what you have to factor in.


No matter what, the enemy is, for the most part ALWAYS going to have better support (initially) Better communications (initially) Better fire support and/or aviation assets, as well as observational abilities, i.e. the aforementioned drones.

All that taken into account, you can still kick the shit out of the Regime Troops IF you THINK.

Ask the fucking Afghans and Iraqis, as well as the Irish (h/t Art Sido) how it worked out for them.

More Later
Big Country

The Coping Has Started…BUT, The Problem is tho…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Well, despite Aesop claiming >only< 6 tanks were wiped out, MY sources have given me a major inside line and maaan… The Krainians hit a stolid wall of Russian Steel and landmines, and got wiped out.

Current estimates are 10k worth of casualties, and almost ALL the Leos either blown up, or mechanically broke down and possibly repairable. The actual functional number of Leos sent to begin with was 18.
10 of them were taken out.
4 in the minefields, and
6 via Lancets.
4 were mechanical breakdowns.
4 never went out b/c they were still INOP as they’d used those for parts to get the other 14 out in the field. (think cannibalism for parts) They also lost the two Danish provided engineer vehicles, and a BUNCH of -other- stuff. MOST of their new SAM toys… seems that Lancet is a bad-ass MoFo of a drone.

Hence also the absolute pants-shitting panic induced that caused the Brit Ministry of Defense to call up the Krainian Koked Up High Kommand and tell them to not let the Challengers roll out, as they knew that Krainians were as fucked up as a football bat on this one, and they sure as fuck don’t want the Chobham armor falling into the Rus Hands…

And the Krainians never even made it to the ‘real defensive line’… ALL of this happened at the FEBA… the Forward Edge of the Battle Area… The Russians are famous for defense in depth. And as Simplicius has turned out to be correct again:”… This is a “Schroedinger’s Offensive”, which is no longer an offensive, much less a “very impressive” one, but rather, a mere test, and mere recon in force. Never mind that the “in force” in this case amounted to a substantial percentage of the total available equipment.”

And the gains? Oy Vey! …such gains there are!


Got that about right I’d say…
No wonder all of the ‘sudden talks for diplomacy’ have come up.

Tell you what… not exactly sure what the hell we have to negotiate. NATO lost the gamble. Only thing that’s been proven is our weapons systems versus their weapons systems?

Our shit is just that: shit.
H/T To Simplicius for the pic:

That’s –cracked- roof of a Leo2… NOT punched thru… fucking cracked armor bro… not a good look IMO…

IF Ivan were really wanting to they could, on a purely non-nuke using basis, take over the whole of Europe right now…

And I gar-ron-damned-tee the Russians are not going to do anything other than make demands… treaties? They tried that only to get fucked over continually.

Personally, I’d like to see Russia demand that ALL the responsible heads of state of all Participating hostiles have to step down and resign en masse. Pull a Trump: “You’re fired!”

Never goin to happen, but it’d be funny.

Then, add on besides the now-mad-to-scramble to claim the entire Grand Offensive was only a probe, the good Professor Sergey Karaganov, honorary chairman of Russia’s Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, and academic supervisor at the School of International Economics and Foreign Affairs Higher School of Economics (HSE) in Moscow has a few things to say vis-a-vis the possibility of Canned Sunshine. Link is HERE

The TL;DR?

“If we don’t pop a nuke, these assholes’ll keep doing guerilla war, and we can’t trust the West to hold up –any- deal we make. However, if we do pop one, yeah, it’ll stop the Krainians from getting any MOAR frisky, BUT it’s going to let every. single. turd. world. streetshitter with a nuke and an ax to grind (the Hindus and Pakis in particular) think that THEY can start lobbin’ bombs, which ain’t gonna end well for ANYBODY. Add on the current circle jerk in DC and the fact they have no concept of what it means to be punched in the fucking face, they just might decide to come out swinging with everything they have, and maaan… that would purely suck.”

Leastways that’s how –I– read it.

Got a hunch IF the Krainian assholes keep rolling, and the dumbfucks in DC keep pushing them to keep rolling, ‘canned sunshine’ might be on the menu. Wouldn’t blame them either.

OH! Also… seems the Israelis are looking and negotiating to sell the EU, and thereby the Krainians their Merkavas and M-60s…

Heh Heh


Fucking and they wonder why we stereotype them.
My understanding is all the shit so far that’s been flooded in from us, Germany, Finland et. al. was given/donated freely.

ONLY the Jews man…
“Oy Goyim! We’ll sell you our tanks! Whudda good deal this is!”

Not only that, but the Merkava AND the M-60 aren’t very useful
BOTH Tracks have only a 105mm Main Gun.

And ammo for that is even in MOAR short supply than the 120mm we’ve been so desperately trying to get to them.

Add on the tweet from a guy in Lebanon on what HE thinks of the ‘Kava:


Just fucking wow man
YMMV, don’t run with scissors.
More Later, Happy Weekend
Big Country

Well, THAT Has Meme Potential…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Seems Fort Polk is now known as Fort Johnson…
Link is HERE
Now, I’m -not- going to bag on Sgt. Johnson. For all we know, he was a bad-ass mo’fo’ who really earned his MoH. I understand the institutional racism of the past, especially in light of the times. The MoH write up does give a pretty badass description of the events, and the Frogs did award him their version of “The Medal”

Considering that the Frogs, despite the reports, were almost as bad as the US Army back then in regards to blaqs, with only Jews being lower on the social standings, as seen by the Dreyfuss Affair.


JRTC Johnson?
Naming the Former Fort Puke… err… Fort Polk after a big blaq guy?

Sweet Jeebus, the Memes Write Themselves.
My photoshop skills aren’t as good as they used to be, but man, I could see putting two very large blaq dildos replacing those columns in the pic above. And in many respects, it’s not a lot to do with race per se… anyone who’s ever ‘done time’ either by being stationed AT Ft Polk or going TO JRTC knows that it’s a place that’ll fuck you in the ass, sans lube.

Between the nasty fucking swamps and the ‘skeeters that’ll drain you faster than Nosferatu, I’d put it just below Fort Hood on the scale of “DotMil Bases That Suck Harder Than a Black Hole”

Seriously. Shittiest. Place. EVER.

So… going to be doing another substack either tonight or tomorrow. Depending on work… People’s Glorious Tractor Factory has me going full speed and OMFG my days are filled chockablock stupid.

So More Later
Big Country

Annnnd That’s EXACTLY The Problem. ZERO Accountability. And Water… Lots and Lots of Water.

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!So, according to reports HERE in the Daily Fail, Bidet, when asked about his bribery scheme, he laughed and walked away without comment:

The fucking arrogance of these fuckers.

They know they’re never going to be held to account
We know the same

Did you know we essentially went to war with Great Britain (The American Revolution) over what amounted to about $60k in money?

How faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar we have fallen.

Over $60k our Founders ‘nutted up’ and curbstomped (eventually) the single. largest. DotMil. in existence at the time.

Now? We sit, anesthetized on cheap booze and TikTok vidyas.


Hard to not get discouraged Aye?
Besides the obvious cancer named “Biden” that’s infesting the Body Politic of the world, I’ma going to riff on something a bit new… call it Prep Orientation.

The case in point: WATER
Shit you literally cannot live without.
Now… Me and water have a love hate relationshit. I lern’t much to my horror, that I needed a 3 to 1 mix to stay alive in Iraq. More on that mix in a minute… Being a big sweaty hardworking motherfucker meant I tended to be a heat casualty pretty quickly IF I didn’t insure proper hydration. I -was- a HeatCat as we call it back at Ft Campbell in my misspent yoot as an Infantryman… I missed the memo apparently, and woke up after a 12 mile roadmarch where I fell the fuck out. I don’t remember to be honest.

Woke up in the Hospital, 4 bags, two in each arm, and a heart monitor hooked up. Told I was that close to a Heat STROKE but the medic who got to me saved my life.

As I aged up, I found out in Iraq (my first HeatCat episode there) that I needed to make sure for every 3 liters of pure water I sucked down, that I put a liter of Gatorade in me, as I was washing all the needed salts and electrolytes out of me. They also told me to dose up on my critical vitamins, which I still do to this day.

But yeah, Water
Learn how much you need. I dig they say “One Gallon Per Person, Per Day”.

Sure… fucking great if you’re up in the cooler non-heat-stroke climates. Pretty sure Art Sido from Dissident Thoughts doesn’t need a half of what I require in Florida on the day-to-day.

Then again, maybe he does.

It’s all an individual thing.

Can Confirm, except for the last part on the far right.
Usually BEFORE you get to the full-on “Vermont Maple Syrup” piss color, most -normal- folks have fallen the fuck out. And the far left? Man, I (pardon the pun) aim to have my shit clear as a bell like when I’ve been swilling beer all night.

Of course water-poisoning… whatever the science term is for it is real, and you definitely don’t want to overdo it. I recall some split who did a radio contest and died of that shit… “Wee for a Wii” or something… drank waaay too mucho Aqua, and cashed in.


Now that we’ve established the whole “water is good”
One needs clean water to stay healthy.
Hence my inclusion of a LifeStraw water bottle… and wow… looks like they changed things… Mine:

Stainless Steel 1 Liter bottle with integrated filter system.
NO WONDER I got a deal on the price… they changed it… I paid like $29.99. The ‘new model’?:

On sale…
For $51.96
Now, yeah, pricey and no, I didn’t know they were changing the make model. The new one has that removable cover, which to me? Me No Likey. Unless it was ‘dummy corded’ to the main bottle? Shit like that gets lost…quickly in cases like me. Mine? The ‘nipple/straw’ folds up and down. Never saw any bad reviews, so not sure. Thankfully they didn’t change the filter. I have 2x spares, plus a full 6 pack of the charcoal filters to take the funk out of the taste of the water.

SO it -does- work. Tested mine and man, no complaints.
Water is key to survival.
Here at the house (and we have to refill a bunch of them, now that I’m thinking about it) I have 18-5 Gallon jugs on hand. That’s 90 gallons of potable.
30 days worth, not including the Sausage Princess and the Asshole Cat.
But the LifeStraw isn’t my -only- filter.
I managed to, many many many years ago get a Katadyn Pocket Filter.
NOT the cheap one either.
I paid $200 fedbux for it when I first learned about them and oh Holy Hells! Damn… I looked it up, and the current price for the damned thing on the Zon:

Sweet Jeebus!
I think I bought mine in 1999? When I was worried about Y2K.
Literally a 50% increase in 20 years +/-
Wow. Thankfully, I’ve only test run mine a few times.
I used it on the fish pond that’s in the back yard and so ubiquitous here in Florida. Made the water just fine, although tasteless. Good for about 15000 Gallons

Which is also why in my ‘water preps’ I have some BIG assed bags of like 400 multi-flavored packs of Kool Aid and big jugs of Tang (‘member that?) and Gatorade.

Better you -like- the taste of whatever you’re pounding for sustenance. Otherwise it’s bland-bland tasting of treated/boiled water.

Not much fun in that
So, YMMV but I do most certainly suggest you make sure you have something that can purify –at least– a couple of hundred gallons of agua, lest you die horrifically.

More Later
Big Country

The True Meaning of Sovietization

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

h/t CA at WRSA

So yeah, the New KGB-FBI-STASI-GESTAPO is now fully out in the open, operating, well operating just like the old KGB-STASI-GESTAPO of the bad old days of the cold war.

As that Brit comedy did with the two Nazis in Uniform:
“Does this mean we’re the baddies!?!”
Why yes, Yes you are most certainly.

But hey. It and shit do happen. Here today, gone tomorrow and we can allllll just sit right back and watch by the dying light as the ‘Plane’ or better, the Ship “USS FUSA or the GAE” starts it’s terminal descent into the cold, dark beyond. Who knew an Iceberg could be so dangerous?
Then again, it does have a “Berg” in it <drum riff>

All jokes aside…despite the best efforts of the Accelerationists, I don’t see a lot of changes of a radical nature coming to fruition any time in the near-near. I mean I might be completely off in my prognostication(s) BUT

I see us s-l-o-w-l-y sliding into the same torpor, the same malaise, the same utter gray and lame lifestyle that the former Soviet Republics went through. Everything, and I mean everything is going to be in short supply, leastways for us Proles. The self-appointed Commissars, what with their almost identical Marxist mindset of “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs

And boy, do them Eeee-lites have a lot of needs.
However, safe to say, they severely overestimate their abilities

I’ve seen roadkill with better brains than our current crop of psychopaths and neer-do-wells. Billy Gates? Obviously never got over being beaten up and stuffed in the trash can in 4th Grade. Seems he has a pathological need to -do things- that cause mass destruction and chaos. ALL of them… worthless skin bags who, if by chance they were ever to become live-organ donators, no one would object.

Yeah… a slow burn… grayer, poorer, less fun, (unless you’re one of the Elites) and on the off chance that the Proles finally grow weary of them, they have their underground and New Zealand bolt holes already set up.

One thing I have noticed, and maybe y’all have too, while meat/steak/eggs… you know, the staples of living? They’ve been shooting up in price dramatically. But there’s ONE item that I haven’t noticed going UP in price, and that’s beer an booze. In fact the Tranny-Fluid debacle has kept Butt-Lite on an exceptionally affordable price.

Like over Memorial Day, a case of that shit could be had for as little as $8. Whereas my favorite Irish Whisky? Still the same price as it was a year, year and a half ago? For some reason methinks they’re intentionally keeping the OTC ‘relaxatives/sedatives within a reasonable price, as keeping evryone good and liquored up, outside of a few stereotypical raging drunks, keeping the ‘body politic’ anaesthetized is a –good thing

Keep everyone from completely flipping their collective shit
Homor Simpson once said “Beer: The cause of and solution to all of life’s problems”

Of course, this’s why I’ve cut back significantly.
A BIG reason is having the constitution of a fucking Beer Swilling Cocaine-Grizzly vis-a-vis intake tolerance… takes me like a 15 pack of pounders (16oz cans) for me to catch a real buzz. That’s waaay too much pissing and bloat, never mind the cost.

So, now I wait til things get a bit better.
I started roadmarching, with a plate carrier and plates ONLY for now. I’ll add more weight once I get the rhythm of the roadmarch back. Right now it’s just a short two block slog, but I do it, and man, it hurts. One baby toe on the left hoof is still broken, so I gut through it.

Only thing that bums me is no open carry of a rifle.
I’d much prefer to be able to properly roadmarch with my rifle.
Might have to look at a “rubber duck” and paint it bright Blue or something… even then I’d probably get hemmed up by the cops, especially in light of how many Damned Yankees have infiltrated the A.O.

Just today at lunch I was renting a furniture dolly to move a fridge. Well a freezer really. G-Ma and fam are unfortunately moving. I gave them a Deep Freeze right before COVID (didn’t think I’d need it nor had I used it since the divorce… more the fool sez I) but now that they’re moving, they’re giving it back!

Which is great
Gonna go in on a Half-a-Cow or pig with someone and stock that fucker full. SO I was up at the U-Haul and this young-ish couple were in there all happy and talking about how they moved here just today… the guy behind the counter was all being nice and whatever… me being the bastard curmudgeon I’ve become, I asked where thy moved from…

“Rhode Island!” said the chirpy tatted-up girl…(maybe she was 22, 23 at most…) not bad looking but a lot of ‘warning tattoos’, i.e. dreamcatcher on her neck, the word ‘breathe’ on the inside of one wrist… her significant other, Mister “I could smell the soy from six feet away?” Yeah, his tats? Flowers. Lil daisies on the back of his elbows… bad hair, shitty handlestache…
Uh… yeeeah
I looked at ’em both, and growled “Welcome to Florida! Don’t you fucking dare vote like you did back home.” The guy behind the counter looked at me, and looked at them and nodded and said “Yep… don’t screw up our state like you did yours!”
On that I turned and walked out… let them chew on that bit of advice.

But folks like that are like an infectious virus.
Moving in from a fucked up state, to OUR state, and then voting in the same types of assholes who made their state of origin all fucked up, which, while NOT intentionally planning on fucking it all up again, but doing so, and then wondering “How did this happen?” Self awareness purely doesn’t exist in the hive-mind of a liberal I swear.

Their look of shock was great.

Pleased to meet you, won’t you guess my name?
So yeah, unless -something- unbelievable happens of EPIC Black Flag proportions, I could very well see them slowly allowing the wheels to grind to a measured halt, when no one really gives a shit, as long as the entertainment is there for the masses. Bread and Circuses. We’re all Roman Now. We’re in late-stage Empire: Looting the Treasury of the last sestertii and making sure the Masses have plenty of Bread and Circuses.

Why do you think this new VR Headset from Apple is getting the play that it has. We’re going “Ready Player One” and no one seems to notice, nor care

Grab teh poppy-corn-de-shrimpies!

That was Adriana’s Favorite >Le Sigh<
Holler Later
Big Country

No Longer a Valid Law Enforcement Agency

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Seems the FBI, the Federal Bureau of Incompetence has yet again proven itself absolutely corrupt and completely without merit. I.E. by the very acts that the Bureau has, as we have seen (and man, can you imagine what we haven’t seen!?!) That the Bureau by it’s very actions has proven itself to be an illegitimate organization, nay and OUTLAW RENEGADE organization, and thusly, by dint of the Constitution of the United States, has, organizationally, proven itself to be forfeit.

I.E. assholes, You’re ALL fired.

We ain’t listening, not obeying you anymore.

Test me. I dare ya.

As Tom Petty once sang “Don’t come ’round here no more.”

A Fed shows up on my doorstep, no joke, I’ll just as soon as slam the door in their face as speak to him/her. Rather chance a real trial than potentially deal with them. “Fuck you, get a warrant and fuck off” Got me a doormat around here that sez that as I recall….

Hell, the Mafia…the Sicilian Mob is more honest and upfront. Fuck these motherfuckers. And NO, this ain’t a case of ‘one apple doesn’t spoil the barrel…’ The whole fucking barrel’s been rotten to the fucking core since that Tranny Faggot Cocksucking Sonofawhore J. Edgar Hoover-a-Dick was in charge.

Absolutely historically -proven- that fucking faggot?… he collected and blackmailed every. single. politico. from the time he set foot as head of the Fucking Boy Intercourse club til the time AIDs took him out.

I mean no joke.
Probably another reason to hate the Feds, but man, it’s dead the fuck nuts on. The very fact that the FBI has protected the current illegitimate regime, and yet continually goes after and arrests anyone and everyone who even set foot in the Capital on January 6th!?!

Well, hell.

Time to call it a day.

Shun them
Best way to start.
If you’re related to a fucking STASI agent, and yeah, they’re as bad, if not worse than the STASI, then call them the Gestapo that they are. Cut them dead. Cut them off. Leave them for dead. If you’re a brother or a sister to an agent, go to Mom and Dad, work on cutting them dead from the ‘rents inheritance. Become the executor/trix and cut your FBI relative DEAD.
“No fucking soup for you Nazi-boi”

Leave them with –nothing
No succor
No Family.

Let them wither, and die on the vine.

Same goes for anyone and anyone you may know who socializes or is neighbors with and FBI agent.

Cut. Them. and. Their. Families. DEAD.
Shun them
Plaster notices around your neighborhood: “John Smith is a FBI Agent and an oppressor and hates you and Our Freedom”

“Mrs. John Smith supports her husband, who is an agent for Oppressing our FREEDOM. Do not speak nor interact with her, nor her children. Show your distain for their choices.”

Couple of months of some shit like that, especially if you go after the wife and kids? Mr. John Smith’ll more than likely resign, OR end up divorced. Wife-shaming is the way to go. Bitches be cray-cray these days, and the current and normal social cachet of being “the wife of an FBI agent” normally is something that Mrs. Smith loves, cherishes and loves to socially flaunt.

Change that shit up

“Mrs. Smith is a fascist whore married to a member of the modern day Gestapo. In fact, the Gestapo had more respect for the citizenry than the FBI does! Keep Mrs. Smith Socially Isolated.”

In fact, start rumors she’s got the herpa-gonorrh-syphil-aids from fucking gangbanging niggers while Mr. Smith is out of the house.

Any bets that shit’ll cause some major meltdowns?
And best of all?
First Amendment baby
Just try and stop it.

Add on there’s a reason SHUNNING works
ESPECIALLY on broads.
Social embarrassment utterly causes broads to melt down
As the majority of split-tail out there are social creatures and constructs. Kicking the primary ‘pillar’ (“MY man is a respected FBI agent”) to a “I’m hated and my children are hated b/c of my husband’s job, because I’m married to Hitler!” works like a motherfucker.

So such is tonight’s social suggestions. Comments, Ideas and asshole drooling allowed int he comments. More Later Yadda-ta-Yadda.
Big Country

OrangeMan Baaaaaaaaaaad!!!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Say tonights title like you had retardation and/or Downs.

Swear to Gawd we -are- dealing with the mentally incompetent, and I don’t mean the Kidsniffer Pursuviant. More like every. single. one. of these corruptocrats, who just ALL so happen to A) Be Inter-related (inbred like a motherfucker) and B) Part of a (((certain group))) who’s not known for either their subtly nor intelligence.

Say what you want, defend what you want, but the noticing keeps happening… to the point where all these new anti-anti-Semite laws?

You want to know ‘which corrupted motherfucking group who’s running the show?’

Just see who which group and/or person you’re not allowed to ask about, nor talk about.

Nuff said there.

And NO. It’s not a trope nor is it a whytte-sooper-preemie-cyst thing. Boomers LOVE to throw that out when you mention the noticing. See, the issue is, really, as far as I can tell, it’s not a coordinated plan, or action, nor the “Protocols of the The Elders of Zion” or whatever the hell that is…

Hell, my sister in law (who knew?) is Jewish hence why FedBro cut me dead. Rather than actually analyzing the facts, I get the marker of being an Anti-Semite, which I’m not. It’s that the tribe, for whatever reason, either subconsciously or hell, even consciously, make decisions based on tribal affiliation. And because of this, a bunch of related/unrelated things happen, and all of a sudden, a new Hitler comes into power, and no one can understand why pogroms crop up ever 100 years or so.

Because of the promotion of the tribal aspect of the lifestyle they lead, and the inability to realize that their actions, as beneficial to themselves they may be, the detrimental aspects of a LOT of their choices leave the ‘reg’lar folks’ kind of pissed off, as most of the beneficial decisions they make are hardcore detrimental as fuck to anyone not of the tribe.

That tends to piss people off.

Hell, the Krain is a case in point.
Krainfeld and his Kocaine Koterie?
All members of the tribe

Who, in reality, stoked and prepped another brother war (i.e. Christian on Christian) since 2014? The Krainians, specifically the members of the (((tribe))) have never forgiven Russia for driving them out. They started the entire Revolution waaaaay back in 1918… and eventually, as norm, they overplayed their hand, and got good and pogrommed for it.

You can’t piss off a group of people non-stop and not expect some form of backlash. However, the nature of the tribe is that they continually wallow in a self-induced circular pity-oppression logic that, to them makes them the persecuted ones despite the fact that they tend to end up in positions of power and control. Eventually, as such, the ‘regular non-tribalists’ start looking around and start NOTICING

Hence tha panic and attempts to pass and have enforced near draconian laws that would literally institute a law that makes me and this column a hate-crime.

Hell, I am a walking talking hate crime…
Ask my wife.

Thank God for the First and Second Amendment.
Thing of it is, it’s the ‘regular folks’ who tend to suffer.
Regular tribe members who get caught up in the grinder… they aren’t the issue, it’s the Judenraete , also spelled the “Judenrat” (far more appropo IMO) who are the problem…

The Judenraete were groups of tribal “leaders” who, for the most part made sure that they and theirs were the last ones loaded on the boxcars.

Despicable doesn’t even –begin– to describe these motherfuckers. Literally sold alllll their fellow tribals down the river so as to ‘live another day’.

OUR current Judenraete consists of Nuland, Weinstein, Baum… ALLLLL the usual suspects

No shytte Aye?

Latest word IRL is that the tribe has (or should I say -had-) some long term plans for the Krain… the term “A Second Israel” and whatnot has been bandied about… seems that the real “Big Iz” is running out of arable land… I mean yeaaaaah I totally can believe it… fucking there’s only so much you can do on a piece of turf that’s been worked over since ‘time began’ so to speak…

So, the plan is (was) to depopulate the Krain of it’s folks and start ‘moving in’… nothing solid, nothing in writing. Maybe a wild-ass weirdness guess or fever fantasy, BUT

These days?

Stranger things have happened.

Now, other Administrative Notes:
May Uncle Ted rest in peace. Died today at 81 in Supermax.

Guy scared the ever-loving Jeebus out of the powers that be.
May he forever haunt them.
So, Holler atcha later
Big Country

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