A Short Update and The Krainian Kokaine Klown Show

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
And oh how we rejoiced around here at the Casa. Gretchen aka Wifey is doing the regular “Happy Dance” as moar info leaks out. Looks like that scallywag AKA “Cocksmith” is going to be doing so hard time on this one. Seems that the RUMINT is he’s got some connection to that missing little girl from Hawkins County, Summer Wells… the lil girl who went missing a waaays back and there’s been zero trace of?

June of 2021 it seems…
According to reports, her two brothers were taken by Judge Cock-a-roach and put them into foster care, but left her in the care of the parents.

Odd to say the least.

So Cock-a-Roach? Can’t wait to see him in prison.
I’ll be sure to give Big Bubba a couple of cartons of Marlboros to insure that the former Judge has a ‘pleasant stay’ and don’t get lonely at night.
So, moving on…

So sorry about that… I’ll take the ‘win’ ‘cos as some of y’all have stated, if it t’weren’t for bad luck, I’d have none a’tall. Speaking of Bad Luck:

Krainfeld and his Kokaine Klownshow of Koked up Kowboys?
Seems that literally that’s how these guys have been ‘maintaining’ the meat-grinder assaults against the ‘immovable object’ AKA the Russian MLD or better called the Main Line of Defense. The MLD is what everyone thought were going to be ‘crumple zones’ which means that a light but spirited defense is put up by the defender, after which inflicting some pain on the aggressor, you fall back to another pre-determined defensive line, usually better, and stronger.

In this case Ivan? Fall back? There is no back. What is this ‘retreat’ word of which you speak? The Russians instead of backing off and letting the Krainians in further, have been beating on them like a cheap drum. The question has been “Why don’t they frag the officers and tell them not just no, but fuck no when it comes to literally doing a ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’ AKA charging into the teeth of the machine guns and pre-registered Artillery?”

Well, According to this, Link HERE The Fucktards are drugging up the troops to the gills before sending them out to die.

Now, this may or may not be bullshit
In light of the Krainians themselves accidentally telling everyone the rough real casualty numbers recently?

The Krainian Cell-Phone service Kievstar made an ad (pulled but is still out there cached in areas) stating essentially that 400,000 Krainians have been Killed in Action

Holy. Shit.

That’s some serious numbers.
The fucktards out there screaming how the numerical parity of Russian casualties have been 2:1 (Two Krainian Dead/Wounded to Every One Russian). Whelp, That just went out the ole winder I’d say. Kievstar pulled the ad, but according to other sources, the guy who gave the go-ahead for the Ad? Veeeery telling that the SBU, the Krainian KGB Bully Boys snatched him up and sent him tot he front after shooting a forced ‘apology video’ which seems very par for the course.

Quick aside: Amazing how none of the SBU faggots…err… thugs ever seem to be sent to the front izzinit? Them and the “recruiters” who always seem to be driving the nicest newest cars, and partying on TikTok with the hawt Krainian Koncubines Aye?

Jes’ Sayin’

Soooo it seems that they’re hopping up these guys to the point of being fucking damned near Zombies, giving them a rifle and telling them “Go that way, very fast, if something gets in your way, shoot them/it”

I know, I know, a riff off of “Better Off Dead” back when John Cusack was still cool and not the Uberdouchebag full of Jizz and Smegma that he’s become.

So yeah, nothing like hyping up a bunch of semi-literate 50-something year old farmers with ZERO DotMil experience on what sounds like really good Meth and having them ‘charge into the guns’ to overwhelm the enemy with their corpses.

Sound Military Strategy there, let me tell you.

Fucking Brilliant
Reminds me of another futile war:

Even the most ardent Cheertardleaders of this damnable war has got to admit that at this point, it’s all over but the Fat Bitch howling. The Krainians ain’t got no more Tanks, nor Artillery, or very damned few at this point, WE ain’t got no more 155mm Ammo to give them, and it’s to the point that they’ve had to modify their “Neptune” anti-ship Cruise Missiles for land-use operations…

You would think that they’d be using them against, oh say Russian Ships? But nope, to me, a HIGHLY Trained DotMil observer, considering that the Neptune IS highly effective, I mean hell, they took out the Flagship of the fleet, the Moskava, but the fact that they’ve now modified them for land use?

Yeah, out of ammo time IMO.

Got me a hunch that all the “Putin is going to be killed/shot/run out of Russia” people have been huffing the copium. So far, with the way things are going, it might go nookular, but NOT on the Russian side… Slo-PedoJoe and his bumblefuck of bureaucrats are very quickly running out of time and they know it. Something has got to give, and time is on Russia’s side no matter who or what anyone tells you otherwise. They ALWAYS Start out POORLY, rebound, and then kick the ever-loving-shit out of their opponents.

A Far Better Track Record that #/OurGuys

Make sure you keep prepping.
Us? I got to make sure my Gran is home sooner, rather than later. If shit goes sideways, I’m not going to have the time to fuck around… Ins’Allah all works out.
More Later
Big Country

29 thoughts on “A Short Update and The Krainian Kokaine Klown Show”

  1. Some word floating of the Kraines gonna start with renditions of refugees in western Europe to feed the grinder

    1. The numbers on male Ukraine refugees is around half a million, who are spread out across a few countries. I don’t see what’s good it’s going to do to go thru that effort to get them, there are probably a million teens coming of age (or close enough) to be grabbed in Ukraine and sent to the front lines.

      1. I think he was referring to non Uke refugees, like Africans of Syrians or something…
        It would be logically consistent for Zelenskyyyy to work with his neighbors to kidnap and forcibly conscript them since he doesn’t have a lot of people left to have kilt.
        The refugees don’t have any money, so their easy targets for trafficking.
        Ick, I gotta take a shower or something, LOL!

  2. Colonel McGregor had also given 400k+ KIA as the number, and some have suggested that it might be 500K because of the awful Ukrainian field medicine, which often fails to get wounded to a hospital in time…

    1. Yeah, he’s been great to follow, good data.
      Only thing he doesn’t understand is the biggie, the overall “why” the people given authority to push this war are doing it, and the the “why” of the seemingly inept battlefield tactics.

  3. Ahhh cmon man! The boomer pandering bed pan changer says different. Maybe he will come along soon to politely (cause he watches his tone over here for some reason) explain how utterly fucking wrong you are. Maybe not though as he’s focused on Vox now and is rallying his 10 boomer followers to REEEEEEE about the issue of Christianity and CONservatives. That fucking guy. New deadly strain of covid is upon us so he will be busy spreading the fear and logic on that to anyone that listen.

    Good to hear about the faggot ass judge in Tenn. Hopefully that means good shit for you guys. Prayers to you guys man.

    1. Nurse Ratchett has become the silliest fuck on the internet, has decided since his blog traffic is like fuck-all, he’ll just continue to be the slinger of outrageously “wrong” hoping to stay relevant even if it’s just to be everyone’s fav whipping boy of stupid.
      His self-important ego driven nonsense is a thing to behold

      1. After his first few blogs about the war, I stopped reading.
        The one aspect many who dispute him have to realize, though, is the west will never allow Russia to win, even if it requires global nuclear war. They are perfectly willing to kill many more. They do not desire peace in any way. War feeds their power, and their goal is human depopulation.
        Just like BLM was never about black lives, nor Covid about saving lives.

  4. Bro–Thanks for all ya do!

    Anyone with a freaking brain knows the “Home Team” in UKR is in the bottom of the 9th, nobody on bases, two out and the count is 3-2. Only problem: if they take a “walk” then it’s not the showers, but a slab at the Zelensky Mega-Morgue.

    “Visiting Team” already up 400,000 to 40,000 at least, mebbe much more. Fooking UKR–used to be a country–corrupt as you can get–but, now a friggin’ boneyard.

    WTF? All the feral companion dogs abandoned by all the millions of Ukies that fled can’t even feed off the carcasses they can’t plant quick enough since there’s too much METH in the cadavers.

    1. Duuuuuude I hadn’t thought of that. Ugh!
      No way, the dogs would eat ‘em anyways if they’re hungry. Think about it, it takes so little to get high, and the human body is so big.
      Hungry tweaker dogs roaming a war torn nation, double ugh.
      I feel like I’m living in a bubble, a relatively peaceful area (a lot of people around are armed to the teeth which does prevent crime). It is going in the lawless direction, though, since alot of the Pac NW politicians have changed laws to promote crime.
      Anyways, I try to remember we are experiencing the signs of the times, the birth pains in the Bible, and the result of birth pains surrre are good.
      I mean BCE’s gran sure elicits a gut response to protect, eh? There’s a reason for that.
      Bubbles do pop eventually.

  5. shouldn’t cost you more than a carton anyway. most federal prison are smoke free zones now a days
    I have heard it is harder to get smokes in than drugs. don’t know myself, just what I was told.
    still praying and hoping for the best here in the hills of pa.
    as for the clowns in DC, well. chances are we will be in a hot war with Russia by next spring/summer.
    as you say, we believe their own bullshit. not a good thing for anyone. I figure they enact some
    war powers and cancel the election or install martial law to keep power.
    or maybe all of the illegals will be their new army to keep us inline ? doesn’t really matter at this point the way I see it, the country is going down fast. the dollar will be dead in one, maybe 2 years ?
    I kind of hope not, but I still putting “stuff” on the shelfs just in case.

    1. or maybe all of the illegals will be their new army to keep us inline ?

      Now you all are beginning to figure the game out. All these illegals, conveniently military age men, are here as the systems new enforcers. They will follow any order because they want the goodies. Plus they like violence and torture. A bullet will be a kindness next to the panga. Get ready…hell is coming to breakfast.

  6. There is a Summer Wells Billboard I pass everytime I go down the road to Yoders for a sammich or to Morristown for feed. I keep meaning to do a deep dive on that incident but just never seem to find the time. I just found your stuff (awesome btw) so I don’t get the scallywag cocksmith cockaroach reference……….your Kraine analysis is on point.

    1. BCE has a toddler grand daughter that he used to have custody of. Your above referenced cockroach Tennessee judge awarded custody to the girl’s egg & possibly sperm donors who are somewhat less than upstanding citizens. There’s tons more drama, money, lawyers, crooks & fiends of all descriptions involved in this woeful tale of sorrow and lament. That’s the low Earth orbit overview anyway.

      1. Thanks for the recap J… yeah, now we’re looking at -possibly- getting his fucked up decision overturned. More to follow

  7. Will the power mad crazies fold or do a False Flag Nuke to “Rally De Peeeeple” AKA 911 and such.

    I don’t expect to survive the first months of an active Bosnia inside the former USA.

    Remember the words of Mike and the Mechanics “Silent Running”.

    “Teach your children quietly, for someday sons and daughters will rise up..”

    Make sure they can rise up. Legacy.

  8. Allah? Nah.
    BTW the Jesus in the Koran and hadiths is identical to the Antichrist of the Bible. The descriptions are the same.
    BCE, see my apology I put in your prior bleoggg post. As usual, I’m a day late commenting…
    It’s weird, I see your bleoggg on 2 different browsers, one of which blocks a lot of tracking (I prefer to minimize being tracked, no big deal, just makes me feel like if some stranger or stooopid drone was standing outside my house staring in, not okay). Sooooooo, point is sometimes I can see your new bleogggs on one browser and not the other. I’d ask my tech son but he just moved across country and I’m giving him space to become his own man.
    No biggie just thought you might wanna know, or maybe others have the same problem. Tech is easy and gr8 until it’s not…

  9. It is a damned genocide. 400,000 Ukrainians dead. Probably many more if the truth were known. Not to mention the ones with horrible injuries and the massive social and economic displacement that was inflicted on them. Also a significant number of Russians.

    The neocons that set up this war should all be made to drive standard jeeps on those artillery controlled roads until they meet their maker.

  10. Those guys are being murdered no different from walking up to a rando on the street and shooting him. What I can’t figure is why no one has done anything to Zelenskyy, his secret police must be all over any dissidents plus he probably hasn’t been in Ukraine for a long time. What a phucking hero.

    1. If you like you can watch his show “Servant Of The People” on Jewish Life TV if you have DirectTV.

  11. If the Ukrainians take all those that ran away to Germany, GB etc and take all the “refugees” flowing into Europe via the Mediterranian and the Balkan route they could do the WARHAMMER 40.000 Imperial Guard attack routine of Colonel Cherenkov: Send 10 Million to the front and maybe 1 survives to the main russian battle line.

    And I wouldnt put it past them to send all the soldiers of Europe and all the EVIL Nazis (everybody who isnt jabbed or believes in the climate change hoax) to the frontlines like in the Stalingrad movie with Jude Law “Enemy at the Gates” with one in five carrying a gun and the other 4 carry nothing.

    1. I saw a poll the other day showing over 90% of Ukrainians support fighting until the last one is dead. Talk about a lie!!!
      Why do they have to close down their borders with Europe, and forcibly conscript their people if they are so willing to fight?

  12. The Germans drugged them up good before the Battle Of The Bulge.
    I like kamikaze cray cray myself and you aren’t even alive until you just don’t give a fuck.
    Read about “save us from pain” online misinformation campaign for the sodomite sissy sewer empire of shit.
    No Joseph Goebbels Do you want TOTAL WAR speech?
    Putin just put the SARMATS in place so TOTAL WAR it’s going to be and no vote on it.
    Aren’t the comrades of the glorious new civility unity collective all onboard for the 51st state the Kraine?
    They get so much out of it and could be the first on the block to come back an amputee, si se puede, forward.
    Still SMH head over the smoking burning stuck door APC escape video of Ukes and the last man out had no more feet.
    Also read that the Vietnam APC M113 is going to the Kraine, maybe those theorists are right about the depopulation of all males in the Uke zone because they could put up a resistance.

  13. Great news about the judge. May he rot in hell. Funny how these fuckers all seem to be the worst kind of shit-scum. In our case the judge was directly involved in a very high profile murder case (screwing the accused then perjured himself in court) and could not be put on trial or even fired because his daddy was a very important judge who once got an even more important politician cleared of gun running charges etc etc. These people are worse than the fucking mafia. Who are at least honest scum of the earth criminals.

    As for the 400K UA dead. Pure Russian dizinfo. As fake as the FSB “UA saboteurs bust”in Bryansk a few days ago. The FSB even used some of the same props from a faked “UA saboteurs bust” about six months ago.

    Although when you start adding up many tens of thousand of Ukrainian civilians murdered in the occupied areas by the Russians you are probably getting well into 6 figures by this stage. You think those hundreds killed in Bucha alone were unusual. And yes I saw the bullshit attempts by the Russians day after day on RU TV trying to discredit the videos of the dead bodies lying in the streets. About as repulsive as Die Deutsche Wochenschau newsreels about the untermench being marched into pits and shot.

    All you need to know is the maps show on the RU daily battlefield report on Большая игра on Channel 1 RU have not changed for months. Almost three. They move the symbols around a bit week to week but the lines stays the same. But the story from the OS Intel satellites etc tells a very different story. Last time this happened was right before the collapse of the RU Kherson front and Kharkiv front. And the Oryx count of dead RU tanks keeps a growing. Although Oryx will be retiring soon because even he cannot keep up with the huge (and verified) Russian losses.

    You know those UA Bradleys and Leopards that got caught in a minefield and then strafed with RU artillery . It was a one off because several months later they are still showing the same fucking video on RU TV. Over and over again. Last time I saw it was on the main evening news two days ago. That tells me that the Russians have no more recent video to show. Because they’d show it if they had it. Over and over again. Every fucking day.

    And todays news big news in Russia. Someone who definitely did not look like the real Putin made a “surprise” visit to a village just outside Moscow. To met and greet his “people”. The Putin who was doing the video link to the BRIC conference from the bunker office – that looked and acted like Putin. The guy in Tver yesterday and the guy in Volgograd a few days ago – even my mother noticed that guy did not have the same body language as Putin. Was a different guy.

    On a lighter note. They have been showing some new video on RU TV the last few days of Biden wandering around looking like a patient who has escaped from the dementia ward of the local county care home. I mean crazy cat lady level of dementia. The WH handlers must be pumping Biden with really serious amounts of drugs just to try to get him through public appearances and press conferences. And we thought Hunter was the only drug addled junkie in the family.

    1. Bucha? Where the neo nazi Uki battalions filmed themselves shooting civvies after the Russians left. That Bucha?

      1. Don’t confuse Bork Bork with facts, like Aesop it hurts its feeling.

        DA Russians are DA BAD GUYS. Aesop and Bork never look into the mirror except to preen about how Smart and Handsome they are.

        This will end badly, hopefully like Afghanistan where we declare “Mission Accomplished” and flee the whole Ukraine situation and not with many extra sunrises across the globe and inside America.

        One side supports gay rights, child mutilation, and attacks Christianity the other outlaws it. It’s a basic lack of common ground. It will end as promised by God, Revelations 18.

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