A Follow Up on a No Load Wannabe Douchebag

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
My thanks to Normal American (link HERE) Who ‘did the deep dive’ on Punchy McPunchable, my new favorite project. See the comment in my original poast (w/links HERE)

Seems the turd was a Notional Guard fag.
Fucking burns me the fuck up.
20 years?
IRL Time? That works out to, and being generous and saying 3 days a month per weekend when the majority of them are 2 day weekends?

One Year in the Guard is/was (pre-war) was 47 days of Active Duty, chargeable toward retirement (at 3 days a weekend). 20 years is 940 days, not including deployments during the Global War on Terror.

That works out to 2.57534 years on “Active Duty”

I got UnderArmor Drawers that did more time in Iraq than he EVER did on AD. In fact I still got ’em. X bought two pair of Army issue UnderArmor brown boxer briefs that were made in the USA before UA went all Chineseum. I still have them and they’re still serviceable.

So Punchy claims the following: “…I’m a liberal… My only exposure to guns before the National Guard was… he viewed riflery as a life skill – something even a Jewish kid from a liberal town should know… I had joined the National Guard as an infantryman after high school in order to pay for college… Four military deployments had taken a hefty toll on my marriage…”

OK… soooo much to unpack here.

First: “…something even a Jewish kid from a liberal town should know”… Holy. Shit. He claims pure Irish Heritage, then admits he’s a member of the tribe? How the fuck does that even work? Probably through his Momma, Oy Vey!

No shit Aye?

THEN: 4 Tours? Per Wiki on Guard Deployments: “The lengths for deployments (for NG) to Iraq or Afghanistan were usually about 3 to 5, 6, 8, 12, and 15 months long. The most combat deployments for a single soldier were anywhere from 18 to 20+ during the GWOT since 9/11/01.”

Yeeeeeeeeah. 4 Deployments? MAX of 20 months AT THE MOST?
I did 20 months without a single solitart trip home at one point as a contractor. Fuck this guy.

I Was Right!!!

Fucker is a Grade-A bullshit Artist.

I’m not going to link them,. but if’n y’all go over to YouTube, and look up his channel (like I did) and report every. single. one. of his “Anti Armor Videos” for stolen valor, I’d be much obligied.

Because fuck this guy.
Jihad Anyone?
More Later
Big Country

10 thoughts on “A Follow Up on a No Load Wannabe Douchebag”

  1. Yes, he’s punchable. And he’s probably a turd who isn’t representative of those I served with.

    That said, it’s “Nasty Guard”, and proudly named at that. Iraq, ’03-’04, 14 months. MFO peacekeeping, ’08-’09, 12 months. Afghanistan with the NG 34th Infantry Division (Red Bull), same one my FIL was in ’41-’45 through North Africa and Italy, ’11-12, 12 months. Did it cause I enjoyed it and the extended family of 22 years in the same battalion (109th Med, IANG: Mobile field medical, setting up, tearing down, and keeping people alive), excluding being press-ganged into the 34 ID, which I don’t regret given the connection. We had our shit together, although that may have been due to being a midwestern homogenous unit with people who stayed in for 20+ years, with experience from Viet Nam onwards, compared to AD units with people rotating up and out every two years. Anytime, anywhere, we were willing to go. Best medical care anywhere in theater.

    1. Props to you Fren. Medics of ANY stripe get a pass around here. Grunts too, except when you’ve got McPunchface literally making money on his ‘supposed expertise’ as a TOW gunner on YouTube. I was the US Army TOW “Top Gun” Gunner two years running… I actually got to blow a T-55 (captured in Gulf One) with a live round… somehow I’m pretty sure Punchy can’t claim that.

      I generally have ZERO issue with NG/Reservists, b/c as I said, I did 22 months Reserve after G-1… Looooongest time evvar waiting until they lifted the ‘no prior service’ blocks that let me BACK on AD in 12-93. That being said tho, I NEVER considered myself ‘on par’ with AD during that time… if anything I was in awe of them…

      Only thing I miss about the Reserves was the looseness we had… had a LOT of Nam Vets who ‘knew shit’ that they tried to pass on, but, as time shows, institutional intel is being lost, even now as we speak…

      1. When I went in in 1975, there was still a lot of ‘Nam vets still in, learned real quick and was told by brother and BIL who where both drafted to keep my mouth shut and listen to the bad mo fos, you will learn to stay alive and able to game the systems. Best advice I ever got. Serves me to this day. Hey Big, you try calling me a while back?

          1. It wasn’t on the screen at all. When I am going to delete all the calls and messages I scan through them and your phone# popped out, no message.
            Give you a call in the afternoon.

      2. yeah, I do remember that back in the 1/503. the old guys/vets passing on what worked and what did not work. it was one of TOP’s big things. teach the young guys !
        you didn’t fuck around with him. he made sure you where teaching the straight skinny.
        old Lee Foy Jones was a man to fear. when he retired, even the 82nd sent over a company to pass in review. funny the thing I remember most about him was telling me to get a hair cut .
        it was never short enough for him. one time , he put the whole company in the front leaning rest for close to 10 minutes because some ass chopped off the top of one of his trees that he had planted by the main steps. never did find out who did it. and he offered a 4 day pass too.

      3. “I actually got to blow a T-55 (captured in Gulf One) with a live round… somehow I’m pretty sure Punchy can’t claim that.”

        Maybe not a T-55, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Punchy’s blown a thing or two.

      4. Appreciate the feedback. As you noted, time changes everything, and it was doing that even when I got out over ten years ago.

  2. He’s a fake pussy.

    I know more about his ‘antiarmour’ field than he does and I can”t even spell it.

    I’d like to go for a run with this fat assed wannabe… I’m 76 and he couldn’t keep up with me.

    He needs to be dropped on his arse.

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