Time and Things

Been down and out. Caught a bug going around again. Today was also especially stressful as Gretchen wrote down the wrong time for her appointment this A.M.

Cue My Rage-Face.

Primarily ‘cos she gets shitty with me when I pester her “Are you sure of the time? Have you double checked? Do me a favor and double check!” She gets AAAALLLL sorts of shitty with me, accusing me of treating her like a child.

There’s a REASON I do this.
It’s called a track record
And let me tell you, hers? When it comes to being on time?
It purely sucks

This -isn’t- the first time, hence why I fucking lost it this morning. On top of feeling shitty, being stressed the fuck out, and all the regular crap I have to deal with, NOW she goes and fucks up a critical appointment after I’ve been all over her to make. sure. you. get. the. time. right.

Every dood has his limits.

We’re good now, but at the time I went the fuck off. Like “Gunnery Sergeant Hartman” from ‘Full Metal Jacket’ off… “What is your major malfunction!?! Are you fucking retarded!?! What in the Name of Jesus H. Christ is wrong with you!?!” I mean I just fucking lost it man.

Surprisingly, she apologized.
Usually the female programming prevents her from admitting fault on anything ever. This time, I think it finally penetrated that female fragile ego that this’s real and actions, or in this case, lack-of-actions can have consequences.

So we managed to get another appointment tomorrow int he early A.M. which is good. Someone had cancelled, so now we’re going to take their slot… otherwise it might be 2-3 weeks before another slot opened up… Hell this appointment was by pure luck… which is why I was so absolutely pissed off.

Lots of people praying, donating, working hard to make sure she gets the shit she needs, and she pulls a “dumb blonde moment”? Yeah… that won’t be happening in the future… I made sure of that.

I’ll fucking kill her myself.

Anyways, not much happening out there except the Atlanta D.A. SweetBuns has now been exposed by another whistleblower that she (like ALLLLLL Soros D.A.s) is corrupt as fuck… not onlty that, but apparently she’s stupid. Like blaq-monkey-dumb. The new whistleblower has exposed the Biden Admin’s insider who’s been pulling SweetBuns strings…

Some of the reports state she’s stupider that Donkeychompers Occasional Cortex, but even I have trouble believing that anyone could be –that– stupid and still be breathing…

Got me a hunch she’ll be lucky IF they don’t decide to throw her under the bus… I mean now that the facts are coming out that we’ve sunk to “Banana Republic Levels” of corruption IN THE OPEN, -someone- is going to take that fall, and I’m sure the Jewish Guy witht he pale skin is not up for sacrifice…

A stupid Blaq?
Yeah, she’s toast.
And because she’s so stupid, she’ll take the fall, believing that they’ll “take care of her” and her SuperDick-ManLove. Me? I’d take a plea, throw EVERYONE out into the open, and let the chips land where they do.

Only other thing of note is that the Krainians now have 30 Abrams left out of 31.

Yesterday they sent in elements of the 47th Brigade, the Azov Nazis from my understanding, and the M1A1 got smoked outside of Berdychi. That’s located northwest of the now-conquered Avdiivka.

RUMINT is that they were sent in to try and relieve some pressure on that Stepove location, which is where the main line of retreat was… it used to be the Main Logistics Feeder into Avdiivka for Bodies, Bullets, Beans, and Boots. Now?


And as a final thing for tonight:

Seems Krainfeld doesn’t like anyone questioning his kokaine based klown show antics in the Krain. First Gonzalo Lira, then almost Tucker Carlson… but hey! Joe got that 7 foot tall Negress-Lezbo American Hating Niggerball player back, so they got that going for them!

We are so screwed.

More Later
Big Country

Today’s Adventure: Me Making My Own MREs

Good Evening Everyone!
Back again for another round of abuse here. Today was a ‘sleep in a bit’ kind of morning as the week, (per usual) was high stress. Noting I couldn’t handle. Now… today’s activities revolved around getting Gretchen a pedicure, and while she got her feetz done, I did the grocery shopping.

Publix has a pretty good ‘buy-one-get-one’ thing going, and IF it’s something I’ve wanted/been on the lookout for, I stock up. In this case, it was those Hormel “Compleats” meals in a dish things that I’ve been wanting.

BOGO for $2.99!!!!!
Now, I learned about these in Iraq of all places. The PX had them and they made for an occasional change from either the DFAC chow, or God Forbid, an MRE. They were out of my favorite, the Chikin and Dumplings, but I’ll be going back this week to see if they restock, ‘cos I have a use for these over and above the normal “heat and eat”.

Specifically home-made MREs if you want to refer to them as that. About a year, year and a half ago during a visit to MomUnit, she gave me one of them Vacuum Air Sealer machines, and a box of bags for it.

She told me she could never get it to work right, so if I wanted it, it was mine. Now back in the day, I had one of them when I was at Fort Campbell. I used to vacuum seal my socks, drawers, t-shirts.. you name it when I was going to the field.

Made everything waterproof, and squished it down oh-so-nicely to make more room in the Ruck for Pogie Bait. The one MomUnit gave me is older, and a bit beat on, as she’d just move it from pile-to-pile in her house… In fact it’s been sitting around -here- doing the same thing for time here at the Casa.

Until today.

I saw a video on YewToob on guys making “Dollar Store MREs” and was like “Huh… that’s a good idea!” and figured at some point, I’d remember to actually try it out. The launch was when Sapper pointed out that the “heat and eat” meats were BOGO.

Then, it was figuring out -what else- I wanted in the meals, without breaking the bank and food budget. The final meal came out looking like this:

1 Hormel Meal at $2.99 per.
1 2oz Homemade packet of Planters Honey Salted Peanuts $.56 per pack
1 Special K Breakfast Bar $.32 per
1 Nekot Fudge Sammich Grahams $.55 per (and they were an 8 pack w/a BOGO too)
1 Lil Bites Blueberry Muffin $1.15 per (5 per box, BOGO as well)
3 Welches Fruit Snacks $.63 for all 3… (Bought the BIG box of 66 for $13.99 which works out to $.21 per)
The Hydrate and EMNT Fruit drinks, $1, $.50 a throw.
1 Coffee and 1 Espresso were like $.26 for both, $.13 per with both boxes going an 8 pack for $1.05!
1 Box of Wooden Matches, $.12 per
The Napkins (about 6) are double use for face/shitpaper as needed, and is already on hand, so no real cost. I also included a quart sized ziplock baggie for the incidentals like coffee/drinks etc, and the plastic spoon I snatched at Mickey D’s. Moar Freebies.

In total, about $8.08 cents for a Meal and a Half.

Call it Breakfast and dinner, with snackies.

The creamer, sugar, tea and other coffee were leftovers from some of the BritRats I’ve had in the past. I got a LOT of that laying around. And in some of the meals I put together, I also threw in and used some unused MRE drink mixes, as well as BritRat and FrogRat drink mixes too.

I’m particularly proud of the peanuts.
The individual packets (10 packs per) were like $6.50. I got the 16oz (1 pound) can of Honey Roasted for $4.50. I then cut and made my own measured 2oz packs, and vacuum sealed them. I got 8 packs out of it.

And because I could make the sealer bag whatever size I wanted, I chose to make it about as long as the inside of the final MRE pack, so it could sit either on the side, or at the bottom, and take up minimal space. YMMV if you decide to play around with this sort of thing.

The Final Product looks Good IMO:

Packed and dated.

The Hormel is good til June of 2025. Little over a year and a half +/- . All the other stuff is pretty much shelf stable and/or good forever, like the drink mixes. I’ve seen Steve at Steve1989MREinfo drink powders OJ from like 1944 on his YouTube Channel. I recommend his channel… he’s so laid back and chill, and finds some outrageously old MREs and MilRats to show and eat there…

It weights in (on average) as One Pound, One Ounce. It measures at about 11 inches by 11 inches, but is only as thick as the Hormel meal, which is about 1.75 inches. A bit bigger and bulkier than an MRE but hey… This isn’t a combat ration per se… more like a “Refugee Ration” or a “Grab and Go” Rat.

My next ones are going to be tuned a bit finer as well.

I realized since I’m making these for me, for use by Me, Myself and I, as well as Sapper and Gretchen, then a need to add some extras. One of which is going to be 4 tabs of 800mg Tylenol. God knows back int he day in the Infantry I think I would have killed to have some Tylenol to wash down with lunch, just for the regular aches and pains that one has… then another add on, that won’t take up too much space is a 5 or 8 hour Energy Drink

I mean why not?
I added the Instant Espresso specifically to ‘bump up’ and supercharge the instant coffee. Later in the day, something like this might be a lifesaver right?

One can add whatever one thinks you’d need. Tylenol, Naproxen, basic pain relievers… some energy boosters… things of that nature. Hell, some allergy meds or sinus stuff.

Also, sourcing the Machine: Gretchen is a BIG TIME penny pincher. One of her favorite things to do when we were dating, no shit, is dumpster diving at Retail Outlets. And believe it or not, she’s good at it. One time we went out, and hit a large-ish strip mall. We found, no shit, two complete Point Of Sale Computers… Dell Optiplexs no less. Seems that the Mattress Firm at that location had gone out of business, and Gretchen timed it that we were there the night of the ‘final night’. Wouldn’t you know it, we found the computers, intact, with monitors in their dumpster!!!!

The printer was there too, but it didn’t survive the trip to the trash. It was pretty thrashed. But the PCs? After I wiped and reformatted them, and reloaded a new OS? One we gave to a friend of ours who’s kid needed a PC for school, but couldn’t afford one (single Mom of 4) and the other is in the Kitchen still plugging away as the Kitchen PC.

Back to sourcing… sorry for the digression. One of Gretchen’s favorite places to go is the Goodwill. Now, keep in mind, the Goodwill needs to be in a good location. Going to the local “Hoodrat” Goodwill, you ain’t finding shit. HOWEVER: The Goodwill off of say, Kiawah Island in South Carolina? Yeeeeah… that’s where I found a new-in-the-box Keurig Latest Full Sized Coffeemaker for a no shit $10. That was on the last visit to MomUnit… (a very profitable visit now that I look at it). The other Goodwill we hit occasionally is in The Villages where Gretchen’s ‘rents live. Think “Rich Towns Full of Old Folks”.

There’s metaphoric Gold in those Goodwills. Mostly because someone dies, and they just clean the house out to Goodwill, and be done with it. Lots of very expensive shit to be found there for very little $$$.

So, might go over some poly-ticks tomorrow, as I’m just overwhelmed by The Stupid, and that it’s not going to change. There’s no voating our way out of this, and the other choices aren’t that good, hence why I’m moving forward with my own personal preps.

Got MREs and Ammo?
More Later
Big Country

15 Years Ago, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Time flies… both literally and figuratively. Gran #1 is now six!!! Like… I remember -just- meeting her so to speak when she was in ‘potato mode’. That’s what I call babies in the first 6-9 months… food in, poop out, not much movement… the very embodiment of a couch potato… ergo ‘potato mode’


This’s her from around the time of our first meeting…

She was soooo cute!
And she’s only gotten (impossibly) cuter. And no longer a potato, not by far as you regulars here know… She’s a fucking handful to say the least.

Point to this exercise is I went and checked my original blog from 2008, when I started writing about my adventures in ‘Iraqi Babysitting’ so to speak… Going back, it seems that I did a writeup on February 27th of 2009. 15 years ago… Let me throw it at you, and I’ll say, if anything, things are worse… just like my attitude.


It’s been how long?

Wow…. Time flies when you’re working your ass off, day after day, slaving for “The Man” and not having any down time…. Yep the IR here with not so much for the scene in The Baghdad Cafe, formerly known as the Saddam-A-Go-Go. The only thing I’ve been doing is ‘ye olde nose to ye olde grindstone.’

Seems that “The Big Boss Man” came to town… and I’m burned out for it… Yeah… The Corporate Head honcho showed up and I’m better for it in many respects, especially since he’s carried the Corporate Checkcard and Pimp-Roll-O-Cash to smooth out the purchases and such that I’ve been screaming about over the past few months, it’s helped me with my job SIGNIFICANTLY.

My biggest issue though is there’s hardly any ‘skate time’ Not when the guy who’s in the “make or break” side of your career is sitting right behind you for 12 hours out of the day. Considering the poor bastard is working AS much if not more, then I’d be amazed… He sits and works with us all day long and then he still has to go home and be joined to the computer, as the States are like 8 hours behind us…. meaning when the Corporate Pinheads schedule a 4pm Eastern Standard teleconference, we have to be up at like midnight here… AFTER having already done a fucking 12 hour shift… But it’s the reason I haven’t had too much commentary to throw out there as of late. I’ve been flat the fuck out busy busy and to the point I haven’t updated anything, to include facebook, myspace or any of the other bits of entertainment you loyal readers follow me and the Not So Much Lately Adventures of the Intrepid Reporter.

But, as of late, Baghdad is quiet. The changeover between 4th Infantry Division and 1st Cavalry Division is pretty much over with now. Yep… leave it to me to be ‘back with the Cav’ again like I was in 04-05. I just can’t seem to escape 1st Cavalry Division… it’s like a reoccurring cold, or actually, considering how the Cav annoys me, I’d say it’s more like having a case of herpes… flares up and annoys the shit out of you at the most inopportune times… I mean it was being in the Cav that got me hurt many many moons ago, and it was the Cav that screwed me over every time I turned around during my Med Board, and then, in 04, it was the Cav that abandoned me, Lil Country, and the rest of the CACI folks when they ‘pulled the line of battle’ back during a particularly hairy week, leaving us as “Fresh Meat” for the Dirty Haj if they felt so inclined. The Cav… as I say of the patch

“The Horse Never Ridden, The Line Never Crossed, and the Color Right Down The Back.”

That about sums up 1st Cav… and I’ve EARNED the right to bag on that unit… Having spent 4 years and all the shit I went through, I have DEFINATELY BT-DT-GTTS.

But yeah. Baghdad is quiet. Mosul now? Not so much. Reports filtering down through various ‘shall remain unnamed’ sources have filled the IR up with all sorts of tales… Seems that the Surge that the Media loved to lambast but now keep their mouths shut about worked in that the US Army, combined with a newly re-energized Iraqi Military, succeeded in driving the majority of terrorists and babyrapers right out of the Capital. They headed North into Kurd Kountry… Sunni Central from my understanding of it. We’ve taken some casualties (another thing you WON’T hear from the media as trumpeting casualties lays it on the Obamamessiahs Lap rather than George “I’m Outta Here” Bush.) but we’re still winning.

Which brings me to my point of an earlier post. I didn’t get ANY responses about beating on the reporters or such ideas. I mean “Beat The Press” is such a cute bit of wordplay, and the idea of taking some of these neo-socialist fucking hacks and feeling the impact of my “mighty right fist o’ death” on one of their smarmy, mewling, puking, plastic-enhanced grills, and having the satisfaction of watching caps and teeth fly like so many chicklets from a goalies’ mouth…. Damn… I need a cigarette… That would be OH so nice. To see Dan Rather get stomped (even though just pushing him over or hiding his dentures would be good enough) while singing the R.E.M song for all of his inordinate Anti-American Tirades… to see all of them Tarred and Feathered properly. Properly in that the tar is heated to such a degree that said victim(s) would usually die from the 2nd and 3rd degree burns even before all the feathers could be properly applied.

I’m now OFFICIALLY on the “Anti-Press Bandwagon.” The country is broke, broken and we’ve got nothing to show for it than a neophyte president who’s wholly incapable of stringing a coherent thought into a concerted sentence without the use of a teleprompter who was elected more by a festering neo-liberal bunch of malcontents who, rather than actually do their jobs, were content to be Democratic Cheerleaders and get a man elected who, in reality, scares the ever loving shit out of me. Me? I’d prefer if The Hillaroid had gotten in… better the “Socialist Demon You Know” than the “Closet Muslim Neo-Fascist You Don’t.” The Press succeeded in swinging the vote, and is now complicit in hiding the ABYSSAMAL job that their chosen one is doing.

4 Trillion dollars.

4 with 12 zeros.


God Help us. I’m barely making ends meet working my ass off for the “Imperial Federal Government” and I’ll be lucky if they don’t chop the ‘tax free’ duckets off of my tax return. It’s like the ONLY reason I stay here. Tax free is the ONLY reason, and making 100K a year helps too. No such thing as that in the states now eh?

BTW: One last note: My mailing addy has changed to

“My Name”
APO AE 09342
DSN 485-5981

The DSN Number on the bottom helps the mailroom folks to call me when the stuff shows up. Please feel free to mail me anything and everything. My “other mother” Susan sent some of the most KILLER chocolate chip cookies, which actually made it here inside of 5 days of her mailing them… My thanks for those… they rocked!!!! Any booze drugs or anything else… well, I’m NOT supposed to get them, but at this point, any and all donations are gratefully received. Seeings that I’ll be home in the end of the month, (R&R Baby YEAH!!!) I’m really looking forward to it.

OH One more thing. Let me know if anyone wants a job over here… working with me. I’m literally hiring another Logistician, so send me them resumes to all who are interested. Until then, I remain, the Intrepid Reporter.”


Re-Reading that 15 years later…
What a stone cold trip that is…
And apparently the Traumatic Brain Injuries hadn’t happened yet ‘cos man, talk about a loquacious motherfucker… did I swallow a thesaurus or something!?! Seriously… I kid, I kid… Back then I had time to think about my subject matter and what I was going to write… Literally I got off of work, went back to my hootch, started drinking and writing… I usually had 9-10 hours of uninterrupted creative time. That’s why the writing has a certain flair and better descriptive aspects… time allows one to properly ‘think’ on things…

Whereas the day-to-day wearisome grind of a once a day Blogpoast can cause a certain amount of decline in the qualitative side of things… for that you have my apologies. That also being said though, I love interacting with y’all on the daily. Comments and feedback and whatnot are, as for many writers “The Staff of Life”. I think I get the whole ‘writer’ thing from DeadDad. He had two unpublished novels that he oh so badly wanted to get into print. Sadly they never made it.

Mind you his academic publishing was through the roof… Hundreds of serious articles and in hundreds of languages.

That however didn’t scratch the “I want to be published” itch.

Whereas MY itch? As cheesy as it sounds, the Charlie Mike Comix that I worked on with Mark Baker? -I- wrote the storylines on the two books I was published in… and assisted with some of the illustrations in that I provided Mark the pics from Arifjan for the Halloween story… How in the fuck that crazy Airborne motherfucker got his MAD skillz to translate my pictures into a hyper-real illustration? No clue, but hey…
Comic book-story writer?
But published is published.
So I hope you enjoyed the walk down yesteryear in Iraq… not much has changed… especially my utter hatred and distain for the “5th Estate” AKA the Ministries of Lies and Propaganda. I pray there’s a special corner of Hell reserved for them.

“The Song Remains The Same”
A fitting end Aye?
So More Later
Big Country

Jumping Around Tonight… Gab, Judicial Corruption, blaq Arrogance and Gretchen

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Maaan… I got whatever head-bug has been floating around as of late. NOT feeling the love. Spent almost a full day in the rack, weak as a kitten and tired.

Although I’m feeling much better… I broke into Gretchen’s alternative meds, i.e. the Vitamin C sooper-concentrate and dumped a megadose of that into me. I figured what the hell.

And it seemed to have worked. Two days later and I feel a lot better and am on the recovering side of things. Lots of other bloggers have been reporting in various A.O.s that they too are seeing a bitch of a flu going around… Dio up in ye yonder hills, and Arthur Sido in Amish Country… plus a few others… I think Francis Poretto even is down and out…

OTOH Gretchen’s labs came back… her Vitamin D count is low, which is to be expected in the Winter. However, I find it odd as I’ve been supplementing her for 3 weeks BEFORE the panel, so not sure what to make of that.

Other than you know, the whole CANCER Diagnosis, she’s in pretty good shape.

Oh, and yet again (and I’m figuring it’ll happen to this one too) the page(s) that I get the ‘warning/demonetization’ hits on have ALL mentioned badthink (alternative medicine) and hatethought (calling it like -I- see it) pages.


To me, it tells me just how worried they really are.

As the meme goes “It’s Afraid

Seeings that I’m just a lone asshole screaming off into the intarwhebz man. Nothin’ special about me except for my propensity to telling some funny assed stories from the past, and some prognostication that thus far has been about as successful as your average Vaudevillian. It is, as Bugs would say, to laugh.

Only recent personal piss-me-off was whomever the Moderator(s) is/are over at Gab, namely the “Super Seekrit Flammenwerfer Club” page and the “Guns of Gab” page threw me out, and blocked me from trying to rejoin. A shitty, petty thing IMO. Especially in light that as far as I know, I’m the O.G. Flammenwerfer guy out there… That happened a few weeks ago… The “Guns of Gab” ‘dump and ban’ happened just a day or two ago… just after I poasted about the Manville MM-1 26.5mm Grenade Launcher that WiscoDave and I had discussed both via email, and in the comments.

When I went back to check, I’d been ‘dumped and banned’
Like I said “Meh”
My bitch? At least tell me why you did it. Don’t be a fucking cunt and hide because you lack the sack to stand up and tell me (even as a ‘keyboard warrior’) to go and fuck myself.

I fucking hate petty shit like that.
It’s how a split would act.

Without going into too much detail about World Events, Russia is still winning. The Krainians got lucky, but are still losing, and “World Ends at 11:00, Putin is still Hitler, OrangeManBad again and film at….?”

Add on “Judicial Corruption” at oh so many levels!!!!
As they said in “Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome”
” ‘Member THIS???”

For those of you who don’t know

THAT is the mugshot of the Corrupt-o-crat Juvenile Judge that fucked us out of the custody of our Granbaby #2 Adriana… The mugshot was taken for his, at last count 3 felonies, and 2 misdemeanors. ALL in dealing with Forgery, Bribery, and general scumbaggery. The piece of shit is named Daniel G. Boyd. He’s a product of his shit-family. His Great Grandaddy was a Judge, and his Daddy was a Judge, and I’m sure the whole fucking clan is as corrupt and bent as a fucking blackthorn root. That being the root an Irish favorite, the shillelagh club, is made out of…

I’d like to take a fucking shillelagh to that fuckers finger joints, hands, feet and toes, ankles, elbows, knees, shoulder sockets, and then just leave him to suffer. Crippled and fucked over… just like he did to our Gran. Because fuck that guy…

Why he hasn’t been disbarred is only an indication of just how utterly fucked a situation like this is. A KNOWN piece of shit, who had other corruption charges and suspensions of his law license and the fucker is still walking around free!?!

Two Tiered Justice… even in Hillybilly East Tennessee.

So color me not surprised to hear that the OrangeManBad persecutor, the negress “LoveBuns” and her co-conspirator “SexMachine” are dirty as fuck as well… the testimony there was a shit show, and come to find out, the Judge in that case? Yeah, seems he’s a supporter of “LoveBuns” and had donated and pushed to get her (s)elected.

Tell you what’s missing here from the discussion:

The media continually hiding and covering up any and ALL blaq peccadillos. No matter HOW BIG the crime… no matter HOW SMALL the crime… be it petite larceny, a minor rape, a murder or five? ALL are forgiven and covered up by today’s Ministries of Propaganda and Lies. And because of this, we’re seeing a major increase in blaq crime or ALL flavors…

Be it murder, rape… you name the crime on the violent side commited by blaqs, and it’s increasing exponentially. Add on the increase in what’s called ‘white collar crime’ like the bullshit “LoveBuns” and “SexMachine” have done?

They’re fucking emboldened

Because of the inability of ANY of the Organs of the various Ministries of Lies and Propaganda to call a spade a spade, or in this case a criminal nigger a criminal, period fucking dot point blank, they (the blaqs) feel that the ‘magic blaq skin color’ means an automatic pass/get out of jail free card for them. They (the two fucktards in question) are not afraid especially in light of the fact that the Judge on the case is a fucking supporter of “LoveBuns!!! That in itself should have been known or at least ADMITTED to by the Judge at the beginning of this farce of a trial in order to self-disqualify himself…

But seeings how he didn’t … That right there tells me the ‘fix’ was in at the very fucking start of that whole fucking sham.

This will not end well…
ALL of them fuckers should get hung…

And one side note:
She AND her Dad on the stand said that she paid “SexMachine” back $30k or moar!!! with “…money she just had laying around the house…” because “…most blaq folks don’t trust banks.” Well, to me, I’d say that her house just got moved up on the local crime syndicate’s radar… God Knows -I’d- risk a B&E if I knew there was potentially $30,000.00 or moar in cash laying around that dizzy whores house…

Jes’ Sayin’

Considering that the majority of them (da blaq folks, to include “LoveBuns” and “SexMachine”) ain’t fucking rocket scientists, despite the claims by the various DotGov run Ministries of Propaganda and Lies, they, da blaqs in this case, keep thinking that “Yas! Weez gonna keep doing whut we be doin’, and Lording it ova Da Man! Weez be untouchable and Kangz and Shee-it!”

Until they can’t

THEN it might get ugly

Case in point.
Today I was going through the Publix Parking Lot. Not in a rush, not really worried. Two people, one an elderly White Lady, the other a 20+/- something blaq chick, waiting to cross the road/lane in front of me. No joke, I stopped (it’s the law in FL to stop at a crosswalk) and Nice old White Lady, waved at me, smiled and moved out with a purpose.

Shaniqua? Not so fucking mucho.

She had her phone already out. She looked directly at me, and simply c-r-a-w-l-e-d at the slooooowest pace possible to cross the intersection/crosswalk, and even had the temerity to stop in the middle of the crosswalk for like 5 seconds, while occasionally glaring at me.

Took a serious amount of chanting the “I don’t want to go to Jail I don’t want to go to Jail I don’t want to go to Jail I don’t want to go to Jail” mantra to not get out of the car, and pistol whip that arrogant racist cunt a couple of times for good measure.

Which after the fact made me pause

Might be the reason they keep acting that way.

No one has made it painful for them to understand that that’s not acceptable behavior from a supposed civilized human being… I mean when you’re dealing with animals, a certain amount of ‘negative stimulus’ can work wonders…

Makes you think…

Problem is in our current political climate, ain’t shit changing until the shooting starts… which I figure is about August IMO. Just a feeling, no intel, but it’d make sense as they cannot allow the Corpse-in-Chief….errr… Cheat maybe? To actually run… they’re going to need to have something radical and stupid happen to suspend the (s)elections. August is good riot weather… so that’s why I chose it… close enough to the November timeframe, and enough for them to get their ‘footsoldiers’ out and doing stupid shit. That’s my current take at least…

Your Thoughts?

So an Update to the GiveSendGo: we broke $16,000.00 for the fundraiser. It’s helped out already, in that the ‘out of pocket’ appointment costs are retarded due to “ObamamessiahCare” and the ‘alternative’ treatments, especially the MAF (macrophage activation factor) from Japan are OMG pricey. God knows I’m seriously praying she doesn’t lose her hair…

Filed under “Things I Never Knew” but a good wig!?! Holy. Fucking. Hells. Batman. I didn’t pay that much for my first fucking car man!!! Whew… either way the Next Step is to finish off the tests, and see the Doc up round North of Here. I’ll keep you all updated, and again, Gretchen and I send our Love and Thanks for the support.

More Later
Big Country

Whole Lot of Memes For The Night

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!|
Another fun-filled day of medical appointments as I mentioned before. Gretchen had about a quart taken, and even then she still has moar that she’s got to get done in the next day or three.

Because of that I literally haven’t been near a computer today.

So, call it a memefestivus.
Most of which are rather fresh. Some may be repeats, but all IMO are offensive and funny, which is all we can ask for these days.

So, off to the races:

If you can’t read it, the bottom says “Bad Neighborsa Make Good Fences” I LOL’d on that one…

Annnd on that note…
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Cooking Dinner and What I use to Sharpen My Blades

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Man, talk about a bit of a waste today. Could NOT get out of the house -at all-. Got a list as long as my arm that needs to be done, but man, Z.E.R.O. motivation and energy. Hardly got anything really done. I suppose it’s normal after the past month or so. So, no energy?

That meant not doing any elaborate cooking tonight.

Instead, I opted for “breakfast for dinner”

3 Sunny Side, bacon, a hash brown and a short stack.
Plus a slice of Publix Mountain Bread which is like the best when used with the yolk on the eggs.

And no, this wasn’t elaborate by my standards. The hash browns went into my commercial deep fryer, the bacon in the air fryer set to “grill” and the pancakes were a organic pre-made set that only needed to be microwaved/put in the toaster oven. To make the three of us, it only took me about 15 minutes. The bacon was the thing that needed the longest time. The hash browns (once the oil was heated) only took 2 minutes to get done, 3 if you want it ‘well done’ all the way through and crunchy.

Having the right tools for the job also helps significantly. After the X bailed, she looted the entirety of the kitchen/cooking equipment. I suppose it was her right as back then -she- did all the cooking, so when it was time to get replacements, I didn’t skimp at all. Hence the commercial grade (albeit mini) deep fryer. THAT thing above all is responsible for many awesome meals. Best snack is the mozzarella sticks…

I know, not healthy
However, 3 minutes in the oil and them suckers are as good, if not better than restaurant quality. And for like a quarter of the price no less.

Another thing I didn’t skimp on was knives.
For whatever reason, the X? Despite being a really good cook, she used the shittiest, dullest knives in the fucking world. Like ‘cain’t cut sheeeit’ knives. I used to try to keep them sharp, and she’d occasionally use a steel on them, but sharp-sharp? No idea if that’s ‘female thing’ too, as Gretchen uses ‘any old thing’ to cut ‘stuff’ up with…


Shun baby, Shun allll the day long… Primo Japanese kitchen knives… In fact that was one of several ‘crimes’ that DC did when she was living here… she chipped one of my Shun meat carving kitchen knives (third from the left). Not severely, but a chip is a chip, and on a $400 blade? She’s lucky I discovered it -after- we’d thrown her ass out, or I probably would have sunk it into her fucking retarded skull.

It’s almost been ‘sharpened out’ now… as in I keep the knives sharp, and make sure it’s done on the regular, so slowly, but surely, it’ll eventually be gone.

As to what I use to sharpen the blades?

Well… I have a multiplicity of tools. One is Ye Olde Standard whetstone. One of the things DeadDad -did- teach me was how to properly use a whetstone. That’s a skill ALL men should pass on to their kids (provided their kids are willing to learn). Mine is a Double sided, 1000 grit on one side, 6000 on the other for finishing.

I also have an Mueller electric sharpener which is ok… it’s good for fast and rough work. Mostly use that as a ‘starter’ for some of the blades, and the whetstone as a finisher.

One of the nice things is there’s a trap door under it that catches all the itty-bitty metal shavings and flakes. It allows you to clean it out so it doesn’t get gunked up and nasty.
Link to it is HERE

But there’s one last one that I absolutely love, and that’s the Warthog VSharp Classic V2:

They run about $100 and up, but Oh my Lord.
Now the link is the closest to what I have on the Zon… Guess mine isn’t in stock on their site, as I tried like hell to find it. It also could be that mine is an older version, as I’ve had mine quite a number of years… I checked their main website and mine is an older model… the sticker is different now on them too… guess YMMV

So, where was I? Oh yeah…
THIS thing leaves a crazy sharp edge on your knives.
It’s got 3 different cutting degree angles you can mount the diamond sharpeners/honing steels on, and it’s also spring loaded. To change from ‘course’ to ‘fine’ it has a little tool that stores in the bottom under the rubber cover. I suppose you could use any old thing like a pair of small pliers or a Leatherman, but they -do- give you something… anywho… you pry off and flip the bar over. One side, like I said, is fine and the other course. You can tell by feel which is which. They also have a lil red paint droplet that tells you which end is up, because you -do- have to reinstall them properly or you might screw up your blade.

10-15 strokes on the course side, then 5-10 on fine and you get scalpel like sharpness IMO.

It took me a while to get use to how to use it, but once I figured it out? Oh yeah. Best sharpener that I’ve had in a long time. It’s not really designed to be used on combat knives and/or bayonets. I know ‘cos I tried. That being said it’s a superior kitchen knife sharpener.

I also have a couple of those lil Lansky pocket sharpeners too:

That one has the very useful serrated sharpeners in them… One is a diamond ‘rod’ that folds inside (the gray tubular thing above) and the white ceramic ‘finisher’, as well as the standard rough carbide teeth, and ceramic finisher teeth. I guess it’s now called the “Blademedic” which is a catchy name…
Link for it is HERE

And for clarity, IF you use any of those links, I get a ‘taste’ from the sale… probably a whole whopping 25 cents, but hey, $$$ is $$$ and Gretchen’s gonna need a new set of hooties.

Those pocket sharpeners, well I have like 6 of them, spread all over my gear and the kitchen. I use them for quickie touch ups when I’m cutting… if the knife feels like it’s tugging while I’m like butterflying a chicken breast or something, I’ll grab out the Lansky and hit the blade with the ceramic real quick to touch it up. Works really well too. And dishwasher safe that I can tell…

I like keep my blades so sharp Sapper refers to them as “my lightsaber collection” as they’re able to pretty much cut through everything without a hassle. DeadDad was almost religious in keeping his kitchen knives sharp. One of his blades, a Chicago Cutlery long utility knife was sharpened so much that the blade was worn waaaaaay the hell down to damned near a nub. I like to think that is at least one family tradition I keep alive…

Otherwise, tomorrow we have to get the shit done we didn’t get done today, as well as some ‘extra missions’ that’re health related. Gretchen is going to be a pincushion by the end of the day… like what? 6-8 different types of blood draws? And it’s like onsies-twosies… one or two here, one or two there…

You’d think we could get them all done simultaneously right?

Or as Beavis and Butthead once talked about, “…slash open your hand, and just bleed into a bucket or somethin’ heh heh…”

So that’s the activities on the schedule.

I do have another DotMil type of poast I’m working on that may or may not be of interest or use, but it’s part of your ‘area studies’ that everyone should be performing. It’ll be ready hopefully by Friday, if not Saturday, as we got a lot of stuff now that crops up unexpectedly.

I appreciate y’all for stopping by.
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h/t WiscoDave for that one
And thanks also for the link to the MM-1 itself dude!

“He killed him with a PENCIL!?!” and An Odd Gas Station Occurrence

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Not gonna lie, tired AF from today. Spent it with the Gran#1, the Nookular Red Head delivering her oh so late Birfday Gifties. As you may recall, her Birfday was a while back. Problem was that for reasons that escape Ye Olde Memorybanks right now, the BIG gifts (x2) didn’t get here on time. Sapper’s gift was also running late, and then ‘other things’ like the cancer diagnosis threw everything out of whack, so this was the first chance to see her and ‘give up the goods’.

I did a last minute edition from the Zon which she went completely nuts for:

“Some assembly required, batteries not included”

Heh. (almost an hour and half to put them together)

Yet again an understatement like you read about. I’ll be the first one to say though, for $25 she absolutely adored them. Even both Gretchen and other GranMom were digging them… guess it’s a chick thing… push a button, the wings light up and flap, and it plays some sort of I dunno? Fairy Music or whatnot? Either way she was in Heaven, and that is what it’s all about.

The biggest pain in the ass was having to thread the LED light wire ALL around the damned thing… but one I got it done, well… the look on her face made it all worth it.

And then, well, I ignored the Ministry of Lies and Propaganda today. Only thing that I did check out was the Twitter feed that WiscoDave sent me this A.M. about that dead CIA Operative Navalny… seems that the “usual suspects” of the various Ministries tried to make it sound like a small memorial in Moscow was packed with people AND the “Putin Double-Secret Police” who were there to ‘clamp down on the pro-democracy protestors and Navalny supporters… a “”huge security presence in Moscow” as they called it…

4 Cops, 13 People
Sounds massive AF to me…
What say you?

And then they wonder why we no longer listen to them, ignore them, and ridicule them. Some dude over on Reddit the other day on the r/IHateMyJob (I think that’s the name of the group) did a post of how he’s a reporter for a “Big-name New York Newspaper that used to be important.” Seems that now, at social gathering with new people, when he introduces himself, he tells them that he’s self-employed… that even among the “cloud people” in New York Fucking City consider reporters to be right up there with pedophiles and practitioners of bestiality.

As Alf would say “HA!”

Serves the fucker right. Learn to code asshole. Die in a fire preferably. Those assholes are the main reason we’re on a slow ride to Hell. THEY were supposed to be the ones who informed US IF things went sideways so “We The People” could try to ‘adjust things’ to keep everything from going off the rails…

Instead? Well we got what we got, mainly because we didn’t start tar and feathering motherfuckers, never mind hanging them or rolling out “Madame Guillotine”, which at this point they are ALL so richly deserving of. And more if I had my way…

Jes’ Sayin’

So… about the title… been saving this…

Looks like your basic #2 Pencil:

Fairly innocuous right?
That being said, In Reality:

It’s made out of G10, a high density fiberglass composite/laminate. It’s practically unbreakable. Sapper got a pair for us at Christmas as a stocking stuffer… Gotta love a fren like that amiright? I’m sure that carrying it is questionable at best, downright illegal at worst. However, that being taken into consideration, as they say I’d rather be “Judged by 12 than carried by 6” in a situation that causes me to need a close-in weapon.

Given that?
It’s still cool as fuck: (go to 2:06)

Plus, you want to talk about camouflaged?
Yeah, no one would realize what you’re carrying.

Ok… now one last thing.
On the way to see the Red Head, we stopped for guzzolean per usual. What I found unusual was the stickers on the pump… on ALL the pumps actually:

Besides the extortionist level of the price, they were out of 89 and 93 octane. Outside of some strange times, and the late 70s, I’ve NEVER seen a BIG station like Racetrack being completely out of two ‘flavors’ of fuel. I asked Sapper about it when I got home, as he works in the industry, and he told me he hasn’t heard anything yet… however, that could change rather quickly… makes me wonder what’s going on?

Y’all seen anything ’round your way? Let me know

Add on the Truckers theoretically not delivering ‘stuff’ to NYFC, and well, that IF they actually do manage to, you know, really not deliver anything to NYFC, well that’d be hilarious!

I mean Grocery Stores here in the ‘Burbs only have 3-4 days worth of ‘stuff’ at any given moment. In New York? Probably far less as they don’t have BIG stores like we do in the ‘Burbs, AND storage space and whatnot must cost a metric fuckload… which means, Nope, they don’t have a lot of leeway, vis-a-vis the JIT (Just In Time) Deliveries and whatnot…

IF and only IF the Truckers ACTUALLY do manage to pull this off, my Bingo Card for March is “Cannibal Niggers Eating Whitey” by the end of the month…

That or the Exodus of them all to New Jersey, which in itself promises to be a “grab the popcorn” moment…

And as a final wrap up for tonight, Gretchen is looking at starting treatment the third week of March. We’re keeping our fingers crossed and praying hard that everything works out… the lack of sleep and stress levels on both of us has been tremendous. TBH, I just want things to be mellow FFS… it’s like I can’t catch a break… although my Best Friend of 40+ years told me that when everything is over and done with, he wants to take Gretchen, me and himself on a Vacation, on his dime. Not sure if it’ll happen, but it -is- nice to have something positive to possibly look forward to… Again, our thanks to ALL y’all for your support.

So More Later
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I Got Demonetized, a Scammer and The Krain Again

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
This’s the same update I just put up on the GiveSendGo, but it also is a pertinent ‘thing’ that says a lot about “Current Day Clownworld.”

The title of this is more of a interesting side note.  When we first found out about this nightmare, I started doing ALL the research I could… alternative medicine, voodoo, witchcraft and whatever… nah… I joke, I joke…  Seriously though….

In reality, I settled on some ‘stuff’ (ands told y’all about) that a LOT of people suggested here in response to the announcement.  I got (or already had on hand) all of what I deemed appropriate for her, none of which could really harm her.  Everything She’s getting now is over-the-counter… most of which are LOTS of vitamins and some of these treatments that got the ‘short shrift’ during the Kung Flu.  Ivermectin, Fenbendazole and a few others…  I wrote about this as you probably remember, and Lo and Behold!

A couple of day ago I got an email…
The Goolag demonetized my ad revenue on those particular pages.

Told me I needed to “correct” the information I was talking about, or the $$$ for those particular pages would be shut off….  No biggie really as it’s only $2 or $3 that I’d earn on those pages.  Not worrying about the $$$ on that, as its really not a LOT of $$$ that I make through the monetization.  What I found highly interesting was the reason. 

“Inappropriate Content” 

So in my eyes, this means that doing and talking about
anything– outside of “The ¡Science!” (also known as “the standard cancer protocols”) is considered “inappropriate” Just how fucked up is that? Here’s something that possiblymight– be effective in combatting Cancer, and oh noes! Can’t have the proles hear about cheaper and possibly better treatments than Radiation and Chemo!!! Quick! Pressure him into taking the bad stuff down!

Jesus Wept.

You know, Orwell wrote 1984 as a warning.
NOT as an Instruction Manual.
Jes’ Sayin’

So that interesting part out of the way, YESTERDAYS fire that we had to put out was Gretchen’s MomUnit almost got scammed out of $3000.00. Seems she got a phone call from “The FBI” and she fell for it hook, line and sinker. She went as far as taking the $3k out of the bank, and almost deposited it in the scammers account!!!!

Thankfully, Divine Intervention happened by way of Dad found out, and called Gretchen. MomUnit didn’t tell Dad what was going on, and up until then, she’d been on Autopilot, clueless as can be. Once we got involved we stopped this shit cold. Gretchen had to go as far as getting the Bank President of their branch on a three-way call to explain that MomUnit had gotten rooked.

Now, normally, the rule is “Don’t Talk To The Cops” but in this case, it was initiated by someone Identifying as an FBI agent, and I know those fuckers don’t like shit like that. We reported it to them, and their attitude was like “Meh.” Sooooooo

Because of that I figure turnabout is fair fucking play. Mom got the account info and such, which I’ll share here as hey, this fucking guy was oh so kind to share the info with Mom, and considering he tried to steal $3k from the elderly, I consider it fair game to put out HIS bank info to y’all:

Bank of America Account Number: 383027070507
Routing Number: 031202084

Now, not that any of you would do any nefarious things like possibly looting this assholes shit IF there is anything to be looted, but if you manage to, please be as kind to make a donation to Gretchen’s GiveSendGo, as it would be appreciated.

Yeah, I’m a dick.

Besides, the name of the ‘scammer’? Gawd… sounds like a bad WWE heels name. And the routing number is out of the Arlington Virginia area. So fuck that guy…

In fact I find it humorous that happened yesterday, as we watched “The Beekeeper”. Which, if you haven’t seen it, is all about Jason Statham going all Rambo because some folks fucked over an elderly lady friend of his… The story and secondary folks in it were sort of meh. I really hated the daughter character of the lady who Statham was avenging. She also happened to be an FBI agent, and was utterly worthless and annoying throughout the whole thing…

The action sequences were aight… not enough in my book, but the killing of the guy with the truck and the ratchet strap had me and Sapper HOWLING with laughter. It’s in the trailer:

Not bad IMO.
I’d watch it again if I had nothing better to do.

Now, on the Krainian Front: Seems General Sleazy called for an ‘evacuation’ from Andeevka… which turned into, according to multiple sources a full-on pants-shitting rout. Which makes sense as there were blocking units to the West who’s entire job was to make sure that the Krainian Infantry -couldn’t- retreat… very much like the Commissars in the Soviet Army back in the bad old days, “not one step back” meant if you retreated without orders, you’d be killed by the “Blue Hats” as they were called.

The Krainians are Russian As Fuck when it suits them.
And another thing from the Drone Wars, Russia showed off a new war-drone:

I can’t embed the video as it’s all in Russian with no translation available. It also is mostly an interview with the designer of that fucking monstrosity. From my own investigations, that orange Inert Shell is about 80-85mm across. I get that number by the size of the engines.

Thats a seriously big Ka-Boomy-Boom.

Looks like that days of Obamarigging RPG warheads to a commercial drone are -done-.

I mean granted, they already did start, but these new ones?

As far as I can tell, these suckers are the first drones to be specifically designed to be warfighting machines. It was one thing when they strapped some C-4 or RDX to a commercial drone. When they wired up RPG-7 warheads, that too was progress.

That thing above looks like a flying torpedo for fucks sakes.
God help us if they start doing the ‘autonomous AI guidance’ stuff with them… I mean it’s bad enough that some of the videos that have been coming out of the Krain, from both sides, show a “Terminator” looking hellscape. Guys running as individual FPS Drones circle around, hunting, lurking, and looking for the best target they can find…

So yeah…
Interesting times I suppose.

So, again, our thanks, Gretchen and I, for all the good thoughts, prayers and donations. It’s making a world of difference, and I’ll update y’all next week as we -should- have a better grasp as to when she’ll be starting the ‘real part’ of her treatment(s).

So More Later
Big Country

Where’s Waldo, Austin and Aguto?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

So, just to get straight into it. I was doing some reading and hearing how General “Deadman” Austin is back in the hospital in the critical care unit for ‘an emergent bladder issue’. Now those who’ve been following along here for a while, I’ve posited that the fucker is DOA, and the current guy they’ve been using for photo ops and whatnot is a fairly similar body double.

Now, to be honest, the Secretary of Defense, in particular dis fukkin’ guy is about as useful as teats on a boar hog. He really hasn’t done anything if you look at his record. In fact, the majority of “things” that have been implemented could have been done by a subordinate. Considering just how this seems to becoming a pattern with this current illegitimate (mal)administration, (they positively love them some puppets) IMO this ain’t too far a reach.

Now for whatever reason, I started wondering about General (3 star) Antonio Aguto. If you remember, I did a poast about him HERE where I was questioning just why they put what I considered to be an underqualified dude to be put in charge of the loftily named “Commander, Security Assistance Group-Ukraine, Operation ATLANTIC RESOLVE, Germany”. Now… funny thing that I noticed.

There ain’t been hide nor hare of this dude in public since he left for the Krain on December 12th. No interviews. No testifying in front of CONgress nor the Senate. Literally dead air/radio silence. Which strikes me as very odd because if anything, the current brou-ha-ha that the Criminal Corruptocrats are raising about trying to get more shekels to the Krain?

You would think that you’d want the man who’s been on the ground, theoretically observing the Krainians up close and personal, in the battlespace, to come an testify that “Why yes Senator Lickadicksuckacock, we absolutely need to pass this bill to insure that our Greatest Ally ever… errr… the Krainian Kokaine Kid gets his money and that you get your kickback(s)… minus 10% for the “Big Guy.”

But nope.
And the reason for that?

I think the fucker got caught in the same airstrike that took out Austin. Hence his complete lack of presence anywhere. December 13th of last year was an extremely odd strike in that the Krainians were absolutely positive and to this day claim that they shot down ALL 20 of the missiles and drones that came in.

Even I remember it because they (the Rus) used 10 Ballistic Missiles, both Iskandars and s400s. Thing is, the Krain’s ‘batting average’ on actual real shoot downs of ballistic targets is like 18%. They ain’t hit shit, and now they ain’t got shit to even –try– to stop shit. So it struck me as very odd for them to be so adamant that they shot down ALL the incoming…

But now, in retrospect? Using my theory? It makes sense that they claimed they shot them all down. Can’t be admitting that not only did they utterly fail to shoot down -any- of the missiles, but they also (very likely IMO) got two very important people killed.

So what do you think? Am I onto something?

Now, other things…
I totally missed the pink buffer tube that y’all pointed out. Which means there was a weapon that didn’t come into play. Now that being said, just how many people were there playing “hose the crowd?”

Inquiring minds and all that donchaknow?
Great catch from y’all tho… I’m a mite embarrassed I didn’t notice meself. Now on that note I’m going to go watch “The Beekeeper” with Jason Statham… it looks cheesy and stupid, but violence filled, which after today, I could use some of that to relax. I’ll tell y’all about it tomorrow.

So More Later
Big Country

A Thank You, A Mass Shooting, and They Got Space Nukes!!!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Whew… again, busy busy… taking care of Gretch, and working 10+ hours a day so I can take time off when needed, and also to try and get some O.T. to supplement ye olde income. Unfortunately that takes away from here, so I’m going to try harder…

First on the list is a direct message to all y’all written by Gretchen to all you deplorables reading this. So, here it is:

Dear all you kind readers.

I am NOT the writer in our family.  So please be patient with me. 

 These last couple weeks have been heart wrenching to say the least. However w all the kind words prayers and so many donations you have made things a little better.  I’m feeling very positive about treatment and ready to do battle with this invasion of my body. I’ve been trained by my husband in the art of battle. Now there is nothing to do now but to engage the enemies. 

Thank you all so much I am humble again by your generosity.  Please don’t give up on us. I haven’t yet begun to fight. 

So that’s straight from the heart from her. No changes by me at all. She’s absolutely grateful as I am as well for everybody’s support. This particular battle?

Damned Straight.

Now, with that out of the way… OMFG. The news cycle and teh stoopid seems to be spiraling waaaaay out of control.

It’s like every. single. dumbass, moron, malcontent and reeee-tard out there have all decided to go batshit insane, in spades, simultaneously.

The big crowd shooting at the Stuporbowl Parade in Kansas City for example. I saw this on Twitter:

Now, they’re trying like hell to say it was a “beef” between two individuals. Problem is “Sahil Omar” ain’t exactly a homeboy name. The other thing is they’re reeeeally pushing this “Gang Beef” angle…to the point numerous accounts on Twitter have been saying the above pic and whatnot? Yeah “…that guy wasn’t the shooter!” and other such statements to debunk that above poast.

Thing is?
I’ve seen that look before.
That right there is not the face of a ‘gangbanger’.
Last time I saw a hardened, flat eyed, emotionless look like that was at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay specifically. From hardcore Jihadis.
That and dude above is not a homeboi by any means.
His Compatriot that they nabbed:

Now him? He does pass as blaq, however looking closely, that pencil thin ‘stache that he has? Plus the facial structure? Guy looks Egyptian as fuck to me… And according to sources there were three of these guys.

Lastly, there’s one pic of one of the weapons that was used:

It appears to be your basic AR.

Can’t tell if there’s a stock or not on it. Art Sido over at his place said that to him, it looks like just the buffer toob, and nothing else. What he didn’t comment on, or maybe didn’t realize is the magazine?

That’s a 40+ round ProMag AR-15 5.56mm 40-Round Steel-Lined Magazine with Roller Follower

Compare the pic above to this:

Can’t see the dimpling, BUT the two rails running down the side, and the ‘blank space’ at the bottom portion of the mag?
Yeah. That’s a ProMag 40.

It’s also not what one would expect Homie the Clown to pull out and ‘gat up’ while attending a fucking Victory Parade for the Stuporbowl. I mean even I wouldn’t be rolling that hot unless we were in full-on Mad Max Mode, and even then? I wouldn’t be there. The only reason I think that the Aloha-Snackbar-bois were carrying that amount of firepower was that they were trying for a mass casualty event.

I also want to ask: “What’s in the Bag Egg?” I mean the weapon had to fit in the bag, so the question is did he have reloads? If so, well, as my old Drill Sgt used to say “There it is!”

MY opinion, and YMMV, is that this was a test run. “They” (for lack of a better identifier) had three assholes show up to start killing folks at a parade, specifically to see what would happen. 1 dead, 21 wounded with 12 kids among the wounded.

Even your basic gangbanger is a worse/better shot than that.

12 Kids?

And the fact that the KIA was a female? I wonder if she was there with her family, as in her kids? This to me screams a ‘dry run’ to see how the crowd would react. Considering the fact that within damned near 15 seconds of the initial outburst of fire, the fucking mob of real men i.e. them misogynist, toxic males jumped the shooters, disarmed them and held them for the fuzz to pick them up.

NOW “They” have an idea of what –might– happen the next time they “Go Live” ‘cos mark my words gang, this’s just the fucking beginning. The next one I have a hunch will be worse… leaps and bounds worse. I’d say stay strapped or get clapped when out in public.

Avoid Crowds.
Let me know what you think.


Who had “Russian Nookular Weapons in Space” on their Bingo Card for February? Bueller? Bueller?

Yeah… these being the same exact set of assholes who absolutely assured us (pinky fucking swear) that Hunter Biden’s “Laptop from Hell” was a Russian disinfo operation.

Why haven’t these guys been beaten/shunned yet?

It’s gotta be that they’re all still in the District O’ Criminals. I mean otherwise? They’d be getting their asses beat, and righteously so. They’re ALL traitors and scum. I hope I live to see them hang.

Otherwise, despite the denials and whatnot of the Krainian Cheerleaders out there, Avdeevka has been cut off.

I’m trying to find a better map shot, but right there in the middle is “Fortress Avdeevka”. The arrows up North are where the Russians were moving two days ago, in a classic pincer movement to cut off the defenders. They already cut the Main Log Roads, so they can’t evac wounded, and they also can’t get supplies, like food/ammo and water in.

Classic Ivan Strategy.

Seal them in a “Firesack” and blow the fuck out of them. Seems that they’re using upwards of 100+ FAB Glide Bombs daily, to the point the defenders are losing their minds.

To add insult to injury (or maybe vice-versa) The 3rd Azov Brigade was ordered in to -try- to relieve the city and it’s dwindling defenders… To do so, they met up in an Assembly Area about 35 kilometers to the west of Avdeevka proper. The A.A. was in a town called Selidovo. Google maps said it’s 42.6 kliks:

Call it about 500-800 guys, getting ready to mount up to be sent to Avdeevka at the orders of General Sleazy (aka Syrski), who’s apparently called “The Butcher of Bahkmut” by his troops…

Not for butchering Russians mind you, but for having his own men butchered in a futile defense of Bahkmut. Word is they hate his ass. So anyways…

Russia, well…

They hit them with Iskandars and Cluster Bombs…

As it said above, about 600 +/- casualties. Problem is, it’s hard to get an accurate count when your Brigade just got turned into spaghetti sauce… Sort of like when the Haji blew up an Iraqi Police Recruiting center when I was there… I talked to one of the forensic people who told me the body count was done like “How many left feet do we have?”

And lastly…
Pretty sure y’all have heard of one of our ‘valiant police protectors’ here in Florida shooting da fuq out of his cruiser? If not, here’s the tweet:

Oh. My. Fucking. God.

Watch the video…
And what -isn’t- mentioned is that there was a guy in cuffs in the back seat!!!. Yay! Back the Blue!!!

Yep. Mighty fine police work there Lou… Even worse is he was a vet… from Special Forces supposedly… an Occifer… with two tours in Afghanistan… supposedly he’d never been in combat, which makes me highly skeptical. Menaing I reeeeally wonder if he -was- in S.F.

“What color is the boathouse in Hereford?”

But that’s just me.
He quit the force before they could hem his ass up like they should have… guys like that are a fucking menace. He has -no place- wearing a badge nor carrying a weapon, ever. any. time. any. where.
Top. Men.

So that’s it for tonight.
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