Well THAT Escalated Quickly…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Not for nothing, I love you all man… no really… the comments and add-ons to yesterdays blegg? As Gunnery Sargent Hartman would have said “OUT-fucking-STANDING!!!” Y’all are why I keep doing this on the regular.

And yeah, I forgot to go into the “Area Studies” side of things… It was a combo of exhaustion/passing out at Ye Olde New Keyboard and realizing that promoting the type of Area Study that needs to be performed in the neighborhood, as well as on the larger side of Local Poly-Ticks and those who would make themselves our “Betters/Rulers”

Best to not Fedpoast… Too many people being blown away by the STASI… err… Feebs as of late…

Gratitude to AC for that memelicious face.
I snipped it from one of his vids. Guys is a riot, between his regular vids and “This Old Crackhouse” and “Basement Jesus” I get a kick out of watching him.

Anyways… yeah, the Feebs as of late seem a bit too… shall we say? enthusiastic in gunning down disabled Vets and various Anti-Bidet Pro-MAGA folks? Three at last count, one of whom apparently, according to witnesses (the guy in Tennessee) staggered out from the ginormous cloud of CS that they had saturated the house with, and with no weapon in hand the Feebs gunned him down as he staggered out essentially blind and clueless as to what was going on.

It was after all an oh-dark early ‘raid’ that prompted this, so the poor fucker was probably asleep/half-asleep, and all of a sudden ALL the windows in the house get stove in/blown in, and a heavy combo of flash bangs and CS thrown in for good measure… Between being disoriented from multiple flash bangs, and then not being able to see/breathe from DotMil Grade CS? Yeah, I’m sure this guy had no idea what the fuck was going on… never mind that in groups like that, Cops tend to shout over each other, some with contradictory commands while amped on the roids and adrenaline, leading to a deadly encounter.


But fear not citizens… I’m sure that the investigation will absolve ALL the Feebs involved, as the individual in question was obviously a whytte-superpreemiecyst hater of one form or another… I mean they’re investigating themselves… no chance that any, I dunno… that the truth might actually come out or someone… you know be held accountable for murder.

What do you think this is? Soviet Russia?
Meh… better it would be… at least THEY were upfront about being thugs and scum, instead of this bullshit about Fidelity and Honor bullshit they push on the rubes…

Which then leads me into the LOL Rayyyyyycist Shooter in Jacksonville Florida. Now, what’s utterly hilarious to me, was that the shooting happened yesterday. The news put it out as a ‘blurb’ so to speak… it’s taken 24 hours since for them to find out that it was a bent WhytteGuy who left a “manifesto” (they claim) that essentially said “I Hate Niggers”. The reason I found it hilarious is the major news media initially ignored the story.

Three people being shot dead in the ‘hood in Jacksonville is par for the course. The nogs do this with such regularity, that it rarely even gets a mention. In fact, this could be called a “regular Thursday”. Now that the perp is established to be an eeeeevil WhytteGuy with Anti-Negro Obsessions, using an eeeeeevil Black Rifle, well now?


Problem is, that initial 24 hours was lost, so this’s already being bypassed, no matter how hard they’re trying to stir the racial shitpot. That and OH… the doer’s name?
Ryan Christopher Palmeter 
Again with the three names…
It’s almost like there’s a pattern here
Far be it for me to question the narrative though Aye?

If it quacks like a fucking duck, waddles like a fucking duck, consorts with other fucking ducks, and they tell you “it’s a Penguin” then yeah, I ain’t falling for it.

So, again, I greatly appreciate y’all who passed me on and commented on… lots of good stuff given/and taken. That CalTopo website?
OMG!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you for giving that to me… been a busy beaver printing and laminating a BUNCH of pages.

Bonus to me when I bought the new printer, I had a 3 month free trial of the “auto-reload ink” from HP… normally I don’t go for that, but I had 3 free months, and we needed to print a metric fuckton of paperwork during the fight for Addy, so having free/subscription ink seemed the way to go… and it’s still working for me… WAY cheaper than buying new cartridges when I run out of ink… shit is costly as you all know… $3.99 gets me 50 pages a month, which if I don’t use them all, they roll over… I’ve rolled over like 40 from last month, and got plenty of room to keep building my area Map Book.

So, Will Talk With you all tomorrow
Big Country

11 thoughts on “Well THAT Escalated Quickly…”

  1. What is with all the Adds on here . I have never had such a problem but if I wanted to continue reading it wanted me to spin some stupid wheel to win a prize. I’m on a iPhone.

  2. It’s slightly tangential, but in the same vein of .gov false flagging things, there’s great coverage of aBoston area massive .gov coverup. Cop-on-cop killing, with a politically connected family being covered by a state trooper (and the DA’s office, as the DA is a personal friend) who intentionally fucked up the investigation, is not releasing phone data (after first being accused of lying about the phone data by a 3rd party investigator) or DNA despite a court order, all kinds of sketchy shit. … because he was apparently at the murder. The state doesn’t want anyone looking into it because the Statie investigator is also the guy who did the Boston Marathon bomber case, and another cop-killing case about to go to trial where the guy on trial is claiming falsified data too. The feds are involved but tight-lipped, there’s a grand jury looking at the family, and the state is attacking anyone who questions the people and motives involved if they talk to the media.

    There’s a local reporter who usually shames hoodboogers and douchebags in his articles and his hated by the left who is now championing the accused’s case.

    1. Yeah, the Massachusetts State Storm Troopahs. Just a few years back an off duty state popo was out hunting on a walking trail in the dwindling hours of the last day of the firearm Deer season. It was long enough after sunset to be considered beyond legal shooting hours and also closed season. The twat saw what he took to be alerted deer tails and simply opened fire in that direction. What he saw was a woman on the walking trail with her 2 golden retrievers wagging their tails. The woman was hit but bit killed. So a reasonable person would assume;

      -Arrested and charged with;
      *Negligent discharge of a firearm resulting in injuries (failed to identify target).
      *Hunting after closed shooting hours.
      *Hunting out of season.
      * A serious Reprimand letter on his police record for criminal negligence and terrible judgement, if not being fired from MSP.

      Results? Nothing. Not a damn thing. Female victim was publicly chastised for not wearing hunter orange while walking dogs on a walking trail.

      That same year some sea duck hunter opened up on some geese a little too close to a rich and connected estate on Cape Cod. Nobody injured. SWAT team response and various charges filed. Justice is served in the People’s Democratic Banana Republic of Massachusetts.


  3. Hey, BC whats your PObox? Only two dudes opted in for the raffle. I don’t do raffles so maybe others don’t do raffles either but would be willing to send a few coins your way or a new keyboard or other lucky prizes. I see you have a minor weather occurrence bearing down on your ass at the moment. I thought for certain Hillary would have crossed the country just to “eff” with your ass. But she huffed and she puffed and blew “Big Mike” off. Probably explains the chef getting whacked.

    Good luck with the immediate future and prayers for Addy.


  4. Dude, you really need to get one of those epson continuous refill ink printers. I have reloaded mine once in the last 3 years. A refill was 20 some odd bucks and it involved squirting the tank full. my printer holds about as much ink as is in a can of soda. First time refill was required was because it dried up a bit because I was not printing enough. SO now we making all sorts of excuses to print stuff, including a daily to do list.

  5. That wind-up toy was a dud, only three killed before the local smokies capped him. I assume he was a practice guy for something more serious next year before the election to make “White supremacy” and gun control front and center issues.

  6. I’m starting to think that the whole “Mass Shooter” thing is loosing effectiveness as a political ploy. The increasing frequency of them, and the media ‘spin cycle’ being so short, (24 Hours max) combined with the Internet/Open Source Intelligence capabilities out there allowing them to be picked apart for contradictions so fast, almost renders them into ‘Background Noise’.

    As for the increasing number of Murders being committed by the Stasi, at what point does someone(s) ‘Set them Up’ for an Ambush, starting with some egregious fedposting, giving specific threats that the fedpigs cannot ignore. One of those ‘raid teams’ getting Baconated by an IED under the Porch would ‘Change the Dialog’ about that sort of Action in a hurry.

  7. BCE, just laugh at me if this is a dumb question (probably is cause I’ve never been in the same room as a 3D printer, go figure)
    So the question:
    On the area studies, could a 3D printer actually print the 8 1/2×11 area of interest WITH Topo?
    Would it help, or would it just be TMI to be scaled accurately?
    Thanks for the reminder to work on mine own local charts and distance markers…
    MSG Grumpy

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