FA-FO, Time to Burn Motherfu…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

THAT is the fuckwad Judge who fucked us out of Adriana…
I’m in contact with The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation
BOTH District Attorneys
Seems we’re not the -only- people he’s done this to…


As Jose Wales said over on Gab:
“Suit up, time to do Hero shit”
Absolutely God Damned Right
More Later
Big Country

19 thoughts on “FA-FO, Time to Burn Motherfu…”

  1. Focus on the target – getting the gran.

    All else – even updates here – takes a back seat until you and she are back inside friendly lines.

    Godspeed, bro.

  2. Go do GOD’S WORK!!!

    We’ll keep the light on for ya.

    NO BLOOD!! Unlkess the cops start it for him.

  3. BCE, I hope that scumbag gets what’s coming to him !!

    That said, I’ve said before that I have a bunch of personal experience in “family court” especially regarding custody. The question you and Wifey need to ask yourselves is “what is your objective” ?
    If you want visitation, you have excellent grounds for that.
    If however you want custody, you HAVE to prove both parents unfit and you’ve said DF is behaving himself these days. If he is obeying the court and staying out of trouble, he is going to keep custody.

    I’m not trying to rain on you guy’s parade, but I almost bankrupted myself in a custody fight with my Ex over the kids and I lost and had to accept that there was nothing else I could do.
    I know you love Gran #2 and want custody but before you re-engage lawyers and the money spigot starts, please really evaluate your case and your chances.

  4. Gotta ask yourself, was/is the high powered attorney cunt in cahoots with him and why she bailed on you? I would sure ask and push the DAs about that and also look at suing her for malpractice . I am glad for this turnaround. It should affect all of his previous rulings and judgements. I would sue him too, he shouldn’t be able to hide behind that qualified immunity bullshat.

  5. hope and prayers, man. get the kid back in the fold where she belongs. now is DF going along with this as well ? having a fucked judge brings out all sorts of shit into the light. as it was asked above, was the
    lawyer . the one that cost you big bucks involved as well ? small town bullshit is kind of like that.
    as in they all know each other and “do” favors for each other.
    anyway, you might want to restart the give/send go thing again. don’t have much but might be able to scrap a few bucks to go you way on getting your girl back home. we still praying for you guys down there
    on this. have some idea what it is like, my EX ripped my family apart years ago and the kids suffered for it. anyway, good luck and god speed.

    1. Glad to know that I’m not the only one wondering what the AFA knew, and when did she know it?

  6. Some things should not be blog posted. This is is one of theme. Such postings could be construed as a terrorist threat…and the criminals in power will act on such things.

    1. How so? Pointing out ANOTHER corrupt-o-crat? What ‘threat’ where exactly? He fucked around (for the second time) and found out for sure this time (hence the mugshot) Sounds more like YOU (as a Glownigger) are the one making the threat
      Jes’ Sayin’

      1. Coming from an ex surf rat, west coaster, you guys need to chillllllllllllllllllllllllll! LOL. Ex sailor, too. Always loved waves since I could walk, learned to swim as an infant, the very humbling ocean, even my name in Gaelic origin means something to the effect of “man of the wave” LOL… Ramble complete.
        Most of us here only care about that little girl BCE, and your+wife passion to PROTECT her is chivalrous, which we all need to hear about since pedophilia has become normalized by so much of our culture. The most heinous of heinous.
        Keep standing, and be wise.

      2. BCE, sorry I should’ve looked up the definition of “glownigger” before commenting.
        Now I get it.
        Maybe he is one, dunno, but yeah now I see the danger of his comment. Didn’t realize there are so many types of bait out there. How someone can live with themselves being so predatory and parasitic I can’t image. Guess it’s the whole “hide behind the badge” thing.
        Remember when entrapment used to be illegal? The whole kidnap Mayor Lightfoot thing was sooooooo obviously entrapment, yet the Fibbers were never held accountable. And no, I’m not surprised.
        Thanks for the lesson here.

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