Fieldcraft for Sunday

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Today’s post started as a late-nite poastage probably won’t be published until the AM. It deals with some more sanguine and useful information that can be used in your upcoming novel/screenplay/what have you. Granted, far be it for me to encourage various scallywags, neer-do-wells- and layabouts and banditry to take it upon theyselves to actually do such iniquitous deeds… oh no… For if –anything– at all, we’re good, law abiding God fearing deplorables.

So, with that alibi set up, let’s get to the meat and taters of the ‘meal’… since we’ve found out that “Rent-a-Hitman” is actually a gag website, well… one finds one’s options very, shall we say limited.

“HIPPA Compliant”

This poast is to help in shorting out certain aspects of forensics. Granted, we know that IRL it’s no where as good as they show it on “CSI: Whatever, We Always Bag The Bad Guy” but still… there are certain aspects that make life easier these days for law enforcement to nail some shmo to the wall, especially if they’re not careful. Little known factoid: The producers for all the CSI shows were highly encouraged to show CSI as faaaar better than it actually is, in order to maybe curb folks ideas about thinking about offing other folks… make them afraid that CSI would catch them out… pure propaganda Aye? Anyways.

Now, since these days, anything and everything can and will be used against you, and it’s probably going to fry you either way. Using “identity protection” what being a big biddness and a
And in that, well, certain “preparations” need to be done. I mean I already use a wallet that’s RFID proof so no one can ‘scan my cards’. It makes sense to do the same for yourself at the range.

Now, in order to do a LOT of what I’m about to write about requires a few things. One is making sure that he/she has the ability to buy stuff on the D/L or QT as they used to say… Wally World ‘rechargeable’ VISA gift cards work pretty well. but in this case, well, we’re not going that deep. As y’all know, I’m a reloader. I Buy brass on the regular, all over the country.

Interesting fact: You can buy pure brass… meaning it’s been collected from -wherever- it was, sorted, bagged, tagged and resold… like this:

Arm or Ally gives you the option to “SEND IT DIRTY!” meaning it’s essentially untouched THIS comes into play, but NOT in the way you think… anyways. Having a spare Barreled Upper isn’t essential but nice. New Barrel. New Bolt. You might even have a buddy of yours buy it for you ‘cos “…if my wife finds out I’m buying/building a new AR there’s going to be Hell to pay!!!”

What brohiem wouldn’t help out in such a situation?
So, reloadable dirty brass. Check.
And in a ‘former life’ it practically required a bunch of ‘stuff’… to include brass catchers… main reason a lot of us had them was we couldn’t afford, in the absolutely rare-to-impossible moment it might happen, IF we had to fire up outside of a Blackhawk door, it was too risky to have our brass maybe get sucked into the engines…so we had brass-bags… as seen here:

Now, having established that you can -catch- said fired rounds from the new barreled upper, one needs to make sure you have ‘sterile’ rounds to utilize.

Sterile you say? What is this ‘sterile’ of which you speak?

What I mean is rounds untouched by folks. “Clean” as in no fingerprints

For those of you who get it, get it… if not? Meh…

To get said-untouched new brass… well there’s lots of ways but my preference for this I like to hit the ‘out of town’ gun shows, pay in cash, and leave. In this case, purely for academic purposes I have a box of Turkish ZSR M193. What I like about that particular stuff is it’s M193, but also, the box comes in 30 round (one mag worth) Boxes, and the box is tightly glued shut on either end, meaning no one (that I know of) has has their grubby lil mitts on the bee-bees.

Now, this, with a STANAG 30 Round basic throwaway NATO mag. Again, ubiquitous to the max. Next stage is
Loading the Mag… THIS is where the rubber gloves come into play…

Good heavy duty disposable gloves. Basic surgical gloves I do NOT recommend as they tend to tear too easily and STANAG mags got sharp corners on them.

Once the mag is loaded, then you need to wrap the mag. Now, the pics I had Sapper shoot, and one one was uncorrupted… even then, it lost the rest of it… dunno why. BUT

You can see the end result of the ‘wrap’ I did on the end of the mag. I used packing tape, over the feed and then doubled it over on both ends, keeping my grubby paws off the brass and off the rest of the top of the mag.

Now, lots of people are going to be all screeching about hairs, fibers hell… some folks you just can’t please. BUT that being said I’m just offering up a way of showing you how to load up a ‘clean’ mag and have it available…

Now… remember that ‘dirty brass’ we had available? With the same care and such, you need to count out anywhere from 25-30 pieces of matching caliber brass and bag it up. DO NOT TOUCH THE DIRTY BRASS WITH YOUR BARE HANDS. To do so removes any and all use for it. Point of this here fieldcraft is to ‘throw the scent’ of anyone who might try to tie you to the scene.

And yeah, yeah, NOT the same mag… You don’t think I have only one mag set up in this fashion didja? So…

I keep the lil baggie of spent with the ‘liveshot’ sterile mag. If I find myself is a possibly compromising position and I happen to have my brass catcher affixed when said-‘issue’ crops up, well, hey now… I just had all my brass “collected” for me being a reloader, OF course I catch all my brass…(unless it’s that steel cased shit or polymer).

So, then it’s just me, the corpse and it’s about to go public. That’s when you take out you handy-dandy ‘free of your prints’ brass out and scatter it (preferably in a to-the-front-right area of the angle of shooting as an AR is wont to do). If you want to fuck with CSI and have the time to do it, you can even modify the range by scattering it at another distance, or even walk it around, making it alll sorts of willy-nilly confused.

Best part is, that ‘dirty brass’? It comes from all over the nation so any and all fingerprints pulled are going to be literally a buckshot spray on a map nationally. They probably won’t even be able to zero in on which place it came from, as brass, if you’ve ever watched the shows on how it’s gathered, repacked and resold, maaaan literally it could come from –anywhere

And if they happen to winnow it down to you? So what? I reload. I bought brass from dozens of online companies over the years…Fuck you, Prove it.

Another fieldcraft trick I like is when travelling, especially over the last couple of months (le sigh) I had to get my head scraped and trimmed. Couple of trips to the Barber shop. A few times I went in, and instead of getting a trim, I just poked around and left… asking to use the mens room is also a good feint.

Once in the john, I took off my shoe and dusted the hairs I’d picked up off the sole into another small baggie. Quite a bit of absolutely random DNA there to be had.

Granted if used, it’s going to make life a bit odd and uncomfortable for some normie, but hey, war is war, and camo is camo. Double points if you get female hair… lil ole Lady Granny hair… heh… even ole Gil Grissom’d have a meltdown over that one.

I mean really… leaving the scene, dropping a spare unused balaclava (don’t we all keep a spare floating around in a bag? I know I do… at $6 a half dozen on Ebay, you should too) with Granny Blue Hair’s hair (from Georgia) in it, with brass from an AR with the fingerprints of 3 different folks from 3 different states AALL with zero connection to one another?

I mean hey, not like any of this is actually going to be used. As things are right now, we’re facing the “Usual Suspects” and a summer that’s going to be as hot as, if not hotter that 2020.

Got that deep down feeling that ‘something’ is out there, it’s hungry and looking our collective way.

And, to just -bury- the boomer topic: Every. Single. Generation has its faults… no fucking doubt. HOWEVER if YOU have an issue and feel the need to mindlessly take up the pitchfork/torches and mindlessly defend YOUR particular generational group, then the problem isn’t with whomever ‘harshed’ your group… in fact I’m GenX… very little redeeming value as a whole… individually, there’ve been good ‘uns, and bad ‘uns, but as a whole? I don’t care… not my circus, not my monkeys.

What makes you care so much?

The NPC Roleplaying that ALL the boomers seem to do when they’re “attacked”? What the fuck is up with that? Why do YOU care so much if your ‘cohort’ of fellow travelers in your generational group is hated? Not that I hate individual boomers, but as a collective group? They’re pretty damned unlikeable. And by ‘getting offended’? As I’ve stated frequently enough, there’s a lot more problems out there…

I find the fact that such ‘individualists’ here and who read and comment on the blog here are so vociferous in defending ‘their group’ to the point of someone saying I have mommie issues… actually nope, wrong parental unit… but that’s neither here nor there… I just find it loathsome that she’d literally go out of her way to say she’s insuring that her grand kids will get nothing from her, and in light of just how fucked up the world is, and how much more it’s going to become, it seems spiteful somehow.

I mean how many MORE cars/boats/fine art and shit can an individual have? How many MORE trips around the world can you do? How much is enough where you finally sit back, and say, “OK, I’m good.”?

I suppose when that question gets answered, then enlightenment will follow? Who knows?

So, on that note, I’m gonna hit the shower

Big Country

DiveMedic for The Win!!!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So DiveMedic caught a minor case of a Wokester deciding she was going after him. Truly…

All because as a Nurse, he stated that he wasn’t going to feed a patients delusions:

Apparently, the back and forth got worse, as knowing DM in meatspace, he brooks no shit, especially from inferiors and not that I blame him. It -devolved- but then, well, she went full potato… (something IMO and other have mentioned, that she bares a passing resemblance to:

As Heartiste has been known to say “The phyzz knows all, shows all” or as others on Gab have pointed out “The nose knows.”

Her full potato mode was to call out to her fellow flying monkeys and try and doxx my man, and his blogg… all the usual leftist Antifag shytte. Problem is DM got right in front of it hard and fast… something she’s not used to anything being hard nor fast in her bedroom, judging by how stronk the soy flows through her husband:

Tough call..
“Teh Gheyface”
“Resting Pedo-face”
“Soy-Up! It’s the Code Word!”
(nice mole BTW… Jes Sayin’)

They live at -his- parents place, and if by what we’re seeing is true, they shitcanned her as her last screed at DM was about her ‘former employer’…

Guess she was less critical to the operation than her over-blown ego lead her to believe.

Gawd it’s gonna be a -fun summer- in her olde Manse methinks…

God I love it when a plan comes together.

Now, in other-other news,
Belarus got nukes now, which IMO wasn’t completely unexpected. The whole Krain Thang is so stupid, fake and ghey at this point, I’m surprised all involved aren’t infected with AIDs. Why not give them nukes? The Krain used to have nukes… Hell Cuba had nukes at one point…

Let’s make it really interesting and have everyone load up.

Speaking of getting loaded:

File under “shit Boomers will eat up”
Combining the HD Logo and Bud? Yeeeeah. I mean HD at this point is damned near as converged as all the rest. I did loooong ago a few bleggs back, a write-up of the HD shitshow bike “LiveWire”… an all electric bike that just purely fucking sucked by all reports. So bad that a 1981 AMF Sportster is a more-sought after model… and that’s saying something…

30k for an all-electric Harley Badged bike with a 70-120 mile range? And BTW: The classic “Harley Rumble”? It was literally recorded and is ‘played’ through integrated speakers…
So yeah, Boomverged would be a good term. Seeing Boomers are almost –the– only demographic who’s ‘into’ Harleys than any other at this point, never mind who can afford the overpriced ‘toys’.
Gone are the days of hairy bad-assed bikers…dinosaurs at this point. One Percenters? Like -gone- compared to years gone by. I mean yeah, The HA are out there, other ‘gangs’ but realistically? “Outlaw Bikers” are a thing of the past IMO… The Majority of bikers you DO see rolling are all Boomers and their wives on big, pricey weekend toys..

So it’s a natural for them to pair up…
Reality Check? It’s not going to work. The only time a Boomer who rides a Harley on the weekends like that drinks a Bud is when they stop off at a roadside dive bar that caters to these kind of groups… the majority of the county roads here in Florida, especially down Myakka way have these ‘biker bars’ that back in the day were probably real rough and tumble places… Borepatch, the QotW and Sapper went to one after a range day, and it was, as expected a Boomer-Oriented hole in the wall… cool, but still… nowadays?

Yeah… this’s the Dying Days of Empire.
And it shows.
I’ll be over here, watching it all burn
Big Country

OK That was LOUD and Trash

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
How do we know e’re back in Florida? When the normal 13:00-14:00 Mid-afternoon Monsoon comes rippin’ through. This time with good ole Thunderboomers. LOTS of thunder. In fact I’ve been in some rocket attacks that were quieter… then again that’s ‘cos a lot of them Iranian made 107s either landed in the soft mud of the canals or went “psssssshft!” instead of the more fatal “Kaboomy-boom!” on impact.

Seriously tho, couple of them lightening booms were loud enough, and more disconcerting raised the hairs on all in the house from the discharge. Bob-the-Cat looked extra ‘poofy’ and the Sausage Princess let us know of her displeasure through a bark-fest. She’s normally the stronk-silent doggo. ONLY barks at the doorbell or if we got infiltrators, and it’s not a ‘barks her head off’ but a tactical bark… one woof to let us know –something– is ‘out there’ sneaking and/or creeping.

She’s such a good doggo.

She’s also a designated and trained ammo bearer. Her lil Tac Vest is covered in Molle, and I have 4-4 mag pouches (two sets of 2 doubles)… total of 16 mags that can be strapped on, and she gets allllll excited to rig up… the weight doesn’t bother her at all. Even got a water bottle/canteen for her with a collapsible dish that goes in the pouch pocket.

But yeah, power was out, then it was on, then it was out, now it’s on. Not sure how I feel about that. The UPS I have keeps the ‘net running as well as the PC. I had gotten a nice APC UPS out of the trash (good scrounge) from a neightbor who was moving, that was still new-ish, just the batteries were DOA. I checked the warranty on it, and Yay! T’was still under warranty, so I got an RMA, sent it back and they sent me a new one.

A $400 Uninterruptable Power Supply mind you… big ole battery pack that keeps the juice running for those of you who didn’t know of what I speak. It’s the second one I’ve either scrounged and refurbed the other. My first just wore out due to age. Replacing it would have been quite a bit, but I was able to get the batteries it needed and a bit of elbow grease, some soldering and hey! Again, Like new and I can keep running for an hour +/- if we lose the primary.

Now then

Lots of talk about the Kraine. Seems that the Krainfeld hasn’t shown his face back in country IRL now going on one? maybe two full months? Word is folks are starting to realize just how far they were taken in, what with the cemeteries filled to overflowing with ‘heros’ and whatnot, all the dead laid at the feet of NATOs grand plan of grinding Russia down, even if it means killing all the Krainians in the process.

And at the current rate I do mean all the Krainians.
I have no idea where they keep coming up with replacements TBH. 100k here, a quarter mil since the start, never mind that 18 million plus took to their collective heels and did the bugout boogy and left when shit started getting ultraviolent. Krainfeld himself is still grifting to the max… I mean man, if’n I were him, I’d be looking for a non-extraditable country to hide in as the locals? Ask that Romanian dude how it went for him when his people got sick of his particular brand of shit?

Not sure, don’t care, but of all things to be said, I’m tired.

So yeah, worn out on the politics.
Told Gretch this weekend, we ain’t doing shit which got her upset… told her that we’ve done too much for far too long and I need a fucking break man.

I still have to unpack some stuff… order a dumpster get the garage cleaned out… there’s enough ‘stuff’ to do around here just on the norm, than to have her decide she needs to be entertained over this weekend. Fucking unreal…

So, if I miss a poast, don’t freak.
It’s been one of them months or three.
Holler atcha after a while

An Inexpensive Alternative

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
YMMV on this one. I was just unpacking some more gear from the move when I happened across this bag:

One of the emptied out ‘junk drawers’ that was, even in that short a period of time (November to Last Week) managed to accumulate quite a bit of random ‘stuff’… wood screws, ‘spare’ screws, wall anchors… you know, all that shit that comes with ‘some assembly required’ and has ‘spares’.

Now, as a dude, I tend to get pack-rattish about that stuff. Not sure exactly why, but almost every. single. guy. (and quite a few of the handier girls) I know has either bag o’random-stuff OR if it graduates to it’s own bigger container like in one case here, it’s the big Folgers plastic coffee can.

Now whilst putting this away, I also had a secondary project running, which was loading some PMAGs up. One can -never- have too many loaded mags. And as I was doing it, well I got to thinking (a dangerous thing at best)… I like oh so many do enjoy me some gear and conveniences. Sometimes though, the gear that makes things a bit convenient can run a bit on the pricy side, with a for instance like this:

Cool, but as stated before, pricy
With shipping a 3-Pack’ll run you $30… $10 a plate. Granted it -is- a plate that matches up with the mag and yeah, probably more resilient than what I’m going to show you, but hey

Gretch got as 2-Pack of these for $1.25 at the Dollar Store. Basic 3M hooks. Started messing around and come to find out they’re a bit big to put on the bottom of a Mag Plate:

So, via a bit of trial and error, and a dremel cut here and there, and then a bit of paint, you get this:

You have to cut from the front, which leaves not-so-much material to work with, but like I said, YMMV and for a quick and cheap handle/hook/magazine pull, it works…
Good Enough for Government Specs as they say

Which then goes into the pouch quite nicely

Yeah, not crazy sturdy… I also had to add a dollop of superglue to keep the two pieces together (the hook and mounting plate) and to remove it, the 3M tape comes off using a small sharp knife… Otherwise? Pretty solid.

OK yeah, they can break and whatever… I just got a kick out of fucking around and finding out so to speak… boredom late before bed and quick side projects… just thought I’d share.

So your thoughts?
Big Country

ANOTHER 3-Named Nazi

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Interestingly, not a lot of play here stateside. It’s almost as if they want to downplay this. Again. Seems a rabid Whytte Sooperpreemicyst named Sai Varshith Kandula, aged 19 attempted to crash the gate at the White House…

First Cholowaffen
Now Brahminwaffen?
I mean theoretically the Hindus ostensibly did come up with the swastika first…
Jes’ Sayin’
But AGAIN we have a winner:

…or maybe “Gate Runner”?
Matt Bracken had a pretty good take:

Gotta say… That’d wrap up a whoooole lotta things.
My issue with everyone going off about the Ammonium Nitrate ANFO bomb scenario… look… I had to make an ANFO bomb in an Improvised Explosives Course when in the Army back in the day. Part of the reason I was IN the Army was to “shewt the cool gunz” and legally “blow shit the fuck up.”

Great Times….

In that course, we learned that you have to ‘sensitize’ the Ammonium Nitrate. Now Ammonium Nitrate on it’s own is fertilizer. Chemically made and ‘pure’ but nonetheless, it’s a big ole bag of chemically pure poop. Get it wet with water, and boy howdy it fucking stinks… my garage still has a passing, wafting odor from waaay back in the day when Spawn left a bag too close to the front of the garage, and the X’s fertilizer (AN) was leaking, and when it rained? UGH!

Now, there’s multiple ways to ‘sensitize’ the stuff, with one of the most common is to ‘wash’ the AN with diesel fuel. The AN (‘prills’ is what they’re called,) have a protective coating on them that comes off naturally and keeps it in it’s form before it goes in the ground. That’s what we did in the Army back when we made our own bomb. They gave us a 55 Pound bag of AN, and like 2 gallons of Diesel. Cut the corner of a heavy-assed bag of AN, a small hole. Insert Donkey Dick (fuel filler spout to you civvies) into the hole, pour in the Diesel.

THEN comes the motherfucker.
Close and restaple/tape the bag shut. Make sure it doesn’t leak.
Then, you have to pick up the 55 pound bag, and turn it over, and over, and over to evenly (as best as you can) distribute and ‘wash’ the prills with the Diesel. In shape or not, your ass starts dragging really quickly when one it tossing and turning 55+ pounds.

Oh, and mind you, you have a ‘window’ in which to use the now-sensitized ANFO. If you wait to long, it goes ‘bad’ and reverts to a big ole stinky bag of poop, ‘cept with Diesel in it. Can’t remember how long you got, but it ain’t that long hence why when they tell me a 24 Foot Ryder truck was filled (1350 sq ft) with home-made ANFO and blew the Murrah Building? Considering a bag of AN takes up what? Call it 15 inches by 48-50 inches by 5 inches deep? Not very big per bag, but heavy.

Ain’t no way in no how did 2-4 guys (‘cos that’s all they ever said “did” OK City) sensitize 1350 square feet of ANFO in the time it’d take before it all went rotten… ‘cos the timer starts ticking the second the first bag is done… Hell a Platoon of grunt’s’dve have had trouble getting that OpOrder done on time…

But that neither here nor there… just one last thing: An Air Force General who was like the head of alllllll Air Force explosives and whatnot came out and said “No way in hell did an ANFO bomb do that!” and that a bomb of that size and power’d have to have been faaar more conventional? He ended up dead of a suicide shortly after…
Jes’ Sayin’ again

But yep…
Brahminwaffen… the delicious meme potential… wish my photoshop skillz were better. Now, H/T to @Shillelagh_Pog over at GAB who pointed out that the 3 Named Brahminwaffen? He’s only 19.
had to have rented the UHaul… someone over 25 signed for it, since a 19 yr old can’t rent a U-Haul.

“Those whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad.”

Telling you, we haven’t even hit Memorial Day and it’s looking like this summer is going to be balls-deep in the Crazy already. So, I’ll leave it at that for now, ‘lest we get some other whackier stuff come up
Big Country

Parody? And Weight

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
TELL me this’s a parody mnn-kay?
H/T DiveMedic:

You have -got- to be shitting me…
Now, MOST interestingly, the link and the BNN Website are down.
It always makes me a bit …I dunno… not nervous, but it IS odd that this story comes out and -suddenly- the page that had it up crashes or shuts down?

The story link was/is HERE if’n you want to skip Area Ocho’s place. I opened it earlier to write about it, and then when I went to refresh, I get an error stating the website is down-down and that the Wayback Machine might be the route to go…
Why do I get a sinking/bad feeling on this?


So, Other things going on.
One of the things I was doing the other night was watching some vidyas on Yewtoob. One of the channels I occasionally watch is Garand Thumb. My watching him is an occasional thing, primarily because he’s Air Force (on active duty no less!?! how the hell does -that- work?) He’s got some good videos out there, however, my primary annoyance with him is his “bashing” of what some folks refer to as the “poors” i.e. Palmetto State and other less-pricey gear.

Back a few iterations of the blogg ago… might have even been the first IR Blogg, I did a writeup about this exact subject. I’m still a bit brain-fuzzed so forgive me if my clarity isn’t what it should be.

What I’m trying to say is Garand Thumb routinely shits on less-pricey gear. And it irritates me to no end. My main reason is that the majority of pieces parts for an AR of any stripe has the same exact ‘stuff’ as any of the other higher pricey ’boutique’ ARs. That lower you’re running on a Daniel Defense? Provided you aren’t buying a specialized weapon, the lower, with the exception of the branding, is identical to a Palmetto State Armory made lower

Right down to the fucking metallurgy.
Same goes for the upper, the BCG… shit… ALL the ARs, and as I said before barring some exceptionally pricey upgrades, they’re all. the. same. Barrels start getting into a whole different area, what with cold forging, chrome lining and shit like that…

Hell DiveMedic at our last Bleggshoot? Dude has an AR-10 that weighs about as much as my 6 inch Taurus Bull Barreled Model 66 .357… like featherweight. Of course I’m exaggerating, but not by much. Skeletonized -everything-… gorgeous weapon. However, kicked like a fucking pissed off mule with no counterweight to offset the 7.62. I think his ACOG weighed as much as the rifle I swear. (the BIG ACOG, not the regular 4x one)

So, I was watching his “Weapons of the Kraine” vidya, primarily ‘cos he was running some sweet assed WW2 weapons like the STG-44, the great grandaddy of “Assault Rifles”

Truly a bad ass rifle. Supposedly Palmetto State is supposed to come out with a repro-model in the next year or two, one that offers three interchangeable barrels/calibers one in AR, one in AK and one in the Original… 5.56mm, 7.62 Russkie and der Cherman 7.92 Kurz.

THAT I might have to sell the wife for… or at least rent her out.
Shhhh don’t tell her I said that.
Seriously, I’ve always, as a soldier and a historian love the STG.

One of the other ones was a Russian PPSh-41. Fucking bullet hose man… I swear. I had one of those that my guys had found in Iraq. Anywhoo…

So, watching the vidya, I was struck by something:

Just how much shit do you need on your helmet to do a vidya?

Just looking at it, looks like a newer Above The Ear cut… now, his? Not sure if it’s a ballistic helmet or an OPSCORE Bump Helmet. Difference between the two is a Ballistic Helmet will stop/slow down a bullet whereas a Bump Helmet is literally a lightweight nugget cover to stop your squash from being dented lightly.

Now me? I run a Hard Head Veterans helmet that’s similar, with a Ballistic rating of NIJ Level IIIA with Above The Ear (ATE) or high cut design.

And nope, no monies for showing…
I got mine back before the Kung Flu kicked in overboard. Soem of y’all may remember that I had a new gig in 2020 back in Kuwait/Iraq, so I invested in a new skullbucket. Even nicer was at the time? Sezzle financed that sucker.

Which, BTW: IF you happen over to the Sezzle website, there’s quite a few companies that you can get some hi-speed low drag gear financed on… VERY nice if your budget doesn’t allow for a large-ish purchase.

Now, looking at GT’s nugget cover…
Dayyyum if’nt that boy doesn’t have the Kitchen Sink on there. Looks like from my guess, is a Peltor COMTAC III ARC headset (about $1k for that alone) Also, looks like what’s probably a battery pack on the back, as well as a counterweight pouch, and even a damned Surefire flashlight it looks like…

Which gets me to this:
The weight.
The Hard Head Ballistic helmet, on its own that -I- roll with comes in at 3 pounds. So, let’s give him the same. The Peltors? 1.89 pounds. Call it 2 pounds once you add batteries as well as the specialized mounting kit to mount it on the rails. The battery pack he’s got, looks like a L3Harris battery pack that’s used in conjunction with a pair of AN-PVS31s, which are what GT usually has clipped on there.

The shape is what makes me think it’s that model…
That weighs in at 7.25 oz with batteries and cable (4 lithium AAs). Then the Surefire and mount? I’d say b/c it’s got ‘mountability’, that he’s got the Scout light, which is designed to be mounted on a helmet:

Shape is about right, might be a bit long BUT it might be an older model? Tough call. 5oz with Batteries. He’s also, despite having the battery pack, has a counter balance pack as well. The counter balance bag is just small piece of metal, held in a pouch that velcros to the bottom of the back of the helmet.

I -normally- keep 20 rounds of 5.56mm in there as “Oh I’m sooooo fucked” ammo… 2 rounds go thru each of the loops nicely as currently, outside of some not-real NVGs ($200 digital wannabe specials) better to ‘have’ than ‘want/need’ After all, NVGs are going to be high on the list of ‘retrieve during scrounging off the dead’ mode

Jes’ Sayin’

Then he apparently has the “Kool Kid” Wilcox NVG Mount. And again, Me? I run the Notoros GI Issue ‘Rhino Horn’…

I –had– a PVS 14 from Iraq, but that got sold to make a mortgage payment many years back… Le Sigh… I got about 2-3 of the rhino horns laying around here as I used to scrounge up anything I could in Iraq… not like the shit ain’t ever go bad or something amiright?

So… point is
3 Pounds for the Helmet
2 Pounds for the Comm Headset
Call it 22 oz for the flashlight, the battery pack and the counter balance… makes it about 1.4 pounds… and the top thing on the very top of the helmet? No idea what that is. Might be a IR Beacon as he is Air Force TACP.

6 pounds for a helmet. WITHOUT adding the PVS31’s.
(One Pound BTW)

Let me give you a comparison

That heavy, hot First Generation Kevlar Helmet? The one when you took it off, dropped it to the ground and went “OMFG it’s good to get that fucker off!”

Yeeeeah. A Small one weighed in a 3.1 pounds. An XL 4.2.

I can’t even imagine if you strapped all that gee-whiz-bang-boom wundergear to an Original Fritz-Style Skullbucket. It’d be like almost 10+/- pounds. That’s a lot to be rollin’ and strollin’ with, resting/crushing in your squash.
Jes’ Sayin’

Never mind for making a vidya on the yewtoobz.

You’d have thought that the whole point to making the K-Pot, MICH and the IMICH and ATE cut buckets that’d make it better for the troops… I mean besides switching from the Steel Pot, as in adding ‘bulletproofing’ by making it out of Kevlar, it was also
supposed to be lighter.

Heh. Notsomucho I guess.

Yeah, as I ‘age up’ I’m realizing that weight matters. Between the fucked up neck, the blown spine? Yeah, ALL the ounces matter. PT or not, man, these are things to keep in mind Aye?

So, Jeopardy Time!
Gotta Bail to sit with Gretch! Holler atcha all

Big Country

A Tale of Two Trannies

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Bit o’levity coming atcha this fine Sunday. I shut my fon off early last night BFYTW. I didn’t want to hear from anyone, least of all bill collectors or the solar power people.

Thankfully the car warranty folks seem to have gotten the word… how about y’all?

So, I mentioned yesterday about some blaq dood losing his shytte and killing a Tranny… how this was initially reported as part of the “¡Genociding!” (which, BTW is how forthwith said-terminology in regards to the Trannypocalypse will be said, much like ¡Jeb! of the Freaks, all and sundry.) Now…

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I did some Active Duty (Gulf One) and then ended up ‘RIFing’ to the reserves. Stayed close to home and ended up in the 187th Army Reserve Brigade, which was the reserve elements to my best unit evvar the 187th Regimental Combat Team aka The Rakkasans.

Gretch got me that as a gift. The screw up on it is it should be 95-96 on it, but hey, I can live with it… The fact she got the unit, down to the platoon correct? Hell yeah… so, anyways…

The 187th Reserve had a patch thusly:

Arrowhead and Powder horn. HQ was in Boston. This of course led to some hijinks and shenanigans in and around the Greater Boston Area on our two week annual training and/or our Weekend Warrior ‘stuff’.

Now, Back in the day, and any of y’all who were in Boston in the early 90’s, Kenmore Square was –thehappenin’ place to party at. Lansdowne Street, sandwiched between Fenway and the Square proper, with Bill’s Billiards, Axis OMG… club central. Then you had the absolutely infamous Rathskellar or more commonly called “The Rat”

Infamous for all the famous Boston Bands… The Dropkick Murphys, Aerosmith… I mean a who’s-who of massive famosity played there…

Yeah… All of it’s gone now… The Rat got torn down in 97 to make room for a big ole $$$$$ hotel. So… the other club across the Square from the Rat was a place called “Narcissus”

Now, when I hear the term “Meat Market” about a club, the very first place that leaps to mind is/was Narcissus… an absolute perfect definition of mid to late 80’s and early 90’s Dance Club excess… to the point the nickname of the place was Nar-siphilis. The place on the inside was two stories high, with a giant dancefloor that looked like it’d been ripped right out of Pachino’s ‘Scarface’… the dance scene with him and Michelle Pfeiffer? Yeah. Just like that.

So, one night, think it was the spring of 92? We had our first accountability formation on Friday night, and with the ‘usual orders’ that Saturday’s formation was at 0630, “…don’t be late, don’t get busted or else!!!” We got cut loose as it was a ‘station drill’ for equipment maintenance as opposed to mounting up the trucks and weapons and convoying down to Cape Edwards or Fort Devens for running around the woods for the weekend.

That night the squad decided to go downtown, as a group to chase some broads and tie one on. We ended up at Narsiphilis, and it was game on.

Now, the upstairs part of the club was more of a rendezvous/observation deck with some bars. You get some drinks, sit down, and people-watch. OR if you hook up, you head to one of the lesser-lit areas of the club. Couple of our guys did just that. Me? I was dating the now X-wife and had her meet up with me there, as another thing Narcissus was was one of the few under-21 allowable clubs in town. Needless to say, because of that it was –very– popular. Packed to the rafters usually.

About an hour into the fun, me and the X are up on the top deck, just looking around, chatting up with my buddy… the X had brought a friend for my buddy, and he was putting the moves on her, and all in all it was proceeding smoothly


We hear some yelling, a scream, a glass shatter and a thumping sound of a fist-to-face impact. The omnipresent Security goons start racing over and me and my buddy see that it’s one of our guys in the midst of the scrum… (God forgive me I can’t remember his name, only that he was a North End Eye-Tie) we beat feet over like at warp speed to see if we could to a hot extraction, as we knew Top would blow a gasket if one of us got hemmed up by the fuzz.

We get there and there’s this chick, not a bad looking chick mind you, holding her face, blood pouring down… looked like a broken nose… I was like first thoughts: “Ah shit, he’s fucked and that means we’re fucked…” when I hear him (while being restrained by Security) bellowing at the top of his lungs in that heavy Boston-Italian accent he had:


Oh. My. God.
Seems dude had picked up a wee bit of what he thought was some sweetness… was making out, and making plans to slip down to the car for a little ‘satisfaction’ when he reached up under the skirt, and found a tree trunk and berries so to speak.

Needless to say, he geeked the hell out. Like lost it. Started waylaying ‘it’ for this revelation. Thankfully, we managed to get Security on our side via explaining that if they hemmed up our bro, we’d all be in the soup with the First Sergeant. Thankfully, the post-Gulf One feel-good vibes were still kicking, so we got a pass and got the hell out of Dodge before the real cops could show and start slapping on cuffs.

For the next year, anytime we were on drill with him, we gave him non-stop shit about it. I still laugh my ass off just thinking about it.

Then, yet again in the same unit and at a different time/place, with a different guy, we had another “Tranny Incident.” Now the first one? Let me tell you, there’s Trannies, then there’s Trannies. In the case of the first one? Man, thank GOD I had a girlfriend at the time ‘cos no shit, you could –not– tell that that particular ‘dude looked like a lady’. We’re talking “Tula” levels of whammenz:

She’s getting on in years, but Caroline Cossey, a Brit model turned out to be a dude at birth… He/She actually was a Bond Girl who got ‘outed’ by the tabloids after making the film.

Thing of it is, She is, IMO a genuine transgender as opposed to all these fucking play actors like lil Dylan and that swimmer fuck. SHE went all in, got the surgery and from all reports essentially lives like her whole life as a female.

The chick that our buddy hooked up with?
Mad hot. I wouldn’t’ve been able to tell.

The second?
Maaan… this was a dude in a dress. And granted, we saw it for what it was in the club. What we didn’t see was PV1 Gillette (his name I remember) picking it up, and going out to the parking lot.

Unlike the first incident, Gillette came back in from outside. We were sort of confused (as smoking back then was still allowed in the clubs) so we asked him where’d he been off to?

Now Gillette was a seriously deep southern Cracker from Georgia… I swear dude’s middle name was ‘Laconic’… not a big talker, not stupid, just a man of few words. He drawled out to us “Went outside with thet thar ole girl… got me a skull job in th’ parkin’ lot…”

We boggled.
Our Platoon Daddy, Frank (SFC but the reserves were pretty low key on rank in the clubs and whatnot) looked at him, and said “Gillette, you know that was a guy right? For real… that was a guy made up to look like a broad…”

We all held our breath as we waited to see his reaction to this news… I looked around and noticed said he/she/it dude had thankfully popped smoke as I, hell all of us, judging from the worried looks on everyone’s faces were worried that Gillette was going to go nutso like our other guy had a year or so earlier…

Gillette just sort of sat there… took a drag off his beer, and said “Sure did give some good head for a dude tho…”

All of us
Man, I thought I was going to piss myself. I think Frank did piss himself. The Platoon practically drowned out the music in the place with our laughter… Good Lord… talk about a pragmatist…

Even now, to this day, all I can think of how hilarious the two incidents were, and that they still make me laugh years later.
Hope Y’all Enjoyed. Happy Sunday!
More Later
Big Country

Random Stuff

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Saturday… I actually got to sleep in til 10 am!!! Whoo Hoo! Been a looong minute since I had the sleep in mode kick. Still tired, and I had errands to run. Went up to the VA to pick up some waiting scripts, and afterwards decided it’s going to be a long time before I leave the house if I have to.

I swear I felt like some people were actively trying to kill me on the road for real… Had one guy, and I swear, hand to God, the guy was an Aborigine from Australia behind the wheel… Let me tell you, that face? Yeah, I mean you can sort of tell when you’ve got an ‘import model’ of a Black folk… this guy looked -exactly- like that “Elder” from that Crocodile Dundee movie… like for real-real… plus he couldn’t drive worth a shit… almost tore the front end off my car, and I had to fast-grab the Sausage Princess who was riding shotgun as Gretch is still racked in the bunk with a blown back.

Stood the car up practically on it’s nose… The doggo has a seat belt (can’t see it in the pic) but the way we stopped suddenly it wasn’t making a difference… She was utterly confused by the whole situation TBH.
She just usually rides and loves letting the AC vent right full blast into her face:

I will say I have missed her. She’s getting old-er, what about 8? 9? years old? Getting some gray around the muzzle. But, she does like her groceries AND a ride in the car. Only issue I have with her riding is she constantly wants to crawl into my lap when I’m driving. She’s always been mad-clingy… “Never stop touching/petting the dog” is a catchphrase around here.

The cat OTOH is a cat. Bob could care less if we were here or not, only that the water/food bowl is full AT ALL TIMES Slave!!! And that the Box O’Poo is freshly cleaned and maintained. Still, even though it was only a week this time, it was nice to get some fuzz-time with him.

Now, “things” in the World.
The more I’m seeing the absolute desperation of the Authorities at ALL levels doing it’s combined best to bury/hide/avoid releasing the Tranifesto of the Nashville School shooter has my antenna ringing. Add on the psychometrics of the language being utilized by the Crazy Folks out there, and a few other feelings I have, got me a solid hunch that yeah, the Tranifesto is a hot dumpster-fire that’s going to possibly kick a can of gas over onto an glowing ember, and the subsequent conflagration ain’t going to be pretty all around.

As to the psychometrics of the language… by what I’m saying there is the constant use of the word “Genocide” and even I’ve seen “Holocaust” thrown around in regards to the treatment of said-freaks and any and all anti-freakshow legislation, as well as the overall in general attitude towards the aforementioned Freaks.

The way they’re talking, and the Ministries of Lies and Propaganda are broadcasting with a compliant if not fully part and parcel of this “new normal” you’d think there were roving packs of Fundamentalist Christians with torches and pitchforks actively chasing down and butchering Trannies. Every single time (as rare as it is, even now) that a Tranny gets “murdered” they make it sound like the Dude (as it’s almost every single time a bio-guy involved) was dragged screaming from his/it’s house and given the Emmit Till treatment…

I recall one that was kil’t a few back in LA? Maybe San Fran? The initial reports made it sound like it was a Rabid Horde of Swastika Wearing SS Blonde-and-Blue Eyed Aryans chased down and then dragged this poor, defenseless Trannie out into the street and beat it to death with a pipe.

IRL? It was a ‘sex worker’ as the euphemism goes these days… (whatever happening to just calling a whore a whore?) It apparently was turning tricks, and the trick either didn’t know it was an ‘it’ and post-coitus, the perp was a leeeetle pissed off, and beat the Trannies head in with the previously mentioned pipe… good story on that later…

Reason that shit went away? Seems the perp was a fellow blaq dood, who took great insult having been serviced by another dood, and on his ‘discovery’ of this, he felt morally justified in beating the offending wannabe-broad to death. So, because of these uncomfortable facts and the fact that it clashed with the narrative, The Media, per usual, with a wave of the Magical Story Erasure Wand, the topic was dropped posthaste.

“It was Mister Black, in the Alley, with the Lead Pipe!”
No Shytte Aye?

Something is coming. No idea what exactly it is, but the utilization of extreme victimhood phrasing and words in order to garner a emotional response makes me wonder… I mean at no time (to my intel) have Trannies EVER been “Genocided”

Laughed at?
Discriminated Against?
Actively shunned as well they should be in a healthy normal society?
Fuck yeah.
We sure are no longer healthy nor normal by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, this country is more fucked up than a football-bat. Part of my going concern is that usually using the word “Holocaust” and/or “Genocide” gets a certain tribal groups’ panties in a serious twist.

This time around? Not so much.

Which raises other questions that’ll be left alone for now. I have a stronk hunch that the Nashville Nasty as I’ll call her went off waaay earlier than planned… maybe it had it’s period and the PMS made it crazier than normal… add in the fact that we haven’t gotten any word on the meds it was on, but I’ll make a bet with y’all that SHE (to dead-sex her) was on a bunch of hormone drugs, never mind psychotropics that the P-Shrinks seem to LOVE handing out like Pez (blame John Wilder for the Pez reference).

Thing is, they’re pushing faaar too hard when it comes to allowing the grooming and kidfucking. The UN just put forth a thing, whatever the fuck they call it… a referendum? stating essentially if you want to fuck kids, and the kids are cool with it, have at it. This ENTIRE issue is exactly what anyone with half-a-fucking functional cortex was warning about back during the gay marriage thing, i.e. INCREMENTALISM

“Love is Love” and all that rot…
I was fine with that.
They just couldn’t leave the fuck alone and kept pushing boundries
“Bake the Cake bigot”
Now it’s “Let us groom/mutilate/and fuck your children”
Or Else
That fucking pedo-choir even came out and sang a song about coming for our kids. And because people (as of now) have not taken up ‘active measures’ of a most decidedly violent nature it’s only encouraged them in the Public Square to keep on pushing.

Like all things, shit comes to an end.
Lots of observable, simmering hate boiling out there on both sides.
Thing of it is, even with the “Power of the State” and the GloboHomoCorp and it’s FUSA/ZOG minions, they’re -still- outnumbered. They also have been gutting the DotMil in pursuit of what exactly? No idea. BUT I do feel like they’re gearing up and manning up.

In fact, anyone notice that the Outlaw Blegg got nuked shortly after I had the revelation that the Burrito Goblin Brigade(s) that they’re importing are going to be the initial ‘front line troops’ in a Gun Confiscation/Enforcement action? Doing “The Jobs Americans Won’t Do?” Yep. Then add on the whole statements from MULTIPLE people to include the Putrefying Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den stating that “You can’t fight F-15s…”

Try this PURELY FICTIONAL scenario:
Part One: Someone… Not sure who, but it’ll be more than likely a wind up toy, a three-named Whytte guy with an AR. A fully programmed nutbar first class. He’s going to go full on berserk at a Tranny show, more than likely a VERY Public one… hell, to make it really work they have the Kidsmeller there with, oh say his Granddaughter? Nutter-Guy manages to get in, and ‘genocides’ the place. Double points if it’s at a Church. Manages to even off the “Big Guy” and his spawn.

Part Two: Queue a National Mourning Month, followed by the most draconian weapons laws ever dreamed of. After which, MANY states tell the FedGov to go fuck itself. Sheriffs and maybe a few red states worth of Law Enforcement refusing to enforce, ATF agents being arrested and escorted to State Lines, Fibbies being done the same way.

At which point the DotGov announces that because of the “willful rebellious attitude” of the States that just told Leviathan to go and fuck itself, that just by purest ‘cohensidence’ that there are LARGE numbers of prior Military New Immigrants who’re willing to “…step into the breach” and “…do the jobs that the rebellious and unlawful Americans won’t do…”

Part Three consists of then, proper justification having been now established, the now-Badged Beaner Brigades of Burrito Goblins, suitably equipped and armed up, will go out and start doing the Door-To-Door confiscations. Now, mind you since these fuckers are going to have the barest ability to understand the Constitution, never mind English and unfortunately from what we’ve seen have a proclivity for mindless rapine and violence, any bets that when they go on the 4473 Hunts that the occasional “collateral damage” will occur?

Me either

Then, Part the Fourth: You and I know that there’s going to be a LOT of dead motherfuckers by this stage. On BOTH sides. 5th Gen War, with a LOT of ‘blue hive’ cities erupting in apocalyptic levels of ultraviolence. The Ministries of Lies and Propaganda of course are going to be balls-deep in showing each and every massacre and hyping up the whole viewpoint of “Gun Owners = Rebellious Nazis” 24-7.

Once certain patterns are established, meaning the Burrito Goblins getting their heads handed to them, either metaphorically or IRL, as they show up to “enforce the law” the FedGov will either declare full-on Martial Law or that a Second Civil War is ‘offishully’ ongoing, thereby allowing the suspension of Posse Comitatus. Then it’s just a wee short step in having let the F-15s or A-10 loose with the intention of taking out entire neighborhoods, damn the collateral damage.
Napalming ‘rebels’ and whatnot… Of course that’s only one way I can think of it going… and that’s with just bullshitting with “what ifs” with Sapper.

What do you think?
Me? I’ma not liking it… it’s faaar too easy to see this becoming a reality.
Your thought? Let me know in the comments
More Later
Big Country

OK Here’s The Skinny

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Wowsers… been a tough couple of weeks…
Waitaminute… make that ONE Fucking WEEK.
Sweet Baby Jeebus. Time flies when yer getting royally buttfucked…

So, the way things went…
LAST Wednesday, May 10th, We were still in Tampa, what with me, the VA and dental issues. All of a sudden, Gretch got a wild hair up her ass… was having ‘Gran’ withdrawal for Adriana, even tho we’d been inundating ourselves with Gran #2… her half-sister Kylie, who BTW is becoming a precocious lil Goober in her own fashion… one of the MANY weekends here while we were home doing our “rescue thang”, she was just flat out being…. I dunno… ‘girlie?’

Tough for me to call as, unfortunately I missed out on the 5-6 year old age group time period with Spawn#2, female type one each b/c of my time overseas… file under ‘one of my few regrets Aye’? So anywho, at one point, I asked that she -stand fucking (expletive deleted to her) still- for a second so’s I could get a picture or two of her… quite a feat as she never holds still… it’s like dealing with the tasmanian devil I swear… now mind you, she’s –not– hyper or a spazz… just your average, normal 5 .5 year old Redhead with Blue eyes (rare!) who has the energy of a thousand nukular reactors running her from dawn til dark…

Fuck me running
God HELP the poor bastard who finally captures her heart and mind (provided me and Papa don’t kil’t his ass and bury him out of…well… just being over protective Aye?) Poor fucker better have energy levels on par with Mercury… you know the ancient God, lest he fall behind… ‘cos Lord knows, this girl is on fire 24-7…

Unicorn Day…
That pic? That was literally her holding still for what? 5 seconds?
There are just some things I shouldn’t have to deal with LOL.
For my Grans? Ain’t nothing better.
So, back to the “Tale of Shytte”
So, May 10th, Gretch wanted to git back to TN. Now… Me?
Talked about my background… y’all know I was Airborne Infantry. A (forced) Tanker… (much to my undying shame) Y’all also know I flunked Ranger School, went SFAS and did a bunch of other stuff over the years. Dunno if I ever mentioned it, but I was a hell of a point man. Found out in Basic Training that I had the ‘knack’… and even my Drills said I had “Great instincts.” Rare praise indeed Aye?
What it is?

I get a ‘vibe’
It’s a physical as well as mental… I dunno… a LOUD ‘feeling’… words be hard on this sort of thing… it’s like trying to describe the “Taste of a Color” for a rather droll metaphor. It’s like I have this internal radar if you will, tuned in and when really bad things are headed my way, well I just know it. Some people call it ESP… sixth sense.. not quite sure… I call it my ‘combat antenna’… it’s tuned to when bad people intend bad juju and things on me… Doom on me so to speak…

Mentally, I get amped.
However, if things don’t “start” however, it progresses to physical.
Can’t sleep
I get ‘growly/grumpy’ as fuck
Wired in like a motherfucker
Need to kill a bitch if’n you’ll pardon the vernacular…

Not happy unless I got my rifle next to me, along with the battle rattle. When this ‘vibe’ kicked in back in the day in Iraq, I’d sleep fully armored w/helmet and my weapon as a teddy bear. Laugh if you want but as Elton would say, “I’m still standing, Yeah Yeah Yeah!”
So… got the vibe?
The very Idea of heading back to Tennessee had me on edge
Got worse and stayed worse
The whole trip up North sucked rotten goat ass

Couldn’t sleep, eat… was on full alert
All dressed up and no one to kill.

“Just Because You’re Paranoid, Doesn’t Mean they’re NOT Out to Get You”

OK No joke
That pic above? The exact one? Dead Dad had in poster form and framed on the wall in his home office when I was growing up. Got it back in the 70’s I believe… the original we lost after he cashed his chips… the University he was at? Instead of reaching out to us to collect his shit? They shitcanned it…Dammit.
Anyways… That exact poster? Growing up with it as a daily mantra?

Any question why I’m a wee bit twisted Aye?

Seriously tho… I was wired for sound on this trip… MAJOR Not cool. In fact, I’ma NOT taking a picture of meself as the bags under my eyes qualify as ‘ginourmous’ and I look and feel like utter shytte. Like I said, a long couple of days… feels like weeks… combat and intel gathering tiger-team operations weren’t this fucking stressful. Haven’t properly slept for 7 days running, hence why I’m pecking this out at 12:48AM EST right now…



Finally, after a marathon speed run We got back to the ghetto mid-to late Thursday May 11th. Problem was? I was wasted, and despite my work-from-home J-O-B with People’s Glorious Tractor Factory, I knew I couldn’t do jack and/or shit about the missing hours. The Head Commissar of the department told me I could make up hours over the weekend (which I did despite all the put-upon bullshit I had shaking… wasted my ass but hey! They pretend to pay us whilst we pretend to work… old Soviet Joke Aye?).

Seriously, best job I ever had. LOVE the widgets I work with and the outcomes.

Anyway. Took me a day or two to go thru almost 6-8 weeks worth of mail. No idea if you’ve ever had to file thru that much bullshit, but these day? In light of me doing a ‘credit course correction’? I’ve never had so many offers of “easy credit” before (which is going to be another rant altogether later) but yeah, get $4000 in “easy credit” now…

At 62%interest for ten years

As they say, “who be shittin’ who?”

OK… so WAY down deep in the pile o’bullshit is a letter.. not certified.. no nothin’
Just plain ole “To Big Country Et Al”
Return Addy is a Lawyer

Dumbitchs’ Freebie Court Assigned Lawyer

Now, despite FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS I didn’t want to become a “test case” with alllll that entails. I’ll just leave it at that…

No wonder I had a bad feeling…

Kenny Rogers said it best: “You got to know when to hold ’em, Know when to folder ’em, and Know when to run…”

So, we called ENDEX (end exercise)
We’re not done, but we had to bail to keep the fight up. To be honest, I’m done the fuck in. Between having my last visit with Addy, the fact she can’t even say her own name nor any other words. She’s almost nonverbal at this point as no one is actively working with her to speak… Mother. Fucker. I’m exhausted. I need time to regroup, reorganize, reload…

This fight ain’t over

I just realized I haven’t had a vacation in what? Since 2012.
Gonna be a looooooooooong summer I guess.
Holler at y’all Later

Big Country

Teste Teste…One… Two… Three?

Is this thing on?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
A LARGE update to follow.
I’m Alive…
By the Grace of the Lord Almighty and Jesus Hisself so is everyone else…
For now>>>
Of course things are waaaaaaaaaaay out of control. Like I said, I just finished a marathon undercover two-twelve hour days of driving… between I-95 South being one lane only after dark and the fact that the fucking barge that I -had- to rent from U-Fucking-Think-U-Haul had a top speed of 55

IF I was lucky

And as we’ve seen as of late?
What Fucking Luck?
I know not of what you speak.
We did however, despite downpours, and an uncomfortable night in a “Comfort” Inn… which BTW, the fucking room we had was a handicap room (only thing they had left with a king size bed) and it was fucking 3 times the size of the shithole apartment we just evacuated from… we made it home alive… It just took forever….

So, more for later. I’m not feeling the ‘Intrepid Reporter” thing that much these days… dunno… maybe need to update the moniker… let me know in the comments

Big Country

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