Well This’s Been a FULL Weekend and Medvedev’s Response to Teh Stoopidz

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
FINALLY got that Gottverdammnt Substack up. Link is HERE. I wanted to go more in-depth, but the time just got away from me as I have the Red Headed Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station-with-Legs, Also Known As Gran#1 here for the weekend, and Gretchen is down for the count with some sort of bug.

Soooo I get to be father, Papi and full time entertainer for a kid who’s more hyper than a Methhead with fresh rock. Trying to write up the full wanted-to-be Substack, after all the other issues was a pain in the ass… I was up until 1am last night trying (unsuccessfully) to get it done… then on top of that, I’ve been baking cookies with her… Nestle Chocolate Chip classics to be specific.

And they’re coming out well. Problem is she wants to eat the dough… at 5.5 years old, she doesn’t get the idea “eat dough now, no cookies later” concept. I have let her have the beaters, and those who’d go “OMG RAW EGGS!” Nigga please, siddown, an’ shuddup. I ate raw cookie dough from the time I could toddle, and I’m still here. When I’m done making the cookies, she’ll get the bowl too.

But yeah, couple of things caught my eye this weekend, one was an article that’s been HIGHLY OVERLOOKED in my opinion. It’s written by Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation. Essentially one of the “Bigger Bosses” besides Putin who’s got a LOT of influence.

Essentially, he’s laying out (and this’s a bad goolag translation) the Russian POV of how and where the war is going. Reading into it, I’m not feeling a smiley-happy from it. Boiling it down to a TL;DR is the fact that essentially, The US is a depraved, dissolute has-been, the Eurofags and by extension NATO, are nothing but fucking sock-puppet slaves to the Greater American Empire, as it used to be. Essentially, he’s trying to put the fucktards on notice that there’s a new sheriff in town to include the rest of the world (the BRIChead kids).

Because the Minsk agreements were literally bullshit to allow the Ukronazis to build up, the Russians have essentially “Fool us once, shame on you, there ain’t no second chance, suck our balls.” as stated: “The confrontation will be very long, and it is too late to tame the obstinate (that is, us)

I.E. you fucked us over, now reap the whirlwind you lying sacks of shit. He references our “…new degenerate generation of Western politicians…” and that because they’re essentially fools, fucktards and morons, they know not what they do.

The link to the article is HERE
Needless to say, It’s not a ‘smiley face’ sort of situation.
His final words?

“So far, the finally degenerate Western political class is trying to raise the stakes in bloody clown horror. In a state of persistent dementia pushes our little world to the third world. The stoned Kiev regime is inciting the war to the last Ukrainian.

In other words, I am not an optimist. No wonder Anton Pavlovich once remarked that “life, in fact, is a very simple thing, and a person needs to make a lot of efforts to spoil it . “

Does that sound like a country that’s on ‘the back foot’ or ‘losing’? Not to me… Have the Russians had setbacks? Sure… part and parcel of war. HOWEVER The fucking moronic Krainians? They’re running out of people. The latest vidyas I’ve seen, from the Krainians themselves? The fucking ages of the ‘cruits and boots they got?

I’m younger than the majority of these guys.

I’m pretty sure if Grandpa is on the front line, yer in “Germany circa 1945” territory. I mean for real. 65 year old guys, in uniform, looking miserable? They should be at home but apparently Krainfeld is bound and determined to kill off every single male Krainian between the ages of 16 to 65.

Not that fucking faggot and his Kocaine Klown Krew are actually on the front lines… nope… he’s faaaar too much of a rock star. In fact I’m pretty sure he’s actually holed up where the green screens keep him looking like he’s still in the Kraine, as I have my doubts… fucking if anything, I highly encourage someone in the Kraine, or Putin himself, to put both the Kraine and us (the rest of the world population) first and put Krainfeld out of OUR collective misery.

I.E. drop a Kaliber on his fucking ass.
Fuck him.
Preferably where even dental records wouldn’t help with ID.
Jes’ Sayin;’

Goddamned Klown is doing to the Kraine what Hitler did to Germany… and because the average IQ of your average Krainian is at about 80, they’re too stupid to even understand it, and are going to blame Putin and Russia… never mind the tenuous links of Krainfeld and his Koterie of Klowns ALL being members of a particular tribal group that somehow always seem to be involved in the giga-deaths of non-tribals.
Funny that Aye?

Things that make you go Hmmmn…
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27 thoughts on “Well This’s Been a FULL Weekend and Medvedev’s Response to Teh Stoopidz”

  1. Brazil keeps getting added to the BRIC acronym, but I don’t think they’re ready to play in the same sandbox as the other 3rd world dumps.

    Brazil is about 30 seconds away from a revolution at the moment. The current communist president is about the most corrupt of all world leaders, and since he gives free shit to the people living in the midden heaps of the cities where the dependas build shacks- and also vote, he’s got the base, and corruption takes care of the rest. This dbag did what the deep state tried and couldn’t do, he packed their supreme court with his people, deciding the last election and making sure the guy who tried to run can’t ever do so again.

    Brazil has more natural resources than the US does at this point. They’re so fucked up they can’t manage them, and with communism raising it’s head, they’ve shifted from selling their resources on the world market to selling almost exclusively to China with a bit of trade to Cuba and the other communist nations… I mean, the US still is the largest trading partner Brazil has, they just pretend like it isn’t.
    And it’s a shame. Brazil’s little middle class had the optimism of 1950’s America just 2 years ago, and it was even ethnically diverse like the masturbatory fantasies of American white liberal women. Now they look and are treated like white Zimbabweans were 15 years ago.
    Anyhow, I am going down there in a few weeks. The original purpose of the trip was to see my wife’s family and sign a contract to build a small farm and a home there for us. No chance in hell of that given the last few weeks. A cabin in Appalachia is starting to look like a better idea.

    When someone who doesn’t have shit on their shirt gives you a box of cookies and asks for your vote, a starving 70-IQ faveliera is gonna vote for the man with the impressive shit-free shirt.

  2. The devastation of the Ukrainian male population is going to be a disaster for generations to come. More lonely White women for Zelenskyy and his Tribemates to prey upon.

    1. Reportedly over 50,000 women are serving in the Ukrainian military right now, although granted many are in support roles. I would not be surprised as they run out of men that they send the women to the front lines.
      The plan seems to be to wipe out ethnic Ukrainians and then a certain “ethnic group” that currently is staying in their “homeland” due to “racism” will come like flies on shit back to settle the Ukraine once the fighting is done.

    2. Yup. Been saying it from the start, between the dead, the ones who joined Russia and those who left never to return Ukraine is effectively finished as a functional state.

      There were so many off ramps they could have taken, but didn’t. Now the ball is in Russia’s court and they don’t’ have any trust left for the western world, so I can’t see it being anything short of whatever solution they choose.

      Even if you believe Ukraine is kicking their arse, Russians have been thoroughly convinced it’s an existential threat where there’s no point in stopping short of total victory or total defeat.

      Tell me that is conducive to a diplomatic solution.

    3. TPTB are banking on the deep and legendary hatred the Ukies have for the Russkies. Here in my A/O, I and my spouse are blessed to have a beautiful Ukrainian family-devout Christians-6 kids, living two doors down from us. One day not long ago, the children were walking home from the school bus stop while I was working in the front yard. I greeted them in Russian. Their mother told me not to speak Russian to the children again. Her excuse was she only wants the kids to speak English.
      I could see the hatred in her eyes, as I detected the echos of the HOLODOMOR in her speech. So, I backed off and let sleeping dogs lie. I hope the Ukies who are still alive in Zelinskiland survive the (((depredations))) of the Biden crime family and their useful idiots. The serfs are always on the short end of the stick.

  3. Your comment: “…but apparently Krainfeld is bound and determined to kill off every single male Krainian between the ages of 16 to 65.

    Win-Win for Soros and Co. Just import a few “refugees” from Africa, who are 99% male and everything is fine.

    And your comment about Europe / Germany:
    When I was in the German Air Force 1988/1989 we had a joke: The German army is there to occupy the enemy until a REAL army shows up.
    It meant that the German army was a laughing stock (and we had 2.000+ FUNCTIONAL main battle tanks at that time!! compared to todays 200 and dont ask me how many are functional), the enemy was ROFL ROFL ROFL and we knew it.

    1. One of the things that transitioned Rome from a republic to empire was the wars. The landed, equestrian class was the extent of the franchise – not every citizan, or every free man. These men had the duty to fight Rome’s wars. As wars became more frequent and longer these men could not run their estates or pay their debts leading to the land, power, money, and voting being concintrated in to the hands if a few who do not do the fighting.

      “Decline and Fall” should be required reading. The parallels to the US are staggering.

      In the case of Ukraine: who will own the farms and lands of the fallen? Cue bono? I have seen rumblings that a certian group that lives in an arid land, with limited good farm land, and some feel that some of the land in question once beloged to them.

      1. “Decline and Fall” can easily be boiled down.
        Sir John Glubb’s 26 page essay “The Fate of Empires” is a much simpler read.

  4. “ They should be at home but apparently Krainfeld is bound and determined to kill off every single male Krainian between the ages of 16 to 65”.

    That has been Russia’s goal from the get go. Russians in Ukraine are loving it.

    Think on this. The history we all know and at times wish we could go back and visit just to see it. Well, we are witnessing a future history right now. Not sure how it will turn out but I believe it won’t be good for a long stretch of time, kinda like our grandparents living through the depression.

    1. Bear Claw would you kindly explain your thoughts?

      Normally your posts are fairly intelligent but I’d like to know where you got the idea that Russia wants every Ukrainian dead??

      Link please or a retraction.

      1. More of a misspoke, busy when posted. More of a question not a statement. It was aimed more at the denazification as in azov assholes not the good people of Ukraine. I have prayed for them often.

  5. There are companies selling land in ukraine cheap. People are willing to sell cheap to have money to flee.

    A coworker was looking at a buying a retirement home there. I said good price if you can keep it. He assumes the victor will let him keep it.

  6. What’s not to like if Russia nukes a few shithole hives?
    I mean, if they lob one at 40.74922080266882, -73.96810305688497 and it works, the world would be FAR better off!

    1. Not this shit again.

      Can’t lob a weapon that does not exist.

      MacArthur begged Truman for authorization to use “Nukes” on December 9th 1950 against the howling CHICOM horde that came pouring across the Yalu. Would have been an ideal, textbook employment (massed armor and infantry canalized in narrow chokepoints).

      Truman (asshole that he was), fired MacArthur for this, even though at a press conference earlier he had said “the decision to use nuclear weapons will be left up to the military men.”

      Yeah, can’t use something you don’t have.

      Pull your head out of your fourth point of contact. If “nukes” existed they would have been used frequently over the past 80 years (after all, why not? No permanent consequences at all if Hiroshima and Nagasaki are exemplars).

      I have posted a dissertation (in the form of a book) that conclusively slam-dunks the hoax, fraud, and grift that are “nuclear weapons.” It isn’t a long read, and it isn’t written by a flat-earther incel basement dweller, but a respected Japanese scientist named Akio Nakatani (of Fujitsu). Read it (or don’t, not yer momma, don’t care). But FFS, ClownWorld has been at the fake and ghey business for way longer than most are willing to admit.

      It’s -all- fake and ghey.

      Book is here in full for free (after Comrade Bezos pulled and wiped it about 9 months ago):


      Again, everyone is free to wear sunscreen, but the preponderance of evidence would suggest that “Canned Sunshine” is more like “Blowing sunshine up yer kilt.”

      1. This film by created by Prof. Edgarton* (MIT), shows the detonation of a device on the tower at the Trinity test site which is definitely NOT an explosion due to the exothermic destabilization of nitrogen-based explosives such as gun powder, nitroglycerine, dynamite, TNT, cordite or any other smokeless gunpowder, torpex, C-2, C-3, C-4, PETN, or any other sort of “plastique” explosive.

        That being said, there is a very credible argument that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were actually destroyed each by an approx. 60-plane strike force carrying a mixture of Napalm and Thermite Incendiaries, plus some bombs with mustard gas (which produces symptoms VERY similar to radiation sickness, BUT, like many of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki victims, can produce dire effects in people who arrive minutes, hours, or even days after the bombing, whereas radiation poisoning would ONLY happen to those who were there at the time of detonation (neither bomb would have produced enough nuclear fallout on the ground to be worth mentioning) AND there has never been shown to be any radiation anomoly in either city, as one would expect if 99% of the fissionable material were vaporized (and 50% of that propelled DOWNWARDS with extremely high momentum compared to the ambient atmospheric gas).

        * who pioneered high speed photography (all those classic photos of a bullet splitting a car, passing through an egg, passing through an apple, a balloon, etc, were all done when Edgarton first created the Electronic Strobe flash, combined with a sensor for detecting when the bullet was at the desired spot for the image, all set up in dimly lit rooms, so that the rapid and bright flash of light from the strobe would completely overwhelm any sort of imagery on the frame of film before and after the strobe was lit.

  7. first, give the misses a dose of ivermectin. another in 48 hours. another in 48 hours if needed but i doubt it will be. that stuff works, even for wounds. take it once a month for maintenance. …..project looking glass is proceeding as scheduled. noticed more n more coming out about the pedo mafia elites?

  8. Collapse and revolutions are all going according to FEW (WEF) plans.
    Holland, Fwance, Brazil and Chiquitastan are on the way with the Brandon and Junior clan.
    Germanystan and Paki Kebab Shack the U.K. are in the rotation.
    Counter Revolutions are more fun!

  9. BCE~ Teaching Gran #1 to cook from scratch is a blessing. And licking the bowl was never an issue when we were kids. Teaching her to reload ammo and proper policing of used brass is another lesson which will help her in the future to identify a man with skills and avoiding an useless idiot. Better to be active than a lump on a couch. Though getting a phone call “why is your kid on the roof” when they were right behind you 30 seconds ago is also another thing some parents and grandparents get sometimes.

    I’m wondering how many more shoe closets need to be dropped with all the information overload bursting forth. What is being hidden in all that data?

  10. ……ya know….! all you guys keep shit talking the “tribe” Braken be callin’ you “Hitler youth” like he does us over at the Sooper Seekrit Flammenwerfer Klub……just sayin…..

  11. BC,
    The situation does seem untenable, gone too off the rails crazy to draw back…then your gran #1 is the same age as my #4… up nights more often these days thinking about how these assclowns are working to make the world a far shittier place for them…and how to keep them safe…contingencies are different with them…and we’re older now. Damn, well if they don’t somehow manage to make us all glow in the dark, there’s alaways the warm, fuzzy feeling we’re getting down here in Texas, watching how big these invasion camps are getting all over the place down here, but shit I’m sure everything is just FINE, right?? Keep up the good work, Bro.

  12. Great read AND great comments, gents!

    TPTB think they are “Giants walking the earf,” until they ain’t.

    The whole ‘effing edifice–evil and rotten to the core. It’s got to not only be burnt to the ground, but its evil roots and branches plucked out and tossed into the raging bonfire.

    Tell the wymen and globohomos to keep their cries of anguish and shrieks to a minimum, whilst the Gods of the Copybook Heading clear the air. H/T to Rudy.

    There’s not even a shell left–worst than a Potemkin Village. FUSA is lucky that the freaking geo-engineering and terra-forming that they’re inflicting daily just doesn’t topple this Tower of Babel. Slightest Zepher will be a “downer” for her.

    Meantime, Mates–do what needs to be done. Brace for impact—-and survive!

  13. Recall that the priority objective of Ivan is “demilitarization” of the zone. That means putting every one of those fighters (of whatever denomination) in the graves on way or another.
    Ivan’s doing that.

    Putin’s polling like Santa Clause over there, BRICS will have the tangible currency, and they’re rolling new equipment and ammo off the line like friggin’ pop tarts.

  14. We often refer to the U.S. as the GAE, or global American Empire. I think a better term is “Babylon the Great.”

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