Even The Nazis Didn’t Burn Paris…

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Looks like Paris is completely fucked. Microdick Maricon and his 30 something plus older-than-him handler…er “wife” haven’t called out the DotMil in any way shape or form.

It’s day four of the Muj-Rampage a.k.a. Le Grand Chimpanzé or to us English speakers, the Great Chimp Out.

Seems a nogger of some Muslim affiliation was stopped while driving and did the usual ‘resisting arrest’ and got himself capped for it.

Game on!

So… from what I’m seeing and hearing on various other channels is that it’s spreading. Namely to Brussels:

Now, far from it to be said, well, fuck it, times like this is when you don’t bother with ‘arrests’. You declare martial law, declare a curfew. Tell ’em they got til 18:00 to get the fuck off the streets or else. Then, deploy the Infantry, and belt feds. You gun down –everyone– on the street after 18:00.

The next day, during ‘carcass identification’ any and all family members of a rioter who’s stiff was found in the street, forfeits any and all property, bank accounts, and gets deported back to whatever third world shithole they come from after mandatory sterilization. Every. member. of. the. family. No exceptions.

Trust me… that’ll square shit away beaucoup quick.

They’d learn to be polite nigras or they get kil’t and the fam sterilized, impoverished and send back to wherever they come from.

My extreme reaction to this is they’re destroying a lot of utterly irreplaceable white cultural artifacts. The library in Marseilles has been burned, with some of the rarest-of-the-rare medieval manuscripts, now lost forever because the importation of a bunch of sub-50 IQ’d fucking niggers who can’t stop eating one another, who have no worth in any meaningful way, and are, by and large a disease inflicted on Europe by folks who, from what I can tell are a parasitical group they damned selves.

Of course said group is allllllll up in arms about one of their monuments being defaced:

No mention of the precious cultural heritage that’s been destroyed… nope… all must bow and scrape before the holohoax memorial.


So… coming to a town near the American Southwest? ‘Cept those folks will rather institute La Raza and Aztec Chest Carving as seen by some of the more severe practitioners and members of MS-13… hard to say, but between the rumbling about the Nuke Plant that the Russians are supposedly pulling out of?

Word is July 5th is “Meltdown Day”

Everyone is soooooooooo sure that the Russians are going to take out the nuke plant… problem is why would they? It’ll only pollute their own fucking turf. It’d make no sense and no, I do NOT want to hear how Putin is losing the war… save that shit for someone NOT wired into the intel services. Right now it’s about a stalemate, primarily because Russia doesn’t want to go much further. Their entire mission was to eradicate the Krainian Military, and I’d call that about 80% done, 100% if you mean the DotMil they started with in Feb of 2022… that one’s been toast 3 times over now.

They’re down to kidnapping folks off the street, and the ‘elites’ in Keee-ev are now getting draft callups, where as before it was to ‘peasant class’ farm workers… and they’re damned near out of them…

Russia wants to get the remaining 25% of the Crimean/Dombass A.O.s that they had to stop going after last summer… once they can do that, create a ‘cordon sanitaire’ and reset the borders, THEN it’ll be almost over.

Of course the little Jew Klown Kocaine addict is thinking getting some 40 year old air frames are going to make a difference.

Part of the ‘rest of the worlds’ belief in the overwhelming air superiority of the F-16 is that the Israelis used then to great effect against the Jordanians, the Egyptians and the Iraqis that have gone up against it, in Russian airframes. Problem is, that it’s the pilots who were dogshit…

This’s also been proven with that one Krainian Kat… who the fuck was it? Some Ukrainian “Top Gun” pilot who went to Mississippi and got into the U.S. military’s Aviation Leadership Program.

The program is for the best-of-the-best foreign pilots, and get instruction on the US way of doing things.

Fat lot of good it did this dude. He got his ass waxed on his first mission home.

Thing is, without the proper training there ain’t no way in fuck is the equipment worth a shit.

In the case of this ‘vaulted counter offensive’ a.k.a. ‘the Krainian Wet Fart’ they literally did a combined arms offensive utilizing combined arms that wasn’t fucking combined. NO Artillery prep. NO immediate call-for-fires. NO CAS (Close Air Support, like helo gunships). Hell, from what I heard NO Air support, period fucking DOT. NO Engineering support. NO Air Defense Artillery to stop those KA-52s, which, from the sound of it, are some serious bad jujuj whirlybirds.

Add on the RUMINT that in all the pre-buildup simulations, that NATO set the game to ‘easy’ and maaaaan talk about a crusterfluck.

So, here on the sidelines, poppin’ some corn, and waiting for the fun to really kick off.
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33 thoughts on “Even The Nazis Didn’t Burn Paris…”

  1. Ole Chuck DeGaulle would have taken care of them Algerians and Hotentotts burning Gay Pared.

  2. There is a shiton of black bloq involved in the French riots. Antifascists stirring up the pot.

    1. Many of Antifa members are fags or trans. If the Muslims managed to take over large swaths of France they will be getting burned alive or thrown from rooftops.

  3. Forget it Jake, it’s france, let it burn. We need a new robiespierre there anyway. Same with the crane

  4. Dietrich von Choltitz ignored the order to burn down Paris and surrendered it to the Free French Forces.
    Albert Speer ignored the scorched earth to destroy all German factories, farms, infrastructure, Der Adolf always wanted to be an architect and considered Speer a friend.
    Heinz Guderian the Panzer General asked Hitler if Stalingrad would be so important if it had another name, he was relieved of army command and sent to the training center.
    The oil fields are just beyond Stalingrad and the Volga.
    Kind of hard to have combined arms when all you have is cannon fodder but then again they are trying to clear it out for Greater Khazaria.
    Macron is a bankster from way back.

  5. It’s always The Chosen People in the middle of shit storm-anywhere on earth-then they cry “Woe to me, I need rescue……..” By this point in history, The Chosen Ones deliberately get in the middle I am sure. Macron and his mommy would cut and run if really threatened. The French need another Joan of Arc or Charles de Gaulle. I am just not sure that The French breed them like that anymore. Importing 3rd world savages will not get you the country you need-it will get you the country that they came from. I am up-to-here in sympathy for the oppressed, the extremely poor, or the deprived.

    1. Yes, the Chechens have a well deserved rep for taking out the trash…We could use some over here…

  6. Here’s another viewpoint, courtesy of Person’s Battleswarm Blog:
    Please don’t turn into another comic book magnate; one Pox Night is enough, what with his swamp gas conspiracy theories, or the member of Cabal that claims to be the Anonymouse Cuckservative.
    Unlike the two used TP bloggers mentioned above, you at least occasionally run interesting articles. But you are swilling too much of the Putin brand of koolaid for my taste. Your site, your rules, though.

    1. You refer to the BBC and you expect to have credibility here? You might as well refer to the US National Public Radio

  7. Where’s Ripley and the Alien when she’s needed. Damn. I don’t know if the Alsace Assassins still exist or not. They were the go to people when quiet work needed doing.

  8. “My extreme reaction to this is they’re destroying a lot of utterly irreplaceable white cultural artifacts. The library in Marseilles has been burned, with some of the rarest-of-the-rare medieval manuscripts …”

    Every regime acts like this.

    The regime sets the stage with a long march of ideology and rhetoric meant to make people believe that The Regime In Power is better at safeguarding the things that need to be preserved than small private groups with the means to hire professionals.

    During the phase where people accept the regime as having a notional monopoly on violence, they willingly transfer ownership and control of their cultural assets to the regime, not knowing that this development ensures that they can be held hostage.

    Burn the cities, burn the cultural assets being held hostage …

    That clever trick used by regimes to keep the peace only works when the people living in them have strong connections to the culture and the cultural assets being maintained in that hostage situation.

    Apparently the Parisian newcomers have decided that they also don’t like being hostages.

    For what it’s worth, powerful and cynical people as well as their ancestors also have fallen for this, including mine.

    If I were to tell you how much this kind of mistake will eventually cost our people, your first two questions, posed loudly, would likely be “how much?” and “how is that even possible?”

    Time and interest matter on very long scales of time.

    But also, it’s quite simple: we believed all of the Enlightenment garbage poured out of Rousseau with his so-called “social contract”, and with a veil of propaganda pulled over the ugly face of the hostage reality, our people decided to be among those who transferred control to the regime.

    They’d hardly have recognised the Fourth Republic, let alone this present-day travesty.

    Let France burn.

    France is infested with all kinds of nouveau riche whose greatest aspirations in life frequently revolve around getting other people to do things for them at a pittance, the kinds of things they are perfectly capable of doing themselves, thus enshrining laziness and greed.

    It’s not too late for America to learn from France burning.

    Take solace in this: right now your personal libraries and caches of cultural assets are better defended than the great libraries of France.

    Do what you can to keep it that way.

  9. “Le Sigh” Paris was once a beautiful city that once treated Canadians better than Americans.

    Import 3rd world GET 3rd World Problems. Or as my Fav Marine Gomer Pyle (expecting somebody more recent? LOL, NOT) Surprise, Surprise, Suprise.

    Makes you WONDER what the Marxists in America are thinking? Aside from getting all those “Rifles behind every blade of grass” that had the Japanese afraid to invade us in WW2 SHOOTING at everything that moves, thus “Friendly Fire” Casualties for ALL. They cannot really disarm us easily AND they according to Degel and WEF documents WANT our Population reduced rather savagely…

    AND the Marxists THINK they can pay for enough guards to stay Safe, while their Propaganda Media keeps stirring the pot of hatred.

    Protect your family and trusted friends. Real Trouble NOT Military Sports Ball arguments is coming to a town near you.

  10. I was thinking, with all the crap going on, why don’t the citizens get up and sweep the streets of the 3rd world imported muzzie rif raff? Even if they don’t have guns, there’s always bats of some kind (baseball, cricket….what do the Frenchies play that involves a stick?)
    But then I remembered, it’s the French. ‘Nuff said. Let it burn.
    “La Marseillaise” is a bold song, but there are no more bold French to put those words into action.
    I hope someone took pics and scanned all the ancient artifacts. To me, the loss of history is the greatest loss.

    1. The French just need to start thinking very creatively if they have any hope of saving their Country and Native Citizens.

  11. To those unfamiliar with Frogland and Froggish.

    – the “resisting arrest” guy had a very long rap sheet and was shot while trying to run down a flic after a 25 min car chase where a whole bunch of pedestrians etc were almost run over by the youf’ driving at high speed in a stolen / unregistered car with Polish plates.

    – those “riots” on the maps are two types. The Magrebs during the usual Magreb stuff in the shithole Magreb parts of cities. The ’94 is burning. Again. Who gives a fuck.

    And then there the looting which is mostly organized by black bloc. Who are closely associated with the Communist trade union CGT rent-a-thugs. The CGT are so deep into organized crime and violence that they make Jimmy Hoffas Teamsters look like Shriners or Odd Fellows.

    – you want to see Daryl Gates LA PD style policing. Beat the shit out of them first, ask questions later. Let me introduce the CRS. The French riot police. And the Gendarmerie’s auxiliary riot units. In a full on riot the CRS and auxiliaries will gladly beat the living crap out of any casseurs or black bloc who cross their paths. And the local investigating magistrate will look the other way.

    As for ordinary folk in the Hexagon. Most would not bat an eyelid if there was another 1961 “Paris Massacre”. In fact by this stage its pretty much guaranteed. 50% of people in prison are Magreb. Lets make it 95%. With involuntary repatriations for everyone else who does not assimilate. Like the many thousands of trouble makers already thrown out of France.

    Vivre Le Pen. Vivre La Republic pour Le Francais.

    Its a French thing.

    1. “The ’94 is burning. Again. Who gives a fuck.”

      Especially let the 93 and 94 burn!

      But “Banlieue 13” wasn’t meant to be a documentary … or was it?

      [cough] moar prediktiv prgrmming yawn so predictable [cough] 🙂

      “… the ‘resisting arrest’ guy had a very long rap sheet …”

      Where’s the obligatory Muj Mom telling everyone about how her kid was an “honour student”?

      It’s a regular feature of American media now when some cop has to put down a youf monster.

  12. The US has already had numerous large riots in the ‘60s. And LA. And 2020.
    So many “conservatives” have conserved nothing, ground given each time with more “rights” and gibs.
    The same shit will happen in the states again, but with extra “fun” like the cartels that skin people alive plus all the other shit, the mudslimes, the nogs, the state and its enforcers, the damned commies and the pedophiles, the small hats pushing all of this and the complicit faggots in power.
    And more, probably, feel free to add extra factions as more swarm across each day like chinky commandos or some shit, plenty of wild cards could easily pop up.
    It’s going to be so bad.
    Keep prepping how you all can, the day it explodes will soon be upon us.

  13. The problem isn’t the hordes of low IQ African savages that Europe has imported, it was giving Them another foothold in Europe. Just as in the U.S., you see a small hat behind most of this crap. If you give a hostile alien race positions where they can fuck over the native Whites, They have shown an eagerness to do so at every opportunity.

  14. I suspect Macaroon isnt calling out the army because he doesnt trust them. Last I heard the French army was 50% non-french. That suggests that calling them out could end up significantly increasing the firepower of the looters.

    I noticed video of a bunch of algerians in paris running down the street with guns. One had a bipod gun that is being reported as belt fed but looks like he has no idea how to use it. Another has a rifle and another has a handgun.


    Can you ID the bipod gun?

  15. Ref-frog world.

    They asked for it just as the U.S. is.
    I’ve no sympathy for do I care.

    Wise countries would kick out ALL US State Dept Employee’s.
    They are nothing but CIA in hiding.
    Just as USAID Is.

    As for Krainelandia (the U.S. 4th Reich)….
    Kill them ALL. Every last one and there mercs.

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