My Two Cents and ‘White’ House Tours

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
A funny thing happened on the way to the forum… nah I kid… seriously though. All this about a couple lines of blow in a dime bag. OMFG!!!!!

The Wolf of Wall Street and Tony Montana laugh at your pathetic amounts of yayo. Seriously… Everyone’s in a twist over this and all I can think of is that this’s a setup. Not for nothing, but when Fedbro was on “The Detail” he got us a -completely behind the scenes- tour of ALL the areas that require a higher level of security. Normal plebes like us don’t get that level of a tour, but when you got a brother who’s ‘inside?’ Yeah.. cool shit to say the least… I even stole a lollipop out of the famous ‘candy desk’ on the Senate floor…

The screening we did was pretty thorough. I mean I suppose someone could have brought a baggie of coke in, and did a line, just for the bragging rights… Hell, one 4th of July I stood in the front of the Department of Justice on the Mall waiting on the fireworks and smoked a doobie just to say I did just that. Think that was the Summer of 89?

Wow I’m old.

Who was it who said they smoked up in the Lincoln Bedroom during Obama’s time? Wasn’t it Snoop? Maybe… y’all tell me in the comments but I remember that from some show talking about it… Anyways….

Thing of it is, as they said about Nixon, t’ain’t the crime, but the cover up that causes the most damage. The very fact that grifter boy Junior is still hiding out in the White House dodging suepeones and whatnot? The fact that it was only a dime bag tells me it’s a setup. That fucker? Junior? A dimer? Yeah… more like:

Go to 00:59 if it didn’t queue up

Guys like Hunter? I used to party with guys like that. A dime bag? Shiiiiiiiiiit. That’s called an ‘appetizer’. Or, depending on how hardcore, a ‘freeze’ when you take a generous amount of the good Bolivian marching powder, and run it alllll over your gums… makes your face feel ‘frozen’ hence the term ‘doing a freeze’.

Things from a dissolute and rather libertine misspent yoot.
Good times…Good times…


See… D.C… Sodom on the Potomac?
The Place practically runs on good blow.

All them Congressional Aides? All them staffers? You know, the ones who literally are on the job upwards of 12-18 hours a day, seven days a week? as that’s the expectation in order to ‘get ahead’ in the syndicate? How the hell do you -think- them fine folks are running that many hours?
GOOD blow
Shit, RUMINT is that a lot of Meth has made it way there these days, as it’s cheaper. Congressional Aides don’t make shit I hear… Also, I had a minor fling with a female there a waaaays back before I was married, and man, the chick was seriously wired into the scene… she was a lawyer, or just about to BE a lawyer… hard to remember…too many years/beers, you dig?

Anyways, we got to talking about preferred party favors of the Big Leagues and she told me flat out weed was a no go as it took too long to clear from the system (this was when weed was still the mexhican devil herb) but Coke? Oh yeah… short metabolites time wise and could keep you running for quite a spell…

But anyways… dunno who found it, or where it was really found. Doesn’t matter anyways. The very fact that it was broadcast rather than handled by word-of-mouth like other sensitive subjects are normally handled like when Queen Cunt Hillary tried to Kill Bill with an ashtray… no broadcasts on the radio for a medic that “Horndog One” was down as the “Wicked Witch” had tried to ice him when the word about “Cigar Girl” got out…

Nope… all handled quietly in house.
Whereas this?
Someone is setting up an ‘Administration Kill Shot’ for this particular group of morons and malcontents. I mean hell, look at the recent (yesterday I think?) of the coverage of Kameltoe-the-Hoe’s latest word salad… I mean literally the broad doesn’t have more than two functional brain cells, on opposite sides of her skull, and if she were to pick her nose, the resulting pulling of a booger might just cause the roof of her skull to cave in, as the boogers are the only think keeping that cranium from collapsing in it’s entirety.

So they’re broadcasting that the First Grifter/Son is back on the blow, (probably a gift from the Krainfeld) and it’s been shown to the world that WE can’t get a straight answer.

I mean FFS… own it bitches.
I’d at least respect them if they came out and said, “Yeah, fucker’s relapsed, he’s going to rehab.” But this mamby-pamby fag-limp-wrist shuffling of the blame?

Only thing is, IF (and I’m sure it’s not BUT) IF the security of the White House is that fucking weak I fully expect that someone is going to make a run for the Gold and try and ‘do something bad’. In fact any bet that this may be an intentionally set prelude to that exact idea? It’s a good setup to throw the Secret Service under the bus…

“Security was so weak that Abdullah/Ivan/White Sooperpreemicyst/Flavor of the Week Terrorist was able to penetrate the White House and do ‘X’ “. Now I refuse to describe ‘X’ ‘cos I ain’t fedpoasting in any way shape or form.

I wish nothing but the best for Our Glorious Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den and his Grifting Fuck Family.
No Fedpoasting here.

SO, I’m behind on the Mine Substack
Apologies for that
Gran#1 is here again for the weekend.
LOVE having her but O>M>F>G> More energy than all four reactors at Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station running full bore. I need many beers to slow down after running to keep up with her…
So More Later
Big Country

15 thoughts on “My Two Cents and ‘White’ House Tours”

  1. It was Willie Nelson on the roof back during Carter.
    Snoop mighta pulled it off too but he wasn’t the first

    1. Th fbi/SS should return hunters blow to him.
      And give him another 40 keys.
      Hopefully the stain will OD all the way to no more need of air.
      That….would be sweet.
      I wanna watch that Trash suffer.

  2. Let it snow! LMAO I used pay $8-10 Grovers per kilo (depending on volume) back in the ’70s and early ’80s. Surprised I have a nose left! lol Still prone to nosebleeds to this day.
    I was told they were goods times, wish I could remember! LMFAO

  3. What would it take to shock me coming out of the White House these days? An open child sacrifice carried out in the rose garden? Hunter naked in the driveway coked out of his mind? Something is cooking behind the scenes, let’s just hope it involves shoving Grandpa Pedo down a staircase and not a nuclear exchange.

  4. If junior gets the coke pinned on him, he just broke his probation, not even a month after that sweetheart slap on the wrist. Even a bought judge will be a bit pissed when his “Go and be a good boy for a couple years.” command is ignored. That means Federal Pound You In The Ass Prison or a long time in solitary.

  5. If you ever read the accounts of Mrs. Biden’s fatal car accident, all the evidence indicates it was sadly and simply a murder/suicide. And you can only draw one conclusion as to why.

    1. According to MilesMathes, no real evidence that there was an accident or that she died…Just one Biden handler swapped for another, Joe of course needing a handler at all times….

      1. pyrrhus,

        More and more (and with H/T to Miles Mathis), that appears to be how things are done.

        The pattern is to “kill off” a celebrity or figure, whilst very likely this is merely a “retirement plan.” It is surprisingly soft-hearted for such a bloodthirsty bunch of Poly-Ticks-Uns.

        Examples? JFK. The “Pillar to Post” (providing “two options” for people to argue about) are either that a lone gunman, acting alone, solo-killed him. The “alternate theory” (theories, really) are that the “shadowy-shadow government” popped him, with every zany idea in the book (I’ve heard such wacky things as Jackie-O popped him with a hammerless wheelgun during the frackas-distraction).

        Most likely scenario? It was theater to allow him to retire to the “big farm” (likely a nice little island filled with the sexual pecadillos of choice/flavor). So, the truth is likely at “90 degrees” from the binary poles, meaning JFK was not killed, but chose “retirement.”

        We can see the possibilities. Jim Morrison (Mathis has a fantastic write-up on this fucken guy), whose daddy was the Admiral who kicked the “First Heroin Smuggling Cover Conflict” (aka “the Vietnam Conflict”) into high gear. I mean, ffs, he was a talentless non-musician (like the Beatles, could not read or write music, and “played” the fucking tamborine at concerts). His death fit the “retirement” profile to a T.

        Same as Mr. Hendrix.

        Chris Cornell (admittedly a huge influence on my mis-spent youth)? Watch his last music video, and tell me that wasn’t sus:

        Great video, but it is so obviously a (very Kubrickian) “full disclosure” video (that he faked his death) as to be bordering on coming right out and saying it.

        Anyway, the pattern appears to be that it is all “an act.” It is all fake and ghey. It is all “mere theater.” Do good people suffer and die because of it? Hell yes, but the Powers That Never Were can claim “clean hands,” since “it’s all just a movie.”

  6. That “dime bag” is the big guy’s ten percent.

    Slo-Joe is super pissed that someone confiscated it from him. 🙂

  7. I love that “he didn’t take the bait” me. I would totally steal it except that I can’t imagine using it on my crisp lily-white blog. Ha!

    Great post as usual BCE!

    1. Adding you to my list BTW Congrats! Hopefully it’ll send you some traffic

  8. Now the White house and the media say, “We may never know who did it”

    Say what???

    The idea that they don’t have every square inch of the White House under 24/7 video surveillance is laughable. They knew within an hour of the report who did it and what time, down to the millisecond.

    The fact that they’ve covering it up leads me to think it wasn’t some low-level staffer; ergo, it’s someone important.

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