Fingers, Airplanes and “The Job(s) ‘Muricans Won’t Do” AGAIN!!!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
I gotta say… that’s a definitive message right here:

Fwench Finger Food?
Dunno man… even in ‘other areas’ outside of the shit that’s been going on over in Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeyland, this’s a new one. I mean not for nothing, the fact that it was carved off a ‘living human’ as opposed to a dead ‘un in itself is a weird way of stating it, add on that culturally? Now, I’m not that up-to-date but the Haj only send body parts as part of a kidnapping/ransom, and usually that’s the Lebanese, not the current Morrockin’-the-Casaba Kids running berserk-o-rama all over Gay Paree.

True story: The Lebanese Kids in Lebanon kidnapped some Soviet (back when it was still the USSR) functionary, sent a finger or ear? Can’t remember… they sent a piece of the guy for either cash or weapons. The KGB responded by finding the Headman’s Dad, and sending Dad back in multiple boxes with a note saying any more damage to their guy, and the rest of Doodz fam would be showing up in a similar fashion.

Needless to say, a Soviet could probably run around pissing on Korans alllll day long after that ‘cos it was “Hard Message Received, WILCO.” No One fucked with the Russians back then.

Anyways, the article then goes on to say they found out who was a digit-shy and gave him medical treatment, and had found out who the finger-collector was as well, but curiously, didn’t mention any arrests? Maybe an out of control Fwench Chef went batshit during the riots, came up with a new “Long Pig Finger Food” (literally!) and sent a ‘sample’ to Micro to see if he dug it?
Yeah, it’s been one of them weeks…
Fucking weirdness all around.
Now, the back is doing better. Should have been MUCHO clear that I don’t mix the pain meds with the hootch. Fuuuuuck… yeah, no fear of death, but NOT in a rush to meet the Reaper yet. Fact is, I burned the script early BECAUSE of the issue, and booze was my emergency go-to-hell pain reliever as I DON’T do the acetaminophen either… too much liver damage in general… nothing crazy, but still I boozed waaaaay too hard in Ye Olde Army Daze. Gotta be careful. Kidneys? Not worried, Irish Inbreeding, so I got 4. No shit. Google it. Not very common but yeah, a 4bbl carb which is why I process beer like a mo’fo.

To continue with weird:
Matt Bracken occasionally comments here and on Gab on the reg. He poasted an interesting tidbit about Good Ole Charlie Wray, the Head Demon in Charge of the Fucked Bureau of Instigation/Incompetence/Inability/Ineptitude/Incontinence/
Impotence/Inexperience/Incapability/Ineffectual, and Inadequacy…
Seems Good Ole Charlie Wray don’t like driving to work:

My, must be nice Aye?
Me being me, I did a ‘dig’ on his lil toy…
Started by goolag-erfing Manassas Regional where he likes to fly out of:

Lil bit bigger than Tampa Regional where the ‘Richie Riches’ fly out of on occasion, and supposedly where some of the 9-11 Hijackers trained at. Don’t know… so many years, so many coverups… anyways… zeroing in on the ‘parking lots’ I was able to ‘pin down’ where the Gulfstream is… it’s in the Sat Shot, but NOT visible on ground views… almost like they made sure that the plane was either stashed or ‘away’ when the Goolagmobile came ’round:
The Close Up of the Sat Shot of the Plane:

The corner that I went ‘in’ on is that intersection/merger between Wakeman and Observation… about on the red dot I penned in…as you can see, when the Goolagmobile went thru, the plane was out of sight:

Now, despite a small hillcock there, it’s plain (heh) to see there ain’t no Jet right there at the moment. Doesn’t mean it’s not -normally- there.

Not that I expect after these revalations that the DotGov is going to leave it there anymore mind you… lil closet secrets-that-aren’t-secrets generally get switched up when they get brought to light, like a Bureaucrat abusing his orifice by using as DotGov resource as his private plaything… over 100 flights according to Matt… Per JetSupport dot Com, the coast of a C37/Gulfstream 550 that good ole Charlie Wray is playing with?
Try $8,625 per hour.
And the flight time is an hour each way.
$17,250 PER DAY of our tax dollars spent by this criminal with a badge. I sure as fuck hopes –someone- makes him pay it back.

<wipes tears from eyes>
Yeah like THAT’LL ever happen

If they did, he’s theoretically be in the hole for one point seven mil. Guess he’d have to ‘sell out’ that much quicker to get the filthy consulting lucre or book deals that these fuckwads get after they get fires/caught/forced to resign.
And the way I’m sure it’s that particular plane?

I pulled an overhead sillouette of a C550
I’d say ‘ding-ding-ding’ as NONE of the ‘other’ planes on the sat pic are either big enough or have the correct profile. Coupl are Lears, one Bombardier Brit plane and hell, a C-130 for that matter.|
So I give it a week before they realize they’ll have to move this thing. Too many whackjobs in their mind… what gets me is that they’re all sooo security conscious about -someone- coming after them…
Hey guys, you ever thing that maybe just maybe you brought this shit on yourselves by being douchecanoe Elitist Assholes persecuting and robbing anyone and everyone you can by dint of Abuse of Authority and Power?

Naaaaaaah… couldn’t be that now could it?
Perish the thought.

So, lastly, guess I called it right-right

Link HERE to the Shytteshow
Just as prophesized they’re going to start in D.C. which outside of the ‘Northwestern’ part of the citizenry live AKA the functionaries and wealth(ier) folks are at… the rest of the city, outside of Downtown and Georgetown (which is in the NW side)… well, having experienced it myself, having taken a wrong turn off of 295 once, and mind you it was once at 0200? Fucking the area by the Navy Yard was a full on Demilitarized Zone man… only reason I didn’t get fucked up was I was ETS’ing and driving my moving van. I had my AR AND my pistola (highly illegal) but the cop who stopped me to direct me out didn’t even look sideways at my shit locked n loaded on the seat next to me.

And that was in 1999.
Can’t even imagine it now.
As I said and called it again, they’re ramping up… get the illegals on a path to citizenry by locking up allllll the gun owners and man, it’s one like Donkey Kong. Thankfully I have a fren with acreage and a John Deer with allll the ‘right’ equipment for farming and hole digging <ahem ahem>
So More Later
Big Country

12 thoughts on “Fingers, Airplanes and “The Job(s) ‘Muricans Won’t Do” AGAIN!!!”

  1. All it takes is a motivated believer in a Hilux to make the tears fall. Does anyone even think of whut-ifs any moars?

  2. I wonder what ethnicity the fing was. That would be 1/2 the message right there.

    Immagrents policing used to be a mercinary army. Police should be drawn, as much as can be, from the population that grew up there. The historical analogs and attendant abuses are legion

  3. CAre to comment on the EO that mobilized 3K R/IRR folk this afternoon???

    Just more grist for Poland, or, Krainefeld getting Clos In Security??

    Night Driver

  4. Mongo,
    Glad to hear the back is better. I prefer Bourbon to Irish, but prefer both to Canadian or (horrors) Scotch.
    We can still get the Tullamore Dew in crocks up in Michigan.
    Did you ever have Michael Collins Whiskey(The Big Fellow), it was my favorite until a mega distillery group bought it to close it (just read that Sazerac has brought in a new version)

    1. Check out Chattanooga Whiskey. Private distillery, good hooch. I’ve had a couple of their cask strength bottles, and working through a decent rye at the moment. Hate supporting the mega-corporate moonshiners… Hard to find local corn in a quart anymore though.

  5. Nancy used the Air Force planes for free travel.
    CPUSA view the replacements as their comrades, not US.
    There is a great quote about the tyrants and traitors love of foreigners from ancient times. (Roman?)
    The sporky show will be an all-timer and I am LMFAO at the lameassery of the internal quisling traitor globalist/internationalist maggots in the DC Bog of Eternal Stench.
    A bridge too far Stig Beals should have biblical consequences, good, good.
    Ziolensky is still a craving some NATO and he didn’t even get to stick his dick in the punch bowl at Vilnius. (sad trombone)
    Fun Trivia-Putin was called a traitor to the NWO back in 2015.

  6. Looked at the pic of the airport. There are some great hiding spots for someone to hide out with a MANPAD and hit an incoming or outgoing plane. And now the fucker can’t use that airport anymore. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  7. Everything is seen for hunnerts of miles round from the balloons above. Isolated, flat ground is an
    death knell. Be the fart in the wind!

  8. The French Finger Food guy. Just a nutcase. Except in this case a bit more creative than usual.

    I really like the “police putting the finger in the fridge with their lunch” angle.

    Looking through the Baofeng radio book. Very interesting. I’d guarantee you that the PLA made sure there is a “ping” frequency in there somewhere. And that the TLA’s know all about it. Something to bear in mind. The other thing is using military terms / procedures not a good idea if you dont want to draw attention to yourself. Ham radio / CB radio terms, terminology and procedures would be lower profile and easier to hide behind. Plus a common phrases script is as almost good as a One Time Pad. If you use multiple common phrases for same message. Plus try hard to sound and act like local traffic. Gives automatic traffic analysis software a very bad headache.

    Encryption is basically a security placebo. Easy to break, but not where people expect. Plus its shouting LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME for any comms. Steganography is your friend. They cant find anything where they are not looking.

    And if you have to go One Time Pad. Let the Bible be your Bible. So many editions, so many translations, so many permutations. Use one without an electronic edition. And always keep a few different ones on the bookshelf. Just in case.

    First rule of this game is when you want to hid something dont look like you are hiding something.

  9. Useless but fun story about sending a message to dumb mongs,

    I got out of international shipping (as in on ships) right when piracy ramped up around the Horn of Africa (which was 100% caused by the EU, btb. Pricks wiped out the Horn’s fisheries with pair trawlers, then dumped their banned waste there), but I kept a close eye on it as plenty of friends were still working international.

    You know who had ZERO problems with piracy? The Russians and the Japanese. The Russians, on a pirate boarding, fought back, and anyone they captured had their right hand and left foot tied together, then got a couple of veins nicked and were thrown over the side for the sharks to find and eat.
    The Japanese, who internationally just do car shipping in silly-looking car ships, used molotov cocktails and any captured pirates are made into burnt offerings. Russia wasn’t into games and the Japanese have a savage streak if you take away their used panty machines and cartoon kiddy porn.

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