New Substack is Up

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
The New Substack is up.
It’s still ‘open to all’ but I’ma thinking about making some ‘subscription only’ to raise the shekels. What say you?
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9 thoughts on “New Substack is Up”

  1. So, does the money from the Substack subscription go (mostly) to you? If so, then it’d be worth it, else…

  2. Based on other substacks, I’d say it’s too soon…you want to encourage views…Maybe give them half the post, or only some of the posts, as Doomberg et al do…

  3. You can always do what I did, which is an idea I swiped from TL Davis: free to read, pay to comment. Ain’t much money in it, alas, but the way I figure it, every dollar you bring in is a dollar you didn’t have when you got up this morning, right?

  4. If the sub stack is meant to be ‘educational’, wouldn’t it make sense to have it readable by more people? Locking down the comments at least doesn’t hurt that.

  5. Pyrrhus and Mike have some really good ideas there. Waiting to see how the substack grows is a good strategy to follow for now. Putting it behind a paywall immediately might backfire on you ( losing out on future subscriptions ).

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