Getting The Loooong Substack Ready and The Guns of France

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, took a bit of time off as I’ve been reeeee-laxing. Spending time at the neighbor’s pool, (even tho they moved on Friday) But until -I- get word we can’t go, me Gretchen and Sapper have been chillin’ and unwinding over there daily for the long weekend.

The substack this week is going to be a relatively in-depth (pardon the pun) on Landmines. Figured since they came into play so damned much in stopping butt-cold the Krainian Klownshow Kounteroffensive…

…and because of the potential for upcoming ‘Spicy Times’ I’m going over only US Based systems like the above pictured “Volcano” AT/AP mine dispersion system.

So that’s where we’re at.

Only interesting thing that’s come about is that the Muj-Monkeys in Gay Paree got ahold of some fucking Accuracy International sniper rifles…

Is it just me or does it not appear that the Biden Anustration keeps arming alllllll sorts of miscreants with some really niiiiice taxpayer funded fucking goodies?

First it was the Come Mister Taliban, Tally Me Banana Clip getting heeled up with, well every fucking thing in the US Arsenal. THEN it was the south of the Border Burrito Goblins running around with AT-4, Javs and -other- anti-armor weapons.

NOW? The Muj-Monkeys on the East Bank are running around with Accuracy International $4000 ARW sniper rigs in .338 Lapua Magnum bought and paid for by our tax fucking dollars.




Tell you the fuck what, next year? At tax season (if we even have one) we-the-fucking-peepo should be able to make this request i.e.: I’m requesting my refund be either paid in DotMil Hardware, or if it’s not that much, then in fucking ammo.

Seems only fair Aye?
So, watch for the Substack, and as a warning, I might make it a ‘paid-for’ as I could use the Shekels.

More Later
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29 thoughts on “Getting The Loooong Substack Ready and The Guns of France”

  1. Off topic, but??
    News reports today say the biden admin is going to support space engineering attempts to block the sun. To reduce globull warming.
    Ok, I’m no super genius, but how are all the solar panels going to work then to run all the electric cars?

    1. If TPTB are even discussing this, even jokingly,

      WE FUCKED!

      SRSLY? Blocking the Sun?

      These people are evil and stupid. SMH!


    2. @Checkers:
      Your first mistake was to assume that what they’re doing policy wise (well nigh all of it) is *supposed* to make sense, let alone be consistent. I’d argue that they’re making things as inconsistent and at cross purposes as possible. If nothing else – to waste money (all the better to speed the crash!), and to twist any sane person’s head (such is one of the problems with being awake…).

      Secondly – what is your evidence that they intended that solar panels were going to make all the electric cars run. Show your work. 😉

    3. Hasn’t he watched SNOWPIERCER? Maybe that explains his wanting to build a Train route across the Indian Ocean. He needs the Earth to freeze over.

  2. I touched on this subject myself tonight. Some serious history of arming other groups through our tax dollars, going back to Oblammy-o-boy and KillerySecState,,,,
    If arming anti-american groups ain’t treason, dunno WHAT is,,,

  3. Up here in the Great White North we’re already blocking your sun from the smoke show. Why the hell doesn’t Biden and the crew Fuck Off already??!!

    1. They can’t get the Big Guy’s 10% from fucking off. Though Hunter would try to see what local hookers he could get something from at least…

  4. Haven’t heard much from France today but they supposedly had their internet cut. There was already a ton of bad shit out there from the last few days.
    As an aside, some places online are having ammo sales, and of course PSA and others are having sales for the 4th.

    1. Also Detroit, Baltimore and Chicago. My position has always been to provide plenty of guns, ammo and Colt .45 on ice, pull the police out for a couple of weekends and our violent crime problem will sort itself out.

  5. the armament is coming mostly from our donations to ukraine. senior leaders report about 40% of it makes it to the field, rest goes out the back door. remember the uke c130 that went poof over romania? not to mention the stuff we left in affy. we be hosed for long time. happy “independence” day.

  6. The mine launcher that refills cleared fields?
    But, but, but, Ivan is a big dumb vodka drunk. (honk!)
    Latest WAR porn out of Uke land is just brutal with direct hits of troops out in the open with no support of any kind, not even a distraction.
    Burning cheese and surrender land is coming soon to the Kwan courtesy of Klaus and the FEW who rule over the many.
    There is still time to prepare…for now.

    @ Checkers, that is all comrade Billy Gates, the keeper of the eugenicist flame.
    Right on time with the Justine Castro fires and smoke, imagine that.

  7. I can only imagine what sort of hardware is being “lost” to our incoming Aztec population to be unleashed on Americans in the near future. It might not be the cop or .mil we have to worry about, it is Pedro and Jose with Barretts.

    1. Art… I already have my long distance gun and have practiced for years. Please have Pedro and Jose’ bring me my new Barretts. My friends are waiting, as well; hopefully they bring their friends too.
      Original Grandpa

  8. I gotta git out from under my rock more, I guess.

    Substack addy??
    I clearly missed whenever ya set it up.

    Could someone clue me in??

    Night driver

  9. All this whike the post-Bruin tantrum, at leat for now, has made things more difficult for some.

  10. “… At tax season (if we even have one) …”

    I like the cut of the lower part of this jib.

  11. Downloaded 20 minute cell phone video footage of Fwance and it is cray-cray.
    Bugatti rams motorcycle warehouse with 100% off sale, luxury cars chucked out of multilevel parking garage onto street, motorcycle rider with cam slow rolls down street with burnt out vehicles everywhere, MRAP poleece vehicle rolling over everything, YT’s getting beat up needing medical, other Whitey Fords defending with baseball bats.
    Police in Marseilles not F’ing around with shotgun, smg, pistol, teargas grenades.
    Large fires and mortar fireworks shooting horizontal in Paris.
    How will they donate more gear to the Kraine if it is needed at home?

  12. Those guns in France, bought in Brussels. In Belgium. No problem picking up AK’s etc or something with a bit more bang (like the RPG’s the gangs use in Sweden) for a few hundred euros in the “ethnic” areas of Brussels. Its been like that for decades. Mostly ex Yugoslav hardware but the ISIS / Taliban recent acquisitions donated by the US taxpayer can be found by asking around. But it will cost you. Quality costs money. The UA/ RU stuff really has nt shown up yet in the local bazaars. Because it is way too valuable close to the front. One way or another.

    Watch this General in France. He has an interesting backstory. He has very wide popular support and he hates Macron and Macron hates him.

    So if anything 1958/1968 kicks off its guys like him who will start the tanks rolling. His brother who was a senior politician has been posting some very interesting tweets the last week or two. Very interesting.

    Once met one years ago of the Generals who was put on trial in 1961 for trying to get rid of De Gaulle over Algeria. A very distinguished looking old man. Who was revered locally. De Villiers comes from the same kind of western France aristocratic background. A patriot who would have no problem “dealing” with troublesome magrebs and the marxists who cause so much trouble. Like Mélenchon. If anyone deserves a NKVD “kiss” Mélenchon’s top of the list.

    Onwards to the Sixth Republic.

    1. well, it looks like he has the backing of the Legion. and if they are willing to back him, there a very good chance the rest of France’s “hard” military will back him as well. I have no idea how good they are now.
      but back in the 1970’s the Legion was not one to fuck with. same deal with their paras and Commando’s
      there is news of groups of 20-30 young, very fit males taking care of the mess and handing them over to the police over there. I wonder who they may be ?
      the story is that the cops are not messing with them either. just standing back and letting them “take
      care of things” too.

  13. I’ve been rather surprised, given the intensity of the chimp-outs in Fwance, that any of the po-Lice are still out in the Streets at all. Past example in the FUSSA ‘no-go zones’ has been that after a while, the piggies go back to their pens; although this is often at the Orders of (((those))) who want the Riots in the first place, what is going on there?
    Does the (((rothschild)))-owned ‘government’ want the po-po to get Ground Down, so they keep making them Fight? What happens when they get Disillusioned and start Fighting WITH the (white, french) People against their version of the ZOG?

    WRT to French .Mil getting involved, they will have to go after the (((government))) First, not the Muzz-Monkeys in the streets, if they are going to accomplish Anything effective. Then, the .Mil has to organize the “Great Removal”of the Muzz, and all other mystery-meat critters. “Sink the Ships”.

  14. FED gov is going to want WWIII at the behest of their masters in the M.I.C.

    And… They are going to wonder why white folks aren’t going to take part in their big shin dig.

    Iffen I have kin that get a notice, I’ll buy them a ticket to someplace else in the world.

  15. France is getting what it voted for for fifty years, good and hard.
    Non Francophones fuck off!
    Okay. Your terms are acceptable. You made your bed; now lie in it.

    It’s more than apparent that anything worth saving in France was left in the mud of the Somme, or rounded up at Dien Bien Phu, and hasn’t been seen thereabouts for more’n a century. Probably more like two.

    If they ever muster any backbone, and take BCE’s riot control suggestions to heart, give a holler.
    Until then, fuck them, with Hadji’s dick.

    Courage is contagious. And hereditary. So is cowardice.

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