Still Not Glowing Here and Other Stuff (France and Prepping)

Greetings Me Droogs N Drooettes!
Another fine fine day that passed by without incident. I.E. Krainfeld must have been told that the blow-flow would be shut off IF he had the balls to go through with nuking that nuke plant at Zaporizhzhia. (Hey! I was only two letters off on my spelling of that! Go me!)

FILE PHOTO: A view shows the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant outside Enerhodar in the Zaporizhzhia region, Russian-controlled Ukraine, June 15, 2023. REUTERS/Alexander Ermochenko/File Photo/File Photo

So mad bonus points.
Although I was mildly concerned. One thing that had me get a bit twisted in the lead-up to that was over the weekend, Wifey found this place called “Hot Picks”. It’s a resale store that stocks returned merch from the Zon, among other places. The prices are set by the day of the week, with Saturday being $10 for anything and everything in the store, ‘cept for some big ticket items like Bread Machines and other BIG kitchen gizmos. All the stuff is boxed, and you’re not allowed to open the boxes. You -can- get in line with up to 4 boxes, and the put-upon store slaves will open it for you to inspect.

It’s about as ghetto/hood as you’d expect.

Lots of ‘muh diversity’ trying to get good shit cheap, so, ergo, all the good shit gets picked over pretty quickly, although they do reload the bins periodically, and there’s a mad scramble to grab the shit, any shit, and see if you want it after. So, she digs this sort of ‘bargineering’ shit… Pre COVID, she had me dumpster diving… and truthfully, pre-COVID? We found a LOT of good shit in them Dumpsters… Try Yankee Candle post Christmas Returns… we found like what would have been $400 worth of NICE candles in the trash man!

My scrounger/Ferengi Senses DO love a good scrounge. No shame in it. Hell, the best find I’ve ever had was TWO complete Dell Computer Business Systems…2 Optiplexs… can’t remember which company it was, but it wasa national chain that shit the bed, and for whatever reason, the staff shitcanned two complete workstations. I reformatted them, gave one to an employee of mine who’s kid needed a school PC and she was broke as a joke, so hey… good Karma.

Anyways, part of my being uptight and NOT mentioning anything is the gizmo -I- found. Namely this:

Brand New-in-the-Box. The box showed -exactly- what it was… Seems that no-one was interested in it, so I was like wondering “Is this a hint?” ‘cos God knows, sometimes a clue-bat comes and shwacks you upside the nugget. The trick is to realize said clue-bat has done whacked ya.

Of course I bought it. Not for nothing, between a $10 cost, and the “Better safe than sore-assed” I grabbed it up. Works well too that I can see. No idea why it was returned, but now I’ve got three different monitors. The one that I built (which I don’t trust) the one someone sent me (a phone dongle that seems to work, and now this handy-dandy gadget. Gretchen of course was like “OF COURSE you find some sort of ‘survivalist gear’!”

Not gonna lie
Tis the way I’d want it to be Aye?

Now if only they had a “Hot Picks” but specifically for Army Surplus… and I don’t mean DRMO. Gawd I hated trying to buy from DRMO… DRMO for you civvies is the Defense Reutilization Marketing Office, or as I’ve found out is now the DLA Disposition Services AKA the Defense Logistics Agency’s Disposition Services. It’s where the DotMil shitcans it’s used gear… some more used than others. It’s where all your Podunk fucktard Local County Mounties and Policefags get their MRAPs and Machineguns.

They used to hold auctions… live auctions back when I was still in. Problem was the local surplus stores pretty much had everything locked down… corrupt bidding, fixing, you name it. Made it a regular guy who was just looking to get some excess ammo cans or gear didn’t stand a chance at buying –anything-.

From what I can tell, it’s alllllll internet Ebay style now.

Kind of good, kind of bad. Makes it impossible to get shit that used to be a lot easier to find. Anyways…

So, the world hasn’t blown up yet
Although shit in Fwance is either still popping or not?
Tough to say since the closed the web down there… and on that,
I did read an interesting article this A.M. and the link is HERE

The TL;DR is this:

Fwance has been a bunch of ‘naughty frogs’ as of late, trying to play both sides of the coin, meaning the GAE, as well as the BRICs kids. Because of their audacity, the shit hitting the fan in Fwance is, by extension, punishment for being non-supportive cheese eating surrender monkeys about the Kraine. You have to RTWT to get the fuller picture, but essentially, each time the Fwench start getting all Gallic and Snooty, bad things happen and the filthy rat claw traces go back to the CIA and others who cause ‘things’ to ‘happen’ and oh look, the Fwench are back following the Party Line.

One specific example is how the Haitian President Aristide (re-installed by the US) did the usual blaq-thang and demanded reparations and restitutions for the French fucking over Haiti since time began. Seeing how reparations for ‘muh diversity’ and ‘hug your monkey’ seems to be in vogue, it was starting to look bad for the Fwench.

Essentially, the US installed Haitian Prez started calling for reparations when the Fwench refused to ‘back our play’ in Iraq in 2002/2003. Now, the article doesn’t go into –exactly– what deal was brokered, but “all of a sudden” in 2004, the same CIA Guy who installed Aristide uninstalled him like a bad piece of malware from a laptop, and hustled his ass out in 2004.

Make of it what you will, YYMV, don’t run with scissors, nor taunt Happy Fun Ball.

So, if anything, that article opens one up to just how fuckin’ crooked this ENTIRE world truly is. And just how absolutely powerless we as individuals are to change things.

Leastways for the moment.

So make sure you do your part to at least try to meatspace some folks. You don’t necessarily need to go full bore… just try to be a good neighbor, identify local collaborators. Make an intel summary of your AO… Remember, this coming time is going to be a mad shitshow. Your skin more than likely is going to be your primary identification/uniform. See if you can find out what churches locally are doing, either good, or bad. I know for a fact my local Catholic Church is balls deep in the Poz to the point that they’ve been making rumbles about “….assisting our brothers and sisters in Christ from South of the Border…”

My understanding is that went over like a wet fart.
For now…
So, do your homework. Work on your Comms. Do checks and services on your equipment. Get the oil changed in the Car. Top off the gas in the car. Rotate Mags. Clean your weapons again. All the stuff Momma Sarge would be up your ass about on the daily. I know there’s only -so much- one can do, but what I do is every. single. day:

I write down something that NEEDS to be done,

Something I DON’T want to do (not necessarily the same thing)
Something that will IMPROVE my circumstances IF the shit goes pear shaped.

If I get Two out of the Three done? I’m a happy camper.

What have YOU done today to get ready?

More Later
Big Country

28 thoughts on “Still Not Glowing Here and Other Stuff (France and Prepping)”

  1. Your ending is similar to my daily routine:

    Authentic prayer to The Father.
    Do a task for someone else.
    Do a task that NEEDS to be done (that you dont want to do).
    Do something for yourself.
    Work out.

  2. 32nd anniversary today so got flowers for the Pretty Wife, changed oil in her Volvo wagon, took her to dinner. Got stuff done. Tomorrow, if tonight goes well, blood transfusion and a nap. Gotta get er done as they say. Good score on the glow in the dark meter.

    Be well;


  3. Fresh Glasses, dental care. I keep my older glasses as glovebox backups, but it shows at the range.

    Tooth issues, not good when things are messy. A large tub of coconut oil is excellent for mouth and tooth issues, take a large teaspoon in swish it in your mouth for about two minutes. Toothpaste, toothbrushes and such. Get more, its cheap.

    Glad the Krane has some sort of braking ability. I was wondering how much real control our 3 letter sorts have on that coke fiend. Don’t want to test nuclear preps.

    Thanks Big Country for the intel.

  4. For gum and tooth pain, you can use tea leaves. A full teabag, or split a bag into smaller packets using pieces of paper towel. Works well to pull an infection down or swelling from tooth work.

    As to the modern leftist Catholic Church’s support of the illegals, Catholic Charities funds a shit-ton of that crap, no matter how much the faithful protest. Some churches pull funds from accepted donations and toss it towards Catholic Charities.

    1. Saturate a wadded up piece of paper towel with plain cooking vanilla and hold it directly on the infected tooth. In about 30 seconds the pain will be entirely gone and stay gone for at least the rest of the day.

      Powdered cloves work too but as well as the vanilla.
      Both, vanilla and powdered cloves should be in the dental section of your BIG house first aid kit.

  5. BC… do you know anything about radios? I know some basic telemetry and basic data acquisition stuff… but I am out of my depth with ham radio. Specifically I thinking of those cheap Beofeng hand helds that have the radio geeks enthralled…do you have any experience with them?

    1. Filthie,bought some of beo’s(5 watt) awhile back along with longer antennas,pretty decent range and thus a good local comm tool,we keep trying em in woods/towns ect. and so far for what they are am very happy I got a bunch for me and friends.

      Longer range ham is something I am trying to work on,they occasionally offer a weekend class in my area and by time done should be able to pass tech/general license,then,of course you need gear and practice with said unit(more money!).

      I also go thru something daily that may be a long term helpful item/shill.

      As for not wanting to do things I go with a phrase read in a novel,”You don’t have to like it/You just have to do it”,really works for me when unmotivated.

    2. For anyone that’s purchased one of the ‘standard’ Boafeng handhelds – and doesn’t really know how to use them well (let alone in a tactical/SHTF situation), you might want to check out a softbound book called “The Guerrilla’s Guide To The Baofeng Radio”, by NC Scout. It’s fairly simple, doesn’t assume you know much about HAM/Amateur radio, covers enough to help you get ’em working, and even covers various antenna types/configurations – and menu settings to keep your radio from breaking sound discipline. He also gives suggestions on how to set it up so that if it’s captured – it won’t rat your group out.

      I bought it – and found it very useful. And no, I don’t get anything from his product sales.

      Available on the ‘zon, or direct from his store at:

      His regular site is ‘’, and also publishes at ‘’.

      Lots of good stuff at both places.

      1. Thanks Brian,saw that awhile back and then just slipped me mind,will get a copy as scout really seems to know comms and now seeing someone happy who bought it feel worth the investment.

        1. Double down on that and agree.
          Get the Big Print for the house, and have the small field copy for the ruck… leastways that how Sapper and I roll

      2. Bought both the field copy and the large print copy of it…
        I run a pair of Harris Falcon IIIs (Don’t ask where I got them) But the baseline run/software is verrrry similar to the Bao. In fact I have 4 Baos, and 2x Midlands all set up to talk to each other.

        The Falcons and the Headsets are our tactical manuever ‘oot and aboot’ scrambled comms for ‘fun field times’
        The encoding is a bit trickier, but the GPS is a Godsend. Might have to Blegg on it at one point or other, BUT
        OPSEC is a big deal… I don;’t show ALL of my hand(s)

    3. I have a few. They work well, but in wooded / mountanous areas the range goes way down. They can ve a pain to program but easy if you have the cord and software.

      I have an older kenwood. It works better but cant get batteries for it any longer.

  6. ok. now i bought another rad meter too…

    humanity is in need of a thorough enema

    PULL IT!

    tfA-t demands his 300 million +

  7. I’m so far out in the puckerbrush that right now my main “preps” are getting another three cords of firewood stacked and, of course, mowing weeds/sagebrush back away from the house to be ready for wildfire season.

    Today I’ll make a trip to Walmart for a handful of things that can wait, but I’ll be taking a neighbor who doesn’t have a car so she can do her monthly shopping.

    I’ve thought of getting a Rad Detector but having worked in the field (radioactive stuff) myself, I’m not sure what good one would do out here. It might tell me to stay inside a bit longer, but I’ll do that anyway. I have a difficult time imagining the affordable stuff being sensitive enough to really be useful.

    My secondary and tertiary gardens are both covered with black plastic (to kill off grass and weeds) right now so I don’t have any concern about them getting contaminated by the very little fallout I may get in this area. I may cover the primary garden (just in case) if something pops off. Black plastic for the currently empty beds or those I can do without. Greenhouse plastic for the beds with my All Red, Purple Peruvian and Adirondack Blue Potatoes.

    1. Howdy neighbor
      80-100 miles or so as the crow flies. Liked anyway. Wild fires always the wild card amiright,lol

  8. “OUR” side is stupid, arrogant. Nor a good combo for a good out look.

    1. The Russians and East Germans knew how bad the brainwashing was, and laughed it off, the Americans actually believe their brainwashing. Somehow it makes you bulletproof.

  9. NOW.

    Contact Shane Connor at and have him accurize that meter.

    You will thank me when it’s done (that “phone dongle” might be one of his, so you might have his addy on it.


    Tell him I sent ya.

    Night Driver

  10. “Live Auctions at the DRMO”… back in the early ’90s I got into that, there were 4 places nearby that held them, get on the Mailing List and every 2 Weeks you got a Mimeographed Flyer, 10 Pages of “Lots” with a brief description; Vehicles, Machinery, and Pallet Boxes “Mixed Tools and Electronic Items”. Started picking up Machine Tools, and then because there was a Zoomie Base, Aviation Ground and Shop Equipment, as I moved into more ‘Independent’ Jet Mechanic work.

    Those Pallet Boxes were the (sur)’prize’ in every one- often, one single Tool was worth more than the rest of the Box, and Nobody else knew what it was. Then I met a guy whose Business was sourcing Used Electronic Bench-Testing Items (O-scopes and more Esoteric stuff) and because of the Mix of Electronic/Mechanical Tools, we started with the (Highly Illegal) practice of (gasp) “Bid Collusion”. We would each look over the Boxes, make Notes, and then get together for Lunch before the Auction and Decide who would Bid and How Much for each Lot we both wanted stuff from. That meant we could Outbid anyone who only wanted a few Items in that Lot. We both often scored Items worth 10’s of K Dollars for a few Hundred.

  11. Want to hear a funny story.

    You’ll never guess why the riots in France ended so suddenly. The local big city drug dealers decided that having so many cops sniffing around the neighborhoods was bad for business. So they put the word out to the youff’s – End the riots and lootings now or you will have us to answer to. And the rioting ended faster than you can say “Parlez vous Anglais”.

    Google Translate does a pretty good job of giving the gist of the story.

    And you thought the US was up shit creek. In a motor boat going full speed. With a senile drooling idiot at the helm. Doing lines of coke.

    1. Interesting essay.
      I like the section about shifting dealer look-outs into protecting the looters.

  12. We have a similar place in Sacramento & its environment called “Falling Prices”. It is closed Sunday & Monday-then open for the rest of the week. Each item starts every week at one price, and that price drops every day until it all sells. On Tuesdays, all items are $6.00. On Wednesdays, the price for everything drops to $4.00. Thursdays, $2.00, Fridays $1.00, and anything remaining on the last day, Saturday, is just $0.25. They have HUGE bins of stuff and you and 400 other folks paw through them. I’ve gotten killer deals on clothes, some food, appliances, etc. The kicker is that buy it-you own it. For you it’s our Black Brethren, for us it’s Salsa all the way. And do not get in front of a mother and baby clothes; your arm will get broken.

    1. In Texas, ours is called Bin Drop. It works just about like that. Maybe its the same store by a different name.

  13. “Hey! I was only two letters off on my spelling of that! Go me!”

    Bloody Ukrainian … in Russian it’s Запорожье, which is Zaporozhye or Zaporozh’ye in Latin script.

    I have no idea how the Ukrainians get Zaporizhzhia out of that.

    This Oppositional Defiant Disorder kind of thing is how you can get the equivalent of Georgia and Alabama disagreeing over how you’d pronounce Sanford Stadium before a game.


    Neither, y’all doing this in the Kraine are just assholes. 🙂

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