Useful Tool (Website) and SO THATS Why/What We’re Sending to the Kraine

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So Tater, Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den let it out in an interview just what/why “Cluster(fuck) Munitions” we’re sending the Kokaine Krainfeld Klown Show. Seems “They’re/We’re out of ammunition.” Depends on which interview you see, but essentially, there ain’t no 155mm left. Period. Dot.

AGAIN I appear to be prescient as in the Substack about “Mines” and whatnot, the first thing I poasted about was the M692 ADAM, Area Denial Artillery Munition. Another ‘member’ of this particular shell “family” is the DPICM or dual-purpose improved conventional munition.

Now, the M692 is used to scatter either M67 or M72 landmines. Go look at the substack if you want the skinny on that. The weapon(s) that Tater seems to be talking about sending to the Kraine is probably the M483A1 (first made in 1975). This has had some upgrades over time. The latest iteration is the M864 put in production in 1998.

These have a BUNCH of M42 or M46 ‘Bomblets’ or Grenades as the above chart shows. It carries (each 155mm shell) 24 or 48 Submunitions. The M42 is an anti-personnel round and has 48 of them packed into the shell, whereas the M46 is an anti-armor bomb and because it’s got a bigger payload, it only has 24 in the shell.

Now, per wiki: “Large quantities of munitions bought during the Cold War were put into war reserve stockpiles. As of 2014, many were reaching the end of their useful life and required disposal, an expensive process. “

Guess they found a cheaper and quicker way to get rid of them Aye? Not sure if they’re getting the older M483A1 or the M692s. My guess is “Use the old shit first” is the usual DotMil way… I mean some of the .50cal I saw in Iraq had Frankford Arsenal Markings from 1916 for manufacture dates, and when I left in 2011, they were up to using 1980’s stuff.

Seeings we’ve sent all we can legally spare (not that that means a fucking thing to these retards) to the Kraine, well, yeah… they’ll be sending any and all shit that’s in the ammo bunkers I suppose… seeing how the majority of the civilized world has banned the use of landmines and cluster bombs, well… fuck it.

At least they haven’t sent nukes
BUT… ’tis still early in the game. I figure a few more major defeats and we’ll see what we see… Although supposedly yesterday news was out that we finally got rid of the Chem Warfare stuff… mind you the exact quote from the DoD is:
“Today, U.S. officials announced that the final munition in the nation’s obsolete stockpile of chemical weapons has been safely destroyed — a disarmament milestone decades in the making.”

Bold mine.

OK… so what about not-so-obsolete chemical weapons?
Preeeeeetty sure that somewhere, someone, a Doctor Strangelovian type General Ripper has a stockpile for fun and games that we’re completely unaware of? Anyways, the link to the bullshit is HERE. Guess we won’t be seeing any Sarin Rockets aimed at San Francisco on Alcatraz anytime soon…

Mores the pity.

And according to new reports from Simplicus76, seems Krainfeld and his fucktards tried to hit the Nuke Plant in Smolensk with a missile… which was shot down. Their guy
Medvedev commented on media reports that the Ukrainian Armed Forces allegedly tried to attack the Smolensk NPP:

“If an attempt to attack the Smolensk (Desnogorsk) NPP with NATO missiles is confirmed, it is necessary to consider the scenario of a simultaneous Russian strike on the South Ukrainian NPP, Rivne NPP and Khmelnitsky NPP, as well as on nuclear facilities in Eastern Europe. There is nothing to be ashamed of.”

Not a good thing.
To my POV, they’re running out of equipment and time. No idea how anyone at this point can think this’s going to end in any way outside of a Russian win. Aesop keeps hammering on how the Russians are using T-55s. Yeah. They are. But HOW are they using them? Not on the front lines… well, actually they are:

They’re putting in basic remote control systems, and judging from the shockwave of the blast, every. square. inch. of the interior with some serious explosives. Tell you what, what actually gave me the giggles was the Krainians detonated the thing themselves. At 1:01 +/- you can see the RPG reaching out from the fortified position the Krainians held. There were a lot of them buggers in them trenches that the T-55 was heading to…

The overpressure blast? Honestly, having seen the after effects IRL from BIG bombs? Unless some of them guys were in deep trenches that –didn’t- cave in on them, not a fuck-lot was left of that Hard Point.
Jes’ Sayin’
That was a monster of a blast… can you -imagine- if the Krainians didn’t slow it down/cripple it where they did and it managed to get in the middle of their A.O. and be ‘positively detonated’ via whoever was radio controlling it? Also, another thing I noticed doing a frame-by-frame inspection and whatnot, I also think, besides the RMTP aspect, (Rapidly Moving Tank Parts) they also had the interior filled with ball bearings or something… there seems to be huge swaths of the woodline that’s getting blasted by -something- over and above in that first micro-second…
Fuck me.
NOT something I’d want to experience myself.

So yeah bro, they’re using T-55s in ways that suggest to ME a much higher, meaner, smarter technological approach than the supposed ‘human waves’ which we in the West, despite the multiplicity of GoPros, Cell Cams, Drone footage, the only slaughter of ‘troops in the open’ footage has been of Krainian Konscripts for the Klown and his Koterie getting smashed. I mean c’mon man… IF they had real footage of Russians ‘charging in hoomon waves’ footage would have gotten out by now. Especially in light of the need for the Propaganda win, as they sure AF aren’t winning anywhere else.

So, we’ll have to see.
That strike at the nuke plant? Has me a tad nervous… only b/c that’s one red line Ivan has made clear enough, but the Koke addled Fuckstick? He’s too stupid like most of his ilk are to know that he’s going to purely die either way.

On a lighter note, a new website is up which is probably going to be exceptionally useful in the next few. It’s called Camo Matrix and uses and has the majority of civvie camo on it, with various woodline backgrounds for comparison.

13th Legion over at Gab turned me on to it, and OH Holy Hells! IF dude gets the proper mix of DotMil camo up there? Talk about USEFUL!!! Right now, unfortunately, he’s got primarily civvie stuff but has the M81 Woodland (old school from 80’s/90s… MY old uniform) and the mostly reviled UCP (Universal Camo Pattern… that grey shit that looks like a pattern on Gramma’s couch).

He’s supposed to be adding to it, and I’m going to give the link HERE Check it out. If it becomes MOAR useful, I may add it to a list of “Useful Sites” on the right under the Ad(s)… Personally I already said he needs to add southern/swampy backgrounds as the majority of Spicy Times I think (outside of Appalachia) are going to be the ‘playgrounds’ and I want to see what the BEST camo I can get is… right now I run Crye Multis and Brit Scorpion, which are the same, but Florida? Hmmmn… not sure if that’s the best for this A.O. Have to see what dude comes up with. I actually wonder if the Italian M1929 “Vegatato” might be better? Maybe in the fall? Like I said… gotta keep an eye open and see what guy comes up with.

More Later
Big Country

24 thoughts on “Useful Tool (Website) and SO THATS Why/What We’re Sending to the Kraine”

  1. Holy crap that big assed boom in the vidya.

    Those Krain’s are fucked unless they kill those way out ahead of their positions.

    1. Clearly was a “newk” since it had a fungus cloud.

      The scuttlebutt is, Lookout Mountain Studios (the Hollywood outfit that did most of the “Newkulur Scripts/Special Effects” for all the massively marketed and popularized “newk tests” in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s) used similar “large quantities of surplus TNT” that were “slowed down” to appear more “ponderous.”

      Biggest indicator that all these supposed “tests” were in fact conventional were the presence of -black smoke.- That’s hydrocarbon combustion, and anybody that claims otherwise obviously was taking a smoke break during high school chemistry.

      Can’t have “million degree temps” and low-temperature/inefficient hydrocarbon combustion outta the same bomb. A “newk,” if legit, would look nothing at all like a conventional explosion. Would be something never before seen. So, fake and ghey and ClownWorld have been around a bit longer than most realize.

      Use your eyes.

      1. And why, exactly, wasn’t the center of Hiroshima (Nagasaki too) a distorted field of glass? Ever notice photos for the various “tests” from the 1950s all look different? Why would the appearance of each detonation look distinctly different? Seems there would be a similar look to them. According to the science of splitting atoms and creating a chain reaction, these detonations should look like miniature suns … blinding brightness and completely out of control.

        1. The more you dig, the gayer and faker it gets.

          No “Hiroshimite” nor “Nagasakite.” As noted.

          No crater. Which there sure as fuck would have been for a ground burst of that purported size (after all, airbursts don’t create pyrocumulus clouds. More basic knowledge).

          Fragile structures such as antennae, cornices, and trees all standing upright, in spite of “gale force blast overpressure.”

          And the most hilarious, the “human shadows” that supposedly represent people that were “flash vaporized.” Trouble is, it takes a -lot- of kilocalories to vaporize a fleshbag of mostly water. So if they were, say, standing next to a tinder-dry wood and paper structure, there would be no wall upon which their “shadow” could appear, as it too would have been “instantly vaporized.”

          I mean…holy crap the hypnosis was strong.

          Hiroshima and Nagasaki had already been firebombed to virtually nothing prior to August of 1945 (the notion of “virgin targets” is specious, adorable, and hilarious, the 7th AF was “bouncing the rubble” at that point), and yet streetcar service was back up and running within a week in Hiroshima. Only one of Hiroshima’s bridges went down as a result of the “bombing,” and that was due to being overloaded with traffic.

          The Air Force sent one of their top BDA (bomb damage assessment) specialists in immediately after cease of hostilities, and to paraphrase his assessment: “there was nothing special about Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Just two more firebombed cities out of the 66 others.”

          Without constant reminders in the media (try finding books or films that don’t have “newks” as their plot hook over the past 80 years), and the near total saturation of the 1950’s and 1960’s media with publicized “tests” (of these allegedly soooper secret weapons…), people probably would have caught on.

          Well, the special effects didn’t age well, and all “tests” had to be moved “underground” (lest someone pointed an unauthorized mass spectrometer at one of the above-ground explosions and started asked inconvenient questions).

          Case in point: the supposed “Rogue Mad Dog Criminal Nation” of North Korea, who supposedly gives zero fucks about anything, and is sure as hell not a signatory to the Atmospheric Test Ban Treaty…still “tests” underground.


          Absolutely no reason, unless it is to keep the grift going.

          Remember: it is all fake and ghey, and it’s all conventional from here on out.

  2. It was due to be destroyed but Trump rescinded the order when everyone was on that ballwash Matis trip.
    Red State destroyed (wink) a bunch of bio/chem weapons on the border with a CPUSA state which was a great middle finger to the comrades as all surrounding states have more on welfare than working.
    Viddys I have seen show duct tape on uniform markings but the direct hit squad wipeout one was Ukes, you can tell the RF with the big Z patch.
    A buddy gave me a cool flag from a Fallout video game with biohazard sign, gas mask and large Z in a shield, also found a pic of the mascot with a Tommy gun and big ol’ grin.
    Tre Bark is my favorite camo ever, it was the RealTree prototype that the Army didn’t go with from the late 1980’s.
    It is getting long in the tooth but did find some online for replacement.
    Fun Trivia-Unsere Luftwaffe came up with the cluster bombs and napalm back when the Germans had stones, so long ago.

  3. Look for our ultimate soy trooper and authority on paramilitary faggotry – General Aesop – to start whining about Soviet antipersonnel weapons blowing up American shit in Syria soon…

    Aaaaaaand the presence of nukes in Cuba, if he wants to get stupid about it.

    Globohomo seems to forget that whatever they do to the Russians, they can do to right back. The good news is that NATO will fall apart soon unless things change drastically. The German economy is in ruins, Fwance is on fire, and Britain is being run by pajeets and pakies. Establishment Govts will start falling soon, and being replaced by far-right (and no doubt, antisemitic) govts.

  4. Speaking of outdated ammunition. Uncle Sammy decided in the Vietnam Era to use up all of the old WW2 iron bombs being stored in bunkers around the globe. Once such stash was a collection of 500Lb bombs stored in the Philippines I believe. They were so unstable that the Ordinance officer who signed them over to the USS Forrestal went on record as saying they were too dangerous to be moved. They were loaded aboard anyway The big fire on Yankee Station that killed 129 was triggered by another bad decision to have loaded aircraft armed while on the flight deck, (as opposed to after launch). Once started, the unstable bombs were large reason for the severity of the fire.

  5. picked up a brit desert smock a few years back instead of a blue jeans jacket (70 bucks ?)
    the brit smock was 20 something, fit really well and had a lot more pockets too.
    anyway, the camo pattern is great for fall here in the hills of pa. but the old army woodland works
    very well up here as well. and I know I am too old and banged up to play running and gunning games
    pushing 70 and back and knees shot to hell. but like the old guy says, I know things. and I do have a
    good workshop too. metal lathe, milling machine, welders. stuff like that.
    the blast wave was something else. looks like the Russians are saving their people and letting old machines do the dirty work. in a way a twofer from their way of thinking, use a old tank as a anti personal weapon and use up any anti tank weapons the ukes might have left ? again, makes sense.
    and people still say the Russians are stupid. yeah, right. and the old T-34 was just some old tank too.

  6. Uh oh…that don’t look good. I don’t recall ever seeing a ground explosion with as big/fast a shockwave of that one. Just watched it once, but: Figure anyone inside 300 yards of that is dead for sure, probably dead or out of action if not under damn good cover out way further. Dunno, maybe I’m wrong, but that seemed hella-high explosive to me. Damn!! That’s a pants-shitting blast any way you look at it. Keep up the good work. Things kinda got that, “Oh shit, what’s gonna happen next, I know it’s gonna be bad, just hope not too bad” feel to it, don’t it??
    For what it’s worth, Aesop’s kinda wired up some shit & drama with his OPINIONS and contrariness, but the man has a legit brain and some mad knowledge in some areas. I’m thinking it’s time to stop sweating the small bullshit differences among the mostly like-minded. Tic Toc. Love the article, as always, BC.

  7. It has been dead quiet at the Ft Lewis artillery range for a month now. That has never happened before. Still lots of helicopters.
    Strange side note, I just watched Season 1, episode 6 of the original Twilight Zone. When the Devil stamps his signature on the contract it is with the Ukraine trident symbol.

    1. That Trident Emblem is the (((khazar))) tribe’s original symbol. It is showing up again because the takeover of the Ukraine is the core of (((their))) “greater khazaria project”. You can look that up, if you can stand watching/listening to a bunch of hook-noses Sneering about driving Y.T. out of their “Ancestral Homelands” and re-establishing their “Empire”.
      The root of (((their))) Hatred of Russia is because they (the Rus) ran off the khazar filth, and damn near managed to Genocide all six gorillion of them at the Time.

      1. Khazarians are cosplaying as “Jews” (who were pretty much all wiped out by the Romans. It would be like claiming to be an “Assyrian” or “Atlantean”).

        They are “Phonies” (derived from “Phoenician,” whence the term “fake” comes from). Ultimate shape-shifters, ultimate nomads, no loyalty to states, nations, or countries (which they wear as skin-suits, using them as long as viable, then escaping ahead of the burning and looting that inevitably results when the corpse rots).

        Only loyalty is to their “Hive/Tribe,” and even then, there are factions that fight like starving wolves amongst each other.

        The color Purple is an obsession of theirs (since that was their big “in” back in the day, the selling of purple dye in the bronze age gave them immense power and influence).

        They were responsible for the “Bronze Age Collapse,” by systematically withdrawing liquidity from the economies, pulling up stakes, and returning to pillaging, raiding and slave-mongering (they were the “Sea People,” since their “God” is Poseidon from whence “Satan” derives).

        Poseidon wields a Trident. So does “the devil.”

        Observation and awareness matter.

        And finally, when they loudly claim to be “god’s chosen,” the immediate response needs to be “but of -which- god?”

  8. In Florida, multi cam died with Viktoria brand dyes…Primary color (in percentage of dye mix) number 39 Deep Forest mixed with number 47 Olive Green. I would say something like 4:1 with the one being olive. Get the dyes on ebay.

    You’re going to deposit that green on top of the browns/others until you get mostly a green shading over everything. Soak it until you get what ya want.

    ACU comes out more muted with the same stuff. That’s because there are no splotches on the ACU to stand out.
    Use the salt/vinegar mix hot, not boiling.

  9. Biiiig bada boooom!

    I’ve been partial to the British desert camo for my AO. I also like the desert tiger stripe stuff that patterns the same as the old SOG tiger stripe from Vietnam, but with browns instead of greens.

    1. Was impressed with how mid 90s Britmil tropical camo blended with Florida Palmetto scrub. Purple Star 96 E&E, Camp Blanding, Fla

  10. I have to admit, I’ve found you marginally entertaining the past few years. However, you are so self absorbed, I confuse you with my wife. Not sure what your deal is, but I don’t want you in my circle of friends. If you want your grand baby back, you should consider shutting the fuck up. What an idiot. And your insight…much to be desired. My opinion. Buh, bye.

    1. Good Riddence… at least now I don’t have to block your IP retard as you OBVIOUSLY won’t be back (good IMO). I wouldn’t be frens with a fuckstick like yourself so go and fuck yourself. thatisall.

      1. Gotta wonder what the dudes point is posting something like that…
        I mean, if you don’t like a blog, why spend years reading it?
        “Confuse you with my wife“ seriously? I’m sure his wife has got a story to tell. Always two sides to a story.
        Maybe he just forgot to take his laxative yesterday, and he’ll be OK after all.

        1. Pickler your on target, a man just stops reading-posting. No fuss, no muss, just gone.

          A pissy puppy has to post his “AND I’m GONE” message.

          Sort of like the message I got from another blogger when I disagreed with his idea that is WAS the Ukraine-Russian “war” and America wasn’t involved. I politely told him that no little kid picks a fight with a dangerous schoolyard bully without his BIG BROTHER egging him on.

          His reply after deleting my response?

          Angus McThag13 July, 2023 12:55
          Me use too big word. You not read good. Me not let you post now. You not got smart to read here.

          I suppose simply saying he disagreed and providing his reasons,but he goes all Aesop on me.

          1. McThag is right up there with Aesop as far as being somewhat overly ‘controlling’ in the comments, but Unlike Big A, he’s a true asshole. Offered to do a “I’ll poast your blegg if you poast mine” for traffic, and he didn’t even bother to reply, just deleted my comment. And every.other.comment I’ve -tried- to make there… fucking D&D nerd anyways… Aesop will at least give you a back-and-forth… MacFag? Notsomucho.

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