Down But Not Out AKA Aging SUCKS! And The Krainfeld Kake.

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

The Sausage Princess barked, I twisted (yesterday afternoon) and grabbed my .357 to answer the door… when I twisted, WTF!!!! Lower back… -something- new popped. I’ve had the spine crushed (97), cut (2002,-04,-07,-09) and crashed (chopper, Blackhawk, 2006) but this one?


New levels of “OMG!!! I’ll talk, I’ll talk!”


By far, I’m not a pussy by any means. I’m the guy (due to nerve damage) that cuts himself, and has to be told to (per Sapper usually) “…Dude… stop bleeding all over the floor man…” Makes it easier pain wise to have sooooo many nerve endings shorted out… but R/N?

Fuuuuuuck…. this’s a new level. Even with my ‘normal’ VA Scripted Oxycontin (yeah… I get the good stuff) this pain is overriding even 30-50 mg of the ‘pure quill’ so to speak. I don’t dare go higher… even tho they have me have naxolone on hand, I’m not risking an O.D….
If it keeps up I’m going to the VA… this ain’t the norm by far. Believe you me, I’ve tweaked, pinched, severed, spun, folded and/or mutilated my nerve endings, but maaaaaaaaaan.

Dis shit is for the birds .
It’s not even ‘full sciatica’ as I have that on the reg so to speak. It’s just my ass cheeks feel like someone stuck a ka-niff into each cheek, and sitting hurts, standing hurts… fuck it… Guess it’s time for “Plan W”

The only booze I can drink w/out ‘gettin’ mean’ so to speak.
It’s working that I can tell… we shall see.

That and Glorious People’s Tractor Factory, I didn’t get shit done today… my PC ‘bricked’ this AM due to my own stoopid… thankfully IT Commissar had a card up his sleeve, and I was able to finally unbrick said PC. Not that it fucking helped… made the day weak production wise, so I’ll have to make up for it over the next few days…

But the best news all week and this month was that Krainfeld the Kokaine Klownshow and his Koterie of Klowns were told:

Which, IMO is a fucking win.

Little fag wants us to go balls deep into World War Fucking Three? Fuck that guy. He’s fucked enough that if he ever showed up here in Florida? I’d be hard pressed NOT to snipe his ass. I’m pretty sure the World would thank me as he’s such an overbearing miniscule fucking Jew-Putz.

No one wants to dance with the fag….

Fuck him.
I welcome any member of the SBU to show up here to try anything. Just understand that I’ll mount your heads on pikes on the front yard, regardless of anything the county mounties have to say. Fuck the Ukraine to hell and back… y’all suck, your war sucks, and so does anyone who supports your sorry brought it on yourself stupid asses.

‘Cos, you know we’re going bankrupt b/c of them right?
Best be ready
Maybe it’s the Tullamore, Maybe it’s Reality.
I know we’re fucked long term… it’s just how well you’re ready for the ‘crash’ when… mind you WHEN it happens… not “If”
Dunno about you, but I’m long in ammo, weapons and canned goods… How ’bout you?
More Later
Big Country

39 thoughts on “Down But Not Out AKA Aging SUCKS! And The Krainfeld Kake.”

  1. “Awwwwwwwwww
    No one wants to dance with the fag….

    Fuck him.
    I welcome any member of the SBU to show up here to try anything. Just understand that I’ll mount your heads on pikes on the front yard, regardless of anything the county mounties have to say. Fuck the Ukraine to hell and back… y’all suck, your war sucks, and so does anyone who supports your sorry brought it on yourself stupid asses.”


  2. Well dayam, get down, get back up.
    I keep El Heato by Big Pito so there is lightning fast draw.
    Get back in the ring when rested and ready, we need all those who have a clue and some balls now more than ever.

    1. ^^^WHAT HE SAID! Heal up on the double-quick, Bro. Gonna need every swinging dick at General Quarters real soon.

  3. 6-3 and 220 in my prime. Laid on living room floor and begged the roommate for the whiskey and Percocet or a pistol. Relief for 2 blessed hrs.

  4. Just picked up 4 “buckets – o- food” and a small gen set, this week end. Will there ever be enough.

  5. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight says:

    I feel for ya, bro. I get the sciatic pinch from time to time, usually down the left leg. Which alternates with nerve pinch down the left arm and ahoulder.
    A LOOOOT of Motrin, sometimes some of wifey’s “good stuff”, and heat (pads and showers).
    Growing old ain’t for wimps.
    Prayers to you and yours.

  6. BC, I’m so sorry. Been there done that + alc and narcs, heat, massage, gentle trunk twisting, all of it.
    I don’t have a fix. Prayers from mechanized Mennonite types was the best thing that helped. I live in their neck of the woods, made friends with ’em.
    If you have true Christian friends. (some of your audience) that could help. I’m starting at 1830. Blessings big bro.

  7. back when I blew my back out , I drank every bottle of booze I had in the house. word to the wise.
    popping OTC pain meds with booze is a very good way to trash your kidneys FAST.
    had a bottle of 30 year old single malt. well, I did have it sitting on the shelf for close to 10 years waiting on a special time to crack it. drank the dam bottle and don’t remember a thing about it. still have the nice oak box it came in though. it was a gift as I don’t have the cash to buy 5-600 dollar bottle of booze.
    drag your ass to the ER and get some real good stuff and find out what when wrong.
    some friends did that for me when it happen or rather 4 days after it happen.
    but Tullamore DEW is easy going down. I miss the old style crocks they used to sell it in.
    as for stocking up, I figure late this year or early next year the wheels will come off.
    I am kind of amazed we lasted this long really. the money is worthless for the most part.
    don’t plan on going anywhere, so canned goods/food will work here. ammo, well. you never have enough really. got new filters for the big Berkley to stash on the shelf. 4 sets now.
    might have to get some more booze to act as pain killers when the VA stops giving me pills.
    and once I get my old 4runner back from the shop, I have wheels with a simple computer in it.
    not like the mall wagon the 2016 one is.
    when you get to the VA, ask about getting some lidocaine patches. they really help me out a lot.
    I go thru a box of them every month and a half easy. they help with sharp local pain.
    wish you well as I know all too well the hell you going thru.

    1. Paracetamol (aka acetaminophen) works on CYP3A4 and CYP2D6, both of which involve liver metabolism.

      If you take too much or combine it with too much booze, CYP2E1 gets involved and creates something called NAPQI that kills off liver cells, which it does normally but in small amounts that can be neutralised by the body’s natural production of glutathione (GSH). This is also why one of the detox methods for paracetamol poisoning is to administer relatively large doses of n-acetylcysteine (NAC).

      Percocet is oxycodone (more CYP3A4 and CYP2D6 action) combined with paracetamol, so you may not be getting around this by asking for a big bottle of oxy at the VA.

      People’s weird drug interactions often are individual differences in genetics reflected in cytochrome P450 (CYP450) metabolism such as this.

      I have a friend who used to get shit from doctors when he told them not to prescribe oxycodone in any of its forms because it didn’t work on him. People with fast CYP3A4 metabolism process it quickly, leaving the pain it was meant to deal with behind.

      Now that CYP450 metabolism is better known among doctors, my friend can explain what’s different about his metabolism in technical terms they understand so that when he gets dental work done, he’s not left with a bottle of weaksauce pills that force him back to ibuprofen and paracetamol anyway.

      So BCE, careful with the whisky treatment, NAPQI damage to the liver can be very serious, check out the Ministry of Wikipedia if you want more details.

  8. Check out your nervous system. Now. Get a full scope MRI.
    I brushed off a back injury a few years ago, it never went away and come to find out I have MS.
    Left leg won’t work.
    If I’d figured it out sooner, I maybe could have remediated it somewhat.

  9. If sciatica:
    It’s a pinched nerve. Had sciatica in my 20’s. It about ruined any performing career I had in mind. How I did it is embarrassing – I sneezed sitting in half lotus. Riding a bike eventually helped to strengthen some muscles that pulled it all back together. Cracking my back not so much, it irritated it even if it felt good in the moment. I got over it in 4-5 years. You can do better than me if you refrain from cracking your back. Maybe see a chiropractor and they’ll know how to crack it the right way? NSAID’s for the swelling, lidocaine patches, and maybe steroids but not for long term.

    Or try wild lettuce? I hear that’s good for pain. Or kratom? Lady I met whose parachute didn’t open and lived swears by kratom.

  10. Back pain sucks,used to get it a lot as a carpenter even though I stretched before work ect.

    Then…….,I found the joy of pain relief with a inversion table,not only helped me back but rid me of any knee pain(so far).

    I do not know if the injuries your back has endured would make a inversion table a bad idea but for me and many friends I introduced to said table is literally a life saver.

    Oh,and fuck the ukie govt.,the people though I feel bad for and hope the madness soon ends.

    1. InverTrac

      absolute contraindications are (3) … Hx of cerebrovascular hemorrhage, narrow angle or normal pressure glauccoma, and uncontrolled hypertension

  11. BCE~ I truly feel your pain. Been there too many times. Find an inversion board to stretch out your spine. If you can handle the needles try Acupuncture. Shots in the spine should be the last resort but a trigger point shot in the nerve bundle in your butt does wonders. There are also portable Tens Units home use. Deep Tissue massage helps. As does a great Tequila.

  12. I pretty much rely on my tens unit these days when I get a pinched nerve that shoots pain down my right leg nonstop.

  13. Huh. Maybe he might have gotten some attention if he stopped playing frontline commando, dressing in OD fatigues with the scumbag ‘operator’ beard, and instead used some of those billions of dollars the world’s been sending him to BUY A GODDAMN FUCKING SUIT.

    Just sayin’…

    1. The krainian needs to get goofy socks and a golf shirt, then he can be buddies with Justin.

      1. Justin…shit.

        That prick’s already had a heart to heart with that little Ukranian cocksucker, promising to rob our great grandchildren blind to fund his little bullshit money laundering operation, er, I mean ‘war for democracy’.

        Since we will likely not be fortunate enough to be rid of Trudeau any time in the near future, there’s not much else we can do but grit our teeth and bear it.


  14. Get you one of those post-surgery elastic back support thingies. Works wonders. Provides just enough support to hold things in place and the slight increase in heat will help.

    As to drugs, Gabapentin and PreGaba (Lyrica) are excellent for reducing nerve pain.

    And some pain doctors are recommending 800mg Ibuprophen and 1 500mg tab of Tylenol every 6 hours as a good OTC cocktail. Worked for me when I had a huge jaw infection, as I can’t take opiates or any of the good stuff.

    Good luck on surviving the back pain. That can be such a bitch.

  15. I like the meme on Blab where they have that picture of Zelenski above and have inserted a sign with an arrow pointing above him saying ‘You must be this tall to join NATO.

    I feel bad for you. Back and spinal pain suck. I have a pinched nerve in my neck that is insufferable when it acts up. I do traction and Chiropractor but they never prescribe the good stuff. PT will make it go away.

    Hope you get better soon.

  16. Your condition sounds like aggravated piriformis to me. I fixed my last flare-up with stretching and a TENS unit, but I could barely stand up from sitting or sit down from standing for a few days. Work was out of the question while it lasted.

    I’ve been making a wild lettuce extract for my boo, she suffers from a couple of chronic conditions that make her hurt all the time. She says it really helps with muscle pain, joints not so much; YMMV. Several species of wild lettuce grow here in Florida and apparently all of them are more or less effective. They grow like weeds in my yard, I’d been mistaking them for dandelions.

  17. Try acupuncture…worked for me with a pinched nerve in my neck. (I thought my career was over)
    …also maybe try Ivermectin rubbed in to the area of pain. it’s been repurposed with very good results
    for Rheumatoid Arthritis pain. Good luck my friend

  18. Seriously though … sounds like a hyperextension kind of injury.

    I’ll go through months of dealing with one of those, but the worst are the ones that settle into my lower back for a while.

    Walmart sells Sunbeam USB heat pads in the section with the liniments that can be used as a heat belt with the attached velcro, and you can turn this into a portable setup with a 20k mAh USB battery pack from the electronics section. You’ll probably need some extension velcro straps to get it around you, that’s unless you like hot medical corset action (woohoo).

    You can get shit done around the house at least with one of these setups and some shorts with elastic in them to hold the cabling for the battery in place. Shove the battery in the back pocket and get all of the cabling under control, then you’re good to go for a while.

    The Sunbeam USB pad has green/yellow/red button lighting to let you know what power level it’s on.

    Green is nearly useless except for pets, yellow is a slightly past mild heat, and red gets shit done.

    The 20k USB battery pack lasts most of the day (for days < 10 hours) on red and all day on yellow.

    Beats the crap out of wearing an ACE bandage full of liniment that wears off quickly.

  19. Sounds stupid, but my piriformis locked up about a year ago in the only thing that helped was a hard rubber ball the size of a small cantaloupe. Put that sucker between your butt cheek and the wall and move your carcass around till you find the sweet spot, heh. It does wonders… after about a week you feel the pain going away.

  20. BCE, may want an MRI and Neurosurgeon (not Ortho Spine surgeon).
    They can pinpoint the causative nerve.
    As a general note, I once went with my wife to a pretty impressive physical therapist. He pointed out the sacroiliac joint is very much neglected by Western medicine, yet that point is the fulcrum where the vertical forces go diagonal. That point takes the greatest forces in the body, and if that joint is out, that it will create a ton of problems, which all of Western medicine then just looks at the symptoms and treats the symptoms. That joint is absolutely crucial to be in the right place.
    A GOOD PT who knows the SI joint is worth his weight in platinum.
    I’m sure you already know alcohol and acetaminophen are dangerous together.

  21. You need a good course of steroids and muscle relaxers for the acute sciatica and then once it has calmed down you have to start strength training. Progressively loaded deadlifts over time are the only thing that has “cured” my sciatica and they did it by making the musculature around my spine stronger and less apt to moving in unadvisable ways.

  22. Guys I don’t even know if NATO will survive this. Germany is already in the chitter and facing full-on economic depression. Fwance is on fire and in deep recession. The pakies running Britain are close to tapped too. I think NATO is headed the same way the League Of Nations went…

    Don’t screw around with that pain, BC. Get in and see the doctors. You don’t want to be mixing meds and whisky.

  23. BCE – So sorry about your back. I’m praying for your speedy recovery.
    Thank you so much for the sidebar link. I really appreciate it. You take care of yourself!

  24. BCE had 3 discs trimmed in my 20s- early 30s took most of the pain away but regained little mobility naproxen maybe steroids will help in short run- beer helps get to sleep ,some alcohol should not hurt- blood check for kidney function will let you know, stay away from saw bones & mri-too expensive & won’t tell you anything you don’t already know- that system just wants to cut you find a good PT used them for last 20 after my surgeries I get around better now than I ever did

  25. I have blown my back out like that and it is pure suck. Pain meds will not touch it.

    Booze, muscle relaxers, and a good massage/non-quack chiropractor helped me. Good luck finding the last one most are money making, not healing enterpises.

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