It’s Monday Tomorrow? Scotty, Beam Me Up, There’s No Intelligent Life Down Here…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Couple of Administrative things. My bros, specifically D-Armor and my Coffee Cup Bro… email me at I want to add your links to the side panel here as I’m back doing the poasting of adverts to help subsidize this fucking joint.

Took bloody well forever to get it done.

Hey, man has to make a living… and maaaan these days? At the cost of ground beef and gas? Thank Gawd I don’t have to drive (that much) for People’s Glorious Tractor Factory. Also saves on the insurance since I’m home based, I signed up for that horrible tracking widget for Progressive. Saved me $50 a month already as my monthly driven distance is like less than 400 miles total… it’s a spy-app on my phone. Fuck it. Not a biggy. I got secure comms if I need them. A whole ammo can full…

That’s what the burners are for.

Speaking of comms, I finally got in Brushbeater’s “Guerrilla’s Guide to the Baofeng”

…which is useful for the Baofengs. My Harris Falcon II I have the software for. It’s a bit more ‘involved’ but it does do comms with the Bao. The only bitch I have was I ordered it like 2 days BEFORE Brushbeater-the-Bastard (LOL!) did his 15% off sale for the 4th. I also got one of the BNC Gooseneck Antennas. I need to get the proper BNC adapter for the Falcon tho… I DO have the BIG MBITR Radio antenna that we had back in the Stans. I want to see if this gooseneck one is worth it or not, as the MBITR one I -know- has a couple of miles range, leastways as Sapper and I have tested them.

I also scored recently on a Push-To-Talk for the radio made by Earmor. Ebay… opening bid was $30… I waited until the veeeery last minute to put my bid in, and got it $30, free shipping, new in the box.

I can’t afford any really good commo gear. Fucking the prices are sooo retarded I now regret being a ‘good boy’ in the Stan when I literally had pallet boxes of the 3M Peltor Tactical Headsets NIB just waiting for dispo. Like $1500 a SET!!! If’n I had known that then? ‘Cos see, the price -I- saw was the DotGov cost at like $250 a unit… more the fool sez I, Aye?

Never thought I’d need Mil-Grade Comms until I did.
Don’t ask where the Falcons came from.
Ask me no questions…

Now, as to the programming of them and the Baos…
I use the guide from Brushbeater for the Baos. I’m NOT a comms guy by a long shot. I mean I’ve been the radioman back in the day, as I was big enough to hump a manpack, and at least competent enough to be able to do a ‘fill’ from the COMSEC Devices… Hell… I remember when we had the KYK-13 running the SINCGARS (how many of you just had flashbacks? I know a few of you did, didn’tcha? Don’t lie… it’s ok, we’re old…)


No bullshit, when I first came is, we used a paper SOI with a PRC-77… Now that is fucking old. Vietnam era comms… Yeah… TBH I just checked eBay… the Prick is still selling for about $5-600… guess it’s hard to kill off something that works. I mean granted, not the securest of comms, but these days? What is?

Considering good used radio intercept gear can be had for ‘short money’ (not money -I- have but some folks do… like a drone… couple of grand here ‘n there) and with that you can sneak, peek and even hunt bad guys at will as needed, hence the need for brevity codes and even One Time Pads.

Maybe later I get into the OTP thing. I have the means to generate them and have used them quite a bit in the past… takes some training and you have to sort of wrap your head around what you’re doing, but besides a brevity thing, OTPs are the ONLY safe way to broadcast or send messages in the even slightly clear… it all depends on just how badly you need to run your OPSEC/COMSEC

I know I’m well and truly fucked to a point… Lists? Sheeeeeeeeeeee-it.
I’m the fucking host of the Party… best get used to that.

Seriously though, part of the reason I’m not too worried as of now? Truthfully? There’s a LOT more folks out there that they’re worried about… Case in point: The Tennessee Transtestical-with-the-Tranifesto.

EVERYONE seems to have jes’ plum fergot ’bout it/her.
Thing is, PART of the RUMINT -I’ve- been fed is that there was supposed to be ‘other’ things that were “supposed to happen”…


Much like the stupid that broke loose in Vegas when they tried to Off the Crown Prince from the House of Saud, they, meaning the PUPPETMASTERS lost control, and ‘shit happened beyond their control.’ Judging from the near frozen actions of the majority of Law-Non-Enforcement, and my few 3 Letter Frens who’re still talking to me, a LOT of the problem was the VAST number of soft-skulled-psychos they ‘groomed up’/’wound up’ and now?

They’re realizing that they got a LOT of ticking time bombs with no direction, just waiting to go Ka-Blooie.

And they know these folks are out there,
They can’t do shit… sort of a mess from what I heard.

Sort of, (and roll with me) like the time me and a buddy went into a Bed Bath and Beyond with his G/F. She wanted to ‘shop’ and maaaaaan we were BORED BORED BORED AF. Dudes in a sheet/pillow/towel store? Normally hard pass but Brohiem was trying to get balls deep… I swear the shit I did to help a brother out…
Anyways… I, in my own usual devilish way, found a way to ‘entertain’ myself. Found a bunch of these wind-up egg timers… fuckers were shaped like an egg, and could be set up to 30 minutes with a twist of the top half… They were surprisingly loud AF As well… guess it was so’s you’d hear ’em across the house/room… BIIIIG basket of them in the display.
You know where this’s going…
I took every. single. one of them… took the whole ‘egg basket’ and went around, and placed I dunno… 30? maybe 40 of these IED wannabes alllllllll over the store?

Each one had about a 30 second difference in time by the time I was done setting them up. Told my bro we needed to GTFO of Dodge as all Hell was going to break loose. He got all pissy as ‘his whamenz’ was still shopping… I was like “Dude, I endured 10 minutes of this bullshit, and we had about another ten before everything went to shit, so get yer bitch, pay for her gear, and lets boogie.” He told me to go back and disarm them, as things were going well with the chick… Told him “No way Jose, don’t remember where I stashed ’em all. We gots to go!”

We left juuuust as the first loud motherfucker started to ‘blow’
Needless to say, not sure of the outcome, but still, it was beyond my ability to remember just how many IEDs I had stashed and where.
Sound like a possibly familiar problem?
I guess that the left hand, being incommunicado with the right, they’ve lost positive control, IF they ever had it to begin with…

Which I seriously doubt

Nevermind all the -other- stoopidz that’s going on. Even the corrupt FedForces are realizing they have to do something ‘cos otherwise?

A Fed shows up here tomorrow and tell you what, he’s probably going to be
A) Recorded
B) Humiliated
C) Laughed at
D) Told “Get a Warrant and Leave” and
E) Told “Thank you for your card.. I’ll be sure to inform my readership of your help.”

Nevermind anyone else. The Local County Mounties? I have a smidgen of respect for, only Because they dragged Dumbcunt out of here back when she tried to have me SWATted. Hillsborough still has my house marked as “That’s the place where the guy who has a flammenwerfer lives” and they treat me with the respect and probably not just a lil fear knowing (as I’ve told all of them)
“NOMEX is for flash, not napalm.”

Your stack worries me not.
It’ll melt, same as everything else.
Like you.

So, a good day though. Got Gran#1 home and OH! Forgot! So this AM she’s supposed to be doing the ‘morning ablutions’… i.e. hair, toofuses, shit, shower, too young to shave… she comes out and tells Gretchen she’s done. Gretch marches into the bathroom, checks the toothbrush (which is dry) and tells her to do fang maintenance. Bit of the usual bullshitting going on, when the final “Do it or else” gets dropped…

Two minutes later she’s in front of me, blood pouring down her chin, alllll over her freshly washed outfit, toofus in hand, allllll sorts of happy. I may or may not have mentioned, but her very first baby toofus fell out here about three weekends ago, much to the consternation of the OtherGrans… (kinda understand it, as it -is- ostensibly a big deal, toofus #1 and all… just OUR luck it happened here…)

After #1 came out, two new ones started coming in, and #2 wasn’t wanting to budge that we can see… All Grans were a bit worried as that’s like ‘braces and chases’ shit we hopefully won’t have to deal with… BUT! This AM #2 took a tumble while she was brushing. #3 will be shortly behind that one, if new #1/2 are any indicator (they look like big chompers) She’s thrilled, if only for the tenner she gets tonight from the toofus fairy…

Missing the bottom 2 now…
Spent the Day at Lithia Springs… not a lot of folks there in the early AM, which is the way I like it… couple of for-the-most-part behaved Mexican/Squatamalens… I still kept a close eye on our shit on the shore…
So Hope your Sunday was as Good as Mine

More Later
Big Country

12 thoughts on “It’s Monday Tomorrow? Scotty, Beam Me Up, There’s No Intelligent Life Down Here…”

  1. Film all interactions with Leviathan.
    Poleece stopped sibling heading west to CO and he had $10k on him with the Fife donut molester asking about it, then he spotted the sun visor mic and cam.
    I’m on vacation and like to live large and am I free to go?

  2. Dude. $50 you’re saving to let Prob track every thing you do in your vehicle? Bad tradeoff man. Get in a fender bender and they’ll use it against you to deny the claim. See how much savings it got you then. You’re too smart for that, right? Spoken as a friend you never met.

    1. Isn’t it equally likely they’ll use it to get the other persons insurance company to have to pay for it. Meaning, to determine liability.
      Not that I’m advocating having it the device, it’s just my little bitta it’s autism coming out…

  3. I love the egg timer prank! I’ll have to keep that in the back of my mind for if the opportunity presents itself.

  4. Yep, she’s your reason for doing what you do. Dunno if you saw Sound of Freedom yet. Go see it. You might wanna invest in a little razor wire first to string around her room, just sayin…………..

    1. Haven’t seen it yet, heard it’s great. Used to go around to the middle and high schools and teach kids about sex trafficking. There are more people trafficked today than ever before.
      Average age of entry into prostitution in the United States is 13.
      Was it Marvin Gaye, who sung “ain’t no chipper big enough…?“

  5. Funny thing about the AES mode within a lot of this military gear: it’s surprisingly easy to penetrate.

    Before some smart boy pipes up with “BUT MUH 256-BIT AES CTR”, let’s talk about initialisation vectors.

    Within a lot of this hardware, initialisation vector (IV) creation isn’t properly EM isolated from the transceiver, and so the process of setting up the IV leaks and can be received at a reasonably comfortable distance.

    It’s this hack that’s being used against Motorola hardware in The Kraine.

    The Russian military actively exploits this flaw right now and not as some kind of theoretical attack.

    Time to decrypt with current hardware is in the seconds to fractions of a second range.

    So the Falcon is a Harris product, not a Motorola product, but answer this: do you trust Harris enough not to integrate some moderately hard to exploit attack against the hardware, especially given that they also manufacture interception hardware?

    Crypto AG used to do this kind of crap on behalf of the BND and the C_A back in the day.

    But one good thing about software defined radios (SDRs) is that you can put powerful computers behind them to deal with the encryption.

    RC6 in 2040 bit mode is a considerably more trustworthy option, especially if the powerful computer you put behind it is wrapped in tri-metal alloy and passes Common Criteria 3 specs.

    After that clever bullshit down in Brazil many years ago where the Feebles might have had to reveal how they could break through AES to get their guy, and Then Suddenly the guy gets nabbed some other way, all so very, very conveniently?

    Yeah, not trusting that stuff here.

    Instead of you getting a $50 break, they get to tap your comms for free.

    Not a great deal.

  6. For a cheap one-time pad, go to a used bookstore and buy multiple copies of the same edition of a book. Page number, word number, letter number. Let the puzzle palace try to crunch the numbers on that finite-but-large variable.

    1. The letter E is the most common word in the English language by a factor of x.. This fact and the other statistics for other letters creates a vulnerability using a book as a OTP to encrypt something else in English. If they can crack one message and figure out what book you’re using for your OTP then all the messages you wrote using it to encrypt, they can get in the clear faster than you can say “John has a long mustache”.

  7. Basically anything not completely random used as a key, can be cracked with statistical analysis.

    Computers have slight non-randomness because of electromagnetic fluctuations etc. Plus they can be eavesdropped on, hacked or confiscated and searched. Never delver a OTP electronically. Never store one electronically. It’s best not to make one electronically either. He

    That being said, you should also remember that every message can be eventually cracked given enough time. Assume your commo will be cracked one day. What would take centuries to crack a year ago might be crackable in a minute today due to superior computers to crack it. Will it still be of any use to them once they crack it? Will it be dangerous to you years later for them to finally crack it? This is what you should ask yourself any time you prepare a message that could be intercepted and decrypted.

    “Meatspace, baby!”

  8. the russians used cell phone and baefeng when their commo went to crap. the krains cia helpers easily triangulated them in seconds and laid hurt on them. all their senior and middle leaders, poof. that’s a lot of why the smo failed in the first days. similarly, when we used gmrs for local comms in bosnia, guys in suits showed up at our shop demanding we cease, or else. we gotta find some other way of comms.

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