So Much Winning! All the Winning They Can Handle!

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Latest word out of the Kraine via both sides is that casualty figures since June are positively abysmal. As I wrote up before, there have been (for the numbers involved) minor gaaaiinz by the AFU on a few fronts.

Of course the various Ministries of Propaganda and Lies have been spinning that out like one of Phil’s metal chip-making deee-vices in his garage… how many RPMs does one of them lathes spin up to again?

Per the article, which I won’t link because trash and total fantasy doesn’t get played here, not to that extent… but per the article : “Blinken said at a press conference in Ukraine that he is seeing “real progress” in the counteroffensive operation. “Ukrainian forces have taken back more than 50 percent of the territory seized by Russian forces since February of 2022,” he said.” (bold mine)

Nigga say what!?!
You know, back when I was in the Army, and even as a Contractor, we were subject to a LOT of drug tests…
Guess if you’re “High Enough” in the food chain, you’re exempt from the Meatgazer Brigade… (see what I did there?)
Let’s look at the map from CNN of all places:

Them itty bitty blue ‘spots’?
Yepper… that’s what they’ve ‘taken’ and even then, like Blinken’s grasp of reality, it’s tenuous as fuck all. The counter-offensive has become a bit of a joke, or would be if it wasn’t so fucking tragic on how many lives are being lost.

To put it in perspective, the US lost 58000 DotMil and ‘others’ in ten years in Vietnam. According to some sources, the AFU lost 67000 since June of this year alone.

In fact, the ‘need for bodies’ is so bad, as I mentioned, the word out in the German newspaper Das Bilt is reporting that Germany has over 163,000 Krainian men of military age who may be dragged back to serve as cannon fodder for the
Krainian army. That’s a lot of bodies for the meatgrinder…

Poland is also beginning to extradite Krainian males eligible for or liable for military service who have been in Poland since the kickoff of the shitshow in question. Unlike the Krauts, the Poles are supposedly focusing on those who have entered the country illegally or have committed crimes, such as assisting illegal immigration, because they do not want such shitbags living in Poland ‘on the dole’. Word is also Krainian Kars (identified by their license plates) are being vandalized at an increasing rate, primarily because well, Poles man.

See, the Poles and Krainians, despite the face-to-face kissy-kissy their various politicos have made, they have traditionally hated each other. West Kraine used to be part of Poland, and they’d like it back, thank you very much. In fact that’s part of what’s been ‘floated’ (like the turd that it is) is that WHEN now (no longer IF) that the Kraine gets disassembled, that the Poles will take on Western Kraine as a ‘protectorate’. Otherwise? The Poles want them i’gnint fucking assholes to go back the fuck home…

Its not just limited to Poland and Krautsville either… seems the Ole Motherland Eire is getting in on the act:

Looks like ol’ Ihor is well and truly fucked.

Truthfully, I can’t ever remember a time where a country at war officially requested the extradition of college/military aged folks back to the homeland for a War…

I mean Canada opened up and hid the draft dodgers during Nam… I did a goolag search and got bupkis using “has any country at war officially requested the extradition of college/military aged men before?” so I think this might be a modern ‘first’

It did tell me that the Krainians have also asked Belarus to send back about 60+/- guys, but the Belarusians told ’em to piss up a rope.
Good on them.
What this note tells me that when you need to forcibly bring home your men, shit is well and truly and utterly sideways as fuck.

This ENTIRE WAR at this point? It’s a losing prospect .
Already has been.
Ain’t going to be any winners, especially in the Kraine, no matter what others are saying. And it’s also starting to show in that public polls are turning against further funding. Only 9% of Germans are still behind continuing the slaughter… here in the states supposedly the polls say 43%, but these are the same polls that ALSO say 40% of Americans think that Poopypants is doing a good job as (p)Resident…

To be honest, I’d say we, as in The US, is rapidly approaching the endgame. We’re fucking broke and the world knows it, our “leadershit” is either permanently compromised/bought off/fucking retarded, and the Average Normie is even waking up… just look at the reaction to the soon-to-be Ex-Governor of New Mex-hee-co, Queen “Karen” Luzer-Cockgobbler and her utterly insane power grab. Putin has the advantages, plus time, and as I pointed out the other day, he only needs to let the Krainian DotMil keep ‘crashing uselessly at the gates’ and it’ll all be over by June of next year.
Barring any false flag/black swan events.
BTW: Keep an Eye on the 23rd of this Month
Jes’ Sayin’

As I am so fond of saying
Grab the Popcorn
Shit’s getting waaaay more entertaining.
More Later
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Military Corruption and Is It Edible?

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OK… so, first off, got the winner of the Raffle. I reached out via email to the winner to see if he wants to be ‘disclosed’ or not. If so, I’ll publically name and shame him.

That being said, on a lark, and as I am wont to do, I was surfing eBay, again looking at the various MRE/Field Rations of countries out there. Pretty cool stuff, and no, I can’t afford 98% of them. I mean c’mon man!

They’re MREs for Jeebus sakes!

90% of them (like the Krainian ones, pre-war) were ‘skimmed off the top’ by scumbag profiteers, and sold online for massive profit. No shit, the last one I substacked I paid ?$25 including shipping? Now they’re going for $44 plus $33 for shipping…

Any bets that somewhere there’s a grunt going hungry ‘cos his orificer sold the rations online? Wouldn’t doubt it for a second.

The same goes for the Russian National Guard Ration I had… bought a case of them for $100 with free shipping (x5 rations in a case). Again, any bets that somewhere there’s a grunt going hungry ‘cos his orificer sold the rations online?

I have to say, at least for now the US DotMil doesn’t suffer from that particular problem. My guess is that because we ARE essentially the ‘cornucopia of plenty’ and Uncle Sugar hasn’t actually suffered from any significant shortages in the past, oh say forever and a day, then the rations keep going out the door, the Grunts get fed, and the orificers don’t necessarily have to worry about being fragged for allowing the Supply Pukes to sell off the new rats.

That being said, some of the prices on the eBay are fucking insane. $85 for a French 24 Hour Ration… $63 for a Kazakhstani ration, made with real Horse Meat! and no, that ain’t a joke… check it:

I’d love to try it, but at that price?
I got bills man.

Now, that being said, I got this today in the mail:

That right there folks is one of the original MREs from waaaaaaaaay back post-trial. Meaning that was one of the first actual fielded rations. The dude wanted $14 to ship it, but we dickered, and I got it for $10 all together.

I am very pleased with it, and maaaan the taste-test is going to be epic. So I opened it up, and it had this:

A wee bit on the -sparse- side of things.
Beef Stew, a classic… Crackers AND Strawberry Jam!
The jam was/is rare even by todays standards.
The cookie is a Oatmeal, Chocolate Covered, which I remember as being pretty damned good. We’ll have to see, as when I checked the Julian date:

9006 turns out to be January 6th, 1990
That’s 33 years, 8 months, and 2 days.
Dayyyyyyyyyyyyum Son!
That beef stew is old enough to have kids in College.

Gretchen is not amused BTW. She knows I dig doing the whole ‘taste testage’ and various stuff with the rations, but she gets alllll sorts of cranky when I heat up and/or open up some of them. Mainly ‘cos as any of you know who’ve ever served, some of the smells of MREs can be a mite “pungent” to say the least. Makes the house reek until I get my Febreeze on… there’s also that issue where she ate the Lithuanian Hazelnuts that came in a Lithuanian MRE, and it turns out they were positively soaked in pesticides, which led to a ER Visit and various awful side effects… I still feel shitty about that.

Fuck Lithuania… I hope Putin nukes them fuckers.

Myself? I’m curious what 33 year old beef stew tastes like, never mind smells like. I’m fully expecting it to smell like a 4 week old drowned corpse fished out of a pond. I am positive that the Oatmeal Cookie is going to be a good throwback… I LOVED the ‘regular oatmeal cookie’ without the chocolate cover back in the stuff I ate in 91-92… some of those guys used to joke that you could pound nails with them as they were hard as a rock in the wrapper. The jam is a -bit- sus as it IS 33 years old… still sealed buuuuuuuuut… And also the Iced Tea packet is hard as a bridegrooms dick… probably good, but man, it’s like a solid piece of cardboard.

Jes’ Sayin’

But yeah, so far, outside of what I call ‘normal corrosive corruption’ i.e. contract awards and whatnot, the “Regular Joes/Joettes” of the US DotMil don’t suffer from the normal day-to-day shit that the second and turd word militaries do.

OUR orifier’s corruption is aimed primarily for the “Post Service Career”. They don’t necessarily go for the “Instant Gratification” that most turd world and even second world countries do. Meaning they don’t sell, nor allow the selling of the rations to outside forces, nor deprive the troops of their basic needs.

Vietnam taught them that US Troops, when push comes to shove got no problem throwing a fragmentation grenade into a tent or three if the orifier(s) in question is a douchecanoe or selling the beer ration.

I mean my first overseas contract was with CACI…

We used to tell people when asked that it stood for “Captains and Colonels Incorporated”

Fact of the matter is, BECAUSE the US started out being the ‘rejects’ of the ‘civilized world’ (a fact that the majority of the world seems to have forgotten IMO) that we as a whole, when backed against the wall so to speak….

Well, let’s just say that shit don’t end well for the folks who done really pissed us off. And no, I do not include any of the wars and shit since WW2. Korea, ‘Nam, ALL the conflicts since 1945 have been -strictly- done to subsidize and promote the Military Industrial Complex that Eisenhower warned us about.

Realisically, taking all the jingoism, bullshit, profiteering and just flat-the-fuck out bullshit of the last what? 80 +/- minus years? ‘Murica has not faced an existential threat. Hell, some folks might even say that WW2 we didn’t either, but that’s for others to argue. I know only of what I know from stories from my Grandad (MomUnit’s Da) and other folks from the Silent Generation…

Now? Oh my freaking gawd… not an external enemy, as much as an “internal enema.” Bunch of scumfuck boomers who utterly refuse to relinquish power, like the Gin Hag Pelosi, who announced that she’s running for re-election again.

Guess she wants to stay in Washington to avoid the whole “Gay husband with lovers hammer-quarrels” in the future amiright?

Seriously… Pelousi, Schitthead, Yertle-the-Turtle, Pantshitting Joe of Scrotum? How much longer do we need to see these blatantly obvious and oblivious corruptocratic Oligarchs still running the fucking show?

Voting ain’t gonna work, that’s for damned sure.

What? 6 States just put out legislation to keep OrangeManBad off the ballot? That’s enough to kill the (s)election in favor of the Retard Fuckface, the Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den.

THAT right there should scare the fuck out of any legit person who -thought- there might be a chance at flushing the turds out. Apparently, it ain’t going to happen, not in 2024.

So Grab the Popcorn.
It’s going to get reeeeally interesting
More Later
Big Country

The Infantry Is Dead (For Now)

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Yep. Deader than Kelsey’s Nuts man. Hate to say it, but in the current day iteration, the Infantry as it is is no longer a viable battlefield element the way it used to be.

A proud heritage that dates back to when Grugg organized a group of guys with clubs, and used them to take over another groups cave and hold that ground. I’m a proud Member of that Brotherhood.

In its current form, it just is no longer a viable force as it is. If anything, the Krainian Klown show is a prime example of the need for the Infantry to evolve. It’s going to have to go more technical/mechanical if you will, as right now? The current day protective gear just isn’t enough to keep up with the advancements of the ISR.

We’ve all been watching the videos.
In fact, I got a sinking feeling during the Armenia–Azerbaijan border crisis back in 202/21. That was one of the first time we saw, in real time, drones having a direct net effect against scores of Infantry in the open so to speak. When I saw my first video in shitty 480p of a platoon of Armenian Infantry walking down what was supposed to be a ‘safe road’ and getting first spotted by the drone, then lased by the drone, and then getting utterly obliterated by the Artillery that was called in by the drone.

Now, even in the short jump in tech, we’ve seen drones completely come to dominate the ISR (intelligence/surveillance/reconnaissance) field of battle… hell, not only are the drones performing recon/seeking and peeking but also as offensive weapons? Despite the naysayers of hobbyist Drone Folks, let me tell you, just because it looks like and/or your in your civilian experience that a drone can NOT carry a load large enough to be offensive?

Man, there’s a metric fucktonnage of wrecked rooskie and krainian vehicles out there that’d like to have a word with you.

I mean I even tried to do an explanation of that video showing them strapping the RPG ‘cone of destruction’ to the sports drone, and still I got people telling me that “…There’s no way it could carry that in that configuration/with that battery/in my experience.” Let me ask you:

That the section in question, when primed correctly, weighs in at less than a pound. And that when it hits a target it is capable of punching through up to 30 inches of rolled homogenous steel.

So yeah.
Drones are cool, but totally suck to a grunt. The videos of drones dropping small fragmentation weapons? Mostly (from the look of it) 50mm in size. The Russians (and Krainians) have a weird sizing in their mortars, unlike the rest of the world who uses 60mm and 81mm, they use 50 and 82mm. In fact they show them dropping them on guys… at night, during the day… in bunkers, walking… you name it… Both sides, AFU and Rus…

There’s one cool-but-fucked-up video of a Tank, not sure on who’s side (T-64 so maybe Krainian) with it’s turret main hatch (TC Hatch specifically) open, and the drone drops what appears to be a 50mm Mortar round with “nothin’ but net” through the open turret, whereupon it detonated inside and kil’t the crew… NO one got out of that BTW… the tank, because of the way the autoloader works, the tank ‘brewed up’ like a motherfucker about 20 seconds after the hit and the flames almost took out the drone.

Another fucked up vidya (IMO) was of a Russian Soldier on the shitter, under a camo-net and poncho who got smoked taking a dump…(not cool man, let a brother at least finish his shit Aye?) So far, drones have had to stick to smaller ordinance, unless it’s a specific-built drone like the Lancet and such… 82mm still have to be dropped conventionally….

In fact, an 82mm mortar round is what took out my house in September of 2004. Waitaminute… Holy SHIT!!! I went to look for and found the pic of my house being blown away… found it too:

That’s the Grin of a Lucky far Thinner Motherfucker…

MomUnit said I -always- get out by the skin of my ass…
Cue the Indiana Jones Theme Song….

The round came in, blew through the wall of the trailer, and detonated. I’m standing on the edge of a HUGE hole in the floor and you can see the wall and roof… 82mm sucks man. But the Holy Shit factor was I wanted to check exactly what day it was, as I knew it was September so I checked the pic properties:

Sweet Jesus!
19 Years ago to THE DAY
Reason this’s a BIG DEAL to me was I went in to work 15 minutes early that particular day… I was pissed off at the Office Supervisor who was NOT my boss but thought he was and was always bitching that I was exactly on time, and never early.
Hey, I was a contractor… If I’m not getting paid, I ain’t working, Iraq or No fucking Iraq…


I got the call when I was driving around ‘cos they were sifting through the rest of the wreckage… you can’t see it in the pics but there were two 2.5 gallon jugs of ketchup in the room that got blow’d the fuck up, and spattered ALLLLL over the opposite wall to where I’m standing… VERY gruesome and I didn’t get a pic ‘cos, well… I wasn’t ‘all there’ mentally at the time so they (all my co-workers/neighbors and the rescue QRF team) thought I had been set to “juicy mode”…

When the round hit, I would have been standing exactly in front of that wall locker getting ready IF I had been on schedule. That’s some seriously big pieces of shrapnel that done punched thru that door… at some point I’ll explain the whole story -why- I had 5 gallons of Ketchup in the crib…. long story short? I used to make the best home-made BBQ sauce…

Back to the point… sorry about that, got a bit weirded by the fact that it’s the 2nd B-Day so to speak… Anyways, unless there’s a serious dynamic shift to some ‘new tech’ a’la Heinlein’s “Starship Troopers” i.e. Mobile Armor Suits that can protect a user up to and including ‘pee-wee nukes’, then Modern Infantry doesn’t stand a chance on the modern battlespace.

In battle, the job of the Infantry is to take and hold space in conjunction with the other Combined Arms elements. Artillery does the ‘pre game softening up’ and Tanks, for the most part, do the performative part of the “Blitzkrieg” so to speak, and ‘break the lines’ which then allows the Infantry to follow through and take and hold (theoretically) the terrain that the tanks just opened up. Because of the ‘new evolution’ in unmanned indirect and direct fire capabilities, the Modern Day Infantryman, much like in the Days of Passchendaele and the Somme, is seriously unable to protect themselves.

Let’s face it, a Level IV plate or Helmet ain’t worth fuck-all if you step on a mine, or if a ‘ka-boomy-boom’ (big OR small) gets dropped on you from above. ESPECIALLY since it appears that the Arty these days has gone from “To Whom it May Concern” to “An Offer Specifically Made For YOU!”

Like that vidya a Posted a ways back of that “small drone swarm attack” on a platoon of Krainians BTW has been confirmed… 4 guys smoked by individual drones that targeted them specifically and blew up with less than a quart pound of RDX with ball bearings in the drone… a flying “Death Claymore” of sorts…

Makes me happy AF not to be a grunt anymore.

Soooo many videos out there. Not even going to try and touch on one in particular. Fact is, 90% of dead, on both sides in all the videos I’ve seen, of the grunts, they were taken out via indirect fire. Dead stacked in windrows… Mines have also played hell, especially on the Krainian side which has been doing what’s called “Meat Assaults” on hardened pre-registered defensive lines that have the ever living fuck mined out of them. Despite what -some- have said about the “Glorious Counter Offensive”… well… it ain’t doing so hot….

The itty-bitty Deep Blue sections at the top are the ‘AFU Breakthroughs’. Now, Granted the sourcing is a VERY pro-Russian site, but my thought process is this:

If the Krainians were doing extraordinarily well as all the Cheerleaders said that they would, well then where’s all the pictures of the vast breakthroughs? Pics of piles of Russian Dead and/or POWs? Pics of the maps of the serious advances? Where’s the pictures of the victorious Krainians standing on top of the ‘dragon’s teeth’? Sort of like this from the Siegfried Line in Germany back in WW2?

‘Cos there ain’t none.

THIS is ONE OF the Russian MLR (Main Line of Resistance) the “Surovikin Line” under construction last winter:

From my looking at this, there 3 rows of teeth, and then what looks like a positively HUGE amount of pickets and barbed wire/concertina, and then in the distance another line (or three) of MORE dragon’s teeth. The satellite pics show this motherfucker extends hundreds of miles in each direction. The Russians actually had civilian construction companies augment the building of this as they didn’t have enough Army Engineers available.

Any bets that in between rows its pure-dee mined like a motherfucker?

And this is just one of three rows like this according to OUR OWN satellite data? As in this’s Defensive Line ONE, followed a few kliks back by a duplicate that’s Defensive Line TWO, followed lastly by Defensive Line THREE.

Yeah, they ain’t breaking through shytte IMO.
In fact, Here’s The Krainian OSINT Map of their “GAINZZZZZ!”

Yeah… not mucho better Aye?

And no, I’m not ‘gargling Putins junk’ here as some commentators have stated. This is a basic for-real fact. Sat-Data don’t lie. I don’t consider the ONE picture of a Krainian Flag on the blown out ruin of a house in a town that had only 40 houses to begin with a “Major Blow to the Invader”… Especially since then? The Ivans took it back. We’re also NOW seeing it in the various Ministries of Propaganda and Lies that, well, it ain’t going so well… Case in Point? Watch this from the BBC, the BIGGEST cheerleaders normally…

That’s a lot of fresh graves……………
Sad about the chick…….
She’s cute
What a waste……

No amount of hating Russia is going to change the very basic facts that the Russians, backwards or not, have a 5 to 1 population advantage (military aged males) available. The whole “Russians fled by the millions” to the EU doesn’t play. My embassy friend(s) (Jarhead Guards) said the BIGGEST problem right now are Krainians positively flooding the US Embassies in Deutschland trying like fuck to get here to the States as Germany, according to their newspaper Das Bilt, the German government is going to allow the extradition of Krainian College students and any walking talking Krainian motherfucker who can carry a rifle but ‘got gone’ when shit got real to fill the now-utterly-depleted ranks.

The very fact that they’ve openly said that they’re now inducting the lazy, lame and mentally ill? Oh yeah… they’ll be taking the Crimea back any day now.

And the Brits Wunderwaffen?
Them “Big Game Changer” Challenger 2s?
From Vox Day:

That was written by Colonel Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, a former Commanding Officer of the 1st Royal Tank Regiment.

Someone better drug test the Colonel…

That’s a blown out and burning Challenger 2. And the video was shot by a Krainian driving by while trying to get a buddy to the medics…that’s a still of it.

Ivan then confirmed the kill (along with a bunch of ‘other’ vehicles via drone…

Somehow I don’t think anyone got out of that one…
Because up til now, the Brits hitting their collective Hopium Bong, thought that their ‘Superior British Armor and Industry’ was going to carry the day. To them, the failure of the Leopard 2 was because of “inferior German engineering ay wot?”

This from a country who, while making some really pretty cars over the past few years, generally, mechanically speaking, they’re fucking turds. Historically they make an OK tank… the Churchill being one. Otherwise, they relied on the M-4 Sherman and the M-3 Lee, but calling it the Grant for whatever reason. BOTH American made and designed.

Guess they’re going to have to start switching to smoking “Copium” in the bong now that the Hopium ain’t working.

Even on casualties, the numbers, be it 70000 KIA as the US Claims or 400000 KIA as others claim, what utterly kills me is that the supposition that the original 500000 man army that the Krain started with still exists AT ALL. Far too many people have said “Well they have/had half a million people in the AFU to start with!!! There’s no way they had 400000 KIA!!!” “Only 70k KIA means they still have 330k to fight! (not including the 50k amputees that we know about mind you)”


For the past 1 year, 6 months, 14 days the war has been poppin’.
How many times have we heard about the Krainians raising ANOTHER Army?

Last I heard, THIS build up was Number Three.

If this’s their THIRD army, then what the fuck happened to the other two!?! Suffice it to say, from all legitimate sourcing, they were fucking decimated in reverse.

Decimation is defined as “One out of Ten Killed”

Considering a HUGE number of interviews with both AFU Prisoners as well as front-line veterans who got seriously fucked up (missing limbs/blind) and came back have all reported that it’s almost Nine out of Ten that were, have been, and are still being killed in action at the front.

Did the Russians take massive casualties themselves?
Especially in Bahkmut. 30k+ Russians I heard.

HOWEVER the majority of them were Wagner. Prisoners and such… not a big net loss on the books so to speak for the Russians. Word is after Bahkmut, the amount of “Professional Soldiers” KIA’d was around 5k+/-. That includes almost the entire Brigade of Spec-Ops Airborne guys who were supposed to take the Airport, but got seriously fucked up by the Rear Echelon Krainians who were there. Can NOT deny that the Krainians can and have fought like demented Berserker Motherfuckers…

Since then? Not sure, but I’m damned sure that they, the Russians haven’t lost anywhere near as many as the Krainians have. In fact the whole “fighting like ever-lovin’ bastards” is part of their (the Krains) problem… too willing to ‘charge into the teeth’ of the machine guns early on….

So, as I was saying, because of the Krainian lack of Close Air Support (critical for Combine Arms Combat) a serious lack of Air Support (I think they have like 12 Migs left at last count), a lack of Artillery (no more shells) an absolute metric fuckton of landmines with them NOT having any -significant- mine clearing capability any more, and the ISR/Indirect/Direct Fire Capabilities of the drones, all combine to essentially eliminate any real and decent threat they have to the Russians. They’re running out of bodies point period fucking dot.

Especially since the Russians have all the time in the world. The longer this stretches, the worse it’s going to be for them. Whether you want to believe it or not, sure, Ivan is using T-55s…but HOW they’re using them?

Let us not forget THAT particular surprise

I -still- laugh every. time. I. see. it.
I mean honestly, the Krainians sort of did it to themselves, hitting it somewhat prematurely and detonating it with that RPG… didn’t matter though, that overpressure wave kil’t EVERYONE in the blast cone I’m sure. A Made-In-1955 Tank, given a new engine, and utterly packed to the gills with EXTREMELY High Explosives (judging from that Boom, Erf Shattering, Type One Each, HUGE) and given a basic remote control and/or “lock the gears and jump out” gives the whole “…Go that way, very fast, if something gets in your way, explode violently.” a new meaning of ‘doing moar with less.’

And the Russians have how many? that ‘can be renovated to be used as mobile Tank-Bombs’? Again, Go to “Abandoned Spaces” and check that out HERE

And for all the naysayers out there who’ll try and use the “…but they’re rusted out scrap!!!”…

Let me ask you this: Which is easier? Having to build, from scratch, a tank hull/turret, as in completely fabricate the metal from blanks and/or pour the liquid steel? Build the engines from scratch or rebuild them from the pile of pulled power packs? (pics in the link)


Go out to a place like this (of which according to some sources there’s about 35 similar ‘caches’ all over Russia) and pick and choose the least rusty, least damaged, can-be-sanded-repainted and rebuilt in a quarter of the time than building a new tank from scratch?

I can tell you:
According to stats, Refurbishing a T-72 completely takes 800 man-hours or about 45 days. COMPLETELY
Building a new one? Not sure… no real info.

However, Refurbishing a M1 Abrams? It takes 18 to 24 months IF all goes well. That’s from stripping it down to its base components, and redoing the whole thing. They have NOT made a NEW-NEW M1 Chassis since January of 1985 when the last one came down the assembly line in Ohio.

And some of them?
Wellllllll… let’s just say they can’t rebuild/refurb some of them.

I know of what I speak… it’s probably how I got the lung cancer:

Those are soooo radiologically fucked up from the Chobham being broken open/burned open… In fact the reason I took these pictures is because when I asked the DotMil about the danger of the possibility of radiation, I got blown off, and then I found some bullshit paperwork stating that the tanks had been and I quote “…Triple Wrapped in protective plastic to minimize the possibility of radiologic contamination from exposure to the elements.”

My speckled ass.
They look wrapped to you?
I’ve ranted enough for now. needless to say, unless there’s an absolute paradigm shift in personal armoring, i.e. Mobile Mecha/Gundam/Mobile Infantry ‘Marauder Suits’ then the Infantry is going to be damned near finished in it’s traditional role.
More Later
Big Country

This’s the hat I had that survived the Mortar attack. It was IN the house. It still has itty-bitty pieces of shrapnel imbedded in the brim, hence some of the rust stains. When I cash in, I want to be buried in it… and Yeah, I still wear it…

A Follow Up on a No Load Wannabe Douchebag

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
My thanks to Normal American (link HERE) Who ‘did the deep dive’ on Punchy McPunchable, my new favorite project. See the comment in my original poast (w/links HERE)

Seems the turd was a Notional Guard fag.
Fucking burns me the fuck up.
20 years?
IRL Time? That works out to, and being generous and saying 3 days a month per weekend when the majority of them are 2 day weekends?

One Year in the Guard is/was (pre-war) was 47 days of Active Duty, chargeable toward retirement (at 3 days a weekend). 20 years is 940 days, not including deployments during the Global War on Terror.

That works out to 2.57534 years on “Active Duty”

I got UnderArmor Drawers that did more time in Iraq than he EVER did on AD. In fact I still got ’em. X bought two pair of Army issue UnderArmor brown boxer briefs that were made in the USA before UA went all Chineseum. I still have them and they’re still serviceable.

So Punchy claims the following: “…I’m a liberal… My only exposure to guns before the National Guard was… he viewed riflery as a life skill – something even a Jewish kid from a liberal town should know… I had joined the National Guard as an infantryman after high school in order to pay for college… Four military deployments had taken a hefty toll on my marriage…”

OK… soooo much to unpack here.

First: “…something even a Jewish kid from a liberal town should know”… Holy. Shit. He claims pure Irish Heritage, then admits he’s a member of the tribe? How the fuck does that even work? Probably through his Momma, Oy Vey!

No shit Aye?

THEN: 4 Tours? Per Wiki on Guard Deployments: “The lengths for deployments (for NG) to Iraq or Afghanistan were usually about 3 to 5, 6, 8, 12, and 15 months long. The most combat deployments for a single soldier were anywhere from 18 to 20+ during the GWOT since 9/11/01.”

Yeeeeeeeeah. 4 Deployments? MAX of 20 months AT THE MOST?
I did 20 months without a single solitart trip home at one point as a contractor. Fuck this guy.

I Was Right!!!

Fucker is a Grade-A bullshit Artist.

I’m not going to link them,. but if’n y’all go over to YouTube, and look up his channel (like I did) and report every. single. one. of his “Anti Armor Videos” for stolen valor, I’d be much obligied.

Because fuck this guy.
Jihad Anyone?
More Later
Big Country

A VA Visit and MORE Proof of DotGov Incompetence

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Took the day off yesterday as even I need a break sometimes. Then I caught a lucky break today in that I almost went into unauthorized accidental Overtime at People’s Glorious Tractor Factory. Head Commissar is waaaay tightfisted in the O.T. so I got to punch out at noon.

Which allowed me and Wiofey to go to the V.A. and change out her to my dependa from the X, which I’ve neglected to do over the years… specifically since 10/8/2017.

Yeah My offishul deee-vorce date.

Now, mind you I did not know that A) the X was listed as a dependa, and that I was actually collecting bank on my retirement for her. THAT info-bit came about 2018, when the DotGov/VA sent me a letter saying that they’d significantly overpaid me and that they’d be clawing it back and that
B) Since I was a service related serious injured medically retired vet, they wouldn’t be taking it in BIG chunks, but smaller bite-size parts… so essentially I’ve been paying back monthly to the tune of about $150-200 a month ‘off the top’ as well as not getting the ‘dependa allotment/payout’ that I’m entitled to with Gretchen serving as ‘new wife’.

No ideas what the maff is going to work out, as No Idea really -when- they started the claw-back and how much was/is/not still owed, but Gretch and I got married on March 8th of 2020, so either way, long term it’ll be a win.

Now, the hilarious part of the VA-Day was going to the new-new Tampa Main Hospital. They’ve been expanding and building up James A. Haley forever and a day and it seems that the new Main Building -finally opened about two weeks ago.

Place has been under construction (and still sort of is, in cleanup mode) since I moved here about 20+ years ago. Went from a BIG 1950’s single building…

to a massive complex that’s exhausting to walk around in… like acres of territory now:

That’s the new part in front of the old building.
The hilarious part:
Brand Spanky New V.A. Hospital
One Hunnerd and Fotty Tree Milllllyun Simoleans to build…
Not one fucking clock in the place was right OR matched!

Gretchen started looking at me like I had more screws loose than usual. After the fourth clock, military standard, wall, institutional, type one each, Mark One, Mod Zero….

…with a totally different and incorrect time on it I started laughing LITERALLY out fucking loud…

Like OMFG. Every. Fucking. One. of. Them. was set to a different time. Now, Mind you I was watching my time so to speak, as it was getting late in the afternoon. 15:00 (3pm) specifically. That’s ‘quittin’ time’ for them VA Folks… The lil volunteer stretched golf cart that helps haul us broke down old soljurs around stops running at 16:00 (4pm). Gretchen’s back is pretzelized from allll them years of hairdressing, as bad as mine, but me? I’m a rockhead Infantryman, I push thru the sciatica, whereas my woman? Notsomucho.

So, every time we passed by a clock, I’d sort of notice-but-not notice the time… more of a “Huh… that’s wrong” (checks cellphone and confirms)… and kept going. I wish I had taken pics now to prove it… I mean one was set to noon, another 5pm/am? Another was sort of right, in that the big hand was on 12, and the small hand was off of 3pm… more of a 2:30ish setting, with the big hand directly on noon… what is that?

They were ALL working mind you…. minute hand(s) ticking away… all of them. I know, as on the way out I checked. It was after I realized I was going to write about it (when I got to the car alas) and should have gotten pics.
Just goes to show how fucked our DotGov is when they can’t even, in a brand fucking new facility get the fucking clocks to match up facility wide. I mean it’d literally take one guy maybe an hour to do ALL of them fuckers.

Probably against FedGov Union Rules would be my guess.
“Federal Clock Watchers United” or some such shit.
Any Bets?
Shit like that has me convinced, now MORE than ever just how far we’re gone. I mean honestly, how hard could it be to fix?

Oh yeah, I forgot.
It’s the FedDotGov
Studies Needed

Environmental Impact Studies: (“Is the Clock biodegradable?”)
Diversity Studies: (“Is timekeeping a Whytte Supremacy Thang?”)
Gender Studies: (“Did you just mis-gender that Clock?”)
Equity Studies: (“Do we need separate Clocks for each race?”)
Handicapped Studies: (“Does the Clock have braille numbers?”)

WISH I was Joking, but YOU know the reality.
I mean yep…. we ARE well and truly boned gang.
Sit Back and Enjoy The Ride
So More Later
Big Country

Does Anyone Know This Guy?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So I got Simplicius’s new poast on the Krain. Link HERE
It’s a big write-up of the differences between Russian NCO systems and the US ‘way of doing things’. In it, he uses and makes MAD references to a guy named Ryan McBeth.

Now, normally, I’m a live-and-let live sorta guy.
THIS fukkin’ guy? Besides having “The World’s Most Punchable Face™”? Well this’s where we’re going “deep in the weeds.” My issue is that he claims to be a 20 year Heavy Anti-Armor Weapons Infantryman. AND that he was stationed in Germany, specifically his pictures and references was that he was stationed with the OPFOR in Germany.

MY MOS was 11H Heavy Anti-Armor Weapons Infantryman. I started in 1990. Ended in Late 1996 when I got reclassed to being a 19K M1A1 Tanker when they decided to ‘merge’ the 11H and 11M (Bradley kids) all into the 11B (Bodybag) MOS and get rid of the distinction, except 11C (Mortar Maggots).

I never HEARD of dis guy.
And, so far, neither has ANY of my former 11Hotels either
Sus as Fuck IMO.


He poasted THAT on Twitter calling out “props” to a kid, who to me and what I see is another wannabe faggot. Bear with me a minute. The kid ont he left, “Supposedly” wearing OPFOR Uniform, like Punchyface on the right?

Soooooo many issues.

First: Fake Kid on Left
1) Boots: Holy fucking shit… even -I- never had my ‘cruit boots look so shitty… we had to keep ’em polished in the field. Plus, The laces? You mean the ‘rappel ropes’? Ain’t never seen a real soldier leave his laces out looking like noodles like that EVER.
2) The top of the uniform? Some cheap assed fake-o-flage… buttons on the outside? No nametapes? No patches? Fake ‘dark ghettoflage?’
3) M16A1… ’nuff said there.
4) A frag in the left ammo pouch/grenade holder? No fucking way ever.
5) Smoke grenade taped with electricians tape to the strap? Nope me the fuck out there.

Second: Soyface The Punchable
1) Correct OPFOR uniform To a point. He’s missing ALL the proper patches:

THAT is how he should look.
2) ALSO M16A1… Only folks who ever carried them in ‘the box’ were maybe National Guard kids who did their two weeks.

3) He also claims to have been stationed in Germany in Hohenfels with the OPFOR as a TOW Gunner. That would be 1/4 INF CSC (Combat Support Company) where we had ONE TOW Platoon with between 28-35 of us Hotels in the Platoon.

Funny how I don’t remember him AT ALL

And I can name almost the entire platoon to this day…

And if -I- don’t know them, then someone I know had to have known him

But funny, he’s a Cypher on the TOW side of life…

It’s a EXCEEDINGLY SMALL Group that had a TRUE 11H MOS back in the day. My Facebook groups, all of them never heard of this guy. To the point I got a guy doing a check ‘cos I think this guy is a fantasist and liar. That and I CAN NOT find a single reference to ANY unit he served in… like HIGHLY Unusual for a 20 Year Man not to have -some sort- of Unit affiliation that they make mention of… him? Not a one.

And lastly, another “nail in his coffin”

Another small pic, this one taken off of YouTube. Problem here? I didn’t notice til I put it out on FB… the pic ‘enlarged’ and I noticed the pic has a timestamp in the upper right corner:

285% of original.
It’s blurry but the date?
Problem? He’s in what’s now commonly referred to as M81 Woodlands. Woodland BDUs were phased out in April of 2004. NO ONE was wearing them on Active Duty much past then AT ALL. I know the date is probably correct as he’s wearing Wiley X sunglasses, and those were the eyepro pre-the issue stuff (Revision) that they still use today.

BIG part of the reason this fuck gets under my skin is he made a “GI Joe Battle Card” of himself:

This soy-soaked no load looking fag couldn’t lead a bunch of horny Joes to a Bangkok Whorehouse if his life depended on it, much less being a Platoon Sergeant.

That and “M5 rifle”?
Which one? That Sig-Sour Turd that they decided to shitcan as the moneygrabbing boondoggle it was? Or did he typo it from M4? Plus his claims of completing ITC? There’s two or three courses in the DotMil he might have completed, but the most common one that’s known as ITC is the Marine ITC Individual Training Course, which means the basic skills demanded of an operator in SOCOM and MARSOC.

Call me kooky, but I don’t think that dough-faced fuckstick could possibly be talking about that. That’s FORCE RECON man… No fucking way did he do that ever. I’m guessing he means something else, but realistically? If he was a Nasty Guard 20 year TOW Guy?
But the fact that he’s posited himself as the preeminent expert on being the go-to Anti-Tank guy, both on YouTube but for folks like Simplicius? It kinda gets under my skin.

That and also how I cannot find a single. solitary. mention. of any units the guy has been in. Not a one. MOST 20 year guys have some sort of unit pride, unless he was a no load NG Choad… tell me I’m wrong. I mean when I pinged my old Section Sgt. from the Rakkasans, was like “I though he was some Russian/Krainian Intel guy? Never heard of the Anti-Armor thing!?!”

Sgt S’s pedigree is untouchable. Retired after 25, 173rd ABN, 187th Rakkasan, back to the 173rd, Retired as a E-7 as he refused to budge out of 11H. Literally this guy knows everybody and he said “Not a clue”

Have to see… not the first asshole I’ve smoked out. First one was with Bob Owens (RIP Bro) from ‘Confederate Yankee’ back in the day when The New Republic was on an anti-army tiraid. The asshole in question was Scott Beauchamp. Wiki has it HERE

Kind of pisses me off that Bob doesn’t get the credit due to him. He smelled a rat and I used to read his blog. Truth be told, -I- was the guy ‘on the ground’ who helped him pretty significantly with debunking that assholes stories. Doing PIO runs on base (in Kuwait), shit like that. In fact it was Bob who encouraged me to start writing my own blog. We never met, but talked frequently on the phone. I miss him.

So, that’s it for now. If anyone has any intel about this McBeth character, especially if I’m wrong, then let me know… either way.
More Later
Big Country

A Short Update and The Krainian Kokaine Klown Show

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
And oh how we rejoiced around here at the Casa. Gretchen aka Wifey is doing the regular “Happy Dance” as moar info leaks out. Looks like that scallywag AKA “Cocksmith” is going to be doing so hard time on this one. Seems that the RUMINT is he’s got some connection to that missing little girl from Hawkins County, Summer Wells… the lil girl who went missing a waaays back and there’s been zero trace of?

June of 2021 it seems…
According to reports, her two brothers were taken by Judge Cock-a-roach and put them into foster care, but left her in the care of the parents.

Odd to say the least.

So Cock-a-Roach? Can’t wait to see him in prison.
I’ll be sure to give Big Bubba a couple of cartons of Marlboros to insure that the former Judge has a ‘pleasant stay’ and don’t get lonely at night.
So, moving on…

So sorry about that… I’ll take the ‘win’ ‘cos as some of y’all have stated, if it t’weren’t for bad luck, I’d have none a’tall. Speaking of Bad Luck:

Krainfeld and his Kokaine Klownshow of Koked up Kowboys?
Seems that literally that’s how these guys have been ‘maintaining’ the meat-grinder assaults against the ‘immovable object’ AKA the Russian MLD or better called the Main Line of Defense. The MLD is what everyone thought were going to be ‘crumple zones’ which means that a light but spirited defense is put up by the defender, after which inflicting some pain on the aggressor, you fall back to another pre-determined defensive line, usually better, and stronger.

In this case Ivan? Fall back? There is no back. What is this ‘retreat’ word of which you speak? The Russians instead of backing off and letting the Krainians in further, have been beating on them like a cheap drum. The question has been “Why don’t they frag the officers and tell them not just no, but fuck no when it comes to literally doing a ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’ AKA charging into the teeth of the machine guns and pre-registered Artillery?”

Well, According to this, Link HERE The Fucktards are drugging up the troops to the gills before sending them out to die.

Now, this may or may not be bullshit
In light of the Krainians themselves accidentally telling everyone the rough real casualty numbers recently?

The Krainian Cell-Phone service Kievstar made an ad (pulled but is still out there cached in areas) stating essentially that 400,000 Krainians have been Killed in Action

Holy. Shit.

That’s some serious numbers.
The fucktards out there screaming how the numerical parity of Russian casualties have been 2:1 (Two Krainian Dead/Wounded to Every One Russian). Whelp, That just went out the ole winder I’d say. Kievstar pulled the ad, but according to other sources, the guy who gave the go-ahead for the Ad? Veeeery telling that the SBU, the Krainian KGB Bully Boys snatched him up and sent him tot he front after shooting a forced ‘apology video’ which seems very par for the course.

Quick aside: Amazing how none of the SBU faggots…err… thugs ever seem to be sent to the front izzinit? Them and the “recruiters” who always seem to be driving the nicest newest cars, and partying on TikTok with the hawt Krainian Koncubines Aye?

Jes’ Sayin’

Soooo it seems that they’re hopping up these guys to the point of being fucking damned near Zombies, giving them a rifle and telling them “Go that way, very fast, if something gets in your way, shoot them/it”

I know, I know, a riff off of “Better Off Dead” back when John Cusack was still cool and not the Uberdouchebag full of Jizz and Smegma that he’s become.

So yeah, nothing like hyping up a bunch of semi-literate 50-something year old farmers with ZERO DotMil experience on what sounds like really good Meth and having them ‘charge into the guns’ to overwhelm the enemy with their corpses.

Sound Military Strategy there, let me tell you.

Fucking Brilliant
Reminds me of another futile war:

Even the most ardent Cheertardleaders of this damnable war has got to admit that at this point, it’s all over but the Fat Bitch howling. The Krainians ain’t got no more Tanks, nor Artillery, or very damned few at this point, WE ain’t got no more 155mm Ammo to give them, and it’s to the point that they’ve had to modify their “Neptune” anti-ship Cruise Missiles for land-use operations…

You would think that they’d be using them against, oh say Russian Ships? But nope, to me, a HIGHLY Trained DotMil observer, considering that the Neptune IS highly effective, I mean hell, they took out the Flagship of the fleet, the Moskava, but the fact that they’ve now modified them for land use?

Yeah, out of ammo time IMO.

Got me a hunch that all the “Putin is going to be killed/shot/run out of Russia” people have been huffing the copium. So far, with the way things are going, it might go nookular, but NOT on the Russian side… Slo-PedoJoe and his bumblefuck of bureaucrats are very quickly running out of time and they know it. Something has got to give, and time is on Russia’s side no matter who or what anyone tells you otherwise. They ALWAYS Start out POORLY, rebound, and then kick the ever-loving-shit out of their opponents.

A Far Better Track Record that #/OurGuys

Make sure you keep prepping.
Us? I got to make sure my Gran is home sooner, rather than later. If shit goes sideways, I’m not going to have the time to fuck around… Ins’Allah all works out.
More Later
Big Country

FA-FO, Time to Burn Motherfu…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

THAT is the fuckwad Judge who fucked us out of Adriana…
I’m in contact with The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation
BOTH District Attorneys
Seems we’re not the -only- people he’s done this to…


As Jose Wales said over on Gab:
“Suit up, time to do Hero shit”
Absolutely God Damned Right
More Later
Big Country

Winds of War

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Starting to look a bit -hazy- out there. Word is that overnight a BIG Krainian Klown Drone-Show came down on a Airport inside of Russia at a place called Pskov. Now, not for nothing, Pskov is quite a ways away from the Kraine:

Couple of things stand out to me leastways.
One of which is at it’s closest point, Pskov and the Kraine? 600 +/- Kilometers apart. That’s one hell of a long distance to get drones, especially at least 21 of them at last word to a point that far away.

Per ZeroHedge HERE that’s 400 miles. To my rather limited intel, the Kraine hasn’t got any drones capable of hitting that far away with any real accuracy. Which means they had help. Which, considering just how close Latvia and Estonia (both NATO buttcountries) are, and then you have the Greeks as well as the Turks saying:

With the Link HERE
Not a good thing…
Various sources and RUMINT have it as the Brits being the primary instigators in this. SAS and SBS specifically. Either way, Latvia, Estonia, who gives a shit? Both are 3rd World Wannabes who spend faaaar too much of their little GDP on Western Weapons (or did leastways, until they found out what utter shit they really are) so my best is there was an offer ‘too good to refuse’ in hosting these particular retarded festivities.

Adding on that our current crop of geniuses and leadershit?

Ah yes, the good ole Geriatric Ward Members…
Where have we seen this before? Ah yes:

I mean Jeeeeesus people!
When and What does it take for these fuckers to step the fuck down? When to “We the People” tell them they need to go the fuck home? And NOT via voting? I mean for fucks sakes, I mean they’re only leading us into a for real Hot War that we cannot under ANY circumstances win.

Any bets that none of our vaunted ‘nookular’ weapons work, have worked or even could work at this point? Hell, I don’t think even our fucking missiles would work, if the Patriot Pack 3 is any example…

Seriously folks
With fucking droolers, pantshitters, retards, pedophiles, grifters, and braindead zombies in charge, we are well and truly utterly fucked.

And my prediction:
RH/RN (Right Here/Right Now
Goblin Nuisance, The Hair Gel King of Kalifornication AKA Nancy Pelosi’s Nephew-by-Marriage is going to be the DemoncRats New Fair Haired and Coiffed Boy to replace “The Kidsniffer Rapist, Emperor Poopypants”. You heard it here first.

He’s got all that it takes
Progressive to the marrow of his hypocritical bones… “Do as I say, not as I do” Connected politically (see relationshit to Pelosi) Hollyweird (((backers))) out the wazoo… He’s demonic, and a through and through souless fucking scumbag.

What’s not to like vis-a-vis your basic Normie Pro-Pedo DemoncRatic Voater? OF Course they’re going to run him.

All the rumors of “Big Mike” getting the nod?

Word is that The Chef saw “Big Mikes” pee-pee, so they had to drown his ass, lest he let the cat, or in this case the Johnson out from under the tranny-dress. That and he/she’s a lazy fucker…

By it’s own public statements, s/he likes the trappings of power, but none of the effort that needs to go into it… and seeing that the current Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Rapey Joe has been on vacation since Day One of his residency, even the most diehard DemoncRatic voater needs to see a Chief Executive who’s doing –something– as opposed to being on vay-kay 24-7.

I mean so far it’s suited the Power(((s))) Behind the Throne to let Rapey go to the beach and generally stumblefuck around… thing is, that eventually needs to be changed into “MOAR Fundamental Changes” even if they don’t understand that that shit ain’t gonna fly.

They lack the intellect to understand, that so far, in their bubble? It hasn’t been pierced yet. Hasn’t been needed as of yet. People still got food, still get to go shooting, aren’t overwhelmingly being fucked with unnecessarily. Now, because of this, they, the managerial class… the people who make things happen… the ones who actively write and draft the laws and legislation that the Leadershit then put into effect?

NONE of them have been hit yet…
See… it’s one thing to rail on about Politicians and whatnot… but in reality? They’re just like on-air TV personalities.. they’re literally dummies. Performative Dummies. 90% of politicians are too stupid (Maxine Waters for example) to understand cause/effect and/or anything more complicated than 2+2 equals po-tay-toe. They’re fucking morons. It’s their Chief of Staff… their Legal Team. The Legal Secretaries and Staffers that get the job done and know that they’re actually pulling the puppet/dummies strings.

THESE are the folks that because of their lofty titles, decent paychecks and trickle down power that they stay in power behind the scenes… manipulating and empowering the Dummy.

They also don’t seem to get in a full on World That Has No Rule of Law that they’re easy meat. It’s that weakness that encourages me. ‘Cos You can bet when the shit gets spicy(er) that those inside the Beltway have no clear understanding that they’re the equivalent of Custer at Little Big Horn.

The Feral Knee-Grows will be playing the part of the Indians in that particular reenactment… eating them first and foremost.
All we have to do is sit back and watch and laugh.
I mean why not?
Better to watch it all burn at a distance than get hemmed up.
So More Later
Big Country

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