Server Maintenance Ongoing So Have Some Memes!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
We got some server background work about to begin, so I’m copping out with some memes as I don’t want to get too deep in the weeds and lose any work.
So Some Oldies, Some New Ones (or new-ish, I’ve been way busy to be properly surfing to get moar stuff) But enjoy the Edgelording:

Now that is a great Halloween display!

Gretch wouldn’t let me get that dammit!

So Some More Later Y’all
Big Country

10 thoughts on “Server Maintenance Ongoing So Have Some Memes!”

  1. Wooo! Mustache Man.
    My favorites are the MC Hitler as rapper with huge NSDAP gold chain, got milk auf Deutsch with white mustache, and the Darwin fish logo with the last name.
    Hipster Hitler had the EPIC death camp for cutie and occupy Wall Street lame occupy Poland instead.
    I had to bust out Elvis Hitler-Disgraceland from 1988.
    A couple filler tracks but Rocking Over Russia, Berlin to Memphis and Elvis’ Ripoff Theme are on fire!
    Learned that Ol’ Joe Stalin was in school to be an orthodox priest for the mindbender of the day and he wasn’t small hat, I consider him the most badass peasant from Georgia ever.
    Popcorn and keep calm like CCP and the former CCCP are doing this is the way.

  2. LOL, these are hilarious! I had a funny idea hit me last night while thinking about your last post noting the expected cost in terms of manpower and materiel to storm Gaza with ground forces: a way the IDF could clear Gaza using a psychological weapon that would cost less than the price tag of 30 Merkava tanks.

    Imagine this from the perspective of a Hamas fighter, dug into the rubble of Gaza, waiting for the IDF to roll in with tanks and troops. The gates open… but instead of the expected tanks and troops, half a million pigs stampede in, squealing in terror as the Israelis detonate flash-bangs behind them.

    You open fire in typical Daeshbag “Death Blossom” fashion, and while many pigs are slaughtered, the vast majority scatter to every corner of Gaza, eating everything: vegetation, garbage, dead bodies, live bodies that cannot move fast enough… and the pigs are shitting all over everything in their terror.

    Nobody wants to touch them, their bodies, their blood, or their shit. Your civilian human shields are revolted and flee. There is no glorious resistance, no opportunity to score kills against the Israelis, just the utter horror of thousands of disgusting pigs swarming all over your territory, defiling everything.

    The Israelis never set foot in Gaza… though they do take the opportunity to shell, bomb and snipe your positions that have revealed themselves while death-blossoming against the pigs. Bereft of civilian human shields, there are no civilian casualties for your propagandists to bemoan on the world stage.

    You decide to hold out, but ammo is growing scarce, wasted on pigs, and the swine are finding niches all over Gaza and multiplying. Your Islamist Fundamentalist allies whine and screech about it, but the rest of the world shrugs: nothing in the Geneva Conventions prevents this.

    Worst of all, all the other terrorists start to mock you. You no longer have a place with the “cool kids”, as you just got owned by livestock. Your civilian populace doesn’t want to come back, as nobody wants to clean up the mess. Eventually your supplies run out and you’re forced to retreat yourselves.

    Israel eventually starts pushing out their walls into Gaza, sectioning off pig-free areas for them to build whatever they want. They have Christian and Atheist contractors set up pig traps outside of these new walls to capture pigs for sale to the international market. Eventually they turn a profit selling Gaza pork…

    1. so, what would it take to transport a few thousand Texas wild pigs over there ?
      and any other states that want to help out too.
      BTW. might be a good idea to stream it on pay per view as well. help pay for more wild pigs
      to be shipped in. if nothing else, it would be fun to watch them try to hide from the pigs
      even the tunnels would not be safe from the pigs.

    2. Financially it comes to 17,500-70,000 feeder pigs per Merkava, at $50-200 each vs $3.5 mil each. Fastest way to move the pigs (and keep ’em alive) is send ’em in dog crates by air. Can’t seem to find a firm price to fly pigs to Israel, but figure it’ll double or triple the total cost. So maybe 40-50 Merkavas worth of cash spent to buy, ship, and deliver the pigs.

      They’d need a “staging pen” at each gate to dump them into once they’re off the planes and trucked to the gates. Figure a bunch of chainlink fencing and a screen to keep ’em shaded (pigs get sunburn) and keep prying eyes in the sky from seeing what’s going on. When you figure the overall expense is going to be in the nine figures, that cost is negligible; a hundred K per gate would get you some damn big pig staging areas. Since Biden is kicking $14 billion to Israel I figure this would be easily affordable.

      I wouldn’t use wild pigs… but I don’t doubt that certain sympathetic farmers in the US and elsewhere in the world would gladly donate some pigs to Israel to use against Hamas, if only because it’s hilarious. I’m sure there’s plenty of farmers with that ONE pig that is a giant pain in the ass, and I can’t think of better breeding stock to inflict on Hamas. The pig teams are essentially equipment; call each truckload worth of pigs an ADAPT system (Area Denial Assault Pig Team).

      In their shoes I’d start the stampede with flash bangs, but guide the herd (at least at first) using a bunch of small quadcopter drones equipped with noisemakers. If they do it at night (I would), ideally slap the pigs with a sticker containing an RFID chip in it (like for preventing theft at retail stores) and a reader on the drones, maybe have the sticker have IR-visible “cats eyes” to show up on night vision better, and use the drone’s noisemakers to chase the pigs in the direction of Hamas.

      As for pay-per-view… sheee-it, _I’D_ pay to see that, for sure… TBH if I can get through to these guys and they agree to do it, I’ll see if I can get a short vacation to watch it all go off, and make ’em a music video to go along with it. Soundtrack could be “Säkkijärven Polkka”; if they let me, I’d bring my rifle and my 1911 along, and maybe squeeze off a few rounds at Hamas while we’re there. All I’d ask in return is a plane ticket to come visit, and if I’m lucky, perhaps a “Kitty Cornershot”… 😉

  3. Ifin someone could make a meme with emperor poopy pants as Flo from Progressive commercials talking about how we can save money if we bundle the aid to Ukraine with Israel – well I’d appreciate it. My skillz arent there.

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