War? What War? I Have -NO- Knowledge of Such a Thing…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

Not even worth mentioning these days…
Unless it’s to mention how everything has shifted over to “Our Greatest Ally EVVAR!” Krainfeld is so passé these days. So much so that well, looks like a LOT of our DotMil aid that went to the Krain?
Guess where it ended up?

Turn up the volume
And, IF it didn’t embed, here’s the screenshots:


Those are AT-4 and NLAW anti-armor rockets.
The guy talking?
Well, there was no translator but he said “Aloha Snackbar!” quite a bit, so I don’t think he’s a Krainian. Just a hunch… A LOT of those ‘initial reports’ that have been scrubbed indicated that a very large amount of weaponry that Hamas had been stockpiling and building up was bought from Krainians or their intermediaries. Which when it comes down to it is utterly hilarious that a Krainian Jew like Krainfeld supplied the weapons to the Hajiis to help slaughter his fellow co-religionists.

The very definition of Irony Aye?
That and the fact that a member of the small-hat big-nose club will sell anything to anyone if it means turning a shekel or three.

I mean I still say we got no dog in the hunt
However, tell that to all the NeoCons who’re salivating and waiting for their Raytheon Stocks to go up even more. They’ve been agitating forever to start ‘something’ with Iran and now it looks like they might finally have their shot… although what ‘shot’ that is has me baffled.

I mean we were barely able to ‘take’ Iraq, and that was after we had bombed the ever loving shit out of them, paid off anyone and everyone we could (lots of Iraqi Generals were paid off to not fight) and generally undermined the entire country before we even started in on them.

Iran? Oh man.
The Persian Empire of Old?
I have no idea who thought that taking on them was/is/is going to be a good idea. Yeah, the Mullahs made us look bad, but hey, literally it was our own fault in that WE overthrew r/theirguy Mossadegh and installed the Fucking Shah in his place…that shit really fucked things up for us.

Again, thanks to our CIA again for stirring the shit-pot.
I swear if I didn’t know any better, they sure as hell ain’t on our side from what I can tell. Dumbasshattery every. single. time. you turn around. And ALL of them gathered from the ‘best of the best’ schools donchaknow?

Part of the problem is that despite the locals pretty much growing weary of the Mullahs in Charge, the Mullahs are still “their guys”, which means IF we do something exceptionally untoward Iran, they’re going to rally behind the Mullahs. Not only that, but when I mentioned the whole “Persian Empire” thing?

People over here have no idea how important that ancient history stuff is to them…in Iraq, they often referred to themselves as “Babylonians” no joke. The Iranians still talk about the Persians, and how they’d conquered the majority of the known world ‘back in the day.’

Granted it was all pre-Islam, which is something they sort of ‘gloss over’ but to them? That history? The unconquerable kick-ass Persian Empire? Them being the (albeit fallen) Heirs to that Empire? Yeah.

We starts some shit with them, and man
It’s gonna be on like Abdullah-Kong.

Add on the vastness of the country too.
It’s fucking HUGE
And currently, we’re not in any position to do anything except lose some Carriers and people unnecessarily. The only thing we can do is essentially wipe out any remaining good will that was established by Orangemanbad. Which in fact may just be the reason they’re doing it. For whatever reason, they (the Fucktards In Charge behind the throne) seem hell-bent on the Kulakization of Orangemanbad and ALL of his works, no matter how good they may have been.

So, have to see where this goes.
I do know I’m keeping a close watch on things and keeping my shit near to me.
More Later
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29 thoughts on “War? What War? I Have -NO- Knowledge of Such a Thing…”

  1. Iran is about 90 million people and they don’t do pronouns or Spongebob butt plugs.
    I would be impressed with the rump rangers if they would have a pride parade in downtown Tehran.
    12,000 US troops on ten ships are heading to the Med in Kinzhal range, no way to intercept mach five.
    Steak and lobster were served up on one carrier and morale was in the tombs.
    Israel uber alles so the boomers can burn down the world for a delusion of some sacred ally.
    Turds like lil’ Mikey Pence are just like the Muslims, they think that they can create the conditions to bring about the return of the Messiah.
    Is if that was up to manboons.

    1. The Persians have always been by far the smartest folks in the ME area..They were the rulers, the philosophers, the poets, and the smart warriors…They are producing some missiles, drones, and automobiles that even the Russians are buying for their quality and low price….

    2. The Kinzhal flys at Mach 9-10, the best the Patriot missile can manage is Mach 3.5.

      I figure Iran/Syria will allocate 5 Kinzhals per carrier to put them down hard. Then other types of anti-ship missiles against lesser ships. Quite a few of the supporting warships will be tied down with rescue operations.

      The perfumed princes of the Pentagon will be busy changing their Depends.

      1. They don’t need 5 Kinzals to sink a carrier. 1 will do the job. Imagine the amount of kinetic energy one if those delivers at those speed.

      2. Patriots are not used for tail end chases. The batteries are set up to surround a potential target area. In another words, the Kinzal wunderwaffes are headed towards the target. You don’t need to be faster than the Kinzal in order to intercept it head on. Any missiles launched at the U.S. warships will be headed to them, head on. Yes they can dance and maneuver, but the missile has to straighten up before it hits the target.

  2. “Hajiis to help slaughter his fellow co-religionists.”

    Odd how the (((religion))) can be determined with a DNA test…

    1. jews aren’t White, and yes there is jew DNA complete with lactose intolerance, and other problems. I don’t know the percentage of jews practicing judaism, it less than half.

  3. Pave Paradise , put in a parking lot!

    As long as Iran’s leaderships breathing gods clean air, there will be no peace.

    This isn’t about what’s the right thing to do, no sir once again theirs a metric ton of money to be scammed MIC , world leaders etc etc.

    I see the price of 556 62 grain by the thousand has gone up substantially like $600 per thousand rounds.


    1. YO, Dirk! Spot on. USA’s Vista Outdoors (Federal, CCI, Remington) just got sold for $2B (cash) to a Czech outfit. Army’s Lake City Ammo Plant in MO has quit selling to civilian distributors. Heard that Hornady had a suspicious fire at one of its plants (Steve H. has gotta be pissed.) Powder and primer prices going higher.

      Just this year, 80,000+ “Special Interest Immigrants” have poured through our undefended borders; these are the Iranians, Chinese, PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah, et. al. unvetted.

      Gonna be a “hot time in the old town tonight” soon enough.

      Ammo, food, water, plates, NODs, IFAKs, and “necessaries” have got to be laid up OR you’ll be laid out–FOR GOOD!

      1. CPL, we get it, been heavy duty preppers for roughly 30 years now. We saw this coming, have thousands of rounds of brass, tens of thousands of primers small rifle large rifle and M sadly short on 338lm bullets and .308, a few thousand of each but I’d like to double those numbers.

        I’d read ammo was not being sold, and then price increases. I’ve been thru this so many time it just didn’t compute. Was ordering 1000556 of 62 gr, about shit when the price popped up.

        I recently finished a 20 in 556 on a BCM upper super sniper barrel, i did purchase 1000 of the 77g, match grade for a rainy day. Looks like that rainy days here.

        I topped the 20 in, with a Vortex super eagle? I’m having a brain fart, most of mine have Razors or Schmidt and Benders PMIIs. Purchased two their 5.4x 25x 56, not the Razors but the next quality line down. I’m disappointed , should have stuck with the Razor. The 556 isn’t my idea of a sniper grade weapon anyway, but I had an urge to push the 556 to 2000, while I’ve hit, it’s rare, 1000 plus yards is not a problem, with solid wind calls.

        I’m 67 now,,,,, fake hips, rebuilt spine about to get a spine stimulator installed,,,my days are clearly numbered.

        When/ if it goes down, I’ll find a new career as a “Camp Host” for guerrilla fighters! Or some such nonsense.


          1. Literally had my VA eye test last week in Reno, 20/25 uncorrected. Been a long range guy since the late 80s, I’ve given up many expensive vacations to fund a high quality sniper rifle and scope. Rifles usually 5000.00/6000.00 per unit,,,,,,with glass coming in at 3500.00, own ten such rigs. Many on their second maybe third rebarrel.

            My recent set up have been Wilson SuperSniper AR10 rifles the 6.5s 22 inch’s oal, the .308s 20 OAL. Each have their own Schmidt&Bender PMII these two are MRAD, most of the early ones areMOA.

            Recently had my upper spine rebuilt, two years now, not shooting the big stuff, .the 300 wm the 338 LM. I can do it, but fuck it hurts my neck.
            I’d commissioned a Chy Tec 416, ooo a year ago. My builders are a mom pop shop haven’t been able to get the action I’ve specified, so this rig may not happen.

            I reached out to Tom Manners of Manners stocks he’s looking into scoring me the action I seek


        1. Your first shot will be important. If you’re barrel is shooting 1 MOA with retail ammo (uh huh…right)…you know what that group is going to look like. Keep it within head shot range and make the proper target selection.
          After that it will be free for all, and we ain’t running on that gig…It’s gonna be Alamo time.

  4. I’ve mentioned it before, but as soon as I heard a carrier group was going to park off the coast I thought of this:

    Given bold and daring actions have worked out for the Jews in the past, I fully expect them to try something ballsy again, only to get their arses handed to them. So what happens when the myth of the Israeli army goes poof? Escalation until they throw nukes? Fucked if I know.
    Really, really not liking this though. Especially seeing the US “leadership” hasn’t seen a war they don’t like for how long? And the current smartest in the room would absolutely believe they could win MAD.

    Nope. Stop the planet. I want off.

    1. Hezbollah handed the IDF ground forces their asses the last time the IDF entered Lebanon.

    2. I’d TOTALLY forgotten MC-2002, thanks for bringing it up, Bluey. Just read the whole wiki entry. I was an OPFOR role player as enlisted in West Germany in the late ’70s, and was an OPFOR instructor as an officer 1980-87.

      In exercises in West Germany, it seems that things were skewed in favor of Red (Russians) in order to train 3rd ID/2nd Cav. That was right in the Fulda Gap. However, as an officer and stateside, I heard too much of the old-time religion of McNamara (the US Mil cannot and would not lose any conflict), so the “rules of engagement” were presented accordingly. I did not directly participate in any of these training exercises, but heard enough bitching after the fact.

      Here’s a reality for me. As an OPFOR, when presenting training or a class related to current news (lots of those) part of my job was to relay the bad news with the good. ANYTHING that I needed to mention about something going well for Ivan was not greeted positively by my brass, when they bothered to sit in, in the back of the auditorium where our class was taught. When called in due to my “slipping” and mentioning something positive about the Soviet space program and their intel, I was advised that this crossed the line. Pretty much saw it was time for me to leave, and did shortly thereafter. After the fact, soon realized I should have left the dot mil earlier. I cannot imagine how they have devolved since then, over 35 years ago.

  5. Good video from Tucker on how dumb it will be to go after Iran, I was going to post it later. It does seem curious that after all Their bluster, Israel still hasn’t gone into Gaza and is doing the middle school “hold me back” thing.

    1. Israel is trying to create an incident so Goyim and American Dollars will Fight for Israel.

      USS Liberty but False Flagged to be Iranian?

      Where are these? SNIP: Based at Haifa, the Israeli Navy (IN) currently operates five modern diesel-electric Dolphin-class submarines. All were designed and constructed by Germany’s Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft (HDW).

      Some have Israeli modifications to launch cruise missiles.

      Fun times.

    2. Sorry Arthur, I disagree, Iranian leadership must be targeted. They ARE the Entire problem. Killing Hamas and leaving Iran is what chickennshits do.

      Yes it will be messy.

      If the Intel agency’s can listen to anybody, anywhere, anytime then systematically hunting them each down must occur. You let them live, this goes on forever. You wak em. This shit stops for a period of time

      Fighting wars the old way IS the problem. Killing useful idiots solves nothing. Taking leadership out, the next country’s leadership has to consider they are now targets.

      Those pussys will go to ground re consider waring on others when they know THEY are now legit targets.


  6. If you haven’t gotten off the train by now it’s too late. The Wobash Cannonball is steaming down the tracks while the neocons gleefully cheer “go faster.” The engineer at the helm or is it engineers is blowing the whistle to let everyone know they’re coming. They’re destroyers with blood lust and have no moral compass.

  7. So when the shit starts your friends and allies havas / hellbola / palis will probably immediately recognize you guys and invite you to help them destroy the country and establish sharia.

    good luck with inshallah and the clockwork orange shit is really juvenile

  8. They want a war. Any war. The Rooskies wouldn’t give them one, so now it’s our perennial draft pick, the Iranians.

    This won’t stop till a carrier or two are resting at Bikini Bottom. Though I shudder to think what the neocons’ reaction will be to a $13 Billion coral reef.

    They’ll be demanding we vaporize Tehran, and our compliant media will fan the flames. If they start popping off nukes, it’s all over.

    Not our circus, not our monkeys.

  9. Money knows no loyalty. Zelensky and his associates are corrupt. Every bit as corrupt as the Biden Crime Syndicate. So of course they sold off a bunch of the weapons they were give. After all…. we’ll just send them more. And while Zelensky may be Jewish he’s not loyal to Israel. Hell….half the Jews in America couldn’t give a rats ass about what happens to Israel.

  10. So while were getting wild hairs about where all this shiite is going here is my head full. The Omessiah self anointed one wants the two carrier groups to preferably be sunk so there is “justification” to pave Iran and areas into parking lots creating conditions for their imaginary Madi to return.

  11. This is a surprise why? I mean, according to BCE, Gonzalo Lira, Col McGregor, Scott Ritter, et; al the Ukrainian Army has been totally wiped out 3, 4 times. So there must be a shit ton of western equipment just lying around. Ship a couple of crates of M4, NLAW etc to the mideast through Iran. Have Hamas and Hezbollah show these off in propoganda videos and on cue the trained seals and useful idiots start screaming ” Krain corruption”. Congress critters run to the cameras questioning all Ukrainian aid. Win-win for Russia.

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