Yeah, Definitely Another Wind-Up-Toy and Some Humor to Take The Edge Off

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Tough day today. Addy’s B-Day. We got to ‘be there’ via Video-chat and she’s having a LOT of fun and seems be well taken care of but still… w/out going too deep into it, despite his best efforts, her Dad -still- is unable to take care of her the way we were… so I’ll just leave it there as I don’t want to get too ‘down’ as I’m bummed enough as it is. The only really good news is they’re slapping MOAR charges onto that corrupt son-of-a-bitch Judge. Hopefully he does serious time in pound-me-in-the-ass prison.

So yeah, Now our shooter in Maine?
If anything the DotFeds are getting lazy AF. Even more than before. What was it that Lump-necked Asshole Fetterman said? That “…they’re not sending their best…” without even a smidgeon of introspection nor irony? The 4chans Autists put out a “Leaked Discord Server” set of posts supposedly written by the “Maine-iac” Shooter:

It reads like a dream from the fevered brow of a FBI agent of how they think the average MAGApede thinks/speaks/acts. I mean c’mon man.

No one -I- know thinks or speaks that way at all
Even the most rabid Nationalists or Anti-DotGov kids would never speak that way, never mind put it in writing, using their real name as their handle no less.
UNLESS they’re a glowie

And if that IS real!?!
Talk about some seriously fantasy-disco bullshit right there. Only thing that, to me leastways, is that I’ve noticed that Discord is the place to do your ‘one-stop-shopping’ for mass shooters. Like the last what? 2-3 of them ALL had been on a Discord server, and all had put up highly incendiary speeches/manifestos/the like, just like the above one.

Literally that shit glows so hard I got radiation poisoning from just reading it. Got no idea what they expect… to be honest, in my mind I file this under “Thursday”… Chicongo has higher body counts over a holiday weekend. Another reason I believe this’s a “Wind Up Toy” is that like immediately after the initial reports of the shooting came out, the FBI was like right there on the scene.

Considering the nearest Field Office is in Boston?
That’s some mighty quick work Lou.

Consider this: Within an hour of the news ‘breaking’ The FBI was out in full force in Lewiston. Now, that means that there had to be FBI Agents on-scene. Mainly because door to door?

The only Regional FBI Office is located at 201 Maple Street in Chelsea MA of all places… HUH… Chelsea… who would have thought? I would have expected it in the Fed Building at Downtown Crossing… anyways…
Point is:
It’s Literally 134 miles one way from the Feeble’s home base in New England to Lewiston, 2 hours, 7 minutes according to the Goolag. Unless they jumped in a Helo (which you and I know they didn’t do) a Bell 206 has a speed of 125mph, which is a little over an hour as well, but then you have to add on pre-flight/clearance/load up etc etc. I mean they might have spun up a bird from Logan, but I find it highly unlikely.

Add on that now the narrative has also changed

Initially, he rolled into the bowling alley on “kids night” and shot it up, then went over to Schemengees Bar & Grille, and shot it up, after which he went to a WalMart Distribution Center, and shot it up…

‘Cept now?

WalMart has ‘dropped off the map’ so to speak.
According to the Fast Facts on Faux:

Highlight by me.
ANY and EVERY time the narrative changes, it positively reeks of a Dark Op. So did the Distro Center get shot up? What happened there with that bit? Odd IMO… Not only that, I’m only going to touch on one thing more about this patsy: He was a “Petroleum Supply Specialist” i.e. a Gas Pumper. Loggie. Not A Shooter. Not only that, MY personal experience with “Petroleum Supply Specialists” as a group? NOT the ‘brightest bulb(s) in the socket’ so to speak… nice guys/gals, but brainwise? The ASVAB score for a Gas Pumper is like OMFG low… lower than a Cook if you can believe it… so this whole “OMG He’s a shooting instructor!!!” smells like the rest of the story: Shytte… Pure Shytte.

So, yeah, have to see how it plays out.
Like I said, the major problem with this is that this body count is like a bad weekend in Detriotistan, Chicongo or LA… highly doubt they’ll be able to effect much. Sure, they can pass all the Executive Excremental Orders they want, but enforcing them?
Good Fucking Luck there gang.

So, as I said, a change up from the gloom factor. I was talking w/CederQ on the phone and we were meandering over some old stories when I remembered and related on of the odder experiences I had in Iraq. I put it up on the old blegg that got nuked a ways back, but hey, new readers, new-ish blegg, so what the hell.

I’ll open it with this:

Now, you have to understand, Dwarfism in the Middle East is a lot more common than you’d think. A lot of it due to a lot of inbreeding, which is one of the ‘third rails’ that the PC Police don’t want you touching… has a lot to do with ‘keeping the money and tribal power’ in the fam as close to home as possible, so there’s a LOT of first-cuzzin fun and games. That results in a LOT of genetic defectives, like Downs Kids, genuine retards, mongoliodism, I mean a slew of genetic ‘bad shit’ of which, dwarfism is part of.

Now, because of the way Islam, as a whole is, any and all genetic defects are considered a ‘curse from Allah’. You do not get a ‘pass’ on shit if you’re unfortunate enough to be born with some bad shit. In fact, the article above was back after we had ‘reformed’ a lot of the politics and the midgets were looking to get out from under the persecution they suffered under.

Because they were ostracized by their families, and generally shat on by all the rest of the Iraqis, they grouped together outside of Fallujah of all places. Formed up their own lil village, and were content to be left the fuck alone. Up until some AIQ (Al Queerda Iraq) asshole blew an IED on a Marine Convoy.

Now, Be Me.
Operations Manager doing an Inspection Tour of Abu Ghraib Prison, post scandal. My job is to make sure that our guys/gals have enough ‘stuff’ (printer cartridges, new laptops, vehicles being serviced on the reg…) all the stuff a good Ops Manager does to make sure the folks at remote FOBs and even bigger ones like “The G” are taken care of. I’m outside, caging a smoke outside of the Intake Center, which is where OUR people are running the biometrics intake for the DotMil. OUR people did the fingerprints/retina scans and initial intake of incoming Hajis.

Queue a Marine 5 Ton Truck Rolling up.
Back of the 5 Ton is, for lack of a better word, packed with what appear to be kids. The Marine who jumped off the back, apparently their version of an MP? SP? Too many years/too many beers. More Marines show up, and they start playing ‘pass the parcel’ with the “kids.” Literally grabbing one up, and handing them down to the ground, where they then had the hood(s) taken off of them.

You know where this’s going

I realized in (pardon the pun) short order that they were ALL fucking midgets! I asked the MP what the fuck was going on, and where’d they find all the dwarfs? He was pretty embarrassed by the entire episode… An IED went off injuring some Marines outside of Fallujah. So the commander of the A.O. told the Marines to “Round up all males between the ages of “X” and “Y” and put ’em on a truck to Abu G to interrogate them!”

Guy was professionally chagrined, but as he said, orders were orders, so they went to Midget-town, and rounded up everyone. Now the thing of it was, we found out later that the IED in question was like a 152mm HE round (artillery) which comes in at like 88 pounds. I highly doubt that the Midgets could move one of those things, never mind rig it, bury it and blow it.

I mean FFS right?

The cool thing was the midgets were taking it all in stride. To them? This was a great big adventure, as they rarely got to leave the Ville (as the other Iraqis treated them like shit) and in the end, they all got paid a bit of USD for their troubles, as well as getting treated pretty damned well as opposed to how they were normally treated.

The Higher-Higher End Of the Chain of Command by the way practically had a full on stroke when word got out about this. Serious questions as to the fitness of the mentality of the Marine who said “I don’t care if they’re Midgets! Bring ’em in!” as THAT particular shitshow, so close on the heels of the Abu G scandal could have seriously blown the fuck up in everyones faces…

CNN “Today US Troops Terrorize Innocent Iraqi Midgets! Film at 11!” Yeah, them headlines would have been brutal.

In the end it all worked out I guess.
I’ve always wondered what happened to that Ville though?
Nothing on the Goolag about it. Hope the lil Bastards are OK.
So Hope you Enjoyed!
More Later
Big Country

23 thoughts on “Yeah, Definitely Another Wind-Up-Toy and Some Humor to Take The Edge Off”

  1. Bulk Fuelers don’t become Firearms Instructors (at the local Reserve/Depot). What a pre-canned load of shit.

    1. IS it possible that it was known that he wasn’t screwed too tightly together and was “retired” to that role?

  2. The glowie statements certainly do seem scripted for the narrative. What is really odd is that he has the town of Lewiston with 10k+ imported Somalians and he goes to shoot up at least 2 places where they are extremely unlikely to be. What kind of a zealot would make statements like that online and then fail to engage the target demographic jackpot a dozen miles from his front door? So he shoots up lower middle class white kids out bowling and blue collar types playing pool at a bar instead? It makes no sense.

    On a tactical note. The NHSP copter spent all evening over the subject’s hood while a SWAT element raided half the houses on that street with flashbangs and came up empty. Before returning to the Auburn airport to refuel or what not, NHSP went back to the Monmouth area they had worked all morning and flew in circles for a while. I think they are winging it as to his whereabouts and are just working on hunches.
    Anyway, Just a while ago this aircraft;
    LOCKHEED P-3 Orion
    ….flew in from Ft. Bliss near El Paso Texas. It landed at the old Brunswick Naval Air Station just a few miles from SFC Card’s farm. Brunswick use to host these old subhunters until the base was retired. Since this one belongs to US Customs and was working the Mexican border far from the ocean, I suspect it has been repurposed to look for things on land. If I am right in that assumption, it should be pretty obvious.

    1. The other place to keep an eye on is Houlton ME…
      BIG airstrip up there… on 9/11 LOTS of aircraft diverted there… -right- on the border with the US/CAN
      If he’s headed north, the action will ‘pivot’

      1. 07:00 I would say it is quiet this morning except I woke up to the news that the US is bombing Syria. The big war goes on. 3 C-17’s left Bangor ANG Base together and flew east. With all the goings on overseas, the current amount of Mil air transport has not been this high since the Desert Shield buildup in 1990.

        My suspicions about the Customs P-3 are supported by the news that BORTEC arrived yesterday;
        Fox News
        “U.S. Border Patrol agents from an elite tactical unit known as “BORTAC” have joined the ongoing manhunt for Robert Card. According to a senior U.S. Customs and Border Protection source, BORTAC agents arrived on Thursday and are on the ground assisting in the manhunt.” Recently, the elite tactical unit has been successful in resolving several high profile cases.”

        On the ground, it would appear that the Feds have taken on huge portion of the search or even taken over outright. The Meadow Road whack a mole display last night was not just the State Police SWAT, if they were even involved at all. The official ballpark number for for “police” involved is over 350, and I assume that does not include USCG who were following up leads about a seaward escape down the rivers to the Boothbay Harbor area.
        If I were him and wanted to evade and live, I would be working my way to either the north or west toward wilder country. The immediate area is rural, but by Maine standards it more on the developed side. He is enclosed by 2 very large rivers, Androscoggin and Kennebec, that complicate easy movement east and west cross country. The Maine Turnpike and Rt285 also help contain him. Stay tuned.

  3. Bummed? This mongo clown shit show is pure comedy gold.
    The world changes forever when the Hymie ground invasion starts so enjoy the last of the good times.
    Buttplug Brandon came out with a ban high capacity and sturmgewehrs teleprompter puke right on cue after some ice cream and instructions from dingle Barry.
    The crisis actor well will dry up eventually but the average Kwannie of the fake GAE FUSA will still be too stupid to process anything.

  4. Breaking-AM blowtorch station one state to the east says US jets are bombing Iran Revolutionary Guard, this was on 0300 top of the hour newsbreak.
    Get your portions ready with some spicy condiments.

  5. That whole scene at Abu Grabass you described gave me a genuine laugh out loud moment. Too funny. Thanks, I’m gonna be smiling all day. It’s a sick world, and I’m a happy guy.

  6. Love this post! so far no crying crisis actor interviews, no victims whatsoever, cuz in the world of perpetual lies, we don’t need no stinking victims. Just trust us when we tell you that people died! somehow there were 22 dead but now only 18? No one has said how he got from the bowling alley to the bar 4 miles away. Did he just casually stroll over there – reloading as he went? did he get in his car and drive there? I have actually seen rumors that he got on a jet ski to escape. hahahaha. is it because the Hollywood writers are still on strike? the script is just so bad it’s almost funny

    1. Yes, the dead count was a solid 22 for a full day. No excuse for that. The wounded estimate early on was 60 and is down to 16. Again, how do you go public with numbers that are that far off and then correct them without blinking an eye?

  7. Nothing for the P-3 yet today, but this is inbound to the AO over Sebago Lake;

    United States
    DB flags:none
    2011 AIRBUS HELICOPTERS EC-135/635

    Again with the FLIR capabilities. This is turning into a multijurisdictional manhunt to rival the first Rambo movie.

    The whole State of Maine seems to be in a building state of alarm over this whole thing. My local scanner traffic is full of paranoid calls about people suspiciously running chainsaws in the woods at night and suspicious cars parked along roads. One of these was just a guy out bowhunting. They found him in his treestand and escorted him home to get the hardcopy of his hunting license. Calls like this are coming in every 10 mins or so and we are 40 miles from the search area.
    My thoughts on the seemingly comical water route escape theories that the USCG has been following up on are that the most likely waterborne escape for Card would be from the boat ramp where the car was found. He could have gone upstream and westward on the Androscoggin River for a few miles, and landing on the west bank somewhere below Lewiston. This theory is supported by the fact that his registered (outboard), bass boat is unaccounted for. He could have staged it at the boat ramp, returned home with the trailer, and then proceeded to the shooting. If he got upstream before the police found the car and started the first dismounted search, he could have been outside of the search cordon and hidden the boat on shore after landing. That river has impassible dams up stream at Lewiston and right below the boat ramp at Lisbon Falls, so the idea he went down to the Ocean in the Bass boat from that location is out of the question. I personally believe he is still on the ground in the Bowdoin area.
    Along the lines of strange/unlikely developments in this case, I find it odd that the suspected murder weapon was found in the abandoned car at the boat ramp. It kind of sounds like Lee Harvey Oswald conveniently leaning his Carcano rifle up against the wall in the Schoolbook Depository. Even in the event he was out of ammo and had another weapon on hand, it just strikes me as very unlikely that he would have just left it there and made it so easy for them. Anyone else would have at least thrown it into the river and made them dive for it or carried it along in the woods and hidden it somewhere.

    1. And jammed the gas pedal at the boat ramp to ditch the getaway into the river…
      Delta Mike

  8. Baston, yeah former home of Bob Mueller and his 2 stooge whitey burger handlers. Roger Wheeler would tell you about him but alas unable

    1. Near noon local now and a Huey circling near Lisbon falls south of Lewiston news chopper circlining has left the area

      1. I saw the US Forest Service Huey up earlier. Over all they appear to be just marshalling assets for another cordon and search during low light conditions. They also seem to be relying heavily on technology and it is hard to get an idea of how much leg work they are doing to beat the bushes for him. If he shot himself in the head deep in the woods somewhere, they won’t find him anytime soon without a systemic ground search. The police radio discipline has gotten much better since the first night. Maybe they have little to talk about over the air.

  9. 12:00 Hrs

    Reports now that the traffic backlog of Walmart bound Tractor trailer semi rigs trying to deliver to the Lewiston Walmart Dist Center is over 100 vehicles! Whether this is due to it being closed in the countywide lockdown or from the initial reports that it was one of the locations where there was shooting the night of the attack is unknown. More chaos.

  10. Yes, this shit glows like Chernobyl on a moonless night, but there are two FBI offices in NH, one in Bedford and one in Portsmouth. Portsmouth being about an hour closer than Boston, this could account for some of the fibbies speed of response.

  11. An, in-law, reported in an interview that was posted in The Daily Mail that he frequented both the bar and the bowling alley. On numerous occasions they had to talk him down as he was convinced that the people there were talking about and /or watching him. He was obviously showing signs of becoming schizo before his two week stay this summer. This is either a case of numerous failures by many like the Texas shooter that the Chair force did not notify anyone about, or the possibility that he was turned into a wind- up toy this past summer. So much for RED FLAG LAWS.

  12. Breaking, they found him dead, according to local AZ news, 633p local time. No further details.


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