Oddities and Medications

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LOTS of good feedback regarding Mister “Can’t Be Found” in Maine. Very interesting how dis fukkin’ guy seems to have taken a powder Aye? Between the changing stories, bodycount, shoot-locations and ‘other oddities’ to include his mental health being questioned, it’s all a bit of weirdness happening.

As the Autists on the chans have been pointing out, none of this adds up, and man, Worst. Psyop. Ever.

You know it’s bad when I talk to MomUnit and she agrees with me on this… that’s like a surefire sign of the Impending Apocalypse for certain… she never agrees with me.

Considering that he was locked up after threatening to shoot up a Guard base for two weeks (possibly the one he was training at?), another guy pointed out that he made this threat during the two-week annual training, which then coincides with him being cut loose/released at the end of the two weeks.

Then he’d recently been equipped with Hearing Aids.
And after that he starts hearing “voices”?
Considering how high speed hearing aids are these days? OMG the ones I have? Bluetooth enabled, phone interfaced…. like ALL the gadgets built in. My phone has an app that allows me to adjust oh so much on them, it’s crazy.

And if ‘bad actors’ wanted to cause someone to ‘go around the bend’? Wouldn’t be too hard to do it.

Jes’ Sayin’

I mean if he wasn’t doing well to begin with? Getting “the voices” to urge him to do bad things? Not hard IMO. Tactical Hermit agrees and gave me some intel that showed a lot of pointers that add to that hypothesis. The theory being a LOT of the “mental health issues” between the cornucopia of psychotropics they dump into folks, and then the secondary programming that can be done without the subject even being aware of it?


That’s another thing for another time. I’ll leave it at this tho… not many people realize just how many people out there are on head-meds. IF and only IF we do suffer some calamitous event as a society, the number of people who, by day-to-day seem to be normal, who without their meds have the potential to become rabid psychos? Oh man, that shit is real, and in my opinion severely overlooked in the Prepping community.

Ugly doesn’t even -begin- to cover it.

So bit of a short one, as I’m working on the BIG poasts for the Saturday and Sunday Write ups.
More Later
Big Country

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  1. Spot on for several counts BCE. I’ve said it before on other forums that it doesn’t matter how far out in flyover country you are, if pharmaceutical supply chains get a serious disconnect, someone near you will be going bug shit nuts. And that, BTW, is one sure fire way to trigger these MKUltra windup toys: substitute their meds for lookalike placebos. It’s not the med that matters, it’s the acute withdrawal.
    Seems I have the same hearing aids you do. Best bluetooth headset I’ve ever used. Outside sound is muted, all I hear is the incoming phone, and in both ears at once. Phone goes in a pocket, and I walk around hands free, babbling to the wind like an idiot. While the smartass phone interface can do all sorts of things, I have such a deep seated aversion to learning new software that I haven’t yet brought myself to learn it.

  2. Daily mail.uk has a headline saying he was found with two gunshot wounds to the head. I took a screenshot but can’t figure out how to send it.

    1. I have seen that reported as well.

      I am guessing he went off script and possibly could have talked.

      Everything about this smells Los Vegas bad. Also his well documented mental “issues”, the tie in with the hearing aids, and the state .gov/.mil KNEW (and had him confined) and possibly took the rifle from guard stocks make the narritive untennable.

    2. I read that too.
      If true, wadda ya wanna bet the “hearing aids” come up missing.

    3. Yep, found in the woods shot twice to the head…Dunno if they are trying to call it suicide or not, LOL….So the loose end has been dealt with…

  3. I was beginning to wonder about Big Country, now I have to worry and contend with Greg being subtly programed by subconscious means… One of the reasons I never was interested in hearing aids. In the psych unit we used subliminal suggestions while listening to headphones playing relaxing white noise or ocean, babbling brook, gentle wind and music from ABBA to patients undergoing relaxation therapy for schizophrenics and bi-polar.
    For those too paranoid to allow headphones on, a quiet room with the same soothing, melodic music or nature sounds with underlying subluminal messaging. Heady stuff and quite effective. I would be interested where he got his hearing aids and if they were held up in shipment and tinkered with.
    Oh, people unknowingly and willfully misunderstand the danger of masses of people cold-turkeyling their psychotropic medications. It would be epic and sporky X hell on earth. Nobody really knows how many truly are on medications for mental illness. No clear figures. The best study I have read puts the numbers clear of 30 million. That doesn’t include the ones that have slipped out of the psychiatric/mental health system or ones that self medicate and have never entered or was incarcerated and their underlying mental illness was never diagnosed.

    Fucks us over big time when that time comes.

  4. “the number of people who, by day-to-day seem to be normal, who without their meds have the potential to become rabid psychos?……..severely overlooked in the Prepping community”

    True, but you’re only accounting for the medicated. Many apparently “normal” people will turn into unhinged psychopaths when they can’t flush the toilet or get a hot shower for three days.
    Your sweet grandma next door could become your worst nightmare.

  5. Just saw that the crisis actor was found with a gunshot to the head.
    His Smith-Mundt role is fulfilled and dead men tell no tales.
    O/T-The PLA/CCP Sun Tzu victory before it begins plan?
    Four front WAR and Brandon will oblige his fellow travelers.
    The four year interruption in the 16 year plan to destroy Amerikwa the Kwanstain is back on TDS shit stains get what they deserve.

  6. Another “random” mass shooting. Guy threatens to commit a mass shooting, they lock his ass up but for only two weeks then let him go….without confiscating his weapons. Like that doesn’t scream they wanted him to go postal.

  7. Aesop touched on the sudden unavailability of psych meds awhile back. You’d definitely want to avoid people till they self weeded out.
    The daily mail article was a banner headline at 6am, I screenshotted it, but didn’t download. Came back from breakfast and the article was just…gone. the whole story buried 2/3 of the way down the page, and that particular article gone. I googled article, and it’s been edited, the two shots bit is gone.
    So much weirdness.

  8. Update for y’all. Seems the “Law” found the body and now the fun begins.
    First online blurb I saw said they found him with two gunshots to the head.
    Second minutes later from another so called source (oop) corrected that to one self inflicted wound.
    I leave it to the herd to make up their mind which report was accurate since you just know whatever ends up in the “official” press won’t be the truth. Have fun.

  9. Saw the bit about the two shots – making the rounds.

    Where did he get the hearing aids? Civilain doctor or Uncle Sam/VA? Inquiring minds want to know.

  10. When Orange Man Bad said ” The federal government sends $14 billion to Baltimore every year, where does it go?”

    We had two mass shootings in one week just to get the taste of that question out of everyone’s mouth.

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