More In The Morning, I’m Run Ragged

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
At the last minute, we got the Nookular Redhead for the weekend. Gretchen started doing weddings again (tis the season for them Fall Florida Weddings) so -I- and -I- got the “Duty” today to keep said aforementioned Nookular Redhead occupado and doing the “Spike Lee”

(Do the right thing yo!)

We had a good day:

Did the ‘temporary tattoo thing’ for her
Then let her laze aboot in her Jammies….
THEN we made Soft-Chewy Molasses Cookies…
She helped measure and mix the dough, then rolled the cookie-balls around in the sugar to cover them before baking. A great team effort if I do say so myself….

The final product:

And tomorrow?
Homemade from-scratch Pasta. I’m torn between bucatini and ziti… Either way it’ll be great and I know she’ll love playing with the extruder (KitchenAid Pasta-making fun!)

So yeah, busy but it is what it is
Going to enjoy what I have, While I have it…
She’s not going to be 5 forever Aye?
Can’t -always- be dealing with ‘teh stoopidz’
More Later
Big Country

18 thoughts on “More In The Morning, I’m Run Ragged”

  1. Cookies and pasta are constructs of the white male patriarchy and will be redistributed in the spirit of egalitarian equity.
    No comrade will have any excess quantity of materials or foodstuffs.
    No shirking against the glorious unity hive collective of the New Civility.
    Si se puede!
    All clown shoe aside stay morale moisturized by any means necessary.

  2. Bro, if she is that cute at 5, you really going to have your hands full in 10 years.
    granted you will teach her certain skills to be able to handle herself if need be.
    I taught my girls that as well. they might have bitch at the time when they where older 13 or so
    but now that they both over 40, they kind of glad old dad taught them things like that.
    but making cookies is something they still talk about doing with dad many years ago.
    it is things like this that will keep you sane in this insane world. it is also the reason to hunt down the bastards that did this to is too. not that you didn’t need one anyway.
    you should get a old time ice cream maker. my kids loved doing that. it is one thing they still ask me about , where is the old ice cream maker? gave it to another single parent guy I knew
    about 25 years ago. wish I kept it now,, I got it from one of my aunts back in the early 1990’s
    and god only knows how old it was. no power, you had to crank it. 1940’s maybe ?
    anyway, enjoy your time with her. still praying you get the other one back in the nest there.

    1. Dave, Leamans (sp) for that ice cream maker. They are a big supplier of tools and things to the Amish plus they are right over the state line in Ohio. In fact any one into prepping needs to check them out.

      1. Actually got one in the garage somewhere… the ‘X’ bought it… it’s a CuisineArt? I think….
        Have to dig it out for her next visit as we’re don’t too much R/N as it is…

  3. It is for moments like that we’re trying to defend and preserve. Like Chesney said, “That’s the good stuff”.

  4. We had our blonde four year old Tornado this past Monday. We’ve converted her Aunt’s old room into a princess palace for her with dress up trunk and her Dad’s old Thomas Tank engine and star wars stuff. She loves being Darth Amy with the red light saber.

    She is fun to have over but I’m glad our child rearing days are done. It takes a day recuperating compared to the old days when we juggled four kids at the same time. I’m getting old I walked 12 miles yesterday and today I am paying for it. I miss young ground pounder knees.

    We have to enjoy the grands as long as we can.

  5. “She won’t stay 5 forever.” True dat bro. I am at the great grandkid part of my life. They shoot up so fast.

  6. Good on ya, Big Country…Keep it up! Nothing more precious than a child raised right.

    Maybe, next raffle, ya oughta offer up and take bids on a batch of them thar cookies. Jes’ sayin’.

  7. BCE: remember the old “board games” as she gets a little older. She is probably ready for “Chutes and Ladders” now and cards like “Old Maid”. Hang in there, Granpa! These days don’t come back.

    1. Uno, she loves Uno, as well as Connect 4… she -doesn’t- -get- that one….

      Yet LOL

    2. Just don’t play Sorry or Trouble. Those 2 games must have been made by Satan himself. Will separate the men from the whiners kind of thing. I’d rather play Russian roulette with a semi auto.

  8. Hey BCE long time reader first time commenting. I too have a five year old nuclear monkey butt who loves to bake with her dad. Mine is a survivor of a neuroblastoma tumor in her chest the size of a softball. It was diagnosed when she was 3 1/2. She is clear and healthy and happy and everyday is a blessing. I always told and all four of my other children that daddy would take on a charging bull, a raging grizzly or step in front of a bullet for my children. With cancer all I could do was pray 🙏.

    1. Congrat Man! Making Cancer ‘suck it’ is ALWAYS a win! Cost me on MY side a lung +/- but hey!
      That’s why God gave me two!
      Pass on the BCE “You Done Did Good” message for me to the youngster!!! and DM me at my email
      Gift for her and you waiting, need a mailing adyy

  9. Love your stuff BC, the way you put things puts a smile on my face. This one makes me miss our grandson even more than normal. The daughter went full left-tard when she met her shitbird husband and took away our grandson just before his 4th birthday when they didn’t like my reaction to shitbird leaving the grandson home alone. We haven’t seen him in two years and they had a second son this past summer that we know nothing about as she also severed all contact with us. We never saw this coming and did everything we could to give her a good life and a better chance than we had. That this is a common thing among leftists these days is no consolation, it’s heartbreaking.

    Just spent the past year fighting cancer and one of the main things that kept me going was the hope of seeing our BoogieDan again before leaving this God-forsaken world. My apologies for the book length spew of personal struggles but it helps to let it out, nobody in my orbit can say anything beyond That sucks. Ya think? Anywho, thanks again for everything you do and God bless you man.

    The Fossil

  10. Enjoy it while you can bro because in 10 years you will be pulling your fucking hair out and talking in your sleep about killing motherfuckers. Trust me.

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