Just a Short One Due to Overwork and Reasons

Greetings me Droogs N Droogettes!
Just a quick one as a LOT has gone on today. I didn’t get shit done at People’s Glorious Tractor Factory #310 today… like not. one. fucking. thing. Too busy “putting out client fires” so to speak.

Even my Minion was so busy I didn’t hear a peep from her.

Never mind MY Commissar.

HE was flat out according to Glorious People’s Schedule which we all have access to, to insure that we are all working towards the Glory and Raising Up the Production of the People’s Factory! GLORY TO THE PEOPLE!

OK, now that the ludnik bullshit is out of the way…
Great comments from everyone regarding the truck poast, with such a ‘either/or’ POV. Seems that you guys either hate the Hilux and say the ‘current thing’ i.e. the Tacoma is just fine OR The Hilux is awesomesauce and the ‘current thing’ Tacoma is a weak-ass poseur.

Me, I’ll go with the ‘current thing’ is weak.
My reasoning is that that’s Sapper’s ride.
I drive it when Gretchen is out in the Tucson.

Mind you he’s got the absolutely anemic 4-banger in it. Doesn’t help my already-biased opinion… TBH, it ain’t worth shit. I tease him when he’s trying to accelerate by asking him “…if it would help if I got out and pushed?”

He also, IMO overpaid for it, BUT he needed this ride for work, and hey, what the hell, it IS reliable as all get the hell out. Add on that he’s added some aftermarket ‘stuff’ to it, to include some hi-speed/lo-drag headlamps of some kind that positively would melt the corneas out of an oncoming driver’s head, and well… hey… he loves it, which I suppose is what counts… a basic ‘work truck.’

Now, my OWN choice, if given my druthers?
IF I couldn’t get a Land Rover?
I’d probably want a Toyota Land Cruiser:

At CACI we had like six of these things…

The guys fought over them like motherfuckers to have one. Our Country Manager, whom I’ve mentioned as “The Gunny” had one that needed a ring job. OF COURSE as the Country Manager, he had one. That fucker tho? Burned oil like a motherfucker to the point I started calling it “Gorgo The Smog Monster” as when you drove it? It laid a smokescreen like a pocket Destroyer was doing it off the shores of Omaha Beach on D-Day…

As long as you put a quart of oil in it every weeK?
It ran like a fucking top.

Also we found out they were pretty impervious to shock from close in/near miss mortars and rockets. Quite a few of our trucks were damned-near at the epicenter of ‘danger close’ insurgent rounds, and one time, there were two vehicles that took damage.

One was a Land Cruiser.
The other a Ford Explorer.

Both were ‘stationed’ so to speak at Abu Ghraib Prison, being used by our Intel Squirrels. The round hit between both trucks. BOTH trucks took some pretty significant shrapnel damage… mostly cosmetic, but still… lots of holes, and a couple of broken windows… amazingly, no flat tires, although I -think- the small size of the round (60mm they thought at the time) and the angles, that the upward blast took the shrapnel out of being able to blow out the tires.

Either way, what was interesting to me was that the Ford utterly refused to turn over. It was DRT. Dead Right There.

No engine damage at all.
No oil leaks.
No fluid leaks on full inspection.
Fucker was just plainly dead.

Reason I know there was nothing obviously wrong with it, outside of a lot of holes, was that -I- was the company Operations guy at the time. As such, I had the responsibility to go out, inspect it, and make arrangements to have it transported to VBC (Victory Base Complex) as the company we were renting/leasing ALL our rides from? was a HUGE multinational called TradeLink:

They utterly (and with great justification IMO) refused to perform services on our/their trucks at Abu Gee.

EVERYTHING… ALL Repairs, maintenance and whatnot that we couldn’t do ourselves? EVERYTHING had to happen at the T/L main base on VBC.

Reason being that at the time, if the ‘Bad Guys’, be it the Al Queda-Queerbois-Iraq or the Mahdi Madman Militia (later Army) or whatever Salafist Psychos or Jihadi-Jerkoffs ID’d anyone helping out us, they, as well as their families, were dead men walking. Had that happen to a couple of folks, God rest them… another story for another time I guess…

Anyways, On the other hand?
The Land Cruiser? Gorgo The Smog Monster?
Fired right the fuck up.

In fact we used it to haul the DRT Ford back to VBC. Used a couple of Tow Straps. Made it simpler. FAR more dangerous to do so, but back then? Fuck it. I’m still here amiright? Even back then, I told The Gunny when he expressed his concern as to this movement, I said “Hey, it’ll make one hell of a story afterwards right?”

A wee bit Prophetic Aye?

So, point is, seems that when my Hindu, Babu-the-Great, who was the TradeLink Station Manager got his guys working on the Ford?

Seems it was the ‘brain’ of the Ford that got “blow’d up”. The ECM (electronic control module) couldn’t take the blast apparently. Now, not exactly sure which ECM Babu was speaking of, because I -think- there are quite a few in a modern vehicle (these were 2005/06 models mind you), so I nodded my head and agreed profusely. I mean What the fuck do I know right?

So yeah, me?
Give me a Land Cruiser.
I at least know that as long as it has oil, it’ll even take ‘danger close’ mortar and rocket rounds… can’t ask for much more than that.

And Now, to the International Weirdness News and “Stupid”:

The Iranian President getting kil’t?
I love how the news broke on that ‘un there:

“The Iranian President’s Helicopter suffered a mechanical issue while returning from Azerbaijan, where he had inaugurated a dam with the Foreign Minister, Mr. Aliyev.”

“The Iranian President, with the Foreign Minister on board the same flight, their helicopter experienced a mechanical issue, and was forced to land. No issues reported at this time.”

Followed by:
“The Iranian Air Force has issued a statement that the Iranian President, along with the Foreign Minister onboard, were forced into a hard landing due to a mechanical issue. A team is En Route to see to the President and Foreign Ministers well being.”

Adding on to that:
“The Iranian Air Force has issued an update that due to intense and unseasonably dense fog, the team headed to the site of the Presidential Helicopters hard landing is delayed.”

And Lastly:
“The Iranian Air Force has stated that it has located the President’s Helicopter, and reported that (to paraphrase them) “There ain’t shit left ‘cept the tail boom and a crater!”

This news, to a point makes me exceptionally happy on a personal note.
NOT because of this guy cashing in, but WHAT it means.

Ostensibly I –wassupposed to go to Kuwait

Thank GOD (or insert Deity of Choice here)
I didn’t go to Kuwait…
THIS is showing WHY the Universe didn’t necessarily WANT me there.

Mainly because KUWAIT tends to be ‘the monkey in the middle’ when the “Bigger Powers” in the Persian Gulf get ‘riled up and antsy. From my POV, Iran?
There’s a whooole lotta people who’ve been waiting for something like this to happen for a looong minute.

Which means that IF there’s a violent power struggle to take over in Iran?

You can sure as shit bet yer bippy that Kuwait’ll get ‘caught up’ in it at it IS the source of the entire Pre-Positioned Stockpile for the Untied Staatz DotMil. Meaning that IF shit goes sideways in Iran, you can bet that the current Retard-Cabal running the show in the District of Criminality will see this as a perfect opportunity to ‘shift’ from the Krain and “Russia Russia Russia!”

Probably by claiming that the UN or some shit is “…Intervening in the name of the Iranian People for whom freedom has been a oh-so-longed for issue!” or weasel-words to that effect.

Mark my words.

MomUnit calls it my “Indiana Jones” Radar.

I tend to not be and manage to actively avoid areas that would normally be exceptionally bad for my health, if not my life.

The reason she calls it that is that much like Indy, I manage to always “grab my hat” juuuust before the rock crushes it and/or myself, or get out of the trap juuuust in the nick of time…

In this particular case?
Not going to Kuwait?
I’ll take the “W” and call it a day Aye?
Queue the themesong:

So More Later
Big Country

The Toyota Hilux and Why it’s The Truck WE ALL NEED!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So went over to twatter today, and my feed came up with this:

Below that followed a short video of just why the Toyota Hilux is such a badass vehicle:

About that…


Except here in the Untied Staatz.
My response was to whip up a quick Meme per my usual:

As they say, “Testify Brothers and Sisters!!!”

Absolutely spot-the-fuck-on amiright?

Now, IRL it’s supposedly because of safety and ‘reasons’
To me it’s just the typical DotGov overreach. Lord know we have enough of that, and that’s a major reason for our imminent collapse.

Supposedly the comparable vehicle in the Toyota Lineup that is available in the US is the Tacoma. Myself, I have a hard time believing the claims of it being ‘comparable’.

But that’s like just my opinion man.

The tariffs and bullshit that were established back in the day, ESPECIALLY the “Chicken Tax” Per wiki: “This was a 25% tariff on light trucks that the US government imposed in 1964 in response to tariffs on US chicken imports from France and West Germany. The tax is named after the European nations that imposed the tariffs, which are a relic of post-World War II mercantilism. At the time, cheap American chickens drove down poultry prices abroad, so European nations created chicken price controls to protect their own industry.”

So because we wanted to fuck with the Euro-nations because they didn’t want to allow us to fuck over their farmers, we started taxing the fuck out of light trucks.

Which fucked both us, the consumers, and them, the sellers of some really awesome rides. Is there anything that a politician can not fuck up???

So, besides not allowing us to get our greedy paws on the Hilux, we were, and are still currently denied access to the Land Rover series of vehicles. We can get those shitty highly overpriced RANGE Rovers, but eh real deal? Notsomucho. In Fact, the best example of one of them being the 1961-64 Series II 88 variant:

Most memorable from appearing in films like “The Gods Must Be Crazy” and “The Final Option” as well as any 1980s British military oriented action movie, as the BritDotMil used the Land Rover as it’s HMMWV back in the day:

That’s the DotMil Land Rover “Defender”
Still in use today…

Now, there are some out there that are for sale here in the States, but God Help You IF you get one of the ones that’s not on the “LIST”. I remember there was a wee bit of a scandal back a few years ago where a dealer had imported a bunch of them that were not approved by “Uncle Sugar” and subsequently, despite having shelled out upwards of $40k to $50k for the vehicles each, our Beneficent and Munificent DotGov (sarc) confiscated all of said trucks, and ran them through a crusher, with zero compensation for the poor fuckers who got conned and fucked over.

Any wonder why people are wanting to make Tar and Feathering Great Again?

Except in these particular cases, instead of the tar being slightly warmed so as to make it inconvenient and uncomfortable for the target of our ire, I recommend that in the future, we “go full retard” and get that shit up to “Molten Lava Boiling” levels right before the application to the bureaucrat responsible in question.

As they would have said, this will result in a

Of course the tar-in-question back then was pine tar which was used to waterproof ships and whatnot. It wasn’t meant to be fatal… in fact according to my research, there are no known fatalities from ‘T&F’ing’ during the American Revolution.

The tar I think we need to use, should the occasion arise is asphalt tar. No surviving that shit as far as I know. Sapper occasionally gets a asphalt barge that comes in, and he purely hates dealing with it, as it’s waaay hotter, far more dangerous, and the occasion of it happens, and it has, when it splashes or spills during the sampling phase, the shit burns right through his protective gear.

So now… I’d keep going in this vein of anti-social verbal abuse, but Gretchen is calling on me from the bedroom to spend “quality time:” with her, whatever that means… like we’re not already joined at the hip? I think she wants to watch some Vids or something…
Le Sigh…

So More Later
Big Country

Scrounging on Date Night, and Current Day Happenings, and The ‘Rules Of Acquisition’

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
This’s been a long day again. Up at oh-dark early to take Sapper to the E.R. as like I may have mentioned, he’s blown out his back. Just a pinched nerve, but so far, he’s on the Lame and Lazy List.

Add Gretchen being down as well with stomach issues (she’s got major IBS problems) from eating ‘something’ that activated her IBS full-bore, and I’ve been the full time house bitch again.

Swear to God, just call me fuckin’ Jeeves already…

So after I (we) got home, I made breakfast for everyone… Eggs, sausage, hash browns, English muffins… Gretchen likes her eggs over easy as do I, while I made the scrambled eggs for Sapper.

DeadDad taught me a trick to making really good scrambled eggs. You add a couple of ‘splashes’ of heavy cream to them right before you mix them up. Makes them really fluffy… and to add for flavor if one is so inclined, a dash of cinnamon as well as the fresh ground pepper. The eggs over easy I make by ‘floating’ each ‘set’ of eggs so to speak, on a pool of butter. I really go overboard, using a quarter of a stick melted in the fry pan and keeping the heat low so as to not brown/burn it. For making sunny-side eggs, I use a bowl and some water to steam the yolk juuust a wee bit so it doesn’t break.

Poached and/or Eggs Benedict are a completely different story for another time. Needless to say, my cooking as some of you have seen is primo.

That got us through breakfast/lunch as it was like 10:45 by the time we got home from the E.R. No lunch really needed at that point. This shit all being done though? Of course no rest for the wicked… Did allll the dishes, ran the dishwasher for the ones that could be ‘mechanically assisted’ and then cleaned the kitchen. I purely hate a nasty cooking area. I have to hit the floor tomorrow as it’s gotten pretty funky too dammit…

So since I’ve had a LONG list of ‘shit that needs to get done’ that’s been on hold since Gretchen’s “cancer thing” I got busy with those items. Thankfully that shit IS over-over. I’ve been trying to get some of the pieces-parts finished around here. One of them was cleaning up the workstation area in the kitchen.

Waaay back in the day I had set up a computer and monitor in a little ‘desk nook’ that’s in the kitchen. VERY popular back in the early 2000’s. As of late it’s been more of a ‘catchall’ for random shit… Like piles of ‘stuff’. Tupperware that doesn’t fit in the cabinets (those BIG looong ones) to my “Mini-Greenhouse” that I experimented to see IF I could at least some plants to at least start inside the house… it worked but anyways… That whole pile o’crap? That changed this weekend by finally cleaning it up, wiping everything down, and firing up an old Dell Optiplex that Gretchen and I found when we were dating on a Dumpster Dive Date.

You heard me correctly.
I used to take the at-the-time Girlfriend Dumpster Diving for a Date.
And she absolutely loved it.
Yeah… those were actually fun and profitable pre-COVID.

In fact we used to hit Yankee Candle and score pretty well right after some major holidays… all the candles that get returned because someone doesn’t like that ‘flavor/smell’, or the damaged ones with broken glass? Just take those home and finish the job with a small brass hammer I use for gunsmithing. Drop it in a new container and good to go… Another score from Yankee was a branded Zippo butane lighter:


Gretchen found it. It was like new. Didn’t work at the time, so I’m hazarding a guess that whatever hourly-wage-slave at $10 an hour kid working used it until the butane ran out, then shitcanned it without realizing you can reload it.

Their loss, our gain.
Reloaded, it works like a charm.

I mean these days? Scrounging like that/this is becoming almost mandatory. It’s why we haven’t started doing it as of late, mainly as the folks out there are doing it out of need, not want/fun.

When we were doing it, it was for literal “fun and prizes”. The Dell Computer(s) were like that… in 2018 Mattress Firm filed Chapter 11. We had no idea, but the day that it happened? Well seems that one of the stores in the strip mall we were “getting our Scrounge on” as I call it, was a Mattress Firm branch that just completely closed unexpectedly.

So, in this particular case and circumstances, I -think- that whoever was working got in their head:

“Fire/Lay me Off with zero notice? Fuck these motherfuckers”

And then threw all of the stores Computer Gear in the dumpster!!! We found 2x OptiPlex 7020 SFF (Small Form Factor(s), which means teeny case and ‘stuff’ to save room for business machines on the desk etc etc…) that were sale-point loaded… static IPs and set up to only ‘talk’ to the main sales server. I had to format and reload a OS on both of them. There were also 2x Monitors, both of them 26in. As well as all the peripherals like mice, keyboards and whatnot. The printer however looked like it’d been in that movie “Office Space”:

Beat alllll to fuck and gone.

I gave one of the PCs to a former employee of mine, ‘Kay’. Her financial situation wasn’t so hot at the time (this was after our Company laid everyone off back in 2018) and her kids didn’t have their own “school PC”.

I found this out when she was over the house having me fix HER laptop from the shit her 7 year old had downloaded… “Clean Up on Aisle 5” for computers. At least the kid didn’t go on a gambling website, rent a ton of movies or whatnot Aye?

Gretchen and her are friends as well hence her coming over to Mi Casa. I generally do not allow such things. However, she also occasionally still works for Gretchen doing hair when Gretch has a BIG wedding and/or some ethnic clients. Kay is a black chick if you hadn’t figured it out. She’s cool, hardworking and hasn’t tried to fuck us over, so she’s got that going for her.

Anyways… I kind of miss doing “The Scrounge.”
I mean our bedroom clock came from some High End Home Decorations store:

That sucker is like 3 feet across.
Heavy as hell too… it’s got a lot of carved wood on the face.
The glass was shattered, so I took out my omnipresent Leatherman, and removed the shards. Been running like ‘clockwork’ ever since.

So yeah… for us it was fun and games. There were a couple of times that we interacted with some of the others who were out doing the same thing. For the most part, the majority were friendly and we usually compared our “loot.” However, there were a couple of ‘outliers’. In particular there was a night we went to this one dumpster right across from the set we found the Clock in, and inside were like 5 or 6 dead car batteries.

-I- didn’t want them, and as Gretch and I were discussing it, a beat-to-shit pickup drove up, and what appeared to be a fucking Meth’d-Up dude got out of said-shitbox very aggressively, and started ranting about “his Dumpster” and that we “…we wuz stealin’ the food outta his kids moufs!!!”

The very fact that Crankhead Joe went off on me, a fucking MONSTER in size compared to this lil fucking tweeker? That told me that discretion was the better part of valor. Mainly as at the time I was still hemmed up under the Legal System from my divorce (trying to get the Attempted Murder and Assault w/a Deadly Weapon charges settled) and was effectively unarmed except for my collapsible baton, and harsh language.

Even having the baton I think was a no-no.

So needless to say, since I did NOT want any “Imperial Entanglements” (i.e. any possible interaction w/the PoPo) we beat feet to try again another night. Queue Monty Python: “Run Away! Run Away!!!” The very last thing I needed was another assault charge amiright? I mean proving self defense on a guy with a total of 4 toofuses, bad halitosis, and thinner than a 2×4? Shit like claiming that would have been a stretch, unless Gretchen caught it on camera…
It took me a few days after the fact to figure out that Mister Meth-Head was probably earning like $5 a battery at the recycling center. THAT is why he was so bent out at the idea we were ‘stealing’ from ‘his dumpster.’ WHY this particular store was just throwing them out I have no idea. It was a battery store so to speak… one of them places that you can get anything from a itty-bitty hearing aid battery up to a Li-ON Deep Storage Battery for your solar panel powerbank. I would have thought that THEY would have had a recycling system in place, but what do I know? All of these being taken into account after the fact however…

That was back then in a ‘minor economic downturn’
I’m betting it’s a LOT more dangerous out there.

People have been getting fucking shot for minor shit. I can’t even begin to think of the level of caution we’d need to go out and “Scrounge Safely”. In fact those kind of precautions needed would take all the fun out of it. Mainly because instead of “looting for loot” we’d be “competing for resources” with people who really need it to survive. (Mind you, this’d be considered ‘good training for a post Apocalyptic scene, but hey…)

It’s highly unfortunate.

The very fact that we’ve fallen economically speaking so far so rapidly that in less than five years, what had been a quirky, fun-to-do ‘game’ so to speak is now a ‘action plan’ for some families to just survive.

I mean yeah, currently THIS household is holding up. We’re making it. There’s been times though that we barely did, and the only reason I’m not homeless is because of y’all and your generosity. WE, both Gretchen and I still can’t thank you enough. She’s alive because of you guys (and Doc Samizdat) and all the prayers and support, both financial and through emails and letters and cards… Gretchen was really touched by some of them. Now, back to the reality… Point Blank:

There’s a whole lot of people who ARE NOT making it right now.


And more than likely they WILL NOT be making it in the future. Not to be going all ‘Doomer’ and shit on y’all right now, as it has been a pretty good, if not exhausting day, but unfortunately there’s folks out there suffering.

And with that suffering comes a lot of anger
As well as desperation

Which, in turn means that for the foreseeable future, as much as I positively love to “Get My Scrounge On” we’ll have to take a ‘hard pass’ on any more “Dumpster Diving Dates” until we know which way things are going to break. From the ‘current day’ look of things?


Maaaaaaan it ain’t looking too good.

The very last thing I need is for myself, never mind The Love of Me Olde Life to get either hemmed up, or even worse, injured or killed over something stupid like ‘scrounging’ something someone would be calling “trash to cash” so to speak.

This sort of anger and desperation is what forms mobs.
It’s also palpable
Leviathan MAYBE dumb but IT is NOT Stupid by a long shot.

Hence why I oh-so-pointedly explained yesterday that Leviathan and it’s Minions are starting to run fucking scared.

I mean for fucks sakes.
They gave DePape-Schmear 30 YEARS!!!
And he has ANOUGH entirely separate Trial Upcoming
THAT ONE has a 40 YEAR ADD ON/Potential

All he did was, if you eliminate who he did the act to/and on, (namely the overprivileged cuck of The Gin Hag herself,) all he did was beat a motherfucker with a hammer. PROBABLY It’s ONLY because the ‘supposed victim’ was politically connected do we see any sort of theoretical “justice”. Otherwise?

Fucking MURDERERS get released without bail these days.
Fucking RAPISTS get probation
Even after they admit to the crime.
CHILD fucking RAPISTS get a pass. REGULARLLY!!!!
Blaqs, of all flavors get the free pass for damned near anything and anything criminally oriented.
Arthur Sido calls it “Negrophilia”

Link to that masterpiece is HERE

The poor fuckers in the Gulag from January 6th are still rotting away for NO legitimate reason. Some of them who ACTUALLY got to go to trial? Some of those poor fuckers got between 17 and 22 YEARS for what should have been considered Constitutionally Protected actions. But nnnnooooooooooo!

Make a move, raise a fist?
Hell, use harsh language i.e. FedPoasting ?

It’s off to the Gulag for you Comrade.
Well, It’d say we’re edging very closely to fulfilling this famous quote:

And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

One of the more recent case(s) in point of a “MASS SHOOTER” utilizing an “EVIL AR-15!!!!” was in North Carolina, late in April of this year, leaving 4 Dead, and LOTS of wounded.

This was a story that the state would have rather become a “quickly forgotten.” The story about this Ambush of some Feds (Marshals apparently) and North Carolina State Cops needed to go away for multiple reasons. Make this story ‘Vanish’ from the news posthaste, as per usual, well… one of the “protected class” in this case blaq again, and poasting vile shit online… well they tried to blockade it to no avail…MY own personal addendum is they don’t want people to know that this was an AMBUSH.

By MY professional look-see, dude

According to sources the shooter knew that the Marshals and Yokel Locals were coming, and he was waiting for them. ON HIGHER GROUND!!! Dude was on the second floor in an overwatch position. The shooting in Charlotte happened as “…members of a US Marshals fugitive task force (who) were serving a warrant for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon in the Shannon Park neighborhood, Jennings said.”

To me, this shows some serious Hubris on the part of the Federal Task Force, as well as a LARGE dose of complacency. For Fucks Sake they were serving a warrant to a already convicted felon who’s already been convicted of firearms charges as well as a slew of violent charges? Who thought just “walking up casually and arrest this clown?” would be a good idea? THAT fukkin dood should be shot, oo]]]] ut-of-handDid they think that the ‘awesomeness’ of their shiny badges was going to dazzle Mr. Hughes into surrendering?

I’d say that’s a big fat negatory there Ghostrider.

Instead, we get 4 dead, lots of Orphans, and another case of DotGov retardation that’ll eventually come to bite folks like US in the ass. Gar-ron-damned-tee that shytte right there Aye?

SO, let me wrap with this:

Leviathan is scared. Good/Bad News.
“When the Elephants Fight, the Grass Suffers”
We’re all the grass currently.

Leviathan is ALSO showing it’s big, dirty ass to everyone
Even the fucking Normies are waking the fuck up at this point.
People are getting scared
People are getting desperate
And so far, Leviathan cannot react the way it wants to
THEY know that they’re on a precipice.

For how long?
No One here knows, nor has a clue.
There is ONE who does have a hint though:

God Knows.
Trust in Him and Pass the Ammo right?

And on that note, I’ll end this by putting the End Meme a glorious thing that ALL Scroungers everywhere can enjoy. It’s the “Ferengi Rules of Acquisition” It took me a looong minute to put it together as I could find a complete one to download. So in my case, it was snip, save, copy, paste, align the jpegs, and then “wash rinse and repeat.”

We practically lived these rules back in Iraq
Time to be “Getting Back to the Good Ole Days” as appropo

So More Later
Big Country

The Beatings Will Continue and Screw Morale. EVERYONE Gets a Beating!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
‘Member that guy, David DePape?
Better known as Paul Pelosi’s late night Gay Lover w/a Hammer? I had forgotten about him until today:

Besides the usual bullshit, i.e. the mealy-mouthed legal-sleaze, I found one quote from the Gin Hag Herself, Madame Pee-Lousy which was, from my point of view very enlightening. This being:

“It is therefore necessary that the guilty party’s sentence be very long as a punishment for the attack and the injuries Paul continues to suffer — and as a deterrent to others considering violence against public officials,” Nancy Pelosi wrote. 

The Gin Hag, Nancy Pelosi, Thundercunt Extraordinaire

That one line, “… as a deterrent to others considering violence against public officials,” Nancy Pelosi wrote.” tells me that they’re fucking scared as fuck.

“They” being the establishment.

It even shows in that the defense had to spin this as a “Political Act”… “Defense attorneys said DePape was motivated by his political beliefs and caught up in conspiracy theories.”

Tell you what, I covered this a waaaays back when it happened. What I did find about DePape did not scream “MAGA” or any beliefs that would cause him to go looking for The Gin Hag. In fact his ‘domestic partner’ is? was? some multi-sexual weirdo, and they lived in a fucking bus in San Franfreakshow.

Even his in-court actions, testimony and general appearance positively screamed MK-Ultra or at the very least like he was under some extreme pressure.. I mean PeePee’s (The Gig Hag’s Pet Fag/Cuck) Representative, the Grand Inquisitor… er… Persecutor said

“Today’s sentence reflects David DaPape’s lack of remorse and contrition for violently assaulting Mr. Pelosi, The court’s sentence will ensure that DePape will not be able to use violence to pollute the political process.” 

U.S. Attorney Ismail Ramsey, Grand Inquisitor for the Banana Republic of Califruitopia

Lack of remorse?
Fucker was crying like a bitch and begging for mercy.

And polluting the ‘political process’?
How about how the fumes from The Gin Hag pollute the very air around her putrescent self? Fucking that old bitch is dead right now… she just hasn’t figured it out, and now best resembles a cat-piss-and gin smelling reanimated corpse like a ‘Walker’ from that zombie show.

This is, just as the whole J6 Pile of Puke “Show Trials” are, just another case of making sure that the “Little People” don’t get it in their heads to do anything untoward our theoretical in-their-own-disease and syphilitic ridden brains “Betters”.

The only thing a poly-tic-ian is better at is becoming fertilizer after you bury them, as they’re naturally so full of shit. Just as OrangeManBad is on his own STASI-esque Show Trial(s), this one here was meant to drop the hammer on any ideas people may be getting as the “Shenanigan Times” are getting closer and closer.

I’m calling it now.
Going to be a LOT more cases of Glownigger Entrapment like those poor Michigan Retards… the whole FBI “Witless Kidnapping Plot” where 9 out of 10 ‘conspirators’ were ALL fucking feds. Like that Gary Larson Meme I did way back:


Stay Alert, Stay Alive.
Beware the Glowies Frens.

On to an Overseas Deployment update.
Got the call this A.M. Seems I can’t go. The reason given?

Turns out there’s now a ‘Weight Cap’ (supposedly) on people deploying to the Middle East, as well as an Age cap… No one over 58, and over 300 pounds.  Even though I’ve gotten a weight waiver on like ALL my deployments b/c I’m a monster as y’all have seen. 

This, to say the least is a completely new development.
One that -I- have NOT heard of before. In fact, they usually tape test me just like they did when I was active duty…

They HAVE to, as the “Kate Moss BMI Index” as I call it puts me in the area of ‘Land-Whale BMI’ as opposed to “Built like a Linebacker” at my current weight of 328. I mean for an example:


I make Henry Motherfuckin’ Rollins look like a teeny bitch.

Now mind you… 

They still want me.
In Germany OR Poland
What does THAT tell you?

Considering they can’t get anyone to support the Krainian Klown show, I think this was a ‘bait and switch’. Get me all riled up for ‘getting back in the saddle’ and then look at getting me on board the Krainian Support mission. Truth be told, I could lose the weight, although it’d be a bitch. Between being hypothyroid and the inability do a lot of ‘stuff’, I’m sort of at a comfortable weight. My doc has told me she wants me at 310.

Gretchen has already started pushing me to start the diet.
I told her to cool the fuck out, as my head is still fucking spinning from the speed of this past week. I still haven’t been able to ‘digest’ ALL of the events here… I actually got mad as fuck at her for pushing+

it… 3x times she brought it up to the point where I legit snapped at her, which I hate doing. I had to explain I was feeling pressured lie the X used to do to me… and we all know how that worked out Aye?

Sooooo I’m standing ‘pat’ on this particular draw of the cards for now. Better to see what zigzactly is cooking in the background, and IF the ‘meal’ is up to snuff, well then I just might partake. There’s ALWAYS room at the table for certain.

Then, last thing for tonight, Dabney Coleman cashed in his chips.

As Doc Samizdat said in our conversation tonight “The man was a great ‘foil’!” I couldn’t agree more. He was in everything that I can remember back in the 80’s. One lesser known movie was that Chevy Chase bomb “Modern Problems”

To be absolutely honest, I still like it… as dated as a lot of the jokes are, and as bad as it was, it gets filed under the BCE “So Bad It’s Good” flicks. Call it a guilty pleasure.

One particular scene is where Dabney Coleman, having been horrifically insulted by Chevy Chase, (who BTW is in a full on drugged up crazed psychokinetic episode) gets a .44 Magnum out of his car, races back in the house, and using a floating Nell Carter (who’s upside down courtesy of the aforementioned psychokinetic episode) as literally cover, comes around, aims the revolver at Chevy Chase, and yells “Rest in peace dipshit!” and fires.

More craziness happens, but that one scene stands out even 40 odd years later.

Damn. Made in 1981
43 years ago.
Old… Old… I’m getting Old!!!

Ah well… so that’s it for tonight. Great commentary that is MUCH appreciated from ALL of you on my Solar-Powered Psychosis Theory. Some of those links y’all provided? Man, I’m going to be busy reading and researching some of them for the next few days at least.

So More Later
Big Country

A Theory On The Current Crazy AKA Solar-Powered Psychosis Possibly?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So… I got an email from one of you regular Deplorables. I actually get quite a few, and IF I have the time to spare I try like Hell to respond to each one, unless it’s a ‘mass info-mailer’ that’s addressing a ‘current day’ item. Those I read, and even use as blogfodder if it’s a good tip on occasion. And for those who’ve been throwing them at me?

Much Appreciated. Forgive me for not acknowledging them (the emails) and you personally sooner, either privately or publically… ask some folks, I purely suck on responding in a timely manner… especially as of late… I still have a lot on Ye Olde Plate as you can well imagine.

Tonight though, Exile 1981 asked me the following:

I’m noticing more and more people acting erratically lately; people I work with and just random people I meet. The wife and me have been discussing this for months because we both noticed it.  I was talking to a neighbor yesterday and she asked if I had noticed some people in our town acting off; I had but I travel way more than she does and I’m pretty sure its wider spread than our little village. Then today a buddy in another province texted me to see if I had noticed how weird people have been lately.

I had a coworker, and someone in our town both tell me they have been hearing voices lately. 

Just curious if your seeing the odd behavior in your area or if its just Canada. Its almost like some people have lost the ability to make rational decisions. 

Exile1981, Trapped Behind Enemy Lines in Canada May 2024

To whit I replied, and will expand on:

Nope… (it’s) not just you.  Even Sapper here at the house has been ‘off’… grumpier than usual, really short tempered.  I mean it -was- his 55th B-Day today however… I have my own theory.

We’ve been, as of late, getting utterly bombarded  by solar radiation and CMEs and the like that haven’t been seen in modern times.  Much like it’s proven that the Moon affects tides, as well as -some peoples- mental states (AKA Lunacy) I wouldn’t doubt if that great grey matter thinking meat we all run our ‘OS’ on isn’t getting ‘cooked’ a wee bit…

It probably depends on the individual and what “patches” one has so to speak… Physical “Hard Patches” (maybe a thicker skull?) or “Software/Operating System” Patches… i.e. the ability to think or rationalize beyond emotional stupidity…  being able to NOT act out, and being able to conduct and utilize your oh-so-elusive! Critical Thinking which has gone so far out of vogue these days…

Jes’ Sayin’

Adding to that, or riffing off of it… either way…  Crime?  Blaq on Blaq AND Whytte?  I mean Art Sido has been compiling a LOT of “Niggerstatistics” forever, and even he as of late has taken notice… and from the news I read, even on a national level we’re seeing a fuckload moar than average chimpouts and monkeyshines as compared to just the “Normal Nog Shytte”.  Hell, I’m the one who sent him the “nigger alarm” gif he now uses with great frequency.  Blaqs seem to have plum lost the plot completely…

I’m going to use part of this for tonight… it’s a viable topic that no one seems to get, seeing that the Utter HUBRIS of the Retarded Current Day Fucktards are incapable of seeing the “Bigger Picture”  i.e. that we have any real-time long term effects that we cause on this Big Blue Mudball… (hint:  We don’t… we’re fleas on a MASSIVE “Dog” for lack of a better metaphor… irritating but easily disposed of without notice… much like the T-Rex and others…)

Me Being Me, Florida 2024

Now to understand what I’m talking about, you have to have been watching the news. The Daily Mail covered it quite nicely on a regular basis:

Link to that rather inconsequential story HERE

Now granted, there was some ‘doom porn scares’ in the article as the majority of the Daily ‘Fail’ does have… seems it’s the Brit version of a Tabloid like the Enquirer. The problem with that, both are legitimate news outlets. FAR better than the canary-cage liner like the New York Fucking Poast and others. I find news on there daily that’s never mentioned stateside.

Got to keep the Ministries of Propaganda and Lies all on the same pony amiright?
However, that story above, as stated?
We are and have been getting hit with a LOT of solar radiation. As it is, the majority of this ‘stuff’ is normally ‘caught and blocked’ by various parts of our atmosphere… the Ionosphere, Our Magnetic Field… all of which have managed to keep us (majority) pink, hairless and rather fragile apes alive over the past couple of Millenia.

Well it seems the real boss of this here neighborhood, BOB (Big Orange Ball) is determined to make those hubristic enviro-tards learn just who REALLY is running this fucking Solar System.
Hint: It ain’t them, nor any of the rest of us.

BOB is in charge
And currently, he’s grumpy as a motherfucker.

I mean lets face it.
Solar Radiation is made up of a lot of ‘stuff’… the majority of it stopped by our planetary ‘natural defenses’ so to speak. HOWEVER, Solar Radiation is made up of electromagnetic radiation that comes from the sun. It’s a type of optical radiation, which is radiant energy that falls within a broad range of the electromagnetic spectrum. This includes ultraviolet (UV), visible (light), and infrared radiation. Solar radiation also contains shorter wavelength (ionizing) and longer wavelength (microwaves and radiofrequency) radiation.

Literally the ‘kitchen sink’ worth of ‘stuff’ radiologically speaking. And so, to go on MY (probably weak) hypothesis? Let’s face it, You go to the dentist and get an X-Ray. X-rays are a type of electromagnetic radiation, similar to radio waves, microwaves, visible light, and gamma rays. They are also known as Röntgen radiation, after the German scientist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen who discovered them in 1895.

For that?
They put that big heavy lead blanket over your chest and balls/ovaries. Can’t risk ‘cooking the junk’ amiright? For this ‘current day’ solar “oven” situation?

Bupkiss so to speak, not that we can actually do anything except stay indoors and ‘out of the sunlight’… which ALSO makes me think that’s why Gretchen and I are fine… we don’t go out much at all. Glorious People’s Tractor Factory is primarily a work-from-home gig… and IF Gretchen has a client, her ‘outside exposure’ is minimal

Whereas Sapper works at the port, on the Oil Tanks… Out in the sun. All. Day. Long.
Correlation? Maybe? Maybe Not?

That being said
For the past two to three weeks?
We’ve been getting utterly slammed with so much Solar based shit, to me it’s no wonder some folks are fucking off their bean so to speak.

And in reality?

SO far, we’ve been extraordinarily lucky.
We’ve only had some glancing blows from what -could- have been complete knockouts civilizationally speaking. We’ve been getting hit with some glancing blows from “X Class Solar Flares” The last being an 8.8…

In the case of a BIG X Class flare like we see in this pic? Well, there was ONE TIME back in the day that Da Erf took a full on ‘blast’ from one of them bad boys in the Modern Era…

Leastways that we know of.

There have been others, but none quite as fast and furious as this particular one. There were, when it happened, a HUGE amount of ‘anomalies’ like Grand Auroras, electrical events and whatnot… just like what’s been going on around the world for the past week +/- or so… The issue(s)? They were all caused what’s now called the ‘Carrington Event’

The Carrington Event happened in 1859. BIG Mother-humper of a X Class Flare that was observed by the English amateur astronomers Richard Christopher Carrington and Richard Hodgson, hence the name. Technology of the time was pretty primitive thankfully. Even then however, telegraph lines shorted out and burned, and early tech just up and died. In fact, and I didn’t know this, but according to Wiki, two guys on a telegraph, one in Boston Massachusetts, the other in Portland Maine kept talking ‘online’ despite there being zero power to their rigs!

“The conversation was carried on for around two hours using no battery power at all and working solely with the current induced by the aurora, the first time on record that more than a word or two was transmitted in such manner.[26]

Wikipedia: Carrington Event

Now, back then?
Primitive Tech
Not so much.
BAD JuJu if we happen to get torqued by a really large and powerful X Class CME which is a Corona Mass Ejection, AKA a Solar Flare. We’d be fucking toast or at least our electronics, to include all our vehicles would be…

Ben over at “Suspicious Observers” on YouTube tracks this stuff thoroughly so I highly recommend his channel.

Seems despite all the “Happy Smoke” that the Ministries of Lies and Propaganda are blowing up our ass, we’ve got an ENTIRE new round of potentially bad news sunspots headed our way later into the weekend AND early next week.

In the case of getting hit full one with a X Level Flare like the Carrington Event of 1859? It’d be “The Carrington Event 2024: Shit Just Went Dark… FOREVER”

Think Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) times… oh Hell… no idea…I’m no mathmetician. I’m just a grunt who removes his boots to help add basic numbers… Just figure that if in 1859 there was so much random electricity and Auroras and ‘stuff’ that caused those early built solid state and highly resilient electronics of the day to catch fire or burn or just ‘stop working’…

Can you say that the Chineseium Toaster Oven or Microwave, never mind your Cell Phone or Desktop PC? would they survive? I think we know the answer there… A BIG Fucking NOPE to the NOPE!
Welcome to 1800… Hope you can grow/hunt/behave.
Shit would get real Medieval really fucking quickly.

Jes’ Sayin’

The ONLY thing about this particular “Black Pill/Doomer” POV on my OWN “Personal “Plus Side” is that it’d be Mother Nature taking us out. Much like the Sweet Meteor O’Death, or a natural Pandemic (as opposed to a Fauci Inspired Culling), I positively love the idea of a “Natural Selection” sort of Wipe Out.

In that Mother Nature is the only TRUE Equal Opportunity Instrument of Extinction. She’s the ‘TEOIE’… in fact, I like the sound of that. It’d sure as Hell be a truly clean way to go… Not that I want to cash in, nor anyone else I care about (to include a lot of you thugs) but hey… at least that way, everyone goes, all at once, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a rich man, poor man or an Indian Chief.

Mother Nature Doesn’t Discriminate.
She hates AND loves us all equally.

And I’m comfortable with that.
More Later
Big Country

Well THAT Hurt Plus Memes!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Going to be a cop-out poast tonight. Lotsa memes. I’m a four-fingered typist… never learned how to ‘properly type… the two index fingers and both thumbs. Earlier I was working on one of my many side projects for the house when I managed to cut open the top left index finger.

Two stitches later and I’m good.

Pissed me off though as I -should- have or rather thought I had the gear onhand to deal with such minor surgical inconveniences. Turns out I’m alllllll out of surgical silk and needles. Got me the surgical staple gun(s) but zero silk.


Add on I completely overlooked the Liquiband Skin glue in my rather large Medical Preps.

It’s glorified Superglue… sterile and whatnot. I can NOT believe I overlooked that one. So it was off to the up-the-street Urgent Care for a VACCN visit. The girl who did the work was quick, professional and did a great job. To the point that she hooked me up with a hand full of them lil HIGHLY useful tools ‘under the table’ so to speak.

So, yeah typing hurts for now as the lidocaine wore off, and now Ye Olde Pointy-finger is sore as a mo’fo. I’ll just be throwing some memes, and deuces at the end.

More Later
Big Country

A Follow Up to All the Questions and/or Comments

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
This’s going to be short to address some of y’alls questions regarding the ‘Potential New Gig.’ I’ll quote them as I feel needed. The first is from Hesher in a reply from JimmyPX:

Do you miss the ragheads that much to leave your family without you at home during these interesting times? Sorry to be a dick, but it’s a fair question.


Miss the Goatfuckers?
Family back here?
Dude, it’s at the forefront of my thought process.

Believe you me, part of the reason I don’t have a relationship w/my kids is I was gone from essentially 2004 to 2014. Yeah I was home, but the critical years back when they were 4-8 respectively? Yeah… gone forever… and let me tell you NOT my choice. The amount of pressure to keep at it (being overseas) was GINOURMOUS from the Ex AND the Demon-in-Laws… not that they’ll ever admit it, nor say anything to either Spawn. I’ll carry that guilt to the grave for missing out on such formative years, and that what they did get was a mentally broken, spent and used up drunk of a father. I got no excuses, but, as they say, it is what it is.

This gig?
Gretchen already knows I got shit locked down. I’m never getting fucked over by a female again. It’s not her, and she gets upset with being lumped in with what happened with the Ex, but I tell her, “Baby, it ain’t you, it’s the entirety of the female specie.

Deal with it.

What will you miss out on by taking that job ?


Literally 3x times what Glorious Tractor Factory is paying me, I’m going to miss out on a lot. Being Underpaid for my troubles is the biggest. Being Underappreciated, despite growing the business. Being Overworked and told I need to better.
Any Questions? /sarc
Doing this gig? I can have the car paid off in less than 5 months, while saving shekels. I know I’ll miss out on some ‘growing times’ with Addy as well as the Redhead.

However, this’s a pretty good opportunity to try and at least better my financial position while everyone else is drowning. The same. exact. thing. happened while I was overseas in 2007… My family thrived and survived while others crashed and burned during THAT financial fiasco. Also in this case, video chats are FAR more common, so I’ll at least have that, whereas I didn’t when I went over back in the day…

Would it have helped with my relationship(s) with my family??? Not sure. Call it “Lost to the Mists of Time” I suppose….

Then from the MOST respected Berglander:

Don’t do it. It isn’t worth it-in any way, shape, or form.


Bro… I dig it. Believe you me.
TOTALLY agree to a certain degree.
Problem is?
I can earn MOAR in 3 months than I can earn in 6 here stateside.

Greed is Good

Gordon Gekko

And not only that, the overseas $$$ is TAX FREE.

There’s also a certain problem with this whole issue. I knew that IF I got the offer I was going to go for it. It’s a basic issue. Baseline deep seated programming. Granted Kuwait isn’t in the shit.


However, it is in the middle of the Middle East Fuckfestivus which may or may not catch fire… I’m not one to miss out.

Think of me as a Fully-Trained Coon Hound who’s smelling a fresh trail of a trash panda… I got the ‘scent’… it’s going to take an Act of God to deter me.

God Help Me I Do Love It So….

And not only that, I got 60 days before I actually have to leave.
I am, unlike the DotMil, am NOT held and bound to this contract.

I can fucking “Throw Deuces” at a moment’s notice.

I did it before… doesn’t bother me to burn a bridge, as folks like me are hen’s toofuses in this game. There’s always going to be a demand for a lucky and good mercenary, of which I am both.

In fact the guy I talked to today and hired me, told me at one point during our mutual bullshitting session that “Oh my fucking God, it is so nice to talk to a fellow professional for once…” Seems hiring and vetting newbs was wearing on him, hence why it went so well. We got along very well. And he even told me “It’s not like the ‘old days.”

Apparently no one from the “old crew” AKA former Full Time Contractors and Mercs from MY particular group of ‘Contracting Pros’ are willing to go anywhere, anymore, for any price these days… hence my lack of In Real Time Intel… Guess the majority aged out or died off, or just did the “fade” as I call it when they vanish into the ether of a third world retirement…

Meh… I figured that shit out when I started having MY people ‘drop off the grid’ post-COVID.


Fuck it.
Unlike ‘other’ jobs I’ve had which were “Unarmed but I was Armed” officially/unofficially, this gig?

I’ve been in the warehouses that I’ll be working in.

In your head, imagine a football field sized room, slightly broken down into smaller rooms, if only to make sure the armored roof doesn’t fall in. Now… That’s the Arms Room.

FILLED with every. single. weapon in the US DotMil Inventory.

That’s 57,600 square feet.

That’s a lot of fucking weapons.

The other similarly sized warehouse?
That’s the spare parts and shit to repair and maintain alllll the weapons in warehouse #2. Enough spare parts, receivers, and fiddly bits to completely reproduce warehouse #1.

I’m comfortable with that.

Especially since I’ll be nominally in charge of all of them.

Queue Daffy Duck:

Yep. Mine…. ALL Mine!!!

God I love when stuff like this comes together.
And to the absolute Doomers out there?
From SemperFido, another who I respect:

Now is NOT the time to be anywhere other than stateside. 


Just how many fucking times have we been told “this is it!!!”
That the wheels are going to come off?
TBH I can’t live my life on what might happen.
I took chances over a ten year period that caused me insane harm emotionally, physically, and mentally. It destroyed my first marriage, and by proxy, my relationship with my kids, who I miss desperately.

I literally have already shed a ton of literal blood, sweat and tears for what amounted to bupkiss. In this case, if… nay when I go, I’m going for me.

Unless Holy Mother Mary shows up and tells me “BCE, thou shalt not deploy!” I’m going.

NOT for Gretchen or the Grans per se.
Call it pure selfishness.
I haven’t done a fuckin’ thing for myself in 30 years.
I purely LOVE doing shit like this.

They will be the recipients of my sacrifice, but dammit, “A Mans gotta do, what a Mans gotta do.” Otherwise I may as well lay down and die. Not only that, but as I said IF I think shit is going to go sideways, I can always come home right there, and right then.

Right now?

I truthfully do NOT see anything but “more of the same” retardation against OrangeManBad. Then the whole up and coming backlash about the whole JQ in that they’ve went and done something utterly stupid by making a Law to question various Zionist/Jewish Interests, in direct violation of the 1st Amendment? Yeah…. not a good thing.

Either way it’s going to be another interesting summer, and IF things go sideways, I’m a 12-18 hour plane ride home in worst cases…. Like I said, I got two months +/- to kill this bitch of a contract IF things go cray-cray before I leave, and go back to People’s Glorious Tractor Factory.

My cause is righteous and just.
And… if I play it right, things will be better overall in general during this fucked up timeframe. I mean FFS, the timeline alone tells me that a “Higher Power” has it’s hand in this… As I poasted on my infrequently visited FecesBook:

“SO. I got a brand new Gig everyone. “Back in the Saddle”

so to speak. Camp Arifjan, Kuwait as a Gunmaster 3. I’ve got about 45-60 days before I mount up.

Fastest contract EVER.

Applied last Thursday.

Friday Morning: Got an Email to confirm my background info to reactivate my Clearance. Did it.

Monday Morning 11:30: New Email “Can we talk and when?”

Monday Afternoon 12:41: “Yeah, tomorrow is better, what time?”

Monday, 12:42 (yeah, THAT quick a response) “OK, Tuesday, 13:00”

Today: Interview which was more like “Old Home Week”… the guy and I hit it off… to the point I gave him shit about being a Marine and asked him what his favorite flavor crayon he preferred?

Needless to say, I got the job.

Holy. Hells.

My head is spinning.”

To give y’all unfamiliar with the contracting process;

NORMALLY I’d get Interview #1 with at least 2-3 follow ups.

That would normally stretch over a period of two, three weeks, maybe even a month. THEN you’d move on to the “Final Boss” so to speak, and THEN get an offer letter. That’s with me having a pile of “Overseas Experience under Austere Conditions and Environments” meaning I’m used to almost dying while trying to take a shit as the Bad Guys are dropping Mortars and Rockets on us…it’s how it went when my old Platoon Sargent brought me on in Affy to Honeywell…. he was the PM (Program Manager) and it still took two months to get me on board…

However: In this particular case?
Not so much.

Like I said, this shit happened so fucking fast my head is spinning. SOMEONE or SOMETHING wants me there.

NOW as it seems.
Who am I to argue with The Fates/God?

I Report.
You Decide.
Your Voat Doesn’t Count
(Much like Our (s)elections)

More Later
Big Country

More Details and I Think I Might Take The Gig. Plus Patriots Possibly in China Debunked.

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
LOTS of good commentary from everyone. Much appreciated for your input. If I had to make a call, I’d say 80% NO GO and 20% GO on the percentages.

Thing is I talked with the guy today. Turns out this was a formality… “Your reputation precedes you… when can you start?” Turns out this guy is the PM for the overall Small Arms Maintenance Support and Repair project, and that he’s a Marine, as well as a Master Gunsmith as well. It went from an interview to “Who do you know and where have you been?”

Seems we chewed a lot of the same turf and never crossed paths. Apparently it’s a Kuwait Job only. And yes, he’s putting that in writing. It’s for the APS-5 Contract which just got renewed. That would be the Army Pre-Positioned Stocks that we have stored in the Kuwaiti Desert. The same place I worked the GMASS contract doing the vehicles back in the day. The conversation went so well I even asked him what his favorite flavor crayon he preferred? It went that well.

Going to be an interesting few weeks ahead.
The I.T. Commissar told me to GTFO while the getting is good.
That’s saying something as HE was the one who got me on there.
LOTS of pre-deployment ‘stuff’ as well as medical prep to do over the next few weeks. Even IF the People’s Glorious Tractor Factory makes me an offer I can’t refuse, I need to do this stuff anyway.

You do not want to go to Kuwait without having your medical shit straight. When I got MedEvacc’d there back when my knee got shattered, the Orderly? Doctor? who didn’t speak English in the Hospital I was in at the time? He mimed what they wanted to do to fix my knee with a Black and Decker drill with a hand full of fucking wood screws. Thank God for my female coworkers who got me OUT of there and to a good hospital, who then decided the repair was beyond them, and had me sent home.

So yeah. Going to be interesting here as I’ll be doing a lot of writing about the local goings on. As well as my usual aecerbic commentary.

Which brings me to this:

Watch to the end…

I’d say a fairly accurate situation IMO.
The Krainians are full-on getting their kollective shit kicked in by Ivan. Which is what I fully expected, as all the Wunderwaffen turned out to be vaporware. Talk about embarrassing. Even I’m a bit shocked about the Abrams. Apparently the crew has a hell of a lot to do with the performance… I mean I want to say I’m not surprised, but well… It is what it is I suppose.

Now, lastly, a lot on twatter about the supposed “Patriot Launch Vehicle” spotted –somewhere– in China:

Couple of issues I spotted
One: The rear of the ‘launcher’ Notice the difference between that one and a real launcher:

That one in the top picture doesn’t have like any of the launch/fire control cabling on the one being serviced by ‘Joe’ like it should. Just a couple of way-too-thin rando-black cables… In fact another thing, lets do a close up of the two ass-end parts of the launch tube(s):

This’s the “Wish Dot Com” variant:

And this’s the Real Deal:

Lots of plugs, 2x per tube, that we know of.

Just based on these two pics alone are enough for me to throw the bullshit flag on this play. Even the earliest models of the Patriot ALL had the same heavy cabling… it absolutely has to as there’s a LOT of electricity needed to light off one of them bottle rockets.

To the point that it has that BIG assed genny up on the front of the trailer, which also seems to be missing from the “Wish Dot Com Patriot”.

I think our slant eyed brethren decided to punk the DotMil and the various Ministries and Political Organs of State, and put them in a full scale pantshitting panic. I mean credit where credit is due… they made a pretty fair-to-middlin’ reproduction… enough to induce panic in Normies, Retards and Shitheads at the various Departments… I mean the vast majority of General Orificcers and Civilian Bootlicking Political Lackeys wouldn’t know a Patriot from a fucking Popgun.

Jes’ Sayin’

I’d hate to be Pvt2 Shmedlap on the Hotline when the Gen’ruls start calling in demanding information about the ‘stolen-maybe-sold-by-the-Krainians’ Patriot System that “… the God-Damned Chinks got ahold of!!!!” That particular duty-to-explain has to purely suck. It’s a great operation. It casts mad shade on the Krainians who may or may not have sold off one of the supposedly Premier ADA weapon systems to our theoretical enemies for Vodka Money… then when it comes out that No, this was another head-fake, it makes the Intel Community as well as everyone else currently running around like chickenz with their heads cut off look like the fucking retards they are?

Well Played Joe Chink
Well Played.

More Later
Big Country

Monday… shit; I’m still only in Monday… Every time I think I’m gonna wake up back in the pool…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
I had a ‘wife-imposed’ no-tech “Get the hell off of that damned computer!!!” weekend. I suppose it was a good thing. Lowered the blood pressure, and I actually caught up on some sleep. Seeing that the two day marathon working on Uncle Connie’s ‘stuff’ left me rather deprived of the ZZZ’s.

Now I’m back….
And as I paraphrased Captain Willard from “Apocalypse Now”, shit… it’s still only Monday…

TBPH, I was not feeling it this A.M.

Still feeling a mite salty over the lack of a raise. Don’t know if I went into it. I had a two-year review a few weeks back and got a whole dollar for slaving for those two years. I expressed some displeasure at this. To which Head Commissar said we’d do a ninety day review.
OK. Cool…
So the 90 days comes and goes, and I get the review, at which point I’m told that I’m getting an assistant.
OK. Cool…
Been swamped to be honest. Part of the reason that People’s Glorious Tractor Factories (there are several) is doing so well is that I provide a widget that none of the other Factories do, so our reputation in the industry has flourished among the Proletariat, and even the Bourgeoise.

Hell, even some of the competitor Factories are starting to offer these services, just to try and keep up. So I’m fucking slammed on the reg.

So, New Assistant. OK. Cool… I actually already knew her, as she was already in the Factory, working as a Coordinator. UN-fortunately, she raised the ire of H.R. as well as her Commissar and was demoted to fucking being a receptionist. And this here is a digression, but bear with me. This particular case in fact shows exactly why women need to be barred from the workplace. Even she agrees with me.

Reason for her demotion?
Being the youngest (21) cutest/hottest (looks like Winona Ryder in her Vamp-Hawt phase) and the smartest out of ALL the coordinators. The clients loved her, so therefore, the Hagridden H.R. Harridan had to ‘take her down a notch.’

Women can not help but stab each other in the back, and cause the toxicity level to shoot through the fucking roof. Shit like that is why I’m thrilled to be out doing ‘my thing’ and not tied to the ‘orifice’ itself… I had so many H.R. complaints from cunts who were ‘afraid of the Large Man’ even though other females in the past I worked with adored me. With chicks in the workplace, it’s either love me, or hate me with the passion of a thousand burning suns.

To give you an idea of that extreme dynamic: I was a call center supervisor. Had 30 people +/-. Had the Highest Producing team ‘cos I motivated the fuck out of my people compared to the ‘rule through fear’ supes. The other wrote their team member sup for the pettiest of infractions, whereas I had a chick got to jail and miss a week, and I covered for her… shit like that… what can I say, when she was at work,. she outproduced the rest of the team by a long shot…

So because of this the blaq H.R. broad, who I know hated whyttepeepo anyways, made it her mission to get me fired. I could write about ten blogs on the shit I did, how I won, and that I literally gave her ulcers. One time, I got accused of being a racist by a worthless lil Nigger… never let on about it, but he was a piece of shit, and the accusation was made.

Investigations were launched, and a lot of my team, well… they didn’t give in, but the H.R. Cunt put a lot of pressure on them… especially the blaq girls… I found out later.

Enter Anna.
6’1… at least 400 pounds.
Black as all get out. Ghetto too. Mother of 4? 5? Not sure.
Had attendance issues because of BabyDaddy Drama and things of that nature. Always made up the lost time if she could. I took care of her as I lead by the way I was taught in the military: Take care of your troops, and they’ll take care of you. I used to tell them that all the time… It also helped we called ourselves “Team Torii” and had T-She was the last girl questioned by H.R.

Now this was related to me after.
Seems she was called in by Blaq H.R. Bitch who started trying to pressure Anna. My understanding was that these were low-key threats about attendance and whatnot. Ann wasn’t having none of it.

She closed the door so H.R. Bitch’s secretary couldn’t hear her, and, from the story told (by Anna’s BFF who worked there as well) that Anna, well… she closed the door, told the H.R. bitch words to the effect that I was the best and kindest Boss she’d ever had, and that if the H.R. Bitch kept this bullshit up, Anna was going to cut her up…

Now, as to the veracity level? Unsure.
Anna did cop a 5 day suspension for this ‘conversation’. MY boss even said something had happened in there, but with no witnesses, and no recordings? Yep. RUMINT came out later she’d actually pulled a switchblade.

Myself? I can full well believe it. Anna is one of those Yas Kween! chicks and didn’t take shit off of anyone. One of her absences was for hospitalizing one of her BabyDaddys and she had to go in for questioning… she played that off as ‘she was attacked first’ but the list went on and on with her curbstomping motherfuckers who broke her heart or got in her way… or threatened her beloved boss for that matter.

End of digression #672… sorry about that…
So Winona is now assisting BUT
No raise for me. Pisses me off because I like this gig.
LOVE my immediate supervisor.
The whole “Because you have an assistant now…”
Who happens to be wearing two hats now.
Buncha Bullshit.
Fucking I swear.

Sooooooooooooo Long Story per usual.
I reached out to my “usual suspects” asking if there were other gigs out there for one my, shall we say eclectic background? I got back that a group was looking for a Gunsmith… a supervisory Gunsmith. I’s a possible overseas gig at an ‘undetermined location’ that requires me running a shop “…overseeing the repair and reutilization of the M242 Bushmaster 25mm Autocannon and ‘other small arms to include foreign weapons”….

Who is currently using the Bushmaster to it’s fullest extent currently?

Three guesses, the first two are free.

Even if it’s based out of Kuwait as almost ALL contracts are, almost every. single. deployment. had that line stating “…and other countries as needed/required”

THAT is where I get a wee bit in the nervous-making side of things. On one hand, this’d allow me to fully recover from the debts(s) incurred on the Adriana fiasco, as well as maybe allowing us to go at it again, from a slightly different angle. The last time I didn’t realize just how utterly corrupt they system is, whereas IF I had, I probably could have paid off her BabyDaddy in cash, with no one the wiser.

Either way?
Glorious People’s Tractor Factory can fuck itself IF I choose to go that route. Even the I.T. Commissar said that I should… his quote “This place is being run into the ground behind the scenes because of alllll these fucking women.” And I got a strong hunch that it’s mine for the taking.

I made call on Thursday at 16:00 to see if this was a legit gig. 0900 the next day I got a link to have my security background (TS/Secret, inactive) checked to verify, and see if I’m eligible. Cue to 11:30 this A.M. The recruiter emails me asking if I’m interested? I email back at 12:41. “Sure.”

I got a reply email back within 60 seconds to set up a phone call ASAP. It positively reeks of desperation, so I know I got wiggle room on negotiating a salary. I set it up for tomorrow for the preliminaries. I have a lot of ‘must haves’ nonnegotiable. Life insurance for one, plus IF I go, I get the last week of October off, as well as the first 3 weeks of November off, as there ain’t no way in Hell I’m potentially getting fucked and trapped somewhere during the next (s)election. Last thing I want is a mob of Feral Niggers/Leftards or whatnot stealing or burning up my house and shit.

So that’s been my weekend. How was your?
More Later
Big Country

Now For Something Different and Personal.

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So last night I was watching a vidya on YouTube. It wasn’t bad. It’s a relatively new channel ( a year or so) called “Vestiges of History”. It came up as a suggestion on my playlist, and the first one I watched was about Lee Marvin, best known for his Academy Award for “Cat Ballou” and being an all around badass… My favorite film of his was “The Big Red One”. The guy presenting below gives a really good synopsis of Marvin’s Marine Corps Service in that particular vid. Link to that vid is HERE. I had no idea that Lee Marvin was that much of a badass…

So, then I watched a few other videos, to include this one:

Go to 7:40 on that.
It struck home.
Reason being, I have ONE relative that died in World War 2.

My Great Uncle 2nd L.T. Cornelius F. O’Leary.

He is an enigma to the family as he died young, and the video above really touched home. As far as I know, there isn’t even a picture still in existence of him. I started researching this back during COVID in February/March of 2020 as I had always heard about him, and realized HIS Story about how he died needed to be answered. I also had nothing but time. My initial research got me -some- info, but there were still a LOT of ‘holes’ that needed filling. That video spurred me to continue the search for answers. I owe him that. If anything Honor demands it, especially in light of my Infantry ethos.

Now, many of my relations have served in the DotMil. All of them that I know of were Officers, with the exception of DeadDad who was a no shit Spec-7! He was the enlisted equivalent of a Warrant Officer LOL.

But as far as ALL the rest?

This is part of the reason (among many) that I’m considered a bit of a Black Sheep in the family.
The First to drop out of College.
The ONLY true enlisted man in the family that I know of.
(As you all know, Officers positively hate to mingle with the Enlisted Swine, ‘cos they’re afraid the fumes from them will tarnish their brass)
And lastly, the last to get my bachelors degree in 2012 (20 years late from when I started).

In a family that prizes education above all things, you can sort of see the issue(s).
That and I’m an unapologetic asshole.
Jes’ Sayin’

Now, one of these occifer relations as stated is my Great Uncle Connie. He died on November 16, 1942 in the Pacific. He was my Grandpa’s littlest brother. Out of five boys and two girls (BIG Irish Family right?) Cornelius Francis O’Leary was the baby brother born in 1914. There was a younger brother James, however according to the family history, James died shortly after birth.

Now… After Connie died, Grandpa, who Officially was the Second Born Son (that would be Daniel in the chart above) spent a few years travelling around the world trying to find information regarding his little brother’s death. As the eldest brother, (and yeah, there’s a story why Uncle Colonel Tim is listed as the eldest… in real life he wasn’t… more on that later and MAN it’s some wild shit…prolly need an ENTIRE post to that story, and no one will believe me…) Grandpa? He felt it was his duty to find out What Happened to his baby bro.

There wasn’t much to go on. Just a cablegram, and a box that showed up months later with his personal effects. I used to have his aviator’s sunglasses, that were gifted to me when I found them in the attic of Grandpa’s house by Grandpa when I was a kid… unfortunately they are lost to the mists of time. Wee bit of a piss-me-off there for me not understanding the significance Aye?

Ah, the ignorance of youth. A blessing in many ways, and in this case, a curse.

Anyways… to continue…

There were lots of ‘rumors’ as to the how, where, when, and why about Uncle Connie’s death. It didn’t help that this was during the time of primitive typewriter/mimeograph stuff, and it took weeks to get letters and info back to a family, IF there was anything to be gotten anyways.

Connie had joined the Army Air Corps right out of college. Specifically Harvard Business School. If he’d survived, I have a hunch he would have been destined for greatness. He enlisted in Suffolk County, Boston Massachusetts.

Because he got his degree early, and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant.

Now… this is where things go and start getting weird. Grandpa got word that Connie had been shot down over Europe in France. From who? Unknown. Now, the Allies, to include the US, had been bombing France since January of 1940, so it was plausible that Uncle Connie got shot down over there. Problem was, the Cablegram specifically stated Connie had cashed his chips in the South Pacific. The thing was, there was no info on Connie even being in the South Pacific that Grandpa (at the time) knew of.

So Grandpa went and hit the village of Epinal, in Vosges, near Lorraine France around 1949? The timing is fuzzy. Either way, he found the grave of Cornelius Francis O’Leary:

As you may be able to see, there’s a big problem.

Connie Not-Connie? according to this died March 4th 1944. Connie Not-Connie? was also on this marker listed as a Tech Sergeant. This caused quite a bit of confusion with Grandpa as you can well imagine.

Now, cut to a few years later, he found a wee bit of clarity to a point. During a trip to the Philippines in 1961? I think +/- a few years, he stopped and went to the Manila American Cemetery at Fort Bonafacio. While he was there, he started checking the “Walls of the Missing”

The tablets make up the support structure of the rather large Memorial:

There are over 36,286 Missing In Action Marines, Soldiers, Airman and Naval personnel carved into the tablets. To give you a perspective, that’s just in the South Pacific Theater. The surrounding graves number at 17,191 known KIA, buried surrounding the Memorial itself. LITERALLY the MIA troops outnumber the KIA at a almost 2 to 1 basis.

So far, only 436 MIAs have been recovered.

The Pacific was truly a savage war.
Back to the story.
Grandpa went to the “O’s” on the tablets (they’re alphabetically arranged), and found his brother:

Mind you, Grandpa had been searching for 20 plus years for this. He’d gone to every. single. American DotMil Cemetery in the Pacific, as well as that one in France. Manila was the last one where he struck paydirt.

So, you must be asking “What the Hell Big Country? Are they same guy or what’s the deal? Same name, but different death dates? What’s going on?”

Well… this’s when everything pegs into a 11 out of 10 on the weird-shit-o-meter. Hold on ‘cos this time, I’m NOT exaggerating as an Irishman is prone to. Even Sapper got weirded by this.

Last night, I found the online Enlisted Records from the National Archives. Specifically “NARA – AAD – Display Full Records – Electronic Army Serial Number Merged File, ca. 1938 – 1946 (Enlistment Records)” which was the microfiche. In it, I found TWO enlistment records.

In them I found that there were TWO dudes Named Cornelius Francis O’Leary in the Army Air Corps at approximately the same time!!!

BOTH had the same. exact. name.

BOTH were born in 1914.

BOTH were from Boston, and enlisted there as well.

BOTH enlisted in 1942, with my Uncle Connie signing up in January, and Not-Connie as I call him, in August. I was able to differentiate from the two by the serial numbers as Uncle Connie’s DotMil serial number started with an “O” for Officer, and Not-Connie had an enlisted man’s Serial number. Also, the education for Uncle Connie was a 4 year college degree, whereas Not-Connie had one year of high school.

BOTH flew the same type of aircraft/airframe, as Connie’s plane that he was on at the time of his death was a A-20A Attack Plane. Not-Connie was on a B-24 when he died. Seeing that traditional Bombers sucked at bombing moving Japanese ships, they used the earlier produced A-20A ‘Havoc’ (first flown in 1936) and installed a metric shit-ton of .50cal M2 Machine Guns and 20mm Oerlikon Cannons… Heavy hitting like you read about!

I then went to a Genealogy website, which gave me this screen capture to show of what I speak:

Holy. Hells.
I can’t even figure what the odds of some shit like that happening. Shit like this makes me think the “Matrix” glitched again or something. I mean seriously!?!

Not only that, I followed up by checking Not-Connie’s family tree, juuuust to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind:

No relations to OUR family.
To repeat myself: What ARE the odds amiright?
Astro-fucking-nominal I think… a Billion-to-One?
Whew…. Crazy right?

OK, so now a 82 year old mystery on the whole “who” part of the equation, as well as the real “when”.

The “where” and “why” took a bit more work.
I found back in 2020 a website Pacific Wrecks. It’s a database of ALL the known aircraft that crashed in the Pacific, with dates of crashes, crew info, and all sorts of ‘stuff’ related to the crashed aircraft. If the wreck is found, they update and annotate as appropriate. Their mission as stated “Pacific Wrecks is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to bringing home those Missing In Action (MIA) and leveraging new technologies in the study of past conflicts.”

So back in 2020, I started there.
I found out that Uncle Connie had died while on a flight from Cairns Airfield in Australia head to Port Moresby New Guinea. He was on an A-20A Havoc named the “Abijah Gooch” which was a character from the comic “Lil’ Abner”. Pacific Wrecks had the following:
A-20A “Abijah Gooch” Serial Number 40-155

5th Air Force, 3rd Bombardier Group
3rd Bombardment Group (3rd Attack Group) “The Grim Reapers”
89th Bombardment Squadron (89th BS)

Pilot: 2nd Lt. Francis C. Pruitt, O-442230 (MIA / KIA) LA
Crew: 2nd Lt. Cornelius F. O’Leary, O-649101 (MIA / KIA) MA
Crew: SSgt Roger S. Martin, 11014927 (MIA / KIA) NH
Crew: S/Sgt Roland C. Noyes, Jr., 18010733 (MIA / KIA) TX
MIA: November 16, 1942
MACR: none

Now, I added the two pics for referential purposes.
And an IMPORTANT thing is that thing at the bottom? The MACR? That is the Missing Air Crew Report. During World War II the U.S. Army Air Forces (AAF) required group echelon units to submit Missing Air Crew Reports (MACRs) to AAF headquarters within two days after an aircraft or air crew failed to return from a combat mission.

According to this website there wasn’t a MACR to be had.

To the point that back in 2020, I had submitted a request to the National Archives to get a copy of the MACR or at least find out IF there was one. The reply was this:
“The National Archives has custody of the Records of the Office of the Quartermaster General (Record Group 92), Missing Air Crew Reports (MACRs), 1942 – 1947 (Entry A1 2109-B). After reviewing the Records of the Office of the Quartermaster General (Record Group 92), Name Index to the Series Missing Air Crew Reports (MACRs), 1942 – 1947 (Entry A1 2109-A) we located the index card for Cornelius F. O’Leary which connected him to MACR 16437. However, after searching that number within Missing Air Crew Reports (MACRs), 1942 – 1947 ( A1 2109B) no results were yielded. Please note that during the course of World War II some 16,700 Missing Air Crew Reports were filed. Unfortunately, not all losses are documented. As MACRs have all been digitized, they are free to the public through our Catalog. We also located index cards for other members of the crew all of which were also connected to MACR 16437.”

That being said I did a hell of a lot of digging now than I did back then. I found the Record Group (92). Thing was, it contained 2347 files and I have NO IDEA how many individual pages. And BTW, side note? THIS is why I didn’t get to bed until 0330 and why I didn’t blog last night… FFS it’s now 0251 RN… I’ve been at this for 3 or 4 hours…

The things I do for y’all.
After what seemed like an interminable time, I found the MACR… my hunch is the prick at the Archive didn’t want to dig deeply to find my info. Fucker.
So here’s what I found. This’s the complete MACR that was done retroactively on February 28th, 1948.

Now, what I glean from this, is the plane took off at 0900 from Cairns, in GREAT weather, and was heading to Port Moresby, and suffered some form of catastrophic failure that was so bad, there was zero evidence left. As stated in the report “…it is reasonable to believe that any survivors would have been reported or picked up by friendly vessel(s) or plane(s) had the plane crashed or made a forced-water landing. Since this crew has not been heard from in over ten months, it is reasonable to presume that they are ‘deceased.’ “

The reason for that was that the Cairns-Moresby flight was a milk run so to speak. They had multiple flights back and forth daily as it was only an hour +/- flight at 520 miles each way.

IF someone had seen anything (oil slick/wreckage/bodies/rafts) then it would have been noticed. Seeing that the Battle of the Coral Sea had been fought in May of 1942, there were no enemy to speak of that could have shot them down.

And as far as recovery or finding a wreck now?
Well, back in 2020, as well as 2021, I went and found almost ALL of the SCUBA shops that offered dive excursions on and around Cairns and Port Moresby. Believe it or not, there are 3 A-20 Havocs that are within ‘normal’ diving range’ i.e. no mixed gasses needed. I got in contact with them all, and kindly, they let me know that they (as a collective group so to speak) had not found the Abijah Gooch, but IF they did, they’d be in contact. Another issue is once you get past the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns, headed to Port Moresby, the drop off is sudden and dramatic:

As you ca see, the drop goes from 20m +/- to an INSANE 5500 meters plus. Some of the Dive Shop guys told me if it went down in deep water, that was all she wrote, leastways until we get some seriously advanced deep sea diving tech that’s affordable and easy to use.

Now, Uncle Connie was listed in the MACR as the copilot, but not officially listed as on flight status.  That being said, even back in the day, they played fast and loose with the rules, and from what I can tell, Connie had some serious balls and might have been volunteering and going on combat missions for fun.  His official title was listed as the “Unit Statistical Officer.”

Sound boring AF in my opinion.

I found a definition as follows: The purpose of the statistical training was to prepare statistical officers to gather information about personnel, aircraft, and equipment and to present facts and analyze them in ways that would suggest improvements for future missions and other operations.

Yep. I was right.
Absolutely Boring As Fuck.
No wonder he might have been volunteering for combat missions. I know I would have, and it would go a long way in explaining MY propensity for battle-lust as only Uncle Connie, Uncle Tim, and myself out of a SCAD of relatives on BOTH sides of that family really enjoyed being a part of the DotMil as well as being fucking good at it.

So, training for that particular job was conducted at Harvard University, but I have no official confirmation that he attended the course there but it is highly likely as he did earn his degree at Harvard. This apparently handles the “where” details of this mystery.

Now, as far as the “why” of what happened?
That’s a bit complicated.
According to a lot of sources, there was a big problem of fuel contamination that led to a lot of downed aircraft of all designation. B-17s, B-24s, B-25s, and of course the A-20a. Something tells me that the fuel probably had something to do with it. Maybe a fire or something that blew a wing off? Hard to say… either way… this’s been a hell of a project and journey. I emailed MomUnit and the other surviving relatives everything I found. Hope they appreciate the effort (0355 now… I’m fucking tired.)
Lastly, earlier I said we didn’t have a picture.
well, while checking my sources, I found on a page that didn’t have this before, on OzAtWar Dot Com, another relative, “Timothy O’Leary” submitted this pic:

The caption on the back of the photo reads:- “Connie, Mother, Father, Dan”.

And yeah, that is my Grandpa on the right.
How cool is that?

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed the writing and research. Once I got started, I was like a cat unravelling a sweater… to include tonight.

I couldn’t stop until I found what I did.  
So, let me know your thoughts.
More Later
Big Country

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