Housecleaning (Again!) And Stuff

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
OK… so the Nookular Redheaded Whirlwind came through and hit harder than Hurricane Ian. We’re -still- picking up the pieces parts. One of her ‘things’ is to start digging into Papi’s DotMil Equipment. I’ve poasted a few pics of her wearing the helmets she finds, as well as some of the ‘other’ junk that I have stashed around.

In the process of doing so, she dug out one of the tubs full of ‘Gun Gear’… mainly stuff that Sapper and I have tried but just didn’t ‘cotton on to’ so to speak. Now, not sure how to do this… as I’m offering to give it up to whomever would like it/have a use for it. Or should I do a raffle? Either way, the three things in question:

A 15in MidWest Industries Free Float Gen One/G-4 Rail System. The new ones go for about $220 and up… This one was lightly used on Sapper’s first build, back when he -thought- he wanted a full length rail system for “all the things” that you can mount.

Then he lern’t about the weight factor. Granted it IS a top-of-the-line Rail System, but at 15in and weighing in at 17oz? A pound? Let me tell you, you could beat a motherfucker to death with just the rail itself. It’s got all the parts that it came with and the locking lug screw is visible, juuust sticking out in the lower right of the rail in the pic…

Then if y’all are interested, a cool lil toy they handed out in Iraq. I managed to scrounge one from a fren who also got me that Trijicon ACOG, as well as some other cool ‘fell-off-the-back-of-the-truck gear’:

Now, for those of you who were there, the DotMil started using front-quad rails a lot in Iraq. Specifically the Knight’s Armament Rail System RAS (one of which I have on my AR civvie Reproduction-of-MY-M-4-from-Iraq). Now, Personally, I’m NOT a big fan of the front ‘tommy gun’ style grip. Some guys swore by them.

Don’t get me wrong, I -like- the Knight grip… it’s thinner and not bad… however, Mister “Chunky Grip” above? Well it does have one really cool feature:

It’s got a spring-loaded bipod built in.
I personally have no idea if the troops over in Iraq with me actually used these as a bipod for shooting for accuracy, but I do know they did use them to ‘prop up’ the front of their weapons, either while in a guard tower or even in the mess hall. The top picture shows the release button.

I will say, it does ‘snap out’ with some authority.
But, like I said, too big, too chunky for me. Cool AF and IF you were looking for one, well, here it is. New they’re about a Cee Note on Brownells website.

File under I have no idea where it came from. Looks like a Carbine Length M-4 Rail System.

Also looks like it’s held in situ by the 4 screws. Other than that? No makers marks, not a clue. Can’t even remember if this was a “Boogered Big Country Drunkordering From The ‘Zon” thing or not… more than likely not, and the Zon has really cracked down on weapons parts unfortunately. Anywho… it’s never been mounted on ANY of my now-sadly-lost-at-sea rifles… hence why I need to rid myself of all these useless parts…

That’s what I got.
There will be more as I continue to clean/re-organize
Unfortunately I can’t sell these things the way I used to as Gun Girl is now out of biddness.

The ATF finally finished the job per their Evil Leaders Orders… Fucking she used to have a case where all us locals would be able to ‘horse-trade’ the pieces-parts/holsters/other ‘stuff’ that we didn’t necessarily want to do thru Gunbroker (pain in the ass) nor eBay (scammer central). I mean that used to be a “thing” when I was growing up… the local Hardware Store, Merrill’s… run by ‘Monkey’ Merrill when I was a kid…

Literally the place had been there since the late 1790s. Our town had been first settled in 1638 no shit… Merrill’s was an institution of sorts… Post Office/Hardware Store/Gas Station/Five and Dime/Tack and Gun Store…. it had it all, to include a glass case where you could ‘horsetrade’ your shit with other locals… put in ammo, guns, holsters, knives, leave a price on it and tell Monkey. He’d call you if’n it sold. Hell Ole Monk had barrels of WW2 Surplus rifles in the back for like $75…

Tell you what, if I had a time-machine, I’d probably drop back to the mid-60s just to go down to Merrill’s and grab a Coke, and sit on the porch in a rocking chair and talk shit about guns and wimmenz…

Sorry… bit of nostalgia there…

SO any and all ideas are welcome, as A) I always need shekels, and B) This, along with a LOT of other stuff is taking up space, so it’s time to pass it on, if only for the cost of postage. Let me know what you think in the comments.

And then, for ‘other notes’
I’m per a reader request going to be going over Nugget Covers.

I.E. Skullbuckets… A.K.A. Helmets.
Said reader wants to know what is good, what is bad, and what to look out for. I’ll do my best to provide what limited information I have… which then leads me to the next upcoming (this weekend) HUGE poast, which I may just do on the SubStack as I’ve been slacking like a motherfucker there.
Building your own Flammenwerfer for Fun and Fire
So, I got a shit-ton of writing ahead of me. Please bear with me if I don’t necessarily poast about ‘the latest outrage’ as we ALL know there’s plenty out there. Got me a hunch we’ll be fine, whether or Not the EEEE-Leets want us to be or not.

Lets face it,

There’s a Hell of a Lot More of US
Than there are of THEM out there
And That Scares Them Shitless.

So more Later
Big Country

5 thoughts on “Housecleaning (Again!) And Stuff”

  1. You should hold onto the bipod. Easier for a kid to use a rifle with a bipod when first learning.

  2. Saw a blurb about a home buyer discovering 20 tons of survival gear from the 1980s, in Wyoming I think.
    When Pappy lived in southeast corner of the state Pineland on some acres the hardware store had guns, ammo, food, all season weather gear, generators, everything needed, most people out there bought in bulk at Sam’s Club.
    The local who introduced me to New American magazines had a huge billboard with a rifle stating that if you can read this sign then you are within range.
    Went down there last spring and was shocked by the Fundamental Transformation.

  3. I have a version of that carbine rail, and like you I have no idea who made it. I just took mine off because I made the rife it was on into a retro 20″ A2 rifle.

  4. Grip-Pod. Found one back in 09 at SAR in Phoenix. 25 bucks. From the then current theater. Handy for setting the stick down, crappy shooting pod, but better than a tree limb or bed rail. Really wish it had not ended up at the bottom of lake Powell… Dammit!


  5. Regarding that bipod/vertical grip: I’m not sure that the ones I have are the same model, but they sure look like them. I paid $10-$20 a piece for new ones at gunshows and smaller gun shops here in SW Ohio, as recently at a few weeks ago at the last Cincy gun show. I couldn’t make the Dayton show last weekend, but a dealer that works that show has had them 3/$25 on occasion. Used, with cosmetic scuffing.

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