Free Storage!!! What I’ve Been Cleaning Up Lately.

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So finally can do the reveal of a scrounge I got a week+ or so back. My across the street neighbor, the folks who bought Serbian War Criminal’s pad, are an older married couple. He’s a former Marine and dunno what she does. They’re very ‘keep to themselves’ TBH which I guess is fine, however I’d prefer someone a bit more ‘friendly’.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re not hostile, but they’re also really like -just there-. Non-interactive I’d guess is a good description. Now, that being said I was taking the Sausage Princess out for a walk the other morning about a week+ or so ago when the (neighbor’s that is) wife started wheeling some BIG equipment out to the sidewalk. I asked her if they were disposing of this stuff and she answered in the affirmative. I ran the Sausage Princess back into the house, and raced back to claim:

TWO mint-condition Stack On tool chests.

Good thing I did as a pickup truck stopped as I was starting to wheel them home and dude asked if they were being given away? I was like “Sorry Bro! This’s ALLLLL me!” I got them home and stashed them in the garage til Tuesday night when I had Sapper roll ’em in.

I just finished cleaning them up and adding some stickerage as I’m wont to do, (yeah, that is a “Nuka-Cola” label from FallOut on there upper left side) and now? Oh yeah baby. Perfect Rolling Ammo/Mag/Stuff Bins. I need to only replace the top ones lock as the Old Man lost the key, but the bottom one is there as you can see and yeah, I’m stoked.

My original chest was a medical chest that Gretchen found on Facebook Marketplace. There were six of them available:

Killer was they were free for the taking, but first come first serve. We ended up getting there right behind some Mexican dude who no hablo’ed and who was loading ALL of them on a trailer. His wife who was running the show that I could tell, -did- hablo, so we managed to get one for thirty bux, which was all the cash we had on hand at the time. Good deal IMO and we got to pick the best out of the six.

Best. Gunsmith. Toolboxes. EVER.

Unfortunately Big Yellow is stuffed, or rather was stuffed to the gills with all my fiddly bits and pieces-parts. Now I was able to spread that out a bit and get a bit of breathing room. I do love me some good storage and even better, FREE good storage.

Considering new? The three drawer Harloff?

Granted that’s new. Almost 2k w/shipping
Closest I could find was this:

3 drawers, similar in size, $800 w/shipping.
Yeah, the $30 one I got suits me just fine. The Stack On cart/boxes aren’t quite that bad but still, pretty fucking pricey.

So yeah, otherwise I’m just not ‘into’ current events tonight. Been unable to really surf as the eyes are still sort of sensitive from all the abuse they’ve been going through. I’ll hit y’all up tomorrow with a good update, as I’m trying to gather some more intel vis-a-vis the Krain and what’s been going on there, as it (shocker!!!) appears to have disappeared suddenly from the Ministries of Propaganda and Lies radar.


So More Later
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13 thoughts on “Free Storage!!! What I’ve Been Cleaning Up Lately.”

  1. great score. anyway. you can get new locksets for it you know ?
    they used to be about 7-9 bucks a set. ask if they have keyed alike sets too.
    you ended up with extra keys you can stash away for when you lose your main one.
    it happens. old lab equipment is great. I have one cabinet holding up a bench milling machine
    looking back, I wish I had grabbed more of them. got them from a guy who was running the rehab on Temple lab. they pulled out all of the old steel ones and put in plywood ones (?)
    anyway. they made great tool chests and machine stands. no locks though.

  2. Gots to luv free stuff!! Best I scored was discovered by the wife while she helping a fellow church member delivering newspapers. Get a call at 4 AM asking if I would like a large tool box that was out on the curb, house up for sale. Said sure, where, get up, dressed and when I get there find a large Snap On roller box, 6 drawers about 5′ long. took both of us to just barely lift it into the truck. Next best was about 10 linear feet of industrial shelving, uprights,braces, clips and more shelves than needed. Also scored a project that may never be purposed, the saw portion of one of the cheap Horrible Freight band saws no base or stand. Right now it is just a large unwieldy port-a-band. As for gun stuff and the fiddly bits that go with it ,you can pack a lot into a few 4 & 5 drawer filing cabinets stored in clear flat Plano type storage boxes

    1. What you said about filing cabinets, especially the long vertical file cabinets with those drawers. You can hold a serious amount of stuff in them without them tipping over, but if you need to, add some extra weight on the bottom.

      Really nice for empty mags or tools or stuff.

  3. You lucky bastige! I would have gave my left nut for that! That is a good scrounge, but, why was they getting rid of a pristine roll around?

    1. His wife told him and said it was time to ‘downsize’…
      Guess we know who wears the nuts in that household Aye?

  4. Dunno who in their right mind tosses StackOn equipment, that stuff is PRICEY! I was always at the Craftsman (Crapsman some say) level until I could afford a better unit from Home Depot – on sale still 800 bucks but a lovely 52 inches wide lower and upper. Stack on used to be close to Snap On in quality, wonder if it has also gone Chinesium.
    In any event, that was one doozy of a score, congratulations.

  5. You should ask the GIrene if he wants to help you form the local defense fireteam. Beers and target practise on Saturdays.

    1. Or at least broach the subject by saying “Hey, have you seen my flamethrower yet?”

      Might melt the walls between you two, so to speak.

  6. What a score!

    BTW, Pro tip – You don’t need to change the locks. Go to, give them the model of the tool chest and lock number and they’ll ship you keys. I had the same problem with a husky rolling chest I got on scratch and dent.

    I’ve scored big on some of these sales where it’s a divorce or the old man died. You have to get there real early. Twice, though, I was going somewhere and saw the yard sale sign with “Tools” on it, and got there in time to score big. One time, the couple up the street divorced and she put his shit out for sale. Scored a craftsman table saw for $50. Sorry dude, but 50 bucks…I’m just helping the FAFO catharsis that has to happen.

    Been to some estate sales around there and got some good deals on older tools, like an ancient fine cut saw, of a type and quality you can’t hardly find any longer. Price went down to $6 when I got it. You’d pay many multiples of that at a woodcrafting shop. But some pricing is ridiculous. Craftsman wrenches with rust spots priced at todays full retail new. Hard pass.

    The other category of stuff are things that are very cool, and a good price. You want to snag it, but you really don’t need it or have a use for it. Like an engineers drawing cabinet. – 3′ wide 2″ deep drawers – to shallow to put much in it, and made of wood they were beautiful, but too nice and too heavy and stationary for tools in a garage.

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