This One Got It Backwards

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Been busy AF as of late. The weekend saw a big ole Chimpout in Ybor for Halloween which resulted initially in the whole ‘mass shooting’ thing going into effect:

‘cos it came right on the heels of the Maine-iacal Bowlorama Blast… which “the Usual Talking Points” lasted up until the suspect in question copped to being a oreo…

Bad enough Aye?
Looks like the come-to-life cartoon of the lil goblin half-breed donnit? Jes’ Sayin’
And yes, on the local news, his Mama sez ‘he dindu nuffin’… she being of an exceptionally light hue herself… which then brings me to this:

Not sure if those are ‘shopped or not but damned funny nonetheless.
Also an addendum of a screenshot from the Maine Shooter:

Thanks to J for sending that in… From and Scrubbed from the Daily Mail AGAIN! Also, the Maine-iac?:


So, a full weekend, and lots going on. Another Wind Up Toy went sideways, this time in Colorado:

Like I said, sideways…
He got his FedProgramming Backwards:
“FIRST Shoot up the place,
THEN Kill yourself”
End of Story.

I mean it’s blatantly obvious.
In the 4 years we had OrangeBadMan in the Orifice of the (p)Resident, there were like the bare minimum of Mass Shootings. Only one I can remember was the one in Pittsburg when someone shot up the Jews at that Sin-o-Gog (Imagine that!) Reason I remember that particular one was my old Army Bro was a first responder there and sent me a pic of him and OMB when OMB shook his hand and thanked him for doing a great job on-scene.

I mean look back
The majority of those things seem to happen when the DotGov is needing to have a Weapon of Mass Distraction cut loose to hide exactly what’s going on behind the scenery. In this case? I personally think it was to distract everyone from realizing just how big a US DotMil buildup we are doing in the Middle East.

OK: Hamas/Israel
Bad shit, no question.
Riddle me this though? Why the fuck and what the fuck business is it of ours? As I’m so oft to say

Not Our Circus
Not Our Monkeys

Seriously WHY in the fuck do WE need to do ANYTHING!?! WHY are we parking the. BIGGEST. ARMADA. EVER. off the coast(s) of Israel and Iran? We ALREADY have sent billions and billions of our money to these fucking grubtastic grifting fucks. What the fuck did they spend it all on? Little hats??? Sure as fuck doesn’t look like security Aye?

I mean sweet Jesus
Enough already
It’s going to be utterly hilarious when they ‘throw a war’ and like no one shows up, not that we’re capable of fielding an Army at this point:

Combat raises the heart rate significantly
You feel like you’re going to have a heart attack
I know of what I speak
Now, IRL? Combat?
You know yer going to be utterly fucked when the shooting starts and everyone is having heart attacks when the rounds start going two-way.
Dis Fukkin’ Guy had a H.A. while jogging

Riddle me this Aye?
When is the jab going to finally be called out as the death sentence it is? I mean the Marine headman is now down and soon-to-be-out after that one. Fucker almost was DRT (dead right there) Tell me it wasn’t the jab… go ahead, I’ll wait…

And as far as planning this particular ‘splendid little war’ we’re about to get balls deep in? This article here is from 2018:

June of 2018 specifically
Link is HERE
Now, considering that Hamas and Hezbollah are dug in like ticks on a Mississippi coon dawgs ass, deep underground I’d call that particular historical article a “tell”

The DotMil plans decades in advance
Got me a hunch they had this allllll lined up

They just needed to pull the trigger so to speak.
I Report
You Decide
More Later
Big Country

21 thoughts on “This One Got It Backwards”

  1. I like poasts like this.

    4 or 5 articles of interest, with a comedy break in the middle, and then a final thinking point at the end.

    You’re getting this blog business down pat.

  2. Living in Colorado I am waiting to hear a report. This is a classic roadside attraction he was found at. LOTS of WTF

  3. An issue I’m STILL not seeing addressed in any meaningful way is that Israel is one of the most highly “vaxxed” countries on the planet. If “Combat raises the heart rate significantly You feel like you’re going to have a heart attack”, I have to ask how many real heart attacks are occurring in the IDF? Might this be a factor in what seems to be a very cautious and slow invasion of Gaza? Might the whole “doom-n-gloom WWIII” thing be a giant distraction operation from the death shots?

    1. When they went full vaxtard I was saying it’d be funny it pfizer (a jewish founded company) killed more jews than hitler.

      1. You think the Chosen One’s got the same batches you and me did?
        My wife works in the medical field, against my wishes she got a double-tap of phizer in the early rounds. Friends and relatives that have gotten later doses are way more fucked up. I think it’s been ‘dialed in’, so to speak. Certain fields seem to be immune to the died-suddenly problems, like Drs and politicians. Wonder why….? Check your batch numbers, the truth will come out in there.

      2. bluey – check out another pharm co from that neighborhood. its called teva. guess what they produce?

  4. we did a lot of in the sewer training back in west Berlin in the late 1970’s and also the U-bahn
    too. weird as a lot of them interconnect like ? I think it was back in WW2 that the Russians flooded the tunnels under Odessa to get the Germans out back then.
    that might be a better idea than going down in there. after all the sea is not that far from Gaza
    about 10-20 high volume pumps running no stop should do the trick.
    I did bring up the wild pig trick with a neighbor here and he was all for it. wanted to know if it was a real thing. I think he was willing to give money toward it.
    as he said, it would make some damn fine TV to watch.

  5. -Gun sales in the Lewiston Maine area are up by 200% since the shooting.

    -Pittsburgh even banned bows and arrows in the city limits after that particular shooting.

    – I know a jabbed party that passed out with a HA last July while jogging. He was lucky.

    – SLA “SLAM” Marshall wrote about how deeply the Norks/Chinese were dug in along the front that is now the DMZ in 1953. Without going to find the book, memory suggests that the US intelligence estimate was that they were completely dug in below 30 meters for a distance of 8 KM behind the front. Staggering. US troops would never see the enemy during daylight and for the most part their earthworks were invisible from the air and from the direct front as well. The slow learners in the Donbass fighting with minimal overhead cover could learn a thing or 2 from them. I think hezbollah has honeycombed South Lebanon in a similar fashion over the years. there is no army in all of the Western World that is capable of getting them out of there.

  6. In addition to the native predators who predictably act out on weekends and at night the Fedbois are activating some of their sleeper assets to do dirty deeds. The one in Colorado must have been an oops. His handlers issued the code word to off himself before issuing the the code word to kill a bunch of people. Bet they lose their monthly bonus over that screw up. But they have more shooters waiting in the wings to activate . Count on it.

  7. Will the Isareli’s do a World Tour?
    Will Tri-border area get the Dresdan/Gaza Cleansing?
    Average american doesn’t even know the Tri-Border region, exists let alone whera it is.😂😂

    Drive them into the Sinai??
    Jesus, channeling the inner Shwitz-Linka with that one😂😂.

    I would love to know what Hamas’s end game was with that raid.
    It appeared more of a well planned Spasim than a defined Mil Objective.

    It sure as hell wasn’t the overthrow of Israel or wiping them out completely. They never even got remotely close, to either.

    Perhaps what we are seeing was the end game. I seriously doubt that though.

    As far as the A-rab Nation States go…they aren’t gonna commit meat to the A-rab/Jew hard-R’s….
    They’d love’em gone as much as the israeli’s.

    Well, I guess popcorn and beer for now.

  8. “Only one I can remember was the one in Pittsburg”

    Forgetting Las Vegas? We only remember the ones they want us to remember.

  9. Before seeing your post, EVERY SINGLE STORY I saw about the Colorado dude described him as ‘heavily-armed’. A carbine and a sidearm, heavily-armed?
    They’d shit themselves if they saw the average home in the country, & what they keep around just for general use.

  10. Ok, here is a scenario. Under coordination with Syria, Russia and Iran, Hezbollah attacks Northern Israel. The US Navy and Air Force fly F-15’s & F-16’s. These are third generation aircraft sometimes able to evade S-300’s but not S-400’s. There are enough air defense assists in Syria and Iran to make flying very problematic. Even worse the F-35 is not finished! There are thousands of lines of code to be completed, and i am sure (wink wink) that they are only irrelevant little items. Oh and repairs are so complicated that only (very expensive) company contractors can service these planes, and spare parts are desperately under supplied. Not only that but the Russian radars run on a frequency that makes the stealth feature leads stealthy. When combined with the abysmal on line performance ratio, that means the attrition of F-35’s will be worse than the older fighters.

    This does not consider Russian aviation getting involved. The standard Russian long range air to air missle has 50% greater range than ours does. The newest just tested in Ukraine has twice the rage of ours!
    So our usual mass attacks with up to 750 US cruise missle from the missle ships and mass air attack from the carrier as well as from Jordan leaves mass casualties in US aircraft. The slow speed of the Tomahawk cruise missle and the familiarity local air defense/denial crews have with this missle makes it easy to shoot down, and they have numerous choices in missile systems to use. The raid Trump did on the Russian airfields in Syria used 75 tomahawks. That means that there are only 10 to 20 targets that we CAN hit before we go empty!

    With limited air cover and as a response to attack from America, 100 of Turkey’s high speed missle attack boats swarm the carrier group as Russian bases in Syria and Iranian bases in Lebanon fire hypersonic missiles. 5000 miles per hour is 85 miles per second. The carrier group is just a couple of hundred miles off shore, so less than 5 seconds from launch to impact, all amid a swarm attack. Meanwhile, Russian aviation has started sub hunting and is relaying the data on US & Isrealis subs to Turkish diesel electrics with catastrophic results.

    All this whole hundreds of thousands of missiles pour down on Israel from Lebanon, Syria and Gaza. Little noticed is the precise Iranian ballistic missiles targeting missle silos.

    Please note that Russia at this point has done nothing but help an ally with a little Surveillance Intelligence Reconnaissance, just like the US does for Ukraine.

    Now might be a good time to pause for a cold one and suggest a way out that didn’t involve Armageddon.

    Ukraine is over, we can’t even care enough to give more money. A classic pump and dump with graft galore, but now (!!!) with “The Boss” on the line we no longer have time for childish games in Ukraine. Ukraine is also seriously depopulated with 50% of the before invasion population either out of country, dead or living in now Russian territory. And most of the losses are men, aaaaand the women are hot! So we send the Israelis to Ukraine and let the Palistinianans have there home back.

    That you, I’ll be here all week!

  11. I see this come up in various places but I don’t think anyone really gets it: When are they going to admit the Not-a-Vaxx was a death shot?
    Like as in you caught-me-with-my-dick-inside-another-woman-thrusting-up-and-down-repeatedly, it’s not what it looks like, baby….
    Ever, never, not ever will they admit they knew what we have in eMail format right now. Even in court when asked “was this your eMail address…”

    I don’t recall

    Folks, I get it, truly, I do, but when, EVER, in your lifetime, has a politician EVER stood up and got what they deserved? I dunno the last time we tarred and feathered one of them, but it’s been a might too long. They’ve grown too big for their britches.

    The only way this gets fixed is about 1500 big green mean machines start initiating rule 308 in every state of the union at the same time.

    24 hours later the world will be at peace, if’n it’s the right 1500 dudes.

    Jus saying….

    July 4th, 2024 sounds as good a date as any other….

    They’re not going to let us have a (free and fair) election, so get that shit out of your head right now.
    Take it back by force, or kiss it goodbye (and your ass, too). That’s where we are right now. Soon they will try to take away the ‘force’ option for us. Clock’s ticking.

  12. no need for the prior post just now to appear public, meant to be clear.

    and again – your stuff is a window on another world – and if i miss for a bit, i go back thru it all – which is to say, thank you for all this, truly. hope your back mends quick – been there meself – when it happens, out of commission and hating it.

  13. Our extra most bestest ally spent it on infrastructure and military.
    Isn’t it odd that their super duper by way of deception wage WAR (Sun Tzu) intelligence agencies didn’t catch the flying haji monkeys plot that was going for two years?
    Gomer says well goll-lee Shazaam!
    I don’t get mad when grifters play suckers.
    It sucks to see it but maybe in time they mark will learn.
    It’s how I learned some haxxor skillz.
    Just think how glorious a leap forward it will be when there are no talking points but emojis and logos.

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