Useful Tool (Website) and SO THATS Why/What We’re Sending to the Kraine

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So Tater, Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den let it out in an interview just what/why “Cluster(fuck) Munitions” we’re sending the Kokaine Krainfeld Klown Show. Seems “They’re/We’re out of ammunition.” Depends on which interview you see, but essentially, there ain’t no 155mm left. Period. Dot.

AGAIN I appear to be prescient as in the Substack about “Mines” and whatnot, the first thing I poasted about was the M692 ADAM, Area Denial Artillery Munition. Another ‘member’ of this particular shell “family” is the DPICM or dual-purpose improved conventional munition.

Now, the M692 is used to scatter either M67 or M72 landmines. Go look at the substack if you want the skinny on that. The weapon(s) that Tater seems to be talking about sending to the Kraine is probably the M483A1 (first made in 1975). This has had some upgrades over time. The latest iteration is the M864 put in production in 1998.

These have a BUNCH of M42 or M46 ‘Bomblets’ or Grenades as the above chart shows. It carries (each 155mm shell) 24 or 48 Submunitions. The M42 is an anti-personnel round and has 48 of them packed into the shell, whereas the M46 is an anti-armor bomb and because it’s got a bigger payload, it only has 24 in the shell.

Now, per wiki: “Large quantities of munitions bought during the Cold War were put into war reserve stockpiles. As of 2014, many were reaching the end of their useful life and required disposal, an expensive process. “

Guess they found a cheaper and quicker way to get rid of them Aye? Not sure if they’re getting the older M483A1 or the M692s. My guess is “Use the old shit first” is the usual DotMil way… I mean some of the .50cal I saw in Iraq had Frankford Arsenal Markings from 1916 for manufacture dates, and when I left in 2011, they were up to using 1980’s stuff.

Seeings we’ve sent all we can legally spare (not that that means a fucking thing to these retards) to the Kraine, well, yeah… they’ll be sending any and all shit that’s in the ammo bunkers I suppose… seeing how the majority of the civilized world has banned the use of landmines and cluster bombs, well… fuck it.

At least they haven’t sent nukes
BUT… ’tis still early in the game. I figure a few more major defeats and we’ll see what we see… Although supposedly yesterday news was out that we finally got rid of the Chem Warfare stuff… mind you the exact quote from the DoD is:
“Today, U.S. officials announced that the final munition in the nation’s obsolete stockpile of chemical weapons has been safely destroyed — a disarmament milestone decades in the making.”

Bold mine.

OK… so what about not-so-obsolete chemical weapons?
Preeeeeetty sure that somewhere, someone, a Doctor Strangelovian type General Ripper has a stockpile for fun and games that we’re completely unaware of? Anyways, the link to the bullshit is HERE. Guess we won’t be seeing any Sarin Rockets aimed at San Francisco on Alcatraz anytime soon…

Mores the pity.

And according to new reports from Simplicus76, seems Krainfeld and his fucktards tried to hit the Nuke Plant in Smolensk with a missile… which was shot down. Their guy
Medvedev commented on media reports that the Ukrainian Armed Forces allegedly tried to attack the Smolensk NPP:

“If an attempt to attack the Smolensk (Desnogorsk) NPP with NATO missiles is confirmed, it is necessary to consider the scenario of a simultaneous Russian strike on the South Ukrainian NPP, Rivne NPP and Khmelnitsky NPP, as well as on nuclear facilities in Eastern Europe. There is nothing to be ashamed of.”

Not a good thing.
To my POV, they’re running out of equipment and time. No idea how anyone at this point can think this’s going to end in any way outside of a Russian win. Aesop keeps hammering on how the Russians are using T-55s. Yeah. They are. But HOW are they using them? Not on the front lines… well, actually they are:

They’re putting in basic remote control systems, and judging from the shockwave of the blast, every. square. inch. of the interior with some serious explosives. Tell you what, what actually gave me the giggles was the Krainians detonated the thing themselves. At 1:01 +/- you can see the RPG reaching out from the fortified position the Krainians held. There were a lot of them buggers in them trenches that the T-55 was heading to…

The overpressure blast? Honestly, having seen the after effects IRL from BIG bombs? Unless some of them guys were in deep trenches that –didn’t- cave in on them, not a fuck-lot was left of that Hard Point.
Jes’ Sayin’
That was a monster of a blast… can you -imagine- if the Krainians didn’t slow it down/cripple it where they did and it managed to get in the middle of their A.O. and be ‘positively detonated’ via whoever was radio controlling it? Also, another thing I noticed doing a frame-by-frame inspection and whatnot, I also think, besides the RMTP aspect, (Rapidly Moving Tank Parts) they also had the interior filled with ball bearings or something… there seems to be huge swaths of the woodline that’s getting blasted by -something- over and above in that first micro-second…
Fuck me.
NOT something I’d want to experience myself.

So yeah bro, they’re using T-55s in ways that suggest to ME a much higher, meaner, smarter technological approach than the supposed ‘human waves’ which we in the West, despite the multiplicity of GoPros, Cell Cams, Drone footage, the only slaughter of ‘troops in the open’ footage has been of Krainian Konscripts for the Klown and his Koterie getting smashed. I mean c’mon man… IF they had real footage of Russians ‘charging in hoomon waves’ footage would have gotten out by now. Especially in light of the need for the Propaganda win, as they sure AF aren’t winning anywhere else.

So, we’ll have to see.
That strike at the nuke plant? Has me a tad nervous… only b/c that’s one red line Ivan has made clear enough, but the Koke addled Fuckstick? He’s too stupid like most of his ilk are to know that he’s going to purely die either way.

On a lighter note, a new website is up which is probably going to be exceptionally useful in the next few. It’s called Camo Matrix and uses and has the majority of civvie camo on it, with various woodline backgrounds for comparison.

13th Legion over at Gab turned me on to it, and OH Holy Hells! IF dude gets the proper mix of DotMil camo up there? Talk about USEFUL!!! Right now, unfortunately, he’s got primarily civvie stuff but has the M81 Woodland (old school from 80’s/90s… MY old uniform) and the mostly reviled UCP (Universal Camo Pattern… that grey shit that looks like a pattern on Gramma’s couch).

He’s supposed to be adding to it, and I’m going to give the link HERE Check it out. If it becomes MOAR useful, I may add it to a list of “Useful Sites” on the right under the Ad(s)… Personally I already said he needs to add southern/swampy backgrounds as the majority of Spicy Times I think (outside of Appalachia) are going to be the ‘playgrounds’ and I want to see what the BEST camo I can get is… right now I run Crye Multis and Brit Scorpion, which are the same, but Florida? Hmmmn… not sure if that’s the best for this A.O. Have to see what dude comes up with. I actually wonder if the Italian M1929 “Vegatato” might be better? Maybe in the fall? Like I said… gotta keep an eye open and see what guy comes up with.

More Later
Big Country

It’s Monday Tomorrow? Scotty, Beam Me Up, There’s No Intelligent Life Down Here…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Couple of Administrative things. My bros, specifically D-Armor and my Coffee Cup Bro… email me at I want to add your links to the side panel here as I’m back doing the poasting of adverts to help subsidize this fucking joint.

Took bloody well forever to get it done.

Hey, man has to make a living… and maaaan these days? At the cost of ground beef and gas? Thank Gawd I don’t have to drive (that much) for People’s Glorious Tractor Factory. Also saves on the insurance since I’m home based, I signed up for that horrible tracking widget for Progressive. Saved me $50 a month already as my monthly driven distance is like less than 400 miles total… it’s a spy-app on my phone. Fuck it. Not a biggy. I got secure comms if I need them. A whole ammo can full…

That’s what the burners are for.

Speaking of comms, I finally got in Brushbeater’s “Guerrilla’s Guide to the Baofeng”

…which is useful for the Baofengs. My Harris Falcon II I have the software for. It’s a bit more ‘involved’ but it does do comms with the Bao. The only bitch I have was I ordered it like 2 days BEFORE Brushbeater-the-Bastard (LOL!) did his 15% off sale for the 4th. I also got one of the BNC Gooseneck Antennas. I need to get the proper BNC adapter for the Falcon tho… I DO have the BIG MBITR Radio antenna that we had back in the Stans. I want to see if this gooseneck one is worth it or not, as the MBITR one I -know- has a couple of miles range, leastways as Sapper and I have tested them.

I also scored recently on a Push-To-Talk for the radio made by Earmor. Ebay… opening bid was $30… I waited until the veeeery last minute to put my bid in, and got it $30, free shipping, new in the box.

I can’t afford any really good commo gear. Fucking the prices are sooo retarded I now regret being a ‘good boy’ in the Stan when I literally had pallet boxes of the 3M Peltor Tactical Headsets NIB just waiting for dispo. Like $1500 a SET!!! If’n I had known that then? ‘Cos see, the price -I- saw was the DotGov cost at like $250 a unit… more the fool sez I, Aye?

Never thought I’d need Mil-Grade Comms until I did.
Don’t ask where the Falcons came from.
Ask me no questions…

Now, as to the programming of them and the Baos…
I use the guide from Brushbeater for the Baos. I’m NOT a comms guy by a long shot. I mean I’ve been the radioman back in the day, as I was big enough to hump a manpack, and at least competent enough to be able to do a ‘fill’ from the COMSEC Devices… Hell… I remember when we had the KYK-13 running the SINCGARS (how many of you just had flashbacks? I know a few of you did, didn’tcha? Don’t lie… it’s ok, we’re old…)


No bullshit, when I first came is, we used a paper SOI with a PRC-77… Now that is fucking old. Vietnam era comms… Yeah… TBH I just checked eBay… the Prick is still selling for about $5-600… guess it’s hard to kill off something that works. I mean granted, not the securest of comms, but these days? What is?

Considering good used radio intercept gear can be had for ‘short money’ (not money -I- have but some folks do… like a drone… couple of grand here ‘n there) and with that you can sneak, peek and even hunt bad guys at will as needed, hence the need for brevity codes and even One Time Pads.

Maybe later I get into the OTP thing. I have the means to generate them and have used them quite a bit in the past… takes some training and you have to sort of wrap your head around what you’re doing, but besides a brevity thing, OTPs are the ONLY safe way to broadcast or send messages in the even slightly clear… it all depends on just how badly you need to run your OPSEC/COMSEC

I know I’m well and truly fucked to a point… Lists? Sheeeeeeeeeeee-it.
I’m the fucking host of the Party… best get used to that.

Seriously though, part of the reason I’m not too worried as of now? Truthfully? There’s a LOT more folks out there that they’re worried about… Case in point: The Tennessee Transtestical-with-the-Tranifesto.

EVERYONE seems to have jes’ plum fergot ’bout it/her.
Thing is, PART of the RUMINT -I’ve- been fed is that there was supposed to be ‘other’ things that were “supposed to happen”…


Much like the stupid that broke loose in Vegas when they tried to Off the Crown Prince from the House of Saud, they, meaning the PUPPETMASTERS lost control, and ‘shit happened beyond their control.’ Judging from the near frozen actions of the majority of Law-Non-Enforcement, and my few 3 Letter Frens who’re still talking to me, a LOT of the problem was the VAST number of soft-skulled-psychos they ‘groomed up’/’wound up’ and now?

They’re realizing that they got a LOT of ticking time bombs with no direction, just waiting to go Ka-Blooie.

And they know these folks are out there,
They can’t do shit… sort of a mess from what I heard.

Sort of, (and roll with me) like the time me and a buddy went into a Bed Bath and Beyond with his G/F. She wanted to ‘shop’ and maaaaaan we were BORED BORED BORED AF. Dudes in a sheet/pillow/towel store? Normally hard pass but Brohiem was trying to get balls deep… I swear the shit I did to help a brother out…
Anyways… I, in my own usual devilish way, found a way to ‘entertain’ myself. Found a bunch of these wind-up egg timers… fuckers were shaped like an egg, and could be set up to 30 minutes with a twist of the top half… They were surprisingly loud AF As well… guess it was so’s you’d hear ’em across the house/room… BIIIIG basket of them in the display.
You know where this’s going…
I took every. single. one of them… took the whole ‘egg basket’ and went around, and placed I dunno… 30? maybe 40 of these IED wannabes alllllllll over the store?

Each one had about a 30 second difference in time by the time I was done setting them up. Told my bro we needed to GTFO of Dodge as all Hell was going to break loose. He got all pissy as ‘his whamenz’ was still shopping… I was like “Dude, I endured 10 minutes of this bullshit, and we had about another ten before everything went to shit, so get yer bitch, pay for her gear, and lets boogie.” He told me to go back and disarm them, as things were going well with the chick… Told him “No way Jose, don’t remember where I stashed ’em all. We gots to go!”

We left juuuust as the first loud motherfucker started to ‘blow’
Needless to say, not sure of the outcome, but still, it was beyond my ability to remember just how many IEDs I had stashed and where.
Sound like a possibly familiar problem?
I guess that the left hand, being incommunicado with the right, they’ve lost positive control, IF they ever had it to begin with…

Which I seriously doubt

Nevermind all the -other- stoopidz that’s going on. Even the corrupt FedForces are realizing they have to do something ‘cos otherwise?

A Fed shows up here tomorrow and tell you what, he’s probably going to be
A) Recorded
B) Humiliated
C) Laughed at
D) Told “Get a Warrant and Leave” and
E) Told “Thank you for your card.. I’ll be sure to inform my readership of your help.”

Nevermind anyone else. The Local County Mounties? I have a smidgen of respect for, only Because they dragged Dumbcunt out of here back when she tried to have me SWATted. Hillsborough still has my house marked as “That’s the place where the guy who has a flammenwerfer lives” and they treat me with the respect and probably not just a lil fear knowing (as I’ve told all of them)
“NOMEX is for flash, not napalm.”

Your stack worries me not.
It’ll melt, same as everything else.
Like you.

So, a good day though. Got Gran#1 home and OH! Forgot! So this AM she’s supposed to be doing the ‘morning ablutions’… i.e. hair, toofuses, shit, shower, too young to shave… she comes out and tells Gretchen she’s done. Gretch marches into the bathroom, checks the toothbrush (which is dry) and tells her to do fang maintenance. Bit of the usual bullshitting going on, when the final “Do it or else” gets dropped…

Two minutes later she’s in front of me, blood pouring down her chin, alllll over her freshly washed outfit, toofus in hand, allllll sorts of happy. I may or may not have mentioned, but her very first baby toofus fell out here about three weekends ago, much to the consternation of the OtherGrans… (kinda understand it, as it -is- ostensibly a big deal, toofus #1 and all… just OUR luck it happened here…)

After #1 came out, two new ones started coming in, and #2 wasn’t wanting to budge that we can see… All Grans were a bit worried as that’s like ‘braces and chases’ shit we hopefully won’t have to deal with… BUT! This AM #2 took a tumble while she was brushing. #3 will be shortly behind that one, if new #1/2 are any indicator (they look like big chompers) She’s thrilled, if only for the tenner she gets tonight from the toofus fairy…

Missing the bottom 2 now…
Spent the Day at Lithia Springs… not a lot of folks there in the early AM, which is the way I like it… couple of for-the-most-part behaved Mexican/Squatamalens… I still kept a close eye on our shit on the shore…
So Hope your Sunday was as Good as Mine

More Later
Big Country

Well This’s Been a FULL Weekend and Medvedev’s Response to Teh Stoopidz

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FINALLY got that Gottverdammnt Substack up. Link is HERE. I wanted to go more in-depth, but the time just got away from me as I have the Red Headed Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station-with-Legs, Also Known As Gran#1 here for the weekend, and Gretchen is down for the count with some sort of bug.

Soooo I get to be father, Papi and full time entertainer for a kid who’s more hyper than a Methhead with fresh rock. Trying to write up the full wanted-to-be Substack, after all the other issues was a pain in the ass… I was up until 1am last night trying (unsuccessfully) to get it done… then on top of that, I’ve been baking cookies with her… Nestle Chocolate Chip classics to be specific.

And they’re coming out well. Problem is she wants to eat the dough… at 5.5 years old, she doesn’t get the idea “eat dough now, no cookies later” concept. I have let her have the beaters, and those who’d go “OMG RAW EGGS!” Nigga please, siddown, an’ shuddup. I ate raw cookie dough from the time I could toddle, and I’m still here. When I’m done making the cookies, she’ll get the bowl too.

But yeah, couple of things caught my eye this weekend, one was an article that’s been HIGHLY OVERLOOKED in my opinion. It’s written by Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation. Essentially one of the “Bigger Bosses” besides Putin who’s got a LOT of influence.

Essentially, he’s laying out (and this’s a bad goolag translation) the Russian POV of how and where the war is going. Reading into it, I’m not feeling a smiley-happy from it. Boiling it down to a TL;DR is the fact that essentially, The US is a depraved, dissolute has-been, the Eurofags and by extension NATO, are nothing but fucking sock-puppet slaves to the Greater American Empire, as it used to be. Essentially, he’s trying to put the fucktards on notice that there’s a new sheriff in town to include the rest of the world (the BRIChead kids).

Because the Minsk agreements were literally bullshit to allow the Ukronazis to build up, the Russians have essentially “Fool us once, shame on you, there ain’t no second chance, suck our balls.” as stated: “The confrontation will be very long, and it is too late to tame the obstinate (that is, us)

I.E. you fucked us over, now reap the whirlwind you lying sacks of shit. He references our “…new degenerate generation of Western politicians…” and that because they’re essentially fools, fucktards and morons, they know not what they do.

The link to the article is HERE
Needless to say, It’s not a ‘smiley face’ sort of situation.
His final words?

“So far, the finally degenerate Western political class is trying to raise the stakes in bloody clown horror. In a state of persistent dementia pushes our little world to the third world. The stoned Kiev regime is inciting the war to the last Ukrainian.

In other words, I am not an optimist. No wonder Anton Pavlovich once remarked that “life, in fact, is a very simple thing, and a person needs to make a lot of efforts to spoil it . “

Does that sound like a country that’s on ‘the back foot’ or ‘losing’? Not to me… Have the Russians had setbacks? Sure… part and parcel of war. HOWEVER The fucking moronic Krainians? They’re running out of people. The latest vidyas I’ve seen, from the Krainians themselves? The fucking ages of the ‘cruits and boots they got?

I’m younger than the majority of these guys.

I’m pretty sure if Grandpa is on the front line, yer in “Germany circa 1945” territory. I mean for real. 65 year old guys, in uniform, looking miserable? They should be at home but apparently Krainfeld is bound and determined to kill off every single male Krainian between the ages of 16 to 65.

Not that fucking faggot and his Kocaine Klown Krew are actually on the front lines… nope… he’s faaaar too much of a rock star. In fact I’m pretty sure he’s actually holed up where the green screens keep him looking like he’s still in the Kraine, as I have my doubts… fucking if anything, I highly encourage someone in the Kraine, or Putin himself, to put both the Kraine and us (the rest of the world population) first and put Krainfeld out of OUR collective misery.

I.E. drop a Kaliber on his fucking ass.
Fuck him.
Preferably where even dental records wouldn’t help with ID.
Jes’ Sayin;’

Goddamned Klown is doing to the Kraine what Hitler did to Germany… and because the average IQ of your average Krainian is at about 80, they’re too stupid to even understand it, and are going to blame Putin and Russia… never mind the tenuous links of Krainfeld and his Koterie of Klowns ALL being members of a particular tribal group that somehow always seem to be involved in the giga-deaths of non-tribals.
Funny that Aye?

Things that make you go Hmmmn…
More Later
Big Country

My Two Cents and ‘White’ House Tours

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
A funny thing happened on the way to the forum… nah I kid… seriously though. All this about a couple lines of blow in a dime bag. OMFG!!!!!

The Wolf of Wall Street and Tony Montana laugh at your pathetic amounts of yayo. Seriously… Everyone’s in a twist over this and all I can think of is that this’s a setup. Not for nothing, but when Fedbro was on “The Detail” he got us a -completely behind the scenes- tour of ALL the areas that require a higher level of security. Normal plebes like us don’t get that level of a tour, but when you got a brother who’s ‘inside?’ Yeah.. cool shit to say the least… I even stole a lollipop out of the famous ‘candy desk’ on the Senate floor…

The screening we did was pretty thorough. I mean I suppose someone could have brought a baggie of coke in, and did a line, just for the bragging rights… Hell, one 4th of July I stood in the front of the Department of Justice on the Mall waiting on the fireworks and smoked a doobie just to say I did just that. Think that was the Summer of 89?

Wow I’m old.

Who was it who said they smoked up in the Lincoln Bedroom during Obama’s time? Wasn’t it Snoop? Maybe… y’all tell me in the comments but I remember that from some show talking about it… Anyways….

Thing of it is, as they said about Nixon, t’ain’t the crime, but the cover up that causes the most damage. The very fact that grifter boy Junior is still hiding out in the White House dodging suepeones and whatnot? The fact that it was only a dime bag tells me it’s a setup. That fucker? Junior? A dimer? Yeah… more like:

Go to 00:59 if it didn’t queue up

Guys like Hunter? I used to party with guys like that. A dime bag? Shiiiiiiiiiit. That’s called an ‘appetizer’. Or, depending on how hardcore, a ‘freeze’ when you take a generous amount of the good Bolivian marching powder, and run it alllll over your gums… makes your face feel ‘frozen’ hence the term ‘doing a freeze’.

Things from a dissolute and rather libertine misspent yoot.
Good times…Good times…


See… D.C… Sodom on the Potomac?
The Place practically runs on good blow.

All them Congressional Aides? All them staffers? You know, the ones who literally are on the job upwards of 12-18 hours a day, seven days a week? as that’s the expectation in order to ‘get ahead’ in the syndicate? How the hell do you -think- them fine folks are running that many hours?
GOOD blow
Shit, RUMINT is that a lot of Meth has made it way there these days, as it’s cheaper. Congressional Aides don’t make shit I hear… Also, I had a minor fling with a female there a waaaays back before I was married, and man, the chick was seriously wired into the scene… she was a lawyer, or just about to BE a lawyer… hard to remember…too many years/beers, you dig?

Anyways, we got to talking about preferred party favors of the Big Leagues and she told me flat out weed was a no go as it took too long to clear from the system (this was when weed was still the mexhican devil herb) but Coke? Oh yeah… short metabolites time wise and could keep you running for quite a spell…

But anyways… dunno who found it, or where it was really found. Doesn’t matter anyways. The very fact that it was broadcast rather than handled by word-of-mouth like other sensitive subjects are normally handled like when Queen Cunt Hillary tried to Kill Bill with an ashtray… no broadcasts on the radio for a medic that “Horndog One” was down as the “Wicked Witch” had tried to ice him when the word about “Cigar Girl” got out…

Nope… all handled quietly in house.
Whereas this?
Someone is setting up an ‘Administration Kill Shot’ for this particular group of morons and malcontents. I mean hell, look at the recent (yesterday I think?) of the coverage of Kameltoe-the-Hoe’s latest word salad… I mean literally the broad doesn’t have more than two functional brain cells, on opposite sides of her skull, and if she were to pick her nose, the resulting pulling of a booger might just cause the roof of her skull to cave in, as the boogers are the only think keeping that cranium from collapsing in it’s entirety.

So they’re broadcasting that the First Grifter/Son is back on the blow, (probably a gift from the Krainfeld) and it’s been shown to the world that WE can’t get a straight answer.

I mean FFS… own it bitches.
I’d at least respect them if they came out and said, “Yeah, fucker’s relapsed, he’s going to rehab.” But this mamby-pamby fag-limp-wrist shuffling of the blame?

Only thing is, IF (and I’m sure it’s not BUT) IF the security of the White House is that fucking weak I fully expect that someone is going to make a run for the Gold and try and ‘do something bad’. In fact any bet that this may be an intentionally set prelude to that exact idea? It’s a good setup to throw the Secret Service under the bus…

“Security was so weak that Abdullah/Ivan/White Sooperpreemicyst/Flavor of the Week Terrorist was able to penetrate the White House and do ‘X’ “. Now I refuse to describe ‘X’ ‘cos I ain’t fedpoasting in any way shape or form.

I wish nothing but the best for Our Glorious Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den and his Grifting Fuck Family.
No Fedpoasting here.

SO, I’m behind on the Mine Substack
Apologies for that
Gran#1 is here again for the weekend.
LOVE having her but O>M>F>G> More energy than all four reactors at Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station running full bore. I need many beers to slow down after running to keep up with her…
So More Later
Big Country

Still Not Glowing Here and Other Stuff (France and Prepping)

Greetings Me Droogs N Drooettes!
Another fine fine day that passed by without incident. I.E. Krainfeld must have been told that the blow-flow would be shut off IF he had the balls to go through with nuking that nuke plant at Zaporizhzhia. (Hey! I was only two letters off on my spelling of that! Go me!)

FILE PHOTO: A view shows the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant outside Enerhodar in the Zaporizhzhia region, Russian-controlled Ukraine, June 15, 2023. REUTERS/Alexander Ermochenko/File Photo/File Photo

So mad bonus points.
Although I was mildly concerned. One thing that had me get a bit twisted in the lead-up to that was over the weekend, Wifey found this place called “Hot Picks”. It’s a resale store that stocks returned merch from the Zon, among other places. The prices are set by the day of the week, with Saturday being $10 for anything and everything in the store, ‘cept for some big ticket items like Bread Machines and other BIG kitchen gizmos. All the stuff is boxed, and you’re not allowed to open the boxes. You -can- get in line with up to 4 boxes, and the put-upon store slaves will open it for you to inspect.

It’s about as ghetto/hood as you’d expect.

Lots of ‘muh diversity’ trying to get good shit cheap, so, ergo, all the good shit gets picked over pretty quickly, although they do reload the bins periodically, and there’s a mad scramble to grab the shit, any shit, and see if you want it after. So, she digs this sort of ‘bargineering’ shit… Pre COVID, she had me dumpster diving… and truthfully, pre-COVID? We found a LOT of good shit in them Dumpsters… Try Yankee Candle post Christmas Returns… we found like what would have been $400 worth of NICE candles in the trash man!

My scrounger/Ferengi Senses DO love a good scrounge. No shame in it. Hell, the best find I’ve ever had was TWO complete Dell Computer Business Systems…2 Optiplexs… can’t remember which company it was, but it wasa national chain that shit the bed, and for whatever reason, the staff shitcanned two complete workstations. I reformatted them, gave one to an employee of mine who’s kid needed a school PC and she was broke as a joke, so hey… good Karma.

Anyways, part of my being uptight and NOT mentioning anything is the gizmo -I- found. Namely this:

Brand New-in-the-Box. The box showed -exactly- what it was… Seems that no-one was interested in it, so I was like wondering “Is this a hint?” ‘cos God knows, sometimes a clue-bat comes and shwacks you upside the nugget. The trick is to realize said clue-bat has done whacked ya.

Of course I bought it. Not for nothing, between a $10 cost, and the “Better safe than sore-assed” I grabbed it up. Works well too that I can see. No idea why it was returned, but now I’ve got three different monitors. The one that I built (which I don’t trust) the one someone sent me (a phone dongle that seems to work, and now this handy-dandy gadget. Gretchen of course was like “OF COURSE you find some sort of ‘survivalist gear’!”

Not gonna lie
Tis the way I’d want it to be Aye?

Now if only they had a “Hot Picks” but specifically for Army Surplus… and I don’t mean DRMO. Gawd I hated trying to buy from DRMO… DRMO for you civvies is the Defense Reutilization Marketing Office, or as I’ve found out is now the DLA Disposition Services AKA the Defense Logistics Agency’s Disposition Services. It’s where the DotMil shitcans it’s used gear… some more used than others. It’s where all your Podunk fucktard Local County Mounties and Policefags get their MRAPs and Machineguns.

They used to hold auctions… live auctions back when I was still in. Problem was the local surplus stores pretty much had everything locked down… corrupt bidding, fixing, you name it. Made it a regular guy who was just looking to get some excess ammo cans or gear didn’t stand a chance at buying –anything-.

From what I can tell, it’s alllllll internet Ebay style now.

Kind of good, kind of bad. Makes it impossible to get shit that used to be a lot easier to find. Anyways…

So, the world hasn’t blown up yet
Although shit in Fwance is either still popping or not?
Tough to say since the closed the web down there… and on that,
I did read an interesting article this A.M. and the link is HERE

The TL;DR is this:

Fwance has been a bunch of ‘naughty frogs’ as of late, trying to play both sides of the coin, meaning the GAE, as well as the BRICs kids. Because of their audacity, the shit hitting the fan in Fwance is, by extension, punishment for being non-supportive cheese eating surrender monkeys about the Kraine. You have to RTWT to get the fuller picture, but essentially, each time the Fwench start getting all Gallic and Snooty, bad things happen and the filthy rat claw traces go back to the CIA and others who cause ‘things’ to ‘happen’ and oh look, the Fwench are back following the Party Line.

One specific example is how the Haitian President Aristide (re-installed by the US) did the usual blaq-thang and demanded reparations and restitutions for the French fucking over Haiti since time began. Seeing how reparations for ‘muh diversity’ and ‘hug your monkey’ seems to be in vogue, it was starting to look bad for the Fwench.

Essentially, the US installed Haitian Prez started calling for reparations when the Fwench refused to ‘back our play’ in Iraq in 2002/2003. Now, the article doesn’t go into –exactly– what deal was brokered, but “all of a sudden” in 2004, the same CIA Guy who installed Aristide uninstalled him like a bad piece of malware from a laptop, and hustled his ass out in 2004.

Make of it what you will, YYMV, don’t run with scissors, nor taunt Happy Fun Ball.

So, if anything, that article opens one up to just how fuckin’ crooked this ENTIRE world truly is. And just how absolutely powerless we as individuals are to change things.

Leastways for the moment.

So make sure you do your part to at least try to meatspace some folks. You don’t necessarily need to go full bore… just try to be a good neighbor, identify local collaborators. Make an intel summary of your AO… Remember, this coming time is going to be a mad shitshow. Your skin more than likely is going to be your primary identification/uniform. See if you can find out what churches locally are doing, either good, or bad. I know for a fact my local Catholic Church is balls deep in the Poz to the point that they’ve been making rumbles about “….assisting our brothers and sisters in Christ from South of the Border…”

My understanding is that went over like a wet fart.
For now…
So, do your homework. Work on your Comms. Do checks and services on your equipment. Get the oil changed in the Car. Top off the gas in the car. Rotate Mags. Clean your weapons again. All the stuff Momma Sarge would be up your ass about on the daily. I know there’s only -so much- one can do, but what I do is every. single. day:

I write down something that NEEDS to be done,

Something I DON’T want to do (not necessarily the same thing)
Something that will IMPROVE my circumstances IF the shit goes pear shaped.

If I get Two out of the Three done? I’m a happy camper.

What have YOU done today to get ready?

More Later
Big Country

Getting The Loooong Substack Ready and The Guns of France

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, took a bit of time off as I’ve been reeeee-laxing. Spending time at the neighbor’s pool, (even tho they moved on Friday) But until -I- get word we can’t go, me Gretchen and Sapper have been chillin’ and unwinding over there daily for the long weekend.

The substack this week is going to be a relatively in-depth (pardon the pun) on Landmines. Figured since they came into play so damned much in stopping butt-cold the Krainian Klownshow Kounteroffensive…

…and because of the potential for upcoming ‘Spicy Times’ I’m going over only US Based systems like the above pictured “Volcano” AT/AP mine dispersion system.

So that’s where we’re at.

Only interesting thing that’s come about is that the Muj-Monkeys in Gay Paree got ahold of some fucking Accuracy International sniper rifles…

Is it just me or does it not appear that the Biden Anustration keeps arming alllllll sorts of miscreants with some really niiiiice taxpayer funded fucking goodies?

First it was the Come Mister Taliban, Tally Me Banana Clip getting heeled up with, well every fucking thing in the US Arsenal. THEN it was the south of the Border Burrito Goblins running around with AT-4, Javs and -other- anti-armor weapons.

NOW? The Muj-Monkeys on the East Bank are running around with Accuracy International $4000 ARW sniper rigs in .338 Lapua Magnum bought and paid for by our tax fucking dollars.




Tell you the fuck what, next year? At tax season (if we even have one) we-the-fucking-peepo should be able to make this request i.e.: I’m requesting my refund be either paid in DotMil Hardware, or if it’s not that much, then in fucking ammo.

Seems only fair Aye?
So, watch for the Substack, and as a warning, I might make it a ‘paid-for’ as I could use the Shekels.

More Later
Big Country

Even The Nazis Didn’t Burn Paris…

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Looks like Paris is completely fucked. Microdick Maricon and his 30 something plus older-than-him handler…er “wife” haven’t called out the DotMil in any way shape or form.

It’s day four of the Muj-Rampage a.k.a. Le Grand Chimpanzé or to us English speakers, the Great Chimp Out.

Seems a nogger of some Muslim affiliation was stopped while driving and did the usual ‘resisting arrest’ and got himself capped for it.

Game on!

So… from what I’m seeing and hearing on various other channels is that it’s spreading. Namely to Brussels:

Now, far from it to be said, well, fuck it, times like this is when you don’t bother with ‘arrests’. You declare martial law, declare a curfew. Tell ’em they got til 18:00 to get the fuck off the streets or else. Then, deploy the Infantry, and belt feds. You gun down –everyone– on the street after 18:00.

The next day, during ‘carcass identification’ any and all family members of a rioter who’s stiff was found in the street, forfeits any and all property, bank accounts, and gets deported back to whatever third world shithole they come from after mandatory sterilization. Every. member. of. the. family. No exceptions.

Trust me… that’ll square shit away beaucoup quick.

They’d learn to be polite nigras or they get kil’t and the fam sterilized, impoverished and send back to wherever they come from.

My extreme reaction to this is they’re destroying a lot of utterly irreplaceable white cultural artifacts. The library in Marseilles has been burned, with some of the rarest-of-the-rare medieval manuscripts, now lost forever because the importation of a bunch of sub-50 IQ’d fucking niggers who can’t stop eating one another, who have no worth in any meaningful way, and are, by and large a disease inflicted on Europe by folks who, from what I can tell are a parasitical group they damned selves.

Of course said group is allllllll up in arms about one of their monuments being defaced:

No mention of the precious cultural heritage that’s been destroyed… nope… all must bow and scrape before the holohoax memorial.


So… coming to a town near the American Southwest? ‘Cept those folks will rather institute La Raza and Aztec Chest Carving as seen by some of the more severe practitioners and members of MS-13… hard to say, but between the rumbling about the Nuke Plant that the Russians are supposedly pulling out of?

Word is July 5th is “Meltdown Day”

Everyone is soooooooooo sure that the Russians are going to take out the nuke plant… problem is why would they? It’ll only pollute their own fucking turf. It’d make no sense and no, I do NOT want to hear how Putin is losing the war… save that shit for someone NOT wired into the intel services. Right now it’s about a stalemate, primarily because Russia doesn’t want to go much further. Their entire mission was to eradicate the Krainian Military, and I’d call that about 80% done, 100% if you mean the DotMil they started with in Feb of 2022… that one’s been toast 3 times over now.

They’re down to kidnapping folks off the street, and the ‘elites’ in Keee-ev are now getting draft callups, where as before it was to ‘peasant class’ farm workers… and they’re damned near out of them…

Russia wants to get the remaining 25% of the Crimean/Dombass A.O.s that they had to stop going after last summer… once they can do that, create a ‘cordon sanitaire’ and reset the borders, THEN it’ll be almost over.

Of course the little Jew Klown Kocaine addict is thinking getting some 40 year old air frames are going to make a difference.

Part of the ‘rest of the worlds’ belief in the overwhelming air superiority of the F-16 is that the Israelis used then to great effect against the Jordanians, the Egyptians and the Iraqis that have gone up against it, in Russian airframes. Problem is, that it’s the pilots who were dogshit…

This’s also been proven with that one Krainian Kat… who the fuck was it? Some Ukrainian “Top Gun” pilot who went to Mississippi and got into the U.S. military’s Aviation Leadership Program.

The program is for the best-of-the-best foreign pilots, and get instruction on the US way of doing things.

Fat lot of good it did this dude. He got his ass waxed on his first mission home.

Thing is, without the proper training there ain’t no way in fuck is the equipment worth a shit.

In the case of this ‘vaulted counter offensive’ a.k.a. ‘the Krainian Wet Fart’ they literally did a combined arms offensive utilizing combined arms that wasn’t fucking combined. NO Artillery prep. NO immediate call-for-fires. NO CAS (Close Air Support, like helo gunships). Hell, from what I heard NO Air support, period fucking DOT. NO Engineering support. NO Air Defense Artillery to stop those KA-52s, which, from the sound of it, are some serious bad jujuj whirlybirds.

Add on the RUMINT that in all the pre-buildup simulations, that NATO set the game to ‘easy’ and maaaaan talk about a crusterfluck.

So, here on the sidelines, poppin’ some corn, and waiting for the fun to really kick off.
More Later
Big Country

3rd Batt? And The Same Ole-Same Ole

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, Sapper’s boy and gran made it out of here today. Amazingly so as the airports nationally seem to be seriously jacked up with hundreds of flights cancelled and whatnot. Hopefully we get the call around ten tonight that they landed safely.

Seems the traffic in addition to the weather (good ole Florida summer downpour as we type) was completely made up of morons and rage inducing shmucks from the North East.

Faaaaar too many New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut…all the usual suspects and hell I’ve even been seeing on the rare occasion I leave the house, Ontario of all places.

So I’m -again- wiped out.
Been sleeping a lot lately. Getting caught up on a lot of lost ZZZs from the stress of moving back here, losing the battle (but not the war) for the Gran#2 and just general stress overall. Shit’ll kill ya dead if yer not careful.

On the front lines, seems that the ‘strike’ on the ‘hotel’ or should I say barracks? in the Krain? that happened over the weekend? Seems someone there was spotted sporting what appears to be a 3rd Batt Ranger Emblem on their forarm:

The guy with the tat were rendering first aid to someone who apparently got fucked up in the missile strike. Lots of the vidyas from there that were filmed had the majority of voices being in English or, as some of the more astute listeners said, South African or Aussie accents… either way sounds like whatever it was that got hit was the right place (as far as Ivan was concerned) to hit if it was in fact chockablock full of Mercs and/or troops.

Which then brings me to the news that Germany has decided to deploy to Lithuania 4000 troops. Now, considering the size, condition and overall shitty level that the Krauts have kept their armed forces in, I’m not overly worried. What I -do- worry about is that at some point someone, somewhere, at some time is going to be on either the wrong side of the border and someone gets shot or some false flag happens… too many people mixed into too small an area with too many diverse commands and controllers to keep track… Lithuania is about the size of what? Rhode Island and now is hosting a shit-ton of Polish DotMil, their own minor DotMil, the French, the US and now the Krauts?

You know, for diversities sake, they should insist on a bunch of Pakistani and Congolese troops from the UN, just for funnsies. Hell, how about some Samoan troops? I actually saw the Samoan Marines doing their pre-combat/deployment Ha’kaa in the parking lot back in Kuwait in 2007… scary bunch of Giant Brown Bruddas der Mon. BIG fuckers… made the M-4 look like pop-guns.

But yeah, too many DotMils on a postage stamp, clustered in and around will eventually lead to communications fuck ups. Never mind who’s in charge of what aspect of what mission(s). In fact, why in the ever living 5th Ring of Hell are we doing in Lithuania? In fact, at this point, it’s all so tiresome ‘cos THEY know its a bullshit for-profit grift (for them), We know its a bullshit for-profit grift (for them) and the Media know its a bullshit for-profit grift (for them).

The more the same and since there IS no voating our way out of it, and we seem to be in an almost pre-world war one Massive Armament and DotMil buildup, all we can do is brace for the inevitable impact.

Hell, they took the ball-gag out of old Gaggy Joe I saw… let me tell you, ain’t no CPAP machine that has a mask that makes lines like that on a dude’s face… someone left the gimp-mask on him riiiight up until they had to let him off his leash to perform, and even then, he fucked it up.

OrangeManBad tripped on the stairs once and the media was ready to trash his ass using the 25th Amendment, and now we have a drooling fucking pope-meeting pant-shitter child molester who doesn’t know shit from his brains, and “Everything is cool!”

No wonder we’re circling the drain.
More later
Big Country

Where’s Our Off Ramp? (How the Hell do we get out of this place?)

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Admin note first: Seems the Fireteam list had dropped a few folks including Aesop. Now, I unnastand he’s a favorite punching bag around here, but hey, deep down, dude is cool w/me… actually donated $300 bones to the Save Addy fund back when we first started out and somewhere in that blackened lump of what used to be a Marine Heart, he even broadcast the fundraiser for a while. Looking over settings (and I’m still learning this damned dashboard) the amount of folks I could put in the Widget was like 10? or 12? All the others got waxed at one point or I did something stupid (more than likely).

So, today’s question:
How the Hell do we get off this track we’re stuck in?
I know the way the current illegitimate regime is leaning:

Treason is a big fucking deal.
And from any and all reports,

…even the small amount of shit that’s come out, even to a fucking Normie, it’s “treason most foul”. I mean what do you call it when you take millions, if not billions in payment for doing ‘dirty deeds’ in favor of your enemies and furthering their countries agenda?

Sure, the act of treason is shown as “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

I dunno about you, but taking in millions of dollars from the ChiCom Joe Chinks is giving ‘aid and comfort’ to a ‘hostile foreign power’ in my opinion. Never mind the whole Krainian Klown show.

And the thing of it is, is the “Kompramat”
At this point our Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den is completely and utterly compromised

I mean FFS that Krainian guy who paid off the Biden Klan thru Hunter-the-Bagman? he recorded all his interactions just as a good criminal should and would. He then spilled the beans and even gave the recordings to folks in the FBI… which in itself is nothing more than a fucking true Praetorian Guard, right out of Roman Times… fucking regime protection at it’s finest. They’ve known about this since the get-go.

ALL of them lack any sort of legitimacy at this point
NOT ONE Branch of the FedGov, hell even the DotMil is to be not to be nor respected. Root and Branch baby, that’s the only way this’s going to get back on track. Problem is that the FedGov itself has become the single largest ‘welfare employment scheme’ in history. Read somewhere that fully 22% of our population, in one form or another, works for the DotGov.

Be it the illiterate Shaniqua or Deon’quaillivious at the DMV or Hubert Throckmartin Suckadick the Third working in the State Department, almost everyone is part of the system. And because of it, it’s never going to willingly reform, never mind go away

And the FBI, just like in Hoovers day, has the dirt on everyone.

Which brings us to the Krain.
That little loudmouthed homosexual Kocaine Addicted “Komedian” we installed? Fucking Krainfeld? Any bets he’s got alllllllll the dirt on the Biden Crime Enterprise? I’m fucking sure of it, hence why we keep lurching like some retarded Frankenstein Monster, folding like a fucking lawn chair and giving him billions and billions of our tax dollars.

Telling you right now, like yesterday, this’s all bullshit, and the worst part is that literally we can see that ALL the major players in here belong to a certain tribe. Every. Single. Time.

And yet -I- get called an anti-Semite for noticing that all the major players here are Jewish. I mean Heaven forfend that I notice things. That ALL the shot-callers and string pullers are part of a tribe that for whatever reason always seem to be in the middle of whatever international shitstorm is going on.

hell, it’s even come out that Prigohzin is part of the tribe as well

But that’s just on the surface. Maybe I’m wrong, but it does get one to wondering. Like I said, I practically get crucified for asking “why does it always seem like a certain group tends to be over-represented in these sort of dustups?”

Thing that has me genuinely worried is that they’re going to have to do –something- radical in the next few. The ‘burnout’ factor is hitting hard. Despite the proclamations of the Regime Mouthpiece, the retarded lezbo-muppet Karine Jean-Pierre that “Americans feel better about their personal finances, that is important. When you think about wages are going up, when you think about the really good paying, millions of good-paying jobs, union jobs that his policies are going to create, all the things are really incredibly important.” I want to know what that fucktard is smoking, or, even better, the morons who sent that mouth-breather out there to say such stupidity.

She, of course got absolutely torched for such dumbassery.

So… fact of the matter is, despite the blatant coverups by the Ministries of Lies and Propaganda, we know that the current illegitimate Regime in Office right now is guilt of allllll sorts of grift, criminality, if not outright treason for profit. We also know things aren’t “getting better” nor “improving” and that even Joe Sixpack is getting weary. The Krainian Konflict is looking more and more shady by the day, and that there appears to be no off ramp, leastways not with the current Cabal of Criminals in charge.

Considering just how things seem to be coming to a point, in that it’s obvious that the Krain is finished on the battlefield, the question remains as to “what’s next”?

My own thought is that –something– “wicked this way comes”
Vlad is on a precipice himself. IF Priggy’s move was not a maskirovka to move his troops into a better position, well, Putin letting him ‘off the hook’ shows some weakness. Doesn’t help he’s painted into a corner right now. Lots of people on ALL sides are getting tired of that diminutive little Krainian fag and his tacticool look, going around and berating everyone worldwide. I mean who the fuck does he think he is?

I mean seriously
The only reason we’re in the Krain right now is to protect the Biden Crime Syndicate. Outside of the military industrial complex making MAD profit, “We The People” get nothing out of assisting the most corrupt Despotic Regime in Eurotrashland to “defend itself”

The -only- plus I can say we have is we haven’t (yet) committed boots on the ground.

LET Europe Burn.
LET the Krain Burn
Hell… Europe is filled with nothing but North Apefricans and Muj at this point. Let THEM defend against the supposed “Massive Russian-Orc Onslaught” with spears and shit.

And yeah, do you like those two graphics?? I made ’em. The lil logo for the NAACP took a long time to do as it was from a graphic of I think some soap from the 30s… Burrhead soap or some such… seemed appropo to me… Feel free to re-utilize them as wanted/needed. You can add/subtract the rating in paint by either blacking out or cloning/pasting over.

Do I think that the Biden Crime Syndicate would burn the world down, rather than allow themselves to be exposed?

You’re absolutely G*ddamned right they would.
To them, it’s their world/oyster/ball
And if they can’t have it no one else will
And that’s the most terrifying aspect of it all.
ONE False Flag
ONE False Move
Or worse even, ONE MORE exposed dirty lil secret, and maaaaan
It’ll come a day that the name “Biden” will become an obscenity which will be uttered as a curse, throughout future history
Once ‘they’ decide it’s time to “Burn it all down”
WE have no say in it, what with our self appointed Executioners safe in their bunkers, deep underground, who in turn have a belief that after it’s over, that they’ll come out, and ‘take charge again’.
Got a hunch it’ll NOT play out the way they think it will
More Later
Big Country

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