Oy! Oh So Many Questions and No Good Answers

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
First off, the latest from the Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den, and his statement:

Now, MY issues here are that initially, there were a LOT of questions about the whole ‘beheaded babies’ and whatnot. The Kibbutz that it happened at had a pre-battle population of only 760 people +/-. How many were babies? 40 seems a bit much…

Forgive my hesitance/ignorance on this, but whatever that Decrepit, Arch-Lich, dead-looking, squinty eyed motherfucker says something, you can be sure he’s lying like the lying liar he is. Plus yesterday:

I mean shit. What Hamas did was bad enough… no need to gild that fucking lily that badly. Talk about reeking of the Kaiser bayonetting Babies in Belgium amiright? Of course there’s the -usual humor- to be found out there:

So, yeah, as absolutely cold blooded as it sounds I’ll wait til -I- get proof, ‘cos something that depraved IF it really happened, them pics are, as horrific as they’ll be, they’ll be leaked somewhere.

Now, I got a quick analysis I want to do, and this’s horrible and NSFW
Consider yourself warned.













That’s the “Bloody Baby Seat” picture.
The sad lil jumper next to it tells me it belonged to a lil girl more than likely. Probably 18 months old, judging by the size and the positioning of the shoulder straps (lowest setting). Addy had one very similar. The kid is probably dead, far from this veil of tears. However…

That ain’t enough blood on the seat. (more on that in a sec…)
I saw kids shot and killed in Iraq.

This looks ‘posed’ as cold as that sounds.

No hair nor brain tissue visible on the seat.

The blood on the jumper and on the ground, hell, all over the seat? All that blood looks drizzled so to speak… like someone took another bleeding object/person and splashed it on there for effect.

There’s also no damage to the back of the chair
If the child was shot while in it, the bullet would have ‘passed through’ as awful as it sounds. Also, look at the sun-shade folded up, no blood on it, except on the ‘arms’ of it.

Plus, as I stated before, not enough blood.
A 30 pound child has a full liter of blood… figure a headshot, with hydrostatic pressure, as well as heart still pumping for a second or two, maybe even three, a HUGE part, at least half of that volume would be spraying out in a torrent. Brains and a LOT more blood, plus damage would be present.

That don’t look like enough to me.

And looking at the other damage… the seat belt is unlocked, and the safety/carry bar is ripped away, and left on the ground, along with the snack tray. Not sure but I’d say this kid was pulled from the chair quickly, maybe even violently, but NOT killed in the chair as oh-so-many would like us to believe.


Whew… that one bugs the shit out of me, but this ‘wind up to war’? Noooo. As I stated before:


Let them kill each other…
They will be looong after we all dead and gone so Fuck ’em.

So, to get back to some humor…
‘Member that slore that I was writing about with Mister Stabbed-in-the-sunken-Chest Soy/Gheyface Magoo?
About her:

With beee-atchas like that, any wonder men want nothing to do with Modren Whamenz? No shytte there Aye?

Then, in another case of “Fuck Around/Find Out”

Choices have consequences.
Something the majority of the “Eee-Leet” College Kids these days have absolutely no idea what that means. Well, I can tell you what it means…

That right there?
TFW you realize that the $80000 Harvard Degree you just got is now completely and utterly worthless because you were a brainwashed fucktarded Liberal.

Welcome to Real Life.

Life is Glorious sometimes innit?
Oh, and lastly, “The Ebony Alert” got put into place in, (where else natch), Califrutopia ‘cos apparently they care even less about lil missing knee-grows in Cali than they do in the rest of the United Staatz.

Not for nothing, I personally think the Nogs wanted something ‘special’ as there aren’t many niggers named ‘Amber’ in the hood, and an “Apefrican Alert” comes off rather racist don’t y’all agree?

Besides, the majority of blaq mothers, judging from how they raise them little worthless fucks, the only time they ever seem to give two shits about them is

A) If they’re facing murder charges and they get to berate folks with the call of “He dindoonuffin!”

OR more often

B) when one of their drug-addled, thieving, piece of shit, dead-eyed spawn becomes a good nigger at the hands of (preferably) a whytte cop, and they get to cash in on the “New Dead Nigger Lotto”

Beyond that, I’ve never seen a caring Blaq Family…
Not kidding there sadly enough.

So stay tuned, more fun inbound.
Avoid Cities on Friday BTW
Got me a hunch.
Big Country

26 thoughts on “Oy! Oh So Many Questions and No Good Answers”

  1. The “girlfriend” is indeed a POS, she not only refused to give a description, I read that she played dumb during a lineup. But The Pacific is like The Bee, but mocking The Atlantic., so you might do a caveat on that picture. It’s not a real headline, but it could be.

  2. We are about 90 miles east of Shitcago as the crow flies. Keeping an eye out for strange traffic patterns on I94 coming from that direction. If SHTF this freitag the MDOT traffic cams will show the great escape ongoing.
    The only good news is that we are due for 3 days of crappy rainstorms, that tends to “damp down” street mayhem over there. Head on a swivel is the order of the day.

  3. Look, I get it. I get it all. But fuck the arabs. I hope gaza is a gravel pit within a month. I learned all I needed to know about islam on Sept. 11th.

    1. So two decades later you still believe Arab’s were behind 9/11?
      You have much to learn about 9/11

      Even though they had nothing to do with 9/11, I do agree Islam is pure evil and needs to be destroyed!

    2. Emmanuel Cellar and his 1965 immigration bill has been immeasurably more destructive to the US than whatever the CIA conned those muzzies into doing on 9/11.

  4. Dang it I’m glad someone else is calling BS on all the propaganda coming out of the ME right now.
    Good grief everyone claims to not trust the MSM but as soon as they start spewing “dead babies” all of a sudden everyone is following the bouncy ball again. Geez wake the frick up people!
    This soon in the game nothing is as it seams in war.
    Its all to get normies spun up, don’t be a normie !
    Thanks BCE

  5. I saw the beheaded baby story and immedately thought if the BS Iraqies killed the babies in the hospital story that was used to get us into Gulf 1.

    And I thought the Ukrainian bullshit machine was bad.

    There are no clean hands over there.

  6. I worked for a large Wall Street bank for a number of years.
    Purely “coincidental”, the high C level folks had last names like *stein, *witz, *berg, *blum, etc.

    For some strange reason they were all very strong supporters of Israel.

    Would these guys hold a grudge against an anti-Israel goyim err “not member of the club” ?

  7. They ripped the babies out of their incubators and threw them in the floor.
    Who doesn’t remember the outrage? And the eventual discovery of who she was?
    The lies to manufacture consent go way back.
    No way they were surprised. Too many spies,Egypt supposedly warned them about something about to happen,,

  8. back in the early 2000’s my buddy had to take the subway into town (philly) and there where a
    lot of poster about aborting black babies. something like 60% of kids getting aborted back then
    he had a question. ” what, they think there is a shortage of them or something ?”
    so, yeah. and we all know how well that has worked out for the city there.
    as for the dead kids and shit. that bullshit is as old as WWI for god’s sake and people still fall for it. also, your right about the “photo” not enough blood.
    never mind the fact that shit for brains bribem said on TV that he saw the pictures of “beheaded babies” anyone who believes anything that asshole says is beyond help anymore.
    I just glad I had a long talk with my grandson about such bullshit this past summer.
    he learned to see thru it now. so, check with your good neighbors, help them get ready for the coming shit show that is bound to get here soon.
    I stopped trusting the “news” back in the early 1970’s with that lying bastard “Walter”

  9. Well fellas, we live in an age where we can’t trust anything we see and hear. You want pics of the beheaded babies? Hell – with a little training I could probly fake a video of it starring our esteemed blog host doing the honours. The quality of the fake would be so good, his own wife be wondering about him.

    Not saying it didn’t happen; those mud flap ragheads are animals and no bones about it. They’re perfectly capable of it. Apparently their shit-skinned counterparts in ISIS sawed the heads off a few toddlers and posed for pics afterward. But that could be fake too.

    All I know is that 95% of the lamestream media is owned by six corporations….and guess (((who))) own and run those companies?

  10. If you do searches online with the correct arabic terms you will find video of the beheaded corpses. Adult and kids. Hamas took lots of video. Lots of video. They have been hacking off heads in that region since the 1940’s. Whole families back in the 1970’s. Up by the Golan Heights.

    Because its a jihadi thing.

    And if you search around you will find the photos of the squaddie who had his head almost hacked off one afternoon on a London street a few years ago.

    Because its a jihadi thing.

    And if you search really really hard using French search terms you will find the photos and video taken by the French police of what was done to the victims in the Bataclan massacre in Paris in 2015. Thats why the salafis brought machetes as well as AK’s. To behead hostages. The police picked up a lot of heads that night. And limbs. Chopped off while the hostages were still very alive. All confirmed later in the National Assembly hearings. Thats why the French police now do an automatic headshot with any wannabe jihadi. Not even SOS Racisme complain that much when its – Allahu Akbar – Bang, Splat, Red Mist…

    Because its a jihadi thing.

    If you want your evidence just root around the various jihadi sites. They just love showing video of dead mutilated kufrs. Just search on the many various derogatory terms they have for us unclean dirty sub-human animals. Google translate will be your friend.

    Because its a muslim thing.

    1. “unclean dirty sub-human animals”

      Guess who else calls us dirty sub-human animals?

      And for the record, no of course I don’t approve of Hamas (or anyone) killing Israeli civilians. But so far as I can tell, leadership on all sides in the ME are assholes. Plenty of ordinary people (again on all sides) are decent humans, but they aren’t running things. They’re just the ones doing the dying.

    2. IDK if it was Bataclan, but in one of those Paris terror attacks, some jihadis started bangin into a coffee shop. A few Colombian cartel guys were in there and returned fire. The story was only out there a few days, and not in any English language news outlets.
      Stay safe

  11. Harvard ain’t what it once was.
    I went to the poor people’s college down the road, and bounced at a couple of bars and clubs in the neighborhood. It was good fun, kicking the legs of rich kids out from under them when theybacted up. Plus my aunt was banging the chair of astrophysics at the time so I got to have a free lunch at the Harvard Club once a month. At the time, the only idiots allowed were the Legacy students (3rd gen+ students and minor royalty) and that hot but flat-chested girl from the Star Wars prequels. She waa allright for a chick with no cans… today there are the decorative black kids who the school keeps for a year or two, for aesthetic purposes. They get in free because the school has a trust fund larger than the GDP of many nations. Cutting through Harvard’s campus now is not much different than the Boston Public Gardens. Slightly less bum dung, slightly more fucked up hairdo’s, maybe somewhat less fat people I guess.
    I haven’t been for about 5 years now. I used to sneak out vials of fruit flies 10,000 at a time from the genetics lab at my school, anesthetize them, then uncork the vial and dump the sleeping flies out in the buildings at Harvard.

    1. Adding you to the List of Deplorables man… didn’t know you were a ‘homeboy’

  12. I think the big reason for creating an ebony alert is this. Very often an “amber alert” ends up with a hunt for the Dad who has gone through a divorce and his access to his child is being manipulated by the mother and as a last resort, the dad snatches the kid, or is late returning the kid. With an ebony alert, for the most part, you can ignore looking for the father. Who dat?

    1. I apologise in advance. Your post destroys so many memes – black fathers do exist!!

      The kidnapping/slaving market is highly active right now – attack the adult(s) in a public location and seconds later the kids are gone in to the blink of an eye. Telegram has the footage.

      This is a real thing.

      Kids are getting snatched – watched your kids. Fathers are not the problem

  13. Remember the Maine!

    Oy vey! The goyim are catching on again! Time to generate sympathy!

    Everyone watch Israel! Pay no attention to those jewish NGOs transporting hundreds of thousands of military-aged young men from Africa, Central America, Haiti and various other shitholes into Europe and the USA.

    I’m more concerned about the border 100 miles from my house, and 40 miles from my Mom’s house than whatever is happening on the other side of the planet.

    My circus is here. The monkeys are coming in by the thousands. All we need now is some music and some lions.

  14. I’m not saying that that particular atrocity hasn’t happened. It may very well have because……Haji.

    That being said, I have three tours and worked EMS for 15 years. That occupant of that car seat was not shot or beheaded…..at least not in the seat.

  15. Only an Israhelli would steal your land, punch you in the face, shoot your granny and then play the victim.

    Not sure if any the posters here watch Jimmy Dore. He’s an old style Democrat that the looney libtards hate as well as being funny. He covers current events and has on unpopular guests to rip the shit out of the mainstream narrative.

    He had on Norman Finkelstein who is an individual that I have a lot of respect for. He is hated by the Zionatzi’s and Israhellis. Sobering stuff

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4

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