Why SHOULD We Care? I Know I Don’t and Neither Should You.

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Wasn’t going to poast as we’re ALL worn out post-Red Head. It’s all fun and games until she decides to crawl into bed with you at oh-dark early and sleep in the King Sized bunk with you and the Frau, and then kicks you not once, but twice in the junk whilst having a dream.

Yeah, Ye Olde Nutsack is still throbbing and not in a good way.

Not to blame her, she was having bad dreams.

Which was probably due to the cray-cray that happened late last night. No one died, but I did have to call the Sherriff. They are intimately aware of the address unfortunately, due to MY issues from years gone by, as well as Dumbcunts antics. Every time they show, I get the “Hey! You’re the guy with the flamethrower right?”

Le Sigh.

At least it causes them some discomfiture.
They’re well aware I have no use for them, nor any other authorities and that my default setting is “BBQ Them All, Let God Sort Them Out” if needs be. They ALSO know I don’t call them outside of really needing them as my distain for them is blatant. The -only- time I call them is like last night. I have a Bass pond in the back yard. It’s why my property values are high. Corner lot, pond, great view.

Well, last night the local kids decided to show up at 0100, and have a drunken brawl/party/orgy in MY back yard. Turns out it was Homecoming (according to the cops who rousted them). Meh. Party alllllll you want, but not in my back yard… I do NOT want to have to replace the landmines… the Claymores take forever to reprint on the 3D printer…

Jes’ Sayin’.

So, besides rousting the local kids, the news is that it seems that “our greatest ally evvar” got their heads handed to them, both metaphorically and in real life. WHY that means we have to do anything outside of offering condolences beats the ever loving fuck out of me. Realistically, and say it with me kids:



FFS We got ENOUGH of our own bullshit to deal with.

What I will say, is “Great Op guys.”
Gotta admire it.
I mean wow.

I mean WOW
Whoever came up with THAT particular aspect of the mission was a fucking genius on par with Von Clausewitz. I’m MOST impressed with this…this’s possibly THE most heavily patrolled Airspace (likely outside of the District of Criminals, AKA Sodom on the Potomac) it gives one pause as to “How could they stop a ‘swarm attack’ of paragliders combined with drones?”

Answer: They -can’t-.

All pertinent folks, take notes.
Any bets that the FAA -suddenly- starts issuing a whole shitload of new ultralight/paraglider regs in the next two-three months? Nope… ain’t betting ‘cos I know it’s a sure thing. Shit like this has to have “The Detail;” start shitting in their Brooks Brother’s trousers… a suit that costs that much, they ain’t pants donchaknow? Nah, they make it all about “Muh Safety” and shytte, knowing full well they no longer control airspace after something like this.

Remember, you heard it here first.

Then, well, in keeping with “Hippy Dippy Assholes dying stupidly” I give you Shani Louk:

German Tattoo Chick, ID’d by her leg tats.
Kil’t and raped to death by Hamas.
30 Years Old…. Pretty good looking for an almost-walled slam-pig. Seems she was there for the “Peace Rave” near the Gaza when all hell broke loose. Damned shame…


Not sure if that’s going to work… but still… From the movie “Heathers” ANYways, yeah, waste of a good looking broad… Guess her “Louk” ran out Aye?

And yeah, I’ma headed to hell for that one.

But seriously, why the fuck should we cxare and why the fuck should we invest one fucking dollar in the current shytteshow? It realistically started when 800+ seriously hardcore Jewish far right fucktards stormed the Al Aqsa Temple Complex on October 5th.

Now, having lived with, worked with a BUNCH of Islamics, and considering a number of Palestinians Friends that I made in Iraq?


That’d be the equivalent of the Jews going into The Cathedral in the Vatican, of St Peter and desecrating it. So, even though the planning may have been in place for quite a while, I’d call that the potential ‘trigger event’.

Meaning Hamas might have been “So… do we do this or not?” and after THIS particular fuck up, they said, “Oh hell yes” and rolled hot and heavy. What -I- want to know is how long BEFORE the Israelis start top realize that THIS might be the end game?

Too many ‘moving pieces’…
Too much happening everywhere all at once.
The Jews have two end-of-shit-no-shit plans IF everything goes to hell… Plan Jericho, where they do ‘danger close’ nuke strikes IF they feel it’s needed
The Sampson Option, which is the one that causes all our Politicians to suck Jew taint ALL day long. The Yids have never been subtle about the Sampson Option. Sampson is where they launch ALL their nukes at ALL the world capitals to “smoke the world” so to speak

Meaning if THEY can’t have it/own it, no one can.

At this point in my life, I know they don’t have a hell of a lot of nukes… I’d almost be good if they went “full Sampson.” That they torch DC, FNYC and possibly LA… Moscow (which BTW is ‘uparmored’ these days like a motherfucker) Chyna? Cool… Thing is

Not a solitary Jew would survive Sampson
I mean there might be individuals, but let me tell you…
Can you imagine the rage and hatred of them after?
They snivvle about the Holohoax…
Pretty sure if they do the “Sampson Dance” we’d be Jew free inside of 3 months, 4 tops.

Just my thoughts
I hope I’m wrong, but the retards in charge?
Well, they are retards amiright?
More Later
Big Country

64 thoughts on “Why SHOULD We Care? I Know I Don’t and Neither Should You.”

  1. We all know that the Mossad is one of the best intelligence agencies in the World and they have tons of spies among the Palistinians.
    YET they had no idea that this was coming ?
    This smells of shades of 911.
    In addition it is known that high level people in Hamas have “relationships” with Mossad.
    Plus Netanyahu was about to be kicked out and arrested and the Israelis were pissed at he and his buddies.

    Then VOILA this happens and Netanyahu is talking like he is FDR after Pearl Harbor.

    I can’t prove anything but like 911 this whole thing stinks to high heaven and we are being bullshitted.

    1. Winner winner chicken dinner.

      Guess what round 2 is?

      Gerald R Ford gets blowd up and “we know it was an Iranian missile!”

      US gets its war with Iran.

      Friday is the 13th.

  2. Welcome to the REAL WWIII. Why should you care? Hey dumb ass, we should All care. The Intel failures both Jew and US, or was it truly an Intel failure?

    So this is how this SHALL happen, Israel won’t go after Hamas, fuck no they will be decapitating Iran. Old says “ let’s run down the hill and fuck us a cow. Old bull, na let’s walk down the hill and fuck all the cows.

    Theirs a “Reckoning” coming friends. Ukraine was never going to be the tipping point, was always going to be the mid east. Israel has zero choices to make this is kill em all stuff.

    I’m amused at the multiple shots of the single paraglided with a Muslim and a ak 74 flying around. Nothing cool about it BCE, let’s chat about 5000 rockets and zero accountability.

    I gotta say I can’t quite get the US Govts failure out of my head. I’m fucking certain the US Govts at the top of this. No proof, just all gut feelings. This is The Big Money Move!

    Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m right. If i am correct,,,,think of the implications.


    1. Well yer a bit of a prick about it – but entirely correct, Dirk! HAR HAR HAR!!! 🙂 That powered paraglider pic strikes me the same way as those pics from the start of the war in the Kraine – where the grannies and 16 year old bubblegumming hotties posed for the cameras with AK47s and fags like Aesop creamed their jeans in adoration. Fact is my bush radar is going off on this one. The powered paraglider (PPG)? Hmmmmmm. Top speed around 30 miles an hour. Ceiling’s probably around 5000~7000 feet. No armour, no ECM… wouldn’t those guys be sitting ducks? Something stinks with that one.

      1. Well the fact that their radar cross section is negligible, and for “reasons” they weren’t seem/spotted.
        What THIS inquiring mind wants to know is where and when did they get the training? Any of them flying around Gaza for the train up, THEY would have absolutely gotten smoked by an F-15/16/35. Figure out where and when they trained and THEN you have a lot of answers…

      2. Glen,
        Sorry to ruin your fap time happy moment, but I’m irretrievably heterosexual.
        So you’ll have to come up with a different fantasy to jack off to while you’re typing with one hand.

        Start with the one where anyone gives a wet shit what anyone in Canuckistan thinks about what America should do about anything.

        Why not stop bloviating about anything down here ( – or, hell, anything outside Canickistan in general, just for the novelty -), and go see to doing something besides taking it up the ass for your communist overlord Turdoo, then get back to us on how that works out for ya? Talking out of your ass while Turdoo’s dick is up it only leaves it one place to go, and it’s hard to take you seriously with his cum coming out of your mouth.

        Unless, of course, you can’t help yourself, and you kind of like it like that.
        You do you.

  3. all these comments bouncin round in my noggin really cant post any of em. oh well, as you were, carry on… bee tea dubya we need a reup o’ ye ole flammenwurfer plans! im sure gab wouldnt mind! dont know if its the times or the locale but man we would never have trespassed like that when i was growing. between leg hold “beaver traps” rock salt shot gun shells and homemade tear gas it just twerent a good idear! maybe next time go out and shake the kids down for some free booze before calling the cops? jus sayin =)

    1. fuck yes! good to see you out and about T fat! you rock nigga!!! miss yer poasts. take care out there!

  4. Oh boy…another cash cow for the MIC. I guess the kids of all those suits at Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics et al. won’t put themselves through college…assuming those unholy fucks actually have hellspawn of their own.

    Oh well. As the younger folks among us are oft known to say:



  5. Those loons have been fighting over the same shitty pile of sand and rocks for thousands of years, let them fight. We have no friends in that part of the world.

    1. That video is making the rounds. As it should.

      AND in an interesting coincidence, this morning the guy filling in for Mike Slater on his radio show was postulating that perhaps, just perhaps, all this talk of scalps being taken in the middle east (note that is a reference to Columbus Day, for those in Loma Linda) might prompt folks to buy more bang bang sticks – – – the coincidence is I know was loading 30-round PMAGs. LOL

  6. Don’t be distracted by all of this. The real shit show is about to start. Sido is right. prepare accordingly.

  7. Fuck just fuck, many here have discussed world affairs for many many years, sometimes we don’t agree, but I respect the view you each have.

    This isn’t the same ol song and dance, this is much bigger than that. We live in a world wired for every word or thought is cataloged and stored. Mossad one of the b st Intel shops in the world missed this? US Intel shops missed this? How can that be.

    Na, this is much bigger than all that, this is planned financed and carried out by the insane clown policy people. The ones that have 99% of all the money in the world at their finger tips.

    This isn’t Sand Niggers killing Jews, this is much bigger.

    What’s really at stake here, who isn’t involved from that region? Planned in Lebanon? A few of us here have actually been in Lebanon, when the place was amazing, culture was in place. Not the shot hole dug directly after the Marine Barracks bombing. Place went down hill quickly after that lil party.

    Anyway this gig isn’t going to be won on the streets of Gaza, no sir, this gig to be won effectively has to be taken directly to Tehran with the swift removal of the Iranian govt. pave paradise put in a parking lot kinda action.

    And how interesting was the National broadcast telephone warning here in the US and I think the previous day in Russia. Timings everything. Wasn’t it two maybe three days before this Jew gig.

    This is not a regional matter, this is much bigger.

    How do the Jews punish an Arab population for the deeds done by 5000 zealots? Kill em all? Is not a solution.

    Na, the answer the solution to the entire regions political problems starts and ends in Iran. Kill a million Arabs, or swiftly remove the leadership of a terrorist nation?

    Face it, the region is rich in minerals other valuable resources, when I hear someone in our govt say Strategic anything, I understand it means we or some other nations going in to steal their resources.

    Oil is the obvious target, but in this day and age, there are very important minerals in that region only. Minerals needed for circuitry chips, solar,,,,,what futurists view as needed to support the rest of the world.

    TFAT, TFAT, TFAT, I thought you were dead by now the island Indians cut your ugly head off and bbqed you on a spit. Roasted you like the Hawaiians roast their pigs.

    If 0311 were here be like old home week. Amuses me that as the world turns the bands getting back together!

    Lastly 5million military aged men have been turned loose in our nation. Is there any doubt that stock piles of weapons are available to them when the times right.

    It won’t be our military, or the police fighting these people, gonna be citizens just like us. Never ever underestimate your enemy’s!


    1. “Face it, the region is rich in minerals other valuable resources”

      AhhHa, found another neocon!

  8. Here we go again, eh?

    The pics are coming out of frightened jews being menaced by filthy, evil Palestinkians. Globohomo has stopped rubbing your nose in the ranbow colored pile of feces they dropped, and is trying to tie your patriotism to sympathy for the jew. Faggots like Aesop – who were the ultimate authority on the Kraine conflict – are now Ham Ass and middle east experts. They’ll regale us with tales about Palestinkian corruption, evil, and stupidity – carefully fed to them from other parrots in the mass media.

    Everything is the same as before guys. NOTHING is to be accepted as fact until it has been proven true by our own deplorable sources. As Globohomo fails, as the jew conspiracy starts to fall apart… the world is going to change. Alliances shift with the sands over there and betrayal and deceit are the order of the day. Given our leadership only more chaos can come of this. If it gets stupid, the world is going to seriously change.

  9. Nobody has more spooks per capita. No way in hell paragliders just swarmed in unnoticed. The response? Where was the defense?
    Ukraine seems to have gone to where the flu went during covid.
    Biden? Impeachment? Everything seems focused on Israel.
    And because Israel, who certainly didn’t try to sink the US Liberty, is now Under Attack, facing an Eggzistential Threat, of a magnitude never seen before, Blahh Blahh Blahh,, of Course we will be shipping pallets of cash and weapons, because Greatest Ally and Blahh Blahh Blahh..

  10. How about that October Surprise.
    It’s a good thing that we have the genius Brandon and the faculty lounge to lead us to 1000 years of glorious victories.
    Si se puede!
    The fun Big Show really began when Brandon was (s)elected, you could almost hear the laughter and champagne corks popping in Moscow, Riyadh, Pyongyang, Tehran.
    The Post-American world book that Barry Soetoro was carrying on the tarmac, will the Long March comrades get their wish?
    Tune in, same RAT time same RAT channel.

  11. What the fuck is wrong with you! First you cry about your grand daughter and all the shit you went through. Then when something worse happens to someone else your attitude is fuck them. You need to get right with yourself. Scumbag

    1. Why the hell should we care about what’s happening there? Have YOU ever served in the DotMil? If so, Do you think its worth ONE DROP of American blood to get involved in a fight that literally has been going on before time began? Do you WANT a draft? Do you want YOUR KIDS/Grans getting sent over ‘there’ for a specious at best and questionable reason at best? Did YOU care when the Krainians were bombing the every loving shit out of the Donbass and attempting an ‘ethnic cleansing’ of ethnic Russians that ran from 2014 til the SMO started? 2800 + kids KIA and not. one. whisper. in. the media. so, as I said, Didn’t think so Cunt.

      I’m a realist. My Gran and the shit we went through were NOT a case where I asked, nay DEMANDED others die or get maimed to assist.
      THAT is the difference.
      They’re going to continue to kill each other until one comes out as the lone survivor(s)
      Why should we care?
      Answer: We shouldn’t.
      Now, please fuck off. The adults are talking.

      1. BCE he didn’t mention American blood.
        BCE, do you condone what Hamas did, and is doing to those women and children?
        That’s the line.

        1. I’m not Big Country, but I’ll answer your question and ask you one in exchange after I state my position.
          I support every execution of Isntreal (((citizens))), no matter the means. If that includes torture, r@pe, or whatever, that’s fine with me. I had relatives that served in Vietnam(I was too young, but I registered for the draft in 1975), and what they saw…and did to survive.

          I was in a mostly Jewish high school when the Yom Kippur War broke out, and I remember the (((kids))) demanding that US troops be sent to defend Israel. When I suggested that (((they))) go over and fight for Israel, I got beaten up badly enough to have to go to the emergency room(again).

          I’ve answered your question, and here’s mine:
          Do you believe that the US and the Allies were right to be bombing civilians during WWII, North Koreans during the Korean War, and North Vietnamese during the Vietnamese War?

        2. > BCE, do you condone what Hamas did, and is doing to those women and children?

          What part of not our circus, not our monkeys did you not understand?
          It’s not our affair.

  12. That’s he first and only body picture I’ve seen, out of supposedly 700 dead now. It will be 6 gorillion next

  13. https://simplicius76.substack.com/p/israel-flashpoint-localized-skirmish

    Simplicius has an interesting take on the situation, speculating on possible Motives/Outcomes of this >obviously< carefully timed/planned Attack. I agree with other posters here that this is clearly a Black Swan to make the Ukraine, Biden, the 'speaker of the house' game, and a bunch of other problems for the ZOG to be 'disappeared'.

    (((congresscritters)))) are already screaming "It's Iran's Fault!!!" and that makes me think that it is the Reason/Purpose of the incident in the first place, to provoke their Golem, the FUSSA Military, to start something with the Persians. "Let's You and Him Fight!" says every cowardly jew.

  14. So much for standing on moral ground, eh?
    Sorry dude, will never condone the horrific things they did, and are doing to those women and children.
    If it was your granddaughter they were doing this to, your opinion would be much different.

    1. Stop watching Fox News, CNN, etc. That crap is pure propaganda and mostly bullshit !

      Just about everyone feels terrible about what is going on there but I’ll say “Karma is a bitch”.
      The Israelis are mostly racist as shit and treat the Palistinians FAR worse than the white South Africans did to the blacks in Apartheid. Last week those Orthodox punks were SPITTING on CHRISTIANS and went in and desecrated the Al-Aqsa mosque — one of the holiest places in Islam.

      People are then shocked when the Palistinians struck back ?

      Also I thought all of the Israelis were well armed ? Why weren’t they fighting back instead of cowering and running like little bitches ?

      The problem (and scary thing) in our country is the Jewish lobby and ADL owns almost every Republithug and most Demoncrats. Hell there are a bunch of bastards in our government with dual Israeli citizenship — conflict of interest anyone ? What have the Israelis EVER done for us except kill our men on the U.S. Liberty and have their hand out for our money and military support ?

      Also, they have bought off most evangelical leaders like John Hagee and others who preach that if you are not 100% supportive of Israel and all they do then you aren’t a Christian. Millions of morons believe this BS and will help suck us in.

      I agree with BCE and others that this is none of our damn business. Let Israel and all of those supporting her grab a gun, join the IDF and go fight but leave all of us the Hell out of it.

        1. I wasn’t trying to blast you and I get it, it is awful to see innocent civilians abused and killed.

          The scary thing is that the Israelis have MASSIVE pull with our government and can easily pull us into this shit.

          The truer question is “BCE if your grand daughters were 18 and 20 and recruiting age, do you want them to get drafted and go fight” ?

          See I have kids and nieces and nephews in their 20s and I’ll be damned if I’ll lose the next generation of my family on this bullshit that is really none of our business.

          1. I don’t really get offended.
            I have a 22 year old son.
            I understand your points, you have some good points that I agree with.
            I guess the reason I was asking the question was to see if BCE, or you, are willing to cross that line.
            I hope not.

    2. Pickler go back to sleep. There has NEVER Been a War that Women and Children got the shitty end of the stick. You might want to read the History of the Jewish People in the Old Testament as a start. Murdering all of your enemies including the sheep and cattle isn’t a new idea…

      Look up Morgenthau Plan to starve to death millions of German civilians to “make sure they will never rise up again. And while you’re at it research the religion of Mr. Morgenthau.

      “Every single time”….

      WHEN NOT IF the troubles occur WITHIN America, you will see these savage behaviors up close and personal to you and yours.

      If you doubt that ponder the Blue Cities in America having low level Black on White terrorism where self-defense gets the defender into a trip into Lawfare and the grey hotel.

      I NOTICE Israel got real about allowing their civilians to carry personal firearms. A day late and a Shinkel short but…

      1. For the third or fourth time, I had a simple question.
        You can make all the personal attacks against me you want. I honestly don’t mind.
        There’s a reason I’m asking that very simple question.

        1. I know that I will never condone the evil shit those Palistinians are doing to innocent civilians right now.
          Rather we are discussing the WHY this happened as well as could this be the start of a much greater conflict that we could get sucked into.

        2. Personal attack? LOL

          Cry me a river dude.

          I’ve spent years in the middle east, and they make the Hatfield’s and McCoys PLUS the St Valentine Massacre look like kindergarten spats. They “Remember” “Personal Attacks”,” Family Insults” and probably “Microaggressions” as reasons to murder each other.

          I am far more concerned about THIS SHIT Happening INSIDE MY Country from the above middle eastern thugs. Your “Concerns” about personal attacks on the internet is laughable.

          What are you going to do when a real threat starts killing your family yelling something about his God?

          1. “Like I said sir.
            Simple question.”

            Yep and Pickler I ASKED you a “Simple Question”.

            Your articulate, what’s your answer?

            In case you missed it “Your “Concerns” about personal attacks on the internet is laughable.

            What are you going to do when a real threat starts killing your family yelling something about his God?”

            And I’ll add are you going to stop him and allow his family to “Avenge themselves on you and yours” AGAIN next week?

            Then maybe you can understand “Not my Monkeys, Not my Circus”.

    3. How do you know what BCE’s or anyone else’s opinion would be under any circustances? To say that you are just asking a simple question as to whether BCE condones, the killing of innocent children is disingenuous and condescending. You sound like a falsely self-assured woman who acts only from the heart, and without the brain, and who believes she occupies the moral high ground. Of course, no one on this forum “condones” the killing of children. Like BCE, we deplore the whole demonic show and all the evil players involved. On the practicable level we have no power stop these events, and it is our ethical duty to our own kith and kin not to participate in them. This conflict is not our business. The founding fathers explicitly warned against entangling alliances.

      My 2 bits.

  15. The strength of these conversations is, everybody gets to play! We agree,,,l we don’t agree. I admit I’m the worst when it comes to punching an associate here in the nose over one sentence in a ten paragraph post. It’s terribly unfair and I acknowledge it’s wrong.

    Never the less me, you BCE WRSA, etc etc we all get to have an opinion and observation. That we disagree shocking, friends believe it or not this back and forth IS what makes us stronger, wiser, ain’t nobody here 100% right, from a moral ethical legal point of view.

    Take the good leave the parts you don’t agree with. Most importantly contribute something. Every single time one of you post I learn,, you learn. We have folks among us whom are incredibly informed. And we have Feds here. It’s just the way it is.

    Regarding caring about others, I kinda know BCEs history, I “ think” I can understand his feeling towards others in dirka dirkastan, yet love his grands with his entire heart.

    Isn’t that love for our families how it supposed to be. For me it’s people in general, we the human are the most despicable vial creatures on the face of the planet. We kill for no reason, we would sell the very last widget in the entire world for profit, even knowing it’s the last zero chance of that widget or whatever to reproduce will ever happen.

    But I know a secret, Mother Nature just has a way, to re create anything in nature. A magnificent gift to man kind.

    How many times has the race extended one species or another, only to find a mating pair ten years later.

    1. It’ll be interesting to see if this group can survive debate, or if we are going to fall into the same totalitarianism that was inflicted upon us with the Covid propaganda.
      And I’m speaking as a RN.

      1. RN posters do seem a need to let us know all about their authority DUE to being a RN.

        Now maybe you can tell me why you THOUGHT “And I’m speaking as a RN” meant anything here?

        Your articulate, you’re a well-educated RN, defend your reasoning please.

        BTW you’re not the only well-educated medical sort around here. Some of us have served in shithole countries putting civilians back together after meeting up with our own military’s actions.

      2. Oooh speaking as an RN, look at the big head on Pickler.
        Sorry we already have a bloviating, huge ego, small brain nursie, thank you very much, that position has been filled.

  16. Dirk AND fucking T’fat!!!!

    Ho lee shite, it’s like a re yew yun of the old WRSA comments.

    I’m glad you two fuckers are still kicking

    Keep that powder dry motherfuckers, it’s top of the 8th and you know hoooo is at bat.

  17. It’s probably “Plan Samson”, as in the dude who pulled down the temple walls, not ‘Sampson’.

  18. I doubt Israeli Intel didn’t know this was coming. Looks like it was planned with at least 2 objectives. (1) Start shit with Iran and drag us into it. (2) Have an excuse to enact a “final solution” to the Palestinian Question.


    I’ve been using that line frequently over the past two days.

    > Sampson is where they launch ALL their nukes at ALL the world capitals to “smoke the world” so to speak

    What I’ve heard is they’re already in place inside the relevant cities. Now for the US and most western countries I’d believe that. I’m not so sure about Moscow and I don’t think there’s any way with Beijing. So those would have to be conventional ICBM’s.

  20. The only thing I have trouble with, having spent more than enough time around the site, is how in bloody blue blazes did 800+ Israeli settlers get even capable of storming the Al Asqa compound. Especially during Sukkot? My opinion is they didn’t. Still the same old “come defend Al Asqa from the Jews” And BCE’s title is what all of our opinions are worth.

  21. They do not call it Military Theater for nothing.
    They always tell us what they are doing to us and who they are.
    They have run out of money.
    They have lost control of the global monetary system.
    They love hate, they thrive on hate, they need the energy of hate, they trade the energy of hate and fear.
    They need fear most of all.
    They need most of all the frequencies of hate and fear, this is key. Without creating hate and fear they have no power but the raw power to hurt. But that is a two way street.
    They can not control people who are not afraid, more than that, Love, true Love, of self, of those near to you, Love for GOD, most of all true Love between two people, is a frequency which they can not stand. Remember, “They” are the evil themselves in this world, us good folks always get along with eachother, they need all of us to forget this truth of us.

    Fear/FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real
    (Wow. I thought. All this time and never saw that!)

    You still need boolits brothers and arms. Yet all the above is if not more important and so together they are your arsenal.
    Remember always, the real weapon is always the one between the ears and within your heart. The rest are instruments there of.
    If you pass this on to others and you help to change one mind you have changed the entire world. This is your true AO. And last this you can effect, it is really in practical terms all you can effect, and it is what we all must effect, just as it all begins with each of us. Then it is a lot of us.
    Remember, if it is to be it is up to me.

  22. Point of Order:

    The Samson Option has had exactly Jack and Shit to do with “nuking all world capitols”, since ever.

    1) They don’t have that capability now, and never did. You could look it up.
    2) That’s never been anyone’s plan, least of all Israel’s, by any account.

    The actual Samson Option is to send a nuke or three into the respective capitols of their millenia-long Arab and Persian enemies, all of which have been within striking distance for some years, and all of whom have participated in Operation Kill The Jooooos! anywhere from 1 to 20 times in just the last 70 years.

    Teheran and beyond was added just a few years ago, when Trump sold Israel air-to-air refueling ability for the first time.
    Capability dictates intentions.
    Erdogan seems to want to get Ankara added to that list, which has some effect on Russia, NATO, and some other geo-political implications. You might have heard about that.

    That option is Israel’s, in case they’re ever forced to ask the Muslim world just how bad they really want to play the “Let’s Kill All Jooooooooos!!!” Game.

    None of that demands nor requires a single American life, and I was unaware of anyone not frothingly mad suggesting we send anyone there.
    (FTR, anyone suggesting we send any US troops there is, by definition, frothingly mad, in a clinical sense.)

    Besides that, the idea that what happens there stays there has been true exactly zero times in world history for the last 6000 years.

    Gasoline was 38¢/gallon the summer of ’73.
    It spiked rather higher shortly thereafter.
    Those of you alive at the time, or capable of reading beyond “graphic novels”, can explain to the Baby Ducks in the audience why that changed, and how it had some wee effect on world events far from the region in the intervening half-century, starting with almost leading to a direct nuclear confrontation with your Soviet heartthrobs and man-crushes from 50 years ago.

    The idea that this is a purely local problem is risibly childish, for only about 10,000 reasons.
    As is the idea that we’d want or need to send anyone to the region to do anything but convince the parties involved to knock that shit right off, something we’ve only been doing since at least the 1950s, beginning under Saint Eisenhower.

    As for fighting it out themselves, both sides have been ready and willing to do just that, all by themselves, for about 6000 years. They don’t need any American military members to help them with that effort, nor have needed any, at any point in time.

    By all accounts, Netanyahu’s plan is to raze Gaza to the ground, and push the Egyptian Arabs that live there back to their home country. 50 years late, to be sure, but you play the hand you’re dealt.
    The Jordanian Arabs in the West Bank can decide whether they like their homes on the west side of the Jordan River, or want to be moved back to Jordan proper as well. Not having launched missile attacks on Israel, I suspect their answer is already in hand.
    Last I heard, the Lebanese Arabs already made their choice too, and got dealt with rather harshly.
    Total American troops required to date: zero.

    Meanwhile, you’ve been taxed directly for the last 45 years to the tune of $4B/year since the late 1970s, just to bribe Israel and Egypt to stop fucking with each other.
    (The fact that Israel had captured the entire Egyptian field armies in a fire sack, the Eqyptian field commander had surrendered, and Israel was marching on defenseless Cairo by land unopposed, after defeating them militarily for the fourth or fifth time in 30 years at the time, and Egypt quite obviously couldn’t defend itself from the Boy Scouts on a good day, was a sweetener to the eventual deal.)

    So we’ve already got US$180,000,000,000 in payoffs (since back when $180B was considered a lot of money) giving us some say, and leverage, in what goes down on both sides.

    If any of that’s news to anyone, they’re really not tall enough for this discussion.

    I suspect some serious arm-twisting is going on, reminding Egypt’s government that if they want to forego the money, and revert to how it was for them from 1948-1980, they can walk away from that deal.

    But hey, if anyone seriously thinks that what happens in that region doesn’t affect them directly, well, good luck with that outlook.


    Reality is a bitch of a teacher.
    And she uses a cane across the face to reinforce lessons to sluggards rather frequently.

    1. Per General Moshe Dayan: “Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.’ I consider it all hopeless at this point. We shall have to try to prevent things from coming to that, if at all possible. Our armed forces, however, are not the thirtieth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.”

      Don’t sound like that’s ONLY “their millenia-long Arab and Persian enemies” that they’re talking about…

      Make of it what you will, YMMV and having lived in that festering shitheap part of the World for, almost ten years and knowing members of the IDF from my visits there, as well as having interactions with members of the Jordanian DotMil (2nd in command of the Jordanian SpecOps is still one of my best friends, he’s a retired Brigadier now) as well as hanging out with members of the (former) Iraqi Parliament (2007-2008)? Like I said, Make of it what you will, and YMMV.

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