War Is Good For You

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Amazing how many of them fuckers who’ve never known a day of discomfort in their fucking worthless but eee-leet lives are oh-so-ready to march off to War.

The queer cocksucker Linnnnndsay went off on how this’s a “religious war” and that “we need to attack Iran now!!!

I’m all for that.
Let’s snatch his ass up, and fly him to Tehran to ‘have at it.’
I might even be willing to hand him a 9mm with one round in it when we throw him off the plane. Worthless fucker.
Shit like that makes me pray that the Iranians really do have sleeper cells in D.C. if only to totally fuck up them fuckers.

I mean it seems like it’s always the soft targets that the scumbags hit. Any wonder nothing changes? Mainly ‘cos the scumbags who purely need to die never seem to be ‘on the list.’

Then of course the ‘cancel culture’ out there is running rampant. Seems that if you ‘question the narrative’ then you’re in favor of Hamas and/or beheading babies.

Circular Logic/Firing Squad level Pretzel Logic there Aye?
And add on that good ole Joe, the Kidsniffer Pursuviant, Prevert Extraordinaire stated yet again, “Hamas DID cut off Babies Heads!” and whaddya know… like 99% of the statements that the Reeeetard (p)Resident said got walked back about 9 nanoseconds after he spoke:

Any wonder people like myself keep ‘questioning the narrative’? Add on that it seems that the media company that initially reported this little info-nugget to the world press? Owned by a relative of BeeBee Nutjobyayhoo.

A co-inky-dink I’m sure.

Propaganda has never been so out of control so quickly.
It’s almost impossible to know what reality is.
I mean hey, here’s a couple of throwbacks from World War One:

And this:

Der Commissar/Kaiser is on the prowl again.
‘Cept instead of them cool Pickelhalb Helmets, they’re wearing Keffiyehs and toting AKs and RPGs. It took like 20 years for that little pile of bullshit to finally get cleared up. Of course that’s because news was print only, and moved at the proverbial sloth-pace. Reason I say sloth instead of snail is that sloths are filthy shit covered creatures so the relationship to the media is closer than the usual slime-covered snail IMO.

So, the fuckwits promoting this have ZERO skin in the game, outside of the media clicks. CNN got caught doing the “OMFG WE’RE UNDER HEAVY BOMBARDMENT!!!REEEEEE!!!”

Until they weren’t.
Yeah, won’t poast it as it -is- Communist News Nutjobs.
However it’s funny as fuck to watch the pedestrians stroll by the retards ‘cowering in the ditch’

Simplicicius has another good write-up this AM. WRSA linked it HERE

The part I found personally fascinating was the part about Iron Dome being essentially vaporware. A very interesting theory and one that makes sense. It works on so many levels. Hamas, who we already know was created by, and under the control of Mossad and Shin Bet, launches “rockets” at the population, which keeps them in a constant state of fear. Then “all of a sudden” Tah DAH! The Military Industrial Complex gives you
It slices, it dices, it makes julienne fries out of Hamas Rockets!

Until it doesn’t
See, the problem as Simplicius points out, we now have seen what happens when a real rocket interception happens int he Kraine. Too many vidyas. And from personal experience in Iraq, I too, have seen it and -felt- it. The C-RAM if and when it took out incoming (besides being utterly deafening,) when it DID hit a rocket/mortar round etc, the pieces tended to ‘rain down’ on us.

I still have some fragments laying around in some boxes in the garage that I collected, to include the porcelain shell fragments… as the C-RAM uses the 20mm HEIT-SD (high-explosive incendiary tracer, self-destruct) ammunition. One of the guys servicing it told me that the rounds were made of a high impact environmentally ‘safe’ porcelain… not sure but hey, wouldn’t doubt it. That and I got pieces/parts that used to fall from the sky after attacks…

The Iron Dome?
Not so much.
And considering just how full of shit The MIC is?
I absolutely wouldn’t doubt for a fucking second that it’s vaporware. Like the Patriot Missile batteries, the Leopard 2, the Challenger 2, and more than likely (IF we ever let the Krainians use them) the M1A1 Abrams appear to be a lot of “HYPE” rather than “actually, you know, fucking works as advertised!”

Like Flavor Flav levels of Hype.

It IS -that bad-.
And then we also get into the whole Gaza being blowed the fuck up thing. Personally, I got no dog in the hunt, but I do enjoy seeing some serious schadenfreude going on with the scumfuck EU assholes and the like, like this nugget:

To which I felt the need to ‘fix it’:

Apparently it’s not ¡Genocide! when it’s you who’s doing it?
The very fact that that Teutonic Twat is going to be hung out to dry for it is sweet. I mean BEING a Kraut and this involving Jews? Talk about “Moments I should resign, and go hide off in the woods to contemplate why I suck so bad at being a human”

Of course it’ll never happen
Soulless fucking goblins, one and all.
So Hunker in, Shit’s getting Sporky-er.
Big Country

33 thoughts on “War Is Good For You”

  1. Hey now, Col Lindsey “Light Loafers” Graham earned a Bronze Star for the combined less than 6 months he spent in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Admittedly not as impressive as the Bronze Star Desantis got. Had one idiot try to tell me DeSantis was a door kicking SEAL in Iraq. When I pointed out he was just a legal advisor and that they hand out Bronze Stars to officers like they hand out NJPs to enlisted men he got really quiet.

    1. Officers give themselves so many medals they should be eliminated. Instead, valorous acts should be expected from officers as a matter of leadership. Officers valorous actions should be significant enough to to be worthy of remembrance or they should stop pretending.

  2. I prefer the days when the king and a whole retinue of his most important and richest nobles leading troops they outfitted and paid for themselves went to war. At least they shared the same danger that the “common” soldier experienced on the battlefield.

    1. The CSA had seven or eight generals killed at the Battle of Franklin Tennessee. Lots more examples like Sir Thomas Peckenham CIC of the British invasion of Louisiana killed leading the troops at the Battle of New Orleans or Albert Johnston killed at Shiloh.

      The last US General KIA was probably Simon Bolivar Buckner at Okinawa.

      The rest since died in aircraft crashes or had cardiac arrest in the war zone or in the case of Afghanistan, Harold Green was in the rear and was assassinated by a man dressed like a government soldier.

      Leading from the front has been out of style since 1914.

  3. I’m following the Israel-Gaza kerfuffle solely by your posts. Keep up the great work!

    Oh, and thanks for any/all Simplicicius summaries. I’ve tried to read his posts, but they are just way too much.


    “Nation Horrified After Sleeper Cell Attacks in U.S.”

    WASHINGTON, D.C (AP)–Americans came together in horror after hundreds of highly trained foreign sleeper cells were activated to assassinate men in dresses reading to children at libraries, homosexuals engaging in public sex at gay pride parades, and a majority of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

    “Why didn’t the Iranians take out even more of those perverts?” said a horrified Mabel D. Murrell, a 75-year old retiree and member of the choir of the First Baptist Church outside of Tampa, Fla. “This was a terrible missed opportunity. I’m disappointed in the Iranian commando units.”

    A spokesman for Iranian Constitutional Council that claimed responsibility for the attacks apologized for the relatively small number of casualties, which official sources put at approximately 2,350 dead and 17,100 wounded. “We regret that the number was low, but we took pains to avoid injuring actual Americans. Khasteh nabâshid!”

    Public opinion polls indicated that 95.3 percent of Republican respondents agreed with the statement that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ actions were “a good start, but hardly enough.”

    Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) was last seen at Dudley’s on Ann in Charleston, S.C. a few minutes before the attacks. He has been missing since and could not be reached for comment.

    1. Damn good news, Sir!

      Almost dropped my beer laughing so hard!

      Carry on. Hell–you’re in line for a Nobel Prize in Literature.

  5. Whenever some big-wig like Lady G shoots his mouth off about the “need” for America to go to war for “vital interests” in the Middle East (vital only in that it is issues in that region that makes most of our politicians centimillionaires), all I can think is, “Where is Al Quaeda when you need them?”

    Then I remember that Al Quaeda and ISIS and many others work for people like Lady G.

    It’s a big club, but we ain’t in it.

  6. Don’t forget the lie that Iraqi soldiers dumped premature Kuwaiti babies on the hospital floor in order to steal the incubators. That was to get us into the first Gulf War.

  7. Salient points. First whiff of the whole matter had hints of an intelligence agency op with strong overtones of msm propaganda-an almost 9/11-ish bouquet, but with a bit more sand and grit, yet lacking the obvious influences of theft on a massive scale and widespread, public naivety. Crafted not by the finest of modern day vintners, but rather by journeymen satanists and pedos with all the brute trauma of the Vegas massacre but with a ready-made scapegoat.

    1. Don’t worry he is undoubtedly putting the finishing touches on his Grand Unification Theory, which when posted will be large enough to be seen from Alpha Centuri. Therein will be the most magnificent screed, detailing how if only the ‘Kraine combatants had worn masks from the jump, they would have ended this conflict already. Not to say they are losing now, no, backtracking any of his moronic takes is a complete non-starter. His way forward is to try to memory hole said stupidities, and start commenting on a scattershot of a myraid of new topics.

    2. Aesop’s too busy with his own bots proclaiming Aesop’s glory in Meme Destruction and posting shit talk about BCE’s site.

      Odd how Ukraine and the Russians are LOOOOOSING has dropped off Aesop the Wise’s list to talk about.

    3. Perhaps General Aesop is suffering some side effects of the red pill suppositories the Russians forced him to take? His worldview is collapsing before his eyes, and he’s now being forced to actually think. At some point, he’s going to see that his “sources” are lying to him, and after that, he’ll eventually see a (((pattern))) to the misinformation and misdirection.

      I see that ol’ Kim du Toit is ready to massacre the Pali’s though. Old dogs and new tricks I suppose. The older guys struggle coming to terms with the fact that they’ve been lied to and stick handled by conmen . They have too much emotional investment in the old narratives to let them go… or so it would seem.

  8. Not our circus, not our monkeys as a wise man once said.
    If the monkeys bring the circus here, then we take care of them here. If Israel needs ammo, send it. If they need missiles, deliver a few shiploads, but it ain’t our business to put boots on the ground in this one.
    The one area we should keep in our drone sights is Iran and their nastier proxies, and while doing so, hope someone is keeping an eye on the roads from Affy through Iran towards Iraq and Syria.

  9. As long as we are speaking of war crimes, the US invaded Iraq under false pretenses and destroyed their infrastructure too. Power, water, bridges sound familiar? Lindsey Grahm is a cunt. “We need to bomb Iran”? Really? For what reason other than to give the elites the war they are so desperately trying to get us into? So they can blame our upcoming financial collapse on it and postpone the election. No. My grandchildren and great grandchildren will NOT be in any war to support the deep state.

  10. I wonder if they are crazy enough to actually go into Gaza with troops. If they do, that will be the mother of all meat grinders.

  11. Well according to the most recent tales from the press, because of the disbelief and the show me tweets, the Israeli government has released some of the photos of the kids in question. Having seen enough of the Hamas terror porn and after 43 years of spraying the wet stuff on the red stuff, I do not need to see any more images of crispy and mangled children. Bad enough when you do because of your job, so no need to have flashbacks voluntarily. Some of the reports indicate that they vetted these first before posting, I will leave that up to those here with more IT smarts and skills than me to decide if they are real or shopped.
    It was also reported by some of the survivors that they recognized some of the attackers from having work permits, thus knowing their way around the compounds. They were vetted and look what happened. They led the way. Wonder how that will work out for Ken and Barbie here at home when the hired help comes first thing in the morning someday on their day off.
    As for how I feel about things, I have compassion for the families on both sides who lost loved ones, either in the attack or in the retaliatory response, especially those who lost young children, having been there myself due to a violent car crash. You never get over it and it affects sibling survivors to this day. Those children who had to witness this as opposed to just learning about it from parents,… I have no clue as to how they will be years down the road. May God and Jesus have mercy on them.

  12. “… fly him to Tehran …”

    It’s easy to get excited by this prospect, but they’ll just throw him off the roof …

    Isn’t the reason why obvious to everyone who isn’t in the “mainstream” media?

  13. When it comes to this whole Yankees/Mets support issue, I’ve been getting battered and fried by both sides by noting that some people just want to hear Deus Vult and see the Moors put down once and for all, and aren’t particular about the circumstances to make it happen. There’s little practical difference between mindless and mindful hatred that I can see.

  14. Brutal Aesop wisdom, ouch!

    Listen I have a problem understanding some of the blog daddies rationales. While I get their point, the picture is much bigger. This has to do with Matt’s down playing of the world vaporizing Iran.

    Am I wrong to see that the entire issue is Iran, when one hunts rattle snakes, one cuts the head off, not the rattles. I get it, gonna be messy, but in my mind the wrong people are dying. I mean don’t it always lead back to Iran? Well most of the time.

    If this shit shows gonna be over for an extended time frame, we have to address the Iran issue. We can’t deal with them, we can’t buy them, we apparently are not able to work with them.

    Logic tells me it’s fucking time to cut their ungly fucking mulla heads off put em on a pike and make it very public.

    Or am I wrong, we continue to let the Iranian call the shots from Iran, which makes mucho profit for MIC. Or do we curb stomp their leadership, continue to do so until. They agree to get along with the rest of the region.

    Right beside Iran is SA. They should get “ The Death By Mamba” treatment next.

    Many will not agree, but without curb stomping Iran, ain’t nothing in that region going to change.

    Or am I wrong?

    1. I don’t know if you are wrong Dirk, but the problem was caused by us and our puppet the Shah of Iran a long time ago. Personally my view is the real culprits in these matters are the same guys who offed Kennedy and built the MIC that Eisenhower warned us about. This has been building for decades. Some would say as far back as Jekyll island and WW1. There are certain banker families who tend to fund both sides in a conflict because war is good money.
      Which is why I would never encourage anyone to enlist right now because since at least Nam if not Korea war has been used as a tool for the wrong reasons. Besides, they want us dead. They say so all the time. Why fight for them?

  15. Good read. I pulled a couple of nuggets from the end pages of Thomas Chittum’s seminal work of the early 1990’s, CIVIL WAR TWO: “War is sweet to those who have never experienced it.” – Pindar.
    “Those who do not go to war roar like lions.” – Kurdish saying. This fits the rantings of Aunt Nancy
    Graham to a “T”. And while we are on this subject let’s, for the sake of John Hagee and the rest of the American “Christian Zionist Community” discuss the elephant in the room, or rather in Tel Aviv. A few months ago, Tel Aviv hosted the largest gathering in the Mediterranean area of the LGBTQ+ sodomites, sexual deviates and perversion celebrants, with parades and exhibitions of perversion galore. Are we going to overlook this blasphemy against the Good Book? It is my understanding that this depraved and deviant lifestyle celebration takes place in Tel Aviv every year. So, to all of you Pastors and Pastorettes of the Evangelical mega-churches out there, what say you? Are you going to pied piper your younglings down to the local .mil recruiter to bleed to death in the Sinai or the Negev?Are our boys and girls going to get shot to pieces for the rainbow star of David? Inquiring minds want to know. Bleib ubrig.

  16. The steaming third world turd the KWA has a new shiny current thing.
    All demographics are camped out by the teevee just to show how much they love them some Israel, that they couldn’t point out on a map.
    I’ll have to find the quote by EU leader stating that this “shitty little country” is why we can’t have nice things in the world.
    Love Hymie or you’ll end up in the hot sulfur place!
    What a corn studded turd, these interesting times.
    Don’t look up, flying monkey terrorists on paragliders!

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