A Show of Force and Love, Thoughts, and Prayers

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
First off, Love, Thoughts and Prayers for the people of Israel.

Happy now?


‘Cos it means oh so much!!!

Just like every. single. retard. celebrity. who poasts the same fucking vapid, empty headed dumbassery every single time -something- tragic happens… You -do know- that Hamas infiltrated here by the hundreds more than likely right? And that -any- provocative and direct act might spark moar bullshit here stateside… I mean before all of this, we had like barely any terrorism here, never mind genuine Islamic Based Terrorists.

Nope, if it wasn’t for the FBI (and possibly Mossad) we’d have not had any terrorism here Stateside at fucking all.

No. Fuck ’em. We’re about to get full on balls deep in something we shouldn’t be dealing with.

If you haven’t been keeping score….

We just passed the 33 TRILLION DOLLAR MARKER for -our- deficit. I’m barely making it by, YOU are barely making it by and ok, sure, War sucks. Been There, Done That, Got The T-Shirt. Got good friends who’re Palestinian by birth, that I worked with intensely in Iraq back in the day… Guys I trust with my life. Is what’s going on wrong? Yep. Just like the guy who got knifed in the chest by the chimp in FNYC a few ago…

Nary a -peep- out of any of y’all ‘cept the same snark as we all had, in light of his stoopid-proggy self getting what he fucking deserved a’la “The Joker”.

“BCE, do you condone what Hamas did, and is doing to those women and children?”
Pickler put that one out there.

As a rebuttal: Do you condone the Israelis shooting 2-year-old Mohammed al-Tamimi? Link to the story is HERE

Some asshole starts firing indiscriminately, so another guy gets nervous, and caps a car with the kid in it, and wounds his Dad. That one? That’s not like some of the ‘kids’ throwing rocks or Molotovs… That’s a kid the same age as my Gran#2. Like I said before, these people have a blood feud that we’d be fucking MORONS to get involved in. This’s “Hatfield/McCoy” territory here.

As to the question: “…do you condone what Hamas did, and is doing to those women and children?
Nope, not condoning it, HOWEVER

It’s a WAR

We LITERALLY Bar-B-Queued over 150000 Japanese Civvies when we firebombed Tokyo in 1945. We dropped 2000 THOUSAND Tons of Napalm on them.

SPARE me the outrage over this one.

They BOTH have been “Fucking Around and Finding Out”
‘Cept this timemight– be for keepsies.
And just as Razorfist said in todays video:

“This Gaza Goatfuck would sure be fuckin’ frightening if we didn’t have such an articulate, mentally composed, in no way Alzheimer’s Afflicted Arch-Lich as both purveyor of foreign policy and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces… now if you’ll excuse me I’ll be in my garage revving the engine of my Firebird for unrelated reasons entirely… Watching Biden attempt to mollify tensions in the Middle East is like watching Michael J Fox attempt to defuse landmines…”

He then continues in the same vein:
“As a Rule, when the ENTIRE MEDIA and the POLITICAL CLASS all agree on a singular course of action, particularly one arrived at inside of an hour, You should probably do the exact opposite.”

Now, watch it to the end ‘cos Razor does a bit of a Mea Culpa which I’d say he’s on the same Thought process as I. It’s horrible, however… it still should not involve us AT ALL

Tragedy is just that. Tragic.
Why should we offer to add to our suffering?
Get OUR guys killed?
Fuck that, let them fight it out among themselves.

Thunderdome: The Middle East Chapter.

Side Note: IMO and after all the reality checks we’ve had over oh, the past two to three years, how anyone can think that Our Government are the good guys in any way, shape or form is purely fucking delusional. That we need to support ‘our greatest ally ever’ (who might I point out never offered troops nor support in Iraq OR Affy despite the proximity) needs their head examined. We’ve given them untold BILLIONS of OUR tax dollars to help ‘maintain Muh Democracy’ in a region that doesn’t know the meaning of the word, these folks are Surrounded by a group of hostile alien tribes for all intents and purposes, and yet they missed this one!?!

If -I- were in charge, I’d be demanding a refund.
“Hey Bibi… y’all screwed the pooch here, so we need some of them shekels back.”…
“I’ll take ‘Things that’ll never happen‘ for $500 Alex”

Oy Vey. And Yeah, we just sent a 18 Billion Dollar Target into the Gulf. Considering just -how tight- the Iranians and the Russians have been as of late i.e. pretty damned chummy… What are the odds that they may or may not have shared each others tech? The Iranians gave ’em the Geranium Drones which have been a godsend to the Russians… in trade for……….
Khinzals maybe?
The premier ship-buster?
Like I said, maybe, maybe not?
But would YOU want to take that chance right now?
Not me baby.
Word I got from some folks is stay away from cities.

Shit is getting reely-reelz
Time to go recharge the Geiger Counterand check on the Iodate… not sure if it’s still good or not… NBC is one of my weak spots in preps as it’s sooooo expensive and normally a low-risk. I do have -some- but maaan

The times we live in Aye?
More Later
Big Country

45 thoughts on “A Show of Force and Love, Thoughts, and Prayers”

  1. The USS Ford has been a nightmare, so of course the best way to achieve value is to offer it up as a sacrifice for the cause.

    BTW, Remember the USS Liberty.

    You can see the prevailing winds by looking for the Tampa weather balloon launches at radiosondy.info

    1. June 8, 1967.
      The way I remember it:
      * While in international waters, USS Liberty heard the slaughter of several hundred thousand prisoners and non-combatants (farmers, women, children, Aid workers, and worse).
      To conceal their crimes and atrocities, jews ‘mistakenly’ attempted to sink the Liberty, apparently hoping for the loss of all witnesses.
      Many of the weapons used by jews were furnished — free — by American tax-payers.
      The rest of their weapons were acquired –using American tax-dollars — on the international market.
      A small ship, captained by a determined survivor, beat the best weapons available.
      Commander William McGonagle earned his Medal Of Honor, working while grievously wounded by jews, inspiring his crew…
      … and bringing the truth of ‘our only friend in the Middle East’.

  2. I’m a pretty level headed person and for decades for most World events I’m like “this too shall pass”.
    But I have a really really BAD feeling about this. It’s like for the past few years we could see the chess pieces moved around the board and now we are watching the first act of a much bigger shit show and if we and the Russians get involved WWIII.

    Meanwhile the “Elites” and the Khazarian Mafia have all been talking about how we rapidly need to depopulate the planet to “save the Earth”. If you doubt it look up Biden’s idiot daughter running her mouth a few weeks ago. Meanwhile all of the assholes have land and bunkers in South America.

    Also if this really kicks off, those of you who are or were Christians read in Revelations about the armies fighting in the Valley of Megiddo, now known as Jezreel Valley smack dab in the middle of Israel.

    If we ever see the “Elites” getting out of Dodge then you know the shit is about to hit the fan.

    1. Yep, tribulation is nothing compared to God’s wrath.
      He is able, righteous, and just.
      And, yeah, the WEF’S made it very clear publicly that their population goal is under a billion.

  3. Best to stay frosty on shit going on at home. We’ve bigger problems in our own backyards.

    This is just a distraction. Ukraine was a long standing problem we had no business being involved in and this is no different.

    1. re — the Ukraine
      The way I remember it:
      * fauci had thirty-six (36) bio-warfare labs on the border with the Russian people.
      * NATO expanded right up to the borders of the Russian people.
      * the ‘foreign-aid skim-scam’ grifters pilfered a half-trillion American tax-dollars, right back into the pockets of America politicians and bankers… only part of that laundered through the sam bankman-fried scam.
      The way I see this concluding:
      * the squatters in Palestine abandon the place, and move to the Crimea…
      … enjoying their beach-front mansions on the Schwartz Sea.

  4. Sunday, while the Plague Nun was in church, I went to a protest organized by some people that don’t particularly care for the Isntrealis. I heard about this protest the day before, when some Middle Eastern types that share a building with a store that carries something that I’m getting back into after several years asked me what I thought of the attacks by Hamas? I answered that I was in complete agreement with Hamas, and that I’ve contributed to Palestinians/Afghanis(b4 9/11). They were as friendly as could be; helped me load my store purchase into my truck, told me about the protest, and gave me a card to show someone.

    I attended the protest, carrying concealed just in case the ADL goons decided to start trouble, and I was surprised to see a pretty good turnout. Not that many Commies, but quite a few people that I would call middle class whites of varying age. No one got arrested, and we didn’t leave the usual Antifa or dindu mess when it was over.

    Personally, I think that the US regime has overplayed things a bit on this. The sympathy for Isntreal that has been there in the past has dropped significantly in the last decade. When I ran a small specialty hobby shop some years back in upstate NY, I participated in the BDS campaign against Isntreal, and I had a lot of people angry about it. Now, I’m working with another similar store, still engaging in this campaign, and no one objects. I have a custom sports shirt with the caption “Israel Delenda Est” that I wear when I’m out shopping by myself, and I’ve been getting more compliments on it recently.

    I’d like to tick off the locals by flying the Hamas flag over the upside down US flag. However, the lovely Plague Nun would like to keep things peaceful in our neighborhood, at least until the Rapture. After she and the good people disappear, the “FUN” will begin in earnest…

    Lastly, I’ve been a supporter of the Ukraine, but Putin’s saying the right things; first calling for the execution of Schwab, and now by warning the US not to get involved in this mess. I’ve been donating monthly to a local church aligned with the Ukes, but after Putin’s recent remarks, I’m putting that on hold.

  5. You do not need the latest missile, you just need to overwhelm the defense. Try the old video game harpoon. Bye-bye carrier and about 6000 blu jackets.

  6. BCE.
    OK, since you mentioned my name…
    I had one simple question, and only one person answered it.
    BCE, you’re right about a whole Lotta stuff, which is a big part of the reason why I read you. That, and your moral compass regarding your granddaughter was noble.
    Some have been putting a lot of words in my mouth that I don’t believe nor ever did say, which is fine, but all I really want to know is the answer to that question.
    Problem with bringing 40 different points out in a debate, is not one of them ever get settled.
    Do you condone what was/is being done to those Israeli women and children?

    1. … and I’m not trying to bait you or anybody else.
      There’s a good reason for this question.

      1. War is a dirty and terrible business. Do I condone actions of rape and torture? Absolutely not. Yet it has been with us since the days that we picked up sticks and rocks to fight. The pleasure women, Korean and Chinese girls used by the Japanese come to mind. In my own war we had “Double Veterans.” (look it up) My Dad and Uncles, all WW2 vets had dark stories about things that they saw. There were terrible things that happened to the innocent in the Indian wars here, in the 100 years war in Europe, Armenia and in the Congo. Rape and torture and murder happens right now in South Africa. We humans are a bunch of vicious animals and have always been so. I don’t watch slasher/torture movies because I have seen the results in real life. I think that Israel would be justified if they turned Gaza into a glazed parking lot. That doesn’t mean that I have any support for US joining in or taking it to Iran for the team. THIS ISN’T OUR WAR and we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be manipulated into it like we were with Iraq.

        1. BTW the Israelis are hardly innocent in their treatment of the Palestinians and there is a good chance that a recent action taken by a large group of settlers was the catalyst for the Hamas attack. In a previous comment of mine I mentioned the 9-11 dancing Israelis. So I have little sympathy for either side in this goat rodeo. But just like when my brothers were blown up in the barracks in Lebanon, no good will come out of us getting involved.

        1. I respect you Pickler for this. Very rare for people to close out their comments.

          War is Hell and history shows that civilians always get the shitty end of the stick.

          It isn’t right but it is.

          1. Answering that question yes/no shows a lot about where the person is coming from.
            I wasn’t trying to say war is pretty.
            I have no delusions about war.
            It was a simple question for a good reason.

      2. If BCE condones it or not makes no difference on the ground. But Karma is a stone cold b*tch. She will sit you down and pour you a nice hot cup of tea brewed with whatever poisons you have been spewing. And then the other side has a cause to get back at you, which gives you cause . .

        Surely you can see the mirror facing the mirror sort of problem here. But BCE’s big point is that it is not our fight! And if it was, we are out of money, equipment and men willing to fight. So if you are OUTRAGED! by this “100% completely undeserved attack” saddle up and join the Army, but you will be the only one.

  7. As to the question: “…do you condone what Hamas did, and is doing to those women and children?
    Nope, not condoning it, HOWEVER

    It’s a WAR

  8. Reading a book on Curtis LeMay giving Tokyo the real meaning of “rice cooker”. Saved a million G.I’s from having to invade, with the help of nukes. I’m no expert, but I don’t enjoy living 3 miles from the Houston Ship Channel, this could get nasty near all of us.

    1. My father would have been with those guy going ashore, But we now know that the Japanese tried to surrender four times before the atom bombs were set off. We wouldn’t respond or accept the surrender because we wanted to show the world our power.

      Love that meme of a WWII German solder asking “Are we the baddies?”

  9. Don’t care. Fuck them. They are not me or mine. You have never been to a place like what our world is about to become, you are seeing glimpses in this now. Just like the plains indians in america, look how they treated children and women. Guess what in war all die, get over it

  10. So when will White South African farmers be receiving aid? Atrocities happen everyday in this world. Israel isn’t special.

    1. Christian White South African farmers SHOULD be saved. Unfortunately, for them,they’re slated for extinction, as a blood sacrifice to a Satanish type entity. All atrocities are blood sacrifices. They will likely begin in earnest, here in the FUSA sooner, rather than later.

  11. Anyone remember the wargame a few years back where a carrier group got mauled before they reset the game. Navy couldn’t accept the outcome.
    Marine by the name of van ripper I think lead the red team.

    1. Nope.
      But I do know a year ish ago Russia had 6 hypersonics hit Uke simultaneously. Sent a message since the US only has around that many carriers at sea at a time.

  12. I just hope that Vlad the Putin remembers that not all Americans in all cities are his enemies, and like him vis-a-vis Russia, just wants to be left alone.
    If Putin feels the urgent need to nuke some portion of the USSA, let it be the East coast, from Mordor-on-the-Potomac up to New Yawk (with maybe Ottawa as a bonus for our Canadian cousins).

    1. He’s sure been provoked, but I still think he won’t to do it, unless he’s left with no choice. In that case, he undoubtedly would.
      MAD still exists, no matter what the propaganda networks say…

      1. re — Mutual Assured Destruction
        Presumes any of the American equipment functions.
        As we see in the Ukraine, American equipment fails spectacularly, fails often, fails before it is put to use… almost as if it is engineered to fail.
        Presumes technicians are capable of maintaining equipment and operating equipment.
        Until about 2005 or so, I had some hope.
        2023, I can imagine a series of spectacular squibs, failures to fire.
        2023, I can also imagine intentional sabotage by D.I.E. nincompoops.

  13. In the late 80’s, I was stationed with a unit that was part of an multi-national opfor against a carrier group. Long story short, we sent the fleet to Davy Jones with no losses on our side. Back then it was Harpoons. Twenty-fivish or so years later? Good luck Gerald Ford Task force. I hope things do not get hot for you. Just a shitty situation.

  14. This is another false flag op to start a war with Iran and provoke Muslims worldwide to protest. Israhell has tortured the Palestinian people for 70+ years. People have no idea how that hatred has festered.

    Hamas is controlled opposition. They were created by Mossad and imposed on the Gaza strip with the blessing of Jerusalem in 2006 in opposition to Fatah. Soon after labelled a terrorist group and the strip sealed. A 25 x 4 mile prison that is used as a live testing ground for new weapon systems like DIME.

    The wall around their prison is electronically wired with sensors that can detect below surface digging. A cat can’t approach that wall without an alarm being raised. Were the IDF soldiers drugged as not one seemed to resist?

    Benny Nitwit Yahoo seems beside himself with joy announcing a new ’Pearl Harbour’ event. Sound familiar? 911 anyone? Suddenly his corruption scandal goes away. Never mind the poor meat sacks on both sides getting stiffed.

    I do not condone harming women and children. By the same stakes I do not condone the 200+ children in Gaza murdered this year alone. Nor the 15,000+ civilians murdered in the Donbas since 2014. Western media is very selective in whom they want us to hate.

  15. This little mess has really shined a light on all the Judeo Christian Boomer cucks in the blogosphere. Just look at all these faggots running off at the mouth about their beloved chosen people. News flash ya morons; they ain’t them. Get off the TV and get to reading.

    Fuck Israel. Fuck Judeo Christians.

    1. It’s because the Israelis years ago bought off leading evangelical preachers like Hagee who teach that you must support Israel or you are not a Christian.
      It is total and complete BS (for example Pope John Paul II said that you can’t hate the jewish people but love and follow Jesus— very different than what Hagee spews).

      BUT because of this and ADL control of the media and bags of money, they have our government locked up tight. If Israel wants us involved in this shit, the morons in our government will get us involved no matter what we think.

  16. Just curious,, lets say hamas starts protesting in your AO and is damaging cars, harassing civilians, brandishing weapons? They are here, sleeper cells likely. Are they good target practice? They seem legit out of uniform combatants to me. Geneva rules need not apply.

  17. I’ve known a lot of Palestinians and Israelis over the years. Palestinians are very easy to like. The Israelis often high maintenance. Very high maintenance. Known lots of margrebs from North Africa, and people from all over the ME and the Central Asian ‘stans. Usually easy going people.

    But not for one moment do I ever forget its just like in South Africa.

    The blacks in SA are usually very friendly hospitable people who could not be nicer. The white Afrikaans are often quiet the opposite. Aggressive very unpleasant people. But those blacks who you might have known for years. Whose kids you helped get though school or might even have paid some hospital bills for. Those neighbors whose kids played with your kids and grew up with and where almost part of the family. Well one day, out of the blue, they might betray you to home invasion robbers who tortures and kill your family. Home invasion robberies in SA are mostly inside jobs.

    Or one day you get caught up in a “tribal rage” mob who want to kill you. For some reason or another. Could be as simple as a fender bender. And as the sjamboks and stones rain down you will see the faces of black neighbors, “friends”. Watching. Or joining in. Because thats how tribalism works. Out in the real world.

    You might escape. If you get lucky. When a white Afrikaner with a gun steps and grabs you. Otherwise hope that black mob kill you quickly rather than very slowly. Which is what usually happens. From the same people who brought you “necklacing”

    So those guys in Hamas and IRGC. They would not think twice about killing your kids slowly in front of you before killing you. And the majority of ME/megreb muslims would have no problem with that either. Especially the ones who now live in western countries. No matter what they say to non-believers. Its all in the koran. Lying to the kufr while living in the land of the kufr. Its all in the later verses, the ones that matter. And the 2’nd and 3’rd generation muslim “immigrants” are even more blood thirsty for our destruction than the 1’st generation. As France just discovered.

    So yeah, the Israelis are fucking assholes. But they are our fucking assholes. Most of the ME/magreb muslims want you dead. To die as gruesomely as possible. The Israelis may bitch and moan and be a pain in the ass but when push comes to shove they will be trying to kill the same people we are trying to kill. The people who want us dead.

    The only way to defeat a tribal culture or religion is to crush it totally and completely. No mercy. because they will show no mercy to you. When the day comes. None of this “can’t we all just get along” shit. They have been trying to kill and subjugate us for almost 1500 years. Why do you think they will stop now. Aint going to happen.

    So expect the Gaza Strip to be Grozny’ed. One way or another. Its the only thing people like Hamas understand.

    1. “the Israelis are fucking assholes. But they are our fucking assholes”

      No they are not. We are THEIR assholes, in the same sense that guard dogs or barn cats serve a purpose. But we are just useful animals to them. They have zero loyalty to us. (And they sure as hell don’t have fucking idiots spouting nonsense like “Salvation comes from the Yanks, the Torah says so.”)

  18. Just a small correction, BCE, to make sure you get the facts right in the future. We just passed $33 trillion in DEBT, not deficit. The deficit is the difference between what the US Gov’t takes in and what goes out via spending. Currently running about 1/3 of annual GDP or so. Those annual deficits between revenue and spending have to be financed, and they are financed with debt.

    If you want your head to spin some more, here is a debt clock which adds up the debt on a second by ssecond basis:


    Currently $33.5 trillion in US national debt and counting as shown in the upper left. One box to the right and one line below shows the US spending to revenue deficit, which is clearly $1.8 trillion and counting. Both of them are very clearly unsustainable, particularly now that market interest rates are so much higher than they were three years ago.

  19. About the rave…..
    try looking for what isn’t
    -dirt on the white shoes
    -pictures of bodies
    -blood stains on ground
    -bullet holes in abandoned cars
    All those people had cell phones,, all on social media
    A whole lot of ‘missing’

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