Will The Last Palestinian Please Turn Out The Lights?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Well, color me a bit surprised slash pleased.
Seems that UAE, the United Arab Emirates, the only full on Islamic State(s) in the Gulf came down hard late Sunday night on the whole shitshow in Israel.

Per Breitbart:

“The Foreign Affairs Ministry of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) issued a statement Sunday directly condemning the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas for a bloody terror spree that has left over 700 dead since early Saturday, urging the region to avoid following the group toward ‘nihilistic destruction.’

“The UAE is one of the world’s wealthiest and most influential explicitly Islamic governments. Abu Dhabi’s condemnation of Hamas and extension of condolences to the majority-Jewish victims of the Hamas rapes, abductions, and massacres on Saturday is a dramatic contrast in tone from neighboring Iran — where the regime threw a street party to celebrate the killings, complete with a fireworks display — and the eruption of pro-Hamas rallies and celebrations around the world, including in the United States.”

Ooh… call the burn unit, that’s gotta hurt.

It also means that ain’t no one, no how going to start jumping in to ‘save’ Gaza. The UAE’s language is money. Like BEYOND ‘Fuck You Money’… in this particular instance, and the very fact that almost everyone, outside of Iran, is jumping on the “Hamas BAD” bandwagon, to me, and knowing what I know of both the people and the various subdivisions of the players, I’d say that the Gaza is about to get ‘remodeled’ to Lebanon circa 1983. Maybe even Grozny 1999/2000.

Which also makes me think, and go with me on this one, that Bibi Nutjobyayhoo did this. Hamas was literally a creation of Mossad. In fact a LOT of Israelis themselves are voicing opinions that this was intentionally done to cover up the blatant Misrule of the Fucktards in Charge.

I.E. a Blaq Swan affair.

Ain’t that the troof?

And part of the reason that the common Israelis are thinking it was an ‘inside job’ (besides Hamas being their own DotGovs Creature/Creation) is that as of late, Mossad has been, much like our own intel agencies, been getting involved in domestic politics. According to reports, the Israeli Mossad ‘advocated for Mossad officials and Israeli citizens to protest the new Israeli Government’s proposed judicial reforms, including several explicit calls to action that decried the Israeli government,’
So instead of, you know, actually doing their jobs they decided to spy on, and advocate for a particular political outcome that they wanted.

Why does that sound so familiar?
Ahhhhh yeeeees… The Fucktard Boys of Incompetence/Incontinence being soooo busy investigating pissed off parents, whytte superpremecy, and infiltrating the Catholic Church they totally overlook I dunno, the Cartels smuggling in and trafficking in hoomons, fentanyl, and weapons South of the Border. Then the Oh-So-Many cases of Radical Islamic Terrorists also caught on said-border. In fact, the Fucktards are soooo fucked up in poly-ticks that before 9/11, the few field agents worth a fuck who got word something was a-brewing, that they had so much trouble getting -anyone- at HQ to pay attention, that they joked that Bin Laden must have had a mole there.

Which BTW was the case as we found out YEARS later.

Yeah, our CIA and FBI are fucked.
They need to be scrapped, torn out, root and branch.
There are NO ‘good guys’ left there, in either group.
And that includes self-identified ‘good guys.’
If you’re still there, still working for them, not speaking up nor resigning, then you are a BIG part of the problem.

Look, I get it.
You want your “20”
Everyone does, especially the ‘Jerrys Kids’ DotGov/DotMil workers. FedGov retirements can’t be beat. Seeings that MOST of the FedGov hires these days however are ALL ‘Muh Diversity’ hires of sub 70 IQ retards, and well, you can see where that got us. And it’s only fittin’ to get worse.

But back to the Ay-Rabs…
Main reason that soooo many are coming out against the actions is, well… lets face it… paragliding into a “Rave For Peace” and machinegunning every one of the security staff, then gang raping the whamens while forcing their men to watch, and then killing both was a ‘bridge too far’ for even the rest of the Arab world. That’s some ISIS level savagery.

UAE is the ‘Power Behind The Scenes’.
Even the Saudis do their banking in UAE.
Think of it as a Fundamentalist Switzerland.

NEVER upset the bankers. Hell, OUR own banks here stateside funnel a lot of transactions through them and do a LOT of banking over there. IMO Islamic Banking has it alllll over the usual usurious bullshit that we have…

But also, late yesterday, it seems Hamas started with the whole “We are open to negotiating a truce.” Which of course the Fucktards in Charge here in the Untied Staatz to include Wynken, Blinken, Retard, and Nod, as well as Bigtitties Occasional-Cortex jumped on and started howling so badly that they got hit by the Babylon Bee: “Emperor Hirohito Calls For Ceasefire After Bombing Of Pearl Harbor” which is fucking funny.

Thing of it is, and if you know the Koran (M.A. in Comparitive Religion here… bet y’all didn’t know that Aye?) but the hadiths pretty much say that the only time Muslims can negotiate a truce is if:

A) They’re purely getting their asses whipped and they need to ‘stand down’ to rearm/rebuild to continue the fight later.
B) That the other side is about to be wiped out, and they make ‘an offer they can’t refuse’ and let them convert to Islam. (More shock troops for Allah)

Got me a solid hunch that Plan “B” is not in effect.

I’d give it another few weeks. The Yids are pissed and it looks like the normal “Sympathy Bucket” that the media like to draw from is dry as a motherfucker. Hence my call that they’re probably going to go ‘full retard’ and burn Gaza to the ground.

Well, more like ‘bomb it to rubble, then bomb it again and again and make the rubble bounce.’

So again, Grabeth Ye Olde Popp Corne

Tis but a lark!
Big Country

50 thoughts on “Will The Last Palestinian Please Turn Out The Lights?”

  1. I totally agree that Netanyahu and his buddies in Mossad were behind this.
    Let’s be blunt, I know that the Palistinians are and have been majorly pissed at the Israelis.
    However, anyone with a heart beat would know how the Israelis would respond.
    I think they are going to level Gaza and kill everyone in it.

    How does that help the Palistinians ? Why would they do this attack when they know what the response would be ?

    It would be like Kim Jong Un firing a single nuke at Hawaii.
    Sure, he might be successful and the North Koreans would cheer right before the trident missiles from the Ohio class boomers turn the country into a glass parking lot.
    Doesn’t make sense and would be suicidal for no real gain — same deal as this Palistinian attack.

    Now the benefits for Netanyahu are all upside — goodbye impeachment, goodbye everyone hating him, goodbye losing power, kick backs from the defense contractors, win win for him.

    1. Saudis now say they are 100% backing the Palestinians (who aren’t Arabs), while the Israeli public isn’t really buying the sneak attack narrative…Haaretz has an editorial saying that if Israel weren’t treating the Gazans like sh*t, it wouldn’t be having these problems.Israeli Army says it can’t confirm the atrocity stories..I’d say Bibi’s genocidal blatherings are not going to happen in any way, shape or form….

  2. israhell gets their own population in check – check
    world opinion just *snaps* into place against gaza – (not too quick now) – check
    ethnic cleansing while the rest of the world – says ‘good nuff’ – check

    lessee – what am i missing…?

    oh yea, – false flag – check
    narrative investigation will be *just deep enough* to not get to this conclusion

  3. The neocons want blood for sure. They are all saying we need to make war with Iran. I would say they need to think this through very carefully.

    #1. Netanyahu obviously intends to destroy Gaza. He has warned “Gazans not part of Hamas” to leave. Where does he want them to go? Probably to America and to Europe. There are about two million of them.

    #2. Going to war with Iran will be the biggest military mistake since Hitler invaded Russia. Iran is not Iraq and the U.S. Military is not what it was 20 years ago. If the neocons do this I would expect that will be the empires’ last hurrah.

  4. The news media and such have their panties in a knot over all of the Pro-Palistine/ Gas the Jews protests here in the states.
    But, but, but, diversity is our strength!!!!
    They bring these 3rd worlders in by the bus loads and expect them to assimilate? Bwahahaha.
    Color me truly NOT shocked.

    1. “Expect them to assimilate?” Geezo dude where have you been? They do NOT expect them to assimilate, they expect them to assassinate. These 3rd worlders are 80-90% young men; they will not be here to learn to code.

  5. How Riley Roberts could light anyone’s candle is beyond me; and I don’t care what length of hardware he has. Looks like the SoiBoi he is. Ugh!
    Knowing what we know about Mossad, I smelled a false flag from the beginning. Where/How did all these Hamas Fighters train on paragliders? Seems somebody should’ve noticed something. Especially the Mossad, who is supposed to be Isreal’s all knowing/all seeing line of defense. There were lots of Americans/Europeans at that “peace” festival, yet it didn’t seem to sink into security that the anniversary of the Yom Kippur War was on point. What is the purpose of a safe room if your guns are stored in a “security facility” and your bullets are limited??? There is so much 💩 to ponder that it makes full circle to set up.
    We have NO business involved in this war.

  6. Me thinks that a good place for the Palestinians is in ukraine. When they get a little uppity there , the Nazi’s can sit on them.

  7. I want my “20” is just the dotgov/dotmil tit sucking version of what everyone else is doing. Which is to get mine while the getting is good. Muh principles are hyperinflated. Too expensive. So I keep my nice things and just hang my principles over the fireplace with my shotty until Alabama wins the super bowl.

    My family is heavy in the dot mil. One member retired early to GTFO of the death star and what did he get for it but a liquidated life savings, less per month than the mexican invaders get, and an over-priced, over mortgaged shack in the sticks, surrounded by inbred retards and other casualties of the war on Heritage America. And he got the soft landing.

    So I agree that serving the evil empire is doing evil no matter the personal rationalization, it is worth noting that there is no other side to this. Just a bunch of individuals trying to get by and other individuals making profits off the madness while they can. Walk away from your income at your own peril. Move to some dirt county at your own peril.
    That nobody wants to PERSONALLY square the circle of how we got here by all of us just getting ours. Its always gotta be some other sucker paving the way. So be it.

    And yet we are a long, long way from where we will need to get in order for the Saxon to get to the point where he will do what those savages in the goat patches do to their enemies.

    Mr. nice guy and his principles in the bank are oh so ‘existential’ that they can’t be bothered to stop drawing paychecks from the system they claim to hate.

    The judeo-chinese finger cuffs of this CivWar 2.0 delusion are fascinating to noodle about but meanwhile the mudsharks and mystery meats are hatching in flyover like dungflies while legions of invaders of all stripes are settling in – and when the lights go out those dark raiders will come off strawberry mountain and take what they want while the NCO’s of the Lay-Z-Boy Brigade are sucking sheep through their CPAP machines.

    IDGAF about any of these merchant v goat fucker charades any more than I do about fatty fox news sheeple shaking fist at the jew moon or the A-rab blood cult.

    Sides are drawn not by words but actions and there are too many sides to count presently.

    I’m more worried about my dirt county being full of soba churchian faggots and anti-racists and their retarded clannish offspring who will steal anything not nailed down.

    Or the old guy down the road who is a proud white democrat and part-time insurance claim thief. Where will all these patriots fall when actual sides are cut through the seed corn by africans with machetes or mexicans or hungry goodwhites from good schools zipcodes?

    Now I’m no prepperloard either. And pretty much out of money to blow on inflated articles of conflagration. So when the globo energy market goes full pear over the chosenites or whatever WW3.1 gets hot enough to high-five Michael Yon, well I’m prolly right fucked alongside the dipshit urbanites who just can’t be more than 10 min from whole foods because I need 3-4 hours of sleep and have terrbile line of sight on my tiny slice of cowpatch and nobody else is gonna be coming around to stand watch.

    Thats my whole “retirement” in a nutsack. All my greedy life dumped into this rural utopia, waiting for the zero hedge balcony to finally be right and only three weeks better off than some soymale in a glass tower swiping right for poosy and bespoke tacos. Maybe three weeks matters. Like for that little joo diary girl who died just before Easy Company liberated the camps. Maybe not.

  8. BCE you get it, a few other bloggers get it, but the billions of sheep still get fooled, every fucking time, by the same shit over and over, FEAR.
    Got a $33T debt overhang ( and thats just the USA, dominos aplenty as far as the eye can see )? Got a deathvaxx that needs memory-holing? Fixed elections? Corruption deep, wide, and everywhere?

    Hmmm. When things get to this level of stank, only world war and fear therein will get ‘er doneski, dontcha know.

    This is an existential war for the motherWEFers, they unmasked themselves, too many normies are finally waking the fuck up ( way too little, way too slowly ). They unveiled all their insane plans to fully enslave the survivors of all this chaos they are unleashing, but humanity will win out in the end.

    Just be sure you and yours are there to see it.

  9. I do not agree that this is a false flag event. I think it went down like Israel says it went down and they are entirely justified to pave over Gaza.

    1. Seems mighty convenient that Netanyahu was just about to get impeached and the world’s most on it secret squirrels just happened to not see or hear anything was up in spite of Egypt warning them for weeks beforehand. Reminds me of 9-11.

      1. Reminds me of Pearl Harbor, which the US knew about well in advance and didn’t allow warnings to the ships’ crews, needed sacrificial victims cuz FDR wanted a war in Europe…

        1. It wouldn’t surprise me if Mossad and Bibi bought Hamas the weapons for this attack, it’s so convenient for Bibi…Before Pearl Harbor, FDR’s fuel blockade of Japan made an exception to allow the Japanese Navy to buy from West Coast refineries….

      2. Reminds me of Pearl Harbor. FDR saw the slants comin’ and said and did absolutely nuttin at all. Just sat there in his f’n wheelchair and let the meatballs zoom in over Honolulu – thereby punching his express ticket to ride the WW2 roller coaster which he was just dying to try out.

  10. The JDL has been doing this stuff for years to arouse fear in their community and then fundraising off of the fear. It’s pretty reckless shit they do.

    1. Annnnnnnnd your area of Expertise Gaybo? B.S. M.A. D.D Boredome makes you do strange things like get edumahcated.

      1. CIB, BA Engineering, Master Economics, Level 3 NDT . maybe a job would help or get some cardboard and a sharpie

  11. I have a sneaking suspicion that Iran may have some large anti-ship missiles, courtesy of China or Russia, that could make short work of the USS Gerald Ford. If that happens, Katie bar the door.

  12. So, I don’t remember whether it was Bannon or Bongino today but their claim was that Mossad is knee deep in Ukraine intel ops right now and the so-called counteroffensive, whatever that is. That’s together with the US intel climate change retards. So, that might just be one reason for them missing the slow pitch. But, there’s that “5-eye” thingy working with the Fibbie sister agency–None of that intel fail passes the smell test. FFS, the autist geolocator crowd out there probably had this shit nailed in between their energy drinks and Doritos because if there is one thing that they fart around with in between their Ukraine work it is the ME, and especially the Syria/Gaza region.

    1. Don’t forget, these are the same folks who brought us 9/11, contrary to what people want to believe.
      Pearl Harbor events get the rage going, and the low IQ proles can’t wait to go and wreak vengeance on someone they just got conned into destroying. Also solves the population problem for another generation.
      The masses refuse to see they’re being played by their own gov’t, and end up being willing victims of their own ignorance and naive thinking. Just wait until the draft kicks in and suddenly their war fever turns to draft dodging.

  13. This has to be the most dumb ever encountered in a single blog post. Get back on your prayer rugs.

  14. Lol, idiots want this to be a false flag so that we don’t blame muslims for murdering unarmed children. Reduce gazi to dirt, pour lye so nothing ever grows there again. Then a world wide jihad against muslim animals.

  15. OG aggregator page says that the original 51st state is returning Gaza to the stone age with carriers parked off coast.
    Don’t speak ill of Bungholio Brandon, the walls have ears.
    Dear Leader will lead us to a victorious march up the Nile!
    (not really)

  16. Does anyone else get their spidey senses set off by the fact we’ve seen more video coverage out of Israel in less than a week then we’ve seen out of Ukraine in almost two years?

    It’s not for nothing of that I’m certain.

    1. Definitely appears to be set up for full media effect. And quite a few folks have taken notice for just that fact. It’s like every camera was turned on Saturday to see what would happen, and in hours they had it all flowing into the internet……interesting that.
      And the masses don’t see they’re being played, just more evil from those filthy muslims, as we expected.
      I doubt the Christians will ever wake up to who their greatest enemy really is. The ones who run the media and brainwash them with brotherly love.

      1. They’ve developed an easily distinguished pattern. Promote the “next big thing “ by rerunning endless coverage that will elicit an emotional response ( J6, covid, Ukraine etc.). The average American will throw their skirts over their heads and go running and screaming into the distance. Sadly a lot here seem to be falling for it, AGAIN.

        1. For some folks, there is no default bullshit detector, they just believe whatever rolled off their media and make no effort to run it thru a fact filter. Every war has started out with lies about the enemy, how else do you hate them so much? Even when proven to be lies, the masses still hang onto the original lie, my grandmother told me those same lies about WW1 in the 1950’s.
          Discernment is a totally unknown word.
          Look at the insane myths and lies people buy into for endless generations they repeat the same shit without ever checking it’s validity.
          Look at Robert’s comment below, he thinks his easy explanation is the right one, Occam’s Razor, and can’t figure out that all the media lies don’t add up in this situation, EVERYBODY was asleep at the wheel, just like Pearl Harbor. Digging a bit deeper, we’ll see the Mossad and CIA never miss a beat, they work every situation for full effect, and again, are the most likely culprits behind this attack. It’s working exactly as planned, the Christians are going apeshit mad with rage over the rape, murder and beheadings of innocent jews, never once thinking there might be a sinister plot behind it all.
          I can’t figure out why some folks don’t have a built in BS detector, you can explain it to them 20x, and they act like they never heard one word of your explanation, they go right back to repeating the media myth of the day.

  17. Oh joy. Looks like the Syrians are lobbing missiles onto the Golan Heights.

    And “We are surging aid” to our bestest buddies.

  18. UAE
    one of the key signers of the Abraham Accords,
    Not surprised by the reaction, and that they ARE key players in that whole FUBAR region,,,,

  19. so the Big 4 got together in 1946 and scratched out some borders and said hey man here is a nice place for y’all to hang out.
    The UfuckinN.

    As I see it neither side dies and goes to heaven.

    No reason at all for any u.S. involvement. Yeah, that.

  20. Another tie-in that I haven’t seen voiced anywhere is that Israel has one of the highest “vaxed” rates of any country anywhere. What better way to distract attention from the “excess death” rates than an existential war. With the otherwise young and healthy starting to “die suddenly” in ever greater numbers, this shi*tshow is just the ticket.

  21. False Flag?

    Pull the other one.

    The explanation is much simpler. Da Joos screwed up. Mossad screwed up.

    Like our Cee Eye Aye, Mossad has been coasting for years on reputation and past glories, while deteriorating into a cramped bureaucracy that spends too much time meddling in domestic (Israeli) politics and not enough time paying attention to external threats. After all, their biggest threat may be perceived as funding cuts instigated by Israeli politicians.

    No doubt there were people who saw what Hamas and Iran were doing and knew what was coming. And they were ignored, because their conclusions went against the JOOISH equivalent of “The Narrative”. Worse yet, they were probably threatened with demotions and exclusions if they refused to shut up. So, they shut up.

    This kind of thing is endemic to all so-called “Intelligence” organizations. It leads to predictable outcomes. No need for “false flags” or 5-dimensional chess strategies to explain it.

    As for the latest festival of lights in the Middle East? We had best not go to this party.

  22. “If you’re still there, still working for them, not speaking up nor resigning, then you are a BIG part of the problem.”

    NAILED IT!!!!

  23. So, if Gaza is going to be leveled and cleared, and we’re providing air cover, munitions, and probably our own strikes (naval artillery and air)… mayhap we cut a deal where we take the port of Gaza and rebuild it into Incirlik 2? The Turks seem to block us from using Incirlik every time it matters, after all.

    All those Hamas-infested concrete buildings falling into piles of rubble will need to be cleaned up anyway. Take allll that broken concrete, pack it into gabions, and use ’em to build jettys, seawalls and such for the port, as well as defensive perimeter walls around the base and any important structures.

    Main thing I’d be worried about is what’s left underground. If Hamas was tunneling under the IDF’s wall they’ve obviously been tunneling out bases under Gaza like the VC in Nam. Source some drilling rigs, drill a pattern of deep holes, pack the bores with HE, and collapse the entire network.

    At that point, even Hamas’ supporters would be like, “Congratulations, you stupid fucks: you just traded a weekend of fun abusing civilians for the loss of your base of operations, flooded us with refugees, and invited the US to set up an impossibly well-fortified base right on our doorstep.”

  24. Lessons learned, how does a bunch of sand niggers communicate without Mossad and US Intel being on the line listening.

    We use to talk about this over on wrsa. In this application an envelope a letter a stamp and deposited in a mail box not close to home. A type writer, will become a powerful tool.

    This Intel failure “ if correct”. And I question the validity of this failure. This fits a narrative prescribed by the men and women with no faces, behind the curtain.

    Who knew, that the pen and paper would become the logical medium to communicate plan and execute plans. Small cells, nameless seamless leadership, effective comms “ the written on paper op order is dam near full proof.

    Govts gear up to infiltrate electronic communications, it’s done from neat tidy offices. Manpower is small. And the solution is the US Post Office.

    Watch learn. A live on tv guerrilla warfare classes are ongoing daily on tv. Fake names for return addresses, mailed by cutouts, kids on bicycles carriers nothing new.

    Just a review of what use to work is now golden again.

    How about the pigeon with a rolled paper tied to a leg. Work well for many hundreds of years.

    Effective comms will be critical very soon.


  25. Where’s my lord and master?!?! Where is General Aesop??? We need a brilliant tactical assessment of the situation in the middle east, post haste!!! Dammit!!!

    Guess I will have to fill in for the General!

    The Palies are all stupid!
    They’re all violent thugs!!!
    Their weapons are no good!!!
    There’s no one to supply them! They are out of ammo!!!

    They’ll all be dead by the end of next week!!!

    1. No, Glen.
      You’re all stupid. As usual.
      There are no “Palestinians” in Gaza. Those are Egyptian Arabs.
      Just as the Arabs in the West Bank are Jordanian.
      You could look it up.

      The only “Palestinians” in the region are Arabs who live within the actual borders of Israel.
      They vote and have even elected members to Israel’s Knesset, despite their second place finishes in several wars to annihilate their cohabitant neighbors.
      They’re staying out of this fight, by all accounts.
      You could look that up too.

      As to the weapons and supplies of the Arabs momentarily remaining in Gaza, it doesn’t seem to matter, as it appears that Netanyahu has decided to simply level the entire Gaza Strip, and push the survivors back into Egypt, and let Cairo deal with those assholes henceforth, as should have been done back in ’73.

      Which means if any more missiles fly after they’re inside Egypt, Cairo gets to step up and take it right it in the pants, like they did regularly from 1948-1980.
      I suspect they won’t be lining up for that to happen, so Hamas’ next gig is liable to be up against walls in Egypt, after TPTB have a short conversation with their own police near the border.

      Which perennial trouble-making is why Egypt never wanted them, and for exactly the same reason Jordan doesn’t want the @$$holes in the West Bank. (Who, notably, are sitting this one out too, and seem to not want to move back to their home country at this time under similar circumstances.)

      This situation requires no brilliant tactical assessment.
      Just lots of popcorn and beverages.

      Hamas is now in the “Found Out” stage of Operation Fucked Around:.
      Boo frickin’ hoo.
      They had 50 years to write a better conclusion to their story, but instead they kept trying to achieve exactly this end. Dulce et decorum est.

      Watching Israel use bombs and rockets to turn the entire Gaza Strip into 25 miles of rubble several feet high, in a national version of Sweep And Zone* (you should probably Google that phrase) is utterly hilarious, and long overdue, but was definitely worth waiting for.
      The only thing the video needs is a laugh track.
      The live clips on other segments where a bomb drops an entire building will be a highlight reel for the ages.
      It’s like Hamas has volunteered Gaza to be a giant menorah for all of Israel, and the IDF keeps lighting it up, and then blowing it out, every single day. I hope people in Israel are passing out candies in celebration. It would be a nice touch.

      And to think, there are still people burping out the tired old “Violence doesn’t solve anything” platitude, as if that were actually true.

      Violence solves everything, provided you use enough of it when it’s called for, until there’s no one left to object. This would be one of those times.

      There’s a lesson in that rubble, one the long-dead former citizens of Carthage, let alone Dresden and Hiroshima, could tell people, if only they’d listen. The former residents of Gaza seem to be getting their ears cleaned out by the metric fuckton, currently.

      *{Oh, lookie here, someone’s even posted a copy of the Big Green crayon and small word version for Canucks online, so even you can understand it, if someone reads it to you:

  26. As usual, the people of kikestan are murdering Christians, which they’ve done for 2,000 years now. Bolsheviks (jews) murdered about 70 million White Christians in Russia.

    “You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators.”
    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    1. Pat;
      you can run these history lessons all day long, and it goes right over their heads, total disconnect about Bolsheviks and Ashkenazis. Too dumb to crack a book or do some research, and not on (((Wikipedia))).

      Instead, ‘the tribe are our brothers, they love us’. Right up until your pockets are empty and they kill you.

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