Hold My Be’eri and -Other- Odd Things Out There

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So, by now the majority of people out there saw the “picture” of the “burned baby” that Shapiro put out there. I’m not putting it up ‘cos apparently it was AI shopped bullshit. In fact, to be honest, and without trying to make too much of a farce of it, but it looked like a big ole burnt brisket.

That or a meatloaf that my X made that went tragically and catastrophically wrong. She and I had our differences, but man, I’ll never bag on her cooking ability and food. That’s why THAT particular meal was memorable… had to do with the first time she used the roast setting on the oven in our rented apartment at Fort Hood… she set it, waited for it to ‘ding’ to let us know to put in the meatloaf, put in aforementioned meal, set the timer, and when I went to check on it (something smelled like it was burning). As I opened the door, the flare/fire took off an eyebrow… turns out the stove was ‘finicky’…

Man I took shit from the platoon for a few weeks for that one

Leastways til it grew back in…
So, besides the whole “Bogus Burned Baby” story:

Concerned American over at WRSA had a very interesting link from “Gates of Vienna”… the link is HERE. The link takes you to a six-part first person narrative from a guy named ‘MC’ who was boots-on-the-ground during the Hamas Shitfestivus. He was at Sderot for a family holiday gathering. Highly recommend the read of all linked via WRSA.

What struck ME is that alllll the 40 dead kids and whatnot were supposedly from Kibbutz Be’eri. MC specifically mentions Be’eri.

The money quote being:

“The hostage situations in Ofakim and Kibbutz Be’eri have been resolved but we do not know how many Israel casualties yet. At Be’eri (famous for its cycle shop and popular cycle tracks) the defenders held the communal dining room against the attackers and some 50 were eventually rescued.”

Now, granted this’s dated Day One… so either written on the 8th or 9th. Poast Date at GoV is October 9. Far be it to over-quarterback it, but…
If you knew you have “gooks in the wire” and have kids, and your “go to hell” plan is to fall back to the Communal Dining Room/Hall, wouldn’t you have beat feet there WITH YOUR KIDS/BABIES!?! Better to go to where “people have guns/rally point” than to get torched alive/kil’t I’d have to say.

ALSO: Hmmmn…. things that make you go Hmmmn. OK, from my poast HERE I wrote “…Kibbutz that it happened at had a pre-battle population of only 760 people +/-.” I used Wiki to (pardon the pun) to crib that population number, as I wanted to know how many were possibly wiped out, as 40 babies? That’s a LOT of lil kids. NOW? According to Wiki:

Look at that
NOW the population has been ‘adjusted’ to 1047.
That’s quite an increase in population.
Literally overnight. And checking the history tab? Nothing showing the original being changed to add 287+/- folks. Questions, questions, seems there’s nothin’ out there but niggling lil questions.

Nothing to see here… all is well…

Le Sigh. Bitch of it is I know better than that. I absolutely hate when I don’t screenshot possibly critical information like that. My a-polly-olly-geez on that damn it. Problem is my ‘pictures for the blegg’ files fill up oh so damned quickly… and I as a bit of an Intel Squirell prefer to horde my ‘infonuts.’

But yeah, color me Sus.
Now, DID Hamas go “Full ISIS”?
I’d say yeppers. Chris Bray does an exceptional breakdown of the “why” of the tactics employed by Hamas… Link is HERE. The TL;DR is that the reason, as twisted as it is is to essentially gain territory. The short money quote is:

“Hamas is dirtying the memory of the Jewish spaces bordering on the Gaza Strip. They’re marking southern Israel in the memory of future families, and especially women of childbearing age, with the deliberately cultivated images of murdered children and the mass rape of young women, so that young women regard the place with dread and don’t return to have children there. They’re making a dead zone, and they intend to make a dead zone.”

Much like John Wayne Gacy’s house… bulldozed and no-one wants to build on ‘haunted land’… or even worse, Jeffery Dahmer’s apartment building, which the WHOLE Complex was levelled 15 months after, and is now a park.

This was the psy-op part of the mission. To ‘dirty up’ the territory. They apparently -thought- that they’d be able to keep the turf, as from what I’m seeing, they fully expected that “Da Libtard World” and the US would step in like they used to normally do and keep the Israelis from going full covenant in that Christopher Walken mode from “True Romance”

“I’m the Anti-Christ. You got me in a vendetta kind of mood. You tell the angels in heaven you never seen evil so singularly personified as you did in the face of the man who killed you.”

Uh, yeah.
I don’t think anyone is going to step up right now and try and ‘talk the Jews’ off this particular ledge, seeing that it’s got a great field of fire, and it’s a target rich environment.

In fact, I’m wondering if that call to get ALL the civvies out of ALL of North Gaza means they’re getting ready to drop a nuke. Word is spreading that the IDF is, like the majority of the Western World, sorely lacking in even the most basic items. To perform a Combined Armor/Infantry assault on Gaza right now is right up there with the Krainians doing a meat assault.

Hamas knows they’re coming.
They’ve been completely up front about it.
The Israelis already ‘staged the battlespace’ as well by pretty much bombing Gaza to rubble, and now, per my prediction, they’re bouncing the fuck out of it. Thing is however…

Hamas has tunnels and quite the manufacturing/storage setup. If some of the videos I’ve seen out there are to believed, they’re dug in like a tick on a Mississippi coon hound… The only way they’re going clear that AO is to glass the fucking place, regardless of world opinion.

And right now?
Considering the US is essentially ‘figureheaded’ by the Decrepit Brain Dead Arch-Lich, and the Puppet Masters are all some of the more Rabid Members of the NeoCON Tribalists, I’d say it’s 80-20 in favor of them turning North Gaza into a glass punchbowl, leaving the IDF to go in after with the windex. I mean without the US trying to mediate, well, all bets are off the table.

And as far as public opinion?
Well, the ‘mask is off’ as far as the Tribe are concerned
Got me a hunch they no longer give two fucks about “Public Opinion.” Especially now that Lebanon, and/or Hezbollah is starting to rock out with their collective cocks out…

Seriously, The Israelis don’t have their usual advantages… Hamas is now on the defensive, in an area that the Israelis have NOT really ‘gone into’ in how long? 16 years? That’s a long time to be ‘busy lil defensive constructing beavers’… The IDF, thanks to Krainfeld, is out of 155mm Arty that they usually use with great abandon during the occasional Infitada Uprisings, which is why Hamas usually gets shelled to hell and gone, retreats, and gets to come back later.

This time?
I think the Israelis are playing for keeps.
It’s become existential.

Which also scares the shit out of me.
Once the Nuke Genie cuts loose, what’s to stop us from giving Krainfeld a Mark 80 pee-wee nook to stop HIS ‘existential Krainian Krisis?’
Shit’s getting seriously moar and moar fucked.
Head on a Swivel
Do NOT leave home without AT LEAST a Three Day “Oh Shit!” bag. I know I’m not, even if it’s going to the corner store.
More Later (I hope)
Big Country

31 thoughts on “Hold My Be’eri and -Other- Odd Things Out There”

  1. You’ve been listening to Ben Shitpiro bloviating. The problem with even a little nuke in a small country like Israel is fallout. On top of that, world opinion is no longer with them or us. Tel Aviv would almost certainly burn too. Possibly Washington. This is Globohomo trying to play brinksmanship with masters of the art – like the Iranians. Those assholes know EXACTLY how far they can push their luck and they ride that line like champs. They know that as long as the Democrats are in charge, they can get away with murder.

    I predict the play will be to round up the Palestinkians and export those mud flaps West. That will almost certainly fail too… People are wising up after seeing the third world shit holes springing up in their own countries…

    I think this will blow over. A bunch of Palies will get kilt, and the cycle will repeat again when the world needs another Current Thing to distract it.

    But whadda I know?

    1. Actually Glen the Intel I’m getting isn’t good.
      Shapiro don’t know shytte.
      Navy Intel/DIA/CIA evvac’d a BUNCH of folks.
      Watch the news about Embassies.
      My bro in Jordan (former SpecOps LT. Colonel, Jordanian SF, his old rank when he was in Iraq undercover) is packing up to -leave-. He’s a retired Brigadier. Said the fundamentalists are getting squirrelly and the King is on Shaky Ground. His Dad bailed 3 days ago. He was HIGH in the food chain (lots of nepotism in Jordan) which is how my bro got his opportunity. He EARNED his place but IF he was a ‘normie’ he would have -never- been an officer, never mind a top one

      “Big Duke Six, this’s Eagle Thrust, get your people back, and heads down, this’s going to be a big one!”

      If I’m wrong, I’m wrong.
      Nothing happens.
      Then, as they say in the Hood
      “Weez Be Fukked!”

      1. Nobody is getting good Intel here, BC. As the Z Man said, “anybody in the Middle East with a vested interest is lying through their teeth…”.

        I’m doing a deep dive on the evil jews as we speak. The press knows nothing about them or is actively running cover for them. What makes them tick? Who, exactly, are these guys? What’s the difference between an Israeli, a Zionist and a Jew? It’s like the Kraine all over again – you have to forget the narrative, and put in the study time just to get the Cliff Notes version of who these guys actually are. When I’m done that… rinse and repeat for the Palies.

        These people are not who we think they are, or who we’re told they are. Eg.

        “The jew cries out in pain as he strikes at you…” Ever hear that one? It’s patently false. 9 times out of ten, it’s the Zionist striking at you, knifing you in the back or betraying you… and it’s the orthodox jew crying out for it to stop. Classical Judaism is theologically opposed to Zionism. Jews are forbidden by God from having their own state and their own nationalism. The devout jew (according to the rabbi I was reading) exists to serve God, and his identity is limited to his relationship with God and no one else. If this is true (and it may not be)…it SHOULD change the way we think of them.

        There’s a lot to unpack here… and any number of authorities on the subject are untrustworthy because of personal agendas, loyalties and the individual axes they have to grind. They are a fascinating people. If we choose to make enemies of them… we seriously need to understand them because they do not fuck around. They will be serious adversaries and we really need to be prepared for that.

        1. Glen, you need to read up on the Khazari/Ashkenazi origins of the ‘zionists’. These are the “they call themselves jews, but they Do Lie; they are of the Synagogue of Satan”. That bunch of Filth was originally from THE Ukraine, and were Driven Out by the Russians. They ‘adopted’ the trappings of the ‘jewish’ religion, i.e. the Babylonian Talmud, a collection of sand-nigger filth and perversion unmatched almost anywhen or where.

          The Ashkenazi were well-known throughout Europe for the satanic, blood-sacrifice ritual shit, child kidnapping and molesting, and all manner of Scams and Grifting, like “compound interest”, Loans that never can be Repaid. There’s Reasons Why (((they))) have been ‘evicted’ 1300 Times from every Nation, State, and City in Europe.

          These are the ones that now Own and Control all “western” governments, banks, and ‘media’. Their ‘non-government organizations’ run by the likes of (((schwab))) and (((schwartz)))
          are engaged in the Destruction of White European Nations and Peoples. Until they are Removed from Human Society, they will continue to Undermine, Pervert and Destroy what they cannot Build themselves.

          1. nailed it dude. The Khazarian Mafia are name-stealers from way back, this is the worlds chance to eradicate these motherWEFers once and for all. They fear and despise white folks, we’re too smart for them. They think with AI, quantum computing, and robotics, they think they can now kill off 7B peeps and rule over the rest.
            Yeah well we will see about that

    2. “Possibly Washington”
      Pardon the levity, but you talk as if this were a bad thing, to nike Mordor-on-the-Potomac.

    3. No way Israel is dropping any nukes, assuming they have nukes that have been properly maintained, which is far from certain..Israel’s existence would immediately be on a clock and the Resident wouldn’t lift a finger for them…
      As to the babies, the IDF has said it has no evidence of beheaded babies, which sounds like the usual wild propaganda…We’re still waiting for video or photos of any of these supposed attacks…and no, I don’t trust anything their government says or does, after it allowed the attacks…

  2. Area Ocho has an interesting post tonight.

    Seems ammo for us civvies has become tight.

    Take a gander at his links.

    I’d rather be a year early squirreling away stuff than HOPING the Delivery Driver can make it as the news catches up with world events. Canned goods of all sorts store very well.

  3. The democrats also have a problem in their ranks: a fight with traditional neoclown Israel shills (like Chucky Schumer et al) and the radical commies like the squad who are pro-palistine and either havent been bought-off, or are incapable of being indoctonated, or outright hate jews (Omar).

    The far left commie types, who are still all about class struggle have a default ant-semetic bent.

    Watching tye confused D infighting is amusing

  4. The Israeli’s are giving a Lesson.
    This is True Warring.
    Decisive, Swift, Extremely Violent, Unrelenting..
    Yup, this is War, before some political fags decided to make a Game and Cash Cow of it.

    I’d also expect , EXACTLY…the same Response from The USGOVT.
    Should there be a Festivus here.

    Somethin to mull..

  5. The tribe may be all up in a lather about the current festivities but someone over there has to be sane enough to stop and consider the ramifications of letting a little sunshine out of the can. You don’t need a vivid imagination to see that the goat lovin’ crowd won’t take very kindly to some drifting cloud of high energy particles irradiating one of their holy sites. A couple of GBU-43/Bs or other large thermobaric weapons makes more sense, which may have been foreshadowed via a reference to Dresden from their former PM during a TV interview.
    At this point the Great Powers are either toothless or distracted and the world knows it. If the Muslims and the Jews want to seize the moment and take their 1400 years of bad blood to the final, inevitable conclusion, let them. Not our circus, not our monkeys. The more either side tries to pull us into it the more I hope they both wipe each other out completely.

    1. I don’t think China, Russia, or even Iran are toothless…They just have no reason to intervene…But even the Israel loving fanatics aren’t going to put up with flat out genocide of hundreds of thousands…that would be fatal for the shekel grubers….

  6. As WRSA has commented numerous times, “we don’t know what we don’t know”. And if I remember right, that is a quote from donny rim job rumsfeld, piss be upon him. chuckling

    Good to know you are still with us, BCE, and good thoughts to the kiddo. stay safe.

  7. Friday evening, almost 9pm local.
    And no excitement in my little corner of the world (SLC, UT).
    So much for the “worldwide jihad” that was supposed to happen today.
    Not to say I wasn’t prepared today, even at work.
    Even if I went down, I’d have taken a few with me as an “honor guard”.
    But nuttin’ but quiet, crickets. And I’m glad.

    1. Yah… pretty boring around Tampa, even tho we have a pretty large Haj community.
      Might be b/c we’re all armed to the fucking teeth maybe?

  8. Don’t expect much to happen in So Fla. I think the local Muzzies understand the FAFO part of it. I read a poll ( possibly fake and ghey .gov propaganda) that the FUSA public favors wiping out Hamas 3 to 1. NathanYahoo did say that the Palestinians would get a lesson they would remember for 100 generations.

  9. I might not have a hard on with’da joooz’ like many who post on blogs such as these do, but even still….Ben Shapiro pretty much personifies EVERY SINGLE awful stereotype there is about them.

    …well, maybe except for that crooked nose thing.

    1. Spot on as usual, JL. And, as I am discovering now – an excellent point.

      I used to stand with Isreal and the jews, and then I did a 180 and developed an intense hatred of them – fueled by cretins like Little Ben and his fans and fart catchers. Also from a great deal of poorly researched opinions from our kindred spirits here on the dissident right. We cannot afford such stupidity and ignorance in ourselves. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Throw out everything you have been told, and all the stuff you think you know. Use that modern miracle in front of you for something other than stupid cat vids. Start from scratch: who and what are the zionists? what does classical Judaism consist of? Gather as much info from unbiased, objective and knowledgeable sources. Why do they talk the way they do? What do they want? Why do they want it? Nobody in authority is doing this. Precious few Dissidents are. You will have to hunt for them, you will very rarely see them in the mass media. Learn to use Alt Media and Alt Tech. Understand that Netinyahu does not represent his people any more than Biden represents America. Even my preliminary studies are showing HUGE problems with the antisemite agenda. It will take you several hours to do a good job of even scratching the surface on this shit show… it is literally 2000+ years old.

      Guys like me have been sinfully wrong about the Palies, and then again about the jews. Men are not angels, nor are they demons – for the most part. We DO have a metric butt load of enemies over there, and I am beginning to see there are friends and kindred spirits there too… and no one is seeing or listening to them.

      1. Your enemies are ANYONE in your arcs that directly mean you and yours harm. Jews, blacks, natives, shitlibs….even people you think are your ‘friendlies’. Also, not being an enemy doesn’t automatically default to that person being a friendly. I don’t give a damn about their history or their gripes. Their fight is their fight, not mine and not anymore than my fight is theirs. The enemy of my enemy is my enemy’s enemy…no more, no less.

        I learned this cold, hard lesson for the final time during the scam-demic. While it was abundantly clear who my enemies were there, when I saw how truly alone I was – even on my own ‘side’ – with all those who chose to submit, stay silent, or refuse to stand up for what they knew was wrong – that showed me the true value of what constitutes a ‘friendly’ and why that term should not be bestowed on someone simply on a whim.

        I’ll say it here and now, for the record: when it comes down to the wire, I’d sooner keep my six to the wall and trust only the steel in my hand before I’d trust ANY other swinging dick who’d only sell me out or let me down in the end. Every day of the week and twice on Sundays. If anyone else out there reading this is smart, they’d be wise to do the same.

        So fuck Shapiro and everyone like him. Fuck these shitlibs, commies, neocons, and other warmongering assholes and all their propaganda and bullshit. I refuse to play their games and if they fuck with me, I’ll go down swinging.

        Rant off.

  10. So many bloggers are outing themselves as Judeo Christian Boomers. Not that we didn’t already know. It’s kinda sad but funny at the same time. So much fury at the “enemy”. Mike at cold fury is all kinds of mad over shit skins killing God’s chosen people. Ha! Poor Mike. He wants to kill every one of them. Ha! Get to steppin Mike.

    Hopefully it will go lights out here soon because I’m getting tired of waiting. Everyone knows already who they are gunning for. For me niggers come in all colors. Judeo Christian Boomer faggots are high up on the list.

  11. We had a guy who graduated third in his class at Annapolis who created what the rest of us on alert duty with him that day dubbed Chernobyl Chicken.

  12. Beer’i population adjustment, per Wiki, without attribution…..this is why (among other reasons) I NEVER, EVER give money to that Leftard online pseudo-cyclopedia whenever they open a page with “please help keep the site up” beg-a-thon.

  13. Why nukes?
    If it were me (and I admit I am pretty off) I would surround Gaza on the three landsides with a wall, naval blockade on the seaside and nobody in, nobody out.
    Let the Palestinians eat cake – if they have some.
    They have tunnels?
    Great. Bring in Excavator 288 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bucket-wheel_excavator And then dig down to 100 meters. And then chip away at the Gaza “Island” starting inland meter after meter till you arrive at the sea.
    Yes, it will take time, but saving my soldiers life would be more important to me.
    Besides, Gaza can only sustain a small amount of life – and there are too many of them – so good luck.

    On the other hand: According to Michel Friedman (yes, the coke and whore guy) I as a german have no chance of ever being a good guy, you know Holocaust, so I am pure evil.
    And a jew I met in a company told me that we Germans owe the jews a bloodguilt. For the first drop of jewish blood we germans must pay 7 times 7 blooddrops. For the second its 7 times 7 times 7. Now do the math.

    So, I wish that they go Thunderdome. All jews on one side, all muslims on the other and then “Two enter, but only one leaves alive.” And that until there is one side left.

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