Getting Hot Out There And the Female Mind of Insanity

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Got Gran#1 yesterday, hence the night off. Watch Disney’s “Elemental” which, shockingly wasn’t as bad as some of the critics had made it out to be. She enjoyed it, and she’d spent the day at the pool with G, so she actually slept in today.

Which was good.

My issue today was that I was going to sneak her across the street to use the pool. Our neighbors moved out quite a bit ago, and the house the other day had a notice put on the door stating it was considered ‘abandoned’ now. So I recon’d the A.O. (yesterday) as I had thought and had been told that it’d rented and the new folks were due to move in any day, which has precluded us from blatant trespassing.

There was some unassembled furniture that I could see through the back slider, and otherwise, the people who were supposed to move in haven’t been seen in over a month and a half other than the initial stop by (to drop the aforementioned furniture, which consisted of WalMart specials so to speak). I figured they must have changed their minds as I looked it up.

$2775 a month for rent.

Even with the insurance rates going insane, which has led to an increase in my mortgage, that’s LITERALLY 2.5 times my current. That’s $33,300 a year in RENT

Any wonder I figured when I saw the “Dis place be abandoned” sign on the front I figured they’d bailed? Yeah, me too. So color me “OH Shit!!!” surprised when Gran and I did our infiltration. Told her we were doing the “sneeky-creepy” and to stay quiet. She did really well considering how talkative she is… like non-stop running full-bore monolog usually…

We got in, and I went really quiet to check the windows -again- and Ah shit! There’s a dood, right there assembling the furniture.

Run Away! Run Away!
I attribute it to my training… she slipped out quiet as a itty-bitty nuclear-powered mouse could, and for a big fucker, I tend to be exceptionally quiet… enough so I regularly scare the shit out of people when I move up on them… G usually freaks when I do my ‘suddenly appearing’ thing.

Made it home without tipping our hand thankfully.

So, that was todays stupidity on my part. I’d love to know when the hell they got there, as I’ve been watching, and I haven’t seen any movement. Like ZERO. Meh… and no, I don’t feel bad at all. Fuck ’em. New Yorkers BTW, the plates on their car (which is no where in sight right now BTW) are NY Plates… and the Property Manager told me they were a FNYC Couple, no kids, and a hypoallergenic dog.

Of course you know, this means war.

Guess I might have to make a habit of wearing my “Gaze upon my Privilege and Despair!!” Got that a while back from, and unfortunately, Popp doesn’t have that one anymore, ‘cos I sure should have bough 2-3 of them when I got the first as it’s offensive AF and, more importantly, FIT. Also need to start collecting the Sausage Princess’s loaves and doing a ‘deposit’ or ten. Dog drops a deuce like a fucking Rottie I swear…

So I was asked a ways back about my mentioning October 4th… Reason I didn’t elucidate was I didn’t have anything solid on possible upcoming festivities. What I –missed- was the 50th Anniversary of the Yom Kippur War. That and the assassination a few years later of Anwar Sadat, which I know a LOT of others forgot about as well.

Gonna get worse if things chart the way I’m thinking it may.

Just in the videos -I’ve seen- the Hamas kids totally got the drop on the Israelis. One of them showed a barracks room full of Jew Stiffs. Bunch of them also only wearing drawers and boots, no uniform, but dead in their battle rattle.

And as I’ve so frequently stated, Drones are here to stay to the point even the Hamas kids took out a few Merkavas with airborne munitions. Now, seeing that Iran has been selling/supplying Russia with the Geranium drone, no bets on if they’ve supplied Hamas with them. I’m sure they have. And that’s an arena that I have no idea if the Israelis have been looking at/working on countering. If not then they’re fucked.

And other than that, fuck ’em.

Let the fuckers slaughter each other. As far as -I’m- concerned, let Israel take the hit. They’ve been sitting on their asses, getting paid and supplied by us for faaaaaar too long, and we literally shouldn’t have any skin in this game. Like the Krain… Fuck ’em all with a rusty chainsaw sideways.

Don’t know, don’t fucking care.

Got my own shytte to worry aboot Aye?

Then, closer to home and something(s) worth mentioning is the drunken BoozeHag Hitlary came out again with some bullshit authoritarian crap about needing to “deprogram” Trump “cultists”.

THIS from one of the stupidest females to have EVER drawn good oxygen and wasted it. I mean just how fucking stupid do you have to be to lose a RIGGED election!?!

My DOG has more brains, and I have to occasionally stop her from eating cat poo. THAT is saying something amiright?

Then the other ‘stellar example’ of “Feminism Gone Wild” is the utterly contemptable and loathsome ‘girlfriend’ of the guy who caught the bad end of a one-chimp chimpout. Ryan Carson is that guy who got stabbed by a nigger in NYC in the chest and bled out. Claudia Morales, his “girlfriend” supposedly was a eyewitness.

The reason I say supposedly is twofold

Dunno… that face positively screams “Resting Gheyface/Soy”
Which makes me wonder IF they were actually a couple, ‘cos she sure AF isn’t acting like it. Seems Ms. Morales was unable to make a positive ID of the aforementioned Nigger in the police line up.
Link to Lulz HERE
Guess it’s either because they weren’t a ‘real thing’ (possible)

Two: More than likely, she’d prefer to be Mudsharking, as it’s come out that she’s a hardcore BLM supporter, although you won’t find many pics out there as she’s scrubbed like well, her entire online existence which tells me a few things. More on that in a second… the ONE pic out there of her BEFORE the “Scrubbining” is this:

ACAB = all cops are bastards.
Then her and her “soyfriend”:

Remember the face of that broad lads…

May she die lonely and her corpse be fed on by whoever many cats she ends up with. Literally, she deserves no better. Not for nothin’ I got nothing for “Mister Poet/Social Activist” either… in a mate, “…he chose…. poorly.”

I mean what IS it with fucking fucked-in-the-head females like this? Much like all them ‘Liberal Jew Females’ being dragged off by the Palestinians, probably to be raped to death and whatnot? What IS it about the Leftist Female Mind that insists on being so utterly repulsive and self destructive? TBH, it’s part of the -why- of why I went with Gretchen, as opposed to trading in the X for a younger, faster model.

It’s because ALL modern women these days are fucking insane and no, I do not want to hear NAWALT from any of y’all. Tell you what, reality when shit hits the fan? ALL those whamenz who think that they’re going to be guuuuuurlbosses and run around thinking they’re all badasses?

No. Ain’t happening. Blame Hollywood for that bullshit.

Gonna be a LOT of dead bitches when the fall starts…

And as far as Soyboys supposed “Friends?”
I got less than nothing for them either…

Dunno if you heard but his so-called “Friends” set up a GoFundMe… NOT for a Funeral, NOT for supporting the commie-cunt he was supposedly fucking…


Directly lifted:
“We are a collective of Ryan’s close friends, reeling from a brutal loss. We are asking for your help on behalf of his partner in easing the burden and stress of this horrifying situation so that we can have space and time to grieve, and remember Ryan. Immediate needs are to offset the costs of working class people taking time off of work to properly mourn.”

Are you fucking shitting me!?!
Congrats Leftards, you broke my brain. $73k should allow ALL of you to have a nice “…time off of work to properly mourn.”
I hope y’all too, die in a fire, tasting your own sizzling flesh, RIGHT before you get “called home” to where the burning will continue for all of eternity.

And truthfully, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch.

What hilarious tho are the folks willing to spend $5 to tell off this particular group of grifters…me? Personally I wouldn’t give them the steam of last winter’s dogshit in the snow. I got more respect for the shit, ‘cos, unlike them, at least it can’t help being shit.

So More Later, Time for Dinner
Big Country

14 thoughts on “Getting Hot Out There And the Female Mind of Insanity”

  1. I wish I could add to this but I can’t. You covered all the bases here. Excellent analysis.

  2. Thats quite the Drop the Pals got on The Choosen..

    Like to be a fly on the wall for that pow-wow.

  3. Be careful with those new “neighbors” from New Yawk.

    I’ll guarantee she’s a Karen, he’s a Soy Boy and she’ll have the cops on speed dial.

  4. After the dancing mossad Israelis on 9-11 Fuck Them All. Hope the arabs bone them good and hard. As far as a younger woman? Hard Pass. My better half is the same age as I and I wouldn’t trade her for all the non saggy titties in the world. She understands where I am coming from because we both lived it. Some kid the same age as my daughters would never comprehend what I went through in the Big Green Machine, or the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s (which really sucked btw) . I mean, WTF do you talk about when someone is 1/2 to 2/3rds your age?
    Nope. Gimme a real woman any day. BTW, we had better music, better looking cars and fucking good looking wimmen. I don’t mind being a boomer at all.

  5. Those communist pieces of shit, like Mr. ‘Sucking Chest Wound’ in NYC and the other two leftard clowns that got offed in the last week elsewhere, are getting exactly what they deserve. I hope they get more of it. I hope they get every bit of the shit end of the diversity, multiculturalism, and socialism sticks they have coming to them.

    Society might burn to the ground, but I’m sure gonna enjoy watching those bastards suffer while it happens.

    1. Right you are JL! This and the other shitlib kills are a cause for celebration! I will have whatever is in the jerry can, if you are pouring… 🙂

      The Late Uncle Bob used to claim that women are socialists and fascists by nature and I do believe he was absolutely correct! It is my conviction that this can be averted with proper parenting and the right kind of role models and schooling. But… without all that… you will likely end up with a rancid whore like Cankles Clinton.

      You mind that li’l red headed nuke of yours BCE! If you throw her into public school she will be just effed! I used to think bad schools could be countered by good parenting … and unfortunately from personal experience I have been forced to reverse that opinion. Have you plans for home or private school for the lass?

      1. Jerry can’s got nothin’ but dark and dirty black coffee.

        As for cankles, either Clinton or Freeland – I ain’t partial, she can suck start a 12 gauge.

  6. Somebody over at GAB, I think, asked the question: When will Bibi Yahoo claim that 6 million of Isntreal’s (((citizens))) were murdered by the Hamas fighters? After all, memories of the alleged holocaust are fading, so the Elders of Zion need to come up with a new scam to fleece the goyim.

    I’m also hoping that Hamas has more in store for the Zionists. Canned sunshine, anyone?

  7. As stated previously, beware the neighbors. Just like the Soyboi and his “Latina” gurlfriend, I suspect that they are all members of The Tribe. Even if they say they are one thing, they are another.
    I thought the Home Invasion Story was funny. Please make sure that the redhead is home schooled and allowed to keep her God-Given blessings.
    It is all ratcheting downward; hence the Hildabeast feels secure in her yearnings for more beatings and death. I just wish that she had been in Isreal when the festivities took off. Watch for the calls for conscription to feed Defending Isreal and sending (especially) cash and veggies to them too. I do see inflation raising up to the point that even at $3000+ a month in rent, which is already standard in LA and the Bay Area, it won’t buy the house owner a loaf of bread. We are about to reap the windfall of Obama-et al-good and hard. Keep stacking what you can, in all areas of future needs, and be aware of the need for Super OPSEC. I won’t be saving the neighbors from their stupidity or communism. I drove over that bridge long ago. They say that Hamas has killed/captured countless Americans. To quote Uncle Remus-Don’t Be There.

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