Predictive Programming

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OK, besides the First Rule of Fight Club, one of the others out there is “don’t reveal your sources.” Especially IF it could open up a world of shit on an individual IF they’re easily identifiable. Now, that being said, a LOT of what I do is ‘combing the web’ and noticing ‘trends.’

I’ve had a lot of different pluses and minuses in doing so, however, that being said, I’d say I’ve been close to the positive side than the negative. As dumb as it sounds, these days?

Maaaan so much weird shit out there, being able to mine a good ‘infonugget’ is becoming more and more of an Art than anything else. So, in that for tonight, as the substack is up from today with rantings about the Kraine (Link HERE) I figured I give a peek to one of the many websites I’ve used, and continue to use, as a ‘marker.’

What I mean by that is as I’m checking various websites, there are a few that seem to be ‘plugged in’ to the ‘human hivemind’ and tend to stand out over time. Meaning that I read something on the site, be it a story, or historical anecdote, and a month, maybe two or even three do I have that sense of deja-vu that I read something about this before. It’s really hard to explain.

Then, back before I realized what was going on, I’d go back to find out -what- it was that ‘twigged’ me to the current situation. In this case, one of the sites that I use and go to on the reg is Listverse. Now, as to the ‘how and why’, well, tonight in particular:

Now, maybe I’m reading too much into it.
To Me?
Tells me that we got some hard times ahead when they start talking about Recibes from the Depression… Jes’ Sayin’

As of late, and right before the DotGov got on the “We’re going to reveal Aliens!” bandwagon, Listverse put a shitton of stories up, between Alien Abduction, to Alien Encounters.

Mind you, this’s MY own personal observations, YMMV, don’t run with scissors, and sure as fuck don’t try to ‘get inside’ my head… NO ONE should have to be exposed to the ‘rats and snakes’ running through this cortex…
Jes’ Sayin’
But seriously…Predictive Programming is well known. Take for instance one of the most famous claims of it with the “Twin Towers” as well as the Pentagra…er…gon… in that “Illuminati Card Game” pre-9-11:

I mean hey, if it quacks like a duck amiright?

I mean there’s a lot of static and clutter out there, however, after a while, depending on how insane you are, some patterns do start showing.

That and being a trained intel analyst helps.

Pattern recognition is a key function of being able to know what is going on, and IF there is bad shit brewing. Hence why, due to budget cuts, political correctness run amok and various ‘other things’ that the Intel Agencies have been essentially ‘hollowed the fuck out.’ We haven’t recovered since from what I can tell/have heard. The worst time was being under the Obamamessiah, what with his “FundaMental Transformation” of AMerica into a Turd World Shithole.

Guess he missed Indonesia and/or Kenya, and wanted us all to get a taste of his birth/upbringing. That and cocaine-fueled Buttsecks, which if you’ve noticed since his misrule, we’ve had in spades.

Now granted, some folks in the Agencies could figure out certain patterns and whatnot. Problem was? The middle management. Fucking career bureaucrats who, God Forbid, offer up an Anal-lysis that goes against “the Current Thing” as unpopular as it may be… having ‘unpopular opinions/analysis meant no promotions or better assignments. Have the ‘wrong opinion’ was career-i-cide.

I mean FFS, they knew pre-9-11 that there was serious chatter out there that -something bad- was coming… and man, between the ass covering, the denial, and the unmitigated bullshit, we got purely ass-fucked by a LOT of folks who are, to this day, laughing their collective balls off at us… Yeah, Mossad, I’m looking at you fuckers…

Not for nothing though, these days, it doesn’t matter how fucked up or screwy the latest “Conspiracy Theory” is in my book… I mean what do you say to your crazy Conspiracy Theorist Uncle/Friend these days?

“I’m sorry, you were right.”

Not that’ll ever happen. Even when said-CT is poking them in the dookie- chute. It’s purely amazing how bad the CogDis (Cognitive Dissonance) is these days in Normietown.

I mean even I suffer from it.
As long as no one is fucking with me directly, that I can get food on the table, and Aliens (if there be such a thing) aren’t landing in -my- back yard, I’m good. It’ll take one hell of a serious dislocation for me to be ready to break loose the torpor of “Suburban BCE”.

Not that I’m not capable… I just prefer it this way.
And I think a LOT of us are ALL of the same mind, and in the same boat. As I said yesterday, “Don’t Start None, Won’t Be None” seems to be the motto of our current state.

As shitty as it sounds, I’m comfortable with that.
So More Later
Big Country

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  1. That whole ‘Don’t start none, won’t be none’ is, IMHO, the only thing holding it all together (if you can call it that) right now. No one wants to be the spark that ignites this motherload of blackpowder. Not even the shitzngiggles crowd doing their damnedest to destroy everything. They want ‘the other side’ to tip the scales and keep pushing for that effect. Watch 24 be the tip over, or it may be delayed into early 25, but things are set to go sideways (just look at what GOPe is pushing as Presidential material so far,,, and Trumpish isn’t on their list.)

    1. Probably true Arthur but I suspect that the crazies in “Charge” are not as monolithic as we think.

      Seems plenty of infighting between the various groups and to myself a pretty clear layering of useful idiots, their handlers (seems a LOT of infighting for more approval from the top dogs and more personal power here) and the real powers that Be.

      BTW No “Useful Idiot” THINKS THEY are the “Useful Idiot”. Otherwise, they’d have to think that perhaps Today is the day they get shipped off to the Gulag along with the “OTHERS” (MAGA etc.) they so despise.

      Their Handlers don’t THINK of themselves as mere handlers. THEY are UP and Coming New Leadership for the Revolution (or whatever they think of it). Otherwise, like the Sock Puppet and Stormy Daniels they would have to ponder what method of Disposal the Bosses will use on them.

      Thus, this somewhat chaotic “Leadership structure explains the pop up and disappear “Opps” we spoke the truth stories in mainstream media.

      Or simple sociopathic need to brag to their victims, perhaps?

      It’s been said a man with a gun can control a dozen or more unarmed folks. Mao said something about that. HOWEVER mass media and electricity can make a few have power over millions.

      While loss of the grid would cripple their media and thus power over the current population of some 331 million (plus illegals) the Population would drop down pretty FAST (rule of 3’s stuff, water etc.) to the pre-electric grid population of 1860’s @31 million. Not for lack of interest in big families and such. Just the lack of ability to FEED more without electricity (water pumping, treatment, sewage handling, refrigeration, Communications) and all the modern fuels like diesel and such.

      Ever wonder WHY in the Hunger Games (Predictive Programming at its best) that Panem the Capital turned ON the grid for scheduled news and promotion of the “Games”.

      Also, Panem is found in that famous Latin quote:

      “Bread and circuses” (or bread and games; from Latin: panem et circenses).

      In the Hunger Games the “Elite” already reduced the population to a sort of helpless serfs working for bread and circuses.

      Sounds a LOT like the World Economic Forums plans for us to “Own Nothing and Be Happy”, eh?

      Bracing for the barrage of “But WE GOT GUNS crowd” never gonna happen.

      Anybody know how many guns Walter Mitty owned?

      Let me know how you’re going to shoot yourself out of bank account closed, no credit, no job, no ability to pay rent, electricity turned off, money under the mattress no longer legal tender (Gold and Silver? Remember Roosevelt EO 6102), “SEE Something, SAY something” sheeple and such.

      Nothing is truly accidental. The Powers that BE know their history.

      The Powers that Be are like that Sun Tzu Quote:

      An evil leader will burn down his own country to rule over the ashes.

      The Powers that Be seem pretty sure WE will not “Pull it” and condemn some 90% of our population to death to lack of safe water and internecine violence (your skin suit is your uniform, folks).

      [ˌin(t)ərˈneˌsēn, ˌin(t)ərˈnēˌsīn]
      destructive to both sides in a conflict:
      “the region’s history of savage internecine warfare”

      Most often used to describe tribal warfare in Africa and the Balkens.

      And if we burn it down see the Sun Tzu quote above.

      Troubles coming, the Bond Market is many times more important than the Stock Market and as Frank Zappa said:

      The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.

      Frank Zappa

      Going to get ugly. Grey man, protect your family and trusted friends (see the “See something” above about betrayal) PROVEN Ability to get plenty of safe water, food, repair shelters and fix stuff outside the Amazon system will help (Because Luck is also in play) that you and yours will be in the 10% survivors’ group.

      Tempus Fugit or as the Drill SGT said, “Move it or lose it”.

      1. This may be one of the most eloquent and succinct summaries of the current situation. I wholeheartedly agree and BCE’s DSN, WBN status really does reflect the current SNAFU.

        One of the things I love about coming here and other blog’s like Arthur’s is not only the writer’s content, but the feedback of the readers. As BCE noted, intel gathering does involve a lot of trend observance and I find, in reasonably useful blogs and such, the comment section really has some nuggets to be observed.

        Again, well said and thank you ‘grey man’…. =)

      2. Well, Okay. That may very well be. But. There are always those that have nothing to lose and decide to thin out the oppressors before they pass. Those who say: “Its a good day to die.” and take a whole escort with them. What do you think a few skilled ex-military could do to, say a city?

      3. Six or so years ago the football players got into a dispute with Missouri State University. The U. had scheduled games and the revenue for those games. When the football players threatened to strike, the U. caved. The University thought they had all the power because it had always been that way, but they didn’t.

        The digital gulag requires uninterrupted electricity. How many people are going to get their money shut off and then go out shooting transformers. No electricity, no digital gulag! Sales go down, tax collections falter in affected areas, and the ever problematic civil chaos, infrastructure destruction and human murder and starvation.

        Without full and effective disarming of the public, most of this lub utopia stuff will end the same way.

    2. Art – That’s ‘correct’ in a general sense, but what I’ve noticed is that in addition to the multitude of obvious “Gatekeeper” sites, there is a whole lot of ‘Noise’ put out, in the form of off-the-wall, Improbable ‘conshpirashy theeeree’ nonsense, like all the ‘Q-Tard, White Hats’ nonsense, to the Aliens from Arcturus (or is that Uranus?) and the “5G is going to Activate the Nanoparticles in the Vaccine and turn everyone into Zombies” meme.

      BCE is spot-on about recognition of Patterns in the OSI ‘stream’ on the Internet; you have to filter a lot of B.S., sometimes not obviously B.S. in order to form an Opinion of what is going on. It is still more Difficult to go from there to what is “Actionable Intelligence”.

      For myself, “Actionable Intelligence” really comes down to When (not If) I see Ballistic Shells falling into the Swamp, from my location on a Ridge about 50 Clicks West of “Ground Zero”. Hopefully, Ivan will use those ‘Avangard’ Gliders with Tungsten Shot to take out key places like the Pentagram, No such Agency, and Clowns in Action.

  2. The whole ‘Don’t start none, won’t be none’ attitude is because almost everyone (including almost all of us) like our lives. Do we get pissed at the government and their BS ? You bet but they haven’t YET crossed the line where they are directly impacting our personal lives enough to tip us over the edge into action.

    Look at 1776 and the Revolutionary War. The King and Parliament were taxing the crap out of the colonists and they were mad about it. Even still they TRIED to work within the system (look up “Petition to the King” and “Olive Branch Petition”). The King told them where to go and was quartering troops in people’s homes, threatened to seize anyone who spoke against hims property and to hang them. Finally he was going to disarm them and all of this together tipped the colonists to revolution.

    It is my opinion that it will take the government to really start putting their beak into people’s personal lives that will push people over the edge. I know indirectly they are now and have been but I’m talking overt meddling.

  3. Thoughtful post Michael and much appreciated.

    You are correct and “Bread and circuses” is the true label of modern media. Bit by bit they have been at this for decades. The quality control on the TV content and “programming” disappeared when we went from, maybe 4 or 5 stations to dozens. We experienced “if it bleeds it leads”

    My personal experience is growing up in Belfast. Local ‘leaders’ whipped up the masses of protestants to burn out their catholic neighbours as Colonial governments (The English) always did and we were off to the races – only 3000 dead.

    Locals bandied together back then to resist but were so unarmed and overwhelmed – the Brit government had to intervene. Hence the trouble started.

    You yanks are not in that situation. You have the freedom but will not use it. My eternal hero was an IRA man on hunger strike – Bobby Sands. He could literally only fight with his own death. Sometimes the sacrifice is that hard. I don’t know how it will go for you guys. YOU ARE NOT UNARMED.

    I really enjoy BCE’s banter as he has seen ‘The Elephant’ – far more than I. It’s coming for you guys. The only question is who starts it. BLM was paid oppo. There is no real spiritual/political backing to it. It all comes down to who steps up and lights the ‘blue touch paper’

    For those who like a real deep dive financially there was an amazingly deep background posting on BCE’s substack comments

    1. Bobby Sands… THAT has some memories…
      I was in “Jolly Olde” when he cashed in on his hunger strike, and being an American Fam of Irish decent from New England, we were warned about going certain places…
      This was during my first overseas ‘tour’ as a kid… I was 12? 13? and security throughout England and Ireland went ‘tight as a tick’s arshole’ when that happened…

      1. That day and night of his death was the most intense experience. All we had was small arms and petrol bombs. Salvos and salvos of petrol bombs arcing in the sky accompanied by the sound of gunfire back and forth.
        I was 11 at the time. Going to school the next day and everything was covered in a deep layer of glass. Interesting times.

  4. BCE, are you familiar?

    It’s an hour and a halfish, but, gal spits fire and I think everyone who reads your blog needs to see it. Well, to be frank, EVERYONE who thinks to save the REPUBLIC, needs to see it and absorb it!! This is the kind of info that is broadly needed to fix this shitshow after it all goes to hell and may come back to a semblance of normalcy.

    If someone watches this and isn’t ready to kick in a door when the duty calls, well…. someone will take your crap and do it for you…

    Enjoy fren… and for other readers, share the shit out of the video. I don’t know her, I make no munny from them, it’s free, for fucks sake, it’s GOD GIVEN RIGHTS!

    God Bless all!

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