OrangeMan Baaaaaaaaaaad!!!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Say tonights title like you had retardation and/or Downs.

Swear to Gawd we -are- dealing with the mentally incompetent, and I don’t mean the Kidsniffer Pursuviant. More like every. single. one. of these corruptocrats, who just ALL so happen to A) Be Inter-related (inbred like a motherfucker) and B) Part of a (((certain group))) who’s not known for either their subtly nor intelligence.

Say what you want, defend what you want, but the noticing keeps happening… to the point where all these new anti-anti-Semite laws?

You want to know ‘which corrupted motherfucking group who’s running the show?’

Just see who which group and/or person you’re not allowed to ask about, nor talk about.

Nuff said there.

And NO. It’s not a trope nor is it a whytte-sooper-preemie-cyst thing. Boomers LOVE to throw that out when you mention the noticing. See, the issue is, really, as far as I can tell, it’s not a coordinated plan, or action, nor the “Protocols of the The Elders of Zion” or whatever the hell that is…

Hell, my sister in law (who knew?) is Jewish hence why FedBro cut me dead. Rather than actually analyzing the facts, I get the marker of being an Anti-Semite, which I’m not. It’s that the tribe, for whatever reason, either subconsciously or hell, even consciously, make decisions based on tribal affiliation. And because of this, a bunch of related/unrelated things happen, and all of a sudden, a new Hitler comes into power, and no one can understand why pogroms crop up ever 100 years or so.

Because of the promotion of the tribal aspect of the lifestyle they lead, and the inability to realize that their actions, as beneficial to themselves they may be, the detrimental aspects of a LOT of their choices leave the ‘reg’lar folks’ kind of pissed off, as most of the beneficial decisions they make are hardcore detrimental as fuck to anyone not of the tribe.

That tends to piss people off.

Hell, the Krain is a case in point.
Krainfeld and his Kocaine Koterie?
All members of the tribe

Who, in reality, stoked and prepped another brother war (i.e. Christian on Christian) since 2014? The Krainians, specifically the members of the (((tribe))) have never forgiven Russia for driving them out. They started the entire Revolution waaaaay back in 1918… and eventually, as norm, they overplayed their hand, and got good and pogrommed for it.

You can’t piss off a group of people non-stop and not expect some form of backlash. However, the nature of the tribe is that they continually wallow in a self-induced circular pity-oppression logic that, to them makes them the persecuted ones despite the fact that they tend to end up in positions of power and control. Eventually, as such, the ‘regular non-tribalists’ start looking around and start NOTICING

Hence tha panic and attempts to pass and have enforced near draconian laws that would literally institute a law that makes me and this column a hate-crime.

Hell, I am a walking talking hate crime…
Ask my wife.

Thank God for the First and Second Amendment.
Thing of it is, it’s the ‘regular folks’ who tend to suffer.
Regular tribe members who get caught up in the grinder… they aren’t the issue, it’s the Judenraete , also spelled the “Judenrat” (far more appropo IMO) who are the problem…

The Judenraete were groups of tribal “leaders” who, for the most part made sure that they and theirs were the last ones loaded on the boxcars.

Despicable doesn’t even –begin– to describe these motherfuckers. Literally sold alllll their fellow tribals down the river so as to ‘live another day’.

OUR current Judenraete consists of Nuland, Weinstein, Baum… ALLLLL the usual suspects

No shytte Aye?

Latest word IRL is that the tribe has (or should I say -had-) some long term plans for the Krain… the term “A Second Israel” and whatnot has been bandied about… seems that the real “Big Iz” is running out of arable land… I mean yeaaaaah I totally can believe it… fucking there’s only so much you can do on a piece of turf that’s been worked over since ‘time began’ so to speak…

So, the plan is (was) to depopulate the Krain of it’s folks and start ‘moving in’… nothing solid, nothing in writing. Maybe a wild-ass weirdness guess or fever fantasy, BUT

These days?

Stranger things have happened.

Now, other Administrative Notes:
May Uncle Ted rest in peace. Died today at 81 in Supermax.

Guy scared the ever-loving Jeebus out of the powers that be.
May he forever haunt them.
So, Holler atcha later
Big Country

Hi Ho, Let’s Go! Hi Ho, Let’s Go!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
With apologies to the Ramones Aye?

Let’s start tonight off with some odd news
Bad News/Good News?

Bad News: Apparently The Aliens/Martians/Whathaveyou have landed in Las Vegas. Juuuuuust a bit outside the strip.

Good News: They’re eating niggers and illegals, pissing gasoline, and headed East.
<Drum Riff>

Sorry…. had to do it.
IRL, instead of Vegas, it was California, and during the gas crisis. One of DeadDad’s bros called him up at Oh-Dark Early and laid that particular one on him at 0200, back when long distance calls were a premium… ‘member those days when we used to get porked to call across a state line? Maaaaaaaaaan I caught hell in my early years of College, me being in Bawston, and my “meat of the week”, her being at Plymouth State up in Northern New Hampster… try a $200 phone bill first time around… The parental units were not amused.

So the Kocaine Klown Show of The Krain kicked off Offishully.
Annnnnnnnnnnd it went as I predicted

A complete and utter cruster fluck as Joe Chink would call it.

That’s 4 Brads, all roastie-post-toasties
A Leopard 2A6 variant (the triangular turret glacis is the givaway)
And what appears to be a T-72 Engineering variant that -had- a mine plow on it… the mine plow being waaaay down in the lower left corner of this footage… I stole this from the Bitchute vidya… a quick clip.


I also watched the In-Real-Time drone footage of when this particular group got smoked.
Holy Fucking Hells
Whoever trained these clowns? THEY should be put against a wall and shot out of hand. Stalin would’ve capped someone for less… My Monday Morning QBing of just this particular shot?

A) They’re too tightly grouped… having see the raw full footage, these guys were soooo close together… man, as a TOW Gunner who grew up on being trained to take out Hordes of Ivans in the Fulda Gap? Gawd, Eaaaaaasy Meat man… shiiiiit…. a TOW Gunner –salivates– at the thought of some shit like this… mainly ‘cos, little known fact: A TOW2 can, if shot correctly, can get a ‘twofer’ by punching thru two tanks IF they’re close enough.

B) They panicked. That Leo doesn’t actually show any battle damage, but it obviously ran full-on up and onto that Bradley thats all blown the fuck up behind it. Got a hunch that the Engineer track got the mine plow blow’d up and off, and they got too close… then Ivan started hitting the Brads with ATGMs (Anti-Tank Guided Missiles) like the TOW, or in their case the Kornet. Like a Jav, but actually works apparently. My hunch is as they tried to turn around (and it’s hard to see in the actual combat vidya due to obscuration) either the Brad in the lower left got hit by Arty (big crater next to it) Big and CLOSE enough to completely annihilate it, OR, the next Brad (right next to the Leo, in the process of Backing Up to turn around, hit a mine, blowing the left track off, and probably (if it was one of them BIG Ivan AT Mines) kil’t a goodly portion of the crew.

C) At which point, the Two Brads behind the Leo got Smoked. Those are definitely ATGM/Arty Hits, maybe precision guided Arty? Either way, the Leo? Man, it backed up and onto the Brad behind it, and probably got stuck like chuck. The fact that it –wasn’t smoked– tells me Ivan wanted it in one piece and whelp… they done dood it. All they have to do is push forward post offensive and do a recovery. Not that that’s that big a deal, they already had export examples from the Yemen shit… LOTS of 2A6 smoked/captured during that particular unpleasantness.

I’m waiting to see the Brit Tanks IF we even ever see them, as those? They still got the Chobham armor on them, and that supposedly is the ‘keys to the kingdom’. Got me a hunch we’ll never see one of those being in a place of danger… the risk of Ivan snatching one is too great.

Anyways… that’s all for tonight as I’m toast myself. FIL fell twice today, once at 0700, then around lunchtime. Both times we got notified, but still, Mom’s not doing so hot, so we have to discuss the plan for the future. He’s OK, but man, they not longer can take care of themselves… hard times here man…

I -so- do not want to have to deal with this.
When do –I– get a break?

So More Later
Big Country

Guess I -Can- See The Future…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes
Whelp… prescience is a bitch sometimes.

That “Thing” I Mentioned a few weeks ago?
Illegal Immigrants coming to “…do the jobs Americans won’t”?

Herschel over at “The Captain’s Journal” exposed that HERE

So… been cogitating on it.
On Gab, someone from Florida posted a write up (again, forgot to save it) but it was an account of Guy going to the local indoor range, and finding 4 Joe Chinks on the range… ALL non-Engrish speakers… like as in a 30-40 word TOTAL among the 4 of them. They were getting training on AR Platforms, and from the writeup, their lane was ‘decorated’ with 9mm and .45 brass. Guy went over to intel-probe, and found that all 4 had Florida concealed carry, yet didn’t ‘speeky-no-engrish’

Now the above law is for Illinois. What’s to stop the ‘infection’ to other states? Answer: Not a damned thing. Watch for it to grow like a tumor nationally, especially in shithole blue-hive zones that can’t or worse yet, won’t enforce the laws.

Now as to Joe Chink and his Three Fireteam Frens?

Everyone seems to think these “Chinese Police Stations” are there to monitor/spy/and follow Dissident Joe Chinks around. Well, they are, but I also think that now, hearing about these Four Frens at the range. One thing I forgot was all 4? Prime DotMil Age and -in shape-. Not Papasan and his nephews lern’in how ta shewt… nope… The poaster stated these guys had “PLA” written alllll over ’em.

Which makes me think that them Chinee Poleez Sations squirreled away all over? Yeah… it adds another layer of ‘plausible deniablity’ in the Loop.

First they stage a Black Flag/Swan that requires a gun confiscation.
Then they ‘Badge Up’ Hose-A and Hose-B to perform said weapon round up.

The expected blood soaked reaction occurs
Call it ‘open season on beaners, no bag limit’
Of course the hardcore rayyyyycists’ll start taking out ALL folks of Spanish Decent… figure the blaqs in LA and the Mex go full ‘Thunderdome’

Which is then when the UN gets called in

And Joe Chink and HIS ‘Ah-so melly men’ get put nominally “in charge” as part of the UN Security Forces, along with all the full backing of the Junta of the Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den.

THAT’S when shit’ll go full on spicy AF.

The only way it’ll end will be if ‘canned sunshine’ gets opened up… no two ways about it… and unfortunately, we’re closer now than even before.

The Krain is going to get hotter, sooner than later. No matter what purile shit that Aesop said about the Russians blowing the dam? Nope… not true IMO. Not a fan of -any- of them, but let me tell ya, his ‘cold war mentality’… Dude needs to realize the Russians are about to fully absorb the Krain in the end, and Krainfeld? My bets is he hides out in Israeli, along with all the other drasft dodgers who ditched there when ther intitasl war busted loose.

Word is right now the Krainians are so desperate that there are unconfirmed reports of Krainian Nationals, college students, living and going to school in Ireland of all places being scooped up and pressganged into the Krainian Mil. As in Krainian thugs (cops, but is there a difference?) pull up and pulled guys right off the street, tasgged, bagged and shipped them back to the grinder.

As Aesop loves to say “Does that sound like the side that’s winning?” And don’t bother telling me how the Russian DotMil is… Dude… I worked the Red Cell Intel unit for years. People who think the Russian DotMil still operates like they did back in the Bad Old Days with shitty equipment and undertrained conscripts? Not so much now… Putin re-vitalized the DotMil… is there corruption?
Betcher ass… TONS of it.
However, I’d have to say, as I’ve stated before, that the US is just as corrupt Moreso even. 2 Billion Dollars for a flying fucking ADA Battery that has yet to actually work as designed? Real Numbers fed to me by my former room dawg who retired as a CW4 who actually -ran- a Patriot Battery? Told me them fuckers are overpriced Bottle Rockets… like me when our MOS (11H) went bye-bye, HE got into being a Patriot Puke.

And yeah, they’ve been begging him to come out and play as he’s now a six-figure contractor. Told ’em “no fucking way Jose, those things fucking suck

See, Putin understands ONE major thing:
Post WW2? Russian Men were significantly impacted via, you know, death. Not a lot of guys left. Same thing happened in Germany. They started coming back after, and were kinda-sorta on their way back, however, then the USSR collapsed. Drugs, booze, AIDs… ALL had another significant impact across the board. Never mind that Russia was ‘down in the dumps’ socially, politically and economically.

Putin turned that around pretty well.
Russia sure as hell is doing better than us these days.
So, Have the Russians taken a HUGE number of casualties?
But where from?
Mostly, from my sources and corroborated by a few websites like Simplicus76 (sp?) is that the majority of casualties have been in Wagner… criminal scumbags. Guys who had been costing the state money to imprison. How much savings could we have here in the US if we emptied out our Gulags and sent off the scum to die gloriously? What’s it cost to house a ‘lifer’ in the US? The average, based on 2015’s numbers is $33274 per year.
And that’s from 2015… The highest was NY at $69355 per year per inmate
Again, for the slow kids: DEMOGRAPHICS
Putin has it that IF you have kids, you get paid. From Statistica: “A family receiving their first child in Russia would receive approximately 590 thousand Russian rubles from the government within the maternity (family) capital program in 2023. The maternity capital benefits in the country saw an increase in recent years and were planned to be indexed every year until 2025.”
Then, if you’ve had 10 kids, and they all lived, you get $1000000 (a million Rubles) which in Dollars works out to about $17-20k, depending on exchange rates.

And NO, that ain’t welfare. That’s ALL folks in Rooskieland
Go forth, and Multiply

Which is why during this SMO we –haven’t- seen a lot of Frontline Troops getting int he grinder. Putin, despite all the media smears is carefully husbanding his primary troops. Especially the lesson taught hard at the Airport when the Elite Air Assault guys got absolutely massacred because the Russians -thought- that the Krainians were goin to roll over when they showed up.

Karma and Hubris is a bitch
So Vlad and his boys have gone hardcore conservative with Troop Use. 40k of convicts ground up and blown away?


In fact the very way that the Mass Enema-media, or as I like to call them the Ministries of Propaganda and Lies and the near frantic continual bombardment of headlies that “Putin has Cancer…Putin has Parkinsons…Putin has a Brain Tumor…Putin has mental issues…” and on and on and on…

Listen… IF –you– take anything at face value that the Mass Media sez, and regrind it into your own sausage, then you’re a fucking fool.

They LIE
All the TIME

Even when they don’t have to lie, they do.
It’s fucking pathological, and anyone who believes anything they say at this point should look for counselling
‘Cos me?

“Join the Army They Said…
See the World They Said…
Go to Exotic Countries, Meet Interesting People They Said…
Hot Chicks LOVE a Man in Uniform They Said…
They Lied
I’ve learned not to trust ‘Them’ anymore…”

Nuff Said
Big Country

Ahhhhhh SHIT! Someone Blew The Dam at Nova Khakovka

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Been monitoring Simplisicus76’s substanck… guy is an Intel Maven non-pariellel. Got a GREAT grasp of the Krain.

Now, with that being said, at 23:40 +/- I went over and found this:


The vidya is scary-scary…showing a MASSIVE flood of water headed downrange. No word -yet- on who done dood it, but either way, this ain’t good.

Zoporo Nookular Plant in Danger
Oh my fucking head.
BAD BAD JuJu Mon… is truly Dread Mon…

Thing is, the “Offensive” has apparently launched… I’m going to withold any judgement or count, BUT me being me? So far I’d say the Krainians have had theirt collective heads handed to them. Again.

I mean IRL, they’re on what? Their 3rd full Amry, and an Army by definition by numbers alone is what? between 100000 and 200000? I mean when this shit kicked off, the Krain had about 400000 in uniform, Regulars and Reserve and then the ‘home guard’…

Judging from the hard -real- numbers, I’d say they’ve burned thru about 250000 KIA and probably a larger number WIA

Trust me, I know things… I was with the High Command

SO no idea who blew da dam, but either way its a MASSIVE escalation, both environmentally, and well as ‘down range effects’… if it -was- the Krain who dun dood the deed, well, then ecological and regular terrorism comes leaping to mind… and if it was Ivan who dun dood it? Well same thing, but man

Either way its a world class crusterfluck.

I’ll continue to report and monitor… so far ZERO mention of it on ANY national or otherwise intahrwhebz… which in itself it most telling.

Later Y’all
Big Country

Sylvan Arms Folding Stock Adapter Issues

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, in order to ‘play nice with the ATF (for now) I decided to take the “Blade” Rear Assist Stock off of one of my many bangsticks. The one in question had a Sylvan Arms Folding Stock Adapter on it.

Now, tell you upfront:
We’re going to be seeing just how good their warranty department is.
Now, wish I had started taking pics early in the disassembly. I have a bad habit of going “Oh shit!” and busting the tools out to remedy said-shit so’s to Charlie Mike (that’s continue mission to you civvies). Now, the SA Folder adapter is trumpted as ‘the thing’ to allow you to turn your AR into a ‘folder’… can’t safely shoot it in it’s folded config, but still, it’s cool looking, and a lot of cop departments seem to like it as well… which is a plus for us considering -this- write up.

Jes’ Sayin’

So, I went to take it apart, and first thing on the list when disassembling the rear stock on any AR is remove the buffer and spring. In this case? Not so mucho. Fucker was stuck like chuck. Pin wouldn’t go down into the receiver to allow the buffer egress. Looking at it closely, I saw what ailed me was the buffer retention pin.

And said buffer-retention pin was allllllll beat the fuck in and bent over.
To the point of “grab a hammer and a roll pin punch and fix the fucker, dammit!”
AFTER I got it sort of straight enough to get out, THIS is what I ended up with:

You can see where the pin is -almost fractured- from being all bent willy-nilly.

Now mind you, I’m not nor did I beat on this particular rifle. In fact, the oddest thing; The pin itself is an amalgamation of steel and aluminum. The base cap that the pin rests on is steel, but the rest is non-magnetic. Found that out when I dropped it in my pin-bin-tray which is a big ole magnet to keep shit from falling on the floor:

Reason I find that interesting is that the pin was bent so far over as to be unremovable from the interior of the foldy-thingy (and yep, that’s the ¡scientific! name of it, the foldy-thingy):

Now that’s after I beat it -straight- (wish we could do that to the queers Aye?) and re-inserted it to the foldy-thingy. Now, besides the mangled pin (which only got mangled from very few shots mind you… like maybe 400 +/- That ain’t a helluva lot for that sort of breakage/bendage. So I also went to replace it from my collection of ‘fiddly-bits’ and dug out a new pin.

Sumbitch, it don’t fit.
I need a pin from the manufacturer to replace it…
So far, 0/10, would not recommend.

ANOTHER thing noticeable in the above pic?
The locking lug is worn flat the fuck out. Like visibly (as you can see) and tangibly (via feeling, the metal is all deformed and raised) causing a significant gap in the folding area:

While closed fully, That’s a MEASURED GAP of 1.37mm

Let me tell you.. I first noticed the gap when I fired it (the rifle) last time
LOTS of superheated gas blew up and out through that lil gap
SQUARE in my face.

Most Unpleasant, let me tell ya.
I’m not one to shy away, however it was most unexpected
So… I ended up replacing the stock and the foldy-thingy in it’s entirity.
Better the devil you know Aye?

Already painted plain n’boring Collapsible…
I’m going to reach out with the fotos and the above.
Hoping they make it right, ‘cos as of right now?
It gets 4 Cool Points for making the AR Variant into a Folder.

That’s it tho…
The very fact that this thing shit the bed, on a civilian rifle, with minimal use and has more problems than I, a master gunsmith for the DotMil can deal with here at the crib? Oh fuck no. ZERO cool points

So, like I said 4/out of 10, HIGHLY disrecommend
I’ll follow up after I get with customer service.
Overall, cool looking gear, but ZERO use IRL combat, under any circumstances

Hope you dug this
Big Country

Anyone Got Some Painkillers?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Yannow… I know I fought like hell to get Addy back… still am, just a different battlefield, but after weekends like this? I ask “Do you really unnastand of what you are potentially getting yerself into Bro?”

Chasing the Midget Redhead for 2.56 daze? O.M.F.Gawd!
Worn out, used up, torn up from the floor up.
To think I’m capable of ‘runnin’ and gunnin’ like I used to in daze past?
Heh Heh
Sorry… sorry but oh Lord Jeebus that’s funny.
The idea, not the reality.

Not only that, but today we had a significant milestone

Dropped her first baby-toofus.
We were at the pool at G-Ma’s Crib across the street. She was, per usual going full bore. Now, didn’t hit her grill or anything… she just suddenly -stopped- in place, said “Gigi, my toof fweels funny.”
Next thing you know, she grabs it like a grenade pin and pops that fucker right out!
Thankfully Gretch was on the ball and got it before it disappeared in the pool… You can see it above in the bag where she was all oh-so-proud of her now gapped-grill. No blood either really… she’s on schedule, as she is 5 point 5 in years, and apparently Grills lose their toofuses starting as early as four point five.

Initially otherGran, Papa, when we called him incurred the ‘Wrath of Zeus’ on us, thinking we’d allowed the Red Headed Rocket to self-damage… which I can completely dig… After I told him to check the Goolag, and explained the ‘how’ of it, he was like “Damn!” I can understand the potential let-down of missing this sort of thing, but HE gets to play Toofus Fairy, which is a MUCH bigger deal.

So, tonight’s subject
See, there were several points in Iraq where we couldn’t get booze. So, it became a necessity to learn how to make my own booze. So, hence (and no mo-nays to me for this link) but I found and utilized the “Mister Distiller”: Link HERE
Pic Here:

It’s a water distiller that’s been ‘tweeked’ to allow booze to be brewed in it. Now, it made me a liter at a time 114 proof booze, once I lern’t what I was doing.

Now, the key is making the mash.
The mash can be as simple as sugar, water, and yeast only.
With mine, I had an old ‘shiner from back in the day who told me to add some either pure wheat baby food (Gerber) or a spoonful of oatmeal… not sure -what- it did but it took the flavor from ‘dogshit’ to smooth-as-a-prom-queens thighs.

So, you also need to have the other equipment
Buckets (for fermenting the mash). I used the 2 Gallon ones.

In this case, it comes with the bukkit, as well as a bung/air-gasket and a couple of other things, like the alcohol hydrometer (which allows you to ‘proof’ your booze’

All in all, figure $300 for this kit.
As I was in Iraq, it made sense to have an electric still, as I -did- nominally have power. There are other stills ont he site thast use fire/heat/other sources, but for me? This worked well, and considering I have a generator, as well as a solar rig, this’ll do just fine.

‘Cos booze is good medicinally, as well as trade goods
Things to keep in mind.
Jes’ Sayin’

So, TTYL… been a loooong weekend.
Big Country

Catching Up W/The Gran (#1)

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So we got Gran #1 this weekend. Today was a trip up to the ‘Rents (Gran#1 Great-Grans) as, TBH they’re getting along in years. At least Da is taking it well, as I’m flat out with him… ZERO safety on Ye Olde Gob but he laughs his ass off as he’s prior service Navy. Told him flat out I ain’t got no ‘bedside manner’

No shit he joined Pre-Korean War, got out right before and man, unlike OH so many of his Generation was a true patriot. We get along big time. In fact I’m closer with him than my own father, sad to say. Unfortunately his BFF, a fellow squid moved about 9-10 months ago… Artie is a hot-shit old guy… late 70s… bald and stooped like an egg, and a BIG ole tat on his ass of an anchor… when I told Gretchen about it, she was purely shocked to death as she grew up with “Ole Artie” from up the street, and never envisioned him as a drunk 18 year old in Cavite on shore leave…

Fucking almost pissed myself when she asked if he had a tat, and his answer was to drop trou…. Fucking Legend man.

It was a good day…

Poignant even

Mom and Gran #1 having Ice Cream Cones on the bench in the front yard…
Mom ain’t doing so well. Between the car accident where she took a concussion and then the effects of the Clot Shot? Yeah, her oars don’t go in the water like they used to. Believe it or not, that’s her natural hair color… she’s the stereotypical 1950’s Blonde Ditz (to a point) Problem is now the clotshot fucked her nugget up… her memory is shot the fuck thru.

Either way, we’ll be taking care of bidness for the duration.

So after the visit, we got home and K found the Paw Patrol Vidyagame I got for her on the Xbox. Now, she knew I had it, but she was too young when I got it initially for her. Since then, Papa has been teaching her Mario Brothers (Good on ya bro!) so she now ‘gets’ how to manipulate a side-scrolling vidyagame.

Mouth open while screaming in glee.
And yeah, the orifice is a wreck. Allll them boxes in the back are piled high and deep with food and supplies… that doesn’t even cover the 4th Bedroom which is also filled the fuck up. Been stocking hard and deep since 2011. Mountain House for the most part as it’s got a LONG shelf life.

So, per a couple of requests, I’ll be going over some ‘stuff’ of DotMil Tactical knowledge I got. That or put it on my substack? Yeah, Normal ‘Murican recommended I start one and maybe make a subscription side after I get established? Might. Could use the scrim, no doubt. So, gotta put the kid down.

Holler Atcha Later
Big Country

Whew… A Long Week and Asswhuppins

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Made it to the weekend. This week was a full on smokeshow I swear. People’s Glorious Tractor Factory had Heap Big Meeting with Head of Politburo. Specifically with –my– team. Thankfully, more of a constructive meeting than a full on Struggle Session. In fact, I’ve been chaired for Departmental Improvement, which means on top of my already-overloaded workload, I get to rewrite SOP and FAQs for new customers.


Seriously tho, Head of Politburo at least acknowledged that I’m slammed and overworked (and underpaid IMO) so hopefully things will improve. Seems like it can only get better.

So, back to some of the moar recent ‘things’ and ‘stuff’ going on.
Bahkmut, as expected finally collapsed. Since then not a lot of news out of the Kraine. Krainfeld is obviously throwing the jukes so to speak, as his short Hebrewness hasn’t been seen in the Kraine in Lord knows how long.

Word is a LOT of the locals are suddenly becoming aware of just how fucked they well and truly are, and odds are that Krainfeld knows it too, as he seems to be actively avoiding going home.
That and his demands are becoming oh so much moar obnoxious.
Who the fuck does that lil pissant think he is?
I mean between the AT-4s turning up on the Texas boarders?

I mean lissen Krainy… your bois been selling that shit to the wrong folks. It’s one thing for those anti-armor bunker busters to be showing up in Syria or Yemen, it’s a ‘nudder whoooole ball of wax when they show up in Mex-hee-co.

THATS the kind of shit that gets the “free guns and ammo” faucet set to the “off” position. ESPECIALLY IF one of /#ourguys gets clipped by one.

No way in hell… well then again, we ARE talking about the Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den, AKA Joey Stumblefuck. The current crop of fuckers in the Whore House (it sure ain’t the Whytte Haus no more, Jes Sayin’) don’t give two flying fucks about any one but themselves.

Now, IF /#ourguys were to be able to get ahold on one of them thar toys and nook a limo? Well then things -might- change.

I mean NOT fedpoasting however, It -would- be hilarious to see someone who thinks of themselves as completely untouchable by ‘normal standards’ to suddenly have 84mms of High Explosive Reality hit home or close to home as the case may be.

Hence my expression:

“These fuckers have –never– been meaningfully punched in the face and it shows.”

As barbaric as it may be to some, there’s something utterly animalistic that a good, solid hit, either being on the receiving end or the delivering end that gets the dander and blood up. Trust me, I’ve been on both ends. Worst asswhuppin’ I ever took was my own damned fault too… drunk as a Lord and mouthed off to a much smaller Joe… didn’t know that he’d been a Golden Gloves state champion… I was in Intensive Care in a Cherman Hospital for 5 days… when the Padre came down to check on me he damned near puked ‘cos my face was so beat in. Thankfully nothing permanently damaged, however

I lern’t a valuable lesson or three.
And these current crop of fucktards? Joe Versus Corn Pop? Never fucking happened, you know it, we know it, hell Stumblefuck knows it… it sounds good but IRL? Man, that fucker, hell his son? The dissolute one, not the good one (good in the respects he’s fucking dead and we haven’t got to put up with HIS grifting dead ass either…) OBVIOUSLY never had his head handed to him on a plate. Dada has always been there to keep his ass out of trouble.

That’s what the world needs
MOAR asswhuppins.
I’d purely love to see some our political “Elites” get the ever loving shit beat out of them… live… on prime time… Hell want to solve the National Debt? Make it Pay-Per-View Worldwide and have Vegas do the betting… Hell, I’d sell my house to have a chance in the ring… against -someone- and just whup the every loving steaming shit out of them literally… beat ’em so bad they shit their pants… I did it once years ago… hit a guy so hard he shat himself…

Hey… he started it
I Finished It.
Fucker never bullied anyone again I know that for a fact.
Which is why it’s so blisteringly obvious to anyone and everyone that not. one. of. these. “educated”. elites. have never ever been punched in the fucking face before.

You DO NOT act the way these war-worshipping pustules act if you’ve ever had to pay for what you say. Even that current bloated sack of shit Milley? That asshole? ZERO Purple Hearts. His highest achievement? 4 Bronze Stars

-I- have a fucking Bronze Star
And in Iraq, they handed them out to the paper-pushing REMFs like tic-tacs at a Prom. Fucking ALL the REMFs got them… REMF is a Rear Echelon Mother Fucker for you civvies out there… My Boys from 2/8 CAV?

Fuck… don’t think -any of them- got anything but a couple of ‘green hornets’ (that’s the Army Commendation Medal… you get it for PCSing for fucks sakes… and PCS: Permanent Change of Station, i.e. leaving a unit, they usually give you a ‘going away gift’ of an ARCOM IF you haven’t been too much of a troublemaker, hence why in 10 years, I only got one LMAO!) Oh, and BTW? Milley-Vanilli got 5 Tells you ALL you need to know there….

So yeah, Our Esteemed Whyyte Rage Chairman of the (smoking a) Joint Chief? Fucking worthless pencil pushing no-load fucktard who got ALL his ‘tickets punched’ via being a REMF. I.E. another fuckwit who’s never had his ass kicked.

Don’t even get me started on the new guy coming in
Blaq Rage Boi… Gen’rul Down Wid Da Brown who literally has made it his goal to rid the ranks of Whyttey.

Works for me.
Hell, if I was fully retired I’d go down to the local induction/recruitment Store and park myself outside, with pamphlets explaining why no one, especially good Whyttebois should sign up for Uncle Sugar’s DotMil.

Die for Israel and GloboHomoCorp? Become a member of the 69th Intersectional Non-Binary Dildo Brigade? Fuck that noise with bells on.

This from a guy who literally spent from the time he was 21 until he got ‘broken on the wheel’ at 48 serving, in one capacity or another the DotMil, DotGov and a bunch of -other- things to keep shit on the ‘straight and narrow’…
Waking up and realizing you ‘bought the con’ really really sucks

But, it tis what it tis… No regerts Aye? 😉

More Later
Big Country

A Bit Overwhelmed

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Bit overwhelmed lately, hence my extended AWOL status. Got moar bad news on the legal side… it’s not enough to have pulled our rights to -see- the lil ‘un, but now they want to curbstomp me a’la American History X for having the audacity to stand up and say “Hey, you’re a bunch of corrupt mouth breathing cousin fucking retards!!!” or thoughts and ideas to that extent.

Financially roon’t, and shit just keeps getting moar and moar fun. That big auto accident Dad-in-Law had ’bout two years ago? Long time reader’ll remember… Da was found At Fault (failure to yield) in a 3 car wreck, and now it seems two years later, one of the involved parties has decided that it’s time to collect on the “Whytte-Trash Lotto” as I call the personal injury bullshit and is suing the hell out of him. This guy actually was wrecked by his own actions mind you. He swerved to -avoid- the tee-bone wreck that Ma and Da were in, and lost control of his ride… it catapulted into a fish/rain/retaining pond mind you… from Corvette to Submarine, all in one easy “I can’t drive” fuck-up.

NOW two years+ later and “Ow Ow My Liver! My Liver!” or whatever the fuck the fucker is claiming. I’d like to visit him and show him what real pain is let me tell ya… got me a whole basket worth of hate and anger I need to spend, and I’m just looking for the right repository to drop it off at…
But… anywho….

Been trying to tell him not to sweat it
That’s what insurance is for

But trying to explain that to an 83 year old dude who’s now terrified that they’re coming for his house? Sheeeeee-it. Ain’t happening. Over their stacked-to-the-ceiling bled-out- corpses that ain’t happening.

…ain’t right to make an old man get all worried like that.

So, needless to say, I ain’t really been ‘with it’.
My a-polly-olly-geez about that. I mean hey, if anything we got Pride Month to have fun with amiright?

Stop the world, I wanna get off…
It’s like a bad carnival ride… like really… one of those cheap, shitty put together by Gipsonton’s Metheaded Finest… rusted, loose bolts, creaking, and speeding ’round and ’round at full tilt boogie like a motherfucker, with no fucking idea if’n it’ll stay together for the entirety of the ride. A rather appropo analogy if’n I do say so myself.

So, more later if’n I can get up to it…

Big Country

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