Fucking With TSA

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Crossposted this over at Reddit. I wrote this up earlier today. I had been talking to Sapper, and a couple of old stories came up, so I figured to share it here, as well as there. Hope you enjoy

Be Me, Mister Iraq-Contractor, flying home due to a Red Cross Family Emergency.
Dad had a heart attack, so I was moved pretty quickly via MilAir out of Baghdad and back to CONUS (Continental US). However… plans went sideways when I hit Virginia. There were no options but to buy a one-way ticket, (at the last minute mind you) at extortionist prices to get me back to Tampa Bay. Because of the situation, i.e. “drop everything and boogie” I had the barest minimum of gear, and was dressed in an absolute minimum, (long sleeved Harley T-Shirt, cutoff Desert BDU pants and sandals, no drawers… I never did, ‘cos Iraq is 10,000 miles closer to the sun than anywhere else on Earth…this’s important later) carrying a bag with my laptop, and I think my toothbrush and that was about it. Like I said an absolute minimal amount of luggage. I had stored my helmet and body armor at Ali-Al-Saleem Air Base as it was heavy and tended to draw stares when traveling civilian air.

So… Everyone’s favorite DotGov agency the TSA

(Thousands Standing Around as my brother-the-Fed calls them) tends to be a bit, shall we say, overzealous at best, and absolute assholes at worst. In this case, they were a combination of both. Unfortunately a year or so before, I had “popped hot” so to speak for “explosive residue” on my gear (Duh! Warzone! OF COURSE I had ‘residue’ on my shit…) and ‘someone’ had entered it into my ‘permanent record’ meaning I always got popped for “Closer Examination” which I called “The Full Monty”. Very annoying in this case, as I gots places to be, things to do, and didn’t want/need the hassle of some overweight sub 70 IQ’d moron who couldn’t get a job at the DMV.

So, I’m now hitting the multiple checkmarks on their little “list”. No checked bag, previous issue(s), one way ticket… Despite being a Contractor, volunteering to support the DotMil, they want to make life difficult, just to make sure I’m not a terrorist donchaknow? So as mentioned, I’m wearing the DotMil Issue 3 Color DCU (Desert Camo Uniform) pants that I had cut the legs off of to make some comfy cargo shorts out of… Now to those who know, there are these little ‘friction lock’ metal tabs and fabric loops that tighten the waistband up, which means you don’t necessarily need a belt. As soon as Mister “I’m The TSA Do What I Say” sees my boarding pass marked with the “Strip search this guy” markings he pulls me aside, his crony starts rifling my Laptop bag, and he tells me to “…take off my belt, and put my hands over my head, so he can ‘sweep’ my waistband with his fingers” (to make sure I’m not smuggling an nuclear weapon I’m sure).

I tell him, “Ain’t got a belt” and proceed to loosen the metal tabs.
Now… according to many XGFs, I have what’s called “tragic whytteboy ass” meaning flat as a pancake. When I loosened the tabs, the only thing keeping my pants on is my junk, and barely then even. I knew what I was going to do, and promptly did it… a slight wiggle of Ye Olde Hips, and > whoopsie! < my pants head southward, I quickly raised my hands over my head, thereby raising my t-shirt up quite a bit, exposing Ye Olde Nether Regions to the entire terminal as I yelled out in my best Drill Sgt Voice:


(Those of you know, that’s what us privates yelled when being cleared from a live-fire range in basic.)

Needless to say, Heads turned, some faces shocked, others amused and many commands were issued, in HIGHLY angered voices, as the majority of people of course turned to see lil ole me, hands in the air, and junk dangling for all to admire. Because of all the ‘stuff’ I went through in the Army, being pretty much buck-ass nekkid in front of the world didn’t bother me, but man, I thought the TSA Asshole was going to stroke the fuck out. Lots of screaming. Lots of panic all around. After finally getting somewhat un-discombobulated, the TSA guy, after me getting my pants back on, I was told to “GTFO of here or I’ll have you arrested!” To which I told him, “Hey man, I was only following your orders! It’s not my fault my pants came off! I should sue for my embarrassment!”

I then continued on to my flight, with one guy, a Skater-Bro that I could tell, as I was leaving to my gate, he came over and high fived me and telling me that “That was epic bro!”

Funny thing is, I no longer get pulled for extra-screening. Go figure Eh? Wonder why that is the case… Jes’ Sayin’
So More Later
Big Country

Well THAT Escalated Quickly…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Not for nothing, I love you all man… no really… the comments and add-ons to yesterdays blegg? As Gunnery Sargent Hartman would have said “OUT-fucking-STANDING!!!” Y’all are why I keep doing this on the regular.

And yeah, I forgot to go into the “Area Studies” side of things… It was a combo of exhaustion/passing out at Ye Olde New Keyboard and realizing that promoting the type of Area Study that needs to be performed in the neighborhood, as well as on the larger side of Local Poly-Ticks and those who would make themselves our “Betters/Rulers”

Best to not Fedpoast… Too many people being blown away by the STASI… err… Feebs as of late…

Gratitude to AC for that memelicious face.
I snipped it from one of his vids. Guys is a riot, between his regular vids and “This Old Crackhouse” and “Basement Jesus” I get a kick out of watching him.

Anyways… yeah, the Feebs as of late seem a bit too… shall we say? enthusiastic in gunning down disabled Vets and various Anti-Bidet Pro-MAGA folks? Three at last count, one of whom apparently, according to witnesses (the guy in Tennessee) staggered out from the ginormous cloud of CS that they had saturated the house with, and with no weapon in hand the Feebs gunned him down as he staggered out essentially blind and clueless as to what was going on.

It was after all an oh-dark early ‘raid’ that prompted this, so the poor fucker was probably asleep/half-asleep, and all of a sudden ALL the windows in the house get stove in/blown in, and a heavy combo of flash bangs and CS thrown in for good measure… Between being disoriented from multiple flash bangs, and then not being able to see/breathe from DotMil Grade CS? Yeah, I’m sure this guy had no idea what the fuck was going on… never mind that in groups like that, Cops tend to shout over each other, some with contradictory commands while amped on the roids and adrenaline, leading to a deadly encounter.


But fear not citizens… I’m sure that the investigation will absolve ALL the Feebs involved, as the individual in question was obviously a whytte-superpreemiecyst hater of one form or another… I mean they’re investigating themselves… no chance that any, I dunno… that the truth might actually come out or someone… you know be held accountable for murder.

What do you think this is? Soviet Russia?
Meh… better it would be… at least THEY were upfront about being thugs and scum, instead of this bullshit about Fidelity and Honor bullshit they push on the rubes…

Which then leads me into the LOL Rayyyyyycist Shooter in Jacksonville Florida. Now, what’s utterly hilarious to me, was that the shooting happened yesterday. The news put it out as a ‘blurb’ so to speak… it’s taken 24 hours since for them to find out that it was a bent WhytteGuy who left a “manifesto” (they claim) that essentially said “I Hate Niggers”. The reason I found it hilarious is the major news media initially ignored the story.

Three people being shot dead in the ‘hood in Jacksonville is par for the course. The nogs do this with such regularity, that it rarely even gets a mention. In fact, this could be called a “regular Thursday”. Now that the perp is established to be an eeeeevil WhytteGuy with Anti-Negro Obsessions, using an eeeeeevil Black Rifle, well now?


Problem is, that initial 24 hours was lost, so this’s already being bypassed, no matter how hard they’re trying to stir the racial shitpot. That and OH… the doer’s name?
Ryan Christopher Palmeter 
Again with the three names…
It’s almost like there’s a pattern here
Far be it for me to question the narrative though Aye?

If it quacks like a fucking duck, waddles like a fucking duck, consorts with other fucking ducks, and they tell you “it’s a Penguin” then yeah, I ain’t falling for it.

So, again, I greatly appreciate y’all who passed me on and commented on… lots of good stuff given/and taken. That CalTopo website?
OMG!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you for giving that to me… been a busy beaver printing and laminating a BUNCH of pages.

Bonus to me when I bought the new printer, I had a 3 month free trial of the “auto-reload ink” from HP… normally I don’t go for that, but I had 3 free months, and we needed to print a metric fuckton of paperwork during the fight for Addy, so having free/subscription ink seemed the way to go… and it’s still working for me… WAY cheaper than buying new cartridges when I run out of ink… shit is costly as you all know… $3.99 gets me 50 pages a month, which if I don’t use them all, they roll over… I’ve rolled over like 40 from last month, and got plenty of room to keep building my area Map Book.

So, Will Talk With you all tomorrow
Big Country

Map And Area Studies: You Need to Read This

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Long time ago, in an Army far, far away, there was a LT…
With a Map, and a Compass…

Sadly, it did not end well for that young Lieutenant.
As it well may be for the rest of y’all if you don’t get your shit straight for when the day comes.

Everybody, and I mean everybody… every swinging Richard out there has gotten faaaaar too comfortable with their Phone and iGizmos and whatnot in regards to navigation and such things. The reliance on the Google Map feature for LandNav means ‘regular good ole fashion LandNav’ has fallen by the wayside.

Now, in MY case, because I was brought up a poor destitute Infantryman, I was for the most part denied the fun high-speed low drag early GPS toys that other units had. We had the PLGR

Also known as “that worthless non-functional piece of shit” by anyone who tried to use it. Heavy assed brick that more than likely would lead you into a minefield than out. Fucking hated that thing when and IF we ever even tried to use them.

So, when in doubt, fall back on old school shit that you know works. As in the compass, lensatic, magnetic, type one each:

Now… this one, as you can see has the radioactive element (tritium) that keeps it glowing… very handy late at night in the rain. This’s as close to the issue one that you can get. Not sure what the pricing is, but I know when I bought mine YEARS ago, it was pricey at $50… back when $50 was $50 and a major purchase/investment. Bass Pro lists it now at $110 +/- so yeah…

Now, all well and good to have the compass, but to know how to use it and navigate by it? Definitely an different story. First off, you need a map. I got mine WITH the DotMil Military Grid Reference System marked on it. UTM / MGRS (Military Grid) allows you to use the protractor that we ALL used to have back pre-GPS:

I actually have one of my original ones in my LandNav kit…
Do You?

Now… for maps… I went to MyTopo dot Com. It’s where you can get ALL sorts of maps, from US Geologic Survey Maps, to sat-photos to well, a LOT of various maps, all of which yopu can get, even customizing (like I did) for your immediate Area of Operations. The link is HERE and nope, I don’t get anything for this.

Now… the map itself is LARGE. It’s waterproof (theoretically) and folds up pretty well. Problem is that personally, I don’t need a full on map of six square kilometers of my area of operations. I need a much smaller, handier Map that I can utilize in the field, and have ready to go. A mini-map board like I had back in the Army.

So what I did was I took the map, folded it down to the area I wanted, and did a high-resolution (1800dpi) scan of the area in question, and had it output to a 8.5 x 11 sized piece of paper. I then used high quality paper, and set the printer to it’s highest quality setting, and ran a copy.

Once said copy was done, (I made 2x, one for Sapper, one for me) I printed off the map scale and magnetic declination for a reference. I printed two of these as well, and cut them down to size, as it didn’t need to be a full sheet of paper. I then heated up and ran both of them, the map scale/magnetic declination and map through the laminator which produced this:

So now I have a good ‘localized’ map of my immediate Area of Operations. I’m waiting on the Zon to deliver the dry erase markers so I can add the MGRS markers, as well as ‘update’ some of the roads and whatnot, as the information that was used by the map maker (MyTopo) came from the last time they did a geo-map of the area (like try 1985!)

There are newer ones, like from 2021 for my A.O. however, they don’t have enough of MY immediate area… seems Ye Casa is in the upper right corner of the ‘new maps’, and I’d have to buy 4 of them at $16 a throw to get a fuller picture, which currently isn’t in the budget. I bought this particular one waaaay back when I first moved into the area, and only recently found it while cleaning out the closet… when I also found that optic and other ‘cool shit’ the X had stashed away.

That being said, I highly recommend that you step up and get your “map game” on. Given that shit is getting weird, it’s time to “go pro” as the good Doctor Hunter S. would say. IF the goolag maps and/or comms device you have shit the bed, are you capable/able to navigate without it?

My bet is a good 30% of people HERE would say “no” if they’re being honest. Considering the audience, I’d say 70% of you could operate sans Gizmos. But as far as the rest of the fucking Normies? They couldn’t navigate theyselves to a Chinese Clusterfuck in a Hong Kong Whorehouse if their lives depended on it.
Go Figure.

So More Later I’m Still
Big Country

Challengers and Uber Updates

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
As you can see, Ye Olde Header has a new picture, courtesy of WiscoDave. There’s a group of us who email back and forth, sharing, commenting and whatnot, and Wisco is at the center of it. He sources a lot of great stuff and this A.M. he did not disappoint!

Here I was thinking I had the majority of -good- ‘Clockwork Orange’ pics in my collection already. That new one? Oh yeah… as soon as I saw it it was like >BOOM!< “That’s the new header!!!”

Now, as to poly-ticks today, the mugshot of OrangeManBad has been making it’s rounds. I’m not going to poast it, as everyone has already seen it, unless they’re in the middle of the Kalahari Desert without a signal, and even then, I’m pretty sure that a mass push via Iridium went out with it.

All this to preserve “Muh Democracy!”
The thing of it is, alllll these morons have done is open themselves up to cross examination and discovery. Got me a hunch or three that discovery is the last thing they want. So, since this opens an entirely new can o’worms for them, they’re going to have to do something, and do it fast. Ain’t no way can any of the Georgia Bullshit that went on undergo and real scrutiny. I mean for real…

But that’s here at home.
In the Kraine, a couple of days ago, Simplicius76 poasted that the latest, and possibly last effort was being pushed out against Ivan. In this case, according to him, the last of the 82nd Air Assault brigade, the one that was equipped primarily with ‘Western Wunderwaffen’? has been committed and rolling out.

This includes the Challenger 2 Tanks that the Brits had ‘donated to the cause’. BTW, quick aside, does anyone else think the pic above looks like a “Sanford and Son” Challenger? Jes’ Sayin’…

So, to continue: Up til now, the Challenger has not been on the scene, as the reasoning/excuses are in two parts:
1) They lacked ammunition.
Now, I can tell you, from personal experience this’s a load of shytte. The Challenger 2 uses the same ammo as the Leopard 2 (both variants), as well as the M1A1/2… those being the ‘caseless’ smoothbore 120mm rounds.

Now at one point there was a shortage of ammo… that was when a Kalibur Missile hit a warehouse that blew up spectacularly which had everyone going “Huh… must have had some ammo in there that went up!” It was the next day when the Nuclear Monitoring services and sensors all over the EU and Russia (put in place ever since Chernobyl ‘back in the day’) started ‘pinging’ with higher-than-normal’ radioactivity, that the analysts realized what probably went all kinetic was the Depleted Uranium Rounds destined to the various tanks out there, to include the Challenger 2.

Not much radiation or radioactivity, but…
I know of what I speak. They found a teeny-tiny-itty-bitty bit of what they think was DU (depleted uranium) that I had breathed in, which lodged in the lower left Airbag, which, as y’all know ain’t there no more. So… to continue…

2) The Brits didn’t want the Russians to Get Ahold of it’s “Sooper Secret Chobham Armor”.
Now, the DotMils, being DotMils, I might say maybe a valid reason. However, the reality is the Challenger has been around forever. The original Challenger 1 came out in 1983, and was upgraded in 1986 to the 2 Model. Couple of upgrades from Chobham One to Model Two, but still… it’s been running around for 40 years at this point.

I’m pretty sure that Ivan knows ALLLLL about what needs to be known about Chobham. In fact, it (the Challenger Series) has been around long enough that I pulled out my old Armor ID cards that we used to drill with back in the day. I mean I was an Anti-Armor Dude, so I used to have these cards memorized.

Pretty sure some of y’all had them too.
I also pulled and scanned the Challenger Card for Shits N Grins:

Yeah baby.
Anyone else get flashbacks?
So, no, I don’t think they held them back because of ammo… more than likely the whole “bad for biddness” issue, hence ALSO why we haven’t sent any Abrams over. As seen in Yemen, M1A2s cook up really nice if hit properly, and even those have been hit by some rag-tag militiamen as opposed to a tank-on-tank peer force.

Not for nothing, but personally, I’d love to see the latest T series Russian Tank, crewed with someone other than 3rd world fucking shithead conscripts manning them. Of course ain’t no way in hell can the GloboHomoDotCorpDotMil allow that to happen.

Stock prices have already taken a hit and no one wants the Leopard 2 at this point. Fucking Steel Coffins man… how the Mighty have fallen… from a country that gave us the Panther Tank, the preeminent tanker’s tank of WW2 to that fucking cardboard and aluminum hunk of treaded deathtrap they have now…
So yeah, haven’t heard anything about this “Great Last Gasp”

Even the Russians have gone quiet, but what with the internal weirdness and reshuffling? I don’t expect anything concrete out of them at all in the near future, unless they start running that quarter-million troops westward… and at that point even the West will be squawking about it as the “New Invasion of Western Europe!!!” Meh… they should be so lucky.

To clarify. Too many people think that I was raising funds for a new KB. Uhhh… try not to be so literal guys… as I said it was an excuse as I’m currently trying to pay bills, but the breaking of the lease in Tennessee, the cost of emergency-rental of a truck and car carrier, then the gas? Yeah. I’m about to go Chapter 7 here. The power bill this month was a bit better. Only $440. That’s with cutting waaaaaay down and making sure Gretchen (who’s a prime culprit) shuts shit off when she leaves a room. So far? two people have entered the Raffle.

That ain’t even gonna cover mailing it, but hey, it is what it is.

Uber… to give you an idea of how fucked it is? I decided to try and do the Uber Eats/Delivery stuff today. Logged in, and hey, had an “Opportunity” as shown here:

That came up when I logged in after punching from Peoples Glorious Tractor Factory. The ‘offer’? A pickup at Walgreens… at 10 minutes of Six, on a Friday…that’s nightmare time as far as traffic in Tampa. Not only that, but it was like 19 miles away from my starting point…

For a $3.02 payout

Not only that, but that Walgreens? In the Hood… like Hood-Hood? Where Whyttemen fear to tread… Which also means that more than likely, the person who needs this delivery? A blaq folk, who as we ALL know are oh-so-famous for their generosity in tipping… /sarc off.

Any wonder that Uber can’t get folks to work for them?
Not at $3.75 a gallon currently here.
I personally think the whole Uber/Lyft thing has run its course.

There was a LOT of ‘social consciousness/contagion’ when it first came out… “ride sharing” to “save the environment” as I recall… It was great when you had a bunch of hipster fuckwads who had money-to-burn who wanted to be ‘ecologically sound’ and not own a car and get around their blue-hive… ‘save da erf’ and all that… now? Economic reality has kicked the fuck in, along with their financial teeth so to speak, and they can’t afford to spend $30 to get chauffeured 5 blocks. Better to walk and save the 30.

Uber also had taken over some of the monopoly service on cab service after it was introduced. “Taxi Medallions” in NYC, a highly coveted item, crashed hard in valuation, as the monopoly was broken. From a millyun dollars to about $76000 now… Taxi Medallions or Shields being a placard that was a License so to speak, with a limited number issued to legal cabs…

Each One was worth over a Million Smackers in 2013.
So, yeah, I personally think the whole thing has shot it’s wad so to speak. Depending on where you live and what municipality rules there are, a Cab Company -can- be a profitable venture, provided that the rules and regulations and taxes aren’t too onerous. Again, I know of what I speak.

I was the youngest person to hold a Hackney License in the State of NH waaay back in the day at age 16. Worked for a cab company, on of two in town, but we offered limo service on the weekends. I started ‘driving a hack’ as I loved to drive and I made great bank for a 16 year old. The adventures and stories there alone would make a great book/movie…dunno if anyone else ever went and got in on it (being a 16 year old cab driver) , but it was my ‘secret weapon’ to NOT work at McDs again… BT-DT hated it. Driving Cab during the summer week days/nights, and then putting on a suit, and driving a HUUUUGE 1986 Lincoln Stretch Limousine on the weekends? Oh fuck yeah!!!

My boss was the shit. We even had some code-phrases when I had ‘issues’ with drunks, rowdies and jagoffs… only happened a few times… BUT if it happened, I’d call in and say “I got ‘X’ candidates that need a secondary pickup!” on the Radio. Dude would come back and say “Is it a Graybar Hotel drop off?”

If I said yes, he’d phone ahead to the local Police, who’d have the bully-boys outside… I’d get “pulled over” by a dude in the street waving a flashlight for a “safety inspection” where then, said miscreants would be cuffed and stuffed quickly and quietly without me tender pink carcass being in danger…

Loads of good times.
Lots of hot naked broads too… and lots of not-so-hot-naked broads as well… Jes’ Sayin’

SO on that note, I’m AGAIN making Molasses Cookies. I owe ScouterGregg a BIG thank you, so I might have to ship him some, which ALSO allows me to test my air-shrink-wrapper thingy that MomUnit gave me on my last visit… I’ll poast pics on how that goes…
So More Later
Big Country

Daddy Needs a New Keyboard and Uber Blues…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, per usual, I’m late over at the Substack with the Russian NGIRP. That’d be the National Guard Individual Ration Pack. Those of you who read both, please be patient and understanding in that even my ‘hardened gut’ have been having ‘issues’ with that thar Canned Rooskie Queee-zeen.

TMI but man, I thought MREs backed you up!?!

No wonder Ivan’s field grunts have that perpetually pissed off and constipated look on their faces. A 24 Hour Menu means I can only ingest -so much- before I’m looking for a garden snake…

Not for nothing tho, without revealing too much, it is good… Tasty… like surprisingly so… deceptively even. So I have to take it slow, and left Mother Nature take it’s course without perma-blocking anything critical.

Now, that being out of the way, I need a new Keyboard. Working this AM, whilst -trying- to have my Coffee, and I knocked it right over FULLY into the wireless KB… Like no coming back from it… I tried the “dry it out, forced air” routine, but waaay deep down inside, when the battery light kept blinking red, and all the other lights lit up, and didn’t turn off, I knew it was toast. I’m currently on the old backup to the backup….

That’s the intro into the ‘why’ of the new Raffle I’m doing. Granted it’ll also help with the bills, but hey… Lot of y’all in the past have donated/taken a chance, so what the hell. Especially since I did the Krainian Meal Substack, and announced the Russian one, I got a package yesterday from Brit-Land. Seems a “subscribed Squaddie” who’s a regular reader here sent me not one, but 3 current up-to-date BritMeals.

Like New-New
Package date of July 2022 with a five? year shelf life I believe… might even be longer. Pool’s Surplus in the UK states that in the newer retort pouches, in good storage (good average temp, etc) that they could be as good for up to 25 years.

Now in Affy, I got (and still have some of the pieces/parts of one around here somewhere) a hold of the earlier boxed variant, and the ones I had were old-old. Pack date of like 1997. They were still edible. Tasted like complete bullocks of course, but according to the Squaddies I knew at Bastion, ALL BritRats were ab-so-loot-shytte.

So, I got 3 of the new ones, all with the same pack date of July 2022, and for those of you who know, in DotMil timeframes, that’s like “OMG Fresh!” The other interesting thing was that one of the meals was Haji-Halal.
Vegetarian/Halal. (And correction FWIW, the pack date on the Haji-Halal Meal is, as you can see, May of 2022, my bad)
Check the menu:

Menu #6. Halal Pasta Bolognese OR Halal Steak and Veggies, Ramja Masala and Vegetarian Sausage and Tomato sauce (for brekee no less!) That’s a ‘thing’ with BritRats… they always invariably have a Vindaloo, Curry, Marsala and/or “Former Colonial Overseas Weirdness” on the menu… So, this is a ‘thing’ as the note that I got with the meals said that out of 14 meals in a menu/case, 6-8 of them are Halal and 2-4 of them (depending on the issue unit, i.e. Case Model A, B or C) the 2-4 are fucking Vegan if you can believe it…

So, any other DotMil Droogs or Droogettes from Foreign Lands, send me some of your Rats, I’ll pay the freight and send gifties and thank yous back at you. Specifically, I want to try (and Poast about) Our. Greatest. Ally. Evvar. namely an Israeli MRE, and then maybe a French/Spanish/Italian? I know you can buy them, but cost prohibitive is an serious understatement.

Hell, this BritRat? On Ebay? About $70+/-.

Here’s the Dealio:

$10 Gets you an entry.

Use the PayPal, make sure you have a valid email addy so I can email the winner to get the prize out. Bad Addy=No Prize=Sadness. Happened to one of y’all a waaaays back… gave me a bad addy, and shit showed up back here, and by the time the smoke cleared, he was like, “It’s all good, no worries.”

So, $10 Per Entry
$50 Gets you 10 Entries.

I was going through and resizing some of my various web gear. Yeah, the diet is going VERY well. Sitting at 314 right now… So due to tactical considerations, I have different sets of designated web gear… one for with wearing Body Armor only, one for light patrolling, one for the M21, One for the Shotgun as primary, you get my drift… Different mission, different web-gear. Easier than having to strip down/reconfigure your shit.
What I found, which I have deemed “excess to needs” is one of those really nice Damascus Boot Knives that I had a bunch of from a couple of years back. I raffled off a few of them, and they were really popular. This one is now, as I said, “Excess to Needs” as Sapper hooked me up this past B-Day with a new boot knife. And this one was one of the nicer ones, hence why I bogarted it… SO I’ll include this:

So that you can cut open the ration that you win.
I’ll even include one of these as well:

A lil baby Fleet Glycerin Enema.

You –might– need it after eating the BritRat… better safe than sorry. No… seriously… ‘Tis some bad humor… that thing has been floating around (bad pun sorry) on the work bench forever and a day from when Gran#1 had serious constipation issues, so we had to ‘assist’ so to speak… SO unless you really want it I won’t include that… The knife and the Rat? For sure.

Part of the reason I’m now even MOAR Strapped than usual is that Uber is screwing around with me. Those of you who have been here for a few years know there was a period of time when I was “job hopping” and not entirely it being my fault. During that time, I was doing MAD Uber. The whole job thing tho? The shit that really used to steam me was getting on through the temp agency, being told that after 90 days, I’d be hired on “full time” only to hit the 90 day marker, and be cut loose. I found out much later that it seems that particular company did this with such regularity, that ALL the Temp Companies in Tampa REFUSED to feed them people, and eventually, they folded.

Good. Fuck those guys.

Besides, it was run by an ALL Female Management Crew who made decisions based on ‘feelings’ and ‘muh vag’ rather than the right thing, which led to a 90 year old family company getting wiped out due to the new generation of Females being Woke…

So to continue… I loaded up tonight to ackchully do a full night after doing a full day at Glorious Peoples Tractor Factory. Had the cooler full of water, full gas tank, interior dash-cam set up (thank you free overnight delivery coupon Amazon!) and the Uber sign on the windscreen set, and man, ready to roll. Thursday nights are usually ok, if you start around 730pm +/-.

My first hit was while I was still in the driveway.

Caught me a bit off-guard as I literally went online, and got hit with a trip. I then realized it was a delivery. A fucking Uber Eats piece of shit delivery. I purely hate Uber Eats, both as a customer AND a driver. As a customer, I’ve had the worst customer service ever (missing food/wrong order/Some Fucker ATE MY FOOD on one of them, no fucking shit) and as a driver, the pay is dogshit.

I took it tho, as they consider NOT taking it as a downcheck which can affect potentially more lucrative rides later. I sucked it up, and then I realized it was a 15 minute one-way drive across fucking town to bring -someone- a fucking frozen Italian Ice. What got me was the fucking payout?

Fucking $3.55

Talk about a Royal Screwing
I used more in gas to do that run, add on that the nigger that I delivered it to wasn’t specific as to which apartment he was in, and on top of it, I almost got ‘contact high’ from when the stoned fucknut-sonofabitch-monkeyfest opened the door. Not only that, the cheap fucker didn’t give me a tip.

Fuck that noise.

When I shut off the app for responding ‘offline’ as they call it, I checked. Seems, as of now, despite passing the Background Check, there’s another one that’s still ongoing. Guess I passed well enough to deliver pizzas and hot dogs, but not folks. So until they deem me ‘worthy’ to haul people, I’m stuck like Chuck for Extra Bux.


PayPal: theintrepidreporter2019@gmail.com

Venmo and Mailing Addy given out on request.
Drawing will Take place say… Hmmn


That’s enough time to get mail in and whatnot.
The BEST WAY To Email Me Is At:


All Questions, Inquiries, Bitches, Complaints and Nudes (only of cute chicks) can be sent there. Cederq, don’t even think about it you bastard.

I appreciate the support.
More Political Homicide Later
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Ahh Priggy, We Hardly Knew Ye…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Lots of comments and “Newsflash!” stuff out there…

Lots of “What ifs” going on… Is it a Maskirovka? Is he really dead? How does this affect the war? What happens to Wagner now? “I thought Putin had pardoned him or something…”

Yeah… about that…
Anyway, as far as what’s really happening?

Beats the hell out of me.

I do know one thing, and that’s nothing out there is what it seems. I mean my thing is twofold. Monday Afternoon (US Time supposedly) Priggy was ‘broadcasting’ from Apefrica, giving the ‘usual speil’ about helping out the locals from “Colonialism” and helping them “throw off the shackles…” yada-ta-yadda-ta… all the usual tropes that sounded good back int he Bad Old Days of the Soviets assisting and supporting any and all who wanted to fight with /ourguys so to speak… the ‘Cold War’ was actually quite hot in many areas as shithole countries acted in Proxy for the Soviets on one side, and the US on the other, with /ourguys supposedly standing for “Truth, Justice and the ‘Murican Way!”

We now know what a pantsload that whole thing was Aye?

So then ‘all-of-a-sudden’ he’s back in Russia, headed to Saint Petersburg? OK, not too far a stretch but in his vidya he said both he and Wagner were going to be there for the ‘long haul’ whatever that meant. Most folks took it as by him being in Apefrica fucking around there, it was an ‘out of sight/out of mind’ thing for Pooty-Poo.
Guess not?

So, the Wagner-King is dead, Long live Da King. Part of the other reason I remain skeptical is that he’d be what? The 7th or 8th General that’s been declared “Dead-by-Vengeful-Putin”

If I had to make odds? I’d say 60% that he’s dead, 40% he’s alive, and this’s another Maskirovka. Me and Scoutergreg were talking about this today, hence the subject and ideas that came up. Also there was mention that Prigozhins other private plane was on a similar course, juuuust behind the plane that ‘went down’ get filed under ‘things that make you go “Hmmn”.

OK, as writing this, and looking for the proper way to spell Priggys name, seems on ZeroHedge, Wagner released a statement calling it ‘murder most foul’ and oopsie! Seems that”…the entire top command of Russian mercenary outfit Wagner Group was aboard the private plane that was downed northwest of Moscow hours ago.” Link HERE

Decapitation Strike Anyone?

And the ‘spin machine’ just went into overdrive, despite there being videos on a missile strike:

Not really my concern.
If anything, what’ll be interesting is to see the Wagner Response to this? Not sure as it -is- ostensibly a ‘private corporation’ but even then, that’s thin-thin to anyone with a brain. There’s also the tinfoil crowd who’ve come out and tied it to numbers and anniversaries:

Seems that particular fruitbar is the former Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Kraine, and now serves as “Coordinator of the new “Office for Business Protection” which in itself sounds shady like a motherfucker IMO. And yeah, he’s also a member of the small hat/big nose club, like every. single. person. in a position of power in the Kraine. I’m wondering if/when the Orthodox Christians on both sides are going to wake up and realize just what the fuck is really going on… if’n you think shit is spicy now? Hoo-boy… The real Ukro-Nazi SS in World War 2 made the Nazi-Nazi Totenkopf SS look cuddly and snuggly comparatively speaking…

And speaking of our greatest Ally Evvar…
I was looking online for some prop money. Wifey and I both have started Uber’ing again to help make up shortages for the bills. I might have mentioned it but the power bill last month went up so outrageously ALL of our jaws rebounded off the floor. She’s been doing the day shift while I toil away in Glorious Peoples Tractor Factory, and after dinner, provided there’s some ‘event’ happening, I go out and do MY thing.

I mean we got Raymond James Stadium and the Bucs, Tropicana Field in St. Pete, never mind the concerts, Tampa International, and lately, a LOT of Amazon Workers going towards Sarasota to a GIANT ass distro center there. Ybor City is busy towards the weekends as well, but I’m not down with a lot of drunk folks, and I sure AF won’t work Amelie Arena anytime soon, as it seems ALL the ‘shows’ there have been, as of late Rap ‘Concerts’ and allllll the lovely ‘diversity’ that comes with such a crowd.

So that’s the background on what’s up with that… the reason for some ‘prop bills’ is that lately, a LOT of brothers don’t seem to ‘get’ Uber… that it’s not a cash biddness… I shit you not… LOTS of knee-grows getting in cars, demanding “Where da moneys at?” and such… they see the Uber Sign in the Window, (and at night we have one that lights up) and try the old “quick stickup” thing.

Couple of folks have been shot b/c they didn’t have any cash, so my thought is a couple of those realistic prop $20s might save me an issue… that and Mister 2-Shot .357 Derringer. If they decide they want to do something anyways it’ll be hell on the cleanup as getting blood out of the interior is a pure motherfucker. Gretchen had a hell of a time getting DumbC’s blood off the roof liner after that whole shitshow a ways back… that was when she tuned up DC with the collapsible baton… so throw them a few $20s and bail… they’ll not notice til after the fact, as to them? They want to do a quick snatch and run… and as soon as they get out of the car, I’m gone baby. Which also reminds me, I need a camera facing the interior…

So anyways, As I was checking things out on AliExpress (where they have such ‘things’) they had a couple of other suggestions as I was browsing. My original search was for “$100 dollar bills” and one of the things that came up was a roll of toilet paper with Cee-notes printed on it, so I searched for that on it’s own.

Humorous as well as appropriate. Considering the near-Weimar valuation that’s just getting started… well… we shall see. So then, for funsies, I checked out “US Flag Toilet Paper” just to see what came up with that search:

Now interestingly not only is there such a thing as US Flag shitpaper, but the third item on the list is a offer for a stack of fake $100s… guess those and the flag are interchangeable… Jes’ Sayin’…
So in keeping with the train of thought, I went to see if “Our Greatest. Ally. Evvar.”s flag was in there as toilet paper. What I got was this:

Uhhh it came up with MOAR US ‘Funny Money’…
Curious that Aye?
So, I did a search just on it’s own for the Israeli Flag

Pride Much?
Make of it what you will, but out of a couple of searches for toilet paper, it came up with $100 Dollar Bills… granted it is ‘fake and ghey’ money for prop use and other such things, but it does sort of tell us where things stand out there in the fake and ghey world.

So More Later
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Communications Large and Small

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, another day in the trenches gone by, and no one died. Leastways no one by my hand. As far as IT Commissar and others at the Peoples Glorious Tractor Factory, I don’t necessarily want to know if anyone stacked bodies.

Lord knows just in general, having to deal with some members of the public, I’m genuinely shocked that mass-killing sprees aren’t as common as the Ministries of Lies and Propaganda would have you believe. Especially in this day and age.

I do not count any of the Blue-Hive Shitholes in that particular calculation BTW. Those have been ‘shooting galleries’ for as long as I’ve been alive, and barring some unforeseen circumstances, will continue to be just that.

Now, as to tonight’s thoughts. Got in a Zon Package today that I bought both on a whim and for a purpose. The budget (almost nonexistent) was to try and get a secondary cell phone to set up as just that, a secondary phone. Now, yes, I -do- have some older phones laying around, much like everyone else does, leastways when you upgrade, and your old(er) device is either not worth anything (my most common issue) or is so broke-dick that the company in question tells you “it ain’t worth shytte!”

Now, digging through the “junk drawer”, the one every. single. one. of. you. has… you know it, don’t try to deny it… I found these stashed in there. They all work, and are from various Eras… and yeah, era.. in this case the Iraq War Era of my life, the two on the left being my GSM Phones that we’ve talked about in the past.

Nokia Bricks man, the ‘cockroach’ of early cell phones I swear. These two are the Nokia 1208 (far left) and the Nokia 1202-2 on the right. And yes, they’re both powered on asking for a SIM…

Both also have the Arabic/English Keypad:

…which TBH I think is pretty damned cool. Both are shockingly! still fully functional as well. Batteries still work, they both power on, however, the left (the N-1208) one only runs on European 2G GSM 900 and 1800 MHz bands, so even with a GSM chip, it doesn’t ‘register’.

The N-1202-2 however runs on the 850, 900, 1800 and 1900MHz bands (dual band so to speak) and the 850 and 1900 are the North and South American common bands. So yep. They (compared to todays hyper-expensive cellies) resilient to a fault. Which is probably -why- they killed off the whole concept.

I also found a pair of “Smartphones” as well, one being Wifeys and the other my old one. Both are functional, and we keep them as backups if the current one(s) get jacked up… Wifey tends to be really hard on her equipment and I’ve had to do the ‘insurance replacement’ thing far more than I care to remember… and yeah, the $20 a month hurts when it’s time to pay the monthly, but knowing I’ve already gotten like 3? replacements out of them for her breaking her shit? Yeah, well worth it… YMMV. All four of them measure up size wise lie this:

My old OnePlus that Spawn gave me before he cut me off, Gretchen’s LG, and the two Nokia. The LG being the widest, and my OnePlus being really long… both good phones, but still… “Smartphones” which considering the day and age? Too much chances of bloatware/spyware/tracking/cameras/microphones… what have you. All the ‘stuff’ that makes it hard to go, if not completely ‘silent’ so to speak (I mean you ARE on the network) but make it harder to keep an extremely low profile while using it. Things like making a one off call or two, without leaving any real traces. Something inherently disposable by it’s very nature… you can ditch it and never think twice about it again…

Now, ebay has TONS of used cellies. Great. In this case however, I want something utterly reliable. Like new-new. Not ‘refurbished’… not ‘well cared for’… ‘gently used’ is an all-time fave… all the usual blurbs when someone is selling something used. So I went searching.

OK, this is NOT a joke but:

That is not a toy.
To put it in perspective:

2.93 Inches Long
.96 Inches Wide.
.47 Inches Thick
Runs on the 1900MHz US Band for 2G
Uses a micro SD Chip which goes into the side, and charges with a micro-USB port on the bottom.
The barest of bare bones phones.
And it works:

I’m not using the pic where it says what network it’s on, but yeah… It works. Good signal too. It came with an earpiece that allows you to clip it on to the phone itself, which then goes in the ear, much like those Bluetooth Headset/Ear Buds that were so popular a ways back.

If you do get one you’ll need to go onto the Youtoobs and get the “How to turn it on” video as the Chineseum Instructions are less than helpful. All in all, the best part?
The Price

Currently $24.69 on the Zon.
Link HERE and yes, I get a ‘taste’ if you buy one of them.

There are other super tiny Cell Phones out there, but this one stood out, if only for just how insanely small it is.

For the chip? I went with US Mobile:

And yep.
$0.50 per unit. $0.54 after Florida Sales Tax with free delivery. To sign up? Turn on the VPN, Pay as you go, with oh, say a pre-paid card for $25? Pick your number by state? Registered to I.P. Freely? Yessiree!
The Link for that is HERE

Sapper called it a “Prison Phone” and yeah, it is small enough to be smuggled uncomfortably if needed. That is another thing that I liked, not the prison smuggling thing, but the extreme size… as in IF I needed to say ditch it very rapidly, dropping it and kicking it into a drainage ditch, or even down a grated manhole cover? Tooooo easy. If you had to throw it? Provided you were able to power it off so it didn’t ring if it was called, throwing it into heavy brush?

Let me tell you, -I- wouldn’t want to be the guy who’s told to “Find it!” after a perp threw it for distance in the deep woods.

Jes’ Sayin’

That and destroying it if needed? Man, my size 15 Boot could stomp, twist and grind it to powder in about half-a-second on rough concrete, which too, may or may not be useful. Hell… drop it into your blender, flush it down the shitter. Pretty sure plopping it into some good n’stronk acid (muriatic) would eliminate it completely.
All depends on your mission parameters.

So, hope you found this helpful. I’ll keep y’all in the loop as to how it goes with the new toy, as it’s a trial to see if it’s long-term viable.
More Later
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OK A Bit of a Different Topic: Axes and Then Some Krain Updates

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So during my 10 Minute Mandatory Break at Glorious Peoples Tractor Factory, I checked a couple of international news stories. One of them caught my eye for a multiplicity of reasons. One of which is the “history bug” that I caught loooong time ago, and that I enjoy. In this case it has to do with the rebuild of the Notre-Dame cathedral.

Now, if you remember (before they utterly memory holed the story) the famed Cathedral of Notre-Dame in France suffered a catastrophic fire.

An absolute tragedy that all things considered, IF the perps were to truly become known, my own opinion is that their country that they’re originally from? Drop a fucking Cobalt Bomb man… wipe out their homeland… Fucking savages man…

Word is that they have now stated that during the investigation, that just like Flight 800 (which was shot down…) errr…crashed off Long Island, Notre-Dame too suffered from an ‘accidental short circuit’… In reality there were-slash-are still a number of Haji running around France, torching historically significant Christian Churches, and in this case quite a few were spotted ‘working’ in the area that the fire started, so if it quacks like a duck? Yeeeeeah.

So, the article in question I found?
Man… it’s cool AF

Like for real man…
Forged in Fire stuff right there.
The TL;DR in the Link HERE is that they want the rebuild to be as close to original as possible. In order to do this? They got this guy and a couple of other Master Blacksmiths to start making the axes they need to cut and hew the timbers to the Cathedral. It’s because the original timbers had the tooling marks which meant:

“The axes had to be as close as possible to the originals used by the carpenters who first built the cathedral in the 12th and 13th centuries — so that the new wood beams would bear the same markings as the old.”

Like I said, cool AF.

Things that give you hope right?

Now… moving on…

Things that crack me up.
The very fact that the Krainians have told the US to go ‘pound sand’ as far as settling the current unpleasantness. Looks like a Peace Treaty is no longer on the table, leastways as far as Krainfeld is koncerned.

Seems Krainfeld is pushing a Krainian Konstitutional Amendment stating that they ain’t gonna stop fighting as long as one inch of the Krain is in Russian Hands. That for the War to end, the border has to be restored to the 1991 borders.

Which ain’t happening, not in this lifetime, if even ever.

This means, by and large, that even if the Current Cabal Running the Group Behind the Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den WANTED to ‘off-ramp’ the war into a “North Korea/South Korea” situation, Kreinfeld just skewered that idea completely.

Don’t know if it’s the Kocaine is burning out his Synapses even worse than before, or if he’s still believing his own Press Releases. I mean Jon Bon Jovi wrote him a personal song man! Add on that there’s been some intel slipped (via simplicius76, Link HERE) out that for real, the Krainians are so desperate to cover up their losses, that they’re issuing orders to Unit Commanders to get guys to sign off on being cremated in the field immediately, rather than having their stiff packed up and sent home. A translated copy of the document is there, and for shits n grins:

So, yeah, disinfo? maybe?

Don’t know, don’t care. I do know Lukashenko (the Belarusian President) let it slip that there’s a quarter-million moar Russian troops, all volunteers, who’ve been trained up and ready to ‘end game’ this shitshow. Again, don’t know, but I sure AF just want it over, if only to break the spirit and spine of OUR fucking assholes who’ve been behind this entire massacre. Nuland et. al. need to have their faces rubbed in it but good. That being said, history shows that if anything, NONE of them will ever be really called out for their absolute failure(s).

Personally? If I were a Krainian who had his father/son/brother kilt by these bloodthirsty “Regime Change” ‘Murican Poly-Tick-ians? I’d be getting me a Javelin for myself, and wait until they showed up at the Airport to meet with Krainfeld, and blow their theoretically up armored limousine to its component pieces-parts. I mean a Jav, when it works would reduce a civviemobile to itty-bitty ripped up parts.

Ahhhh to dream…
Plus, I wanted to thank everyone for the input on the whole CBDC thing and Power. Without going too deep into it I actually back-in-the-day was a Counter-Terrorism Occifer for CIS or Critical Intervention Services here in the Tampa Area. They had the contract (back then) for TECO, Tampa Electric to provide physical security for the power plants. It was a shit job with shit pay and shitheads running it, hence why they lost the contract with TECO.

To give you an idea of how shitty? Back then, the Head of the Uniformed Security Division, AKA The Paul Blart Team, his stupid ass wasn’t legally able to carry a firearm due to felony domestic violence conviction(s). However, because he was a founder of the company, HE got to still get paid the big bux and run the show. We also had to buy our own weapons if we were part of the Armed Guard force. And even then, they got shitty with you about -where- you bought it if it wasn’t one of their ‘preferred vendors’… methinks there was kickback going on… They wanted us to ‘be uniform’ and all have Springfield XDs, which, while an ‘ok’ pistol, I got me the XMD because 19 rounds plus 1. I actually got a deal on it from GunGirl as it had been a trade in, and was faaar less than the going rate for a XD. Took a lot of shit over it from the Higher-Higher too, but since it was a “XD” model, I argued it, and they left me alone. For the most part that is… I took a bit of petty harassment from some of them when I called out some of their blatantly obvious stupidity vis-a-vis Access Control and HOW -T-Walls were supposed to work, but that’s another story again. They dropped the subject when I brought up Iraq, ‘cos the majority of them had no idea what my background was, and I wasn’t advertising.

Another example of just how shitty the company overall was that TECO gave out/paid a HUGE Christmas Bonus to CIS as a “Thank You” for all the hard work we’d put in… we meaning the Grunts on the Ground who walked the beat so to speak. Literally… patrolling, Gate Control, all the usual ‘stuff’ for a ‘sensitive site’ per Homeland Security.

The bonus? Never saw a dime.
The Foul Four Founding Fuckers, the “4Fs” as we called them? They bought customized Harley Davidsons for themselves at a cost of like 40k Each. And then proceeded to show them off to everyone by parking them in the Corporate HQ in Pinellas on a Friday. Needless to say, the paid-$10 and Hour Guys like myself fucking ALL walked. They got royally buttfucked labor wise when THAT story got out. NO ONE wanted to work for them. Last I heard, G4S ate their lunch contract and biddness-wise, and is running the TECO security contract now.

Good, ‘cos fuck those guys.

I did learn though the location of all the Storage and Backup Depots for TECO and how most major power companies ‘scratch each others backs’ on the regular. This means that if Duke Power Company, which runs a LOT of Northern Florida and Georgia, runs into trouble, be it a catastrophe of some kind or runs out of a major part (like a Transformer) then they either send Guys to assist with repairs, like they did after Hurricane Katrina, or they send the pieces parts as needed. A very educational job experience, even if poorly paid.

So, Making Molasses Cookies Again as I only got one, maybe two from the last batch, as everyone else in the house, to include the BrotherInLaw? Bastards hoovered them up like a motherfucker leaving me high n dry!

This batch? Allllllllllllll mine baby!
So More Later
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Another Grand Weekend, CBDCs and Power

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Before the thunderstorm rolled in, we had a pool day today

Other Granrents had her take swimming lessons.
She’s gone from “Don’t you dare let go of me!” to “Watch me cannonball Papi!” The kid is a Mermaid I swear.

Sapper got in on the action, albeit in the Hot Tub.

She was ALLLLL over the pool, and I taught her how to dive for a rock today, as I didn’t have the obligatory .50 cent piece that DeadDad taught me with… I’ll remedy that next time around and have one with me… Used a big ole piece of the pool gravel which stood out quite well on the bottom, and got her to use her arms to pull herself down to it.
Me? I’m again, bushed.
Even a short day with the Redneaded Nuke Plant is tiring.
Ain’t no ‘control rods’ on that ‘un.

So, other subjects.
Was talking to Sapper about everyone having meltdowns and freakouts about the potential of the Central Banks rolling out a CBDC, i.e. for the uninitiated, a Central Bank Digital Coin, whereby in theory the Controllers -could- essentially take control of your money, thereby your life and establish some serious social controls, much like Chy-Nah has rolled out over the past few.

Thing is, this ain’t Chy-Nah, Nor is it the Wannabe Chy-Nah-of-the-North, Can-nada under the leadershit of Justine “Baby Fidel” Turdstew. Nope. We still got guns.

And no, it’s not that we’ll be doing some sort of “CV-2 Shit Just Got Real”… Nope… be a lot more subtle than that. As Sapper and I talked about, these folks seem to forget a few things. Like in order for a “Digital Coin” to work? You need power. Not Political Power, I mean juice baby…volts… Power. Computer without a functional outlet? A fucking very large and complicated doorstop.

Two small substation(s) got whacked a few months ago.
Someone using long rifles.
Plugged some transformers.
Power loss was about 80,000 people without power, for about 3 days in some areas +/-. Now, that was a few small incident. Now, in theory, IF “they” (whoever are the real shot callers out there) if the Mysterious and Undefined “They” decide to implement such a drastic overhaul of the financial system, in conjunction with a societal lead into social credit scores, they know not of what kind of feces would be impacting the oscillation device.

Mainly because this Elusive “They” have never actually worked and honest days work in their collective lives. They have always had “power” in their domiciles and work places. They have never had the power shut off for a non-payment or late payment. They naturally assume that “it’s always been this way.” That when they throw the switch on a outlet, the light comes on.

Until it doesn’t.

REALLY HARD to use a “digital currency” if there ain’t no power. Even harder to understand when you have no idea how the real world works. Fat, rich, and stupid is no way to go through life, but for the most part, they actually have. These are the people who tell us that we need to stop hunting because it’s barbaric and killing animals is wrong, and then in the same breath, tell us that if we want meat, we should go to the supermarket and buy our meat there, ‘cos ‘no animals were harmed that way’.

Thing of it is, a lot of “Them” think that they’ll just whip up and order another Transformer. Now, Yeah, to a point they can but there’s a few facts out there that one should know. First off, the approximate price(s) of these things? They ain’t cheap, not by a long shot.

Yeah… those prices are +/- from 2010 to 2011… like 10+ years ago. Per the electrical engineering Webpage I found that one, they also state: “…In 2010, the approximate cost of an LPT with an MVA rating between 75 MVA and 500 MVA was estimated to range from $2 to $7.5 million in the United States. However, these estimates were Free on Board (FOB) factory costs, exclusive of transportation, installation, and other associated expenses, which generally add 25 to 30 percent to the total cost (see Table 1 below).” with Table one being the one I poasted above.

Transportation is a big deal with these as well. VERY heavy and awkward to move around. One does not generally just ‘throw one on a flatbed’ and call it good. Lots of specialized equipment to move one of these:

And yeah, the reason that it’s a pain is they’re essentially a filled oil tank, which is how they’re put together:

SO is it any wonder that “They” just don’t understand?
Sure, there have been attacks in the past… all of which seem to be some lone-wolf nutters, of which like not very many have ever been caught. I think that there was a smaller less-successful attack out in Washington State that they did bust the two morons who did it. I did a write-up on it at the time as a LOT of it didn’t pass the ‘smell test’ and since it memory-holed so quickly, I’m sure that the perps were not Whytte Sooperpreemiecysts as they were off the news at Lightspeed.

Ether way, a Central Bank Digital Coin needs computers, which in turn needs power, and truthfully, as fast as our infrastructure is collapsing, I don’t even think nutjobs would need to do anything drastic. Hell… Texas couldn’t even keep the power on in a winter chill… and Commiefornia?
They’re talking about making a law that if the Power Grid starts having issues, that the DotGov has the right to drain your Battery on your Tesla back into the grid, essentially making all the Electric Vehicles in the state UPSes or a backup “Uninterruptable Power Supply”. I’m not even going to touch that one…

And in order to implement the “Social Credit Score” thing? In Chy-Nah, they use your cell phone. Last I looked, cell phone towers are even Moar fragile than a Transformer. Lots of fiddly-bits and gizmos.

Also ALL reliant on a stable electrical grid and infrastructure. I mean I’m only pointing out some obvious and open-source stuff. By no means would I want to see anything like this come about… my point is the People Behind the Curtain so to speak, the ‘Shot Callers’ have never thought of this. In fact the info that’s leaking out about the current Krainian Klown show is showing our self appointed “Betters”? The very fact that they really believed their own bullshit about the “Counteroffensive”?

The fucking hilarious part is the leak that said the planned Jeddah Summit was supposed to be the ‘Crowning Achievement’ of the Krainian Kounteroffensive… to quote:

“Jeddah was Sullivan’s baby,” the official said. “He planned it to be Biden’s equivalent of [President Woodrow] Wilson’s Versailles. The grand alliance of the free world meeting in a victory celebration after the humiliating defeat of the hated foe to determine the shape of nations for the next generation. Fame and Glory. Promotion and re-election. The jewel in the crown was to be Zelensky’s achievement of Putin’s unconditional surrender after the lightning spring offensive. They were even planning a Nuremberg type trial at the world court, with Jake as our representative. Just one more fuck-up, but who is counting? Forty nations showed up, all but six looking for free food after the Odessa shutdown”

How that one work out for ya?
Ahhhh Hubris… gotta love it…
They’re a bunch of Fucking Misfit Toys… Scarecrows without Brains. To call them retarded is an insult to the genuinely disabled.

And because of it, things are fixing to get a LOT wilder and stupider as the weeks go on. Head on a Swivel people.
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Doctor Who and Friday Night Humor via 4Chan

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
A -wee- bit hungover this A.M. from hanging with Wifey’s Lil Brother. Had a lot of fun exchanging some stories and we found ‘common geek ground’ when we started talking about, of all things Doctor Who. He got introduced to it when they rebooted the series with Chris Eccleston, after which he went ‘backwards’ and started watching older versions of Who. Now, as far as Eccleston, a lot of “Whovians” didn’t like him, however I had no issue with him playing The Doctor.

In fact, episode six of what they’re calling “Season One” (which pisses me off… acting like the previous 26 seasons didn’t exist) was actually a fave of mine…”Dalek” showing the last of the Daleks and it’s fate. Pretty Good IMO.

That being said, there is only one True Doctor:

Can I get an “Amen”?

Tom Baker… the definitive Doctor IMO.
Got a true story about him that maybe I’ll pass on at some point. I have a honest-to-gawd handwritten thank-you note from him, to me. A gentleman in every way imaginable.

We watched the ‘Attack of the Cybermen’ series… for those not in the know, Doctor Who when Mr. Baker was running the show, was serialized like the old Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers stuff… 4 nights, one major plotline, which each show ended with a cliffhanger of sorts, with the 4th episode being the resolution. So we (BIL and I) had a good night hanging out and beering it up, hence todays ‘issues’…

Now, today after work I came across a group on Blab that’s called ‘Greentexts’ which are stories pulled from 4chan. OMG some of them are brutal AF so I figured since my brain is still a bit fuzzy, I’d throw this at y’all for S&Gs (Shits N Giggles to the uninitiated).
First One:

Got to admit, I LOL’d on that.

Heh… Here’s your Crown, King.

No shytte Aye?
That’d be my luck for sure. Now, the next one is not in the ‘humor’ category but the one called ‘things that make you go Hmmmn’…

Uhhh yeeeeah…
Wee bit disconcerting methinks.
And then, filed under ‘gross but funny’:

“I’ll take ‘Things would suck’ for $500 Alex”
And going on the ‘chan wouldn’t be complete without some good ole racism:

And Lastly, under “The Truth Hurts”, I give you:

So, doing a Russian Ration for the Stack on Sunday. Hope my guts can handle all the weirdness.
Hope you got a laugh or two out of those
So More Later
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