Proof of Numbers, Hardship and a Pogrom?

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First off, a confirmation (of sorts) for the fuckstain commenter BFYTW who’s obviously a Krainian Cheerleader who’s comment “Source: Trust me bro!!” Well here’s the proof:

Go fellate Krainfeld, or better yet have him suck your dick as it’s obvious from the earlier stuff I’ve poasted about him, that’s his ‘thing’…. and btw, YER BANNED. Only had two people I’ve ever banned from commenting, you’re #3.

That was taken from Andrei Martynov’s Website (link HERE) who’s not been exactly a cheerleader for either side. I was incorrect on the sourcing, in that it wasn’t a higher higher who was being interviewed, but one of the Krainian Grunts who was doing a ‘tell all’ which I’m sure at this point he’s in a shallow grave, thanks to Krainfeld’s Gestapo.

1,126,652 Killed in Action / Missing in Action…

Yeah I got that wrong too… it wasn’t wounded… it was missing

And judging from the vidyas I’ve been watching, some from Russian Sources, some from Krainian Forces, let me tell you, the number of ‘stacked dead in windrows’ are all Krainian at this point. The myth of Russian soldiers doing ‘human wave’ assaults have gone the same route as “Jews made into soap/lampshades/babies baked in ovens”

Complete and utter Judaic BULLSHIT

Also, Yay Me!
I was right… seems that the Jane’s Intel folks stated that the ‘spotted Abrams in the Wild?’ It is an export model… specifically that had been set up to go to Morocco. This export model is the “…M1A1 AIM v2, also known as the M1A1SE (Situational Awareness) – an export version that was destined for Morocco, with a thermal imager on the TC Weapon Station(CROWs), but is not equipped with the uranium armor on the front glacis of the vehicle.”

As Razorfist so aptly puts it:

“Fuck You I was Right! Fuck You I was Right!”

(That’s if the vidya doesn’t load)

Yeah, love being ahead of the power curve.

Speaking of “Jews made into soap/lampshades/babies baked in ovens” we get this story about the hardships endured by the hostages taken by Hamas:

The “horrors” endured?
Sleeping on plastic chairs?
Barely any food?
Waiting to be executed while in a tunnel?

Sounds like what I’d call “Tuesday” at Mortaritaville, AKA Camp Anaconda (the Biggest Airbase we had) in Iraq circa 2004 to 2008….

Sleeping on plastic chairs? Check; that’s all they had at the airfield.. check in, and wait… and wait… and wait… however many hours it took to catch a flight to Germany and/or Kuwait… days sometimes… in un-air-conditioned rooms at some points…

Barely any Food? Yah… MREs IF they had them, more often than not these shitty ‘lunch in a bag’ Tuna or PB&J wannabe MREs that a REAL MRE would have been preferable…

Waiting to be executed while in a tunnel? Anyone who ever was under fire in Mortaritaville (Anaconda) well, it was called Motaritaville for a reason… 90% of the ‘bomb shelters’ were half pipe 4 foot wide half buried in the ground with some sandbags… you hoped like hell the Haj were exceptionally bad in their aim, otherwise, yeah, it would have been an execution in a tunnel…

I’m surprised they haven’t re-issued the ‘masturbation machines’ or ‘fed them to lions’ or some such shit…

Look, not to make light of it, being a hostage purely sucks I’m sure… however, the first two or three old ladies that got released? Before the Mossad or whatever could stop them, they made statements saying that they were, overall, treated nicely and decently…

Which goes against the narrative…

Mind you them 3 old ladies have positively disappeared after this… any bets that they kil’t ’em rather than let them keep telling the truth? I’m sure that Nutjobyayhoo wants them in a shallow grave posthaste. Probably listed them as “died due to the stress of their capture” or some such bullshit….

Can’t fuck with the narrative now can you?

Just like ¡Genocide Joe! can’t be seen as weak, they’ve been desperately hyping that 4 year old Dual Citizen baby who got recovered as an “American”. Despite reality is the kid speaks no English, and ONLY has ‘Murican Shit-Tye-Zen-Ship as the parents made sure that Mom’s US Citshit was used for instances just like this. Meaning IF shit went completely sideways the kid would have an American Bolt-Hole to run to…

How’d that work out for ya?

IRL, Hamas has not released any US Shit-Tye-Zens as an absolute Fuck You to ¡Genocide Joe! AND the US of A.

My bets is that we won’t see any releases until ¡Genocide Joe! promises to keep funding Hamas… which at this point, Nutjobyayhoo has already said that as soon as he’s done dealing with this shit, he’s going to get back on the ¡genocide! train full time…

Gonna be some interesting times ahead…¡Genocide Joe! is looking worse and worse as time goes on, even more frail and brain dead than usual… how this doesn’t count as elder abuse is beyond me…

The Trials AFTER the Krain Ends/Settles for Crimes Against Humanity against ¡Genocide Joe! and Boris Badhair are going to be EPIC. Thing is, they’ll either put Joe in the ground (hard to try a dead guy) OR if they had the balls, go after his cunt of a wife and ALL of his ‘controllers/advisors’ and hit them with ALL the charges…

Either way, (((certain folks))) can’t be too upset that over what’s probably a million, million and a half Orthodox Christians have been killed off… And then they wonder why everyone seems to have ‘turned’ on them? Talk about a lack of self-awareness, and a lack of personal responsibility…

Any bets the next Inquisition starts in Kiev?
I’m saying it here first.
Got a hunch when ALL is said and done, the Future Pogrom in the Krain is going to make all previous ones look like a spring picnic.

Jes’ Sayin’

More Later
Big Country

An Abrams in the Wild and Krainian Kasualties Leaked

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A rainy couple of daze here around the casa. I wasn’t feeling too well… methinks it was just plain exhaustion. Running flat out is for the young, and as we’ve seen I’m no longer in THAT category by far.

Haven’t been writing much about the International scene as of late as well it -was- the Holidays, and just making sure my own are taken care of is hard enough. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been keeping up and track of some of the events.

One of which is now the second photo of what appears to be an M1A1 Abrams in Krainian Possession.

The reason(s) I say an M1A1 (standard, probably export model) are the following using the pic with annotations:

The Red Circle: That’s the bore-evacuator. Catches the fumes from the main gun firing. That’s the fatter, rounder model which means that the gun on this is a 120mm Rheinmetall M256 main gun, the same one that bonked me on the nugget and got me medically retarded out of the Army (10,000 pounds to the grape’ll do that)
The Green Arrow: That’s the CROWs system for the .50cal M2 Browning Machine gun. That stands for Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station which allows the T.C. (tank commander) to remotely fire his .50 without becoming exposed.
The Blue Arrow: Shows part of why it’s NOT an A2 and that’s the TC Thermal Viewer Station. It looks like this and is inside the blue circle:

Yellow Arrow(s): The lack of heavier armor on the front glacis of the turret shows this’s a Standard M1A1, and not the M1A1H, ‘H’ for ‘Heavy’. Mid 90’s they added more plate on the front which leaves a raised and distinct outline that can be seen. The pic above BTW is an M1A2 BTW, and has the heavier armor incorporated into it… those are I.R. marker panels to help with Friend or Foe ID through IR.

Not that this’s going to help them. Word is that they’re in the rear around Kupiansk in Kharkiv Oblast.

No idea if they’re ever going to let them out to ‘play’ but my guess is “Oh Hells Noes!” as like before, the Leo2’s got positively obliterated, the Bradleys, and then the Challengers as well. Western Tech ain’t it’s all cracked up to be…

That being said, word is out now, even in Western Wishful Thinkingville that the Krainians are trying to bail out of Avdeevka… specifically the big fortified factory that they’ve been digging into since 2014. The Russians, despite taking casualties have made some pretty aggressive moves and are doing the ‘inch-at-a-time’ house-to-house fight, rather than plastering the dug in Krainians with bodies and firepower. Octobers Casualties have run between 200 low, to 500 high, mix of KIA/WIA.

Now, on the other side.

Somebody is in trouble
Seems that much like that cell phone company a few months back who did the whole ‘send a text to a dead fucker thanking him’ promo, the Main TV Station for the Kraine, “Inter”,

also known as “1+1” (as it was the first commercial television station in the Kraine) well…

Somebody done fuuuuuuuucked up
Quite spectacularly.
During an interview with the various talking heads, the ‘ticker’ on the bottom showed the number of “Missing and Killed Armed Forces officers/men:

1,126,652 Killed/Wounded

Within a few minutes the ticker was cleared, and later the channel began to apologize for this figure… I’m sure that said apology was heartfelt I’m sure. When the Cell Phone company fucked up, that was when the numbers were about 500,000 known dead…

The cemeteries don’t lie… my understanding is you can no longer get ‘recent’ pictures of the BIG DotMil Cemeteries around Kiev… that and what graves they are digging, they’re now down to dis-interring Russian Soldiers from graves from World War 2, which is an abomination and about as dishonorable a shit thing they could do, they’re piling 3-4 stiff in each hole.

That’s even IF the stiffs are recovered. Plenty of TikToks out there from highly pissed off Babushkas asking about their sons, and soon enough their daughters methinks… Lots of vids of dead Krainian Chicks in trenches as of late…

One unit Colonel who’s on the run now officially, got caught writing off his dead as still ‘on the books’ as the way they pay the troops (IF they even get paid at all) is the money goes to the Commanders, who then ‘feed it down the chain’… this Battalion Commander bastard kept LOTS of guys on the rolls as still alive, and was pocketing the $$$$.

I’m not even going to go into the whole GI Insurance, or their version of it so to speak, and the scamming going on… They’re going to write books about this shit and what went on after…

“The Last Great ‘Gasp’ of a Dying Empire” with a cast of millions and starring Whomever is Grifting Hardest At The Moment.

One Point One Million
The mind boggles.
Have to see how it plays out. Right now it looks like Krainfeld is ‘all in’ on the whole “Game of Thrones” against his General Zahluzny (Bless You!) and they’re all going back and forth in a complete haze of bullshit and hubris… how they think they’re going to recruit 20k a month, get them ‘suited and booted’ and out on the battlefield? It’s insanity… all the while the Grift goes on. Especially in Greater Britishstan and here in the Imperial DotGov who have no fucking idea nor grasp of just how this’s going to play out… I mean they really think that THEY are going to dictate terms to Putin?

It is to laugh. They’re so far gone it’s no longer funny… in fact clearly delusional and quite possibly genuinely General Ripper levels Insane. Ah well. Don’t forget, Raffle is still going on, and so far I’ve only had like a handful of entries. $10 a pull gets you a new Gerber Rifle Tool and a Brand New Surefire Helmet Light. I’d call it a good deal…
So, More Later
Big Country

Out To Dinner and a Birfday Gift

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So, been running around alllll over Hells Half Acre today… Gretchen ‘wanted to spend some “quality time” together’ which meant since she had a gig in Orlando, I was the chauffeur.

On my Birfday itself (today’s the ackchooal day)
On a Friday Afternoon
Back and forth on I-4
Black Friday no less.

3 hours each way due to volume of traffic and “stupid”


So her and Sapper have decided to take me out on their dime to a Chiaroscuro Brazilian Steakhouse. OMG!! Great food! Usually out of my league. Kind of place MomUnit usually likes to spring on me…

But anyways… I did get a giftie in the mail today from Reader ER out of Colorado (MANY MANY Thanks E!!!!):

A “Block One” (1981-1983) MRE Menu #9 Chicken ala King.

Better known as Chicken ala Thing…
It has Accessory Packet ‘A’ which means it’s got the basics… no candy or anything like hot sauce either. A basic-basic MRE. Don’t know if I’ll open it, or save it as it -is- a bit of a collectors item… Not many Brown Wrapper Block Ones are out there… unless they’re in a toxic waste dump that is…

That’s a screen shot from some Aussie dude who actually opened and tried to eat it… only thing that was still edible was of all things, the Fruitcake, which as I recall was not edible even when it was still fresh and new…

So instead of eating/not eating that, I’ll get back with you maybe later after some good food.
More Later
Big Country

Happy Thanksgiving, Steak For Supper!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
No joke, I woke up today at 15:00 after going to bed Tuesday night at about 23:00. I -only- got up to take a squirt or two, kiss Gran#1 goodbye when she left, and beyond that? Sleepy-Dreamland time.

When you’re tired at that level? Oh yeah…
Thankfully no one bugged me. That meant that when I -did- wake up, I had to get my diner prep on as we’ve been eating on the leftovers from Sunday alllll week, and well, it is the actual Thanksgiving Day, so….

Again I hit the new grill… this time with a thicc-assed boneless Ribeye. Smothered it in caramelized onions, with Tater tots as the side.

Damn if’n it wasn’t good.

No veggies this time as I was literally just throwing this thing together. I mean I think I’ve gone over and above the past week or two with the cooking…

Now tomorrow is MOAR cleanup… the floors around here are so sticky from Gran#1 spilling ‘stuff’ and not telling us or not cleaning it up correctly… I swear some parts of the tile in the living room feel like a movie theater floor… mad ‘ik’ factor there.

Now, on alt-news ‘stuff’…
As expected “The Marvels” totally shit the bed. New records for lows… Lowest Opening Weekend, and then it did do a ‘highest’ score of sorts, The Highest Drop Off week-to-week from it’s opening… meaning say it opened at 100 million total for the opening weekend… (it didn’t… just work with me on these numbers) then the next weekend? There’s one of two ways it can go… if it’s a ‘sleeper’ the second weekend makes more than the first, OR more commonly it drops… usually juuust a bit.

In this case it was a cliff dive… like say from 100 mil the first weekend to less than 10 mil the second weekend. And this on a movie that they spent over a half a billion dollars on making and advertising it… Fucking Go Woke, Go Broke indeed.

Not that I’m a big follower of anything out of the Hollyweird side of things. I -do- watch it for the laughs (shytte like this in particular) as well as the intel bits one can gather from successes and failures…

So seeing that this’s like the 4th or 5th major flop that’s lost money over the past 6 months, I’d say that the money laundering out of Hollyweird has gotten to the point where it’s no longer working. Just like the Kraine, it’s reached the end of it’s useful lifespan. And like the majority of ‘things’ like that, well, depending on who’s really in charge, that means it’s time for the ‘insurance claims’ to begin… i.e. the “Jewish Lightening” that always seemed to happen in my old home town after a bad beach season…

Believe it or not, t’was MomUnit who first used that term… “Jewish Lightening” was something that happened to a business that had consistently underperformed, and was losing the owner money… the place was usually very well insured, and as soon as the season was over, “Oh my gosh! A bolt of lightening hit, and started a fire and burned the place to the ground!” The term “Jewish Lightening” came from the fact that invariably, said-business seemed to always be owned by a member of the Tribe…

Talk about a “Cohencidence” Aye?

In fact, some of the ‘burns’ were so professional, so damned precise… you had to admire it. One memory in particular stands out… Up in Portsmouth, New Hampshire we had a Chinese Restaurant, “Moe’s Asia”. Everyone knew or went to Moe’s… The Asia was the Chinese sit-down restaurant to go to throughout the 80’s.

Then hard economic times hit, there were newer and better, less expensive choices, and Moe’s fell to the wayside. It was just sort of ‘there’ for a few years until a bad storm… well, Moe’s caught a hit of lightening and burned to the foundation. Thing of it was, there was ZERO evidence of arson, but even in the local news, it was joked about how well the burn had been done, as the little decorative trees that lined the front of the building? Like right up against the wall?

Not even scorched.

Hell, a few weeks after the fire, one could drive by and see the lil bushes thriving, outlining where the front of the building used to be. Talk about a professional bit of Arson there Aye?

So I’m watching to see where and what happens next… so many of the projects out there have the wheels coming off. Jewish Supremacy is now being called into question. The very fact that they’ve turned the ENTIRITY of the slaughter of innocent Gazan Children into a Binary “If you don’t support us killing two year old babies, then you are an Antisemite!!!” is backfiring spectacularly.

Which it should.

The whole story of “Babies Baked In The Ovens” has backfired as well, and is now leading to “What else have the Jews lied to us about as well?” That’s where they’re getting terrified, as well they should be… The very fact of the “Six Gorrillion Kil’t” has always been dubious in nature as the reality of the technology at the time has now proven that it was probably not done in the fashion that they have claimed it was. I mean when the German DotGov starts complaining that even with their very best cremation machinery That they were wholly unable to keep up with the COVID Deaths.

The very legitimacy of their “Higher Moral Purpose” of “Never Again”, by all rights should extend to ALL of humanity, and not just them… in fact, the very claim of “Never Again” needs the addendum added “Not to Us Anyways” as a fact. Their very actions show them and have now exposed them and their supporters as nothing more than the hypocrites they are.

My main reason for my current disgust is seeing the pics of alll them hurt/dead kids… So far, the ‘free press’, all of which have been called ‘Propaganda arms of Hamas’ mind you, have shown the actual cost of this war vis-a-vis the lil lives being lost…

Whereas the Enemedia here? The Ministries of Lies and Propaganda HERE? The only picture we’ve seen so far, turned out to be a heavily photoshopped pic of what had been a puppy, and then turned into one of the ‘supposed baked babies’ that looked more like an overdone fucking brisket experiment.

At this point, I trust Al Jazeera and Russia Times faaar more than any of the ‘usual sources’ here. Fuck them murderous motherfuckers… every. last. one. of them.

So, gotta go… I got Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chips in the oven.
More Later
Big Country

Rockets, Dinner and a Pause In Gaza (For Now)

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Telling y’all… keeping an AD-HD Nookular Powered Redhead busy and entertained is a mite strenuous to say the least… to say I’m tired has to be the understatement of the year…

Coloring, crafts, baking cookies and rocketry today of all things. Got me a three-pack of Estes Model Rockets off the Zon for about $25+/-

FedBro and I had a rocket launching set when we were kids and had a hell of a good time playing with it. It was another $10 at Hobby Lobby for the rockets, and I already have all the ‘other’ needed equipment that I use for fireworks and whatnot… wasn’t hard to convert one of the igniter to shoot a 9v ‘squirt’ to the flameless initiator that Estes engines use…

I let her ‘decorate’ the rockets themselves after we had put them together. This was HER fav:

Now, when we launched it, and mind you it’s been 40 years since I’ve done a ‘recoverable’ model rokkit, Ye Olde Memory still ‘had it’ and we set everything up quite nicely in a HUGE field up the road from here. Unfortunately, Gretchen didn’t get it on video, despite that being her one job.

It’s better that we didn’t though. Had a “Challenger Moment” so to speak… I’m still not sure if the engine was faulty or what, but it launched, got about 25 feet in the air and blew the fuck up.

As you can see, that’s the top part, with the parachute and all still packed in the rocket itself. Took a few minutes to find the ass end of it, which was all melted and blown out:

Bad Engine?
Not sure…
I managed to put it all back together again so’s she can take it home to put on her bookshelf if she wants… I mean it is her first rocket amiright?

Hell we got two more available for tomorrow if she wants to try Round Two. Afterwards, we did dinner on my Birthday Gift:

Gretchen, Sapper and her ‘Rents all contributed to get me a Weber Grill. Been needing a new grill for quite a spell. Been cooking the ‘grillables’ on the Ninja XL Air Grill or the Forman grill… which has been great. However

Nothing beats a real charbroiled piece of dead animal flesh.

Like ab-so-fucking-loot-lee nuthin’

As such, Point Proven:

Best Hamburger I’ve had in a looong minute.

So we drop off Gran#1 later tomorrow IF I haven’t died of exhaustion. Either way, it’s been a blast but I sure could use the rest.

Lets do a broad overview of “Things in the World That We Have NO Say In”… Time to get it stuck in Aye?

The Gaza Slaughter is still kicking, although Nutjobyayhoo is talking about some form of ceasefire to exchange hostages or something… which strikes me as odd because the whole “We never negotiate with Terrorists” started with the Israelis… And because of this willingness to call a pause in the ¡Genociding! tells me that there’s one of two things going on here:

1) They’re calling for a ceasefire as public opinion is getting waaay beyond their ‘normal narrative control’ methods. I mean when the fucking Rwandans come out and start saying that “You’ve gone too far!“, you got issues that the ‘normal’ Jewspin of “Muh Holocaust” and Kvetching just ain’t going to stop… I mean when a coalition of Hutus and Tutsis are saying you’ve literally worse than Hitler? Yeah, you ain’t coming back from that one anytime soon bro…

And then there is, what in MY opinion is the real reason that BadBibi wants to cop a rest, is

2) That the IDF has been getting their kosher asses handed to them, one fat chunk of asscheek at a time. What few vidyas I have seen show a very large body of work of Hamas kids (and I do mean kids… we’re talking 12-16 year old flip-flop wearing kids toting RPGs) coming out of a disguised tunnel, and firing off what appears to be some newer model RPG round(s) into Merkavas…
Namely one, introduced in 1988, the PG-7VR:

Anyone want to guess who currently has a metric fuckton of these and has been using them since February of 2022? A country who’s >ahem< moral character is somewhat less than stellar?

That and one of the Doctors from Docs Without Borders let it slip that he, personally, had counted over 400 dead IDF kids where HE worked… that was in one week. Both the interview and story have been scrubbed, and for that matter, according to Le Monde (he was a Frog) the Doc himself is currently listed as MIA… “Whereabouts unknown.” Which is Mossad/Spook-Speak for ‘dead in a shallow grave and we’ll blame Hamas later IF they find his stiff….’

Like ALL of the NATO equipment, and ALL the hype of the superiority of the training, the weapons, the support and the all-around mythos of the Invincibility of both the JewArmy and the US DotMil, the hubris that was gained by essentially beating on smaller, weaker opponents that ‘burnished the reputations’ of the fighting prowess of the aforementioned folks, when in reality?

Well, as they say, in many cases, it’s been “Fucked Around, Found Out” on a near continual basis. The US DotMil got its ass beat in and chased out, tail betwixt legs from Affy, and the IDF has been pretty only been a slightly better armed police force for the past 20 years. Both outfits are Best Known for (metaphorically speaking that is) ‘rousting the neighborhood drunks’ and acting like badged overblown bullies that 99% of our cops have become… It’s a whole different ball game when the heavy hitters come out to start swinging…

It’s one thing when Barney Fife arrests and pushed around good ole Otis Campbell in Mayberry… it’s an entirely different situation when Barney decides to -try- and intimidate a just-released-from San Quentin Prison inmate who did a stretch for murder, and then decide that he’s going to arrest said-killer because he can…

Somehow I -don’t think said-con is going to put up with Barney’s shit, one bullet or not.

Hamas has been very quietly building up over the past ten or so years. And because of The Kraine, they timed this Op perfectly. It left Krainfeld completely in the wind, with ZERO chance of getting any money and/or weapons. Mainly because our “true masters” have spoken:

Hell, Krainfeld is ALSO in the wind in the respect that someone in his chain of command was the one who authorized the sale and transfer of allll them tank killing RPG rounds. (The PG-7 variant round I’m talking about and have seen in the vids are designed to take out tanks like the Merkava with Reactive Armor specifically)

Got me a hunch his fellow (((co-religionists))) aren’t too happy with his ass right now. I know -I- sure AF wouldn’t be, profit or no profit…

Then on the home front, well… truthfully not a hell of a lot going on….
…………………..(pause ‘cos I literally fell asleep)…………………
OK… I got to go to bed… no joke my head went off the KB and just woke me up. I am officially worn the fuck over and out.
More Later
Big Country

An Animal Update and an Anniversary of Acquittal

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Man, I think it’s going to take another month to work our way through the leftovers. Been ‘grazing’ for 2 days now… so to speak… just picking a lil bit here, and a lil bit there… the cake has been getting hit pretty hard, what with a 5 Year Old Redhead who’s addicted to chocolate cake as far as I can tell…

Thankfully, she’s in a sugar coma right now.

She’s been watching the “Home Alone” movies with her Gigi…
Which means IF I want to sleep in my own bed tonight, I’m going to have to pick her up like a sack o’taters and –hopefully– she doesn’t wake up. Otherwise, it’s me and the Sausage Princess on the couch again.

Speaking of which:

She hasn’t moved, except to got out and pee n’poop.
And she’s been pooping like NO Tomorrow… as far as we can tell, she’s -still- in the turkey coma… she’s active and all, nothing wrong, just gorged and dead to the world.

The Sausage Princess and Gran#1 waaay back in the day… about 4 years ago… They’re still besties…

Plumb forgot to update y’all!
“Penis the Cat” AKA Beans. He’s doing great and after alllll the medical trauma, he seems a lot more mellow around the house and positively LOVES cuddling up with ME which is something he never did before… before he seemed to be scared of me, but now? Guess he knows I’m the one who saved his furry lil butt.

Cat Gratitude… that’s a first for me…

His fur is till growing back where the IV was in… and there? He’s decided that Gretchen’s craft-jewels are his dammit!

Only thing I’m going to hit on today is it’s the two year Anniversary of Saint Kyle of Kenosha’s Acquittal.

The meltdowns by the NPCs on the Twatter have been epic

Talk about a bastion of DSM/V-5 and the ICD-11 codes…
Fucking nutters… flat the fuck out bugshit nuts.

Seems he’s got a book “Acquitted” coming out, or leastways was announced today, which I got a hunch was intentional… After all, it gives the morons the chance to shoot their mouths off again which in turn allows him to sue the ever living fuck out of they who’re too stupid to learn from history.

Shit, Nick Sandmann? The kid from Covington High School who went toe-to-tow with that snaggletoothed meth head Injun? Yeah, last I heard he’s settled with CNN and CBS in the subsequent lawsuits, and the rest were thrown out by some activist FedGov Judge… either way, he’s still got a pile of suits going up against a lot of worthless wastes of skin like Whoopie “NotaJew” Goldberg and her fellow hosts of the View…

Why they haven’t cancelled that fucking nightmare of a show is beyond me… I figure it’s got to be the whole “JQ” thing, i.e. the Jewish led deconstruction of White Society and they, the members of The View, are the main proponents of the brainwashing propaganda that’s used to abuse those mid-wit housewives and single cat/wine aunts who are the only viewershit that remains…

St. Kyle has a bunch of lawfare suits ‘on deck’ as well… Lawfare and Administrative Violence folks… use their own tools against them. We all know what “lawfare” is, which is war by legal means, however, “Administrative Violence” is a term which often describes the methods used to achieve coercive and inequitable results through entirely legal methods.

To paraphrase: “To use Administrative Violence, is to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their paralegals”.

1Sgt Terrance Popp over at has webinars on how to use this highly effective tactic. No take or $$$ for me, I just love Popp and his message.

So, yeah, it’s great to see the Mental Illness on full display again over on the Twat… go fucking figure Aye?

So, still tired… might be the Turkey this time around…
Jes’ Sayin’
More Later
Big Country

Well I Had a BUSY Day

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
LITERALLY all day over the stove… The bird went in the oven at 10am… and everything else was timed to come out around the same exact time.

Don’t know -how- I managed to pull it off, but I did.
Mashed and Sweet Mashed Taters, Garlic Green Beans, a small Ham, and the aforementioned Bird. The bird was nice and juicy, but a wee bit tough, which we attribute to the fact that it’d been deep freezed for the better part of two years.

Gretchen and the Gran made me a Birfday cake as well…

Seems someone got to lick the bowl…
Dinner was good… I’m just beat after all the cooking/cleanup

Now the ham was done a bit differently from the norm. II wrapped it up in foil, and threw it in the air-fryer. After 25 minutes, I opened the foil, slathered it in a brown sugar glaze, and gave it ten more minutes, except this time I left it uncovered. Gave it a nice crust, and maaaan…. it was -the tenderest- ham I’ve ever made/eaten.

Then and hour or two after we did the Birfday thing:

Big ole honking chocolate cake, multi-layered with home made buttercream frosting…

I’m going to have myself a beer or three
And crash…
Been a LOOONG day.

More Later
Big Country

A Pure Evidentiary Example of Inflation and Noticing in The Kraine

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Thanksgiving on Sunday (leastways around here). I’m doing alllll the cooking and prep tonight.

I’m doing the prep on what I can… The dressing/stuffing, which in itself is it’s own meal. It’s so good and popular, I literally had to make 4 pounds of it this year. Basically, 4 boxes of Stovetop, with the 6 cups of water, and 2 sticks of salted butter. The key to it is the 3 pounds of mild Italian ground sausage. I season the fuck out of all of the above, and then it’ll go in the oven for about 20 minutes at 400….just enough to ‘crisp’ the upper crust and reheat it…

Thats a LOT of dressing…
Jes’ Sayin’
Also doing a sweet potato thing… essentially 3 BIG honking sweet potatoes that I baked and then scraped. about a cup of heavy whipping cream, and added a pile of cinnamon and sugar… capped off with marshmallows.

Then ‘dusted’ with more cinnamon and sugar for good measure. Instant diabeetus anyone?

Eh… what the hell? Gretchen has a mad sweet toofus.

Now, as to the title?

The bird we’re cooking has been sitting next to Walt Disney in the extreme deep freeze for about two years +. It was a ‘work gift’ so to speak, back in 2021. We already had a bird, so we plonked it in the deepest part of the freezer (next to Walts Head). This year as shekels have been tight, AND we’re having a full-on T-Day with Gretchen’s Parents, plus Sapper and the Gran, (nevermind we’re even bringing the Sausage Princess with us) I figured we could bust out this big fucker for all of us, as it’s just a shade under 15 pounds.

That’s also the reason I’m ‘going big’ for ALL the food this year, it’ll make it so Mom and Dad have a fuckton of leftovers to narf on for the next few weeks… I did the majority of the defrost the other day, and then, since I’m in progress, I snatched the label off of it so’s I could gander exact weight/cooking time to make my plans…

Holy. Shit.

A 14.85 pound bird
From 2021
.49 cents a pound
Total Price, as you can see $7.28

This was essentially Year One of the Reign of the Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den.

“Bidenomics” hadn’t gotten really started then…

Essentially the pic above is “How It Was” and the new one? I’m going to have to go get a pic tomorrow of a ‘current day turkey’ at Publix for the “How It’s Going” part of the meme… just checking online though?

And at $1.71 a pound, that’s supposedly better than LAST YEAR!?! Down 5.6% supposedly???

That’s some Jim Cramer math right there Aye?
And Publix tends to be a bit more expensive than Wally World or Winn Dix. Even so, how in the fuck do they frame THAT particular shytteshow? I mean literally I have the receipt!

Yeah, we’re fucked.

No idea what’s going on in the Kraine right now, but it can’t be good. Insomuch as the Ministries of Propaganda and Lies have all gotten new marching orders, and have been blasting Krainfeld, and that the war needs to be ‘settled’ ASAP, even if it means that the Kraine give up some territories like Donbass and such for the interim. Problem with this?

Well, the 600 Pound HIGHLY Combat Experienced Russian Bear-in-the-Corner might have his own opinion as to just how this particular fucking shitshow ends… and I damned well can gar-ron-tee that NO ONE is getting to ‘set terms’ except for them.

Winners get to fuck the Prom Queen…
You figure it out from there.

Which also leads me into an observation. As of late, over on the voenhronika website, the vidyas thay’ve been showing? Well since it’s pretty much a Russian Rah! Rah! channel/report, the majority of the ‘stuff’ they show are the Krainians getting their asses handed to them… which I’d expect. The NEW THING that I noticed however, besides a LOT of dead broads, was the helmets.

Before, whenever we saw vidya of Krainians either being KIA’d or captured, they ALL seemed to be wearing the ‘latest and greatest’ type of Skullbucket. Most of which were like my HHV tactical cut style cover. Now?

These two pics are freeze frames from some of the vidyas… one is a drone vidya, the other from Russian Troops taking a trench and inspecting the stiffs…

That’s the drone vid, and then IN the trench:

That dude is a stiff… the close up is when the Russian pulls the helmet back, and there’s a big ole hole in his squash.

What -I- noticed is they’re all wearing the earlier model helmets.

Those look like MICH or ACH models…

Which IF these are ‘front line guys’ (which I believe they are, as the Russians ARE killing them on the front lines as opposed to the rear areas right?) It makes the Loggie In Me question the supply situation.

Are they OUT of the ‘latest and greatest’ gear?
Are they down to using whatever they can scrounge?
Inquiring minds and all that Aye?

I mean if they are out of the latest model helmets, that ain’t good. I mean we already know that they’ve exhausted their prime age menfolk… to the point we’re now seeing dead splits in the trenches…

I mean I can absolutely see them running out of Tier One Gear… in fact a LOT of the rifles we’ve been seeing in these capture/kill videos that the Krainian Korpses have are older AK-47s firing the 7.62x39mm round, unlike earlier in the war, when the Krainians were running M-4s with their SF kids, and AK-74s firing the 5.45mm round… Couple of Russians who took a trench in one vid were bitching that they couldn’t reload, ‘cos the ammo in the trench, that they could find that is, was all 7.62mm as opposed to their 5.45mm they needed…

I haven’t seen a lot of M-4s or M240s either as of late…
Like a Krainian Male who’s 20 years old, not rich or connected, in good health and not in the Krainian Army???

He’s on the endangered species list.


Difference is instead of a shithoused Martin Sheen, we’re going to see a Koked out Krainfeld fleeing to Palm Springs, seeings how Israel is a bit ‘hot’ these days…

No matter, the FSB will settle his account, if our own CIA guys fail to ‘scratch’ him… he’s pissed off too many people, especially his own… IF he makes it out of the Kraine I’ll actually be shocked. It’s becoming more and more apparent just how many are actually dead, and that HUGE numbers of families are sick and tired of the lies, propaganda and bullshit being spewed by their -now- (p)Resident For Life the Kokaine Kowboi Krainfeld and his Koterie of Klowns…

I wonder if they’ll finally get their jimmies rustled up enough to have a “Ceaușescu” Moment?

Either way, that show, much like “Weekend at Bidens” is over. It’s just a matter of figuring out “…where to let the body(s) fall, and who’s going to be the replacement(s)?”

Stay Tuned… Savage Times Ahead
And Don’t Forget the Raffle! $10 gets you about $400 in Gear!
More Later
Big Country

Another Gear Review and a Raffle!!!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, now I got ONE out of the two items in that’s up for grabs via a raffle. A single $10 puts you in the running for both items. DM me if you want to mail in the entry to my bce187th@protonmail dot com email, and I can send you a mailing addy. The first item:

Now, this’s also a handy little piece of helpful gear. Not a lot of folks are aware of it, because as far as I know, it was never directly marketed or sold to the public. This particular one is mine. The one that’s up for grabs is brand new in the box.

And as Jack Burton would say: “What’s in the bag Egg?”
Well, let me show you:

This is the Gerber eFECT M-4 Tool.
A Multi use tool designed for a troop, probably by a troop judging from just how useful it is. It’s compatible with Otis Cleaning kits, which has the contract to make the cleaning kits for the DotMil. For those of you who might still be serving, the NSN (national stock number) is 5120-01-578-4888 if you can get your supply guy to order a few. That’s how I got mine. It came out in 2008, and mine was gifted to me by a Supply SSgt from one of the Reserve Units I was doing weapons for.

Now, it’s got six tools that are all folded up inside:

It features a positive locking bar on each side (those little tabs on the body of the tool) that run through the body itself. The tools are as follows (pic stolen from a surplus sales website):

As you can see, it’s got a Carbon Scraper, which I don’t use that frequently. The pin punch is handy, as well as the brush and Otis Pick tool. My most-used tool has been the front-sight post tool (FSP for brevity now). Anyone who was ever in the DotMil utterly despised the front sight post. IMO that’s the worst part of the original design of Eugene Stoner’s (PBUH) epic rifle.

I think every person who ever had to fuck around with that thing pre-multitool cursed the thing. You need a nail, or even worse, in a pinch, a live round to push down the spring loaded front sight detent (that lil pin on the right side of the sight itself in the pic above.) BECAUSE it’s spring loaded, you have to push DOWN and at the same time -try- to spin the sight around.
Honestly, it made for a miserable experience in the Army, because you were firing as time between sight adjustments versus live fire was very short, and if you needed a LOT of front sight adjustment? Yeah, it sucked. This tool resolves all of those issues. It ‘snaps on’ to the font sight via 4 little ‘teeth’ that compresses the detent pin, as well as grabbing on via the other remaining three holes:

And yeah, as you can see, it’s removable. It’s held in place by a pretty good magnet. Some of the early-early models the FSP tool could be flipped over, and had a 5 point pin for the waaay early M-16A1 FSP. Those have gone to the wayside as I don’t think there are -any- A1 uppers left now… I could be mistaken however as I did back in the day come across some made-in-1968 Hydramatic Lowers that were still in service.

Let’s face it, an AR IF properly cared for will last a long, long time. Not sure if it’s as robust as an AK long term, as I’ll leave that to the Gungeeks and Toobers to argue it out, but you know what I’m saying.

The little Otis Pick is useful as well, if you need to get into the nooks and crannies during a detailed cleaning.

I had to put it on a white piece of paper and use some illum to get that pic to come out. It’s really a dental pick that screws onto the tool, and is replaceable. In fact the little brush is replaceable if you wear it out. As you can see, I’ve kind of beaten on mine a bit, but that’s what it’s for.

Now, as to price?
All depends on where you look.
eBay is running about $50 for a used one, and some of the surplus sites out there?

Well… I suppose gouging is still a thing…
That’s a mite high IMO. I suppose it’s because it wasn’t sold to the public and that it’s now been discontinued. Which is a shame because really, you don’t need a hell of a lot more of a small in-the-field mini-gun centered multitool

So yeah. I have that for the raffle, and I’m still waiting on the other item:

I’m waiting on Surefire to get it to me.
It’s the White/Red Primary with IR Blinker. Also New in the Box. When it gets in, I’ll make sure I announce it. I was told it’d be here NLT Saturday, but what with the Holiday and whatnot, I got Gretchen’s Christmas gift that’s been delayed now twice and what with the general fucked-uppedness of the world today, I’ll be happy if it gets here before Christmas.

Another thing too, is Coffee Brand Coffee who’s a sponsor here (link/button on the side) got in a WHOLE PILE of new flavors for Christmas, as well as some pretty good snack-type stuff. If you use the code “NTJ” (Name The Jew) it’s 10% off your order and yes, I do get a ‘taste’…

After all, I’m at the second anniversary at Peoples Glorious Tractor Factory, and I still haven’t gotten a raise. I was promised that it was put in for, but I haven’t seen it yet. As they say, things are tough all over, and every little bit helps. SO, if you are entertained here, feel free to visit the links on the right as it can help out both myself, as well as some of the smaller businesses like D-RMOR Gear who’s a small self-run owner/maker of some really quality gear.

The Paypal Link on the right (which is tiny for some reason, gonna have to fix that) is the Donate Button. Use that and make sure I have a good mailing addy. Figure I’ll run this until Christmas Day? I don’t want to mail it out before as the odds of the prize(s) getting lost around this time of year is a bitch… let me know what you think in the comments

Now I got to run pick up Gran#1 for the Holiday… Gonna be a busy couple of weeks as she’s out of school, and -I- have to make an early Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow ‘cos we’re going to Gretchen’s parents to ‘do’ both my B-Day and T-Day all at the same time.

More Later
Big Country

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