I’m Back (Sort Of)

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Got a lot of PMs…

…since I’ve been out of the loop.
And no, wasn’t me man…

Actually got the crud. HAD the crud. Achy, Non-Motivated. Felt like ABSOLUTE Ass. Highly doubt it was anything but the crud, as I had to go on Monday for a Blood Draw at the VA and it was a bit crowded with the snivvling, sneezing, coughing masses, so I figure that was the exposure point.

At least it’s for the most part over.

Didn’t blog as the brain wasn’t capable of complex thoughts. Still a bit muzzy, but I can troop on through. So, the latest that’s been blowing up the news has been the Jewish Tunnels in New York… shit is just wild man…

According to -that- article the tunnels may have compromised the structure of the Chabad HQ. Awwwww… too bad… so sad…

Quite the beginning to the “Year of Weirdness” as I’m fixing to start referring it as. Not even two weeks in, and we go mysterious tunnels being found in NYFC. Which begs the question: Where next? I mean jeez…

Right? There was also a story about a guy on Twitter saying he was owed an apology as he’d been saying he heard Yiddish voices coming from under his floorboards a couple of times, and was called ‘crazy’ for having done so…whether that’s legit or not, either way it’s indicative of

“Today a Conspiracy Theory; Tomorrow a Conspiracy Fact

Need to start making T-Shirts that sez that.

SO then, well, the Kraine… seems someone went back to the beginning and did a deep dive into the Obituaries for the entirety of the war. According to the research, they found 402,000 Obits for soldiers Killed in Action. That’s pretty damned close to the Half a Mil I figured on. I think it’s still closer to the Half a Mil, hell, 660K at this point as there’s also a HUGE group (80-90K) strong of women and families who have NOT been told that their loved one is KIA… that they’ve just -vanished-. No commo, no info, hell even the Krainfeld Klowns aren’t giving up any info.

So… figuring 85K Missing in Action via the number of individual families/family members (a fam of 4 counts as one, as does a wife, no other relatives) that doesn’t cover the folks without family members asking/questioning/missing a Soldier.

A LOT of these troops came ‘off the farm’ out in the middle-o-nowhere… the kind of place where they kiss Mom and Dad goodbye, and tell ’em “See you after the war” and if the kid/guy comes home, he comes home. Eventually they may ask questions, but history has shown they just roll with it, like in the Great Patriotic War. So those guys don’t even get a mention, so hence my thoughts that they might be closer now to 600K.

Either way, that to Me that is, sez there’s a LOT of MIAs that haven’t even been accounted for. Party of my reasoning is that the videos I’ve been watching on Russia Media/Propaganda (‘cos everyone’s media IS propaganda) is a website I go to called https://voenhronika.ru/ Now, best way to get there is via a VPN as they’ve slowed it to being unreachable otherwise.

But since I figure out the issue, I’ve been watching the Krynki Beachhead. During the Big Offensive That Wasn’t, the Krainian Marines managed to land and grab some terrain on the Russian side of the Dnipro River. Swampy, nasty, harsh conditions. They got in there like in July? and haven’t made any significant progress. In fact, they’ve been sort of trapped there and been getting the ever loving fuck blown out of them by insanely superior artillery

The Russians, being their usual selves, have been content to keep blowing the shit out of any and all reinforcements they try to bring in (usually by small boats) and since they’re not allowed to leave (no retreat via orders from Krainfeld himself) so they’re literally between a rock and a hard place.

That map was back in July/August. It’s only ONE bridgehead now… the other was smoked. A video to give you an idea (NSFW) of what I mean about the unidentified/unknown troops is why I show it…

If id doesn’t embed:

That’s a LOT of unrecovered corpses.
Lots of anecdotal evidence of the few guys who were wounded and GTFO BEFORE Krainfeld gave the “Not one step back!” order of piles upon piles of stiffs, left to rot in the swamp.

Visions of World War One and shit Aye?
Harshness like you read about.
So, that’s my take on things as of late. So much Weirdness it’s hard to keep one thing straight(er) from the other. Again, sorry for the lapse in Poasting, but reasons and sheee-it amiright?

More Later
Big Country

17 thoughts on “I’m Back (Sort Of)”

  1. Glad your around still. Was wondering.
    That meme thing at the bottom, yeah, spit my coffee😂😂

  2. The funny thing about the “Jewish Tunnel” is WHERE it goes.
    These supposed SOOOO religious jews tunneled to the women’s mikvah.
    For those who don’t know, a mikvah is a a BIG bath where you get naked and cleanse yourself.

    The horny jewish guys were peeking in on naked women.

    I don’t think anything nefarious going on rather guys living in a horribly sexually repressive environment wanted to see some boobs and butt.

    1. It may be a sexually repressive environment, but STDs, and sexual abuse, among the ultra-Orthodox are markedly higher than in the general population. And New York is astonishingly full of not just Asian rub-and-tugs but flat out whorehouses. Which cater to anyone, even weird looking guys with ridiculous hairstyles who wear black coats.

    2. Oh it’s far darker than that.

      Far, far darker than even the shit-stained mattress. The devil’s biggest win was convincing people that he doesn’t exist.

  3. Big Country, that is a lot of dirt. At around 2200 pounds per cubic yard, it is insanely heavy. I have done unpermitted remodeling in the city and inspectors, cops, assholes and others are all looking to drop a dime to the permit office.
    It sounds like a continuous stream of immigrants carrying 5 gallon buckets out and then what? Disposal costs are high, not a lot of people have big yards. Did everybody at the Chabad get a potted plant?

    1. Hmm. Potted plant give-away. That’s a clever idea. Have to remember that one. Ya know – for ‘future reference’ and all.

  4. the flying nigger is hilarious i’m using that one

    we have a brand new VA clinic up here staffed with ALL WHITE mostly pretty females who are pleasant and friendly. i never see more than 1 or 2 vets in the lobby at any one time- but i am on the edge of the civilized world. haven’t heard of anyone ill up here as of yet..

  5. the crud. after I started working at the VA, I was /got sick like once a month. granted the fact a lot of vets will cough in your face, it was a lot. after a year there, I guess my system got stronger at fighting the crud off. schools and daycare centers are the worse. the little ones pass the crud back and forth until it is lethal to adults. that is what they bring home to you. fun, isn’t it ?
    any VA center in a big city will have more types of crud than you can name.
    best bet, stay out of the waiting rooms if you can. wash your hands after touching anything.
    I tend to stand a lot against the wall there. seats suck anyway. and if there is a TV there, there is always something stupid on. in philly it always was the damn View or some other bullshit show.
    and avoid going to the ER if you can. you will find the worst crud there.

    1. Pre-school and elementary aged ankle-biters are the worst that way – walking petri dishes, I say. I speak from experience. Twice. 😉

      Thankfully, I have an un-naturally good immune system. Nearly always have. I think that’s what kept me from coming down with the ‘rona (that, and at the time – a daily regimen of Quercetin, Zinc, & Vit C), even though it put my sweetheart (and thankfully also my Wife – it’s WONDERFUL when they’re they same person!) into the hospital on New Years Eve back in ’21, IRRC. She finally gave in when her O2 levels dropped low enough that one of her HS classmates nearly had a stroke when she heard what it was – and said that if I didn’t take her to the ER immediately, she’d do it herself (said classmate was a retired RN). Fortunately, my sweetheart came out OK after about a week’s stay including supplemental O2 and various meds – but thankfully no pushing of ‘the vax’. (and yes – we’re still both pure bloods). As for me? ‘Nary a sniffle nor cough, even though we didn’t ‘isolate her’ (we had continued to sleep in the same bed, and kept our ‘regular’ household routines) until I took her to the ER.

      And regarding hospitals in general: Stay away, unless it’s deadlier NOT to. Why? Because that’s where the sick people are! You could catch something there! 😉

  6. We had it a week or so ago. What helped me I think was this. See recipe.
    I was over it in 3 days.

    I think what helped me is a glass of homemade Quinine solution.

    Take the skins from 2 lemons and 2 grapefruit and cut them into small bits. Simmer for 3 hours over a tight-fitting pot with barely enough water to cover the bits. Cool and strain into an ice cube tray and now you have a single portion of Quinine. Add 1 Quinine cube to large glass of boiling water and 2 big spoons of honey. Rum is optional. Yes, it is bitter. That means you made it right. Yes, that much honey. it helps to soothe the cough too. Store it in the freezer until needed.

    1. If someone wanted to figure out the volume of the tunnels they could pump salt water into them. The East River is less than five miles away.

      But what kind of monsters would pump sea water into tunnels where there might be people inside? What kind of monsters would do that? 😳

  7. Been watching MSNBS for any news outta south Florida for “fibs arrest crazy ex mil dude for making threats on the webage.” Claymore by the front door with a pressure switch welcome mat.
    Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do… that’s a damn short list..!
    So BC, what’s up with your Yootoob channel ? I thought you were a budding content creator on the verge of success. Think you might try again or have I missed something?
    Regardless… keep up the good work.


  8. I believe the tunnels were part of a false flag plot designed to get the US to attack Iran. I mean, hijacked jet planes have already been used, and the media has been harping on Hamas being a bunch of tunnel rats since October. Put the dots together from there.

    Would they do a false flag against their own people? That’s what a false flag is! Besides, they are a sect that none of the other tribe members care much for.

  9. Clinics, hospital, schools, box stores…..everywhere with walls and no open air is a germ factory. I had the crud about three weeks ago, and still am having some of the effects. I just knew I would cough up a lung trying to clear the phlegm, and finding bourbon didn’t help was the worst part. I’m thinking mine came from one of my nephew’s children. They brought it home from school and infected half the family.

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