Why Aren’t They Dead Plus Drone Bombing

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So yep, last nights poast went a wee bit viral. WRSA via Concerned American put me up, but the one that shocked the hell out of me was I got re-poasted on ‘The Burning Platform’

Well whaddya know?
That’s a first.
When I first opened up I saw the engagement numbers were off the normal daily… like way higher than normal. NGL, this’s a great thing. Love when I get some good exposure.

I think my peak was back during the Christmas Eve Nashville Bombing (‘member that? Of course you don’t. Memory holed like a Mo’fucker.). That poast and all the running updates I hit over 100k in just 24 hours.

That referral gave me 8,800 new readers… my norm is about 10k of you on the regular, so I’m looking at about 18-20k by the end of the day. Not too shabby for a broken ole Grunt raging at the sky IMO.

So tonight’s ‘fist waving at the Sky’ is brought to us by the question of “What the fuck are these assholes still alive?”

I. do. not. care. about “innocent until proven guilty”
They have these evil sick motherfuckers on fucking film destroying and irreparably harming two innocent babies.

If I were the cop, it’d be cuff ’em, and two to the back of the head, right there, right then. Hell… if I could get away with it, it’d be time to go out into the wilderness and introduce these sick depraved motherfuckers to Mister Blowtorch and Mister Pliers. Make a full week of it. Bring a meatgrinder so’s the fuckers don’t starve. (use your imagination)…

Link to the Horror on the Daily Wire HERE

Even Dan “Zioclops” Crenshaw got in and at least is on the right side of this with a tweet “Death. Penalty. NOW!”

Telling you, we need to bring back Vigilante Justice.
The cops are worthless, the D.A.s are as well, especially if they’re bought and paid for by Soros. A quick aside… why the fuck is that depraved psychopath still drawing O2? You’d think –someone- some ‘energetic’ person would have taken out that decrepit fucking sociopath. Sit like him and all the rest make me wonder IF we really are plugged into a “Matrix” style world or not? Guys like Obama, Schwab, Soros, Bezos and Gates?

Are they actually more like Cypher in the movie? Did they ‘sell out’ to get ‘the good seats’ in the ‘game?’ It’s as good a reason as I can think of TBH. You sure as hell don’t see any of people anymore ‘getting ahead’ through legit means. It’s ALL nepotism and/or graft and grift. It seems like the legitimate ‘getting ahead/bootstrap’ thing ended around the time The Zuckerborg and the Drowned Rat Dorsey did the online app/web thing.

Since then, everything to include the entertainment industry is apparently completely out of original ideas and decent writers. I mean Coffee-Kennedy of Star Bores fame (or lack that thereof) managed to kill the whole of the Star Wars Universe in pursuit of “The Foarce is Female!” Damned dirty shame there IMO. I can Kennedy “Coffee” because she was literally Lucas’s coffee-fetching bitch. No talent no brain feminazi hack.

Now, been talking to Doc Samizdat offline. He’s doing well, and has just been busy AF so he’s been unable to blegg or poast as of late. We did get into a pretty good convesation regarding Drones and Drone jammers, and have been sharing intel. Main problem regarding jammers is the effective range of one.

The Russians as well as the Krainians have been having this issue, in that wide-area-effect jammers are really complicated, use a LOT of specialized equipment, and are (pardon the pun) out of range $$$ wise for most normal folks. The smaller jammers -are- available, but the ranges are very limited. Like 50-75 meters limited. Now, to some that may sound like a lot, but if said-drone is packing a 2-3 pound charge loaded with nails/screws and shrapnel in equal amounts, well… then you got problems.

50 meters ain’t shit when it comes to shrapnel and rapidly moving metal pieces-parts. In the research though, I did find a couple of things regarding prices and types of drones that are out there. In particular:

The DJI Mav 3 series is a favorite of the Russians. The basic case, drone, charger, remote and spare is, as you can see $1749. It’s got a 15 kilometer range (7 out, 7 back) which is pretty good. It ALSO has an option that made me go “Wow!”:

$150 for a Payload Carrier/Release, also known as “The Bomb Drop Kit”. 500 grams of weight? a Standard M67 US DotMil Frag weighs 400 grams. And a home-rigged 1/2 a kilo bomb of -whatever-? Yeah… welcome to Drone Bombing 101 for about a little less than 2k.

I’ve been screwing around a -bit- with the drones as well here, but mine are all toys. Can’t afford the big ‘un like that. However, just because -I- can’t doesn’t mean that there aren’t others out there who ARE observing/learning/training with these. I know if I had the scratch, you can bet I’d be practicing, practicing and then practicing some more.

That being said, I did download, and have been using The Drone Racing League simulator, which is a free download for PCs and other gaming consoles. To be perfectly honest, I don’t have the reflexes. Can’t get past the third training scenario. It’s hard man!!! I use my Xbox controller, which is very close to the standard for Drone controllers. Over all, I’m barely capable. A Drone Top Gun just isn’t in the cards for me.

So, that’s where we are these days.
Rampant Pedos raping kids in public restrooms, and NOT being killed on the spot… Piles of Military aged invaders are being welcomed in, an Army-in-Waiting, but for whom? DotGov officials doing whatever the hell they want, however the hell they want, to whomever the hell they want ‘cos apparently “The Law” is for us ‘little people’ and not the special Elite who’ve decided that they’re our self-anointed and appointed betters.

God’s Wrath is coming. Gonna be ugly.
More Later
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20 thoughts on “Why Aren’t They Dead Plus Drone Bombing”

  1. Allegedly. Jfc.

    Don’t know about you but I’m more or less at my limit with this tranny-faggot-pedo bullshit.

    They want to act like animals, they can get put down like animals. Fuck ’em. Rip and tear.

    1. THAT’S what I wanna hear from my other BC.
      I’m NOT an AK guy…well, I wasn’t an AK guy, but it seems they go well with rubber duckies. Now I need an AK, fuck, good Russian mags can go for $100 EACH!

  2. Listened to a pod that stated RF drones can carry six 82mm mortar shells.
    Viddya from the 24-7 WAR showed a kamikaze roast a tank by hitting that weak spot where the turret goes into the hull.
    Same spot used by the Gaza RPG Brigades.
    Still one of the most bizarre was a drone dropping money to flush troops out who then got a grenade from another drone.
    Watched a vidya where an inmate explained in a calm collected matter why he killed a pedo cellmate who was busy bragging about the experience and the courtroom was all ears.
    Abuse of tolerance and applying altruist traits to races who laugh at such concepts is why we can’t have nice things.

  3. 500g is 1.1 lbs. What do you use for maximum effect at 1.1 lbs.? Just wondering, I have zero knowledge of explosives.

    1. From memory a sausage of PE4 runs at 230G, that gives you some room to play with for frag or a shaped charge. Really depends on what effect you want though. Do you want to punch through some plate steel or do you want to throw some frag around? Or do you just want to wreck a bit of meat with the blast effect?

  4. Been a daily lurker and appreciator here for a year or so now, having been referred by an astute member of the commentariat at the infamous Chateau Heartiste, a manosphere blog that was summarily banned once it started to address race and JQ realities.

    Also been a long time reader at TBP where I occasionally join the lunchroom food fights. Glad Mr Quin noticed and posted your blog. In 1970 I was a young clueless Army guy attached to the 101st Air Mobile Div in Phu Bai (Valley of the Dead), SVN. Many thanks for the good work, BCE.

  5. i bought a drone last fall. haven’t even charged it up yet.. flying it won’t be too hard, but i don’t have a smart phone so watching things won’t work.. i intend to buy one with the FPV goggles so i don’t need a tracking device that can also be shut-down. eventually, i may get one of them bad boys with actual offensive capability..

  6. Welcome to Pedo-Feudalism.

    You will own nothing(particularly grenade-dropping drones), and you will be happy… or else!

  7. Watching that video makes me kick myself for not buying an AK in the 1990s when they were relatively cheap. I listened to my buddies who said “you don’t need that, you have a kick ass AR”.

    Well 10 years later I had to sell the AR during my divorce for cash and I’m looking at buying a new AR but DAMN the prices are high and forget buying an AK unless you have lots o money.

    1. You can get into a “good enough” AR for under $500 especially if you buy a complete upper and a complete lower rather than a full rifle, Palmetto State is shipping all of their uppers and lowers for free for SHOT Show week so this is a great time to jump on one. The problem with AKs today is a) they are crazy expensive and b) 7.62×39 has blown up in price thanks to the Ukraine thing so now you are paying as much or more for steel case 7,62 as you are for 5.56

    1. I always thought that staking some asshole out at low tide and letting the crabs eat his ass alive
      was a good choice for really bad assholes. in Texas, I guess you could do the same thing with wild hogs ? didn’t they used to pour hot lead down the throats of assholes who got caught doing shit like this back in the old days ?
      anyhow, quick and easy is way too good for them. burning at the stake works too.

  8. I finally understand the voice of god, a rubber duckie animated AK-47, how appropriate! That should be the last thing any pedo, politician or badge heavy thug needs to hear. Any red blooded convict ought to do his patriotic duty whilst incarcerated with the those scum sucking seven pedos (Isn’t their a disney movie with that theme?) and multiple shank them and place wads of used toilet paper down the trachea!

  9. Hello BCE,
    regarding Soros: There is a traitorbitch named Jane Fonda and she is running around.
    When did she do her eviil things in communist Vietnam? 1972 if I am right.
    So, I have read that a lot of Vietnam veterans do not like her. But nothing has been done.

    But you Americans are not alone in this regard.
    In 1945 the Allies signed the Berlin Agreement stating that Germany continues to exist in the borders of 1938.
    In 1954 or so the german secretary of foreign affairs said that the eastern territories are lost forever and the expelles can never return.
    Now, a lot of the expelles served in the Wehrmacht, some in the Waffen SS and a tiny group in the Brandenburger (german Special Forces).
    Do you think they paid this secretary a visit? Nope.

    Owning guns means nothing.
    Having willpower means everything.
    (and as I am a movie fan there is this scene in “Batman Begins” that shows it perfectly:
    Batman Begins – The Will to Act
    start at 2:28)

  10. The problem is that we’re all too worried about “getting away with it.”

    Frankly, I’d be willing to take my chances in front of a jury for curing those guys with a bullet.

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