Why Aren’t They Dead Plus Drone Bombing

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So yep, last nights poast went a wee bit viral. WRSA via Concerned American put me up, but the one that shocked the hell out of me was I got re-poasted on ‘The Burning Platform’

Well whaddya know?
That’s a first.
When I first opened up I saw the engagement numbers were off the normal daily… like way higher than normal. NGL, this’s a great thing. Love when I get some good exposure.

I think my peak was back during the Christmas Eve Nashville Bombing (‘member that? Of course you don’t. Memory holed like a Mo’fucker.). That poast and all the running updates I hit over 100k in just 24 hours.

That referral gave me 8,800 new readers… my norm is about 10k of you on the regular, so I’m looking at about 18-20k by the end of the day. Not too shabby for a broken ole Grunt raging at the sky IMO.

So tonight’s ‘fist waving at the Sky’ is brought to us by the question of “What the fuck are these assholes still alive?”

I. do. not. care. about “innocent until proven guilty”
They have these evil sick motherfuckers on fucking film destroying and irreparably harming two innocent babies.

If I were the cop, it’d be cuff ’em, and two to the back of the head, right there, right then. Hell… if I could get away with it, it’d be time to go out into the wilderness and introduce these sick depraved motherfuckers to Mister Blowtorch and Mister Pliers. Make a full week of it. Bring a meatgrinder so’s the fuckers don’t starve. (use your imagination)…

Link to the Horror on the Daily Wire HERE

Even Dan “Zioclops” Crenshaw got in and at least is on the right side of this with a tweet “Death. Penalty. NOW!”

Telling you, we need to bring back Vigilante Justice.
The cops are worthless, the D.A.s are as well, especially if they’re bought and paid for by Soros. A quick aside… why the fuck is that depraved psychopath still drawing O2? You’d think –someone- some ‘energetic’ person would have taken out that decrepit fucking sociopath. Sit like him and all the rest make me wonder IF we really are plugged into a “Matrix” style world or not? Guys like Obama, Schwab, Soros, Bezos and Gates?

Are they actually more like Cypher in the movie? Did they ‘sell out’ to get ‘the good seats’ in the ‘game?’ It’s as good a reason as I can think of TBH. You sure as hell don’t see any of people anymore ‘getting ahead’ through legit means. It’s ALL nepotism and/or graft and grift. It seems like the legitimate ‘getting ahead/bootstrap’ thing ended around the time The Zuckerborg and the Drowned Rat Dorsey did the online app/web thing.

Since then, everything to include the entertainment industry is apparently completely out of original ideas and decent writers. I mean Coffee-Kennedy of Star Bores fame (or lack that thereof) managed to kill the whole of the Star Wars Universe in pursuit of “The Foarce is Female!” Damned dirty shame there IMO. I can Kennedy “Coffee” because she was literally Lucas’s coffee-fetching bitch. No talent no brain feminazi hack.

Now, been talking to Doc Samizdat offline. He’s doing well, and has just been busy AF so he’s been unable to blegg or poast as of late. We did get into a pretty good convesation regarding Drones and Drone jammers, and have been sharing intel. Main problem regarding jammers is the effective range of one.

The Russians as well as the Krainians have been having this issue, in that wide-area-effect jammers are really complicated, use a LOT of specialized equipment, and are (pardon the pun) out of range $$$ wise for most normal folks. The smaller jammers -are- available, but the ranges are very limited. Like 50-75 meters limited. Now, to some that may sound like a lot, but if said-drone is packing a 2-3 pound charge loaded with nails/screws and shrapnel in equal amounts, well… then you got problems.

50 meters ain’t shit when it comes to shrapnel and rapidly moving metal pieces-parts. In the research though, I did find a couple of things regarding prices and types of drones that are out there. In particular:

The DJI Mav 3 series is a favorite of the Russians. The basic case, drone, charger, remote and spare is, as you can see $1749. It’s got a 15 kilometer range (7 out, 7 back) which is pretty good. It ALSO has an option that made me go “Wow!”:

$150 for a Payload Carrier/Release, also known as “The Bomb Drop Kit”. 500 grams of weight? a Standard M67 US DotMil Frag weighs 400 grams. And a home-rigged 1/2 a kilo bomb of -whatever-? Yeah… welcome to Drone Bombing 101 for about a little less than 2k.

I’ve been screwing around a -bit- with the drones as well here, but mine are all toys. Can’t afford the big ‘un like that. However, just because -I- can’t doesn’t mean that there aren’t others out there who ARE observing/learning/training with these. I know if I had the scratch, you can bet I’d be practicing, practicing and then practicing some more.

That being said, I did download, and have been using The Drone Racing League simulator, which is a free download for PCs and other gaming consoles. To be perfectly honest, I don’t have the reflexes. Can’t get past the third training scenario. It’s hard man!!! I use my Xbox controller, which is very close to the standard for Drone controllers. Over all, I’m barely capable. A Drone Top Gun just isn’t in the cards for me.

So, that’s where we are these days.
Rampant Pedos raping kids in public restrooms, and NOT being killed on the spot… Piles of Military aged invaders are being welcomed in, an Army-in-Waiting, but for whom? DotGov officials doing whatever the hell they want, however the hell they want, to whomever the hell they want ‘cos apparently “The Law” is for us ‘little people’ and not the special Elite who’ve decided that they’re our self-anointed and appointed betters.

God’s Wrath is coming. Gonna be ugly.
More Later
Big Country

Milli-Vanilli and Why I Think The SecDef is Dead

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Man, started watching Season Two of ‘Reacher’

So far, so good. Loved Season One, and this one seems to be tracking in a good way. Sapper got irritated when I skipped the scene of Reacher bangin’ out his long unrequited squeeze, at which I told him “Yo man, I’m just here for the violence!” I’m too old and too tired to be interested in some soft-lit softcore bullshit. The violence?

There’s been plenty of that so far and I’m good with that.

Now, OrangeManBad made a good showing in Iowa. Either way it doesn’t matter as there is no way in hell the Deep State/Establishment Bureaucrats who actually run things in the District of Criminals are going to –ever– let him within 100 miles of the Levers of Power. Realistically they can’t as the only reason that none of them have been punished for blatant and open treason is ‘their people’ are in charge, and they mean to keep it that way.

I mean when the Joke-of-a-General “Whytte Rage” Milley gets on the phone and tells one of our biggest adversaries that he’d refuse and NOT let the LEGAL Commander in Chief issue orders, and that he himself would refuse to follow any lawful Orders issued by OrangeManBad, there is a word for that my frens, and that word is


People used to get hung or shot for that.
Hell, that Fat Suck-Fuck-Foul-Four-Star-Sack-o-Shytte Faggot should have been cashiered for the Afghanistan Debacle, and shot for being a fucking partisan traitor.

And TBH, ain’t no way in hell –anything– is going to happen to him OR his fat fucking Pentagram Pension.

And they wonder why no one, leastways no Traditional White Males are willing to sign on the dotted line? Why the fuck would you?

And this leads me to his counterpart: SecDef Lloyd “Dead Man” Austin. Reason I’m calling him “Dead Man” is there’s some RUMINT out there about him:

Now, since this InfoBit came out, there was a pic, what appeared to be a “proof of life” picture of Biden visiting what was supposedly good ole Lloyd in the hospital. It was a bit problematic however, in that the blaq guy on the hospital bed was wearing a really big mask. The reasoning was the COVID stupidity supposedly, but it just was rather convenient as fuck that the mask kept you from telling if it was really The Big Nig or not.

Another reason I’m leaning on that…

…is that Prostate Cancer?

That is usually treated over a very long period. It’s not a “Oh shit! You got Prostate Cancer! Quick! Get him into surgery STAT!” In fact, it’s something that can be approached gradually, provided it’s not hyper aggressive that is, which only 15% of cases are that… it’s pretty rare for it to be that aggro and provided the afflicted is in pretty good shape, you can deal with it at a ‘normal pace’.

“When men are carefully evaluated and their risk assessed, you can delay or avoid treatment without missing the chance to cure in a large fraction of patients,” said Dr. Bruce Trock, a professor of urology, epidemiology and oncology at Johns Hopkins University

“Most men with prostate cancer can avoid or delay harsh treatments, long-term study confirms” CNN, March 12, 2023

In light of that fact, I’m thinking that he got aced out in the Krain. Word is now he’s home and going to be ‘resting’. Which in Leviathan-Speak means they’ll quietly announce his retirement and subsequent death shortly after.

It would also explain the extreme hesitancy to keep paying Krainfeld. The Ministries of Lies and Propaganda have been all in over the new approach with stories that the Krain is pretty much over and done with. It’s to start getting everyone ready for the eventual fall. And among the higher echelons of the DotGov, they can’t keep trying to push the ball any further. They ALSO can’t come right out and admit that the SecDef got his chips cashed, as that’d completely nuke the narrative.

And then for further fun and games fuckery, we’ve got the word from Herman the German that VodkaManBad is planning to invade the rest of Europe in the next 18 months.

Quite the -specific timeline- Aye?

“Man, the bullshit stacked up so high in Vietnam the Krain, you needed wings to stay above it”

paraphrasing Martin Sheen in “Apocalypse Now”

Reason I say this is that for the past two years we’ve heard the damned near relentless drumbeat of Pro-Krainian Propaganda. We’ve been told how Russia’s DotMil has been practically annihilated. That the Russians are almost out of ‘X’, the ‘X’ being the weapon of the week, be it Tanks, Missiles, Artillery shells etcetera etcetera. How the Russian Army itself is a poorly led, ignorant backward pile of convicts and malcontents who are incapable of doing anything.

And yet SUDDENLY!!! They’re the biggest, baddest treat to Europe, that VodkaManBad’s ravening hordes are going to pour out of the East, and utterly crush and subjugate the rest of Europe?

Yeah. OK.
Somebody needs to perform an intervention, and tell both the Enemedia Clowns and Retards, as well as any and all supposed Intelligence Agencies that wrote this up and leaked it, what they need to do is to step. away. from. the. bong.

Which is it?
Are the Russians a degraded and useless DotMil?
Are they Unstoppable Evil Orcs that’re going to sack Europe?

Yet ANOTHER reason why everyone needs to ignore the fucking clowns, and pray that they’re not so stupid as to be believing their own press releases. “Don’t get high on your own Supply” is the appropriate quote that they should reference. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, these fuckers literally think that they’re our betters. Usually that means it will not end well for us, the regular folks.

Morons. A pox on ALL of them.
Your Thoughts?

More Later
Big Country

You Asked For Recibes, And I Provide! And an Addy Update

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Mondays… I know it’s a joke but today was the classic definition of a “Monday” i.e. busier than all get the hell out. Besides work at Glorious People’s Tractor Factory #206 I had a full plate.

Had to clean the kitchen, collect all the trash, get the cans out to the curb, make dinner, three of them in all, as Gretchen has been down with multiple infections as we’ve come to find out.

She had the crud, that we knew, but then on top, a UTI (she’s sensitive to those sorts of things) as well as the now-present infection that females get when they’re on stronk antibiotics.

So, I’ve been catering to her.

Made hamburgers and hot doggos for Sapper and myself, and then she wanted Loaded Nachos, before the ‘actual dinner’ which I have pretty much ALL the fixin’s for, except for the chips. Her appetite has gone into an off the charts “eat the house” mode. I think it’s the anti-bios that’re making her hungry AF.

As the other night Dinner on the menu was chili, I had a 5 pound ‘loaf’ of ground beef that was frozen to utilize for the meal. I didn’t need ALL 5 pounds, but unfortunately, Sapper had bought it and -not- sectioned it into 2 smaller, more useful chunks. Not a biggie and what I did was cook the whole fucker up, and then break it into two or moar meals. The meal of the night that I was cooking for was the aforementioned chili, so I was able to season said-beef uniformly. That means I used garlic, onions (dehydrated then re-hydrated) and salt and pepper to the whole thing.

After I cooked the whole thing up, that allowed me to add 2.5 pounds to the chili in the slow cooker, and then stash the other 2.5 pounds in a container in the fridge, as I didn’t want to have it go bad whilst uncooked as I’ve made mention of before here… shit goes rotten soooo quickly these days whereas I get a week or more plus with it cooked in a sealed container in the fridge… YMMV.

Tonight I was able to use a part of that stashed beef on the nachos. Which, since it was sooooo easy to do and use, I think I’m going to keep doing the same thing. Buying beef these days, in any form (ground/steaks/what have you) is cheaper in bulk. I think that when I need to get ground beef, when I section off the portions, i.e. it’s going to be like:

One for Tonight
One for the Freezer
One for Cooking up as a ‘spare ingredient’.

Which led me to making a quick batch of fully Loaded Nachos right after I got back from Publix with the chips. A microwave is your friend at times like this.

Yay me!

THEN she wanted Bang-Bang Shrimp for dinner.
Le Sigh…
Sometimes I think she married me to be her cook.

Not that I mind really, as I joke… thing is I love cooking.
So much so, if it wasn’t for the positively monumental hassle it is to do such a thing, I’d love to have a small sammich/soup/dessert counter. Alas… tis not to be in this lifetime… But, as I said, I positively love to cook.

Especially for frens and fam. Gee-Maw and Sarah and Serbian War Criminal and his fam positively salivated around the holidays as my molasses cookies were neighborhood famous AF. And, now that I’m ka-thinkin about it, tonight Imma going to throw out the Dressing/Stuffing Recibe as I kept telling evvabody about it over the Horror-Daze, people kept requesting it, and I plum forgot to give it out… My bad… sorry ’bout that. It’s IMO so good, you can make it just because, anywhere, any time as like I said, IMO it’s that good.

So, back to the other meal… sorry for the digession (like you all know I’m prone to do)… as I was saying, the other dinner for Gretch that she requested was Bang Bang Shrimp. Pretty easy to make. Only got what 6 +/-? ingredients:
Shrimp (of course)

And then the “Bang-Bang” sauce itself:

1/2 +/- cup of Mayo (full mayo, no bullshit wonder whip or whatever they call it these days… try to get the full on old fashion one)
1/4 +/- Cup of Sweet Thai Chili sauce.
A big heaping spoonful of Siracha
a small teaspoon of Salt and Pepper each… call it a 1/4 +/- as well

And if you got it on hand, a couple of ‘dashes’ of Aleppo Pepper… I use that in damned near every. single. meal. I cook from scratch these days… If you want to get your own, they got it on the ‘Zon, Link HERE (and yeah, I get a ‘taste’ if you buy it… LOL I made a funny!)

The reason I say “+/-” is I don’t actually measure it… I sort of eyeball it, and run with it by flavor and texture. I only go full measuring when it’s stuff like bread and cookies and whatnot that actually need accuracy to be done correctly.

Mix it all up, then grill the shrimp. When they’re done, drizzle it (the Bang-Bang Sauce) on them, and serve it up. I also put a small cup for dipping on the side as well. Gretchen likes it so much, I swear she’d drink that shit if she could. She sure as hell devoured the shrimp, that’s for sure. The freezer is stuffed full of them, as whenever over the past few they’ve been on sale (BOGO and whatnot) because she’s a fanatic about them, I keep the freezer full, and man, as the inflation is going, I’m glad AF I bought a bunch last spring/summer, seeing how wonderful Bidenomics is going amiright?

So, since I’m avoiding poly-ticks for the night as I’m completely burned the fuck out as is probably everyone else at this point, said Dressing Recibe per allllllll you folks who asked for it. It’s really simple, so don’t get all in a huff when you realize just how easy it is.

Depending on the size of the group determines how much ‘stuff’ you need. The recibe here is for 3 folks, with leftovers. To start:

1 Pound Mild/Hot Ground Sausage (all on your preference, some folks want some heat in their dressing… I go mild as Gretchen has stomach issues and it’s a touch and go IF she can handle heat, so I usually lean on the mild side to to be safe.)
1 Box Stovetop Stuffing, preferably the Chicken/Pork flavor.
1/2 of a Vidalia Onion, Diced. Finely diced.
Salt and Pepper to flavor.
One HEAPING Tablespoon of minced Garlic
1-2 Tablespoons of (of course) Aleppo Pepper.
1-2 HEAPING Tablespoons of Italian Seasoning

Start by browning the Onion and Garlic in butter in the fry pan.
Then, when the garlic and onion are at that nice and slightly translucent brown, add the snausage into the pan. Once it starts cooking, add remaining spices, i.e. the Italian Seasoning, Aleppo Pepper, Salt and Pepper. Mix it ALLL in and make sure to get the garlic and onion all into the meat as it cooks. Make sure to dice the fuck out of the snausage to make it into almost a mince. You don’t want any large chunks as it won’t blend well when you dump it into the stuffing.

Cook up the Stovetop (or whatever brand you prefer) separately in a larger bowl, as this’s the bowl you’re going to mix the meat into the stuffing when it’s ready. I prefer to start the stuffing just as the meat is on it’s final part of the ‘cook’ so to speak, meaning no more pink showing. Once it’sd ready and when the meat is ready, dump the meat into the stuffing and mix the fuck out of it.

Now… here’s what I call “Dealers Choice”

You can serve it right there, and then as technically it -is- done.

You can stuff the turkey with it, or eat it as-is


Myself? I put it into my LE Crueset Dutch Oven (Thanks MomUnit!) and bake it at 400 for 30 minutes to get a nice ‘crust’ on the top. THEN I serve it.

Even cold, two days later? Served on Publix Mountain Bread with some yellow mustard? I lightly toast two pieces of the Mountain bread, and shmear it with the dressing, salt it, pepper it and splash a goodly amount of moo-tard on it… Hoo BOY it’s a meal on it’s own! I make it around here pretty regularlly, and it -never- lasts long.

And as they say, that is that.
So, I appreciate everyone’s comments regarding the Tater/Ham soup. We -just- finished off the last of it, and then on Friday? Saturday? Fucked if I remember, but one of these past nights, I made homemade Chikinz Zupp.

I made it as Gretchen was feeling shitty, and Chikin Zupp is known as “Jewish Penicillin”… FWIW there’ve been studies showing that Chikin Zupp -IS- good for you when your sick and/or getting sick. So… either way, we got a honking big pot of that to get us through the next couple of cold days this week.

Only other thing of note today, besides me running my ass off was we got a vidya-chat with Adriana.

She’s doing well, but still she’s no where near as linguistically advanced as she was under our care… she’s not speaking with clarity unfortunately, and we’ve just got to deal with it.

Dude, (the BabyDaddy) and yeah, I’m calling him Dude now, seems to be doing his best to take care of her. The more I speak to him and whatnot, I’ve realized that yeah, he’s got his issues (like all of us) however, a LOT of the issues were ‘manufactured’ by DumbCunt in order to specifically fuck up his life.

That cunt is soooo fucking evil it’s not even funny.
Like demonically evil.

Hence why the deeper I dive (mind you knowing full well on a LOT of shit, he’s full of shit on) I find that he really got fucked over like a motherfucker. I mean he never learned any of the “Rules of Manhood” as he didn’t have a positive male role model (being raised by his Granma) one of which is, right at the top of the list:

“Never, Ever Stick Your Dick In Crazy”

So, Because he’s being so good to Addy, taking care of her, and stepping up, I’ve been cutting him a HUGE amount of slack.

Ain’t got no choice in this either way, and considering “Judge Corruption” set out a ‘Zero Contact’ order when we bailed from Tennessee rather than me being put in County for ‘Disrespect of the Judge/Court’ in my various rants and ravings… I mean I’ve heard since then that that’s exactly what he planned on doing… meaning locking me the fuck up, despite the 1st Amendment, and I wasn’t looking to be a test case for that asshole. Dude has been violating the order, and even wants to come with her for a visit down here… He and her of course are always welcome.

As far as Judge Corrupt?

No worries…
He’s going to get what he deserves

My hope is some big blaq Buck-Nigger thinks he’s got a purty mouth… One can hope amiright?

So, enough for now… been a long day
More Later
Big Country

So There I was, Minding My Own Biddness…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So Gretchen is down with whatever I had, as well as some ‘other issues’ (stomach bug) so I’ve been playing ‘dutiful spouse’ and doing all the cooking and cleaning, which TBH isn’t that far off from the norm.

Let’s face it… her cooking, outside of a few very specific meals can best be described as “How can toast have bones?”

And cleaning? Well she’s a chick.

I’ve –yet– to meet a chick who’s as fastidious as a guy who served in the Army/Marine Corps. Once you get that “dress-right-dress” thing down, and “cleanliness is next to Godliness”, guys like me tend to be a bit OCD in keeping shit straight.

Clutter I can deal with. ESPECIALLY if it’s “organized” clutter and I’m 99.99% sure you guys in the studio viewing audience would agree. “A Place for Every Thing, and Every Thing in it’s Place” so to speak.

I mean I got soooooo many projects going on it’s crazy. I know Phil over at Bustedknuckles knows of what I speak.

So,. to the quick Sunday-Funday Title Point.

Because Gretch is ‘down and out’ and just feeling pure-dee shitty, I went to get her some of her favorite Scooby Snacks at Publix, (whilst also reloading my beer in the fridge). I was wearing my usual offensive attire:

Specifically, it’s a “Top Popp” (Terrence Popp) Tee that I got off of his website a couple or so years ago… The translation as it’s hard to get a selfie is:

“Gaze Upon

Fuckin’ AWESOME amiright!?!

Damned shame of it is he no longer sells it…
Not sure -why- but go figure.

The fact that I got a oversized tee that fits, with a insanely offensive slogan on it? Mad bonus points. I positively love this thing. Wish I could get moar, BUT as I said, he no longer has it on his website. Anywho…

So…. I’m in Publix.
Wearing the shirt.
With a ‘gives no fucks/too tired/need more beer’ attitude.

Whereupon I get to the aisle that Gretchens Scooby Snacks are on. I quickly move down said-aisle, and notice a Brother (blaq dude) staring down the lane -at me-.

Moar specifically, at my Tee Shirt.
Or I should say, the logo? writing? on it.

Dude’s all looking pissed off AF. Stares at it whilst I ignore him… he only caught my eye as I looked in that direction… as I proceeded to head down the aisle, he went from passive, to getting an aggressive/angry look on his face, like he was going to say something.

My antenna went up.
Game One Monkey.

Thankfully, my A.O. leans towards a 70-30 Whytte/blaq number of folks so to speak… if it was the opposite, I might have been in trouble as the blaqs are so tribalistic and whatnot, I might have gotten swarmed… Jes’ Sayin’

So, as he approached, he started getting this “Poo Face” on, at which point I -think- he wanted to get all self-righteous and confrontational with me…

I put on my “war face”

The one that pretty much states openly “I’m ready to rumble and someone is getting fucked up and that someone is you!!!”

Been told I’m rather frightening when I look that way

When we locked eyes, it was truly awesome.
Dominance Achieved.
He literally bowed his head, looked down at his grocery cart, and moved on with nary a word.

As Top (former 1Sgt) Popp would say: “WINNING!!!”

Guess he knew who the King of the Aisle was LOL.

That and IF things went sideways, well since Florida went Constitutional Carry, an I never leave the house without a handgun, my fave for quick “in-and-out runs” from either gas stations/7-11’s/grocery stores is a Bond Derringer:

And looking it up for the pic?

Holy Hells!!! I paid less than $160 out the door!
It’s now $277 without transfer fees and ‘other’

Good Job Brandon Inc. Amiright?

Yeah… vicious lil .357 Magnum two shot hellraiser. First time I test fired it in the side yard, it set off ALL the car alarms, as well as blew out my electronic earpro… as in shut it down so’s I had to pull the batteries to reset it.

Sapper almost shit himself, it was –that loud

I keep it loaded with some solid Copper 140 grain Xtreme Defense Rounds that’ll turn someone’s head into a hollowed out shell of it’s former self… shit ain’t no joke… and neither is the fireball from that lil bastard. Fucker is pure dee evil man… 10/10, would recommend.

I also like I can carry and use .38 special in it, as truthfully, the .357 is a bit much even for a fucker like myself… I mean man, it -literally- set off ALL of the car alarms in the immediate vicinity. The neighbors usually are quite forgiving and cool…

I mean I -do- have a ‘rep’ for being the guy who makes fireworks, as well as flamethrowers, and occasionally test fires his shit in the backyard/side yard, but that one?

Yeah, people were nice about it, but still aggrevated.

That’s been MY weekend. Hope y’all’s was good as well.

More Later
Big Country

WTF? And The Advantage Goes To Rocket Man

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Another day, another outrage:

Link to the Piss-Me-Off is HERE h/t WiscoDave

MULTIPLE Levels of Piss-Me-Off here, the biggest being the denial of any wrongdoing. Especially in light of the fact that the fuzz had already been to the location multiple times and been told that “the one you seek no longer lives here!”

For two fucking years.

So, either they’re so utterly inbred and brother/sister fuckers in that town, OR this’s yet ANOTHER case of “Crisis of Competency” in that the Cops are too fucking stupid to wear a badge, hold a gun, never mind have power and authority over -anyone- ever. In fact the PDAIQ (Police Department Assholes In Question) is the Elyria Police Department.

Their non-emergency number is (440) 323-3302
And their feedback email is epdfeedback@cityofelyria.org
The ‘Stunning and Brave’ Elyria Police Chief Bill Pelko’s LinkedIn is out there too, but it doesn’t look like he’s looked at in a while.
Their FecesBook response is Typical:

Their FecesBook page is of course getting roasted, as it should be. The link is HERE

Feel free to NONVIOLENTLY let them know how you feel about their idiotic assault on a one year old Special Needs kid.

Fucking these fuckers… the worst part also? The person in question that they sicced a SWAT Team on?

A 14 Year Old Kid.

Not sure -what- said kid is wanted for, but unless it’s mass murder/attempted murder or a serious felony involved, then this’s a case of a bunch of Mid-West Mid-Wit Retard Jackoff Cops who think that they’re “Operators” what with the “Cool Kid” tactical gear and hi-speed-lo-drag toys going out to ‘capture a bad guy!’ mentality.

Gah!!! Just end it already…

That would be the Sweet Meteor Of Death if you weren’t familiar.

So, anyways, not much else going on. Got my bro’s rifle finished. Had to lap? lape? the barrel juuust a wee bit as the fitment to the upper and the barrel extension was a bit ‘off’

That’s where the barrel ‘mates’ to the upper FWIW.

Lil bit of diamond paste and whatnot, a wee bit of polishing and another headspace check and after replacing ALL the shitty plastic in the lower for Mil-Spec or better pieces parts, and he’s good to go.

That’s where I was last night
Got a bit deep in the project and realized I missed doing the blog. Sorry about that!

Now, another -interesting- thing I found on teh intahwhebs is that Yes, yes indeed did the Krainians get hit with missiles that the Russians apparently got from North Korea:

Now, the various Ministries of Propaganda and Lies went into full spin mode, like a washing machine trying to drain the clothes… “See… Proof that Russia is out of Missiles!!!!” and “It’s only a matter of time until the Krainians crush them!!!” plus “Third or Fourth World Power!!! Russia sucks!”

In reality? Notsomucho.

This a tit-for-tat kind of deal. The Norks supplied KN-23 Ballistic Missiles that carry a pretty big payload, and are similar (actually a progression of) the Russian Iskandar Missiles.

Thing of it is, alllll over the world throughout the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s you got alllll sorts of ‘cross contamination’ of weapons systems. In this case, the Norks got early model Iskandars from Egypt and then other sources. The Bossman of Egypt was Anwar Sadat, who was on the ‘outs’ with the Russians, so he sold their rockets tot he Norks. At which point, the Norks being the industrious lil gophers they are, tore ’em down to the smallest screw, reverse engineered them and started making their own.

This right now?
Besides helping Russia with giving them some ‘extra rounds’ the Norks? Well, I have no idea if money changed hands, but I do know this was a first time real-deal War Test of their KN-23s. So far all the Norks have been able to do is shoot them off over the South/Japan, and scare the shit out of everyone. They needed a real-time shootin’ war to see IF they actualy have ‘what it takes’ IRL.

They know know that they work.
The much vaunted (for no fucking reason) Patriot failed to shoot down any of the Nork Missiles. (Or anything else that I can tell).

AS far as I can tell, the South Koreans best be shitting theyselves sideways. Krapping in Ye Olde Kimchi Kontainer if you will… They have 3 Brigades of ADA using the Patriot PAC-3. That mean 4 Battalions per Brigade, and 4 launchers per Battalion for a total of 48 launchers… depending on the type of Launch System… the PAC-3 has between 12-16 rounds.

That means that at the best, the South Koreans have maybe a total of 768 missiles actively available. Mind you this doesn’t take into account shit that’s broke, shit that’s old, or any of the shit the SKoreans sent to the Krain at the behest of Uncle Sugar.

Considering that the Krainians have a total of 3 launch systems left, it means that they’re well and truly fucked. I saw footage of one particular strike early in 2023, where the Ivans sent a shitpot of drone at Kiev, and the Krianians ‘shot their wad’ at the drones, after which Mister Khinzal came a knocking and pretty much annihilated the two batteries.

Seeings how the South Koreans are counting on the Pat-PAC-3 as a primary defense against the Nork Aggression, right now? I’d be a nervous motherfucker knowing that their Primary Enemy has a viable ballistic weapons system that they don’t have a good defense against

Me? I’d be asking for a fucking refund and start negotiating with “Rocket Man” as otherwise? They’re screwed. Rocket Man is FINALLY in a position to give a fantastic ass reaming against the South, as well as the US. We’re/They’re essentially helpless as The Current Corpse-In-The-White House is non-compos-mentis. As well as ALL the other jerkoffs ‘serving’ in whatever capacity.

Fucking the Defense Secretary? Worthless Scumfucker.

Should have been fired, retirement yanked, and given the civilian version of a Dishonorable. God knows if -I- or any other ‘Joe’ went AWOL like that for what? A week or so?

Man, I’d be freeze dried, and buried under the stockade.

Jes’ Sayin’

So… only 3 weeks into the New Year
Gonna get Moar Interesting Methinks
Head on a Swivel
More Later
Big Country

I’m Back (Sort Of)

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Got a lot of PMs…

…since I’ve been out of the loop.
And no, wasn’t me man…

Actually got the crud. HAD the crud. Achy, Non-Motivated. Felt like ABSOLUTE Ass. Highly doubt it was anything but the crud, as I had to go on Monday for a Blood Draw at the VA and it was a bit crowded with the snivvling, sneezing, coughing masses, so I figure that was the exposure point.

At least it’s for the most part over.

Didn’t blog as the brain wasn’t capable of complex thoughts. Still a bit muzzy, but I can troop on through. So, the latest that’s been blowing up the news has been the Jewish Tunnels in New York… shit is just wild man…

According to -that- article the tunnels may have compromised the structure of the Chabad HQ. Awwwww… too bad… so sad…

Quite the beginning to the “Year of Weirdness” as I’m fixing to start referring it as. Not even two weeks in, and we go mysterious tunnels being found in NYFC. Which begs the question: Where next? I mean jeez…

Right? There was also a story about a guy on Twitter saying he was owed an apology as he’d been saying he heard Yiddish voices coming from under his floorboards a couple of times, and was called ‘crazy’ for having done so…whether that’s legit or not, either way it’s indicative of

“Today a Conspiracy Theory; Tomorrow a Conspiracy Fact

Need to start making T-Shirts that sez that.

SO then, well, the Kraine… seems someone went back to the beginning and did a deep dive into the Obituaries for the entirety of the war. According to the research, they found 402,000 Obits for soldiers Killed in Action. That’s pretty damned close to the Half a Mil I figured on. I think it’s still closer to the Half a Mil, hell, 660K at this point as there’s also a HUGE group (80-90K) strong of women and families who have NOT been told that their loved one is KIA… that they’ve just -vanished-. No commo, no info, hell even the Krainfeld Klowns aren’t giving up any info.

So… figuring 85K Missing in Action via the number of individual families/family members (a fam of 4 counts as one, as does a wife, no other relatives) that doesn’t cover the folks without family members asking/questioning/missing a Soldier.

A LOT of these troops came ‘off the farm’ out in the middle-o-nowhere… the kind of place where they kiss Mom and Dad goodbye, and tell ’em “See you after the war” and if the kid/guy comes home, he comes home. Eventually they may ask questions, but history has shown they just roll with it, like in the Great Patriotic War. So those guys don’t even get a mention, so hence my thoughts that they might be closer now to 600K.

Either way, that to Me that is, sez there’s a LOT of MIAs that haven’t even been accounted for. Party of my reasoning is that the videos I’ve been watching on Russia Media/Propaganda (‘cos everyone’s media IS propaganda) is a website I go to called https://voenhronika.ru/ Now, best way to get there is via a VPN as they’ve slowed it to being unreachable otherwise.

But since I figure out the issue, I’ve been watching the Krynki Beachhead. During the Big Offensive That Wasn’t, the Krainian Marines managed to land and grab some terrain on the Russian side of the Dnipro River. Swampy, nasty, harsh conditions. They got in there like in July? and haven’t made any significant progress. In fact, they’ve been sort of trapped there and been getting the ever loving fuck blown out of them by insanely superior artillery

The Russians, being their usual selves, have been content to keep blowing the shit out of any and all reinforcements they try to bring in (usually by small boats) and since they’re not allowed to leave (no retreat via orders from Krainfeld himself) so they’re literally between a rock and a hard place.

That map was back in July/August. It’s only ONE bridgehead now… the other was smoked. A video to give you an idea (NSFW) of what I mean about the unidentified/unknown troops is why I show it…

If id doesn’t embed:

That’s a LOT of unrecovered corpses.
Lots of anecdotal evidence of the few guys who were wounded and GTFO BEFORE Krainfeld gave the “Not one step back!” order of piles upon piles of stiffs, left to rot in the swamp.

Visions of World War One and shit Aye?
Harshness like you read about.
So, that’s my take on things as of late. So much Weirdness it’s hard to keep one thing straight(er) from the other. Again, sorry for the lapse in Poasting, but reasons and sheee-it amiright?

More Later
Big Country

Random Stuff… Worn Out and Tired Still

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Great comments all around TBH about being under surveillance Thing of it is?

I no longer give two fucks.

54. Old. Sorry. Sore.

Not much of a physical threat anymore. That being said, what’s inside Ye Olde Thinking Meat… THAT is where I’m a genuinely dangerous motherfucker. As Jack Burton once said: “I can see things no one else can see. Do things no one else can do.”

Damned skippy.
Learn’t an awful lot from the Hajiis what with IEDs and whatnot… Being friends with the hottie JEFF chicks helped too. That was the Joint Expeditionary Forensic Forces. That was a bunch of Fed that did the forensic breakdown after various shootings, bombing etc. We used to party with them ‘cos, well, hawt ‘Murican Chicks.

I never got anywhere with them as A) Married and B) Because they were hawt, they deemed theyselves too good to get with the BCE when he was still overweight and a ‘massive fatbody’ as R. Lee Ermey would have said… A true “Red Pill Moment” happened about 6 months later with me, specifically AFTER I had lost ALL the fat and gotten ripped. I didn’t go and party with ANYONE as I was pretty much clinically depressed, and the at the time wife was treating me horribly. Then, finally, Ranger Jay literally dragged me to a party with them…. which led to:

“All of a sudden” I had ALL the hawt chicks suddenly wanting me… I wasn’t Red/Black pilled at that point… I was a good married blue pill simp. Once I started getting hit on (and truthfully Ye Olde Marriage wasn’t doing so hot at the time) I did a bit of a dive in to men’s rights/manosphere. Guess how that worked out for them right? Didn’t do shit with any iof them but led them ALL on and then kicked ’em to the curb.
Like a complete asshole
Fuck them bitches.
Serves ’em right.

The manosphere saved my life, no joke. Black Poison Soul, 1SGT Terrance Popp… all them guys kept me from self-deletion when my life blew up. Thankfully I was able to recover.

Now, no news politically speaking tonight.

For long term readers I -did- get a phone call tonight from Serbian War Criminal. I texted him “Merry Christmas” as he’s Serb/Orthodox. He called me all happy as hell I remembered. We had a great talk, and I think if and when Gretchen’s parents finally cash in, (as cold as it sounds) we’ll sell everything and migrate.

I love Florida, but ‘too many ants on the anthill’ as DeadDad used to describe the NorthEast. I’d be curious how he’d see things these days but eh… he’s dead, I’m here. Either way, too many New Yawkers here now. Time to GTFO IMO.

Not sure where.
The town Miss Daisy is in has it’s plusses… not too many people headed into that A.O. and hell, it’s a beautiful place. About an hour outside of Ashville (a negative IMO but Gretchen loves that libtard location) and two hours from Adriana, which means that when it’s time to get her back, well, she’s that much closer. When being determined as a further breakdown of the rule of law. Game on motherfuckers.

Did I say that out loud?
Appoly-olly-geez there… sometimes the fingers typing runs ahead of the brain. “Ignore that to all my FedBros!!!!”

Anyways, I’ll have more tomorrow. We have to go up to see Gretchen’s ‘rents, return the Kia Soul (Dad’s car) that they loaned us for the duration of the Hyundai having the engine replaced, and fixing some computer issues that Dad came up with. God knows I love ’em both but man… geriatrics and computers do not fucking mix.

<Le Sigh>

Telling you, the reason I do so fucking much for them is that unlike my last in laws? These folks actually love and give a fuck about me. Told Sapper last night at dinner that I’m sort of baffled by it… the explanation is that I’m sort of kind of like a junkyard dog that was kicked for 20 years, and NOW I have a loving (genuine, not the bullshit they played on me while hating me/robbing me) set of in-laws, and well… I’m a bit confused.


I wish it was easier
More Later
Big Country

Under Observation?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So lots of ‘good comments’ about my ‘observer’. TBH I have a hunch I have more than a few in the Area of Operations. And no, that’s not me being paranoid. The new neighbors across the street positively scream of being Federales or Law enforcement of some kind, and more on that in a minute.

Thing is, WAAAAY back in 1993/94, I was stationed at CMTC… call it the NTC of Europe. Combat Maneuver Training Center where I went thru a ‘terrorist course’ to fight the US DotMil, either as a state actor, or a terrorist. We were even told back then that we’d be added to a ‘list’….

Early Nineties… I wish I could tell myself back then what was coming…


Point is, I’ve always been on a list, if not “the list”.
Not sure how shit might have gone sideways as of late, that which means I’m deserving of ‘extra observation’ or whatever…

Thing of it is

Shit like this pisses me off
Shit like that?

Not cool man.

My personal fear is that they’re going to go for the Hollywood “Stupid” bust a’la Waco… come in, kick the front door or whatnot, thinking they’re all bad-asses, and they’ll look good on camera.

I’m not going to go into ‘things’ but I will give a few items up front:
1) The Sausage Princess: Yeah, she’s a pit bull, but she’s also completely the most non-violent dog in the universe. Worst. Guard. Dog. EVER. Sapper’s attitude is IF we have a raid here, and they shoot the doggo, he’s sworn to kill ALL the agents involved kids. (The Sausage Princess and Sapper are very close.. she sleeps with him nightly)
2)Man… really? I have a fucking flamethrower. Crispy Feds are a lesser tax burden IMO
3) My background: I’ll leave that alone here. Needless to say WHO and WHAT three letter agency I worked for FOR YEARS I leave to y’all to extrapolate. (Hint: It’s part of the reason I have such leeway here… my former bosses are with me.)

And considering that lack of communication between any FedGov Agencies? Yah. I’d say with a guy like me it’s better for them to stand the fuck down, and shut the fuck up, rather than face a psychopathic inventive genius level IQ’d motherfucker like me…

Jes’ Sayin’.

I mean when you got a guy who figures out how to make a flammenwerfer for fun and games, and then starts selling said flammenwerfers for a couple of grand, with the advisory that NOMEX doesn’t prevent flame injuries?


IMO, call it: File under “People We REALLY Don’t Want To Fuck With” (unless absolutely necessary)

I stone cold absolutely know I’m watched

Difference is: Do you want to piss me off?
OR: Do you want to survive whatever is coming?

Lots of weird shit out there, but those who choose ‘poorly’ don’t get a second chance, nor do their families, ‘cos as far as I can tell, ain’t no innocents out there.
More Later
Big Country

Memes ‘Cos I’m Tired, Plastered, Pissed Off and Tell my Feds Watching Me to FUCK OFF

Greetings me Droogs n Droogettes!
Memes for the night. I’m hammered, paranoid, and burned out.

Work at Glorious People’s Tractor Factory #206 was a stone bitch today… ALL sorts of new clients and bourgeoise thinking that “they’re special”

News Fucking Flash

Nope to the fucking nopes ad fucking infinitium.

Now, reason I’m paranoid?
Now, for those who don’t know I have about 8-9 cameras that have a live feed to the cloud, as well as my fon, AND PC. I have a camera hidden so well, that IF a FedGov ‘stack’ were to try to get into the “Full Retard” mode, I can A) Get alerted thru my phone but also B) I can see everything on my property.

Good News/Bad News
Good News: I get all the alerts
Bad News: I get all the alerts
So tonight?

That’s the screenshot of my east-to-west border/property line.

In this neighborhood? Where he’s parked is my fucking property
So, I confronted the fed…. err the guy behind the wheel.. said he’d just gotten off work and was having dinner

Bull-Fucking Shit.
So much so after I confronted him (with Sapper being my heavily guarded backup) with in 5 fucking minutes he boosted out of My A.O. My issue(s)? Problem is, this’s a deep residential neighborhood, and there’s a shit-pot of other areas to chill and eat dinner at.

And MY guess?
They’re feds.
Maybe? Maybe not…

Anyways again.
My point: I think it’s an absolute minimum that we back the current thing, despite what the intarhwhebz say… Opinions?

Like I said, done for the night.
More Later
Big Country

Dinner Tonight w/Recibe as Well As a FUNNY Memory From back in The Day

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Going to take a night off from the usual ranting and raving (well sort of). I mean I never fully stop ranting and raving, however, I’m burnt the fuck out. One thing for a ‘case in point’: Another skool shewtin’

As it sez, one DRT, 5 wounded.
Make it 6 as the shewter done capped hisself according to reports. Now… here’s where it gets interesting. I’m all about trying to figure out if Leviathan and the various (Un)Intelligence Organs have popped a ‘wind up toy’ to cover for whatever nefarious bullshit that’s going on out there.

The latest ‘new shiney’ for all the sheepole and ree-rees out there to focus on: “Gunz BAD! Repugnicunts BAD! NRA BAD! OrangeManBad BAD!”

You catch my drift.

Thing is, the perp?
Dylan Butler, 17.

Annnnnnnnnnd he’s a tranny.


Curious to see if that makes it into the discussion.
Highly doubt it.

So, on lighter things, made my famous (round here at least) Tater, ham and cheddar soup. Getting cold, so a good stick-to-the-ribz soup for dinner is juuust what the Professor ordered. Recibe as follows:
1 Bag of Russet Taters
4 Celery Sticks (sliced)
4 Baby Carrots (sliced)
1/2 Large Vidalia Onion (diced)
1 Stick of Salted Butter
Black Pepper (to taste)
Aleppo Pepper (to taste)
Garlic Powder (to taste)
Water (to thin the mix) as needed
Shredded Cheddar Cheese (to garnish)

Now, the cookin’ instructions:
First thing, get a bag of russet taters. Dice ’em. Put ’em in a big ole pot.

Got me a bag of Publix russet… think it was like 2-3 pounds? Whatever the standard size is when you buy a bag of them. Hacky-Hacky-Choppy-Choppy and into the pot. Once in there, cover them til there’s about 3 inches of water over the taters. Set the stove to ‘high’ and then add just enough salt-to-flavor. This’s going to be pretty much the only salt you add to this, as the ham has enough, and as I lern’t by doing this recibe (yeah, this’s my own creation) that too much salt makes it inedible.

Now, once the taters are set to boiling, (I set the timer for 30 minutes and check with a fork… they have to be soft all the way thru,. but NOT falling the fuck apart FYI) I then start choppy-hacky on the next prep cycle of the vegetables.

Now, how much you add is up to you. For this batch, I used 4 celery stalks, and 4 mini-carrots cut –thinly– into rounds. I also, b/c I was pressed for time, cut the celery thin-thin too, as the thinner, the quicker they’ll cook to softness.

Now I use a trad Japanese Nakiri knife… I like the fact the veggies stick via capillary action, which allows me to scrape the pieces-parts off the blade into the bowl. Also, the pic above shows the two x 12 oz packs of diced ham. YMMV, use whatever ham you want, but about a pound and a half is best.

Then I diced up the onion. In this case 1/2 of a LARGE Vidalia:

Again, much easier to let the onion ‘stick’ to the blade to dismount it:

By the time I got done veg-prepping, The taters were done. Strain out and RINSE them in the strainer. Put ’em back into the pot (I also suggest rinsing the pot too). Rinsing is to get rid of the extra starch, which you may or may NOT want, again, YMMV.

Now, here’s the next stage.
This’s when you add the spices, blend the taters, add the heavy cream, and the butter, the butter in particular as the taters will still be hot, and the immersion blender or whatever YOU have will get it mixed faster as the butter melts from the heat of the taters.

Once the taters are in the pot and liquified with the butter and heavy cream, add the water as needed to make the thickness to your liking. Watch how much you add as you go… this batch took about a little over 3/4 of a cup. I added it a 1/4 cup at a time… YMMV again may vary. Then, add the spices. The Black Pepper, Aleppo Pepper and Garlic Powder are ALL to your taste.

Me? I go heavy (2-3 tablespoons) on the Garlic, 1 tablespon or more on the Black Pepper, and a tablespoon and a half on the Aleppo Pepper.

Now, for those not familiar.
Aleppo Pepper is a pepper from the Middle East (naturally) and I lern’t to cook some damned good Middle Eastern food while I was there, and lern’t a lot about local ingredients. Aleppo pepper is actually Halaby pepper, which became a staple in the ancient markets of the old city of Aleppo Syria, which is where the spice gets its name (Halab is the Arabic word for Aleppo).

That’s the one I use.
A dab’ll do ya, so the $12 for the small bottle isn’t too bad.
Thing about Aleppo pepper is the flavor it has? Maaaaan…

Heavenly IMO.
It’s all the ‘pepper’ flavor, rich and complex, but without the throat burning OMFG heat. Reason that is is because of the way they dry them… long of the shot is despite that the Halaby pepper is technically hotter than jalapeño peppers, with a Scoville heat unit of 10,000, it’s mostly a mellow flavor enhancer.

HIGHLY recommend.

Anyways, once all the spices are in, and the flavor of the ‘base’ is to your liking (I do the add a bit, taste a bit, wash rinse repeat as you can’t remove spices once you added them) then add the veggies, as well as the ham:

Fold everything in, set the stove to med-low for 10 minutes, and keep stirring as because it’s heavy cream and taters, the bottom of the pot will burn unless you keep up on the stirring. Once it’s ‘good’, turn the heat down to ‘simmer/low’ for about 20 minutes…

After that, pull it and serve. Best way to tell if it’s done is get a piece of the carrot and celery and see if it’s nice n’ soft as opposed to crunchy, (unless that’s how you roll). Then, I add shredded mild cheddar on top to garnish.

Give it a shot, let me know what you think.

Otherwise, since we mentioned the troon earlier, I figured I relate a story from waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day during my post-Gulf One Reserve service. This’s hopefully a short one, but either way… Nmaes changed to protect the stupid and/or guilty.

After Gulf One, and being highly unsatisfied with my time in the desert (to paraphrase Sam Kinnison: “It’s a fucking desert!!!! Nothing grows here!!!! Nothings gonna grow here!!!! Pack your shit, we’ll make one trip!!!!” I went back to college… (what a mistake!)

Found I had been inexorably -changed- by my time in service. I still had a rather significant reserve commitment (thank God as it allowed me to be among “My People” i.e. Infantry) and I was doing the one weekend a month plus. The supply Sergeant and the First Sergeant fucking loved me and my best bro of the time (a guy I went thru basic with, a week apart but we were joined at the hip alllll the way until I got out of the Army, and he went ‘strange’) as we volunteered for ALL the extra time/duty we could get.

Clean out connexes during ‘off weeks’? Fuck yeah.
Do a supply run with Supply Sgt Bloomington in a ton to get shit for the unit? Fuck yeah.
Help Motor Sgt Sirloin-of-Beef (nickname) in the motor hole fixing our trucks? Again, Fuck yeah. These guys were all the “Full; Time Active Reservists” that kept the unit operational. There wasn’t any openings, as the 1st Sgt had the Operations down pat, and Master Sgt Zennenmann assisted with all the rest of the shit.

A side note: MSgt Zenny as we called him? Cool AF.
Dude was in his, I think, late 50s, maybe early 60s. Now mind you, this was 1992… he was American and a ‘Murican can be, but ethnic German too. No accent however, he was proud AF of his Dads service to Der Fuhrer. Seems Dear Old Dad was an undiscovered member of the SS who managed to make it to the US.

Zenny used to regularly wear a pair of M40 German Feldgrau pants, suspenders and everything, that were tucked into a pair of what looked like a pair of legit jackboots. Told us lowly privates that he “…was keeping up a family tradition!”

Gotta say, he was a cool old dude.

Anyways… back to the point of the story…
The reserve unit was located veeeery close to the Cabaret strip club… a shady AF facility to say the least. Thing was, it was spitting distance for ‘home drills’ which were drills we spent staying at the reserve base, or leastways going home at night, and making it RTB on time in the AM, but as it was, it was usually more fun and easier to crash at the base after a night of serious Infantry Level Debauchery.

The base itself was an old Nike-Hercules Nuke Missile Interceptor base. No shit. Link HERE for the story. That was where I did my drills until the unit got close to disbanding back around 93? Thing about the base was the buildings were literally nuke proof. Like 3 foot thick, steel reinforced fucking bunkers man.

Kinda cool IMO

Anyways, so we went out to the Cabaret… it’s pretty well known as a skankasaurous kind of titty bar… but full spread eagle crotch shots being legal and whatnot. Now, it was Myself (PFC), our Platoon Sgt., Big Franko, the Section Leader Sgt. Wally, my Squad Leader Sgt. Booker, and a couple other Privates, my best fren Dee, and a guy named Gillette (like the razor). Like figure 9-12 guys (I was pretty stoned at the time, as Dee and I blazed up in my car on the way there to say the $$$ on the drinks).

So…. we get there, we’re in uniform, against every. single. regulation. that -I- can think of, but hey, fuck it, I’m a PFC, and I got an E-7 buying rounds of Tequila.

Good Times, Good Times.

Now, whilst the shenanigans were going full bore, as every slore in the place was ALL about the Infantry, (much to the hatred of the other patrons) SP4 Gillette struck up a conversation with a ‘chick’ working the club… call it a rather unexpected person.

Namely it was a tranny.

Now, granted, this one was pretty fucking well on his? her? its? way to full conversion, but maaan, the Adams apple gave it away. Truth be told, I was stoned as fuck, and didn’t realize that G had a thing going with what appeared to be a broad, but was a dude. -I- thought it was a chick, but, like I said, stoned AF on some primo Columbian herbals.

So, once I was ‘in’ on the joke…I sort of left it alone. Call it a case of “Nunya”… Gillette was a deep Southern Borne and Raised guy, who’d only come waaay up to the ungodly and degenerate Northeast (Boston) for work… he got transferred when they shuttered his workplace in Alabama? Arkansas? something like that, and they let him transfer to the North. He was a former AD kid like me, and now was a reservist, and as our unit was closest to his house, he joined our unit.

So, as the late afternoon transitioned (heh) into early evening, Sgt. Wally looked around, and realized Gillette was AWOL. No biggie, but now word was passed to keep an eye open for him, and if he wasn’t back shortly, then we’d go on a search. That suited everyone, up until Haskel, another PV2 in our crew came over and said he saw “… Gillette going out to his car with the fuckin’ fag…” or word to that effect.

We waited, although we weren’t too concerned as Gillette was a grown assed man, and IF shit hit the fan, well, we were in uniform, and DotMil usually catch a break from the local Po-Po and Swine, be it State Level or ‘other’.

About 45 minutes after Gillette left, he sauntered back in, with what could only be called a look of ‘satisfaction’ on his face. Sgt. Franko, our Platoon Sergeant rolled over to him and asked him “Where the fuck you been asshole? You had us worried!!”

To whit Gillette replied in this reeeeally hardcore half-plastered south’ron voice “Welllll Sarrrrgent, I done went and got me a skull job from that there female I’da been talkin’ to!”

Man, you could have heard a fairy fart.

We all had this look of absolute incredulity on our faces…
How the fuck does shit like this happen Aye?

Well, leave it to Sgt. Wally, who happened to be an absolute asshole, not in a bad way mind you, but like one of those guys who’s head is terminally stuck in “smartass/dick mode”… well he breaks the news to Gillette:

<stated in an East Bawston/Hardcore Northeastern Accent>
“Gillette… you know something?… that broad… the one you went to the car with? That was a fucking dude man!!!! That was a fucking tranny troop! Just what in the fuck do you have to say for yourself!?!”

Gillette sat back…
Grabbed his beer… (Bud Longneck)
Quaffed his thirst… took about 30 loooong seconds for those of us who were eagerly awaiting his answer never mind reaction to this what I’d consider a catastrophic revelation…

Looked at ALL of us, and I shit you fucking not said:
“Welp, she or he sure did give good head.”

Talk about a phlegmatic and philosophical outlook

Anyone else would have gone pure dee batshit…
But, looking at the clock, between ALLLLLLLL the shit I was doing tonight, I ran over my ‘before midnight’ poasting. Apologies for that.

More Later
Big Country

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