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Greetings and All That
Gretchen woke up in a heap o’pain today, so off to the E.R. where I got to have my blood pressure shoot stratospheric as it was full-on packed with illegals. All sniffling, sneezing stuffy head fucking probably contagious AF literally packing the E.R. It was 6+ hours before she got to a room, and then an additional 6? 7? hours before the doc got in there.

She’s got a Kidney Infection. They scanned her (CAT) and sampled ALL the fluids (checked the oil, radiator, transmission and the like) and then drugged her, set up some scripts and then sent her back home with me. She’s resting and ok far as I can tell…

Reason I know they were illegals BTW?
NONE of them spoke a -lick- of English.
Not one stinking dink body of them

They had a fucking translator there to assist, which stretched out the fucking wait as the translator was working way double hard overtime. There were actually two, one who seemed to be speaks something other than Spanish… Peruvian maybe? The majority of them were Squatamalens that I could tell, not Mexicans… they had that Peruvian/Andes look to them, rather than that lighter skinned Castilian Spanish… VERY Brown and VERY South of the Border. I was half expecting to see a Burro or Llama or two in the parking lot after seeing that shit.

Jes’ Sayin’

So, I’m sorta-kinda done. Going to have to work Saturday now to make up the lost hours dammit. Ah well, fuck it.

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  1. If it happens again (god forbid) call 911, take a ride and skip that shit.

    In 2018 I sat with my 78 year old father for 10 hours in an ER waiting room with a potential GI bleed while I watched them take an army of illegals, indigents and welfare cases ahead of him. They treated prisoners that the local sheriff hauled in, while we were waiting, before him, dui/drug blood tests, broken fingers….. He was on a gurney in the hall for 12 more hours before he got a room, then the nigerian “doctor” showed up the next fucking day.

    He died the day after that.

    I’m on the 9mm plan and showed my wife where to place it………..

    1. Jesus fren, sorry to hear about your old man, many condolences.
      Yeah, in 2005?6? I was home on R&R from Iraq, Spawn#1 got assaulted by a kid in the neighborhood… split his noggin open to the skull, as in ‘could see bone’ Went to the ER instead of 9-11 (my fuckup) Same thing happened there UNTIL I went full Infantry Retard and started busting up the place… a Light Bird from McDill was getting ER Hours in assisting and took control (you only have like 3 hours? to get a subcutaneous set of stitches in or the kid wass going to have serious complications, so I went ape) I was in Desert 3 Color Pants, my Boots and a Merc T-Shirt… he thought I was Active Duty SF he told me later…. brought us to the head of the line and Sp[awn now has a nice Harry Potter style scar to show for it

      1. They’re posted great big posters n our local medical facilities warning patients that disrespectful actions, verbal abuse, physical harassment, etc. will not be tolerated and police will be called.

  2. The way the illegals abuse ER facilities for minor medical care it’s just a matter of time before there won’t BE any ERs left. I foresee a “membership” type system where you have to pay to be eligible to be seen in a facility. Kind of like the “concierge” business model. We can all thank Reagan for this. If he hadn’t signed the EMTALA act in 1986 hospitals would still be allowed to don’t care to non paying non emergent patients. Indigents and illegals will be the death of modern American health care. It’s already teetering on the edge of failure. In my lifetime American healthcare will go from the best on the planet to third world incompetence. Because competency costs money. EMTALA demands that competent care be given regardless of cost or payment. That is and has always been a recipe for failure.

    1. I’m in GA an there are large parts of rural GA where it’s a two hour ride to an ER. The hospitals have closed the ER service because they could not stay in business with the non-paying patients that they have to at least stabilize by law. Lifeflight is very damn busy these days.

      All along the border in TX, AZ, NM same thing. Citizens will suffer and dies from the ER’s closing because of the illegals and bums.

    2. CA has had a massive number close for the unstated reason of having to support unpaying illegals

  3. Sorry but as someone who works at a hospital I must vent:

    “The fucking ER is NOT your primary care doctor !! Unless it is an EMERGENCY, go to your primary care doctor or a clinic” !!!

    This shit pisses me off. People on Medicaid who pay nothing use the ambulance as a taxi to the ER and come in for BULLSHIT that a regular doctor or clinic can handle.

    So while the deadbeat is taking up an ER room and wasting the doctor and nurse’s time, someone who is having a heart attack, stroke or was in a car wreck where SECONDS COUNT have to wait.

    This has gotten so bad that many hospitals (including mine) are now having clinics built right next to the ER so the triage nurses can send non emergency cases to the clinic but the deadbeats don’t realize they are going to the clinic side rather than the ER. (if they did realize it, they’d call a shyster lawyer and sue)

    1. I was let go from a facility in part because I refused to sign EMS paperwork stating it was an emergency….. for someone playing on their cell phone and rock stable. “You have to sign, we won’t get paid”….. but I’m signing a federal document (MCaid) attesting to it requiring “emergency transport” which is a false claim. No thanks…..

      EMTALA only requires a MSE (medical screening exam) to ensure no emergency exists. Then one can ask for payment of services. Basic problem – there is ZERO requirement for minimum payment (even for MCaid) for non-emergent evaluations……. Charging just $20 can simplify this a LOT…. which I’ve been saying since 1989…….(at that time, I advocated for just $5)

  4. 25 years ago I was bleeding on the waiting room floor waiting for the line of mexicans to get processed.

    They didn’t even have “time” to send out some candy striper with a clean bandage while I waited to get a dozen staples. So I just removed my soaked-through homemade bandage and let my leg bleed all over the place, leaving bloody footprints and smears between the filthy seat in the waiting area and the vending machines. Looked like the crime scene it was.

    25 years ago a good friend of mine was a firefighter/paramedic in a major US city. He was relatively new on the job at that time but had already entered the long downward spiral of emergency services demoralization that is realizing 80% of “firefighting” is transporting illegals to the ER to get their free services with the rest of the job being terrible traffic accidents and “I’m having a heart attack” code 3 ferry rides for old fatties to run up ER bills because they are lonely or crazy or just digesting too many hot pockets.

    That was before the “people experiencing homelessness” were allowed to join the party.

    A few years ago I had surgery in a major US city’s primary teaching hospital. It was the closest thing to Dubai International that I had experienced. I couldn’t decide which was more foreign, the staff or the patients. Cue my shock when the surgery did not go well.

    It was that experience, the entire funnel of medical ‘provider’ services and processes, that finally put the nail in my “tax cattle” coffin. Nope. Went galt. Zeroed out. I’m only taking from the system now. Let it burn. Then salt it. Then burn it again.

    Hope your bride recovers quick and easy. Our people really, really need to fight this war where we can while we can. One of those places being our kitchens. Get healthy and fit and stay healthy and fit. They want us sick and weak and at the mercy of their meatgrinders.

  5. In the early ’90’s my mother and her sister went on a bus tour of Turkey. My aunt who was a naturopathic believer didn’t take her prescribed blood thinners because . . . reasons! Well whadaya know she had a stroke. Mom knows her way around a hospital or a doctor but it is tough when you don’t speak the language.

    What she found was family members of other patients who helped each other. With translation, advocacy, pharmacy and referrals – both doctors and nurses. They both made it home ok, but it was mostly just nice people helping each other out that made it possible.

  6. An elder uses cranberry juice to help with that.
    The Replacements know that they are here to replace.
    Read an article about radio in San Diego instructing how to cross the border and get $2200 each time, the photo showed a little girl standing alone at some airport looking setting.
    The Leviathan scores a threefer with the self-inflicted border crisis, multiple Trojan Horse armies, human trafficking, eventual digital ID uber alles for everyone?

    1. I wonder if I can claim to be Cousin Balki from Meepost or Latka Gravis and get that $2200?

  7. On the bright side, I have it on good authority that there is a woeful shortage of young soon-to-be docs that want to go into emergency medicine so the wait times are just going to go up plus the quality of instruction and the quality of the students in medical school is in a free-fall.

    Good times are a’coming.

    1. Luckily a bunch of supersmartstreetshitters from the University of Hindubad School of Medicine will be here to check our bobs n vagene

  8. Well the med schools are taking all the DIE, I mean DEI, people in to be doctors and nurses. But they don’ want Whye ppl medicine training. Their JuJu is better.
    Had to be in the local Wallymart today. There was group, maybe a family at the prescription counter with most sitting on a bench. When they left, they also left a number of wadded up snot tissues laying around. We Turd World.

  9. Wifey had what she thought was chest pain. Took her to the ER in the rain. Waited forever in the waiting room with Pedro and Latrina. Turned out to be Diverticulitis or so they thought $19000 later. Copays wiped out my HRA and still had $1200 left over. It’s best not to get sick.

  10. A few months ago, my wife fell and broke her pelvis. We had to do the 911 and she had to go in to the hospital by ambulance. They wouldn’t go to our preferred hospital, and of the two they would go to, only the University hospital was on our insurance. The one that takes the indigent.

    To make a long story short, it was a horrible, 3rd world experience. Wife spent 23 hrs on a gurney in a hallway because no rooms were available. I tried to wait in the waiting area, but I left gagging after some dude laid on the floor and crapped himself. I waited in my vehicle. Wife never did get a room and get seen. She demanded to leave, in excruciating pain, as the the only painkiller they gave her was a Tylenol.

  11. Wife worked in an ER years ago. This was in a time before it got crazy with the illegal aliens using the ER as a drug store and for free checkups. Even then, the staff hated the fuckers. They saw it as a waste of time and money to treat a head cold in the ER. To a one, they all trained for and expected to help people seriously hurt or ill. None of them wanted to learn spanish to help a non-paying leech with the sniffles. Triage nurses could end the bull real quick. Citizen and you are seen first. Hurt or seriously ill and you go to the front of the line. Illegal with a bullshit “injury” or the sniffles you can plan on spending the night or longer before you are “treated.”

    1. Back in the day, those non-emergency leeches were called GOMERS. GOMER. Get Out Of My Emergency Room

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