You Asked For Recibes, And I Provide! And an Addy Update

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Mondays… I know it’s a joke but today was the classic definition of a “Monday” i.e. busier than all get the hell out. Besides work at Glorious People’s Tractor Factory #206 I had a full plate.

Had to clean the kitchen, collect all the trash, get the cans out to the curb, make dinner, three of them in all, as Gretchen has been down with multiple infections as we’ve come to find out.

She had the crud, that we knew, but then on top, a UTI (she’s sensitive to those sorts of things) as well as the now-present infection that females get when they’re on stronk antibiotics.

So, I’ve been catering to her.

Made hamburgers and hot doggos for Sapper and myself, and then she wanted Loaded Nachos, before the ‘actual dinner’ which I have pretty much ALL the fixin’s for, except for the chips. Her appetite has gone into an off the charts “eat the house” mode. I think it’s the anti-bios that’re making her hungry AF.

As the other night Dinner on the menu was chili, I had a 5 pound ‘loaf’ of ground beef that was frozen to utilize for the meal. I didn’t need ALL 5 pounds, but unfortunately, Sapper had bought it and -not- sectioned it into 2 smaller, more useful chunks. Not a biggie and what I did was cook the whole fucker up, and then break it into two or moar meals. The meal of the night that I was cooking for was the aforementioned chili, so I was able to season said-beef uniformly. That means I used garlic, onions (dehydrated then re-hydrated) and salt and pepper to the whole thing.

After I cooked the whole thing up, that allowed me to add 2.5 pounds to the chili in the slow cooker, and then stash the other 2.5 pounds in a container in the fridge, as I didn’t want to have it go bad whilst uncooked as I’ve made mention of before here… shit goes rotten soooo quickly these days whereas I get a week or more plus with it cooked in a sealed container in the fridge… YMMV.

Tonight I was able to use a part of that stashed beef on the nachos. Which, since it was sooooo easy to do and use, I think I’m going to keep doing the same thing. Buying beef these days, in any form (ground/steaks/what have you) is cheaper in bulk. I think that when I need to get ground beef, when I section off the portions, i.e. it’s going to be like:

One for Tonight
One for the Freezer
One for Cooking up as a ‘spare ingredient’.

Which led me to making a quick batch of fully Loaded Nachos right after I got back from Publix with the chips. A microwave is your friend at times like this.

Yay me!

THEN she wanted Bang-Bang Shrimp for dinner.
Le Sigh…
Sometimes I think she married me to be her cook.

Not that I mind really, as I joke… thing is I love cooking.
So much so, if it wasn’t for the positively monumental hassle it is to do such a thing, I’d love to have a small sammich/soup/dessert counter. Alas… tis not to be in this lifetime… But, as I said, I positively love to cook.

Especially for frens and fam. Gee-Maw and Sarah and Serbian War Criminal and his fam positively salivated around the holidays as my molasses cookies were neighborhood famous AF. And, now that I’m ka-thinkin about it, tonight Imma going to throw out the Dressing/Stuffing Recibe as I kept telling evvabody about it over the Horror-Daze, people kept requesting it, and I plum forgot to give it out… My bad… sorry ’bout that. It’s IMO so good, you can make it just because, anywhere, any time as like I said, IMO it’s that good.

So, back to the other meal… sorry for the digession (like you all know I’m prone to do)… as I was saying, the other dinner for Gretch that she requested was Bang Bang Shrimp. Pretty easy to make. Only got what 6 +/-? ingredients:
Shrimp (of course)

And then the “Bang-Bang” sauce itself:

1/2 +/- cup of Mayo (full mayo, no bullshit wonder whip or whatever they call it these days… try to get the full on old fashion one)
1/4 +/- Cup of Sweet Thai Chili sauce.
A big heaping spoonful of Siracha
a small teaspoon of Salt and Pepper each… call it a 1/4 +/- as well

And if you got it on hand, a couple of ‘dashes’ of Aleppo Pepper… I use that in damned near every. single. meal. I cook from scratch these days… If you want to get your own, they got it on the ‘Zon, Link HERE (and yeah, I get a ‘taste’ if you buy it… LOL I made a funny!)

The reason I say “+/-” is I don’t actually measure it… I sort of eyeball it, and run with it by flavor and texture. I only go full measuring when it’s stuff like bread and cookies and whatnot that actually need accuracy to be done correctly.

Mix it all up, then grill the shrimp. When they’re done, drizzle it (the Bang-Bang Sauce) on them, and serve it up. I also put a small cup for dipping on the side as well. Gretchen likes it so much, I swear she’d drink that shit if she could. She sure as hell devoured the shrimp, that’s for sure. The freezer is stuffed full of them, as whenever over the past few they’ve been on sale (BOGO and whatnot) because she’s a fanatic about them, I keep the freezer full, and man, as the inflation is going, I’m glad AF I bought a bunch last spring/summer, seeing how wonderful Bidenomics is going amiright?

So, since I’m avoiding poly-ticks for the night as I’m completely burned the fuck out as is probably everyone else at this point, said Dressing Recibe per allllllll you folks who asked for it. It’s really simple, so don’t get all in a huff when you realize just how easy it is.

Depending on the size of the group determines how much ‘stuff’ you need. The recibe here is for 3 folks, with leftovers. To start:

1 Pound Mild/Hot Ground Sausage (all on your preference, some folks want some heat in their dressing… I go mild as Gretchen has stomach issues and it’s a touch and go IF she can handle heat, so I usually lean on the mild side to to be safe.)
1 Box Stovetop Stuffing, preferably the Chicken/Pork flavor.
1/2 of a Vidalia Onion, Diced. Finely diced.
Salt and Pepper to flavor.
One HEAPING Tablespoon of minced Garlic
1-2 Tablespoons of (of course) Aleppo Pepper.
1-2 HEAPING Tablespoons of Italian Seasoning

Start by browning the Onion and Garlic in butter in the fry pan.
Then, when the garlic and onion are at that nice and slightly translucent brown, add the snausage into the pan. Once it starts cooking, add remaining spices, i.e. the Italian Seasoning, Aleppo Pepper, Salt and Pepper. Mix it ALLL in and make sure to get the garlic and onion all into the meat as it cooks. Make sure to dice the fuck out of the snausage to make it into almost a mince. You don’t want any large chunks as it won’t blend well when you dump it into the stuffing.

Cook up the Stovetop (or whatever brand you prefer) separately in a larger bowl, as this’s the bowl you’re going to mix the meat into the stuffing when it’s ready. I prefer to start the stuffing just as the meat is on it’s final part of the ‘cook’ so to speak, meaning no more pink showing. Once it’sd ready and when the meat is ready, dump the meat into the stuffing and mix the fuck out of it.

Now… here’s what I call “Dealers Choice”

You can serve it right there, and then as technically it -is- done.

You can stuff the turkey with it, or eat it as-is


Myself? I put it into my LE Crueset Dutch Oven (Thanks MomUnit!) and bake it at 400 for 30 minutes to get a nice ‘crust’ on the top. THEN I serve it.

Even cold, two days later? Served on Publix Mountain Bread with some yellow mustard? I lightly toast two pieces of the Mountain bread, and shmear it with the dressing, salt it, pepper it and splash a goodly amount of moo-tard on it… Hoo BOY it’s a meal on it’s own! I make it around here pretty regularlly, and it -never- lasts long.

And as they say, that is that.
So, I appreciate everyone’s comments regarding the Tater/Ham soup. We -just- finished off the last of it, and then on Friday? Saturday? Fucked if I remember, but one of these past nights, I made homemade Chikinz Zupp.

I made it as Gretchen was feeling shitty, and Chikin Zupp is known as “Jewish Penicillin”… FWIW there’ve been studies showing that Chikin Zupp -IS- good for you when your sick and/or getting sick. So… either way, we got a honking big pot of that to get us through the next couple of cold days this week.

Only other thing of note today, besides me running my ass off was we got a vidya-chat with Adriana.

She’s doing well, but still she’s no where near as linguistically advanced as she was under our care… she’s not speaking with clarity unfortunately, and we’ve just got to deal with it.

Dude, (the BabyDaddy) and yeah, I’m calling him Dude now, seems to be doing his best to take care of her. The more I speak to him and whatnot, I’ve realized that yeah, he’s got his issues (like all of us) however, a LOT of the issues were ‘manufactured’ by DumbCunt in order to specifically fuck up his life.

That cunt is soooo fucking evil it’s not even funny.
Like demonically evil.

Hence why the deeper I dive (mind you knowing full well on a LOT of shit, he’s full of shit on) I find that he really got fucked over like a motherfucker. I mean he never learned any of the “Rules of Manhood” as he didn’t have a positive male role model (being raised by his Granma) one of which is, right at the top of the list:

“Never, Ever Stick Your Dick In Crazy”

So, Because he’s being so good to Addy, taking care of her, and stepping up, I’ve been cutting him a HUGE amount of slack.

Ain’t got no choice in this either way, and considering “Judge Corruption” set out a ‘Zero Contact’ order when we bailed from Tennessee rather than me being put in County for ‘Disrespect of the Judge/Court’ in my various rants and ravings… I mean I’ve heard since then that that’s exactly what he planned on doing… meaning locking me the fuck up, despite the 1st Amendment, and I wasn’t looking to be a test case for that asshole. Dude has been violating the order, and even wants to come with her for a visit down here… He and her of course are always welcome.

As far as Judge Corrupt?

No worries…
He’s going to get what he deserves

My hope is some big blaq Buck-Nigger thinks he’s got a purty mouth… One can hope amiright?

So, enough for now… been a long day
More Later
Big Country

15 thoughts on “You Asked For Recibes, And I Provide! And an Addy Update”

  1. You should try the bang-bang with homemade mayo. Easy as hell to make and fully customizable to taste. Only downfall, you have to use it within a few days as it doesn’t have all those franken-preservatives poisoning it.

    1. And you can use a better oil in homemade mayo. ALL the commercial shit is made with soybean oil. I love mayonnaise but hardly eat it anymore due to the soy.

  2. With burger, I’ll buy a shitload and patty it up and freeze it when I get home from the store so no spoilage. I just make 1/3 lb burger ball, put into a quart ziploc, smash ball flat with hand, zip, stack and freeze. You can then pull out only what you need to cook. BTW, if you put a frozen patty in a covered skillet on medium for about ten minutes (one cigarette) it makes a helluva burger. I cook for only myself so this is my approach.

  3. Yeah, we’ve only scratched the surface, but it’s already obvious that the tunnel jews is going to be one very deep rabbi hole.
    Buh duh dump

    1. I guess they ran out of host nations to undermine and the only place left was the synagogue?

  4. I used to get UTI’s a lot. I now take 2000mg of vitamin C every night, makes urine acidic, supposedly the bacteria can’t attach to the bladder walls as easily. And, drink tons of water. Hope she feels better soon.

  5. a — some anti-biotics are manufactured from fungus.
    During a course of anti-biotics, after the native bacteria are killed, expect a systematic fungal bloom.
    Internal organs, skin, brain… all evolved over thousands of generations to require a healthy balance of bacteria and fungus.
    Anti-biotics turn that sideways upside-down.
    b — although occasionally necessary due to life-threatening trauma or other emergency, I despise anti-biotics.
    To prevent their need, I prefer to strengthen my gut environment.
    Research indicates over ninety percent (90%) of our immune system is in our gut, a delicate balance of bacteria and fungus, plus other micro-organisms.
    A course of prescribed anti-biotics intentionally destroys a major segment of this, upsetting our immune system.
    (The analogy — generations of inner-city welfare recipients, their creativity and productivity squashed by duplicitous politicians in their short-sighted quest for votes, their violent tendencies encouraged by career LawEnforcementOfficials and court employees.)
    That is non-sustainable.
    An aside:
    I also despise the majority of Western medical doctors and dentists.
    My program:
    Every day, several times a day, I take capsules of pro-biotics.
    I also eat living fermented foods, such as sauerkraut and kimchi.
    I feed my gut biome with pre-biotics, avoiding any destructive chemicals such as chlorine.
    Is alcohol reputed to kill bacteria?
    (This next section goes contrary to the teachings of Professor Westinghouse and Coach Frigidaire…)
    The three of us live quite comfortably without a refrigerator.
    Our meats sit on the counter for up to a couple weeks.
    Our vegetables are fresh local seasonal organic.
    We thrive on these cultured foods.
    We are Northern European Heritage folk.
    In the olden days — as a community bond — our people had tubs of fermenting foods outside the front door.
    Passers-by could dip a rams-horn for a refreshing slug of fermented cod livers, and any of the local foraged fruits, vegetables, and herbs.
    If any of your readers would like to try our system, I suggest you start small… a tiny fork of living sauerkraut daily for the first month.
    Healing your gut, getting it in the mood for sustainable health can take months.
    I turn 72yo in a few weeks.
    At this point, I would refuse prescription anti-biotics with the same vigor as I avoid vaccines.
    With the same energy I use to avoid inner-city punks, I avoid physical contact with a Hive drone… no kissing, no randy exchange of bodily fluids.
    Miss Gretchen,
    All of this lecture is intended to offer a sustainable alternative to pain and suffering.
    Check with your physicians prior to any deviation from their orders.
    What is usually suggested for UTI?
    Cranberry juice.
    How much sugar in cranberry juice?
    A ton.
    What does fungus love for food?
    How much sugar in alcohol?
    A ton.
    What else loves sugars?
    And ‘yes’, I am a lot of fun at parties…

  6. Thanks for the tip on the Aleppo pepper, ordered a bottle using your link, hope the Zon sends you the vig

  7. Sadly, WAY too many people who should “get their’s” never do. Karma is at best a fickle bitch and more often than not fails to dole out karmic justice ?to those richly deserving it. For a lot of evil people the only justice they receive is extrajudicial and of the vigilante type. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen near often enough.

  8. What is this “measure” term that you speak of? Is that what you do instead of what I do…adding things until the Spirits of my Ancestors whisper “That’s enough, child!” 😉 Simple enough and now I know what I can do with a coupla boxes of Stove Top that’s been hiding in the cupboard for awhile. Don’t normally use the “stuff” myself, I make my dressing from a skillet of cornbread, crumbled, with spicys and broth. Your way will be a lot quicker and I fo’ shore likes the coup de’ grace’ of baking it in a dutch oven. Cast Iron Cookware…RULES. Lubs me shrimps of any and all methods of prep, grilled and sauteed being my favorite. Thanks muchly!

    That little Addy is just as precious as the day is long. A prayer for her, you, and yours is lifted up daily that justice will prevail and she will be returned to where she belongs. Be of Good Faith, evil has a way of visiting upon evil. Those that have brought their evil upon you and yours will have evil brought upon them ten fold. Eventually, if not sooner.

  9. How are they gonna eat MRE’s at every meal when the UNI burns it all down better?
    Grid parts aren’t made in the FUSA so the Magic Soil isn’t 220 volt compatible in the glorious Wakanda.
    Got some patrol time in with several layers of clothes and threw some table scraps to the deer.
    Circus Circus is the wallpaper and the popcorn is chilling.

  10. BC,
    Bake in dutch oven leaves me to assume covered. I can’t get my head around that making a crust.
    Alas I have a batch in the oven NOW,(sans Alleppo as Bezs’ elves won’t have my order here until Sunday), in a bread pan with foil cover. If it fails so be it. Gives me a reason to give it a go again.
    Thanks for the recipe. I like to cook and try new stuff.

  11. Thanks for the Aleppo pepper suggestion. I buy some odd spices from, but haven’t bought for a while.
    If you have freezer space and a friend with a Costco card, their bulk 88-12 hamburger is usually ~ $4 / lb in a 5 lb pack. We lump it to about 1.5 lb and press it flat in a gallon zip lock to freeze. Recently, shrimp has been cheaper at Wallyworld. All of it seems to be far Eastern. 🙁
    I make bulk cooking of taco meat for nachos, burritos, and Mexican generally with Bolners’ Taco Seasoning, from Amazon at
    Hope herself gets well soon.
    John in Indy

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