WTF? And The Advantage Goes To Rocket Man

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Another day, another outrage:

Link to the Piss-Me-Off is HERE h/t WiscoDave

MULTIPLE Levels of Piss-Me-Off here, the biggest being the denial of any wrongdoing. Especially in light of the fact that the fuzz had already been to the location multiple times and been told that “the one you seek no longer lives here!”

For two fucking years.

So, either they’re so utterly inbred and brother/sister fuckers in that town, OR this’s yet ANOTHER case of “Crisis of Competency” in that the Cops are too fucking stupid to wear a badge, hold a gun, never mind have power and authority over -anyone- ever. In fact the PDAIQ (Police Department Assholes In Question) is the Elyria Police Department.

Their non-emergency number is (440) 323-3302
And their feedback email is
The ‘Stunning and Brave’ Elyria Police Chief Bill Pelko’s LinkedIn is out there too, but it doesn’t look like he’s looked at in a while.
Their FecesBook response is Typical:

Their FecesBook page is of course getting roasted, as it should be. The link is HERE

Feel free to NONVIOLENTLY let them know how you feel about their idiotic assault on a one year old Special Needs kid.

Fucking these fuckers… the worst part also? The person in question that they sicced a SWAT Team on?

A 14 Year Old Kid.

Not sure -what- said kid is wanted for, but unless it’s mass murder/attempted murder or a serious felony involved, then this’s a case of a bunch of Mid-West Mid-Wit Retard Jackoff Cops who think that they’re “Operators” what with the “Cool Kid” tactical gear and hi-speed-lo-drag toys going out to ‘capture a bad guy!’ mentality.

Gah!!! Just end it already…

That would be the Sweet Meteor Of Death if you weren’t familiar.

So, anyways, not much else going on. Got my bro’s rifle finished. Had to lap? lape? the barrel juuust a wee bit as the fitment to the upper and the barrel extension was a bit ‘off’

That’s where the barrel ‘mates’ to the upper FWIW.

Lil bit of diamond paste and whatnot, a wee bit of polishing and another headspace check and after replacing ALL the shitty plastic in the lower for Mil-Spec or better pieces parts, and he’s good to go.

That’s where I was last night
Got a bit deep in the project and realized I missed doing the blog. Sorry about that!

Now, another -interesting- thing I found on teh intahwhebs is that Yes, yes indeed did the Krainians get hit with missiles that the Russians apparently got from North Korea:

Now, the various Ministries of Propaganda and Lies went into full spin mode, like a washing machine trying to drain the clothes… “See… Proof that Russia is out of Missiles!!!!” and “It’s only a matter of time until the Krainians crush them!!!” plus “Third or Fourth World Power!!! Russia sucks!”

In reality? Notsomucho.

This a tit-for-tat kind of deal. The Norks supplied KN-23 Ballistic Missiles that carry a pretty big payload, and are similar (actually a progression of) the Russian Iskandar Missiles.

Thing of it is, alllll over the world throughout the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s you got alllll sorts of ‘cross contamination’ of weapons systems. In this case, the Norks got early model Iskandars from Egypt and then other sources. The Bossman of Egypt was Anwar Sadat, who was on the ‘outs’ with the Russians, so he sold their rockets tot he Norks. At which point, the Norks being the industrious lil gophers they are, tore ’em down to the smallest screw, reverse engineered them and started making their own.

This right now?
Besides helping Russia with giving them some ‘extra rounds’ the Norks? Well, I have no idea if money changed hands, but I do know this was a first time real-deal War Test of their KN-23s. So far all the Norks have been able to do is shoot them off over the South/Japan, and scare the shit out of everyone. They needed a real-time shootin’ war to see IF they actualy have ‘what it takes’ IRL.

They know know that they work.
The much vaunted (for no fucking reason) Patriot failed to shoot down any of the Nork Missiles. (Or anything else that I can tell).

AS far as I can tell, the South Koreans best be shitting theyselves sideways. Krapping in Ye Olde Kimchi Kontainer if you will… They have 3 Brigades of ADA using the Patriot PAC-3. That mean 4 Battalions per Brigade, and 4 launchers per Battalion for a total of 48 launchers… depending on the type of Launch System… the PAC-3 has between 12-16 rounds.

That means that at the best, the South Koreans have maybe a total of 768 missiles actively available. Mind you this doesn’t take into account shit that’s broke, shit that’s old, or any of the shit the SKoreans sent to the Krain at the behest of Uncle Sugar.

Considering that the Krainians have a total of 3 launch systems left, it means that they’re well and truly fucked. I saw footage of one particular strike early in 2023, where the Ivans sent a shitpot of drone at Kiev, and the Krianians ‘shot their wad’ at the drones, after which Mister Khinzal came a knocking and pretty much annihilated the two batteries.

Seeings how the South Koreans are counting on the Pat-PAC-3 as a primary defense against the Nork Aggression, right now? I’d be a nervous motherfucker knowing that their Primary Enemy has a viable ballistic weapons system that they don’t have a good defense against

Me? I’d be asking for a fucking refund and start negotiating with “Rocket Man” as otherwise? They’re screwed. Rocket Man is FINALLY in a position to give a fantastic ass reaming against the South, as well as the US. We’re/They’re essentially helpless as The Current Corpse-In-The-White House is non-compos-mentis. As well as ALL the other jerkoffs ‘serving’ in whatever capacity.

Fucking the Defense Secretary? Worthless Scumfucker.

Should have been fired, retirement yanked, and given the civilian version of a Dishonorable. God knows if -I- or any other ‘Joe’ went AWOL like that for what? A week or so?

Man, I’d be freeze dried, and buried under the stockade.

Jes’ Sayin’

So… only 3 weeks into the New Year
Gonna get Moar Interesting Methinks
Head on a Swivel
More Later
Big Country

22 thoughts on “WTF? And The Advantage Goes To Rocket Man”

  1. the Ruskies didn’t need the missiles they traded a couple of train loads of prepper type food for the boom items…..I think they were just being polite and shoring up a friendship….

  2. If something’s gonna pop off, hope it’s soon.
    That ghillie suit will feel pretty damn good with the temp fixin’ to drop to the teens here just north of Pensacola.

  3. That “stack” is what I would expect if they were knocking on the door of a guy with a flamenwerfer. Klowns for Klown world.

  4. And another thing the press release. It says that they deployed the two flash bangs outside of the home. A flashbang is a diversionary device intended to confuse/divert the suspect. Why the heck would the SWAT team deploy a diversionary device outside of the home they were about to storm into? Well they wouldn’t. Was the SWAT officer trying to distract his fellow SWAT officers, no. Who deploys a flash bang outside? Nobody that’s who.
    If some dickhead deploys a flashbang at my front door does anybody think I’ll just walk to my front door and open it up? Hell no. I’m retreating into the safer rooms of my home to try to figure out what’s going on. That press release makes no sense.

  5. Expressing your self non violently to morons like these is an utter waste of time and energy.
    Power mad badgemonkeys, like leftist politicians listen to only ONE language. The universal
    language. Violence. They hear, respect and respond to nothing else.

    1. Citizens need to be reminded of Rule 308.
      You don’t have to put up with this nonsense yaknow?
      This is what that “you get what you tolerate” meme means. By not stringing them from lamp posts, we are by definition tolerating it.

  6. THE LORD told the girlymen of america TO STAND UP AND TAKE YOUR COUNTRY BACK FROM SATANS MINIONS..BUT YOU REFUSED,OH how you love your HERO”S who rape and murder children,WELL NOW JUDGEMENT HAS BEEN PASSED ON AMERICA,your found guilty of TREASON AND COWARDIST…the punishment will be your TOTAL DESTRUCTION..go kiss your hero’s ass good by..YOU AND THEM will soon all be BLACKFLAG DEAD…tell your Family the truth,YOU NEVER CARED ABOUT THEM AT ALL…

  7. Use of SWAT for warrents out side ov very, very narrow circumstances needs to stop.

    So does civil assest forfiture.

    The cops are rapidly having the whole country turn against them.

  8. I tried the link to the Elyria email.
    It wouldn’t allow me to click it.
    I went to their website and got the same thing.
    Idk if this is an issue on my end or if they can lock out a button?
    Is that possible, to deactivate a link on another’s site?
    I’m gonna try directly typing the address.
    I just want to back the blue. 😕

    1. same thing for me. not sure if inbred, or just incompetent, as suggested in the article itself. my bet: inbred and incompetent, not to mention inadequate, inept, pathetic and useless save for tax/donut eating and harming/killing unarmed citizens.

      what a great cop shop you have, Elyria. kudos. i am sure they represent the (non)thinking at the top, as well as being inbred and incompetent themselves.

  9. My guess is that Large-load Lloyd (Abrams) has either assumed room temperature or is injured in a way that that can’t be hidden. The prostate cancer story is utter BS. Prostate cancer grows slowly over many years, and there is no need to treat it emergently as one would with a newly discovered brain tumor (I worked in cancer research for many years). So there is NO reason why his bosses would not be told of a forthcoming absence. If I am right, his retirement will be announced soon (“To spend more time with his family”) and no one will ever see his face again.
    This is being hidden for so many reasons, not the least of which is to cover the lie that the US is not fully involved with helping the Krainians with tactics and target selections, from spot in the rear area.

  10. I’m from Lorain county.

    Elyria PD isn’t a bad department, and it’s cops are largely decent guys.

    I’m not defending them here, they screwed the pooch. Heads should roll over this. Just trying to offer perspective.

    Most of Elyria is a nigger infested hole. Parmely ave specifically. It’s a rustbelt town that used to have a TON of manufacturing and was populated by a solid White middle class. It was a nice place to live and visit. We even had the only mall in our county back in the 90s. There’s just not a lot left these days. Blacks have overrun the place and it’s getting bad.

    Now we have the usual plague of “teens” and the usual monkey business that goes with that. Elyria could keep Arthur Sido in weekly blog fodder forever.

    I feel bad for that family and their kid. It’s bad enough to live in that shithole and then have local LEOs make it even worse. Best case the kid recovers fully and the family gets a fat settlement so they can move away from there.

    This happened within a couple blocks, to give you an idea of the area.

    Sorry, gotta post this one anon, in case you get traction and someone local notices my usual handle

  11. Also didn’t mean to post a block of text. For whatever reason comment box ate my formatting.

  12. So I want a kid. Why send a team prepared for war? If I know his name, maybe have a girl give him a call, come over? Have a couple of young, plain clothes guys roam the area? Why does it have to be an assault?
    I’m pretty sure the evidence shows Exactly Where the FB went off.
    But the Kid does Not live there, so, nothing is gonna get him to the door.
    Accountability isn’t being applied reasonably and hasn’t been for a very long time.
    The old man being held in the hold of the ship,pushing a broom,wearing rags,starving, in a Mad Max movie and he sees someone tossing a flaming Molotov in and says
    Ohh,thank God.

    An honorable way out. I finally get it. What a fukktup world.
    While they claim they did nothing wrong. I wish my guts didn’t Feel what they do right now.

  13. The videos I saw show the flashbang being tossed, then smoke pouring out a window.
    Elyria is up the road from me a ways. Couple years back I did a job there, next door to the popo station.
    Massive place on prime lakefront property. Elyria is a rust belt city on its ass. 52 k pop, 75/12 split.
    Lots of drug busts, lotsa poverty. Per capita in the high 20k

    We dont go there unless absolutely necessary. My mom in law has a doc up there, so we get to revel in the diversity occasionally. Beats Cleveland.

    The police are not your friends in any way.

    Makes it look like almost half the force was out in swat gear that day.

    the chief’s email addy.

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