Be Back, Please Stand By

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes

Not going into a lot of details, but we got some medical issues here at The Casa. Going to be out of pocket through the week… I’ll try to pop in, but right now, I’m dealing with a LOT on my mind.

I’ll update as I go. Maybe later, but concentration, on top of keeping up my hours at People’s Glorious Tractor Factory #206, and then dealing with the news we got back on Gretchen’s test(s) I got a lot going on.

Appreciate everyones patience!
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36 thoughts on “Be Back, Please Stand By”

  1. Always thought that “Falling Down” was a comedy.

    Best wishes for all in the Casa.

  2. just out of curiousity, did flu-like symptoms hit the house starting in the last couple days? sky was painted with all kinds of airplane farts and now everybody is coming down with some kind of crazy respiratory flu-like shit. work in healthcare and seeing it through the office hitting everybody at the same time and multiple patients as well. get the feeling they just released the election-disruptor model 2024x on our happy asses.

    1. spraying like hell up here too..

      i keep up with the vitamins, NAC, & ivermectin regularly and limit my exposure to people on a daily basis (as in zero exposure)- a luxury most don’t enjoy

      no illness in my house- yet…

  3. Prayers up for you and fam.
    Just saw a dank shirt-I’m only here to kill commies.
    Green Grass and High Tides Forever-the Outlaws

    All of the real heroes are not storybook combat fighters, either. Every single man in this Army plays a vital role. Don’t ever let up. Don’t ever think that your job is unimportant. Every man has a job to do and he must do it. Every man is a vital link in the great chain.

    George Smith Patton

  4. I feel you BC. My wife underwent a mastectomy a year and a half ago. Let us know what assistance we can render.

  5. Take care of the family and don’t waste the synapses on us. We’ll be here, in prayer for all y’all, when ya get back. Now Git!
    Lurker (mostly) Scarecrow

  6. The West coast mafia is sending it’s best and prayers, thoughts, psychotic hallucinations, delusional paranoid fantasies your way to you and yours Big guy! No Flammenwaffer at the hospital…

      1. One, Mr. is my father and he is dead and second, no, Phil doesn’t know I escape every once in while. Calling me Mr. is like putting lipstick on a pig and trying to convince me she looks like Michelle Obamy…

  7. Learned this week that “out-of-pocket” now has a new meaning amongst the younger folks!

    Regardless, get your drift and best wishes to you and the fam!

  8. Prayers for you and Gretchen both. Take care of yourself BC. Take all the time you need. As was said, we’ll still be here.

  9. BCE, a prayer for you and your family. The past year it’s like some SOB made a voodoo doll that looks like you and is pushing pins into it. Can’t you guys get some GOOD luck for a change ?

    Just remember to try and not freak out until you have a final definite diagnosis.
    For example most breast lumps turn out to be benign but that doesn’t stop the poor woman from going through a week or two of terror fearing she has breast cancer.

    Besides taking care of Wifey, also try to take care of you. I’ve been there and you have to be strong and supportive of her as she goes through this but inside you are as terrified as she is but you try really hard to hide it. That can take a lot out of you and long term can hurt your health.

  10. You can handle it BC. Prayers for you and yours and don’t worry about us. We are isolated pockets of shit poasters in baggy pants.

  11. Don’t be concerned about your blog. We’ll sit here in high-speed neutral waiting for you. Tend to your family… like you always do!

  12. Prayers for you & your Amazonian Bride there BC, along with the rest of your clan. Your merry band of miscreants will be here when you have the time and the energy.

  13. Mr. BCE:

    If I can withstand back to back to back scares on the Pretty Wife for breast, skin and colon (all biopsied and all negative) but had us sitting sideways for a year and come out the other side only thinking that the Big Man only gives us as much as we can carry and that the community that comes here every day has only thoughts and prayers for you and yours is the the greatest gift a human can give to another. Go take care of your loved ones. We’ll be here when you get back.



  14. We will keep the blog solid.

    YOUR job 1 is YOU and a HEAPING side of Gretchen.

    Prayers up for ALL involved.

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