Milli-Vanilli and Why I Think The SecDef is Dead

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Man, started watching Season Two of ‘Reacher’

So far, so good. Loved Season One, and this one seems to be tracking in a good way. Sapper got irritated when I skipped the scene of Reacher bangin’ out his long unrequited squeeze, at which I told him “Yo man, I’m just here for the violence!” I’m too old and too tired to be interested in some soft-lit softcore bullshit. The violence?

There’s been plenty of that so far and I’m good with that.

Now, OrangeManBad made a good showing in Iowa. Either way it doesn’t matter as there is no way in hell the Deep State/Establishment Bureaucrats who actually run things in the District of Criminals are going to –ever– let him within 100 miles of the Levers of Power. Realistically they can’t as the only reason that none of them have been punished for blatant and open treason is ‘their people’ are in charge, and they mean to keep it that way.

I mean when the Joke-of-a-General “Whytte Rage” Milley gets on the phone and tells one of our biggest adversaries that he’d refuse and NOT let the LEGAL Commander in Chief issue orders, and that he himself would refuse to follow any lawful Orders issued by OrangeManBad, there is a word for that my frens, and that word is


People used to get hung or shot for that.
Hell, that Fat Suck-Fuck-Foul-Four-Star-Sack-o-Shytte Faggot should have been cashiered for the Afghanistan Debacle, and shot for being a fucking partisan traitor.

And TBH, ain’t no way in hell –anything– is going to happen to him OR his fat fucking Pentagram Pension.

And they wonder why no one, leastways no Traditional White Males are willing to sign on the dotted line? Why the fuck would you?

And this leads me to his counterpart: SecDef Lloyd “Dead Man” Austin. Reason I’m calling him “Dead Man” is there’s some RUMINT out there about him:

Now, since this InfoBit came out, there was a pic, what appeared to be a “proof of life” picture of Biden visiting what was supposedly good ole Lloyd in the hospital. It was a bit problematic however, in that the blaq guy on the hospital bed was wearing a really big mask. The reasoning was the COVID stupidity supposedly, but it just was rather convenient as fuck that the mask kept you from telling if it was really The Big Nig or not.

Another reason I’m leaning on that…

…is that Prostate Cancer?

That is usually treated over a very long period. It’s not a “Oh shit! You got Prostate Cancer! Quick! Get him into surgery STAT!” In fact, it’s something that can be approached gradually, provided it’s not hyper aggressive that is, which only 15% of cases are that… it’s pretty rare for it to be that aggro and provided the afflicted is in pretty good shape, you can deal with it at a ‘normal pace’.

“When men are carefully evaluated and their risk assessed, you can delay or avoid treatment without missing the chance to cure in a large fraction of patients,” said Dr. Bruce Trock, a professor of urology, epidemiology and oncology at Johns Hopkins University

“Most men with prostate cancer can avoid or delay harsh treatments, long-term study confirms” CNN, March 12, 2023

In light of that fact, I’m thinking that he got aced out in the Krain. Word is now he’s home and going to be ‘resting’. Which in Leviathan-Speak means they’ll quietly announce his retirement and subsequent death shortly after.

It would also explain the extreme hesitancy to keep paying Krainfeld. The Ministries of Lies and Propaganda have been all in over the new approach with stories that the Krain is pretty much over and done with. It’s to start getting everyone ready for the eventual fall. And among the higher echelons of the DotGov, they can’t keep trying to push the ball any further. They ALSO can’t come right out and admit that the SecDef got his chips cashed, as that’d completely nuke the narrative.

And then for further fun and games fuckery, we’ve got the word from Herman the German that VodkaManBad is planning to invade the rest of Europe in the next 18 months.

Quite the -specific timeline- Aye?

“Man, the bullshit stacked up so high in Vietnam the Krain, you needed wings to stay above it”

paraphrasing Martin Sheen in “Apocalypse Now”

Reason I say this is that for the past two years we’ve heard the damned near relentless drumbeat of Pro-Krainian Propaganda. We’ve been told how Russia’s DotMil has been practically annihilated. That the Russians are almost out of ‘X’, the ‘X’ being the weapon of the week, be it Tanks, Missiles, Artillery shells etcetera etcetera. How the Russian Army itself is a poorly led, ignorant backward pile of convicts and malcontents who are incapable of doing anything.

And yet SUDDENLY!!! They’re the biggest, baddest treat to Europe, that VodkaManBad’s ravening hordes are going to pour out of the East, and utterly crush and subjugate the rest of Europe?

Yeah. OK.
Somebody needs to perform an intervention, and tell both the Enemedia Clowns and Retards, as well as any and all supposed Intelligence Agencies that wrote this up and leaked it, what they need to do is to step. away. from. the. bong.

Which is it?
Are the Russians a degraded and useless DotMil?
Are they Unstoppable Evil Orcs that’re going to sack Europe?

Yet ANOTHER reason why everyone needs to ignore the fucking clowns, and pray that they’re not so stupid as to be believing their own press releases. “Don’t get high on your own Supply” is the appropriate quote that they should reference. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, these fuckers literally think that they’re our betters. Usually that means it will not end well for us, the regular folks.

Morons. A pox on ALL of them.
Your Thoughts?

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47 thoughts on “Milli-Vanilli and Why I Think The SecDef is Dead”

  1. The neocon assholes just can’t get over the fact that Soviet Union ended 33 years ago !
    Russia in not expansionist, they just want to be left alone. It is the Neocons in the US and Nato though who keep pushing them expanding Nato to their borders and breaking every treaty and promise we have ever made them.
    As Putin has said “I worry more about the Nazis in Washington more than I do the Nazis in Kiev”.

    Despite the total BS in the US media, Putin is a brilliant former KGB agent who is NOT crazy and he has HUGE support of his people. Now he is a classic Russian strongman and you cross him at your peril (polonium sushi anyone) but he does NOT want to start WWIII.

    Now the arrogant stupid Neocons and idiots running our country DO. They know that the wheels are finally going to come off of their fiat money system and that when it does they will all be swinging from ropes. Instead, gin up a race war, civil war, war with China or Russia. Anything to take the heat off them and besides if it goes nuclear they have their comfy stocked bunkers and we need to cut the population way down anyway right ? AI and robots can do most jobs and they can be the new Royalty (so they think in their drug addled minds).

    1. “The neocon assholes just can’t get over the fact that Soviet Union ended 33 years ago !”

      More like they can’t get over the fact that the Tsar that chased their grandparents from Russia* back in the 19th century hasn’t been in power since their cousins murdered him and his whole family 106 years ago. They still hear the hoofbeats of Cossacks in their nightmares.

      * for no reason!

      1. Hell, the govt of the last Tsar tried to get their Jewish population to do normal-person stuff such as farming, but they refused to do normal jobs. (Yeah, being a Russian peasant sucked, but that’s not the point. They just didn’t want to give up their traditional occupations of The Usual Suspectery.)

        The ancestors of “our” neocons may have left Russia to become troublemakers in new lands, but their cousins formed the majority of the first Politburo, the backbone of the secret/political police, and fomented the Holodomor. Among many other wonderful things. (If we are ever allowed to study the Holodomor, literally suppressed as “a competing narrative” in those exact words, I will bet you anything that the maximum Holodomor death toll will be 5,999,999. Call it a wild guess.)

  2. Even if Russia DOES invade and conquer all of Europe, I can’t see how the average European would be any worse off under VodkaMan’s leadership.
    With Putin’s feelings towards “invaders”, he’s most likely to send TheDarkSkinned Illegals packing. Which is something that the current EU leadership can’t/won’t do.
    “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.”

  3. 2 Masks The Great Grape Ape.
    God I really do hope the Russkies smoked him.
    I’d consider that a fair trade for the pipeline.

    Then there’s the ship still. The used carsalesman cockmeat cocaine sammich gobbler should be next.

    Then that sperm burppin felching alaskan pipeline Faggot Cirrilo. The Tranny mercan spokesman the kraines analy overflowed. Mmmm. 5 horses, 5 ropes, GO!
    And i wanna see the video.

  4. Bedpan von Clausewitz will lead us to victory with Wunderwaffen made from the Magic Soil of Chicago southside?
    Circus times create clowns and clowns put on a happy face.
    I’m sure the replacement will be even worse, a good time for demoralization proofing.
    Some page claimed he ordered up the Yemen strike and refuses to leave his position.
    Not Sure as a great philosopher once said.
    Saw a small vidya of a tranny in US Navy uniform stating that DEI is a national security priority.
    I love that Claude van Damme eyeroll face meme of you don’t want to know just how bad it is with the mariachi band right there.
    Too much sitting around, time for a patrol, camo puffer is holding up and the three layers of gloves/mittens, heatwave incoming at 25-30 degrees.

  5. So we just wait a week or two for the article stating he died peacefully at his home surrounded by family. They will not say from medical complications because that opens a new can of worms. Probably something along the lines of his cancer was much more progressed than first thought. We shall see.

  6. Trying to be careful here. The SECDEF is #6 on the Presidential Succession List (Wikipedia). The bad news is Blinken and Yellen are ahead of him. I am under the belief that FEMA either does… or is supposed to… track the whereabouts of all persons on the succession list 24/7/365….makes sense, right? So assuming that they were doing their job, FEMA should have known his whereabouts when he was hospitalized, so “somebody knew” (including supposedly, a 911 dispatcher in VA, ambulance crew, etc.

    There is another issue concerning one of the SECDEF’s big responsibilities.

    I agree that a “proof of life” picture or interview would be reassuring.

  7. Just two words for you. And these two words will define the future for millions.

    Turbo Cancer.

  8. I suspect that Austin died in a bunker in Ukraine. If that’s the case, then his immediate staff who would have been with him also died. So who would have been in Ukistan with him? Who is usually in his entourage? If over the next weeks it comes out that one by one they have died “suddenly ” that would indicate that indeed he is under tons of concrete and rebar in some hole in far eastern Europe.
    Alternatively, since he was double jabbed and probably multi boosted, a cancer that “suddenly” appears, is not out of the question, and of that is what happened, I’m sure part of the reason for any confusion is that his Doctors were “baffled”.

  9. Oh man… the Usual Suspects are melting down about Reacher! Apparently he’s an offensive domineering white male that curdles their milk for his obvious promotion of white supremacy and patriarchy!!! Don’t watch it or you’ll turn into a great big fat Nazi that wants to kill minorities!!! 😂👍 HAR HAR HAR!

  10. The one thing that blows up theory that he ded is that these people lie even when they don’t have to. That said, surgery almost never happens with prostate cancer. There are many effective noninvasive ways to treat it. No dude I know would accept the risk of permanent dribbledick.

    But the whole scene highlights something that these people exhibit since Obama – shit like this happens, they give a stupid explanation that leaves you with one of two realizations – they are incompetent as shit, or they are lying. Both I think in this case. No way they lose track of his DEI ass. Someone would know, someone would blab. An no competent group in their right minds would admit losing track of a person they aren’t supposed to lose track of.

    1. Far as Putin goes – him and the rest of the Russkies have been very forthright (actually very direct) about where there red lines are. Why we are shocked, shocked I say, when we cross them and he does what he said he’d do.

  11. That timeline is filled with projection. They’ve been harassing ethnic Russians for quite some time, there is the blatant NATO expansions, and the annual exercise blown up to a nefarious pre-invasion build up (as if the US doesn’t do that shit). They’ve been poking the bear quite a lot and not just with Ukraine since 2014. Simplicius has a substack post with more details (though a lot of it is behind a paywall). Even so, some of it has been obvious for decades.

    I hope that Austin’s replacement is as dumb as he was. When things go hot it’s best if enemy leadership is made up of retards. Same thing regarding other expertise.

  12. Hospitalized for a UTI? What happened to, “Take this cycle of Doxycycline and that should clear it up”?

    When my uncle got prostrate cancer (Agent Orange related), he went in and they turned him upside down, blew him up with air and lasered it out at the VA hospital.

    My ex-wife’s grandfather (SS Veteran) was diagnosed with prostrate cancer at 60 yrs old, did nothing, and lived to 80 when it decided to take him out in a most painful way.

    1. If the patient is turning septic, then an overnight stay for IV antibiotics and observation is indicated. The patient is started on an antibiotic that covers most bacteria. Then the bug gets cultured and tested for which antibiotic is most likely to kill it. Patient goes home with a course of oral antibiotics to complete treatment. The hospital stay is rarely more than overnight unless the patient’s condition worsens.

      1. Just to manage expectations— mostly true, but plan on two or three nights in hospital, not one. And you get oral abx only if there’s a suitable oral med you can tolerate.

        So a guy is really sick. First they gotta get a sample (it might not be blood borne). Then they gotta grow out the bug on culture media. Then they have to test susceptibilities (=which antibiotic kills the causative bug). That’s gonna take more than a day.

        I’ll give two personal examples as the patient myself (we’ll forget the patients I’ve taken care of).

        1. Got the shaking chills two/three days after they made me take a flu shot (during fucking chemotherapy where they were fucking killing my white blood cells every three weeks; so dumb. Made ZERO sense. But they threatened to fire me and thereby cut off my health insurance. Stood my ground and didn’t get the mRNA Covid jab, but couldn’t avoid the regular flu jab). It was a loculated pleural (lung) infection. Took a day to get the CT scan to even locate the mass of pus near my right lung. Then they had to stick a fucking big needle into my chest to get a sample (and three chest tubes to drain out the mess – loculated, meaning multiple pockets): Two more days for culture and sensitivities. During this time, as DrBob says, they had me empirically on three “big gun” broad coverage IV antibiotics (abx). When they got sensitivities back we could cut it down to a single targeted abx. Unfortunately the best drug was not oral but rather IV only. So I got discharged on 28 days of IV ceftriaxone, one dose every 12h. I had a “port” in my chest already for chemo, so they kept the port active (with a needle in it; normally it’s under your skin) for four weeks, and every twelve hours I got to sterilely clean the access and give myself the ceftriax. So it might not always be oral. (And they usually don’t let you do the port stuff yourself — a nurse comes over.)

        2. While Immunocompromised from residual chemo side effects, got MRSA infections in both my legs. Nasty business, but fortunately cutaneous meaning “skin level”. Mostly. Went to ER. Surgery came and drained (“unroofed”) the worst lesions. By the time the surgeon got done I could see my leg muscle in the holes. It was full depth “skin level”. Took samples. That was day one. Day two and part of three was waiting for susceptibilities (to see which abx could kill the infection). Discharged on 10 days of linezolid (oral). Also got to practice wound packing (shoving medicated gauze into the multiple holes on my legs, to prevent the surface healing over the insides and thereby potentially getting a trapped infection) which was shit I hadn’t done since med school. Only this time around decades later, a) I needed reading glasses to see what I was doing 🙄; b) now it was my own damn legs 🤪

          1. Couldn’t. They had years-long records of me taking the flu shot before. The Covid/mRNA thing was tough too, but I was NOT gonna take that jab. My oncologist was furious I refused it. Which I did because I don’t trust the technology in the first place, but even more so, in my case, the chemo was BY DESIGN killing my white cells (I had lymphoma) and the mRNA jab essentially works through training your white cells to recognize that “spike protein” on the Covid unit. If you train up the WBCs then kill them the next week, what’s the point?

            I gave that line of reasoning to the oncologist. She said, “hmm, that actually makes sense, but we’re supposed to make sure all our patients get vaccinated against Covid.” I said to her, “Cancer makes patients hypercoaguable, and we know the mRNA thing makes patients more prone to both arterial and venous thromboses, yeah?”
            “Well, yeah,” said the oncologist.
            “And we just established that the mRNA thing won’t work on me because of the chemo. So I see clear downsides (blood clots, pulmonary embolism, stroke) but no upside. But I’m just a knuckle-dragging cardiologist. What do YOU think?”

            Oncologist punted and called an Infectious Diseases consult. ID came, I gave my reasoning. “So what am I missing?” ID said, “you are completely correct. I’m gonna write a note exempting you from the Covid vaccine.”

            I’m very grateful to the ID doc because she was putting her job on the line for me. (Not me personally, but because she is a good doctor who ACTUALLY follows the science.) I’m not doing clinical work for the last 10 years or so, but my clinical friends told me that many of them were told (verbally, no paper or email trail) by admin that writing exemption notes would get them fired. It was a deeply fucked up time. And I think the fall out has greatly eroded trust in the medical profession, MDs and nurses alike. It’s a real shame.

            Oh. It was hinted that if I didn’t do the flu shot thing (silly as it was given the chemo) then “they” would use that to get me for messing with them on the Covid “vaxx”. And I’d always taken my flu shot like a good little boy, so I thought “it’ll be useless, but what’s the harm?”

            So I got the flu jab, then the pleural infection. Same ID doc came to see me (she specializes in chemo-related infections). I said “Man, that was bad luck!” because I thought it was a coincidence with the flu shot and the lung infection. ID doc raised her eyebrow. “You really think it was coincidence? Maybe. But think about the time course. My money is on causal. Though of course we’ll never really know.” Either road it was a bit of a shitshow.

  13. I say both. He got blown up in Ukraine while suffering from turbocancer. So, the good news is, the Russians cured his cancer. The bad news? Well, the patient didn’t survive. Sounds like an open and shut case of medical malpractice.

    1. That was awesome billrla, right up there along the lines of “But besides that, what did you think of the play Mrs. Lincoln?” Medical malpractice indeed!

  14. Have not watched the new Reacher series yet but I am glad that the main character is portrayed by a white male actor who is actually 6’5″ and built like a refrigerator, as in the actual Reacher books, and not by that 5’6″ midget Tom Cruise as in the first two Reacher movies. The only thing which made those movies even watchable was the prodigious…..assets….displayed by Rosamund Pike in the first one.

    1. If only she didn’t constantly wear the surprised face of an opossum under headlights. I can’t get past her resting deadpan-face. She should be at least a little concerned about her eyebrows retreating from the frontlines. Just a little curl here or there to show us she is not a fembot. I guess she has nice tits and is not fat. That will get you 8/10 in the partially hydrogenated sexual dystopia of FUSA.

  15. From the female perspective-Reacher is terrific and the actor who plays him is totally believable. I would also give him a free massage. 😎
    I can only pray that the DEI asshole who masquerades as a soldier is buried, still alive, under the tons of concrete and dirt. God’s own redemption and judgment in light of his earthly performance.
    I believe nothing that this “government” has to say. Putin taking over Europe could only improve things.

  16. Nah, he’s not dead. Why kill your opponent when he’s your most effective ally. Be hard to get someone dumber to volunteer for the job based on current situation

  17. For those that question the narrative about Mr. Austin being obliterated in the Ukraine, I would offer this: Does anyone remember TWA flight 800? Those poor souls were blown out of the sky by an errant guided missile, courtesy of our WOKE USN. Plenty of witnesses saw the smoke trail. The Famous But Incompetent moved in. Witnesses were pressured. Clintonia’s corrupt operative Jaime Gorlick, along with FBI Spokes Mouth Jim Kalstrom (sp?) did the whole “nothing to see here, folks”, and it all went away. The ex-cop, Jack what’s-his-name (sorry that I am old and forgetful) was arrested trying to uncover the truth and wrote a book about those poor souls who were blown out of the sky. Even former Kennedy Press Secretary Pierre Salinger spoke up on behalf to the French citizens on the flight and documented the missile strike.
    Keep in mind the history of this corrupt, syphilitic-thinking country. The accidental sinking to the USS Maine gave Wall Street, Hearst, and the fledgling Deep State the reason to take Spain’s colonies. The deliberate sacrifice of the innocent passengers on the Lusitania by Churchill set the stage for our entry into WWI. DAY OF DECEIT chronicles the collusion of Churchill and Frank the Cripple to get us into WWII. JFK&RFK, Tonkin Gulf, 09/11, etc. Nothing would surprise me about the demise of this obese, pathetic excuse for an Army officer and SECDEF. Stay vigilant. Bleib ubrig.

  18. Having been in radiology for many years, I know that prostate cancer is not treated ’emergently’ and now, not often by prostatectomy. In fact, it is often not treated at all, depending on your age and tumor type/stage. Called ‘watchful waiting’, it is a bet that you die of something else first. It spares the patient a truly crappy quality of life. So these morons put out a story that fails on so many levels.
    My guess is that he has assumed room temperature.

  19. Maybe he’s dead, maybe not. Time will tell. The longer we go without seeing him the more likely it is he has shuffled off to meet Satan. The Russians may have killed him….more likely that story is typical Soviet “pravda”…. propaganda. The real question is who comes next. Just when you think the left can’t come up with a more evil person to inflict on us they somehow manage to achieve just that. Whoever replaces him will be even nastier.. Count on it.

  20. I can’t figure out the Loyd Austin thing. I mean if he is dead which I’m not saying he is or he isn’t why the lie? Why the picture of him in the bed with the mask? Why not just say he had X health problem and he died due to it/complications?

    It does remind me of the Buffalo Bills player that got the Covid vaccine and died on the football field during a live game for 9 minutes then they “brought him back to life.”

    I don’t follow football but that was curious the guy died on the field then after a long recovery they showed him alive and well with no problems. Well go watch the alive and well video footage they showed.

    You couldn’t even see the guys face. They filmed him from a mile away with an 8mm handheld camera like the one they filmed the famous Big Foot footage with. If you ain’t seen it go watch it. It really is insulting.

  21. It would seem an entirely credible story that the ape was KIA’d in a Rocket Strike. Ivan has been doing this since the beginning of the SMO- Wrecking Bunkers and Command Posts with Heavy Missiles. There have been lots of other “Reports” of Natostani Ossifers getting whacked, and complete silence on the part of Nato/Ukronazis, and the FUSSA DOD.

    While it COULD be a Russkie Disinfo Report, I’d give a lot of Credibility to the alleged ‘FSB Leak’, since what would they have to gain, IF they didn’t know the ape was DRT…. that would be easy to Prove, just put him at a Pentagram Press Conference. All the suspicious stories about a “Medical Problem”, along with at least part of the Swamp not knowing where he was/is indicate that a (inept) Coverup is in progress.

    Now, consider this – the (((neocons))) seem Desperate for a Real War against The Bear… tell me, what else would be a better ‘Reason’ (excuse) for Moar Woar! than the SecDef being Killed by those Dastardly Rooshins? IF he is Dead, and (((they))) are Not publicizing it for War Propaganda, Why Not? Maybe they have Figured Out that (((they))) would get Targeted, on a Personal Level? Remember, last Year, Tsar Vladimir the Bad stated publicly that “We know (((who))) is Responsible for the Troubles in the Ukraine, and they Won’t Escape (Mr. Sarmat)

  22. i also thought there was something going on with def sec Loser Autism. was back at the dentist today- again, and doc said he thinks MI gov whitless is dead too….

    2024 is the year of the mass die-off so it has been told by many mRNA experts.. we will see…..

    one can only hope

    tfA-t sees the future and it ain’t good….

  23. It becomes clear when you remember the Left always projects. When they say, “rus will invade!” it means that is what they are planning. So there will be false flag attacks as if Rus would attack Yerp with a few explosions, natostan will claim its a full scale invasion and suddenly there is a full-scale nato invasion by the FTX that just happened to be nearby.

    It will likely get wrecked, and Putin will blow up some nato shit. Hopefully most major cities of the world go up in nuclear flames so we can finally get some Mad Max shit going, in spite of my predicting it would never happen.

  24. This is not only another example of how deep the rot is within our nation but also the contempt and indifference the servants of the people have for those people. The people who are extorted under threat of incarceration or death to provide them with a job, the people who in effect put food on their table and keep a roof over their head. Fund another stupid proxy war or we’ll send your family members to fight and die and you’ll pay for that. Don’t even think about asking us a question or demanding to be treated with dignity and respect or well throw you out of the buildings you pay for and call illiterate costumed goons to drag you away, beat you and cage you. Btw you’ll foot the bill for that too. Ending this now before fedpoasting ensues.

  25. Reacher season 1 was great. Season 2 not so much. The characters got stupid. Sloppy. Example: someone you like gets shot in the torso, but he’s conscious and able to talk to you. Do you: a) try first aid even if it looks bad? Maybe try to, oh, I dunno, fucking HOLD PRESSURE? Or do you b) stand around looking sad while one of you reluctantly holds his hand and you all stand around with your thumbs up your asses while watching blood literally come out of the hole in his chest. For fucks sake. I’ve done CPR on a coding patient that I was 99% sure was not gonna make it, because (DNR/no-code directives aside) you keep trying until the code is called. My friend gets shot in the chest? You fucking bet I’m working on him until he’s pronounced D E D dead in the goddamn surgical suite. Not in the ambulance, not in the ER hallway. Surgical suite. Letting the guy bleed out on the street? Useless assholes.

    And the later episodes are so full of exposition, where instead of SHOWING us stuff, one character gives a monologue TELLING us what happened, or what someone else’s motivations were. The writing was much better Season 1.

    And don’t get me started on the “high heels” fight maneuver. Jumping Jesus on a wubber cwutch, as Elmer Fudd would say.

  26. Holy karmic collusion with a dogmatic response from TPTB. Schrodinger must be spinning in his grave wondering if the SecDef is or is not DRT. Now, I believe that he did get mostly killed in the rocket attack was spirited away and passed en route. The cuibono on this is TPTB as they can Weekend at Bernies him until they need the causi belli for later on in the election year. That’s how I’d play it. Keep ypur options open.


  27. 1 — chief dude is kidnapped… score one for Team Wodka!
    2 — chief dude is a fruitcake, was filmed/filming the congress fairy going at it homosexual-style, or cd just left after nutting!
    An aside:
    With an unlimited budget and personnel — and especially after the tragically failed insurrection — I would probably consider wiring every cubic space of TheCapitalBuilding© and Congress Building for sight/sound/odor, rythumic after-hours thumps.
    An aside:
    Who decided on the grossly-misnamed ‘Congress Building’.
    Based on a couple centuries of evidence, an accurate title might be ‘Congress Destroying’.

    1. “rythumic after-hours thumps.”

      Hahaha! There’s a Dune (Arrakis) short story right there. You know how the Fremen are taught from birth to walk with irregular gait, lest the rhythmic footfalls draw the attention of the sandworms, yeah?

      So: Young lovers sneak out of the sietch and go at it in the open desert. The rhythmic boom-boom draws Shai-hulud and they get eaten.

  28. I get all the psychological twists and turns of “Reacher”. Wife likes it. I don’t.

    “Peaky blinders “ is the shit. Deals with PTSD and gangster as fuck. WW1

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